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Immortal Love - ArSh/KaSh [KSG-Shilpa] OS

TaniLovesDB5K IF-Sizzlerz

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Hello Everyone!!!

I am Tanisha. KaShians from KaSh Heaven must know me already. I am not much active in this forum as I am too lazy to read [even to write] FFs...LOL This is my very 1st [may be the las one as well] one shot on my favourite on screen couple KaSh. I am sure I have done a lot of grammar mstakes. But hope you will concentrate on the storyline ignoring them. And do comment/criticize as that will help me to improve. And the os might look confusing. so feel free to ask questions if you don't understand any part. And that's it... Enjoy reading the one shot.
*By the way before posting the one shotI would like to thank my friends Filpu [Shilpa], Reema, Riya, Zaynoo for inspiring me to write. and a special thanks to Riya and Zaynoo for diting the oe shot for me. Love you guys.*
Immortal Love

"Isn't there anything you can do? What about me? Can't I donate my kidney to Riddhima?" Armaan finally asked the doctor even though he knew the answer to that question. The doctors wouldn't have waited so long if that was an option.

The doctor patted Armaan's shoulder gently. "All we can do now is pray that we get another donor as soon as possible. She doesn't have much time left. Why don't you try and talk to your friend? Only she can help right now." Saying this he left.

Armaan sighed. There's no point of talking to Shilpa. He had no idea why she is being so stubborn. But he had to give it a last try if he wants to save his fianc, Riddhima's life. He went to Shilpa and sat beside her.

"The doctor said she doesn't have much time and we need a donor by tonight. Or else'" Armaan couldn't finish his line. He was too scared to even think what might happen. He looked at Shilpa. Was she shocked? Sad? How can someone not be sad about her own sister? And if she is sad then why isn't she crying? Why is she being so stubborn? Why did she refuse to give her kidney to her sister?

"Shilpa?!" Armaan called her name not getting any reply from her. "Are you seriously going to be like this?"

"What you want me to do?"  Shilpa asked not looking at Armaan.

Armaan knew something like this was coming but he still got angry, "Mere chahne na chahne se kya hoga Shilpa? Riddhima is YOUR sister. You should save her life by yourself. Why do I or anyone else have to tell you that? Don't you have feelings for your sister?"

Shilpa smiled lamely. That smile made Armaan hate Shilpa. "I can't believe you. Did you just smile? You're really pathetic you know that? Riddhima is you sister! For God sake Shilpa! Why can't you be fair to her?" Armaan's tone rose higher this time.

Shilpa couldn't stop herself anymore. She started talking, "Fairness? You're talking about that? Really? I am being unfair to her? Then why didn't you notice her earlier being unfair to your best friend?  I have tried so hard to be nice to her' to make everything normal between us. How much I have craved to hug my sister. But she did nothing but hate me and Dad. What was my fault? If Dad abandoned her and Mom, then how am I at fault? I wasn't even born that time. So why does she hate me so much?"

Armaan was getting more angry. Is this really a good time for this silly discussion? He wanted to leave Shilpa but he asked a question being curious, "You really wanted to make things better? You really did? Then why don't you save your sister now? Don't you think after this everything will be fine? But no' You don't want to help her now when she needs you the most' You are being unfair to her like your father' Don't you think so?"

Shilpa's eyes got teary. "Unfair' Hmm' But what to do? I can't miss this chance. This is the first time God is being fair to me. I've always wished that it was either me or her that existed. Now I pray to God every day to take one of us from this planet. If God has listened and is giving me this chance to fulfill my wish, how can I let it go? she asked.

Armaan was stoned. He couldn't believe Shilpa was his best friend. He now wanted to deny the fact that he knew Shilpa. "What? What did you just say? You want Riddhima to die?" Armaan asked her furiously.

"If you want to think it like that'" ' Shilpa gave a short reply.

Armaan wanted to leave the place right away. Shilpa's presence was making him hate her right now. But he couldn't. He was too shocked to do anything. They both didn't talk for a long time. Suddenly Shilpa started talking, causing the silence to break. "Why can't you see my pain Armaan? Why can't you care about me like the way you care about Di? Why? Why can't you see that God has always been unfair to me?" Armaan didn't reply. He had lost his words.

"Riddhima Di always got everything. So what if her real dad abandoned her? She got such a caring step father. She had her mother with her. Par mujhe dekho' God took my Mom away from me as soon as I came to this world. Mere pas ek Dad theey' Bhagwan unko bhi cheen liya jab main 10 saal ki thi' Tum hi bolo' Who was in better position? Me or she?" Shilpa asked Armaan strongly.

"When Dad realized his kidneys have failed and he won't survive he told me about Padma Mom and Riddhima Di. He told me to apologize to them on behalf of him. He couldn't take care of them that time. He was a coward. And his last wish was only their forgiveness. Do you have any idea how a 10 years old girl felt that time Armaan? I wanted to die. I wanted to hate Dad' Padma Mom' Di' Everyone. But I couldn't. How can I hate my Dad and sister? Uss din se aj tak maine sirf ek hi din ke liya intezar kiya hai. The day I would find Padma Mom and Riddhima Di. I used to think when I'd meet them they would be happy to see me. When I would ask for their forgiveness they would hug me forgiving my Dad's mistake. Par yeh toh ulta hi ho gaya' I don't think there's anyone in this world who can ever hate another person the way Di hates me." ' She sighed.

Armaan didn't know whether to feel sorry for Shilpa or stay angry at her. She did struggle a lot to find Mrs. Padma Gupta and Riddhima. After her father's death she had nowhere to go but her Dad's best friend's house. Armaan's parents took good care of Shilpa. They have treated her as their own daughter. Shilpa had a hard time in the beginning, but she started to be normal when they became friends. All his life Armaan had wished Shilpa to be happy. But today he wants to hate himself for that. He didn't want to listen to Shilpa anymore.

Only when he was about to walk away Shilpa started talking again. "Di has always been lucky. She even got the man I have always loved since childhood." tears rolled down her cheek while saying this. Armaan's heart stopped for a moment. He looked at Shilpa with his surprised eyes.

Seeing Armaan's expression Shilpa couldn't help but laugh. "Sorry sorry' Tumhe dekh ke lag raha hai ke tumne koi bhoot dekh liya hai'" Armaan didn't know what to say' How to feel' Did she just confess her love for him? He stared at Shilpa without blinking. Shilpa stopped smiling when she saw Armaan again. "I am sorry that you got to know about it in such a situation. I didn't have the courage to tell you before' But it's true Armaan. Jab se hosh sambhala hai tumse hi pyar kiya hai' Tumhare ilava main kisi aur ke bare mein soch bhi nehi sakti'" She paused for a minute. "You know when I started loving you? Yaad hai ek baar humlog jab khel rahe theey galti se tumne mujhe dhakka mar diya tha aur mere sar pe bhohut zor se chot lag gayi thi? Next day toh main school bhi ja nahi payi fever ki wajah se. But when you came back home from school you had a bandage on your head' Tumne jhoot bola tha' Tumne jhoot bola tha ke tumhari Atul ke sath ladayi huyi thi' Tumhe kya laga tha mujhe kuch pata nahi chalega? Atul told me everything. Tumne khud apne sar pe patthar mara tha. You wanted to punish yourself for hurting me' Didn't you? I knew everything Armaan' But as you made Atul promise not to tell me I didn't want to hurt you by letting you know that he had told me the truth. Uss incident ke baad se I couldn't keep my feelings for you the same. Tum jo bhi karte the mujhe tumpe pyaar aata tha' Aur pata nahi kyun' I thought you loved me as well' That's why I never felt the need for a confession. But you know when you told Uncle Aunty that you'll leave the house if they don't let you marry Riddhima uss din mujhe pata chala ke tumne toh mujhe kabhi pyar kiya hi nahi' We were just friends. Tum toh Di se pyar kar baithe ho' That day I felt like I didn't know you' You weren't the same Armaan who used to get me chocolates everyday' Who used to read bed time stories for me even when I was in college' It wasn't the Armaan who used to call me Shona' You don't even call me Shona anymore' Have you noticed that?" ' Shilpa gave him a pale smile.

All of a sudden Armaan started feeling guilty. Just like the way Shilpa thought at that time that she didn't know him anymore, he began feeling the same way now. Why couldn't he ever guess that she loves him? How can he be so stupid? "Shilpa' Tum' " He was about to say something but right that moment Mr. Shashank Gupta ' Riddhima's dad came there crying. "Shilpa' Do you know why my daughter is in this situation today? Because of her biological father. Yes' I am talking about your Dad' Didn't he die because of the same reason? Jiss admi ne meri beti ko apnaya bhi nahi tha uski beemari ki wajah se meri beti aaj iss halat mein hai'. Par ek baat bolu? Wahan pe Riddhima nahi tumhe hona chahiye tha'." He blurted out without thinking.

Everything happened so suddenly that Armaan couldn't even say a word. His heart began to pain when he heard Mr. Gupta saying that to Shilpa.  As for Shilpa, she wanted to cry but instead of doing so she pretended to not care. "I'll leave now. I am tired. I need sleep."  Shilpa said standing up.

"Shilpa' wait." ' Armaan wanted to stop her but Shilpa seemed to ignore his words. "By the way maine uncle aunty ko call kar diya hai' They are coming to India tomorrow morning and I might go back to U.S.A. taking the next flight. So don't expect me to be here tomorrow."  saying this she left before Armaan could stop her.

When he was alone Armaan realized his brain had stopped working. He should be worried about Riddhima but instead he is thinking about what Shilpa just told her. She loves him? She had always loved him? Armaan didn't know when he fell asleep that night.



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TaniLovesDB5K IF-Sizzlerz

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"Armaan… Armaan." – Armaan saw Padma in front of him when he opened his eyes.  He was embarrassed. He shouldn't have fallen asleep. He didn't take care of Riddhima last night. What is Padma thinking about him? And why does she look happy? "Did we get a donator?" – Armaan asked. Padma nodded her head… "Kal raat ko hi mil gayi thi… Abhi abhi operation khatam hua hai and she is out of danger now…" – Padma said wiping her tears.

"Apne mujhe uthaya kyun nahi. Who was the donator? Can we meet her now?" – Armaan felt relieved forgetting what happened last night.

"The doctors have kept her in the I.C.U. We are not allowed there. Door se dekh sakte ho. Aur donator pata nehi. The hospital authority said that the person doesn't want to give away any information so they have to keep it a secret. I'll go and bring some tea for you. Tum fresh ho jao." – Padma left.

Armaan headed to the I.C.U. He was standing there staring at Riddhima's face. He was neither happy nor sad. His mind was totally blank. After 5 minutes he decided to go the washroom to freshen up. He was walking beside a room when he noticed something. The patient in that room was Shilpa. It can't be his hallucination. It is Shilpa in that room sleeping on the bed. So she is the one… she donated her kidney to Riddhima? Armaan misunderstood her again. He has known Shilpa all his life and he knew she can never be so mean to her sister. He has seen Shilpa crying herself to sleep only because she missed her sister. Then why did he think Shilpa would never donate her kidney? What is happening to him? Why is he so confused?

Armaan realized there were tears in his eyes… He has this strange pain in his heart. He sat on the chair beside Shilpa's bed. He took her hands in his and pressed it gently. "Shona… I am sorry… I am really sorry… Main tumhe khabhi pehchaan hi nahi paya… Main bohot bura hoon… Maine khabhi socha hi nahi that you can actually love me. Kabhi mere dimag mein aisa khayal nahi aya… But how could you think that I never loved you? How could you Shona? Whatever I have done in life I did it for you only… Sirf tumhari khushi ke liye maine sab kuch kiya hai… Tum kyun yeh guess nehi kar payi Shona? Kyun? You have always wanted to be close to Riddhima… You have always wanted her to be happy… That's the only reason I wanted to marry Riddhima… Thaki tum hamesha apni behen ke paas reh sako… And I have always tried my best to keep her happy only to see a smile on your face…  Tum toh mujhe bohot achi tarah se janti ho na? Then why couldn't you realize you are everything to me Shilpa? Why? Tum mere life mein sabse zyada important ho. I have always wanted you to be happy but I ended up hurting you… Main bohut bura hoon… Bohut… Ho sake toh mujhe maaf kar dena… please…" Armaan's tears fell on Shilpa's hand. He couldn't be in that room anymore. He came out closing the door of the room.

"Armaan… There you are… Main tumhe saare hospital mein dhund rahi thi… Your parents called. They want you to pick them up from the airport. So hurry beta…" Padma didn't notice the tears in his eyes. Armaan wiped his tears. He can't marry Riddhima after knowing everything. He decided to talk to everyone after coming back from hospital.

Shilpa was awake… Tears rolled down her cheek as soon as he left the room. She pretended to be asleep because she couldn't face Armaan after last night. She didn't want him to find out but as usual luck wasn't on her side. "I can't be here anymore…" She burst out crying.


When Armaan came back to hospital he started running towards Shilpa's room. On the way back to the hospital he learnt a horrible truth from his parents which he wished was a bad dream. But unfortunately Shilpa wasn't in her room. He headed towards the doctor's room. He was angry and extremely miserable at the same time. He was feeling so sick that he could faint any minute. He slammed the door open and started shouting , "Where is Shilpa?! Where is she?!" "Calm down Armaan! It's a hospital… Let me explain." – The doctor tried to calm him down.

"Aapko pata tha… You knew it… Didn't you doctor? You knew that she has an infection in the other kidney… How could you allow her to donate the good one?" – Armaan asked furiously.

"You think I didn't try? As a doctor my first concern is saving everyone's lives. I told her everything about the consequences. But she just didn't want to listen to me. She was saying she just wants to save her sister's life… even if it costs her own--" Armaan didn't let him finish , "She's not gonna die, right?" – Armaan couldn't breathe for a moment when he used the word 'die'.

The doctor just looked down without replying.

"How bad is it?" – Armaan asked?

"I am afraid that she may…" Armaan stopped him… He placed his hand on the chest… He couldn't bear the pain… "Both the girls got this disease from their father. I explained everything to Ms. Shilpa…" the doctor kept saying something only if Armaan could heard him. He couldn't even see properly… Is the world really spinning? He didn't even realize when he fell to the ground.


Dear Armaan,

I am sorry… I am going to tell you something right now. Jaanti hoon sunke tumhe bohot gussa ayega… But I hope you'll try to understand my situation. I was awake… I wasn't sleeping when you came to my room. But I didn't have the courage to face you. That's why I had to act. When you'll get this letter I would be gone. Please don't try to find me. I know iss waqt tumhe bohot gussa aaraha hai because I didn't give you the chance to talk to me properly before leaving… Par maine jo bhi kiya hai sabke bhalai ke liye hi kiya hai… Agar main uss waqt sone ki acting nahi karti I would have never got to know some very important things.

Armaan, you know jab tumne kaha ke I was the most important person to you… I felt mad at God for a moment… Ke hamesha main hi kyun milti hoon unhe…?! Why is he so unfair with me? Ab jab main tumko chorke jane wali hoon abhi mujhe pata chal raha hai ke you love me… Par kuch der baad maine realize kiya God can NEVER be unfair to anyone. Woh ek taraf se lete hai toh dusri taraf se dete bhi hain… See… Di ko Papa ka pyar nahi mila toh unhone Di ko dusri Daddy dedi… Aur mujhe Mom Dad ka pyar nehi mila toh kya hua… Uncle Aunty toh the na mere paas? Aur agar meri Mom Dad hote toh kya humara rishta aisa hota jaisa ke abhi hai? I am really thankful to him for sending you as an angel in my life. Toh kya hua agar Riddima Di ki shaadi tumse ho rahi hai aur tum unhe pyar karti ho? You love me too… And that's more than enough for me… And I'm glad that this whole thing happened… Varna main kabhi yeh sab realize hi nahi kar pati…

Armaan I love Riddhima Di a lot… Please take good care of her. Kabhi unhe dukh maat pohchana please… You have wanted me to be happy in life right? Then always remember that I am a part of Di now… Di khush toh main bhi khush… So you better make me smile… Ok?

Please try to convince Ridz Di to forgive me and my Dad. We really love her… We do. Let her know that.

I am sorry Armaan… Sorry for making your life more miserable…. Sorry for making you feel guilty… Sorry for everything… But please don't feel guilty… Main chahti hoon tum nayi tarah se apna life start karo… Aur hamesha khush rehna… Meri akhri khwaish puri karoge na?

And I couldn't tell you this properly that day. I LOVE YOU ARMAAN. And this is the first and last thing I wanted to tell you before leaving.

With lots of love,

Yours and only yours,


Armaan folded the letter. It has been more than 20 years since Shilpa died. He reads it every day. When he got his sense back in the hospital that day the nurse handed him the letter. He wanted to die that day. But he had to fulfill Shilpa's last wish. That's why he is still here, living a happy life with his wife Riddhima and their kids. But he can never forget Shilpa for a single moment because he feels like his Shona is always there with him, in his heart…. And their love remains immortal.


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OMG that was such a sad OS, i literally had tears rolling down my cheeks! gosh, you're a fabulous writer!! do continue to write OS/FFs, but please have happy endings too! LOL but honestly, this OS was FAB! keep it up!! Big smile

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oh my God! thats so depressing Tani! When i read the ending, i literally gasped and my heart broke. 
its a very nice story...but i really hate sad ending Cry
next time aik HAPPY fairytale ending hona chahiye LOL

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great one taniEmbarrassed

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awesome one
do write more

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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yayyy! you posted it! <3

&& you know how much I looove this OS <3
you're a FAB writer and pleaaase write more :D

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