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Monday 25/7/11

RS veedu - Park gumbal is waiting for the money. RS says "Kaile Kaasu, vayile dosai "
which equals to "document kuduthaa thaan panam " Reva is not game. She says that
 he is capable of looting the money "intha pakkam kuduthuttu antha pakkam unga Aaalungalai vaichu pidingiduveenga, I won't trust you " RS has no choice and so gives
the money . But tells the Park group "just one hour thaan time, docs should reach me "
The clan leaves with 1 crore in hand. DSDR's friends are getting ready to loot the money
- as per plan.

DSDR sends them messages - all set. As luck would have it, one tyre gets punctured and
of course the taxi driver does not have a spare and so the gumbal is left high and dry.
DSDR frets and Park pacifies . Reva decides to call a taxi . DSDR sends a message to
 his friends about the car change. Well, what do u think?? The amateur thieves stop the
car ...and RS gets out !!! Well, RS was passing by and so gave them a lift. RS takes his
gun out and the "thieves " scoot - much to the chagrin of DSDR. Reva still suspects
darling dad but he has a valid point " If it was my plan, why would I give you a lift??
I would have given some excuse and left you to deal with the thieves. I think it is your purushan's thiruvilaiyaadal " . DSDR puts up a meek defense but RS points out " You
meddled with the shop money ...and you cheated me with a bogus document .." To cut
a long story short, DSDR is unhappy about the fiasco...and RS drives them to see MM MM.

Sarroojja at home - all worried about Raani calling her bluff. Decides to scoot with the
 money , hubby and kid  - "Raani yai naamba evvalavu mattam thatti yirukkOm...ippO
ava turn, let us scoot.." Packs  a few thing, takes the money and picks the kid...goes
to the gate...opens... Raani gets down from the auto ...Sarrojja frets...Raani stares...


Tuesday Yaaru??

adhaan eljay the idiot irukkum bodhu ippadi oru questionaa?

Update for July 26, 2011:

Just as Saroja opens the front gate to leave, she sees Rani getting down from the auto.  Rani goes up to her, asks her if she thought she could just leave so that no one would find out her secret.  Saroja looks guilty, Rani orders to go inside so that their kudumba maanam need not go in the kappal (adhu appidi ponaalum adhukku kappal onnum vendaam, summa oru fisherman's thONi porum!)

Saroja meekly follows Rani into the house and Rani talks of how they all spoke ill of her when she lost the money in the auto, so how would her parents react if they found out her secret?  Here I am getting excited, thinking Rani has gone to the police station and found out that Saroja took the money, and then Rani pours cold water over my hopes, saying she saw that the hotel has been closed and now Ganapathy is running a tea stall.  Saroja also heaves a big sigh of relief when she realizes that her secret has not been found out.  Apparently she went to the police station, but now there is a new SI and a new Inspector, so she couldn't get any helpful info from them.  Rani's MIL and FIL come there, and FIL gives a big lecture about how his daughter is such a poruppaanava, (who lives off her parents and brother with no shame at all!).  Saroja speaks up on Rani's behalf and even the FIL is surprised.  She then thanks Rani for not telling her parents that their investment of 3 lakhs has gone down the drain.

Archana at the shed, serving lunch to all.  Nandini is all praise for her skill, while Selvam is moping in one corner, wondering how he is going to sell all the cars, but Nandini is confident that they will be able to sell the cars.  Just then, Reva, RS, Vasu, Poonga and Bhagyam come and Reva insists that RS also get down from the car.  He is reluctant but Reva insists, so he is forced to get down.  Archu sees them and tells them not to enter, but Reva tells her that it is important, so she finally relents.  Reva tells Selvam that she has got him 1 crore, which would be the current price for the shed, that her father got from him through trickery, and she explains how she did it.  She tells RS to hand over the money himself, he is obviously reluctant, but she forces him to do it, and then gives him the documents.  He thinks this is the copy, but now she tells him that there is no copy, this is the original, that she was lying when she told him it was a copy, just as he lies all the time.  He is furious that his own daughter has done this to him, and he tells Selvam that he will be ruined.  Selvam says he doesn't care for the curses of a liar, and he himself will be the one to naasamaa poga.  RS gets into the car, still fretting and fuming.

Thodarum ...

Wed - Roja - steps in for Nithya Winkand eljay steps in for Roja!

Update for July 27, 2011:

Reva leaves after telling Selvam that she did this so that he would be recompensed for what was stolen from him.  Nandini counts the cash, confirms that it is indeed 1 crore.  Archu tells Selvam to call the landlord and pay him the rest of the money.  Selvam calls him, and he is in an auto at that time.  Selvam tells him that he is on his way to see him.  Then he gets into a car and leaves and then - CRASH!  Nandini and Archu run to see what happened.

RS is waterbeating, and his crony, SL, tries to stop him, but he says he has suffered three blows - his daughter herself has tricked him, she made him give the money to Selvam, and she used his own method.  Just then, the guy that Selvam was talking to, comes in, tells RS that Selvam wants to buy the land from him, and what should he do?  RS tells him to put Selvam off somehow, to tell him that the land has already been sold to someone else.

Vasu's buddies are in a room, someone is knocking loudly on the door, they are afraid to open the door, since they fear RS's wrath.  Finally, one of them goes to open the door, and Vasu is pushed inside by RS and SL.  Then RS orders SL to finish them off, and SL kills them all, one by one, and - it is all a dream, dreamed by one of RS's buddies.  He tells the others about his dream, and right then, they hear a knock.  It turns out to be Vasu, who is angry that they goofed up.  He sits down and tells one of them to go and get him some liquor, and to pawn his ring, if necessary, to get the money.

RS's friend, the landlord, goes home to find Selvam there, and his wife tells him that their son met with an accident when he was riding his bike, and Selvam took him to the hospital and got him treated and then brought him home.  Then she wants to know why her husband lied that their daughter is getting married when she has just recently joined Plus2?  Selvam says that he has come to pay the money for the shed, and the man says that he has already sold it to someone else, because he offered more money.  His wife scolds him, and tells Selvam to go to the Registrar's office the next day, and says that her husband will be there to sign the documents.

Thodarum ...

Thursday - 28/7/11

Eljay is spared Wink This is gonna be real brief.

MM MM gets the land - after some frustrating javvu time of the owner not showing up
on time, Reva coming and fretting about giving the docs a bit too soon - MM MM registers
 the land in Archu's name. Ore feelings of India time. Kozhuppu edutha Nandhini asks
MM MM and his arivu ketta wife " you go ga ga over Reva but ignore to help her in-laws
and hubby ?? ( they are Archu's in-laws too, you nut ) You turned down Park and Co !!!
Reva wanted her hubby to be with you so that he can urupattufy in life??!!" Ayyo da,
it is back  to square one time ppa - the whole family will get together and LR 1 and
DSDR  will start scheming again !!!

Priya with the baby - Dheena comes there and snatches the baby. Manjal pisasu acts as
if she is on Priya's side - tries to chase darling bro !!


Friday 29/7/11

Sorry for the late update
Veera Dheena tries to snatch baby from Priya and pushes manjal pisasu away.She gets hit on the wall.
Dream Queen alias Sivagami Amma takes aruvamanai and shouts Eiii like how rowdies shout in movie.Even I'm scared I don't know why Dheena was not scared. Manjal Pisasu(today she is karuppu pisasu) gets shocked and they play a BGM like Sivagami Amma killed him.
Manjal Pisasu trying to protect his identity tells Dheena if he doesn't handover the baby she will call police.Antha cycle gaple namma Dheena pushes the aruvamani away and tries to kill her.Seriously 3 women cannot beat a man.Dheena shows karisanam and tells her because of her age he is pushing her slightly.All 3 of them run behind Dheena. And he takes the baby away in car. Priya cries and as usual Manjal pisasu laughs which nobody else watch excpet us.Intha kona vai sirippa entha thadava parkirathu.Sivagami Amma tells Priya don't cry when appa comes back we will inform him.Jayanthi also joins the chorus and consoles her.News informed to head of family and Vinod. Priya informs MM and ask him to come to police station.All 3 women complaint to police saying Dheena came into a house without Men and took the baby and broke his own sister head.This is kankolla kaatchi.Our MM and his wife arrive in car.Sivagami Amma tells did you see maapila he took the baby.Unga mapillai enga iruntha partharu.Avara kontham vela parka vidunga amma .Avara munnera vittrathingi.As usual Priya cries she will die if she doesn't get the baby.Inspecter remembers Selvam background and asks him Dheena was with him.Selvam says atha appo ippo illa. Inspector doesn't want to hear the story again from Selvam and tells him that he know already what happened from the ladies.Nalla vela namma thapichom.Thanks Inspector.Police says what Dheen did was illegal.Now Sivaraman comes in auto and there is a BGM like Rajini is getting down in Batsha.Everyone tell about Dheena to Police  and tells them from the time I came to this station I keep hearing some or other complaints from your family.Ithekku ivaru ivvaluvu salichu irraru.Informs them he will take necessary action.
Dheena and his mom lock the home.Selvam comes there and hit Dheena.Inspector is worried that Selvam is doing his job and reminds Selvam since he is here he will beat him and get the truth.Now Dheena informs that baby is lost. They are also getting ready to give complaint to police. Dheena points the finger towards Selvam.Selvam again takes the role and advices inspector to take Dheena to police station and give proper treatment and get the truth.Namma nattamai Sivaraman tells he has all rights for baby and ask him to give baby back.Dheena tells him that baby got lost on the way. What does he mean by that ?Baby odi poidachu .Well there comes the feedback.Dheena in car with baby.Aiyyoo baby seetla ippadi pottu vachu irukkan.Paavi.Leaves the baby in car and tries to get a dhum.Well before he came back Poi pochu Poi inthe baby gone.Baby antha cigarette smellele irakku mudiyama baby odi poiducha.
Well Dheena puts the blame on Selvam and says he only kidnapped the baby.Dheena tells the feeback about the baby and tell they exchanged the baby before itself.Thats the reason selvam took the baby now.Both Archana and priya ask him to give baby back. Now Selvam again and again tells inspector what to do otherwise handover Dheena to him.Inspector gets worried that he is trying to do his job and reminds that its his job and arrest Dheena.

Dheena getting adi from inspector who tells police to search for the baby.Inspector coming out like kaaka kaaka Surya and informs if it somebody else they would have told the truth for all these beatings.But Selvam tells how Dheena acts to cover up truth.Priya also kenchufies police.Lawyer comes and ask for bail.Manjal pisasu looks relieved. Lawyer asks bail from police.Why ask from police ?How police will give Bail ?Will police informs the lawyer to goto court.Lawyer informs court time is over and its weekend. Dheena's mom wants to meet her son.In the mean time Selvam gets  a call. Somebody in dark speaks and tell them that baby is with them and demands 5 lakhs and also this should not be informed to police.Dheena tells that he is ready to give money and get the baby back. Priya is little bit intelligent and informs maybe it is Dheena's setup. Archana MM's wife ask Selvam to get back the baby giving money and not to get help from police. MM also agrees and leaves the place without informing the police...

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Friday - our new kalakkal updater Desi Clap

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thanks for the updates.

rajashekar is smart to guess the person behind this plot .. his SIL! as for rani, now its time for pay back to saroja ... yippie!!

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Thanks Roja for the update. Only thing Vasu did correctly was to get signature from our great MM.Ivlavu sothapravene MM ta correct sign vaanginana namm MM evlavu killadiya irukkanum.
I think Rani will soft to her SIL even after knowing the news. Because she is MM's sister.

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Thanks Roja akka for the update, ithuggellam eppo thirunggalo? D'oh. Hope Rani puts Saroja in her place... selfish woman.
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I think Rani will know about the hotel matter.
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Thanks Roja akka and Eljay ma for your updates.
I thought you were planning not to do the updates for this serial anymore...yenna achu...addiction or loyality Wink
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Thanks Eljay ma, ayyoh Rani neeyum MM ah ayittiya? Intha seriale orru MM patthathaa?? Cry

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