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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
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Posted: 20 July 2011 at 6:32pm | IP Logged

^i can't say im a huge fan of this red lip look but whateverDay Dreaming

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

so what on earth am i expected to write here after a 2 month gap :( im pretty blank though..i HAVE to say a huge huge HUGE thankyou to absolutely EVERYONE who's been with me throughout my sigmaking suffer (read: 90% hindi 10% english lmfao) & for being such a huge source of support, encouragement & love for meEmbarrassed i really cannot say it enough to get across just how much this means:)) it's been about 1 year and 2 months since i started and i don't see me stopping until the day you are lucky:)..because, i do what i love & i love what i do. putting up with it is your problem not mine ahah 

i'll keep my thankyous short since ive planned something bigger, soonEmbarrassed well if the 9th shop ever comes into existence, it will be soon ;) how do i do this.. i suffer from over-talking probs..

rags, pari, jia, aisho & pooja, rida, sharmi, sameena, nisha
jenny, ashu, dangelz & sahar,phatty,jhanvi(my chhammak chhallos),
sano, reenz & nidz, rachu & ravs, preeti

^love & hugs infinityyy.Hug can't say enough how much it means to me, i won't say thank you and kulhadi my own foot, i know how many dandas are coming..maybe?

and also to all my regulars..you guys are rockstars..love youu all!Hug

i  n  s  p  i  r  a  t  i  o  n  s

two-lines-or-less rapid fire. let's see how i do this :| btw everything may not make sense to everyone. it kind of has some phatichargiri in it that only we understandBig smile

p a r i 
my FIRST inspiration ever into sig making & not to mention the most awesome partner&JB:)) i <3 youu

p o o j a 
THE best avis on this earth & the most adorable twin i could ask for<33 

j e n n y
most massive updates, most UNIQUE style..& one of my most favourite people on the earth. LOVE YOU!

a s h u 
no one knows my style, strengths & weaknesses in sig making more than you..i've ALWAYS loved your work..because no one uses colour better OR can ever copy your style ;) lazy but sabse sweet<33 ilyy

d a n g e l z 
meri essay writer, you rule. i love how i got you into my rofler & i ADORE your styles. esp that bracket waala one that im the number 1 fangirl of & i can't do myself :)) oops side trackROFL 

r a v s
i have to be on your back to update. but is worth it or what..you've been one of my favourites since the second i saw your workEmbarrassed thankyou for EVERYTHING you do for me :$ no rofler feels weirdROFL

f a r y  d i i 
uff kya style hai. i had a love-at-first-sight with your stuffDay Dreaming sabse PERFECT = your workkk..thank youu for always being ready to help w/ anything 24*7..loveee youuu!! 

s i d 
essay, thesis, ramayan..you pick:)) the sweetest guy on this earth i believe :$ i swear some of your gazillion cap blending skills rubbed off on me before you did a mr india act :( k come out of hiding..about time

m e h w i s h
i know indirectly, but if i know what colouring is, then it's cause of you :$ thankyou so muchh..for both 'teaching' me & being SO sweet and generous with your comments..alwaysHug

m a r i u m
swear, your comments give me energy to keep going even though you KNOW you're much better than me, so thankyou for going out of your way to do that for me.. your stuff is AMAZING!

j h a n v i
aapke magical haathon ka kya kehna..give jhanvi any pics to work with & she can make them look perfect. that is my mantra. super awesome i know. i love you for loving a reserve.ahah

s a h a r
my fussy waali chhammak chhallo. your avis are perfect every SINGLE time, it's not fair :( not to mention what a stalker you are. lastt.. i love you..lotss..k this is turning into an 'unrapid' fire :|

k a j a l
EYE CHECK UP. NOW. you are just THE best & you suck at lying when you say you aren't ;)

r a c h u
innocent suggestions+weird obsessions = rachna :) no, more like ..a sweetheart who i love for trusting me so much...with anything & everything at all..loveee you so muchhh! & your work of course ;) 

s h i k h a
are you amazing..or are you AMAZING? seriously i love your work so much & i don't say it often enough. quite retarded, i know :|

a l i s h a
last on this list..but according to me one of THE best. like i'd sit around writing what i think of your work but it'd be a novel :( that is how much i ADORE your stuff! 

 too uncontrollably long that list got, i know..can't help it. i feel like i left a million people off, world's worst feeling :( am i really supposed to write more?Stern Smile maybe yes..kk one sec

copying/inspiration..READ if you are unclear; about 90% of people are..
ashu (notfadedaway) wrote this for me :)) ILY! < ...good example of crediting ;)


so i am done..for a bit..& i know how informal this is for an intro..but apno se kya chhupaana..yahan toh we all are family..don't ask how that works :| nexttt

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RainbowArtzFari.Kashianniru273a little faithcutegirl94-Sky--scarlett-Gunjan.xAlishaxsaniya.xTheMelody.StarM-Indescribable--beautiful_sky-Sanugr8fanJyo.BeautifulDream.chahaat.awarapan.Mysterygirl_meDulceAmor--Divzfan--lilindiangurl13.StarryPhoenixiwantitallspiritcrimsonMadhura..jesss.madhoshiyaan.spamalotMeehak..khoobsurat.saraaa.Mariaa.SGcant.be.assed.sabihaa.-krazyriya-SweetAddiction.-Ravjot--Zarwulicious-Siddhi_26javeyviniva sharmaKaJen.xoxosofiaaax.muffins2wafflesdesigrl05Dangelz-Hoor-burgerchaap-Pooja-.Kiran..VanishingDreamNomaa.-Saruu--CromulentHaze-pluviophile.-Harshu--LetItGo-~*Mehwish*~safeplacetoland.JustaDreamSunshine Girlasmaanixxragzz.DelightedHeartHotMess.Jane..-x-Reshu-x-.ayesha._Oishi_relentless.-Moni-WildestDreamsSunShine_AMehRya..serendipity.soundsofcedarminuunotfadedaway-Preeti-JennyPennySano88naadanmasakalli

aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
Posts: 17849

Posted: 20 July 2011 at 6:32pm | IP Logged
r e q u e s t    r u l e s 
i open once in a while..and take my time with reqs, DON'T request when im closed

HQ pics/caps ONLY LQ stuff turns out pretty crappy
text please don't ask me to come up with it..or specify if you want none


downloadable zshare/megaupload etc. links ONLY..embedded videos will do as well..no YT

NO PM REQUESTS. i really CANNOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH. won't take them. 
last, i only take requests from regulars. don't bother requesting if you aren't regular or have never commented here. hate saying no:))

p r e v i o u s   s h o p s 
#1          #2          #3          #4          #5

i  n d e x 
#1::: anushka/anu-rk/arjun-arohi/jay-piya/K3Ghuge/mausam/shahid-sonam
#15::: req LIST #1
#22::: 1st batch reqs/LIST #2 arjun-arohi/mayank-nupur
#38::: 2nd batch reqs/LIST #3 arjun-rati/anushka IMD/arnav-khushi
#53::: MJHT banner
#66::: 3rd batch reqs/LIST #4 anushka/arnav-khushi/sonam/visu
#84::: 4th batch reqs/LIST #5 independence day/15th Aug
#100::: barun-sanaya/arnav-khushi/hum tum
#126::: 5th batch reqs/LIST #6 arnav-khushi/mausam/sonam/mayank-nupur

i don't PM anyone for updates..but Preetiii jee my partner..takes responsibility of social service rounds (sometimes) so there might be a PM from her, i get a PM for my own updStern Smile

my fingers hurt :( i guess so does your head, i know i talk a lotBig smile 

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RainbowArtzniru273a little faith-Sky-saniya.xGunjan.TheMelody.StarMawarapan.--Divzfan--Mysterygirl_mekoolchickDulceAmorBeautifulDream.lilindiangurl13-krazyriya-SweetAddiction.-Ravjot-sofiaaax.muffins2wafflesiwantitallMadhura..spamalotMeehak..VanishingDream.khoobsurat.saraaa.jesss.desigrl0526javey-Pooja-burgerchaap-Zarwulicious-Siddhi_.Kiran.Nomaa.-CromulentHaze-DelightedHeartasmaanixx-Moni-~*Mehwish*~safeplacetoland_Oishi_HotMess-x-Reshu-x--Harshu-.Jane...ayesha.SunShine_Arelentless..JustaDreamSunshine GirlAS..soundsofcedarMehRya..-Preeti-serendipity.JennyPennynotfadedawayminuuSano88

aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
Posts: 17849

Posted: 20 July 2011 at 6:33pm | IP Logged
considering i made all this in a few hours flat, it's pretty HUGE. whether you think so or not
give the page time to load - it's VERY IMAGE HEAVY
no cutting/cropping/re-sizing etc
& please don't ask for resources

Day Dreaming

it looked much better in my head..moral of story; don't ever imagine sigs before..
sapne toot ke shatter jo jaate hain :( still, it looks decentish i think

cast them in a MOVIE. please. what is with merged sigs, seriously :|

well jhanviii jee..this is for you. hope it's bearable chhammak chhalloHug..cap quality was ahem..and even if it's not, you'll bear it for me..yeh pyaar hai aisa dot dot dot
ps. i will make more sooon..ish i PROMISE

anything of these two i ever make, i can only make cause of suku and for yams & poojaHug 
inspired by alisha (xAlishax)

part 2 of what i left unfinished in the other shop..
SRK-kajol..romantic gaane..can it get any better? chuck kjo in as well..my bad
disclaimer: i do not hold myself responsible for any so called 'besharmi' content cause it is purely due to that amazing thing called chemistry which these two haveBlushing 

the avi borders are inspired by pooja//sahar 

honesty with this one..is it a)crap b)crapper c)crappest d)all three? can i lock d) please? thanks


they were so cuteee :( 

bole chudiyan..these are all mix 

MAUSAM..k i am kind of early to watch the trailer but o m f g is it amazing or is it AMAZING?
expect a lot more of the film..and this time it will be on time ;) 
all caps are my own..for once i feel like i have at least an 80% success rate w/ this

^i tried. seriously, hard. until...i got somewhat carried away..not good

this is a little..jsdhjdsieflkl; yupp, exactly thatStern Smile

GOD PROMISE i am done this time

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RIVERa little faith-Sky-niru273Fari.KashianxAlishaxsaniya.xTheMelody.fizza311StarM--Divzfan--awarapan.chahaat.koolchickMysterygirl_meDulceAmorAanya.pakharaSanugr8fanJyo.she_ratchetBeautifulDream.lilindiangurl13Madhura..iwantitallspiritcrimsonjesss.madhoshiyaan.spamalotcant.be.assed..khoobsurat.saraaa.cooldude10..Amira...VanishingDreamdesigrl05-Zarwulicious-Siddhi_fly2me-krazyriya--Ravjot-KaJen.xoxosofiaaax.muffins2waffles-Pooja-burgerchaap..-Kaju-..Dangelz.Kiran.Meehak.shewolf.Nomaa.-Saruu--CromulentHaze-pluviophile..ayesha..JustaDreamSunshine GirlAichuu-Moni-asmaanixxwida~*Mehwish*~safeplacetoland.Jane.._Oishi_DelightedHeartHotMessIshaqzaadirelentless.AS..ragzz.WildestDreamsSunShine_AAquarius18soundsofcedarMehRya..serendipity.minuunotfadedawayJennyPenny-Preeti-Sano88naadanmasakalli

notfadedaway IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 July 2011 at 6:33pm | IP Logged
before I go..
will edit the beginning stuff :)
I m gonna try to be colorful. but not sureee.
will be back to edit :) I promise I will edit..I was busy before..
now I have a lil time. my summer classes ended today! but still kinda but will def edit :)

I adore your banner. your BLENDING is the best part! you know that :P
 haha. I always compliment on your blending/coloring! <33

I have to write more regarding the stuff you wrote about me :)
I m a very emotional pperson! do not make me cry :P

OKK! so I m backkk! LOL! sorry for a such a long wait :P
I know you are dying to read my comment :P


^^AHHH! WHY YOU AR sE SOO GOOD? :OOO your blending iS AWESOME!
and the coloring is amazing..that orangish coloring is soo pretttyy! love how you write your gall
numbers..lol DUDE! THIS IS ur 6..I m surprised becus you should on like your 20 LOL!
love the light texture you used on ur banner..its blends in with the coloring you did.

I saw my name like..3 times up there..should I be happy? :P haha. I m..

a s h u 
no one knows my style, strengths & weaknesses in sig making more than you..i've ALWAYS loved your work..because no one uses colour better OR can ever copy your style ;) lazy but sabse sweet<33 ily

^aww thankyouu soo much :)) yess I agree..I do know your style and ur strength in sigg making..
well..I guess becus I m making siggs for such a longg time.. :P mayb thats why..
haha. thankyou for the sweet comments :) haha. yupp! lazy lamhe :P haha. isn't lazy lamhe..a bolly song? LOL! haah! I m going crazzyy becus I love yourr work soo soo much :D

about the copying notee..well..everyone NEEDS to read that :P I have the SAME issue! :/ &  thanks for posting this note up :) I kinda need to post this note up in my next gall..PPL seriously need to read that ;) and I dont know when I will open my new gall :P haha. next next next yr :P haha.

NOW to your update ;)

I love this icon so much!
^love the blending..the texture you used. soo pretty!

my fav anuskha sigg!

^coloring&blending kills it big time!
& the texture/text is amazing. I like how blending the text..
you used the same color(green) as anu's dress... I like it :P

my next fav is this:

^I love how you used the cloudy texture on it..and how you left it textless..
I would not have liked it so much with the text on it..it looks AMAZING without the text too.

THISSS! AHHH! I love love love the blending! and the coloring you did is WOW!

BLENDING IS DEF YOUR STRONGESTTT part when it comes to sigg making :)

I do not know why I LOVE LOVE LOVE this..
I love simple stuff..I do not like stuff with tooo much text and textures..

^love the blending/cropping you did..coloring is awesome..and the text placement is just perfect :))

I love all ur siggs but my fav has to be ^^those that I mentioned above :) haha.
I m a very picky person when it comes to siggs... :P haha.

srk&kajol avis are AMAZING! I love your pinkish coloring in everything!! I try using pinkish coloring on my siggs..but it does not good on my siggs :) haha.
but it suits ur siggs alot :)

suggestions - you know, GurTi and Maan :P

keeep making siggs till you are a
haha. and I hope I m always active on IF to see your work! :) but I know I m gonna be totally inactive later in the yr...in sep...oct...and dec :/

whenever you have need help or need anything, pm me...nvm..I take that back..
first scrap me saying..clean ur dabba..then pm me :P haha. if you need tips/suggestions on ur work..and how can you improve, feeel free to ask me :) I m always there for youu! *hugs*

sorry for such a short comment :/ getting a headache once again :/ haha. it runs in my family :P

and don't be lazy like me when it comes to making siggs :P haha. ppl LOVE your work and you have too too too many fans out there :P thats why..me and dangelz are like..you gall goes super fast..you opened your gall..and then after a month or so..you are making your new gall :P haha.

I need a nickname for you :P haha. any ideas? :P haha.


PS - I cannot believe..I m editing this comment..when ur gall is about to reach 50 pages! :P haha. but its ok ;) its not like..it has reached 100 :P

^LIKE IT? :P haha.

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awarapan. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 August 2009
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Posted: 20 July 2011 at 6:33pm | IP Logged
Okay, so before I start my long shukriya ka lecture, let me just say that you cease to amaze me with your creations :/ I honestly think I should quit, and come live in your house and learn how you do all this magic :/ It scares me as to how extremely talented you are. You'd think that you would just stop at the level of INCREDIBLE, but you just enjoy going on and on all the way to REMARKABLE and more :S Can you please stop?! You're putting me to shame. I really dislike this adaat of yours, stop making beautiful things, please? Meri ek binti hai, please kabul kar dijiye, jee! No but honestly, I really try to figure out how you make everything work out so beautifully. I'm dead serious - btw, LIKE I WANT TO KNOW HOW you make such amazing creations :| MashAllah you've got immense talent. Please mereko bless karo, and send some talent my way. Thank you berry berry much!

Now, you mentioned your three chamak challo's in your thank you list, I see? Well, aren't you just absolutely amazing :$ Thank you for that - it makes me proud/happy/sad to know you love me so :$ I say sad, because I'm an emossonal person with lots of emossons, so it takes me a little while to get over it. I get overwhelmed berry easily, you see. I need a moment please *sniff* this is like I won a mini-oscar, mashAllah. HAHAH. Okay but seriously :$ I really am overwhelmed that you enjoy my long essays so much! I'm glad, I put effort into them - and I always love seeing that you've made remarkable creations worth writing an essay for. I really love you meri Chamak Challo, I don't know what you rank at as a besharam, but you're definitely in the top 5 ;) Hahahaha. I love you, and thank you for embracing my pagalpan, and craziness! You make everything worth it! Also, let me just say, I don't even know HOW I started visiting your shop - and commenting - but all I know is that whatever it was - I'm so glad I found and made a place in our little family amongst us all over here :) You guys are all sweethearts, and I thank you for being such a genuine and amazing person! Thank you ;)

Now, as for the update - I'm overwhelmed :| How on earth did you manage to make all that while being sick?! Are you crazy or what? Uff khuda you're an extremely talented person. Oh gosh. YOUR BANNER is s e x. I'm not even joking, it's like the epitome of brilliance. It's actually pretty amazing, I wanna keep staring at it :| Uff khuda! NOW ERM, all those Anushka icons are just asdjlfk. How do you make icons so well?! I though I could at least make decent icons, but now after seeing your I'm kind of getting mind-fked *mind my language!* and thinking why on earth I thought mine were even 0.000001% close to good icons :| God, those are all actually incredibly amazing, fk. I think my favourites have to be:


I love the way you made the split screen, and I LOVE the way they're all coloured! Seriously your colouring is extremely stunning, you always manage to make everything looks so polished, stunning, and presentable! I adore them so much. I really want to use SO MUCH from this update - but I HATE big dabbas, so I'm going to take my time rotating through everything. As for the Anushka siggs - they're all SO BEAUTIFUL, I don't know which one I like the most - but the one that stands out to me  a lot happens to be this one - http://k.min.us/ibMm8I.png - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colouring you've done on it. It's extremely stunning, and the way you've pulled it off, looks so fabulous :| Like actually, I really love it.  The textures, the effects, the position/placement of the pictures are brilliant! I LOVE and ADORE the whole cloud effect you have. I really really like that siggy! Possibly one of my favourites you've ever made! :D

Okay, the Arjun-Arohi one is literally sex. Can I please just kidnap them?! That's so amazing, you've blended all the caps in SO extremely well, and the texture you've used, the colouring, the effects :| GAH. I HATE that I'm repeating myself so many times - and I think you are too as well, lekin seriously, fk. I REALLY love the style you've used for it - that one is so being saved and used in the near future! EEKS. Make more when you can! I'd love too see it, as would Jhan ;)

OMFG YOU MADE JiYa :$:$:$ I'm like LITERALLY in heaven right now, all my fav's, omfg omfg omfg. I love you so much :| I think seriously you, and a few others, make the best creations in all of IF, asdjlfk. TEACH ME :( Ugh, I really like this style! It's so pretty, and so gorgeous, and omfg. JiYa are my latest obsession - they need to get together, if they don't I'm killing someone ^^ But yeah. I love you. And your hands and dimaag because it's what creates all of this D: HAYE ALLAH.


^ Those are SEX. I love love love the colouring, I love their expressions, omfg perfect moments. I love you, GAHHH :$ They look so good, JiYa <33 I REALLY like the way you've cropped them, omfg. I LOVE the last one. That one is beautiful!


Sahar chose the wrong time to leave -____- She'd be in heaven if she saw all of this :P K3G + Mausam = sex for Sahar ;) HAHAHA. I'm a besharam, I know :$

I'm gonna try to comment on everything - I'll try. BAHAHA. Erm, okay so yeah - SAJNAAA. Yeah, that's one of Sahar's favourites - and that phrase is her favourite as well :P LOL. I REALLY like your avis VERY much :$ Amazing colouring on them, they look so extremely stunning! ADORE the beauty /sigh How do you manage to pull of such extremely amazing pieces of creations? I REALLY love the colouring :$ The icons and sigg are BEAUTIFUL. I adoreee the colouring, I adore everything, fk I LOVE them.

SURAJ HUA MADHAAAM. CHANDDD JAAL NE LAGAAA. Omfg, sing this to me pleeej :$ ROFL. I love your work, gaaah. So I don't know what to say because I feel like I keep repeating myself, so I'm really sorry - but I ADORE your creations! THEY"RE ALL SO INCREDIBLY STUNNING. EFF IDK what I want to use, and when, but like I've said previously - I AM SO SAVING and using later ^^ They look so incredibly beautiful, babe :) I love your work! <33 http://k.min.us/ibIrCe.png  < That is so extremely sexy. Fk, man! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colouring on it, and I ADORE the placement of caps, and the blending as well! THE TEXTURE IS LOVE. I also really like the way you put the text :$ BEAUTIFUL! http://k.min.us/ibMGyA.png < That looks so Tumblr-ish :$ I LOVE ITTT! The soft colouring works wonders, and I adore the big borders - it looks so pro :| I love the simplicity of it, it's different, I like that ;) So I really LOVE the way you've created this http://k.min.us/ibMI6I.png < The style is gorgeous, blending is fabulous, and as always teh way you've placed the caps, put the textures, the colouring - everything just compliments the overall presence of the siggy making it EXTREMELY stunning :$:$ OKAY WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! http://k.min.us/iecVve.gif < THAT IS SO PERFECT :O I LOVE the avi/sigg style, its so pretty - colouring is HOT, and the way you made the overall thing looks so SEXY :| I REALLLY like this style of yours :$ Amazing job!

OKAY I don't have any more himmat to keep babbling. But seriously, woman. EVERYTHING is so gorgeous. I'm really really really astonished that you have such great talent. MASHALLAH. I hope ke aapke paas BOHOT SAARE shops mile :$ INSHALLAH IT COMES TRUE ^^ I would love to see moreee :$ Hayee. Beautiful job on everything - MAUSAM CREATIONS ARE ALL SEXY. Fk. I decorated mine & sary's dabba to match ! SO YOU KNOW we really do love it :$ I LOVE ALL your siggy style VERY much, especially the one currently in my dabba! BEAUTIFUL :D Keep up the mind-blowing work, and I'll keep writing essays :$ I'm sorry for the long essay, but it had to be done. i'd totally write more if I was feeling better, but meri tabyaat mera saath nahin de rahi hai :x UGH. So yeah, I love you <333

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soundsofcedar IF-Addictz

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 20 July 2011 at 6:34pm | IP Logged

I fulfilled my promise, Sary! Erm, Aish this is Phatty =)) Sary had asked me to reserve on her behalf since she didn't want to miss the valuable opportunity Embarrassed Hence the reserve! WEE =))


^ THANKS Phatty! I really do appreciate it :) Erm Aish I have been in the car for past two days and then roaming around Times Square, Museums, chappading with desi aunties and sleeping on hotel ugly beds (sharing with people)...all in all I am cranky, tired and want to go to bed ROFL but I wanted to edit this cos I know pehla page hai and a reserve on front page = ugliness = my OCD attack ;( This is gonna be super shot but still you know I love you aur agar ab tak nahi pata toh jaa bhad mein :P C O N G R A T S on this super six gallery muaaah Hug your work amazes me every time you update, seriously! OH FUDGE did I just make a jaaga in your inspirations Confused tu pagal hai first off and secondly thankies :P LOL AHHH seriously I wanna write more but my bheja is fried and I can't find more ways of hiding my LT screen from my youngest cousin kameeni ne padh liya na IF ka naam toh naam badnaam karde gyi ROFL so I mma cut this short and say AUHMAZING update love everything :$ Muaaah!

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.Kiran. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2011 at 6:34pm | IP Logged
AisshhhHug Congrats on new gallery hun. Hope you have many more! You know I always love ur coloring & blending. They're more than PERFECT. U just leave me speechless with ur creations. 

Your banner is BEYOND GORGEOUS. Coloring & Blending is just PERFECT. & Anushka looks STUNNING! Man I can't stop drooling over it! 

& Ur first massive update is MARVELOUS! Anushka sigs are INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL! Love the coloring on them <3 Anu-RK one is AWESOME...They definitely look great together! Loved the selection of pics:-) Arjun-Arohi one is great!! <3  jay-Piya ones are awesome both sigs & icons. SRK-Kajol & K3G ones are simply STUNNING! Coloring is so damn gorgeous! All the avis , icons & sigs are just OUTSTANDING! Loved all of them <3 Shahid-Sonam ones are AMAZING as well.

Once again Congrats on ur new gallery. Good luck with this one. Looking forward to ur  wonderful creations. & Now I'm definitely gunna make a request whenever ur open. ;-) Seriously, I'm loving everything. You're one AWESOMEST siggy maker on IF!

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MehRya.. IF-Addictz

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editedd 1st congo for you're new shopp!Embarrassed may you havee manyy&manyy more'ss!<3Hug i justt lovedd the newww banner! Approve it's amazingg loving her new photoshoot picss lookin absolutlyy stunnin as everrr!! Day Dreaming
coming to you're gorgeous updatee andd WOW! Massivee update Ohh GOSHHH have been waitin for it sinceee LONGG!<3 Day Dreaming 
OMG ass i mentioned about the new anu PS they are amazingg just the way she iss i loveee the purplishh colouringg it's likee GOSHH what should i sayyy!?Shocked it'ss DARNN OUT OF THE WORLD! Approve Lovedd themm seriouslyy if i was herr hugee fan would defoo usee them right away!<3Embarrassed do makee on RS!EmbarrassedBlushing PLS PLS PLS PLS!ROFLROFLROFLROFL
Ohh MAN! Shitt that Ranbirr and anu merged siggy DUDE you're the BESTT att MERGING i lovee howw they comee outt seriouslyy LIKE they were really standingg there togetherrr!<33 Cool awww would lovee to see them in a new brandd moviee<3
awww AA siggy is justt a HOWTMESS!Blushing i lovee the blendingg colouring text everythingss you make them soo Uniqlyyy!<3
JP siggy thiss duee are likee WOW togetherrr watched few scenes of theres and am like amazed by the chemistry they both havee<3 AWESOMEEE siggy definess it!<33
K3g staff's are likeee outt of the BESTEST! I LOVEEEDD THEMM! they are all RAVISHINGGG!<3 so lovedd the moviee and used to watch it like 23435353 timess<3 everythings looks justt gorgeousss!<3
andd here we comee to myyy bestt staff on the Update Masuam onesss OMG MAN! i so cant wait for the movieee!Day Dreaming SK&SK havee likee an AMAZING CHEMISTRYYY! so cantt WAIT<3 i feel this movie going to bee A HITT!Cool  i so heart themmm<3 gonna usee somee latersss;) muhz loveeyou for makin themm and do makee moree and tonss<3
Enitre Update Loookss A-M-A-Z-I-N-G<333 loveeeyouuu Hug

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