FF:Once again(Raghu Tapasya)PART 11 Pg17 (Page 17)

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Originally posted by yakkudimag

Originally posted by rasyafan

Originally posted by yakkudimag

Where are the readers?

I read alright but did not care to login here but I simply had to thank you for such a beautiful piece of your talent LOL

Awesome please keep up the gud work and keep us entertained only you know how Thumbs Up

I would say that Uttaran team should and could learn a lot from you  Clap U R simply that AWESOME DancingStar

Wait till 16th...

where is your promice LOL

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On every next page update..don't you think that it's unfair on the writer?? Where are those people who were insisting on continuing this fic?...Where are their comments??
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Originally posted by yakkudimag

On every next page update..don't you think that it's unfair on the writer?? Where are those people who were insisting on continuing this fic?...Where are their comments??

don't we count your fans?
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I read all 10 prts today dnt undrstnd y peopl dnt cmnt on ur FF they r briliant i aprcte ur creativity nd xpct mre nd mre FF ..nw i m xctd to knw wats hpn on rasya's honeymoon

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Mature content ahead: Reader's discretion advised

Part 11

Raghu thought his honeymoon would be a great success.It was to some extent.

They roamed here and there. They met old friends, distant relatives, had parties. Then Tapasya met a girl named Malvika.She was not unknown to Raghu.She looked at Tapasya.

"Finally Raghavendra married you..huh..."..

"Yes..why are you asking?"

"When he was in London, we courted each other..."

"Excuse me?"

"My dad wanted us to get married..I always knew that Raghav was not with his full consent..finally we got seperated...but I don't know why is he being so uneasy...? It's okay..people meet, talks about marriage..but their destiny is somewhere else.."

"Hmmm...well..glad to meet you.."..


This meeting was unknown to Raghu until Malvika  called him.She insisted him to meet.

" I don't need to meet you Malvika...it's over between us.."

"Raghav..for old time's sake...I am still not  being able to digest that you left me..."
"Don't act like that we had a break up Malvika..your father was pushing me..just because I asked for some financial assistance that time..."

"Raghav..please..as a friend.."


"Thanks for coming.."

"Malvika..move on ...life never remains same..I am sorry, because I became the reason of your pain..but..I really can't help it.."

"Your wife is nice..she is pretty cool, inspite of knowing the fact that we courted once..."

His entire self was shaken by this information as if huge amount of electric current passed through him.

"You met Tapasya? How did you know her?"

Malvika kept quiet ...Raghu understood.

"You are spying on us...what nonsense is this?"

"Raghav..I am not being able to forget you..we can be together..."

"You are out of your mind..."


Raghu carefully watched his wife.

They were in Scotland.It has been a week since Raghu met Malvika.He wanted Tapasya to speak about it.But she said nothing.

"You met Malvika?"

Tapasya looked at him..said ,"She met me...I didn't even know who she is before she spoke..she told me everything..."

Raghu looked at her.."Are you upset..?"


"You have nothing to say?"



"It has no use..meaningless.."

Raghu felt bad...said , "She meant nothing, we did nothing..just formal meeting.."

"If you are regretting that you did nothing with her, then don't...you can still do it..with Malvika..I do not have any problem.."

"TAPASYA..."..Raghu said in a louder tone..

" I don't want to discuss it anymore.."..Tapasya was about to go...Raghu took her into his  grip.

" I told you, not to do this..too much of indifference is not good Tapasya, if someday ..god forbid, I really go for other women..then you will realise ..."

"I don't want to listen all these.."


She was moaning deeply. Their verbal fight went beyond any civilised encounter. She hit Raghu again.Raghu was not going to take that his wife slapped him.She was striking him, scratching him with her nail.Raghu knew very well how to punish her.

She was pinned against the wall, her lower body was made bare by Raghu within few seconds.Tapasya was still hitting Raghu. All her frustration was visible. The anger, she was having since Raghu betrayed her, was visulised by Raghu. He purposefully kept resisting her at first, to provoke her further.He let her take all her wrath out of her mind.After pinning her against the wall, he started to touch her intimacy. She gasped and looked at him furiously.

" Your lips are so complete..."..said Raghu and kissed her..and lift her up. Spontaneously she wrapped his waist with her legs.

The outside was so calm and cold.The air was full of their moan.Raghu switched on the music system, else it was being a bit embarrassing.

"Switch off the light..."..Tapasya begged..


" Please..."

" Then I wish you good night..."..said Raghu and put her down. He was going to lay on his side of bed but she caught him..

"What do you think you are? Where are you going?"

" You are being insane, I am going outside..."..said Raghu intentionally and started to put on his clothes..

" You leave me right now..I will go outside..just in night suit..without any warm clothing..I will freeze, I will die...you just leave me..and I will kill myself...try me..."

" I know you are joking..you will do no such thing, you are too civilised to do that..you are an ice doll.."

"Damn you.."..Tapasya pushed him to the bed..

She was hugging him furiously..kissing him..needless to say Raghu was loving that, but he wanted more.He got few intense bites on his shoulder, chest and ear.

"Wildcat...let me repay you..."...said Raghu and caught her hands.Within a fraction of second he took off the last fabric from her bosom.She tried to cover them, he said.."Too late darling.." and grabbed them with his mouth.Then he heard the ringtone, it was from Malvika.Let her know that Raghu is beyond her reach. Raghu just pressed the green button..and concentrated on his wife.She was fully aroused.

" Ice doll..you called me ice doll...how dare you Raghavendra Rathore..? ..."

Malvika was breathless after listening to these erotic sounds.Tapasya pushed him again, laid him down.Positioned herself properly.

" I love you..Tapasya...don't stop..."..

At first she was hesitating, she had never done such thing.She remembered an erotic novel she read in her college days.Then everything was comfortable for her.

After she completed , she saw the phone.From Malvika..Tapasya got furious again...she took the call.."You had enough entertainment I believe ...stop disturbing us then.."...

Tapasya was about to throw the phone, Raghu caught her hand..."Relax..relax..not a big deal..."..

She rested her shoulder on his chest..Raghu caressed her.Kissed her earlobes, neckline..he touched her then very roughly, without any mercy.He made her seat on her knees.Both of them saw the mirror.Raghu saw the shock on her face when he entered.After that, both of them witnessed optimum satisfaction on each others face.


Raghav looked for his wife, she was not there..he remembered last night.He will never forget that. Love scene with full of action. She was very furious and violent.It was bound to happen, after all she never expressed any of her feelings.Raghu got out of the bed. Arranged everything, went to the bathroom.

He saw the teeth- marks, nail-marks on his shoulder, chest ,neck and  back. He looked at himself proudly.He took shower for 20 minutes and clad himself in a towel, came out of the bathroom.Dumped the  last night clothes in the laundry bag and handed them over to the room service.Tapasya was still missing.He noticed the outside view.Snowfall had started, he went closer to the balcony , and looked beyond the glass door. The view before him ,shook him to the core.His wife was lying there,he opened the glass door and took her in his arms.She was only wearing the night suit.She was frozen, her face , her entire body turned blue. Raghu slapped her lightly...

" I didn't leave you last night..then why you went in the snow..that too in night suit..Tapasya..answer me ..damn...Tapasya..open your eyes..."

He took her to the bathroom, filled the bathtub with hot water and placed her in the tub.Gradually, her skin color started to restore.


He thanked the Doctor and the Room Service people for the help.Doctor gave two injections and prescribed anti-depressant tablets.Tapasya's blood samples were also taken. Raghav was instructed to meet the Doctor after a week.

" It seems your wife hadn't slept for ages.She is very much exhausted, mentally..of course.And..let me see the reports...then only I can tell the other problems. She is having a vulnerable phase in her life.."

Raghu looked at her.The last words from the Doctor really scared him.

" Dad...no..dad..this is my room damn it...why is she here..Dad...she is not my sister..why she will sleep in my bed.."

"Mom...why..why..you bought the same thing for both of us...we are different ..Mom..I am yours...she is nobody..."

"Damn..I will marry..that Vansh...he is a pervert..and why should I always be sticked to that Ichha?For god' sake...she is our servant's daughter...Dad..how could you do this to me..?"

"Raghav...don't do this to me...I am all alone..if you will leave me..how would I live...Raghav..if you are having financial issues..I can talk to my Dad..Raghav.. please Raghav,...do not leave me..."

"Veer..you did very wrong...you can't do whatever you like...Veer..I hate you..."

" Raghav..you used me.. you wanted to sleep with me...when I said no..you left me..how could you..what about your promises?..."

Raghu heard all these from his senseless wife, she was crying, whimpering, gasping ...coughing.What damage had been done to her, over the years, was very clear to him.He is a wrong doer too. Tapasya remained lifeless for the next days and Raghav met the Doctor.

"Mr. Rathore, you knew her before your marriage...?"

"Yeah, she was my beloved..she still is..why?"

" Then I must say you are a very bad lover..because you probably didn't know that your beloved is a drug addict."


"Yes..her blood report is indicating that she is taking drugs for more than a year ...what happened to her? Anything wrong happened? Any dear friend died? Problem with parents...or..she was subjected to sexual harassment...?"

Raghu remained silent.Tapasya could not digest that he left her, he deserted her, because of that she started in-taking drugs.

" Initial medication is given to her.You consult a good Doctor after going back to India.Mood fluctuation, delusion, hallucination..these are very normal in such cases..in worst case, patient has a tendency to commit suicide..."

This was the last thing Raghu wanted to hear.

" You are just married I believe..use protection always...I strongly discourage pregnancy..she is not in a stage to survive pregnancy..."

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 Heart  Heart  Heart  Heart

So hooot Loved it completely

mere kano se dhuya nikal raha hai Dancing

thanks to make our imagination sooo entertaining WinkWink

 Clap Thumbs Up

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Originally posted by rasyafan

 Heart  Heart  Heart  Heart

So hooot Loved it completely

mere kano se dhuya nikal raha hai Dancing

thanks to make our imagination sooo entertaining WinkWink

 Clap Thumbs Up

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ur doing a gr8 job. keep it upClapClapClapClap

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