FF:Once again(Raghu Tapasya)PART 11 Pg17 (Page 8)

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luv the way the story is moving..eagerly waiting for the next part...

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Originally posted by akanksha.anjum

great going... nice story.. u really hv got great creativity... let me guess wats cuming next.. Rajawat is raghu's mamaji and he want him to meet tapasya. thats why callin the family to his farm house.
is it??

Good prediction,now even if I stop writing,you can take this fic ahead..LOL

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Originally posted by SRKLuvr

Love the Veeya bitSmile Thanks so much for the Veeya bitSmile Sorry couldnt read the rest as I still cant love RasyaOuch

Veer and Tapasya pair has no scope here.

And I love Rathore tapasya pair,that is why I have started this fic.

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i did not liked 5th part much but this part has brought my interest bk in this fiction...very well written Thumbs Up
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Originally posted by Dicy_anu

i did not liked 5th part much but this part has brought my interest bk in this fiction...very well written Thumbs Up

Readers may think about the writer's interest too..so that he/she gets motivated to write after seeing generous amount of comments..Confused

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"Marry me", Raghu said in a cool tone.


This happened when Tapasya met Raghu in the farm house.




After the night club encounter,Tapasya wanted  to go away from Raghu.She agreed to join the weekend gathering  with her parents.Rajawatjee welcomed them warmly.


"Meet my nephew Thakur Saab,Raghavendra Pratap Rathore,Raghu,he is Jogi Thakur,party's newest member.."..Rajawat introduced them.


Tapasya was looking at them with a stern face.It was clearly understandable why Rajawat invited the whole family.May be Raghu is also involved.On the other hand, Raghu was not at all willing to come in the gathering,but when he came to know that Jogi Thakur will join this gathering with his family,he himself showed interest.


"See, your  father is so happy in my company,why don't you tell him about us?" ..Raghu asked Tapasya in private.

"There is no us, don't have any doubt about that.." Tapasya said and tried to go away..but failed,she found herself in his arms.

"Why so anger Tapasya?Why so much bitterness?Can't  you forgive me for once?I know I did wrong..?"..Raghu said..

Tapasya said, "Well I have forgiven you long time ago,you did nothing ,after all ,you did not rape me,you did not make me pregnant ,what you did was a minor thing,who said that I am angry? When I questioned you about your desertion?I have forgiven you Raghavendra,stop chasing me because of your guilt'"


"So this is opinion about me?You think so low about me!!", Raghu said in a frustrated tone..


"I do not think about you.Give me one reason that I would think of you for one single moment.."..Tapasya said..


"Tapasya, trust me for once,I beg you.."..Raghu got interrupted by a voice.. "Tapasya..where are you ?"..


"Mother is looking for me..I have to go..get  out of my way.."..Tapasya literally ran away..





Next morning,they went for outing.

Tapasya was looking at the lush green scenery .She was lost in her own thoughts. Last night she talked to Ichha.Ichha was not sounding good.Tapasya felt that Ichha was broken somehow.No matter what  happened in her family after Ichha's entry, but she cannot forget those childhood memories with her.She cannot be totally indifferent about Ichha.


Jogi didn't miss the attention given by Raghu towards Tapasya."They look nice together,truly Divya ,now I got a perfect match for our Tapasya,what do you think 'Tapasya will like him?"..Jogi asked this question with great hope.


Divya couldn't conceal the fact anymore.The guy she saw in the mall with Tapasya was none other than Raghavendra Pratap Rathore'Jogi got to know that.He also came to know that Tapasya had big fight with Raghu.Jogi could recall those days when he saw Tapasya's pale face,days after Veer  married Ichha.Jogi could recall the conversation with Tapasya.."Nobody is in my life,now"..the sentence said by Tapasya.


Tapasya felt a jerk.It was Raghu."You look so lost,what's wrong..?"..Raghu asked..

Tapasya shook her head,"Nothing,thinking about Ichha..I guess she is not well'"


Raghu observed her head to toe.She didn't look steady."Come ,let's have a walk.." ..Raghu offered..Tapasya didn't refuse this time.They were walking silently..Jogi was looking at them,so as Divya.Rajawat gave a meaningful smile.



Vansh had a new muse.Ichha.He felt jealous of Veer.Veer is so lucky.Life gave him such a good option.When Vansh closely observed Ichha,he thought to give a try.So what she is his sister-in-law,Veer is so busy in office,Vansh can give her company in her loneliness.Tapasya has a generous figure undoubtedly,but Ichha can also be attractive sometimes.

Vansh saw her slender neck,her thin waistline,the border line of her saree,so low. Rest was Vansh's imagination.Whenever he saw Veer and Ichha's closeness,he felt a great amount of jealousy.He likes her calmness ,her  sad eyes.Her fear and insecurity.Gunvanti doesn't like her at all,so as Daddajee.Veer only married her. Probably he is doing his marital duty only in bed.

She is doing compromises everyday, digesting humiliation .She gained nothing from the marriage.Vansh knows very well that if Veer leaves her now also, Gunvanti will be very happy.Vansh wants to hold her in his arms.He wants to kiss her,make love to her.When he was away from Bundela house,he had several girls in his life.He had slept with some of them too.Initial days when he was after Tapasya,then also didn't feel in this way,the way he is feeling for Ichha.


He is quite amused by her calm and cold nature,her caring attitude.She is like ice bag which soothes pain.Vansh wants to discover the fire beneath the ice.Vansh has a gift of art.He is a good painter.He started to draw every pose of Ichha.Firstly the pictures were civilsed.Later,Vansh started to paint nude.Every picture was locked in his cupboard,very safely.

One fine evening when Veer was out for a business party and Gunvanti  went to a relatives house  along with Umed and Daddajee,Ichha was left alone in the house. She had no idea that Vansh would be home at this time..usually he goes out to party.She went to ask him whether he would like to have tea or coffee..

There she saw the most hateful scene..

Vansh was touching a picture sensually,it was a nude picture,and the face was similar to Ichha's face.Vansh was feeling the painted naked body of Ichha with full urge.Ichha froze at once.She bumped with the door while stepping back..Vansh looked back.

"You like it my dear sister-in-law?It could be better if would have been in front of me..like this..",Vansh said as a matter of fact.


Ichha couldn't take it anymore..she just ran to her room and closed the doors..cried a lot..then called Tapasya,but couldn't tell the fact.



There was a dead silence between Raghu and Tapasya.Tapasya was engrossed with the toughts of Ichha.No word from Raghu was entering into her ears.

Now, "Marry me", Raghu said in a cool tone.

"Huh?Come again?"..Tapasya said in an aloof tone.

Raghu got irritated,"Where the hell you are lost damn it?"

"Nowhere..but why are you stretching it so far?I told you..I don't want to marry you?"..Tapasya said..

"Now,you are getting on my nerve Tapasya,what do you want?I should fall on your feet,I should appologise with folded hands?If you want,if you really want that,just say so..I am ready to do that also.."..Raghu said in a heated tone.


"Ragahvendra,I am not feeling well..please let's go back,I am not in a state to argue," Tapasya pleaded..

Raghu had no other option but to say yes.


After coming back to the farm house,Jogi invited Raghu to have a personal conversation with him over evening tea.


"What do you want Mr.Rathore?What made you to set up the gathering and manipulate us?Why didn't you meet me on the first place in my own house ?And,what is your story with my daughter?"..Jogi  made a direct attack.


"Thakur Saab,I want to marry Tapasya,I didn't set up this gathering,Mamajee arranged this meeting ,he just wants me to get married,I didn't know whom I am to meet on his insistence,there is no attempt of manipulating you.I wanted to meet you but your daughter stopped me.And,I have a love story with your daughter which had some ups and downs,I am the one to be blamed,just looking for one chance,but Tapasya is not ready to reconcile.But the truth is ..I love her..I see my whole life with her.."..Raghu said this in one single attempt..


"Don't you think Mr. Rathore if you really loved her, you never despised her like that.."..Jogi said..


"Whatever my fault Sir,I can say in my defence that I know her for last one and a half years, and I am not an expert of man and woman equation,I got confused,I made mistake,I deserted her for a short time,and she is angry,which is justified,but I know my mind,this time I know what I really want,that is why I am following her everyday,that is why I am trying to mend her wounds.."..Raghu answered..


"But I really couldn't understand when she got attracted to you Raghavendra? Nobody in our family knew not a single thing about you?"..Jogi said..


"And you are accusing me, she got attracted to me just because she was left alone, you were so busy to fix the alliance of her with Veer,hadn't you ever tried to read her facial expressions?Had you really had a generous talk  with her for last few years?Who deserted her more?I heard parents can understand everything without even hearing a single word.."..Raghu said..

"I don't want to hear your assessment about our father-daughter relation Raghavendra,she refused a guy like Veer just for you I guess,I must know your depth of love for her.."..Jogi asserted..


"That will not help actually,if you try to convince her about me,I can assure you she will escape,I can't let you spoil my life,already you have done a great damage ,not anymore.."..Raghu said..


"What do you mean by damage?Only because I gave full love and affection to Ichha along with Tapasya?What do you know Raghavendra?What do you know about life?I gave every privilege to Ichha because I damaged her life to the core, because of me her own father died,Ichha and Damini ,they had a big question mark about their future,I was the sole reason  Raghavendra'this truth of my life is known only to my wife,Divya.Neither Tapasya nor Ichha knows it,not even Damini.Tell me where am I at fault?"..Jogi Thakur argued..


After giving a dry laugh,Raghu said,"In this exercise,you  snatched the father known to Tapasya Thakur Saab,for your fault Tapasya wasn't supposed to suffer ..isn't it?"..

"I told you,you know nothing,you were not in my place,god forbid ,if someday you have to undergo a dilemma..then I would like to see..how you deal with that..that is all I have to say..you may go now..thanks for your time Raghavendra.."..Jogi Thakur finished and himself left the room..


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Where are the readers??

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Anyways,my exams are coming,can't be sure about update..rather not sure about continuing the fic...Ouch

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