FF:Once again(Raghu Tapasya)PART 11 Pg17 (Page 10)

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Hey good luck and have fun

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hey yakkudimag Smile

where are you? miss you. High time you extended that story of Raghu Tapu. Are you back from abroad? How was your trip?

Come soon. U r missed.Unhappy
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Sorry for the delay, my exam started again..anyways here is the update.

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Tapasya was looking at the stars.She was stunned.When she exchanged garland with Raghavendra in the mandap, she was not understanding anything.Only she remembered that her parents pursued her to the core.For someone else whom they knew for few days only. Out of frustration she agreed to marry Raghavendra .

Jogi and Divya ignored Raghavendra's suggestion.They kept no room for argument for Tapasya.They pursued her in a full proof manner.They thought after getting married, Raghavendra's love will break the ice.

Tapasya concealed her annoyance and disgust and married him.

Bundela family joined the function.

Tapasya didn't miss the pale face of Ichha.Something was definitely wrong with Ichha. Veer was standing along with Ichha. Raghavendra saw that Tapasya was looking at Veer constantly where actually she was looking at Ichha.


When the pundit was deciding the marriage date,it seemed  as if her date of execution was being finalized. Somebody inside her told her not to marry.Yet she married.She felt a big burden on her soul.She couldn't find a single reason to be happy.


All post marriage rituals were taking place, Raghu didn't find a single bit of smile on Tapasya's face. He felt suffocated.He felt pain and realized that how much pain Tapasya  felt when he deserted her.

Finally the night came.


Raghu was not a believer in miracle, but he expected something on his first night.All he saw that a sleeping figure of his bride on the marriage bed.Raghu got to know that she had several shots of hard drinks to be out of her sense.

An addition was made in Tapasya's agony, when she was with Ichha. Ichha was dressing her up for the first night. Ichha couldn't hide her dilemma in front of Tapasya.An account was made of facts given by Ichha.

       Veer cannot satisfy her in bed, maximum 15 minutes they spend for love making, and rest of the night is full of agony for Ichha.Earlier days Ichha used to feel shy that her physical hunger is absurd, but day by day she is realising that Veer's love making ability is not enough.Choosing Ichha instead of Tapasya was not out love actually, Veer knew very well that Tapasya won't tolerate this kind situation. Ichha will be silent out of her gratitude towards Veer for choosing a low profile girl like her.This reality was disclosed to Ichha a few weeks after.

Ichha also said that Veer understands that Vansh has a bad intention about Ichha, but he is pretending to be naive.


Tapasya  tried to convince Ichha to reveal these vague parts of her marriage, but Ichha had no such plan.

Veer betrayed her to the core; Ichha was in rage.Ichha felt deprived, emotionally and physically. She thought why she should suffer? All her life has been a suffering; can't she get a little amount of happiness?

One night , when Veer refused to make love, Ichha got annoyed. At first she tried to calm herself down.But her inner elements forced her to get out of the room.When Veer was in sleep completely, then Ichha get out of her bed room, and knocked the door of another room.


Vansh was surprised to see her; Ichha came in the room withought a saying. She stood middle in the room and turned to Vansh, said, "I am all yours, see me how you want to see.."..

Vansh took off all his clothing and stepped towards Ichha and removed her clothing too.He started to feel her. He touched her lips with his lips he felt the stiffness of her and a searing heat passed through her entire body. She came to know the actual meaning of seduction.And Vansh lifted her in his arms and put her in his bed. Raw male hunger met female dissatisfaction.

After one hour Vansh lifted himself from her, she said ," Don't leave me, I need you , I want you, more..this is not enough".That time Vansh got a clear picture of her marital life with Veer, that is why she gave herself to her. But who cares, he got what he wanted, he will get more of it. Again he concentrated on Ichha, he hugged  her  tightly. He discovered the fire beneath the ice. Ichha left the room when the wall clock was showing 4:30. Almost four hours of love making. It made her nevertheless happy. She made her mind, what Veer cannot give; Vansh can make it up, generously.


When Ichha finished her detailed discussion, then she saw a colorless face of Tapasya. This is love? This is marriage? Tapasya felt like vomiting, she wanted to cry, but when she saw the marks made by Vansh on Ichha and the satisfaction on Ichha's face, she zipped her mouth.she was led to the decorated bedroom, where Raghu was supposed to join her.She went to the adjoining room, found a mini bar, and grabbed the bottle of scotch whisky, drank it without soda or water.


All she thought that after being deserted by Raghavendra, she was regretting about Veer.It was her good luck and Ichha in that position where she could have been, if Veer didn't choose Ichha. She cried a lot, and 'was found senseless by Raghavendra .


Raghavendra saw the scene, waited for sometime; strong smell of alcohol was there.

He cautioned Jogi repeatedly not to force her, but Jogi convinced and somewhere he also felt that Tapasya's anger will be melted after marriage when Raghu will shower love on her.Everything will be fine.How many days she will remain angry?

But tonight, Raghu saw the apparent reality. Raghu gave a deep sigh, switched off the light on Tapasya's side.Went to the dressing table;took off  his  turban, and all accessories and sat on sofa and started to see Tapasya.When they met she was cold, when she opened her heart to him he left her, Raghu didn't miss the shaded tears from her eyes. She was crying in the sleep; Raghu had a keen urge to touch her, to hold in his arms, to wipe her tears.But he could not.

I love you Tapasya, with my whole heart, I never loved anybody so much, I made mistake, but all I need is a chance, one single chance..I will fill the vacuum as if it never was.

Raghu wanted to say, but he couldn't.


Tapasya woke up at 8:30 in morning; saw Raghu who was sleeping on the sofa.She felt the heaviness in her head.She realized what happened last night.She touched Raghu on his forehead and felt warmth, he was having fever, "Raghavendra..wake up..come to the bed, you are not well Raghav..!!"

Raghu opened his eyes, smell of whsiky was coming out from her mouth, this was the last thing he wanted, he shoved her hand..and said, "Get freshen up, take care of yourself first Mrs. Rathore.."


"Raghu, I just.."..Tapasya was interrupted by Raghu, he said ," I have no wish to touch you without your consent , you can relax, for that you  need not to be out of your sense, now please  make yourself  presentable, I don't want my servants to make gossip that their Maalkin got drunk on her first night.."

Tapasya was taken aback, and slowly she went to the bathroom.And Raghu felt that he didn't  need to be that harsh on Tapasya.

They came together downstairs where lots of people were to welcome them.

After 4 hours,

Raghu was lying on his bed, Tapasya was not there.His eyes searched for her , but couldn't find her and a feel of disappointment passed through him.He heard a knock and expected to be Tapasya, instead of that  the family Doctor came, checked Raghu, prescribed some medicines and advised him to take full rest, it was a viral fever.Raghu thought some old servant of the house called the Doctor. He was right, but the servant was informed and insisted by Tapasya.Tapasya could not meet the Doctor as she was dragged by some relatives to do something entertaining.Raghu was in his room for the rest of the day, food was sent to him by servants and he expected this time too,but Tapasya didn't show up.

Raghu started to get angry," Why should I care for her who is showing this much attitude? Which wife does such things immidiately after the marriage?", Raghu brooded without knowing the fact that Tapasya ate nothing  since the morning.The bedroom phone rang which had a paraller connection to the adjoining room, Raghu picked it up and heard the conversation..

"How are you Beta?Your mobile is switched off"

"Why are you concerned, why don't you leave me alone now? I got married,that's what you wanted, now please let me live in peace,I don't know for what  sin I had to pay this much.."

"Tapasya, behave yourself, you don't know what are you saying, Raghav is a good man, he loves you Beta.."

"Mother, please don't start all these again, I have had enough"

The phone got disconnected, Raghu's jaws got hardened.With lots of vague thought Raghu went to sleep. In the midnight he heard a sound of sobbing, he turned and saw that Tapasya was lying on the farthest corner of the bed.Raghu was ill and angry, he had had enough, he woke up and went to other room  by slamming the door.Tapasya was dumbstruck, now what she had done?

Raghu was seeing the garden , late night preparations were being done, next day was the reception party,"what a joke!", Raghu said to himself.

The party was over, Raghu went to another room at night leaving behind  a heart which was aching for him.Tapasya couldn't take it anymore, she followed Raghu and started yelling..

"What is your problem? If you wanted this then why did you marry me?"

"What did I do Tapasya?"

"Why you are behaving like this?Okay, I got drunk, but that doesn't give you the chance to behave in this way, you had a fever, came near to you, and you just get me out of that place,if I am that bad, why on the first place you  got married to me?"

Raghu kept silent for a minute, then said, " You wanted to be left alone, right? You married me not because that you loved me or still love me, you married me because of the constant pressure from your parents'."

He could not finish, Tapasya was broken into cry, she said ," Atleast you don't do this me,please, Raghav, I beg you, you don't know what I am going through.. please..", she was totally devastated, and sat on the floor.

Raghu lifted her in his arms, and went to the bedroom.

Suddenly Tapasya's mood was changed, "Get me down..Raghu, get me down I said.."


"Don't you have any shame?"..Tapasya yelled..


"I don't want to be here.."..

"Very bad for a newly wed bride.."

Raghu rested his head on her neck, kissed there,Tapasya was denying again and again.She wanted to yell at him again, but her mouth was shut by Raghu. One by one their clothes were discarded and thrown here and there.She was trying to stop him, Raghu said smoothly,"It's not a wrestling ground sweet heart, it is our marriage bed.."

Tapasya was still in her denial mode, "I know this is new for you, shall we go to some movie hall, or in my car, we can go, no issue.."..

It was already  3 am , Raghu stopped at 8 in the morning, Tapasya was breathing fire and giving a dirty look to him, "I told you once, when we will make love for the first time, it will last too long, see I kept my promise"..Raghu said smilingly..

"Go to hell..I hate you.."..Tapasya yelled..

"See, you are not angry on me,but on yourself,you also enjoyed what I did, that is why you are angry..now come on, let's have a shower togther"..Raghu said and dragged her to the bathroom..where he made love to her, again.

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hi yakkudimag LOL Hug

you have a long long life Big smile you know what last two days I have been remembering you that you have been missing for so long and I wanted to leave a post in this thread I missed Rasya love story
and of course u 2 WinkHeart i wa wondering if u r back from abroad or not LOL

Isse kehte hen dil se dil ki raah LOL

agar kuchh crore rupay maang liye hote to puri ho jati khwaish LOLBig smile

Nice to have you back Hug

Now I will read what u have written

thanks v much

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Clap Oh Wow LOL loved it Thumbs Up

though tooo hooottt Embarrassed Blushing Wink

Enjoyed it thoroughly only u can write such beautifully Clap

next uske baad kya hua...pls do write jaldi jaldi WinkLOL

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gosh i m speechless and  i mean it ... lol loved the part of icha giving herself to vansh hehehe veer's 15 minutes couldn't do anything for her ... as for raghu and tapu's relationship, its more like i hate you but i love you ... really nice ... loved it ... thank you for sharing this with us

by the way how was ur trip???

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awsome really only u can write so well...welcome back ...eagerly waiting for the next part...

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