FF:Once again(Raghu Tapasya)PART 11 Pg17 (Page 7)

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wow so now icha madam is getting guilty.
great going dear do continue bye sumi

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Willing to get more comments and replies.Ouch

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Tapsaya was smiling,she was in a baby pink saree,she was dancing..weather was nice, cold breeze was brushing her soft face ,suddenly Tapasya ran towards someone,and hugged him'it was Veer.They were so much in love.Veer  lift her up and carried her towards a bed of flower'they started to make love'.


A sound came out, Raghu noticed that he had broken his glass of whisky in his grip.It was bleeding.Raghu looked at his right hand with full disgust,he was more disgusted about his thoughts.He was imagining Tapasya with some other guy.The horrible thought,how did that come in Raghu's head?

Within the evening Raghu got some important information.Veer Singh Bundela is married to Ichha.He is like a brother-in-law to Tapasya.Raghu knew about Ichha.The daughter of the servant of Thakurs.

Somehow Raghu felt relaxed.Tapasya didn't marry Veer.The reason is very clear. She refused Veer only for  Raghu. Raghu felt a pang of guilt.The way he treated her that time,no excuse is enough for that.He wants to get her back in life,this time he knows about his heart,this time he really wants to be with her forever.It is the time to reclaim her.

Tapasya was in her bedroom,Divya came to her'"What are you doing here?All time you are in room,talk to me sometime," Divya said in a complaining tone.

"Tell me..what you want me to do?"..Tapasya said in a lazy tone..

"Let's go for shopping,it has been so many months,"..Divya said.

Tapasya  said.."Okay..let's go"..


They came to the same mall where Tapasya used to come, with Raghu.Emotions stirred up.She felt like crying.The love,the romantic moments everything came in a sequence in her mind.she tried her best to control her tears,she excused herself from Divya to go to washroom..there she cried a lot..

Raghu was there to recall his moments,he was thinking the same,suddenly he saw a known figure,coming out from the washroom.She was using her dupatta to wipe her face..Raghu reached to her and caught her by shoulder to make her face to face'he saw her so closely after ages..she was using her dupatta to get rid of those tears she had..

Raghu noticed her,he looked into her eyes,red,blood red.Tears were still there,her nose tip had also the scarlett shade,and after seeing Raghu her lips started  to quiver because of anger.



"Let me go..leave me..damn you..",Tapasya was struggling to get rid of his grip, Raghu had no such intention to release her.


"Listen to me,let me explain,I am sorry..Tapasya, don't be childish,please..let me explain..TAPASYA'",Raghu was trying to calm her down'


"Don't you call my name,you have no right,go to hell..",Tapasya said while struggling more.

"I am living in hell..Tapasya..listen to me..give me one chance,please,trust me,I will never hurt you..sweet heart.."..Raghu was saying that while dragging her to a corner as people were staring at them.


" I have nothing to do with you,leave me alone,let me live in peace,what harm I did to you?Why you are making my life hell? I ignored Veer because of you,now in current situation nobody is happy,things are so complicated,just because of you, nothing  would have taken place if Veer and I would have got married,you don't know what I am going through.."..Tapasya said out of her frustration..


Raghu  released her from his grip,"You regret for ignoring Veer,then you should have married him on the first place when I despised you,when I totally deserted you.Why didn't you marry him?I wasn't there to stop you..your family was keen to have this alliance..what stopped you?"


"By that time,Veer was fallen for Ichha,then fell in love,what do you expect,I would marry a guy who is in love with my friend?"..Tapasya said  in a melancholic tone.


Raghu was taken aback, he didn't expect it.He really didn't.He expected that all her grief and regret will be about Raghu.But here she is regretting for Veer.It was the last thing  that Raghu wanted.In fact it wasn't  even in the list.


"Tell me properly, you have feelings for Veer?",Raghu asked..


"Stop this scrap okay! Don't give me this shit,it is not about him damn it.I regret because of my own mistake.Connecting with you was a mistake,which I will regret for the rest of my life..now..get out of my way,I have other things to do.."..Tapasya stepped forward..


"Really,what's that?Veer is coming to meet you?"..Raghu said in an acidic tone.

Tapasya looked back,gave a disgusting glance on Raghu,then said,"I feel like to spit on you..seriously,apne geerebaan me jhaanko,bloody hell.."

"Yaa right,as if I got connection with some other girl.."..Raghu tried to confront..


"How would I know that you didn't deserted me for some other girl,may be you met her in London,out of excitement you dumped me,and  she might have dumped you, that is why you are doing this "come back" melodrama,what did you think? Whatever you think,I give a damn.."..Tapasya declared in a firy voice and left the place.

Raghu was dumbstruck.


When he regained his calm,then he realized that this was a very natural reaction by Tapasya.He couldn't expect better.He looked at the dispersing figure of his love, he just passed a sigh.Ran his hand in his hair,then scratched his face,for the first time he felt irritated because of the beard on his face.So many times Tapasya complained about them,he didn't listen to her.

What a life!! Raghu cursed under his breathe.


"Who is that guy?"..Divya asked.

"Whom you are talking about?"..Tapasya tried to avoid..

"Don't pretend Tapasya,I clearly saw both of you,you two were having  a very serious quarrel ,is that the same guy whom Ichha was taking about?"'Divya insisted..

"Mother, please, stop it now.You do not trust me, you are vesting you belief in Ichha's reference? That is so unlike you, you surprise me!", Tapasya couldn't hide her disgust.

Jogi  came into house then only,he saw the encounter between Divya and Tapasya. Tapasya went to her room.

"What is it?"..Jogi asked for an explanation.

Divya was clueless.

Raghu was looking in the mirror,finally he made his face clean shaven.He smiled, gave a satisfied look.

Tapasya always had a problem.After this she may reduce her anger little bit. Raghu's servant gave him a phone,it was a call from Raghu's Mamajee.He wants to meet Raghu as early as possible.Most probably he has found bride for Raghu.

"Ooh..shit.."'Raghu used his right to expression..

On the other hand,Tapasya was dreaming about Raghu.How she will teach him a good lesson? Only showing anger is not going to work, reverse psychology can be applied too.


Veer was busy in office work.Ichha was somehow left alone in Bundela House. Convincing Tapasya was the main goal for now in Bundela house,Gunvanti was expecting Ichha to complete the noble job.Being a friend she could easily persue Tapasya to marry Vansh.

Gunvanti had accepted her as a daughter-in-law, now Ichha should repay by convincing Tapasya.


Tapasya is nobody but she is everything.Ichha is a Bundela now,but she is no one. What is her crime?Is it a crime to take birth in a lower class family?Is it her crime  not to be Jogi Thakur's real daughter?Did she cheat anyone?It was Veer who took his steps towards Ichha.Why everybody behave in that way as if she had trapped Veer?She came out from her state of mind,her mobile was ringing,it was from Damini.

Jogi Thakur was about to contest in the forthcoming assembly election.Ichha got the news from Damini.


Jogi  was in a mood for some change,he wanted to come out from the monopoly of the businessman tag.He thought to give a try in politics.Divya informed that Gagan Rajawat was waiting.


Rajawat was one of the mastermind of that party which intended to give election ticket to Jogi.

"Namaste Rajawatjee..what a pleasant surprise! Damini, get some nice sharbat for us"..Jogi welcomed Rajawat warmly.

After that,their conversation and planning and strategy making went on for the next three hours.It was 10 o'clock in the night.Damini informed that Divya had arranged an elaborate dinner for Rajawatjee.


"This is too much Bhabhijee,why this formality?"..Rajawat said..

"Come on,it's nothing,first time you are here, Damini ,go and get Tapasya,usne bhi sham se kuchh khaaya nahi..Thakur Saab,you need to take your medicine before the meal."..Divya said while strated to serve the food.


"There she is..Tapasya,come here,meet Rajawatjee.."..Jogi said..


"Your daughter is so good looking Thakur Saab,what do you do Beti?"..Rajawat inquired.

"I spend the wealth which has been earned by my ancestors over the centuries..", Tapsya answered with a cold apprehension.

"Perfect answer,yes Beti,only earn and earn,there must be someone to spend too,else what is the use of so much wealth..what are your hobbies ?"..Rajawat inquired more..


The conversation went on and on,at 1 am Rajawatjee left Jogi Thakur's place.

Tapasya said ,"Why didn't you send dinner in my room?This man..real headache!" ..

Divya said.."Don't say like that Beta,you can't confine yourself in your bedroom only,in fact we are going to spend this weekend in his farmhouse,he is so generous ,"..

"Mother,I am not into it.."..Tapasya clearly refused to go there..and went to her bedroom .


Jogi said ,"This girl Divya,don't know what she is looking for..she doesn't even tell anything,just want to know for what she is punishing us..we never imposed Veer upon her,she could have told about that guy,now she is making fuss of it..taking out all her frustration on us.."

Divya consoled him ,"Give her some time,time is the greatest healer ,she will be fine.."..

"Get out of my way ,else I will shout.."..Tapasya said to Raghu.

It happened when Raghu stalked her and finally tracked her down in a night club. Tapasya went there for the reunion party of old college friends.Tapasya was there in an unusual attire according to her daily habit.She was wearing   low waist jeans and   a semi-transparent shirt,three buttons from the top were undone,it was clearly showing her cleavage and upper part of her breast.


In a night club,this kind of dressing is okay,but seeing Tapasya in that attire,every drop of Raghu's blood boiled in anger.Some guys were trying to hitting on her constantly,Raghu got more angry.Tapasya was dancing with her friends.Some guys were trying to touch her indecently..Raghu just dragged her from the dance floor, first Tapasya was clueless about the person who was dragging her,then she felt the touch..it was him.


Tapasya was shouting like hell,loud music was on,so she was louder,then out of exhaustion  she started panting.The vertical movement of her breast because of panting was worth  of watching for Raghu.

Raghu sat on a corner chair and asked her to sit."Drink cold water,eat something ,then you will realize my concern for you.."..Raghu said smoothly..


"Ooh..Shut up..Concern my foot, who gave you the right to spoil my party? Huh?.." ..Tapasya said in a firy voice,not before leaning  over him ,still she was panting, another heave of her breast..Raghu looked at that.Sweat bids were coming down from the throat and going to the cleavage.So many times he had touched her breast,felt them in the darkness of cinema hall,but this evening ,he viewed the perfect shape of them,the proper roundness of them ,clearly, he wanted to grab them at once and...

"What? Are you deaf and dumb?I am asking who gave you the right dammit?" ..Tapasya  shouted again.

"I do not need anyone to have any right,and don't provoke me by showing your private parts,either sit or stand properly,you don't want to be molested by me in the public,right?"..Raghu said after a huge struggle within his mind..

"Go to hell'"..Tapasya said and attempted to leave that place..

Raghu took her hand in his grip.."I told you  either sit or stand,no to go away..be a good girl..sit here,drink something cold.."..

Tapasya refused to sit there..everyone was busy in party,there were left alone, Raghu led her to the most isolated corner  of that lounge.Red,blue,green,..all kind of colours of light,it was a mystic ambiance.Tapasya was struggling like anything to get rid of him.Raghu was fully  determined to manhandle her.Tapasya's consent was the last required thing for him.


"Don't wear this way again in public , it doesn't suit you sweet heart,why are you pretending to be like this,you came here..fine,but why in this attire?You must not come like this in public.."..Raghu said in a smooth voice while lingering her waist with his fingers.

"Really..let me go then,I must not be here anymore,or it is okay that I dress like this only in front of you?"..Tapasya said furiously..


Raghu smiled,said ,"You must not have any kind of clothing in front of  me in our private moments,hope those moments will come soon'"..his hand went under her shirt..and touched her spine..Immediately she shivered .

Raghu kissed on her lips..after so many days.The same amount of passion was there.Tapasya was trying to be indifferent first,but after few seconds she melted in his arms..

Veer meant nothing for her, she is only angry.She still loves him.Raghu got that truth.All he needs to make her accept the truth.He will do it very soon.If requires,he will coerce her,mentally or physically.


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oaky this is intense.
 taps is actaully complicated in this fic.
do continue.
bye sumi
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Originally posted by sosweetsumi

oaky this is intense.
 taps is actaully complicated in this fic.
do continue.
bye sumi

Well,intense moments are yet to come,but make sure I get more comments and replies,else why should I waste my time and energy when nobody is not at all interested..and Tapasya is a really complicated character,CVs just spoiled that.They made the character just BLACK,where Tapasya can be defined as so many colors of human psychology.Ouch

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wow..was really intense.
really want to know how tapasya is going to use reverse psychology on him :)
really enjoying the fic
do continue
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Love the Veeya bitSmile Thanks so much for the Veeya bitSmile Sorry couldnt read the rest as I still cant love RasyaOuch

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great going... nice story.. u really hv got great creativity... let me guess wats cuming next.. Rajawat is raghu's mamaji and he want him to meet tapasya. thats why callin the family to his farm house.
is it??

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