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Tumari Disha Update for 22.02.05

.....Lata..... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 February 2005 at 11:11pm | IP Logged

Tumhari Disha Update for Episode dated 22nd Feb'2005

 Yesterday's episode was just about ok. There were no spark b/w Disha and DK at all. But ya Chavi has put in a good performance and her acting seems to be improving and she can really stand upto the powerful performances put in by Krutikka Desai and Our Hero Ashish Nayyar. In the absence of Disha on her insistence I will update the episode.

The episode begins with Gargi laughing like a devil on seeing Disha taking the tray of breakfast with the red coloured juice in it to give it to Sumitra. Gargi remembers the time when she had gone to meet Sumitra in the hospital before and Sumitra reacting wildly on seeing the red coloured prints in Gargi's Saree. Sumitra remembers something which is shown like blood ( negatives they show) and screams. Gargi gives a wicked laugh and tells that now she has found one weakpoint of Sumitra . Now the flashback is over and they show Gargi telling to herself that if Sumitra starts improving I know how to put her back to her present state and that is by showing her anything in red colour. Then Gargi again wickedly smiles and tells Sumitra ki jaan meri mutthi mein hain , now tell me am I that bad……… thick tuiiiiii music

 Disha goes up to Sumitra and tells Mummyji to have breakfast. She keeps the tray besides her and tried to feed her the breakfast. Sumitra is constantly seeing the red juice and suddenly goes wild and starts throwing all the things. DK is shown entering the house and hearing the commotion goes up to his mom. She throws pillows on him ( Thank GOD only pillows…ha..ha..) and he holds the pillow and goes towards his mother and asks her what happened. Disha too tries to pacify the lady. Gargi comes in that moment and yells at Disha and tells her to take away the tray. She goes to Sumitra and fakes and tells her that I am here Sumitra , please cool down.  Gargi looks at DK and tells I don't know what is bothering Sumitra time and again and looks at Disha and tells that whenever Disha comes near her she gets these attacks aur meri tho jaan nikal jaati hain………Disha feels very bad and looks at DK. He too just looks at her with pity and does not speak a word (since his eyes speaks volumes).

 Morning Inder gets up and is having an hangover of last night. Rano brings for his Nimbu Paani. He tells her he has an headache and needs a tablet. Rano tells him to have the juice and tells that at night in your drunken state you don't know what all  you were talking. Inder thinks to himself that kahin raat ke nashe mein maine apne ateeth ke bare mein tho nahin baat ki. He asks Rano that raat ke nashe mein maine tumhare saath kohi badtameezi tho nahin ki..( oh gosh…….along with his acting Indy's brains also have gone for a toss..anyways he cannot help it if the dialogues are such …)Poor Rano thinks that yahin tho pareshaani hain ki tumne kohi badtameezi nahin ki… She asks Inder if he had a girl in his life before marriage. She asks him that in US you must have been having lots of friends amongst which there surely must have been girls and was there any special girl. He frowns and tells that ya he was close to Jennifer and used to like her. On seeing Rano's dejected face tells that you don't know Jennifer, Jennifer Lopez ….Rano is relieved hearing this and Inder tells her that he loves her a lot ( safed jhoot………) . He hugs her and thinks to himself that why is Rano asking me so many questions today..hope I did not take Disha's name last night…..Rano thinks that I know Inder tum jhoot bol rahe ho……..

 Disha is in her office and tells on the phone to cancel all meetings for the day. Vedant enters saying My, My, My…….and asks Disha if she is feeling alright. She tells him that she is disturbed and will not be able to work. He tells her that she needs to see a Doctor..Dr.Vedant and holds her hand…she takes it off and he slips and beautiful red rose ( with a golden string tied to it) into her hands.( oh wow a complete ladies man he is…) She is delighted to see that and smiles. She tells him you are too much Vedant. She thanks him for making her smile once again. He tells her that I know what you must be going through , what with her being surrounded by people like DK and his mom Gargi. Disha immediately asks him if he hates DK only cause he is his step brother ( it clearly shows Disha is too in love with DK and wants to stand by him)… Vedant tells her the question is how much Disha trusts him ( Vedant) He tells her that you may think why am I like this, why am I talking in this way about my own people, but my reply is I hate them. He tells her that tumhari is ladaai mein ek saathi saisa hona chahiye jo dushman ki kamzori mano, and that's me and I cross my heart and swear to die that I am with You.Dish you can trust me. Disha thanks him politely and tells that is very sweet of you to say so. But till now circumstances have not gone to that extent that I need anyone , and the day I will need someone you will know saying she goes away. Vedant tells I will wait for that day Sweet Dish ( I tell you the way he looks at her there is nothing remotely showing a Devar Bhabhi kind of relationship the way he looks at her….and if it were not for our hero DK we would have preferred that Disha would marry Vedant but no way we want that to happen with DK around ……but nevertheless the flirt that he is Disha is lucky to have found such a trusting friend for life in her Devar). Disha goes and sits in her car when Vedant comes and sits next to her. He makes her sign some papers ( constantly is looking at her face while she is signing the papers). He tells her sternly that from now onwards she does not have to come to office since she has handed over all her business in his hands. Disha looks is amazed and tells him that it can never be possible. He will never betray her trust. Again Vedant stresses that then why can't I be with you. The Swabhimaani lady that she is Disha tells him that mein apni ladaai akele ladna chahati hoon……

They show DK making a drink for himself . He has worn a bottle green coloured shirt and looks smashing as usual. Gargi is sitting on the sofa and tells him eh sonny make me a drink ( just hated the way she says). He gives her the glass of drink which he has made for himself. She tells him that you have forgotten all your manners where is the tray. He just stares at her and turns to get it. Gargi tells him that she is just kidding and let it be. DK is about to leave and she tells him to stand there. He tells her that he's got some work. She tells him that forget the work , till I finish the drink stand besides me. He stands there….oh gosh ( but must say DK does this too with dignity and that arrogant attitude is still very much evident and that's what we all love about this guy isn't it? ). Gargi looks at him and with a disgusted look ( oh Krutika Desai is too good in her acting) tells him oh sit down. He sits on the sofa and She tells him that she tells him bahut pareshaani hoti hain yeh sab karte huwe……..but remember as you sow , so shall you reap……you treated me this way and now its my turn…….then immediately she tells him that atleast you are listening to what I say even though you are my step son and look at my own son who never listens to me. Atleast you are obedient and you do as I say. DK looks at her with a stern face. Disha enters with some flowers. Gargi looks at her as calls out Eh Disha………Disha just snubs her and goes off. Gargi tells DK that if Disha is in this house for long and behaves this way I don't think I could stay her anymore. Why am I needed here if Disha is only doing Sumitra's seva….DK looks at Gargi with a thoughtful look. Disha is going to Sumitra's room with the flowers and thinks to herself that hospital people had told her that Sumitra loves RajniGandha flowers. When she is about to enter the room, DK stops her way with his walking stick ( oh mindblowing scene the way he holds the stick). Disha questions him what is this DK? He tells her Disha pleeeeeease leave Maa alone, seeing you she reacts wildly and I have to call Gargi to pacify her. Please Disha don't argue and please go away from here. ( It is very clear that DK is not at all happy telling Disha all this and hurting her……remember Ashish's eyes speaks volumes……) Disha goes away feeling very sad.

Gargi comes there and confronts Disha and tells her kaise laga mera yeh vaar

Disha : I will not let you succeed.

Gargi: DK ne tume apne Patni kya keh diya, tum tho sirr par baitne lagi

Disha : Mein tho sirf Mummyji ki

Gargi : Snubs her Rubbbbishhhhh… You are unwanted here so why don't you just leave me alone.

Disha : I should leave you alone thaaki aap DK ka majboori ka faayda uthaakar usse demag ki tarah chaat chaat kar kokla banaa do

Gargi: Don't forget is my Son

Disha: Aap Maa ke naam pe ek Daayan ho.

Gargi: Is this the way to talk to you Mother in law?

Disha: This is no way to talk to your Bahu too

Gargi: You have no Sanskaar

Disha: Bade jab apna Sanskaar bhool jaate hain, tho choto ko yaad dilaana padtha hain. Aap apne andhar jhaakkar dekho ( when elders forget their manners, we young have to remind them)

Gargi: Hum Khandaani hain , tum ho kaun , ek naukar ki beti?

Disha: Screams Choti Maa..

Gargi : Akhir ek Naukar ka Khoon hain tumhare ragon mein.. aur tumhara tameez, tehzeeb bhi naukaro ki tarah hi hoga ( you have got a servant's blood flowing within you and naturally you manners, etiquettes is bound to be like a servant)

Disha : Humare andhar naukar ka Sanskaar hi sahi , dokhe baazi par tho nahin utar aathe, dosro par chura tho nahin bhokte, upar se meethi bankar, andhar hi andhar apno ko barbaad tho nahin karte ( Even though I maybe a servant's daughter, atleast we don't try to put on a act of being good and stab people behind their back, we don't betray our own people and we don't try to cheat them)

Gargi raises her hand to slap Disha. Someone holds her hand from back and stops her. It's none other than Sumitra Sehgal who looks at Gargi Sternly ( Now we know from where DK has got this arrogance in him). Ends on Sumitra's sten looking face.

Love and Regards



disha77 Groupbie

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Posted: 22 February 2005 at 11:35pm | IP Logged


Lateshwariji, you leave me speechless...........wondeful update, very detailed, profound and as usual it looks as if it has been xeroxed from the serial........yes, I agree with you it was quite a thanda episode!

Today's should be good, considering that Disha will hold DK's hands and take him to Sumitra and tell him not to ruin himself......oh, how romantic!

I will try & do the update, but I am so sorry, I cannot commit, since I am reaching home very late these days and hence miss watching TD.

I really think that Zee should change the telecast timings in India, 8 Pm is way to early, I am just back from Office & there is so much to do.....whereas I plop in front of the TV with the kid in my lap (who incidentallly starts dancing the moment Tumhari Disha's title track is played.....absoultely adores it!) and somehow manage to watch it!

Once again, Lats, lovely update!


Dish Mish (Yeah, thats the name Chets has given to me!)

Princess IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 22 February 2005 at 11:37pm | IP Logged

OMG, this DK's mom ok now?? What is going on?? I hope she's fine.

Thansk for the updateSmile

jas Goldie

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Posted: 23 February 2005 at 2:17am | IP Logged

thanks Lata!...

Finally we get to see DK mom in action.........

AALIYAH786 Goldie

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Posted: 23 February 2005 at 2:37am | IP Logged

Thanks Lata for the lovely update, unfortunately not much chemistry between our hottie DK and sweet Disha


jingle IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 February 2005 at 2:44am | IP Logged
I really wonder how will gargi bring about disha's and dk's divorce.
bubbles Senior Member

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Posted: 23 February 2005 at 2:48am | IP Logged

wow, i'm soooooooooooooo excited now! i can't wait to hear what happens in the next episode!

in uk, i saw the episode yesterday, where dk comes back from jail and fazi is dead.

dk and disha at one moment are arguing, and straight afterwards, he asks her, 'mein maa ko milne jaa raha hoon, tum chalo ge?'i thought that was sooo funny, he loves her alot. i think we are about week behind you guys.

i love your updates and also the idea that you post regularly

.....Lata..... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 February 2005 at 3:04am | IP Logged

Hi Dish Mish,

Thanks a lot for the appreciation. Comeon aap mujhe sharminda kar rahe ho. eh how come u don't get to watch it at 8.00 nowadays. Tell ur boss that 6 ke baad no kaam waam, my priorities are with DKWink. Eh so ur kiddo also is hooked to watching TD's title track ah. Little does he know for what purpose his mom is hooked to watching TDWink. Ha........Ha.........Anyways hopefully they will show some sparks today b/w our hottie and nazuk kali. ok then take care.

Love Lata

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