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koolchick IF-Rockerz

Requested Self ban
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Posted: 20 July 2011 at 6:40pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Bepannaah. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 July 2011 at 6:41pm | IP Logged

Opps from excitement reserved twice sorryEmbarrassed

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notfadedaway IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 July 2011 at 6:43pm | IP Logged
edited a lil. :))

need to goo! urgent! ttyl. ILY!

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-Pooja- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2011 at 6:48pm | IP Logged
Res. ! one sec ill be back. 


Edited ! Tongue

Twinoo! kaise ho?LOL (dumb question i knw like always but it's my gangsta way of starting the convo well more like comment LOL, but you get the point Wink)

Hurrayyy ! ,Yippeee,Yayyy,Me Me so excited :) Fun Fun Fun ! ROFL(singing comes in a bit handy at time right?) Wink

PartyParty*~* CONGRATULATION ON YOUR 6th  Shop/Gallery *~*PartyParty

I can't express how happy I am right now as too see you come this far with your 6th shop/gallery .. and that is a big achievement for you and an huge proud moment for me ! Hug you have come long way with this shop/gallery and i knw many moree yet to come ! but you fully deserve every bit of this moment twinoo you are the BEST SIG MAKER in the ENTIRE IF Big smile and before you go on saying that am saying this cause am your twin ! let me correct you in advance I TRULY MEAN IT FROM ALL MY HEART  THAT MY TWINOO IS THE BEST AND WILL ALWAYS REMAIN THE BEST ! HugI love you with all my heart twinoo, and you knw that very well Embarrassed.  By the way i knew my name would exist on that very first page which i missed to res. my spot at but anyhow getting back to what i was saying LOL i knew my name was to be there and clearly cause we are TWINS and Wuvv ya eachotherr tons and tonss ! but but what I am seriously confused at is that just how am I an inspiration to you? Stern Smile Madam we need to correct that sentence of yours and fix it to YOU are an inspiration to ME  as you are my full-to-fatak guide to Photoshop and  everything else !EmbarrassedAnyhow i Wuvv ya tons and tonss ! muahhh Hug

Kahan se start karoon kuch samjhe mein nahi aa raha LOL like so much to say and express my lovee and excitement for this update .. like am seriously soo soo happy ! Big smile 

Starting of with your's and now mine as well !Embarrassed favorite Anuskha Tongue ok so i knew and i 100% expected Anu to be a part if you updates because none of your updates go without her ! see how well i knw you ! Cool The sigs came out tremendously gorgeous ! like i will literally run out of words on describing how much off a beauty they are ! <3 they are OUTSTANDING ! and the effort and hardwork you put into making these is clearly show as the final product is superb! Big smile  I am seriously in love love with the coloring you used on all of them it's truly beyond gorgeous <3 i really cannot pick a favorite outta of them all as all are so beautifully made.. but this specific one seriously made me fall in love ! I was literally gazing right at it for like the longest time ! it's beautiful please do more of this coloring as it comes out really pretty http://i.min.us/ibMgku.png I love the use of textures like amazingly blended in with the entire merging you did there is fantastic ! <3  I loved all the Anu sigs even the icons came out amazing the coloring again my most favorite of it all ! <3 Embarrassed

Now coming to the Arjun-Arohi one hayeee ! how i miss them sooo much  ! like one couple ! which has like my full heart.. i so wish KMH2 hadn't ended as i loveee to watch AA  ! amazing chemistry! on/off-screen :) ! and am so so happy you made something on them as i was missing them like crazyy Ermm . The sig is Fabulously made , I am in love with the merging here as i personally knw it might have taken a whole load of caps for that one hawt scene Embarrassed but you did an awesome job playing around with the coloring/textures is seriously commendable ! I love love the text you gave it <3 it describes their moment beautifully ! Day Dreaming Thank you so so much for making something AA twinoo this surely made my day <3 

And now coming to my ahem-ahem cough cough * most favorite and the most  anticipated  sig of allDay Dreaming Jay&Pia ! Day Dreaming can you give me like a big big hug for this ! Hug you very well know how much i have craved and waited for this because i knew it would be big ! and that's exactly how I imagined it . Thank you for this specific JiYa one it has truly made my day ! Embarrassed and haila ! I am in loveee with it ! gosh i loveee the style ! <3 love the way you used pictures and merged them really wisely it's beyond gorgeous ! Day Dreaming Seriously , I love every bit of it ! I can literally stare at throughout as it's so beautifully made ! <3 the scene was amazing and you made it so beautiful like i have no words to express how much I am in love with the sig .. i love the coloring the textures again beautifully done THIS IS PERFECTION <3 Embarrassed and thank you soo much twinoo for making it soo special because i knw you knw my ultimate love for JiYa and now I chori it from you and it goes directly in my dabba ! I loveee ya for this twinoo! muahhh ! Hug oh oh thank you for such beautiful icons on them they make my dabba look even more prettier ! Embarrassed your amazing ! <3 

K3G ahhh when you told me yday you were making more on the film i thought in my head oh probably rohan and poo cause I didn't see them in yday's update !LOL but this is HUGE ! Shocked more like massive ! yet beautiful! <3 Embarrassed i won't get into how much I love K3G and all as already did that in yday's update LOL but few quickies ! love love the way you did the avis it's really amazing twinoo the style is unique and very beautifully made !Clap loveee lovee those sajna avis lott ! gosh they are sooo beautiful! <3 but this specific one is my favorite ! http://i.min.us/idZiUO.gif amazingly cropped/sized everything to the coloring is perfectly done here hats of to you for that ! Clap the SRK-Kajol sigs are amazingly stunning ! they all are unique in their own way however, this specific one steals the show for me http://i.min.us/ibIrCe.png I love love the style you used here specially that black border and that new text style seriously brings out the sig even moree prettier ! :) ! Rohan -Poo now I am a huge Rohan and Poo fan because I love Hirthik and Kareena together ! <3 the avis look smashing girl ! specially the coloring is soo soo pretty! <3 lovedd it ! Embarrassed savedd them will def. be using them soonish ! Tongue The entire K3G update is soo commendable and beautiful thank you twinoo for such a beautiful update on the movie ! Hug

Mausam I am excited for this movie  because it looks soo epic and different from all the other flicks that have watched.. plus love stories are always a treat to watch and this movie seems worth a watch ! Embarrassed I love lovee those icons you did on them the light coloring is extremely pretty! <3 even the avis came out beautiful as i really like that light coloring you did on them ! it's soo prettiful! <3 coming to the sigs each on looks unique and epic in their own way.. i loved this one though the most because i really am in loveee with this style !Embarrassed It looks amazinggg you should def. do more sigs in this very style as it has it's look and therefore it makes you fall in love with the sig even more ! http://i.min.us/iecTjc.png this is gorgeous  ! amazingly stunning girl! Big smile I really like the way this one came out as well! due to it's simpleness and the coloring is gorgeous ! like i told you the light coloring you did on it really makes it glow even more ! Day Dreamingplus shahid looks amazing in a "paag" Day Dreaming this is gorgeous ! <3 http://i.min.us/idY2oy.gif The entire Mausam update is amazing ! and each and every one of the creation looks stunning in their own way ! you give every creation a different look each time and your work always leaves me speechless and makes me want to admire you even more ! <3  Hug

I loveddd the entireee Update it's really gorgeous ! but yeah am gonna be little biased ! LOL but JiYa stole the show for me all the way! <3 your work is amazing, admirable,and lovable ! . in another word twinoo your work is the true definition of PERFECTION my dear ! Wink. Congrtazz once again on successfully starting a new gallery once again! you make me a proud twin ! Approve I love you Twinooo <3 and remember am always and forever there for you ! muahhh <3Hug

P.S- I knw so you will have tons and tons of fun replying to this  one ! Cool and and next updatee i want more and like meaning a wholee loadd of JiYa somewhat like that Mausam update you did for this one ! Wink I wuvv ya twinoo! Hug

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-Priya- IF-Addictz

Joined: 23 May 2008
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Posted: 20 July 2011 at 6:50pm | IP Logged
congrats i love love the anushka ones and this

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soundsofcedar IF-Addictz

BollyCurry Buzzer
Joined: 25 December 2008
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Posted: 20 July 2011 at 6:52pm | IP Logged
Weee! I updated Sahar's dabba. Do you know how HARD it was to choose for Sahar :| First of all, because of her OCD, her siggy and avi HAVE to MATCH, and if they don't - SATYANAAASH. So yeah, it took long + crappy net connection in the basement, uff khuda. Anywayss, this was what I ended with Cool What a hot dabba!

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~*Mehwish*~ IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 July 2007
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Posted: 20 July 2011 at 6:52pm | IP Logged
ahhh you're already done with the previous gallery? :| even i havent edit my comment in the previous gallery but RESSS HERE! im going to wrtie a HUGEEE COMMENT here for the previous & current updatess ;)

ohmygoshhh i want to use them right away, and i will be back with comments on them ;$$

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HotMess IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 22 September 2009
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Posted: 20 July 2011 at 6:56pm | IP Logged

Before I get to the actual update, I just want to congratulate on your 6th shop! SIXTH? REALLY? You suck, your siggies are horrible, and your avis? Ewww. How are you on your 6th shop? Stern SmileShocked I'm kidding, obviously! I have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS admired your work. I remember the first time I requested in your shop before I left IF for 6 months. It was a SA-JW-DD-KK-RK siggy, I believe. And it was so prettily made. <3 I need to find it and reuse it again. ROFLYou have always been SO talented, Aish! Remember when I used to just come here and be like "YOU'RE THE BEST SIGGY MAKER ON IF!!!!!!!!!!!11111SHIFT+ONE!" on your updates? Well, I wasn't lying. I truly think you're THE best. You're so unique, and every creation made by you breathes originality. That is why there is no surprise in the fact that a lot of people (and I mean a lot of people) are so inspired by your work (and sometimes, over inspired, trust me I've noticed). ROFL  You're never scared to take risks, and try out new styles. I LOVE that about you! Your colourings, blending, styles, experiments are all beautiful. And I truly admire your obsession for Anushkha. You're cute... sometimes. Ermm I'm getting so cheesy, I can't believe I'm saying all this nice stuff about you. ROFLBut in all honesty, I truly do admire and love your work, and I might even love you. :$ You're the asli achchi Aish. Embarrassed (Remember when I said that to you on the IIFA thread after some person came after me? -___-). You're truly amazing, and I hope you continue to experiment and improve (only all your creations are perfection and I don't think there's any room for improvement). Keep rocking, Aishi jiii. <3 

- A truly HUGE fan of yours. :)

now brb I will soon comment on your update. <3

^^ Wow I brb'd like a day ago, at least I'm back to edit, ANYWAY!
First of all those Anushka icons, OH MY GOD! Dayum, they are HOT. I love how you coloured them, and I really, really like the styles of all of them! They're all different from each other and it's nice that you tried differenty styles on those pictures. The Anushka siggy is GORGEOUS. I love how you blended all those pictures. You make blending seem so easy. Seriously, it looks gorgeous, and I love the colouring also.

The 2nd Anushka siggy is beautiful. I love the background texture that you used. You blended the pictures with each other and with the background very well. I love how you put the text, and the colouring looks lovely! The 3rd one is simple, but breathtaking! LOVE the text and colouring. The next one is AMAZING as well! Love the blending and colouring. The 5th one is my favourite though. I heart the textures that you used, and how you managed to blend all those pics with the background. Very nicely done! It looks absolutely beautiful (for a lack of a better word).

Okay, don't you DARE complain about the next one. Idk how you imagined it in your head, but the way it turned out is AWESOME. It looks so pretty! Seriously, the colouring is amazing; the blending is amazing; the background texture is amazing; the pics you chose are amazing; the text is amazing; in short, the whole siggy is AMAZING. Chup kar beta, it is beautiful! :|

AAAH Ranbir-Anushka. Day Dreaming Damn they'd look so HOT together in a film! I wish they work together, man! Dude you chose the right pictures of Ranbir and Anushka to blend! I LOVE LOVE how you put them together! The siggy is too hot to handle. :| SO PREEETTTY. Let me just stare at the hotness. I love the colouring and style. And I LOVE what you did the text; the whole blurred out/shadowy effects REALLY worked well on the siggy!

Tehe. :$ The Arjun/Arohi siggy breathes perfection. It's so... flawless. Stern SmileI love how you perfectly blended all those caps together, man! Give me your talent. :| :| :| I love the border that you put, and the colouring is just... wow. Ugh, I love how that siggy came out! The JiYa icons and siggy came out REAAALLLY well! I love the colouring and blending on those as well!

Okay now onto K3G. The "Sajna" icons and avis are so pretty! I love the styles and colouring. The siggy came out really well too! I love how the text on it diagonal, and I love the colouring. The Suraj Hua stuffs came out BEAUTIFUL! They are all so pretty and bright! I love the colouring/blending of the first siggy. The colouring of the 2nd one really sticks out. I love the brightness! The 3rd one is simple, and I LOVE the essence of the whole siggy! I like the dark border on the two sides. The whole siggy is just... awe-worthy. I love the blending and colouring on the next one too. IT IS HOTTT!

The animated siggy is PRETTY. DO NOT COMPLAIN. It's not crap. -_- It's beautiful! <33 I love that style! The "Yeh Ladki Hai Allah," Rohan/Pooja and "Bole Chudiyan" avis came out awesome! I used to LOVE Hrithik/Kareena and I LOVED Rohan/Pooja. I wish they do more movies in the future; I miss themm! Anyways, the colouring on all of them are amazing. <3

AAAH the Mausam icons are LOVE. I was waiting for you to make Mausam stuffs. Please tell me you're not behind on Don 2 trailer too and haven't watched it. WATCH IT, WOMAN! -_-

The colouring on the icons and avis are really amazing! The two animated siggies came out stunning! Stop complaining woman! I love that style, man! And they just came out beautiful, ughh! LOVE LOVE the colouring!

I love the style of the first siggy, and the colouring and blending is amazing. The next one is so pretty, and it's so sad. :( Your siggy brought out the appropriate emotions. Love the texture/border you used. The blending on the next one is amazing. :$ I love the caps/scenes you used. It looks.. ethereal. :P I LOVE ITTT! The next is SO cute! I love their smiles, hayye. Day Dreaming I love the style! The Dooriyan one came out beautiful. I like the sad theme. I love how you put the text also. The one after that is BEAUTIFUL. Stern Smile Probably one of the best out of the lot. It looks so.. deep. And I love that style and colouring.

The last one is AMAZINGGG. Shut up. Tongue The colouring/style/text/blending/everything is flawless.

Gorgeous update. :)

Edited by HotMess - 24 July 2011 at 10:50pm

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