Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF Ending - Not Like the Movies, thanks guys (Page 6)

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OMGoshhh...seriously loved your FF...i read only a few FF's cause i dont get the time but i dunno why i felt like reading yours and i m glad i did...such an off beat storyline you have chosen...i loved the way you kept it realistic i can completely understand and identify with that...loved ur descriptive style of writing...ur did an awesome job dear...cant wait to find out what happens next and how it happens next...i personally love such kinda stories where someone re-makes themselves from scratch its very inspiring...continue soon...cant wait for your update...hopefully it will be soon...

i remember at some point i had reserved here but i forgot the page so making a new comment LOL take care...bless you...

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Don't worry. Just update whenever you can. Waiting for Arjun now.
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Don't worry. Update whenever you can. We are waiting for Arjuns entry.
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   Oh my gosh! It FINALLY let me update! Quite the adventure that was, but I can't complain, usually things do turn out to be a little corky for me.Anyways, here it is, part 2!
  Thank you so much guys- for the amazing support! The love you have given this Arohi, and the way you have opened your arms for her, really inspires me. After reading your guys' comments, I was surprised at how many people could relate to Domestic Violence. It is truly very disappointing. I also figured that a lot of us are excited for Arjun's appearance, it took me a while to update, but- here it is!
Make way for Arjun Singhania!
Chapter II



"He is so hot!"

"Oh my god, look at that body!"

"Dam*, those eyes!"

The girls gushed in a corner, excitedly, falling head over heels, as he entered the club; the camera doing a 360 rotating angle on him. Hanging onto their pounding heartbeats, with jaws dropped, the females felt themselves go wobbly in the knees, as his gaze swept over them, if only for a mere second. They squealed like little girls, who had just fallen in love. Not that they were to blame.

~ All eyes on him; Arjun Singhania had made his entry."~

Dance the night away
Live your life and stay out on the floor
Dance the night away
Grab somebody drink a little more
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la
Tonight we gon' be it on the floor

The club was roaring with music, and the dance floor was packed, as intoxicated bodies grooved to the heavy metal beats. The discotheque lights blared colours in the darkness- red, blue, green. Arjun swaggered past them ladies, giving them his killer smile, which would have them swept, clearly. He wore a deep blue royal v- neck shirt, his hair gelled and spiked at its best, fitted jeans, blazers, and a dangerous black charcoal leather jacket to top it off; his bad boy look was making him even more inviting than usual. He had a certain charisma about him, not only was it his attractive and deadly looks, but also the way he walked, looked, smiled- he was a death trap very much alive. And, he was quite aware of it. It was a Friday night out with the guys, after a long, tedious day at uni, and today's agenda ran clear in Arjun's mind, to simply get drunk and party. Of course, with the company of amazing girls.

I know you gotta clap your hands on the floor
And keep on rocking work it up on the floor
If you're a criminal kill it on the floor
Steal it quick on the floor
On the floor
Don't stop keep it moving put your drinks up
It's getting ill it's getting sick on the floor
We never quit we never rest on the floor

Just as Arjun was about to make his way to Romit and the guys, he saw her. And, he was left frozen on his steps.

. . . .


"Oh no, it was Tina."

( Haha, I know what you guys were waiting for- but they are not to meet, yet ;)

Cursing under his breath, he made a move for it- trying to ignore the inevitable. But, it was soon after he had just turned around, when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Replacing his frown with his most charming smile, he turned facing her.

"Arjun baby, why haven't you been picking up my calls!" Tina enquired pouting.

"Tina, babes. How have you been? He said with his boyish dimpled smile. "What happened is, my phone- it, died!" he said making up rubbish, flawlessly.

Falling under his spell, almost immediately, Tina replied, "really?"

He nodded innocently. And, then pulling her closer, by sliding his hands around her waist, he said huskily- "and anyways we don't need a phone now, do we, it's just you, and me." he said attempting to bait her. And it worked like butter, it always did.

" Awhh you're so sweet Arjun, I love you!" she said hugging him.

"Mhmm," came his reply, as his gaze had now drifted off to her friend instead. He winked at her, signalling a 'call me.' The girl flushed. Breaking up from the hug, Tina excused herself to go get drinks for them.

"C'mon Piya, let's go." she said. "And, Arjun don't disappear, like you always do."

" Piya. . ." Arjun murmured, smiling at the girl.

" Whaat?" asked Tina mistakened.

" Oh nothing! I'm right here baby, you take your time." he said giving her an ushering to the opposite end of where he was heading.

"What was that all about," asked Romit, as Arjun came around, and took a seat beside him. Arjun grinned down at him. "Moves," he answered. Romit laughed. They continued to joke around, have a few drinks, and met shortly with their batch. After getting drunk, the guys hit the dance floor. Arjun met a cute girl, who was interested, of course! And they all had a good time bouncing to the beats. As for Tina and Piya, well they returned home, after a long search of Arjun who was no where to be found, as they returned with their drinks.

Arjun continued to laugh and flirt throughout the night, being the centre of attention for the females. As one would turn around, he would link arms with another one. He was a player, yes he was, and a good one to say the least. He was also oblivious, happy, loving his life; Arjun Singhania led a perfect life.

La la la la la la la la la la la la la la
Tonight we gon' be it on the floor
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la
Tonight we gon' be it on the floor
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la

On the Floor- Jennifer Lopez


   * * * * *

    Arohi woke up at hearing the birds chatter. It was her first morning in Chandigarh, and for a while she just lay there staring up at the ceiling. No screams. No swears. No beats. There was no sound to be heard, except the singing of the two birds, that sat outside her balcony. She got up walking towards them, and she was amazed that they didn't fly away scared. But continued their sweet chatter with their sing- song melodious voice. She stroked their backs tenderly, afraid they would hover. And then she picked them up, gently, and opened her hands out to let them free into the skies. She had always wanted to do this. Growing up as a little girl, she would watch in movies when the heroine would similarly set birds free from a cage- the birds always doves.

    But, in this case she felt her past seem like a cage, and herself a bird- which was free now. She was free now. As her gaze drifted around, she felt herself feel awed at the early morning dawn. The sky was a beautiful shade of orange. India had always seemed to be the bustle town, lots of population, and pollution, she was afraid she would not be able to see the skies. But standing there today, she felt as if she hadn't seen a sight more striking than the one up front. She took a deep breath in.

    Yesterday, had been so overwhelming. Seeing her family after so long, her DJ and Daddu, her Bhua, Taya, Tayee's, Chacha, Chachi's, and countless cousins. The house was massive, but designed beautifully. And everyone had made her feel so welcome. With the immense love, she had also seen the worry in their eyes. They knew what Sudhir was like, and what had happened back in Surrey- Vancouver, with him and Arohi. They had not said anything to her about it, but she could see their hidden emotions. And, the tears that would start building in their eyes when she would disengage herself from a conversation.

    Compared to the love, affection and warmth her family gave her, Arohi felt herself guilty, of not being able to give those same emotions to them in return. She wanted to, really! But, she did not know why her emotions were just numb inside of her. Scared to come out, like they had lost their trust.

    But, she would try harder. She would seem happy in front of them. Even if the happiness was fake.

    Her life was so dramatic, hell it really was. But it was weird how all the dramatic scenes that she use to watch in movies were now LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION- ing in her own life right now! Even with the company of so many people, she felt a void inside of her, there was so much missing in her life, so much missing within her.

    She felt a slight chill run up her arms, as she wrapped her arms around her, trying to keep warm. She had been standing outside for quite some time now, still in her nightgown. After a moments time, it was time to get ready and head downstairs for breakfast. It was a new day she thought looking outside one last time, it was a new day.

* * * * *

    Not too far away, Arjun woke up with the worst of hangovers. He buried his head, snugging into the comfort of the pillow, but it was no help. Every cell in his brain was throbbing with pain. After tossing and turning, he finally quit and got up. Yesterday had been a hell of a night. The guys had really gone hard on the drinks, as Arjun remembered himself dancing the night off. He decided to shower, and then head downstairs for breakfast- after which, he would gulp down 2 Advil's straight.

    "Hey bhabs," Arjun said kissing Gauri, his sister-in-law, on the cheek, and winking at his older cousin Rajveer.

    "Oyee, she's your bhabi, get away from her!" said Rajveer smiling.

    In good spirits, Arjun recalled the saying. . .

    "Veer, don't you know how the saying goes, the bhabi is your aade gharwaali!" he said teasingly.

    "Arjun, it's the Sali that's your aade Gharwaali!" said Rajveer correcting him.

    "Oh well, I got most of it right," said Arjun with a cute expression on his face.

    The whole family laughed at the antics of their ladla.

    " So Devar jee, what can I bring you for breakfast." asked Gauri, looking down at him.

    " Hmm, well let's see," he said flirting with her dupatta.

    "Hatt Besharam! She snatched her duppata from his charm, and hit him lightly on the head.

    "For now you can have just this," she said putting a plate of allo paranthas in front of him.

    "Mhmm you sure know how to distract me, Bhabs."

    "Well you have your Chachi to thank!" Gauri answered.

    Arjun took a bite, and turned to his Chachi, kissing her hands.

    "Your hands can do wanders Chachi, these are amazing!" he said with mouth fulls.

    "Arjun, would you at least spare one woman in this house from your flirting!" said his Taya. They all continued to laugh and eat, happily. It was a perfect family picture. Framing that indeed, Arjun's life was complete, and content. He was the spoiled son, brother, and nephew- of his long expanded family.

    Just as Arohi pulled out a chair and sat herself down with the rest of the family members at the dining table, all her Chachi's, Taya's Taye's- sprang up with numerous questions. Asking if she had slept well, if they had woke her up, what would she have for breakfast, and then what she would have for lunch. . .

    Stumped with so many voices, she felt herself dumbfounded. Her Arvind Taya, shushed everyone up, saying that the girl had just come down- to let her speak.

    "Arohi did you sleep well, and did we happen to wake you up," asked Lovedeep concerned.

    Arohi let out a little laugh. "Yes Bhua, I slept very well, and peacefully. I just happened to wake up early, and wanted to join you guys for breakfast."

    They eased. "Oh good. We just thought you'd sleep late, because of the jet lag," said her Taye jee. "But it's good that you are here," she said as she served Arohi breakfast. And her Chachi poured Arohi juice.

    Wow, Arohi thought. She had never felt so secured in her life. As she looked around she saw that one of her Chachi's was pouring juice for her, another was buttering her paranthas. Her Daddu walked in, and at looking at her expression he smiled.

    " Don't be so surprised Arohi, we're all here for you," he said up close to her. And then joining his hands together claimed out loud "Is my pothi being looked after well?"

    Arohi nodded overwhelmed, and at seeing the state she was in everyone came over hugging her.

    "Awhh, you guys scared her," said her cousin Jyoti, as they laughed. Jyoti was Arvind Taya ji's daughter. The rest of her cousins also walked in- including Sanchit, Riya, and Eesha, along with the little ones. And they joined her for breakfast.

    Even with so much love, and laughter around, Arohi felt her life lacking something. Amidst all these smiles she felt herself grimace. It would be hard to fill the gap, that night had inflicted in her, most definitely.

* * * * *

It had now been a few months since Arohi had settled herself in Chandigarh. She had joined Uni, a private girls campus, with her cousin Eesha, who was in her second year. With exams and the HUGE Ahluwalia family, Arohi managed to kill time. She indulged herself in work, which helped keep her mind from wandering. She also spent a lot time with Jyoti, Eesha, Riya, and the rest of her cousins, going shopping and other places. Her analogy from breaking down and not thinking about the past was by surrounding herself with something or another. She went to Uni, came home, completed her assignments, helped around in the kitchen with her aunts, had dinner with the family, and after going for a walk with Daddu, she would come back inside too exhausted to do anything but sleep. She had also been concentrating on her studies really hard, becoming somewhat of a workaholic nerd.

It had been a long day. Arohi came into her room feeling over worked, she decided to take a nice, hot shower, and then call Reet; it had been forever since they had talked.

With her hair dripping water, she came out of the shower, and then settled herself on the bed, hoping Reet would be awake- now with the time difference. The phone kept ringing, but she didn't pick up. Just as Arohi was about to give up, she heard Reet answer.

"Hullo, Arohi!" Hearing her voice after so long, memories of the times they had spent together played in Arohi's head.

"Hi Reet!" she answered.

"Shut up! You're such a fail best friend. Do you know how many days it's been. Why even bother calling?" Reet snapped. And then suddenly she cried out, "How are you?!"

Arohi laughed, this sure was her Reet! "I'm good. I'm sorry I couldn't call earlier, just been a little busy with uni, and everyone here." explained Arohi. "How are you, Nisha and everyone?"

"We're fine. Nisha still misses you a lot, I took her shopping today, and bought her those peacock earring she saw on you- tried to get her mind off things."

Arohi sobbed. "But it's not about us, it's about you. How you doing Arohi, tell me honestly! Are things better?" asked Reet in a serious tone.

Arohi managed to find her voice. "Things are better Reet, they're not perfect, but they are better. Everyone is so nice here. Taye jee is just like mom. Riya reminds me of Nisha so much! And, I found a Raunaq in Sanchit too. Then, there's Jyoti who's a bit older than me, and Eesha who goes to Uni with me- I can always talk to them like best friends. "But I miss you man." said Arohi choking.

"You better!" said Reet jokingly.

And the girls turned out to talk for hours. Somewhere in conversation, Arohi fell asleep with the phone in her hand. Reet was telling Arohi about the romper, she had just purchased for the summer- blabbering, she heard no reply from the other end.

"Arohi. . .?" called Reet. She laughed, knowing that she must have fallen asleep.

"Sweet dreams," she whispered softly.

While sleeping she would sometimes have nightmares: of that night. Instead of her in the nightmares, however, it would be Nisha and her father. And that was worse, a lot worse. She would wake up screaming, and crying, saying Nisha's name, frightened sick. Around midnight, DJ would silently slip into her room and make her fall asleep in her lap, by singing lullaby's to her, just like the old times. Her family was not oblivious to any of this, and even though she pretended like everything was okay. They knew she was not yet over that night.

Amrit called home one day, to check on how things were going with Arohi. Lovedeep, picked up the phone and was happy to hear her sister-in- law's voice. When asked about Arohi, she answered. . .

"She's doing good Bhabi. We try to keep her in our company at all times, so she doesn't have loose time to grieve. And, she's also been busy with University. But, the wounds Sudhir Veer ji gave her, are not that easy to heal. I just can't believe my niece had to go through that. When I see her sometimes, lost in thought, tears come to my eyes, at thinking what could possibly be going on in that brain of hers. I just pray to god, that someone comes in her life, and restores her happiness."

The rest of the conversation was an emotional one, as both women grieved at their losses.

But as the days went by, Arohi's emotions turned from sadistic to anger. She felt this hatred grow within her for men. In uni, there were many guys that would look at her as she would pass by, complementing her long legs, and curvacious figure. Even though she bad become a total book worm, she was not able to stop the attention she got. Assuming they did it just because of her foreign ways she let it go. But when they approached her, and even had the guts to ask her out. She would glare at them, distastefully! At times her friends would talk about crushes, and dating- even then, she would simply walk out, not interested. From her point of view all men were jerks, who used women for, either service, or lust.

One man in Arohi's life had happened to change the way she saw the whole world.

Whereas, Arjun continued to live his perfect life. He was the head captain of the basketball team in his uni, and was busy with the heavy work outs, and championships. His smouldering looks would have worked for the teachers, on top of that, he was an intelligent student. With every girl after him, and a huge business empire that his father owned, he had been raised in happy circumstances. There were no problems in the life of Arjun Singhania. Ninguno. Nessuno. Acune.

"Arjun do you not get tired, by these bimbo girls?" asked Rashi, Arjun's older sister, frustrated at hearing the call of some stupid chick that Arjun had promised to go on a date with, for the umpteenth time.

"Why don't you find a proper girl for yourself, who is more than just a tootsie?!" she continued.

" Di, Sasha is more than just a tootsie- she is legs, hair. . .

"Ughh, Arjun, I'm serious!" said Rashi interrupting the thoughts of his latest flick.

He laughed. "Because I think commitment is a waste of time! Why would you give all your attention to a single lady, when you can multitask?"

"Bro, are you telling me that you don't believe in love?" asked Shefali entering the room.

Arjun walked over to his youngest sister, and looped his hands around her neck. "Of course I do, in fact, who would know love better than me, I've fallen for it at least fif. . . counting on his fingers, he tried to find a decent number to tell them.

Shefali pushed his hands away.

"Bhai, you never fell in love!"

"Exactly!" said Rashi chiming in. "The day you introduce us to our bhabi, you'll be eating up these words you've said!"

"Remember bhai, she'll be all you think about!"

" You mean they, will be all I think about, said Arjun correcting her.

Rashi glared at him.

"She'll steal your nights and days, and you'll do anything just to make her smile." said Shefali twirling.

"Okeey guys, yeah, I'm just going to go now." Arjun said walking towards the door.

"Wait until it happens to YOU!" called out Rashi.

"It will NEVER happen to me."

"Oh yes it will," said both of the girls smiling.

"No, it won't," he shouted back, from the hallway.

It will Arjun, and I can't wait to meet her- thought Rashi, smiling after him.


She hated men. He loved women, just ALL women. She was a long legs' sadistic nerd. He an absolute player! She lost between the darkness of a night. He living his perfect one. What happens when Boy meets Girl . . .

  That was Arjun! I hope I didn't disappoint you. Well, I firstly want to thank you all for reading. These last 2 parts have just been an introductory of the plot, and characters. There was no passion, or romance to indulge yourselves in, and yet y'all still remained with me. Also considering the fact, that this CRAZY part 2, took me so long to update, with all the problems that occured. But, I promise that chapter 3 will be updated sooner, hopefully by tomorrow even. Now that I have written about all the facts, and have my two leads in the same city, I can finally start with the love story! Please do give me your feedback, on the characters, storyline- if it's good, bad, in the middle- don't leave anything out. Lotta love to you all, thanks so much!

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Oh goss Harman, Absolutely mind-blowing !!
Just too Awesome !
I loved it very very much. The wonderful family of Arjun and the way he flirts with everyone - hehehe LOL
I just tried to pictorize all the scenes and i was off to my dream land.
Everything seemed perfect.
And you just describe Arohi's feelings so so purely and beautifully.
I just love this ff already ! The first part left me speechless and here comes another bang from you !

Will you please update it soon??
Please please :O 

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Originally posted by -Awantika-

before ur pm :P
Awantika, don't read yet please. This is the third part, Im trying to put the 2nd part in it.
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wonderful!! mind-blowing!!
you are too good for my words to explain!!
i can clearly see what arjun and arohi are! and i cannot wait for them to meet and for her to steal his days and nights!
i want to see him do anything to make her smile!!
i want another updates from you as soon as possible :D:D

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Originally posted by Kudi_NextDoor

Originally posted by -Awantika-

before ur pm :P
Awantika, don't read yet please. This is the third part, Im trying to put the 2nd part in it.

ooppss sorryy :O
Got too excited seeing your update LOL
Will wait !!

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