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~~Happy Birthday Paul Wesley/Stefan~~ V Heart U :)

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23rd July 1982!

The date in the history of world that should not be forgotten!

On that holy day, a Greek god has been re-birthed here on earth, a star named;

Paul Tomasz Wasilewski

He appeared on earth without a hint and now is shining through!

29 years of awesomeness'''''

29 years of hotness'''''

29 years of cuteness'''''

To summarize all


29 years of Paulness'''''

This young hot man turns 29 today, and here we are celebrating his 29th bday!

Paul, our Stefan'''''''.

Stefan who is all caring, loving and gentle'''''''.don't believe me? Lets see'''..

What they have with


This one was obviously the first one I would pick to describe stefan's relation too.. damon salvatore his elderly brother is a vampire too, turned by the same girl who changed Stefan..

 Theirs had always been a love hate relation ship..


Once upon a time in 1864 , the Salvatore brothers were best friends .. each other's companion in mischief..enter Katherine .. the vampire that nibulated and used them both to her fancies'

Unfortunately both the Salvatore brothers fell in love with her and died saving her when she was being taken to a church to be burned to death by the natives of mystic falls..


They came back ofcourse.. they had kat's blood in their system when they died'Stefan forced damon to change , complete his transformation to being a vampire' and for this damon hated him .. he already hated his brother because he couldn't digest the fact that kath chose him over him'

 He promised him an eternity of misery and for hundread years he did make life hell for his little brother' enter Elena' katherien's doppelganger and her desendent'

Life changed again and over the courses of time both the brother's realized that no matter how much they hated each other or had differences in opinions  they simply couldn't destroy each other' they were as a matter of fact the same flesh and blood..

 And when any problem tortoured even one of them , the other brother gave up everything he had to save him .. damon did that for Stefan again n again .. saving him from humans from doom vampires from Katherine herself' and he didn't steal Elena from him coz deep down inside he knew his brother deserved her better ..

 And Stefan , though blamed and hated  damon for so many things , he could never be quiet successful in his plans to kill him , not even when he killed his best friend lexi'

In the end he gave up everything '. Even Elena .. the true love of his life .. to save the life of damon'




Elena and Stefan .. the first bird that comes to your mind when u think about them is love.. pure,innocent ,passionate is what tied this too from the first glance that Stefan had at Elena (when he saved her from that unfortunate car crash)or when Elena laid eyes on Stefan for the first time(in the men's room) they felt this attraction and link to each other'


 n from their it blossomed to the love we see today'

They came together and then drifted apart.. not because they wanted too but because circumstances make them take these tough decisions'


it was soo unfair and the pain of sepration literally ripped them apart.. but they faught with their fate even to get back to each other' this was the power of their love..


They respected each other's decisions and belived in them even if the rest of the world didn't .. they cared not only for each other but also for every one related to the other'

Stefan and Elena were a definition for innocent .. true .. beautiful and gorgeous loveJ





Caroline n Stefan ''''..


hmm after two seasons of seeing them in Vampire Diaries , all we remember now is their beautiful friendship .. the sweetness with which Stefan takes care of his vampire Barbie and in return care takes on Katherine just to stay royal to her friends , specially Stefan and Elena , even though Kat threatened to eliminate matt(care's then love) if she didn't play by her rules'


But this was not the starting for Stefan and Caroline''''... it all started when Stefan arrived at mystic falls.. The mysterious, new hot, handsome guy



Like all the girls, care to wanted to hook up with him and she tried everything to increase her friendship with our newly arrived vampire boy.. She wasn't successful of course.. n she felt so envious to Elena for her luck.. Moreover she started going out with Damon coz he was Stefan's brither and handsome, so that she could show stef n Elena that she too can have boys of her choice'


That time care was just another shallow high school girl whose life just revolved around boys and school functions, where she tried to outshine everything '


 But then things changed, with her being changed to a vampire..By Kat..

Stefan was the one that saved her then and fought with everyone.. His brother Damon. Friend bonnie..


To save her , to give her a chance at her new eternal life..


N he did , Stefan went out of his way to help her' even though most of the time caroline ended up getting on evryone's nerves .. specially bonnie's '


 Then kat came back , n stef knew that now care was spying on him and Elena for kat.. but instead of being angry with her.. he instead tried to know why was care doing this'

So sweet was their friendship.. and it remained like that till the very end'





Now this is the friendship that is seriously exiting because lexi was the vampire that changed the ripper Stefan to this totally good and kind at heart stefan '


 In his early days as a vampire , the haze of human blood took completely over him , so much so that he even took away the choice from his brother and forced him to change into a vampire just like him ..


He killed and abused people's life on a daily basis , without even caring for once at what he was doing ..the human Stefan was totally lost in the vampire Stefan ' but then lexi came to mystic falls , and him meet his humanity again ' hadn't it been for lexi , may be we would never have seen the sweet polite Stefan ' with lexi Stefan always threw off his guards , no pretentions..


she was his best friend and with her Stefan did smile , laughed , did fun and frolic.. when lexi came to mystic falls for stefan's birthday , she gave him an extra birthday gift by making Elena realize that she really did love Stefan and wont be able to live without him ..


Unfortunately that very night damon killed her and took her away from stef '

That broke him beyond measure, his anguish and anger was so heart wrenching . all that it told was how much Stefan cared about lexi..






Hmm coming to two people that understand each other so well and yet they have so much diffrances in ideoligious nad decisions.. bonnie is the witch friend of Elena and her family had a long history of keeping the Salvatore secrets ' bonnie tried to be apprehensive towards Stefan so many times,


 When she first sensed death on him!!


When she came to know his reality!!

When her grandmother died to save Stefan and damon from the doom on her assistance??

Every time she tried to distance her self from Stefan she failed, there was something about Stefan that kept on winning bonnie over and over again , and thus there is this friendship between them of deep understanding and respect for one another'



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mr tanner..



This one guys is going to be my favourite topic..ROFL.. I mean seriously even though mr tanner was there just for few episodes I really enjoyed Stefan showing him his real place.. being mystic fall's history teacher and a jerk , tanner enjoyed baiting his students, he always tried his best to embaress them , he successded a few times with Elena and bonnie but Stefan cam to their rescue..


 Can we ever forget the famous tanner Vs Stefan date match??


And then we even got to see a small glimpse of goodness in tanner  before damon murdered him , when he gave a chance to Stefan to join the School's rugby team..

Hmm hoped we could see some more of this relation'






There may not be much to write about them .. but we do know about one thing , Stefan does care a lot about elena's brother jermy .. it was quiet evident from the way he persuaded jermy not to kill himself ,whe he tried turning himself into a vampire using anna's blood'


 That day Stefan actually depicted how much he loathed his life of eternity .. in that one scene where Stefan scolded and slapped jermy just to make him realize the truth of this situation .. that taking any chances could actually turn him up dead '


Not only that , in background Stefan always had been protective of jermy as an elder brother.. proof of the same is when he had this spat with damon on involving jer in the whole moonstone fiasco'




Hmmm so what do I say about these two guys?? After Stefan and damon Alaric had always been my favourite character .. like Stefan , ric too had this mysterious entry to mystic falls, like Stefan Alaric too had this secret agenda , to find reality of what happened to his  wife' the  night Stefan came to know about this he promised ric to help him in finding out the reality and to protect him too..


even though that very night ric had tried to murder Stefan not one but two times' ric knew Stefan was a good guy at heart .. n this started the friendship between them .. he later repayed the debt by helping damon to save Stefan from the doom vampires '.


That one chance Stefan gave to ric .. ended up in ric finally coming to terms with the betrayel of his wife and finding a life at mystic falls ..


 Had Stefan been all jittery that ric knew about them n threatened ric for living the town etc, ric would never had been able to move on in his life..


not much can be said with this one .. and as a matter of fact i find this relation most easy to describe ..tyler being elena's friend in back drop , but things changed with katherine changing him into a were wolf.. with his increasing friend ship with care (who is incidently a vampire and stefan's friend), stefan's concern about him increased .. he was afraid for caroline .. because apparently a werewolf fight was fatal for a vampire.. morover he was worried that being confused tyler would end up making wrong decisions on his life..

 he gave him chance explained everything to him ..

even when killing him was a better and safe option ..

 he took the difficult path with him too.

 like with caroline .. he gave tyler a chance too

 and that helped him to choose a life with his family and friends in the end :)


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HMMM now that the VAAASSTTT explanation about Stefan Salvatore is over ..LOL
Lets come to the life of the real Birthday boy Wink

 one hot sexy funny witty and beyond sweetness

on screen he plays the serious, guilt ridden brooding vampire.
 and offscreen this guy is just a fun ride ROFL

 and he gets funnier with every passing interveiw ..
i mean he is the guys who sends a big teddy bear and booke to his girlfriend , with his father's name at the age of twelveLOL

 how much crazily sweet one can get??
 well paul's is one defination of it..
but being extremely funny and sweet arent the only two of his loving qualities..
 there r many more..

 for one (as Ian pionted outWink) paul is very dedicated ...
 one incident that i myself can never forget is when paul had to drink cornflour syrupStern Smile instead of blood in his shot... oh my i dont even want to imagine what that would have tasted like ..
 and yet still he didnt complain and gave his shot .. even though he fell sick after that..
{luckily cornflour syrup wasnt used again ... everLOL}

and then his relations with his cast members , depict his loving , caring and respecting nature..
 Nian and Ian for him are like his siblings . and he is so close and so comfortable with them ..
he and ian are one hell of pranksters ..
specially when it comes to tortouring poor ninaLOL

 they scoff at her music choices together.. even give inetrveiws abt how they hate her gum chewing habits..

n they even leave her together... at the AIRPORT alone... on her BIRTHDAY


 their easy banter is so heart warming.. the respect these three have for each other and love too is just so so heart warmingBig smile

 and then moving on..
 Paul is brother to three lovely sisters.. the most yopung of them loves showing him off at her high schoolEmbarrassed well which sister wouldnt???Tongue
 he is a charm to have ...
Paul is really close to his family..
 a loving son
 caring brother,,
gorgeous husband

and huggable friend

what more can a guy be???Shocked

 so we just love u


for the person u are

so finallly finnallly at last


wish our darling Paully on his special day Embarrassed


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SO Stefinites and Paulians!!!

 what are u waiting for???
 here's an opportiunity to wish ur darling

A Very Very Happy BirthdayBig smile

 but we dont want a dry wish
 so u'll have to tell us these things u feel about paul'/stefan tooWinkTongue

Your fav. Stefan Scene:

Your fav. Stefan line:

Your fav. Paul interview:

The question You'll want to ask Paul when u meet himWink:

What will u gift Our Birthday BoyTongue

so get going guys!!!


n to begin the celeberations here i am posting all the stefan/paul siggs made so lovingly by his numerous fans!!!

29 amazing birthaday siggs for the boy who turns 29 todayEmbarrassed






























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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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This is by far the best Bday post i ever witness! 

We all did a very wonderful job at it!

and for the Bday boy:

Happy Bday Paul may you get all the happiness in life! 

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finally me done with the topiccc!!!

phew hope i didnt dissapiont anybody !!!

good night guys
 n sweete sweeet dreams tonight
 its so special

 its my paully's birthday after alllSilly

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