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.Vrish. Viewbie

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Posted: 23 July 2011 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
I think I agree w/ Chemestry.  I can fully understand all the fans who loved Dhriti Bhatia, and indeed, who isn't happy @ her success or wishes her well?  But personally, I'm not a fan of actors playing cross-gender roles, so I'd have preferred a guy to have played that role - nothing otherwise against Dhriti.
JSK also made up some really unbelievable tracks, like sending Vasudev out to wrestle someone.  AFAIK, Vasudev was never a warrior, despite being a kshatriya.  Totally different from Balaram, Krishna, Pradhyumna, et al.
When Vishal plays Vishnu, I'm glad that they don't modulate his voice the way they did for Gurmeet in the Ramayan when he played his Narayan roles.
Like I noted earlier, except for Krishna, they have everybody's attire wrong.  C'mon guys, if Krishna wore an ancient vastra and dhoti, is it likely that everyone else around him would be wearing 16th century clothes & turbans?  They get some of the clothing of the common people right, but the attire of all the royalty are royally screwed.
Unlike fictional serials, I don't think the team needs time to get it right, when the original scripts are ready - it's straight from the scriptures, not something Ekta makes up.  Yeah, I agree that maybe the actors need time to get their acts right, but the costumes that were used then are well known, and if they can get it right for Krishna, why not the others?  Similarly, the mischaracterization of Krishna is something that shouldn't be happening @ all - I don't see how that can be fixed.  I do hope that they don't foul up the elopement of Rukmini, but show the battles properly as they happened.
Yeah, granted, Shri Krishna is best known for his non-fighting roles, be it eating butter, seranading Radha or imparting his wisdom to Arjun.  But he was an unmatched warrior as well who didn't hesitate to fight and kill even his relatives if they were evil - like Kamsa, Sishupala, Dantavatra, etc.  And he wasn't a one-dimensional warrior either - he was a better archer than Arjun, and as good a fighter as Balaram.  If the scriptwriters of Sagar Pictures can't digest that fact, they need to make way for those who can!

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MagadhSundari IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 July 2011 at 6:50pm | IP Logged
^^ The problem with how they wrote Vasudev wasn't just that he was made to wrestle (though he wasn't famous for them, he did have and use combat skills), it was that they made him mentally unstable. One day wrestling, one day bawling, one day laughing in Kans's face and telling him he could do nothing to harm Krishna and one day panicking enough about his safety to run away from prison (!!!) to protect him from a made-up demon. Hence I'm a bit wary of these writers' characterization skills. But anyways, sorry if that bothered anyone, I shouldn't have discussed a different show to such an extent here and won't do it any further.

I think that the show's biggest strength is the casting. I really like their choices for both Krishna and Balram. I wouldn't say Vishal's better or worse than any other actor who's taken on the role of Krishna, since I try to avoid comparisons and appreciate each one for their own efforts. Vishal
has great comic timing, and his ability to pull of a serious and compassionate moment is just as keen. He is clearly working hard and ensuring that his character is different in voice inflections, expressions, and movements than your average male lead in a daily soap...

 If only the writers were making the same attempt Ermm I got a good laugh out of the digs at daau at first, only because Vishal delivered them so smoothly and Hemant's reaction was so well-timed - but then, on second thought, their interaction isn't supposed to remind me of Everybody Loves Raymond. This is a mytho, not a sitcom and not a Yash Chopra romance where leaves are blown and what not LOL A comic scene here and a romantic moment there are fine once in a while, but you can't have enough of them in two short weeks to constitute an episode of their own.

Diction, as Puneet Issar pointed out, is another weakness. I think Vishal's is just fine, but Priya's needs plenty of work. Her expressions are natural, and contrary to the Screenindia critic, I think she's quite pretty. But... she often condenses 4-5 syllables into 2 or 3. For example, it's "sa-ha-ya-ta", not "saay-ta". That needs work because we'll be hearing a lot of her. And as I pointed our w.r.t. some individual episode updates, her character is being written kind of thoughtlessly. She's not made to show any regard for other people she shares a scene with, quietly allowing her bro (who has unnecessarily been vilified, and should in fact switch roles with the guy playing Shishupal) to hit her dad one time and happily letting a sage worship her (without having implied that she's aware of her divinity) another.

I also second the concerns about costumes. Vrish got the men in their headbands and turbans and kurtas covered (Vasudev was wearing a chiffon one just like he did in JSK), and I just wanna mention that the majority of the women's attire is only slightly better. I can't ask that they wear what they actually wore back in the day, because we don't know exactly and from what we do know, it was too little to show on telly Embarrassed But that doesn't mean they should dress them in the exact same styles I can find in stores today. Rukmini's wedding lehenga - my cuz wore it (and put the dupatta the same way) in '07! New mythos have almost all ditched sarees in favor of lehengas, probably for comfort reasons which I can understand (but then, that's why I don't get paid to act in a historicals or mythos). But they're definitely spending money on those costumes, so how about a lehenga that looks like a saree (pleats, fans, etc.)? Or... anything at all, except these fish-cut pieces with no antiquity about them whatsoever?

And then there's the pace. We got all the Jarasandh battles, Kalyavan's history, and his death in a single episode, but from the time that Rukmini wrote her letter to the time it was received they wasted over a week. Hmmm.

So... that's all for my review. I hope they give their mostly well-selected and probably hardworking cast the kind of show they deserve by rectifying all these issues in a timely manner, as in while I'm still interested in watching.

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RoseFairy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 July 2011 at 8:42pm | IP Logged
i was not a fan of jsk...but in my opinion dhriti portrayed krisna's childhood..in that phase we don't differ between a girl and a boy...except some pervert people anyone doesn't differ between 2-3 yrs old boy and girl...so dhriti was completely justified for krisna...but in jsk some tracks were imaginary..the sequences were dreamy...some picturization was in dreamlight  which looked fake...but over all they followed original story..and they used traditional costumes
but in dwarkadhish the picturization is invery darkness and look very gloomy.as it was in ekta's mahabharata...they are not following original story..their character sketch is imaginary too...in krisna's behaviour to balram and in rukmini's behaviour they are taking liberties...jarasandha's costume is inspired from greek costumes too...and acting of the most of the leads are not good...except vishal(though he is giving same expression)
vishal is doing good...vishal and priya's chemistry is ok but priya doesn't look like laksmi or rukmini...laksmi avtar should be more divine...and other actor's acting is lookink fake too..sp. shishupala,rukmi,revati...this was not a problem with jsk
i think and i hope cv's will be back in original story..we have to wait..as krisna's life is too long so there are lot's of chances for improvement ..

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chemestry Goldie

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Posted: 23 July 2011 at 11:20pm | IP Logged
DBSK is much far better than Ekta's MahabharatThumbs Up

ekta's mahabharat was most disaster show

there is no comparison betn DBSK and Ekta's mahabharatSmile

we can compare this show with other show like JSK, old shree krishna or nitish bhardhwarj show butSmile
 plse don't compare with the stupid show of ektaAngry

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RoseFairy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 July 2011 at 11:28pm | IP Logged
i am not comparing..i am just saying abt costumes and picturization of some tracks not story...costumes are like that of greek warriors which ekta's mahabharata had...otherwise dbsk has just started there are so many tracks left to get improved

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chemestry Goldie

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Posted: 24 July 2011 at 12:25am | IP Logged
i love the show and

it has feeling of sagar's show
because of the good songs play on every situations and krishna's getupClap

i only not liking jarasandh costume
he should have wore crown with the normal indian mytho costumes Smile

he look odd man out  in the show compare to other characterConfused
.Vrish. Viewbie

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Posted: 24 July 2011 at 2:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jhum_86

i was not a fan of jsk...but in my opinion dhriti portrayed krisna's childhood..in that phase we don't differ between a girl and a boy...except some pervert people anyone doesn't differ between 2-3 yrs old boy and girl...so dhriti was completely justified for krisna...but in jsk
Dhriti playing Krishna would have been fine, had the end character looked like a boy.  He didn't - despite Dhriti's costumes, there was no mistaking that it was a girl (maybe particularly due to the hairstyle), w/ the result that I could never escape the feeling that Krishna, as depicted in that serial, was a girl.  That's why I personally found it tough to swallow - it didn't seem much different from the odd Christmas presentation that sometimes has Santa Claus as a woman.  If Dhriti had been made-up so that it looked like a he, then I wouldn't have had anything against her playing the role.  And I thought Krishna was much older at the point where Dhriti stopped playing the role.
ghotalaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 July 2011 at 9:25am | IP Logged

@Chemestry & Vrish, I thought I was the only person in this entire world who had problems with the little Krishna in JSKEmbarrassed However my problems were not related to the character being played by a boy or girl bcoz I didn't know she was a girl, I found out only later after her role ended. What I actually felt was that the Sagars should have taken a bit elder kid who could have executed the scenes properly. I do agree the little Krishna was cute but most of the time I felt that the expressions & dialogue delivery were not apt according to the situation. I know the dubbing was done by someone else with all those pauses in between the sentences & it suited the little Krishna considering the age. I always had discussions on this topic with my mom who loved the little Krishna so much & she always said it's a big thing for a little kid to act like that at such a young age. Now that was my problem, the cuteness of Krishna was not enough for me, I wanted the scene to be done properly, the dialogues, expressions & everything. Sorry Dhriti fans! 

I always felt & still feel even today that Ramanand's Shri Krishna has always been better than JSK. Whether the childhood, or teenage or the adult period, everything was simply great in the old version. I just can't get off with the memories of the show & maybe that's one reason why I couldn't enjoy JSK that much & now I'm finding DBSK a bit over dramaticPinch But then if that's the case how come I love both the old & new version of Ramayana coz comparisons were there too?Confused Something is wrong in the new Krishna serialsConfused

Talking about this article, I've started liking Vishal & Hemant tooThumbs Up Regarding Priya, well she's not bad but it's just that I think she should work on her voice modulation. That divine glow which is needed is somewhere missing on her face; Sagars need to work on it. She looked better in the Friday's episode, maybe bcoz all brides look good on their wedding day LOL! But she's a good actress. Despite the Duryodhan hangover I readily accepted Puneet as Jarasandh, bcoz he's simply a fabulous actor & fits into any role so wellThumbs Up. The actor playing Rukmi is good in my POV but as Vrish pointed out, the costume is not apt & the Sagars are playing with the character. In fact there seems to be a problem in the costume department except for Krishna's costumes. Why don't Kings have raj mukuts on their head? ShockedHowever I'm not impressed with Shishupal, just like I was never impressed with Ravan in the new RamayanaOuch The negative characters in mythos should be given a menacing look & that's lacking in DBSK (except for Jarasandh). I think Basudev & Devki are fine. Revathi is very good. Don't blame me for bashing the characters/actors; the article started it first LOL!LOL

I just hope the Sagars pay more attention to the casting department from now onwards. I guess I might be having problems in future to accept the Pandavs & Draupadi bcoz of the BRC's Mahabharat & Ramanand's Shri Krishna hangoverWink  

I missed the first episode so no comments on the Kalyavan track from my side. The Rukmini episode has been dragging over weeks. I don't know how many liked that scene but I felt that leaf floating scene was too filmiSleepy The Chamkila (eunuch messenger) scene was also unnecessaryThumbs Down Sagars are rushing up some track & dragging the other tracksD'oh

What I actually love about DBSK? Well, the devotional songs played in the background are melodious & I just love themDay Dreaming The performances of the actors are good from their side. It's only the look & costumes bothering me. The execution of some scenes are really good. I don't mind fiction or dramatization being added bcoz at the end of the day it's a TV show. Sagars have full rights regarding cinematic liberties but within a certain limit without altering the factsApprove For this a lot of homework is needed to be done. I hope the Sagars will improvise the next tracks & take into consideration all their weak points so that DBSK can get better coz it's definitely not impossible to make this serial betterApprove

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