FF:Once again(Raghu Tapasya)PART 11 Pg17 (Page 16)

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Ya  please continue

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Part 10

Veer looked at them , his wounds were fresh again.Ichha looked at him defiantly ...Vansh smirked and left the place.

"I do appologise..."..Veer said to Ichha.,"I shouldn't have married you..."

Ichha expected anything but this.She expected Veer to scream, yell and break things.But the last words of Veer jabbed several barbs in her heart.

"You are damn right, you shouldn't. But you did, I know the reason.I understand why you spared Tapasya, because Tapasya would haven't tolerated this..never.. she would have left you by now..because you are impotent. You married me, you thought , I would never retaliate , I will never disclose this sham, I will digest everything, a poor girl of a poor maid servant, what more she could done? You thought this way, so that nobody can know about your deficit..."

Veer looked at her.He could not get angry, she was suffering every second, her in-laws never accepted her, the only consolation was her husband, who came out to be like this.But he could not accept that she was being spoilt by Vansh.She was not getting that for Vansh she was nothing but a sex object..

"You are being used by Vansh Singh Bundela..."

"You also used me...what about that..you knew very well that Tapasya wouldn't have accepted this shit from you...that is why you didn't marry her..."

"Yeah..I should have married her...she would have left me by now..that would be better..."

"Yeah..of course..she would have left you..."

"Yes, because in any  circumstances ,Tapasya wouldn't have given herself to a monster like Vansh Singh Bundela..I should have married her..in this course I spoilt your life...I am sorry...but still..I would suggest..leave me..divorce me..I will happily admit about my impotency in Court, I will give you alimony..start a new life...but for god's sake...don't be used by Vansh...you have no idea where it will lead you...any regret, any resentment won't be enough...Ichha..listen to me.."

"I have only one regret..that I trusted you..I loved you..."..Ichha said in a broken voice..

"Ichha...listen to me for once..I know..I am at fault..things have been so wrong.. that there is no way back..still..."

"Yes..things have been so wrong..that there is no way back...so..let me be on my own..I am good with Vansh...you want divorce..go and file...I give a damn..I am not scared..because I have nothing to lose..you know how it feels? You don't know... the very moment when I lost my dignity, my virtue..you don't know how I felt, you cannot realise. My dreams were broken, badly, my life became a sham, you think any consideration could be made to the man who led me to this?Now you are realising that you were wrong..."

"I married you..not because I wanted to use you...but I loved you...I started to feel that everything is fine, I can be with you, without any problem..my problem was never a physical problem, it is my mental block..."

"I don't need to hear this shit...you do whatever you want, I will do whatever I will want..."

Veer  sat there, from his infancy, he has been a self-controlled and polite person. The burden of his guilt increased when he saw the history being repeated.This time, Vansh was using Ichha.She, certainly , doesn't deserve that.


Divya was serving lunch to her son-in-law.Jogi Thakur was talking to Tapasya, Raghu held her hand and felt the immediate stiffness, Raghu glared at her, she didn't turn to him.He started to tease her palm with his thumb.She tried to free her hand but failed, she made an attempt to escape. She tried to shift her chair far from Raghu, but he is too smart.He caught the leg of the chair with his legs and again gave her a hard look.She looked at him, his jaw  was tight, his eyes clearly said ,"Do not even think about that..."

Jogi sensed the tension, he cleared his throat ,"Ahem..."..said ,"don't you think that it's time to expand your business, I mean the tough time has passed.."

"Well"..Raghu looked at his father-in-law, " right now, I want to make a strong back up, so that in future ,any other crisis can be dealt, generous amount of property has to be made, at least a year, then I will think about expanding my business..you tell, how is your new venture now a days..Mamajee didn't show up that much in my marriage, .."

"He was very busy actually...so, Tapasya, you liked your new home?"..

Tapasya nodded in positive. Raghu now caught her leg with his leg..

"Raghavendra, are you not interested in politics?", it was from Divya.

"No, maybe later, but not now..."

"Why not? I think Tapasya doesn't have any issue with that..."

"There are several issues mother-in-law...I need to deal with them eventually.." ..said Raghu and smirked, Tapasya felt trapped.


Raghu heard the door was opening, Tapasya entered in the bedroom, wall clock showed 3 pm.

"You took the medicine?"..Tapasya asked..



"You should have given it to me after lunch.."

"You are a grown up man I believe , you can take care of yourself..you can take a medicine on your own.."

"You are my wife.."

"Not your maid servant.."

Raghu took her arms in his grip, said , "There is no need to be that much sadistic Tapasya, do not tamper with my patience..do not keep jabbing barbs in my heart.."

"Leave me.."

"I won't.."

Tapasya stumped his foot with her high heels..."Damn you..leave me.."

Raghu lifted her in his arms and threw her in the bed..took her shoes off..she tried to escape, she got up and Raghu trapped her between his arms.

"In earlier days, women used to be pregnant and barefoot..it was the method adopted by the men, so that the women couldn't escape..." his breath touched her face.

Tapasya lowered her gaze and said ," I am sorry for hitting you.."

Raghu smirked again, " Appologise properly then.."

Tapasya offered her lips to him.

After some minutes, she felt Raghu inside her.She responded with equal feminine invitation.

When wall clock showed 3:45, Raghu laid on his back, wiped his face and leaned on Tapasya again.

"I don't mind you hitting me if you appologise like this...honestly..", Raghu gave a wicked smile.

Tapasya turned other side, but Raghu didn't let her."Always look at me..never show your back..I feel that you are despising me.."

"You are not going to leave me alone?"

Raghu looked at her defiance.."I told you, I am not going to take this...Tapasya.. right now I made you barefoot, I will not take much time to make you pregnant..."

Her face became pale.."I am tired, can I sleep now?"

Raghu was taken aback, he realised that he went out of the proportion ."Tapasya.. listen to me..I didn't mean that.."

" We will talk later..please.."..Tapasya covered her  bosom with the blanket..."and please, restrict your teeth and  hands next time, they became very harsh to my breast...it really hurts, nothing fancy in this.."..said Tapasya and closed her eyes.

He uncovered her bosom, some marks are really bad..he should have been careful.. he fetched an ointment and applied gently on her marks.Tapasya turned to him, snuggled with him...the ac was required to be in thermal mode. Raghu didn't get the remote, so he wrapped her with his body under the blanket.

"I am sorry...Tapasya..."..Raghu whispered ...while caressing her chest.She gave a deep moan.

Raghu slept soon after that.

When they woke up in the evening, Tapasya felt dizzy.She felt weak, she found herself fully embraced by her husband.They heard a knock,Raghu said ," You go to bathroom, I will see this.."

It was Divya, "Well..some distant cousins of Tapasya finally arrived, they want a party..so would you like to go out with them, or shall I arrange it in home..it will take hardly an hour..."

"Ask them ,what they want, I am fine either way..."

"Okay...you get ready..come downstairs.."

"Yes...20 minutes..."

Tapasya was cursing herself, she should have come to bathroom right after the encounter.Sustaining the same position can lead her to pregnancy.She felt disgusted on herself because she didn't slap Raghu when he threatened to make her pregnant. She will not give upper hand to Raghu by any means. Raghavendra Pratap Rathore will not control her life.

When she came out of the bathroom, Raghu informed about the arrival of her cousins.

"Who informed you?"


"You met her like this?"

"Like what?"

"Go and see yourself in the mirror."

Raghu looked at the mirror..his forehead and cheek bone were covered with vermillion,his lips were having not so light crimson colour..he turned to Tapasya who was fuming in anger.He remembered the shocked face and the subsequent smile of his mother-in-law..

A flying pillow came to him, it was thrown by Tapasya..and she said ," You are just impossible...what will she think of us?"

"That we are very much in love..which is a fact.."

"Just go to hell.."

Raghu looked at his wife who made an exit like a storm and smiled.


But she found herself in his arms again.Her distant cousins insisted to go out.Raghu took them for the party, they were more busy in eating and drinking,some of them actually teased Raghu about his love story.Soft music was on,Raghu took her to the dance floor.Lights were soft, darkness was prevailing .

"Why are you not looking at me?"..

Tapasya gave a hard look, "Ufff...killing glares..you are still angry with me?"..said Raghu..

"No.I am not angry with anyone,nobody is to be blamed, it is my sole responsibility that I allowed people to do this to me.."

"What are  you saying? "


"What is it Tapasya? I know you are disturbed with some other reason, and you are taking all your frustration like this...come on..share with me.."

"Nothing to share..just do not bother me..."

"You don't need to be that rude,Tapasya...it's not going to help us in any way.."

"Can we just be silent?"

Raghu gave up.

After few minutes, "By the way, mother-in-law cooks very well..you learnt from her only?"..said Raghu..

"Sometimes I assisted her.."..Tapasya said without looking at him.

Tapasya was wearing a peacock blue kurti and white trouser.

"You look very nice in this colour, you must buy more dresses of this colour.."

Tapasya looked up..Raghu smiled, said ,"You like my clean shaven look?Every time you complained about my stubble.."

Tapasya couldn't help but smile," Well..there should be light moustache , little bit of beard is okay..but not more than that..."

Raghu laughed," I will keep that in mind, I must not damage your soft skin..by the way, where do you want to go? For honeymoon.."

"You choose.."

"Have you ever been to Scotland?"


"Then I need to go to London, one week of work..then we can see the English Countryside..and Scotland..is that okay with you?"

"Yeah..it's okay..."..said Tapasya..and looked around..

"Then I will collect your passport and apply for the visa..within 2 weeks we will be in London...okay? Hello..Tapasya..are you listening?"


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Where are the readers?

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Hey.. i was really nt expecting this ud from you.
i hv read it jst few minutes ago and this part is also amazing lyk  other parts..really..
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Originally posted by TIPSYSI

Hey.. i was really nt expecting this ud from you.
i hv read it jst few minutes ago and this part is also amazing lyk  other parts..really..

Don't expect anything ..you will get the unexpected every time.Big smile

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Originally posted by yakkudimag

Originally posted by TIPSYSI

Hey.. i was really nt expecting this ud from you.
i hv read it jst few minutes ago and this part is also amazing lyk  other parts..really..

Don't expect anything ..you will get the unexpected every time.Big smile

LOLClapThumbs UpHeartStar

Brilliant Just came to this sick place just for you  Hug Loved the way you make love to Rasya Heart LOL Beautiful please start your own blog and M your die hard fan would love to read more about exotic chemistry that our Rasya have. Wink

Muaaah for both u and our Rasya better get rid of Evil Smile vansh and yukichha Dead may be bring another character then Rasya life would be more interesting WinkLOL

Look forward to some more love making Thumbs Up

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Originally posted by yakkudimag

Originally posted by TIPSYSI

Hey.. i was really nt expecting this ud from you.
i hv read it jst few minutes ago and this part is also amazing lyk  other parts..really..

Don't expect anything ..you will get the unexpected every time.Big smile
Ya you are right..so let me clear.."I m not expecting next updt"Wink

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Hey, Wink
please do update soon, can't wait to read more. Clap

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