Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF Ending - Not Like the Movies, thanks guys

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Hey guys. So I've been wanting to write this FF for a long time now. It is my first, and I'm so excited to share this story with you all. This chapter that I've written introducing the character of Arohi below, is indeed very long, but I really wanted to capture the moments that Arohi faces before her life takes a turn, and she meets a special someone, who will prove all her rights wrongs. Bare with me please.

p.s. Thanks Raman for inspiration, I love RNMJ!

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Chapter IV: Page 19
Not Like the Movies


Arohi's POV:

"I love you Arohi- Do you love me?"

There, he had said it at last. A part of me wanted to fling myself into his arms, and never leave his hold. I wanted myself to rock, back and forth, in his possession, and leave the sorrows behind forever. I wanted him to see through my eyes, the love I held for him. And if anything else, then I wanted to say his name just this last time, with so much love, amity and passion- that there not need anything else to say.

Momentarily, the other voice inside of me, which was burning with fiery at the thought of having to go through the pain again- silenced my love, and instead made me take a step back from the one I craved most in the world. It made me question my feelings. And, as I looked up to see Arjun's eyes, the impatience and tears they held, my faith halfway returned. But there was no way that I could deny the fact that I was still standing against a man, a man just like the one that had done terrible things to my mother. And that changed everything. A tear rolled down onto my feeble skin, as I took another step back, distancing myself from him. Then another, and another- until I could no longer help myself from breaking down, as I ran out of the room crying.

* * * * *

Chapter I

    "Oh no!" He had slapped her. Arohi could hear her mother's cries from her upstairs bedroom. Her own tears streamed down her stricken face, as she reached out a hand to try to protect her. She covered her ears, unsuccessfully shutting out the taunts, swears, and beatings, that caused the whole house in grieve. What made her cries even more loud, was that her own father caused this. She hated him, everything about him. He was a selfish, narrow, ignorant man- who made her life a living hell. Lured by alcohol, and empowered by his gender he took advantage, and abused her mother. Every evening as he came home from work, the house would turn silent, as the kids would silently step out into the night, wanting to be anywhere but at "home". Tonight, however, Arohi couldn't afford to do that, she was at her final year in university, and had a history exam to prepare for. She was used to this by now though. And, when the fights started, she took her i-pod, and earphones out, they were her only escape.

    Wiping her tear stained- face, she looked herself in the mirror; wow, what the years had done to her. Her innocence and laughter had all been snatched from her, leaving a worrisome 21 year old in place- with sleepless nights, and a hell of a life to take care of. Ughh, she was at it again- the continuous thinking, and crying. She would not do this tonight though, she would not cry herself to bed again. Instead she convinced herself to settle down, and prepare for the exam. Memorizing her notes, she managed to distract herself, but it was not long after she drifted off to sleep, still in her sitting position.

    As she slept, she returned to that Arohi, that she once was. An innocent, happy, bubbly girl- that loved her life. She stirred in her sleep, as she smiled, and dreamt about her Prince Charming, who would come to her one day, and take her away from this sordid mess, and they would ride on the horse, underneath the moonlit sky, with the stars tinkling above; they'd gallop away into their fairytale

    As she awoke the next day, she felt her eyes scrunch up in irritation, as the rays of the sun peaked out through her curtains. She was not ready for another day. She did not want to face her life today- yet again, and to face her father. The word father felt so unfamiliar to her, so void, so incomplete, why wouldn't it, after all she had not spoken to him for an entire year. And it had been so easy. The thought of him made her squirm, as last nights incident came back to her, making her eyes teary AGAIN! And that was one thing Arohi hated! Tears. She was always so full of them, at every name, memory, fight- she always seemed to break down. They made her feel so weak of herself, and she was NOT weak. As she said this, she got up, unwillingly wanting to leave the comfort behind. But she shook herself awake, ready to face what today held. Just as she entered the cold tiled washroom, she got a text from Reet, aka Nimrita, her best friend, companion, and second sister.

Movies today at 2:30, message me back asap!The text read.

Of course, how could she forget, today was the day. The last time she would experience the Harry Potter Phenomenon. The last day she would find herself a haven like Hogwarts. Today was the last day of her childhood memories, and it was indeed very sad. She texted Reet right away, confirming the afternoon show for the movies. If it would have been any other movie, she wouldn't have agreed- her life really was too much, to have been taken a break away to the movies. What did she know, she might have actually started tearing up in the theatres, out of depression! She laughed at the thought, and looking at the mirror, she examined herself closely- she looked miserable. What a roller coaster ride life had been. One night she went through an abusive father beating up her mother, and the next, she was living it a normal one, going to the movies! Ha, when would it all come down to a smooth halt.

    The warm water steamed up her skin, running down her body- calming her. It was so peaceful in the shower, to not have to listen to anything but the tingly raindrops falling down upon her. She watched as two droplets of water slowing merged into one single drop. Water attracted water, so it was. But, was it really possible, that two beings, living on the opposite sides of the world, could also come together as one. That two people were so attracted towards each other, that they proved all the opposites wrong? What rubbish. This would never happen, her parents were more than prove to her. Little did she know that her attraction to a special someone, living on the opposite side of the world, seven seas away, would be such an attraction to her- that all other experiences, sorrows, and beings would be forgotten. That one day, her life would change so dramatically that the centre of her life would be him, and she would be attracted to him like the Earth to the Sun.

    She got dressed, wearing a a pair of black skin tight jeans, and a royal blue shoulder high top, she took a step, and then came back to the mirror, trying on the peacock earring Reet had just gifted her, she was not a fan of much jewellery, frankly speaking she hadn't been a fan of anything for a while now, but she knew wearing the earrings would make Reet happy, and they did match with her top, and so she fit them through her earlobes, and admired her work through the mirror. It was around 12 by now, the a** would be awaking anytime, and she felt no desire to see his face at all this morning. She slowing clambered down the stairs, not wanting to meet eyes with her mom either. She didn't want to see her helplessness, her depression- every time he did this to her, her mother and Arohi would cry for hours and hours, huddled in a corner. But she did not want to cry anymore. And somewhere inside she felt angry at her mother, for letting herself go through that, and then the next day acting as if it never happened. Somewhere she was also apart of her life being the way it was. Entering the kitchen, she made herself go for the fridge, and quickly prepare herself a quick brunch. A bagel, and orange juice would do it.

    "Hey puth, I made aloo paranthas, would you like some?" Arohi started at her mother, first with anger, then guilt, and then with love. How could she get back up like that after such a fall. She was a strong woman, who loved her kids. As much as she was angry Arohi knew it was not her fault, if the man in her life was such a bas***d. But if she would for once speak up for herself, then life in this house would become a lot easier. Before she could answer, Raunaq came bulging in the kitchen.

    "Hey mum, what's for breakfast?" asked Raunaq.

    "Your favourite, aloo paranthas. You two come on and sit, and where's Nisha, they're going to get cold!" replied her mom.

    "Heyya mum! Wats up? Dii, what the hell, are you really wearing earrings. And, you actually look decent today! I have to ask Reet Phenji where she got them from, and where you going anyway?" bellowed   Nisha, picking up an apple, and taking a bite- rather noisily.

    "I'm going to watch the Deathly Hallows with Reet, I'll be home by evening, and I already had my breakfast. Bye guys." Arohi was just about to get up from the dining table and leave, when she saw Nisha pouting.

    "Can I come too?!"

    "Nisha, Reet already has our tickets booked, you can go another time and see it with your friends."

    "Oh c'mon di, don't be like that, what am I going to do at home anyway?" insisted Nisha.

    That was true. As soon as he got up, he would have everyone crying- and Arohi didn't want Nisha in the hands of him. And so she agreed.

    "You have 5 minutes to get ready, and come down, I'm in the car waiting." Arohi confirmed.

    As soon as Nisha was out of earshot, Raunaq took Arohi to a corner.

    "Did he beat mum again, I saw him coming home drunk last night, just as I was exiting the driveway. And she looks kind of lost."

    Arohi looked in the direction of her mother, how did this woman do it. How did she have such a strong emotional stability? Seeing Arohi's expression Raunaq's suspicions only grew.

    "I swear I'm going to kill him one day, I really will knock him down!"

    " I don't know what kind of a man he is, but Raunaq you won't ever do such a thing. Ignore him, it's the best we can do for Nisha. Seriously, It was dreadful being here last night- I'm just glad you two weren't home. And mom, I don't know how she does it, how she makes it seem all normal- when it isn't, this isn't normal!"

    Just then Nisha came down the hallway.

    "Ready! Les go!" she hollered.

    Arohi gave Raunaq a sympathetic look and walked out with the car keys dangling in her hands. This had to be changed.

    They caught up with Reet shortly at the theatre.

    " Oh! They look so good on you, and they match perfectly. I told you these were the ones with that top. Hey Nisha, Reet exclaimed hugging her. "You look good!"

    "Thanks Phenji, you too!"

    They walked towards the theatre hall, chatting.

    "Can you believe this is the last one. We both grew up with this" said an excited Reet.

    "I know, I'm going to cry when the movie wraps up" said Arohi.

    "Really now, well that's new."

    "Haha!" Arohi laughed sarcastically. "I'd like to see you shed a tear for once, Miss Perfect World."

    "Well I'm not going to, and neither is Nisha- we're not the weaklings!"

    The girls giggled, as they entered inside for the show to start.

    And, true to her words, Arohi did find herself in tears as she and Reet waved Hogwarts goodbye!

    "Oh, c'mon Arohi di, not for real!" exclaimed Nisha.

    "I'm going to miss this so much- it was just epic!" exclaimed Arohi smiling.

    "Me too," replied Reet.

    After the movies they headed over for some coffee/ Nisha went to order, while Arohi and Reet made themselves comfy in their favourite coffee shop. They loved this place. From the day they discovered it, until now, this had been the place where they'd sit for hours and talk about everything!

    Reet noticed Arohi staring out at the window.

    "Whats up?" she asked.

    "Hmm, nothing, just looking." answered Arohi, dazed.

    "Really?" asked a worried Reet, resting her hand on Arohi's. "What's wrong?" "Something is like always," replied Arohi grimly. "Did you have a tough night with him?" asked Reet concerned. "You know Reet he's a horrible man, I hate him so much" said Arohi boiling up with anger, "but the worse part is- it's my father- how can he do this to us. . . how can he. . ."

    Arohi looked up and quickly smiled up as Nisha came around to the pair of them, holding a tray of 2 lattes, and a hot chocolate.

    "Here we are, all nice and hot" said Nisha cheerfully.

    Arohi wrapped her hands around the steaming cup, the latte was perfect to calm her down. She took a sip at a time taking it all in- it was so creamy. The rest of the conversation went between Nisha and Reet, as Arohi quietly continued to sip her coffee, lost in thought. Reet stole worried glances at Arohi from time to time, clearly indicating that their previous conversation was not over, and that she wanted to hear what had happened.

    After their coffee session, Nisha and Arohi made their way back home. They had just stepped inside, when they made contact with him. He sat sprawled on the living room sofa, with a glass of alcohol to his lip. Arohi knew that if she stayed too long, a scene would be created, and just as she was about to make a move to her room, he called on her mother.

    "Amrit, bring me some ice cubes!"

    Her mom came running into the living room with a tray of ice cubes in her hand. Putting them down, she asked if he needed anything else.

    "What took you so long, you useless woman? I've been calling on you for an hour! Where were you, you were probably gossiping about me to the neighbours, weren't you?" He shouted, yanking her arm, and hurting her.

    "I was in the kitchen making dinner, I couldn't hear you because of the TV..." Amrit cried.

    "Cooking dinner, ha! There's another thing to the list of chores you can't do. You're so useless, and old. Look at all the weight you have gained. You look horrible! You're such a burden on me- now go get me something to eat. I'm hungry! He barked.

    Arohi felt herself heat up at his words, she could no longer take it. She couldn't just stand there and witness this. She stepped in, releasing her mom from the tight grip he had on her. This was just bull***t. He said whatever he liked whenever he wanted. But Arohi had enough of this from last night. She would not let the injustice happen again tonight.

    "How dare you call her old, and useless? Have you ever looked at yourself and what you do. Your whole life relies on alcohol. What makes you think you're so great. You're abusive, and derisive, and we've had enough of it." She yelled at him up close.

    Sudhir got up from his armchair, intoxicated by the drink, he was well on his way to falling flat down on the carpet. But he managed, and grabbed Arohi's arm, and instead threw her down on the floor. By this time Arohi was burning with rage. She had said nothing wrong- and what gave him the right always to be so physical. Just because he was a man did not mean he was always to be given the green light. She got right back up, and pushed him back away from her. Blinded with tears, she couldn't see what she was doing- all she knew was that the man in front of her, was the reason her life was what it was.

    "I haven't ever seen such a lazy man like you, what good do you do to the world. You wake up 1 in the afternoon, come home get drunk, and make the whole house cry. Is that what you call worthy. Well I don't, everyone in this house hates you, and we've had enough of you." she snapped.

    "Shut up you brat! This is my house, and I'll do as I please. You've been talking a lot lately, he barked as he gave her a hard slap on the cheek, but I know how to shut your lot up!"

   Arohi' s mom put herself between the storm that was just brewing, and begged Sudhir to stop, but he only pushed her away. Amrit hugged Nisha close, terrified of what was to happen.

    With tears in her eyes, and a hand on her bruised cheek, Arohi looked at her father, yes, she had hated him a few moments ago, but now she felt nothing for him, absolutely nothing. As she looked up into his furious eyes, his abusiveness stepped away, as she came to conclusion with the words he had just uttered. 'He knew how to shut her lot up.'

    "How do you shut my lot up, huh? By slapping them, beating them, judging them perhaps. Calling them fat, questioning their strength and abilities? Is that it then. Is that how you do it? By injuring us with your physical power, and by using your filthy tongue. Ughh! Your so demented, and close minded. I'm ashamed to have been born from something like you!" She croaked, struggling from his pressure.

    Sudhir's hands tightened around Arohi's throat. His temper was out the roof! Arohi struggled in his grasp, but she managed to shove past him.

    "Did it hurt to hear the truth." she said with confidence.

    "Shut up you as*, you dare not speak that way about me in my own house!!" he said gripping her arm, and twisting it backwards.

    Arohi cried, and cried but he did not let lose. This was it, he no longer had the right to touch her. She jerked herself from his clasp, and tore herself at him with fury. Slapping, kicking, shoving, she did everything she could- to take revenge for all the times he had beat her mom, and for all those marks, and bitter moments he had instilled in her life.

    Swearing, and punching, she fought with all she had. She felt her pulse throbbing with pain, as he made dark marks on her skin, that she knew would not go away all her life.

    But then, suddenly- she stopped reacting. She fell on her knees- and all she could hear was her ears drumming, and him swearing in the background. He continued to kick, and shove her like trash on the pavement. By now, Arohi herself felt like nothing more than trash. Like an empty pop can she had been thirstily drank by life, and once she had been drank from, she felt herself being crushed together, and thrown on the ground- uselessly. She felt herself being grated.

    As the time ticked, second by second, the sand in the hourglass emptied. Similarly, the last memories that Arohi had of her father also fell down a deep, black hole. She knew she would never be able to retrieve those memories again. She sat there frozen, as pain seeped through her body, from his marks. And the next moment she was being picked up by Raunaq and being carried to her room. As the darkest day of her life finally ended, she heard the door close- as she was left alone to her thoughts, who had also left her.

    She woke up the next morning, but couldn't remember the sun rising. As the days passed, Arohi could hear her mom bringing breakfast to her room, begging her to eat, and then leaving the room crying. Arohi's own tears had been frozen somewhere, just like the pain. It hurt for her to think of the other night. Honestly, it wouldn't be wrong to say that she was scared of stepping outside of her room. She really couldn't handle seeing him- he terrified her. Raunaq and Nisha were worried sick about her, they would come in every morning, and try to get more than just a few words out of her. But, Arohi would reply by saying 'She was fine' and silence would follow thereafter. Reet would also call many times a day, but Arohi would never answer, too afraid to speak to her. She knew if she let her emotions out to Reet, the tears would come out as well , and Arohi was better off feeling numb. Finally quitting, Reet rang the bell of the Ahulwalia house on the fifth day. Nisha came to answer the doorbell, and at seeing Reet, she ran into her arms crying, and retailed everything that had been happening.

    "It was horrible Phenji, Di was crying so bad- and I couldn't do anything about it. And now, it's even worse, she doesn't talk at all. She just stays in her room, and doesn't talk to anyone." said Nisha sobbing.

    "It's okay Nisha, let me go check on her. She's going through a tough time, things are going to be okay. I promise," said Reet consoling Nisha in her arms.

    Opening her bedroom window, Reet found Arohi sitting on her bed, criss cross, and staring out at the window, lost. At hearing the clank of the door closing, Arohi turned towards Reet- and exploded with emotions, she had kept to herself for days. Crying her heart out, Arohi ran into Reet's arms.

    "Reet, Reet. . ." cried Arohi, choking with emotions.

    " Arohi sit down, it's okay, I'm here now, you can tell me everything."

    Reet felt crestfallen at seeing her best friend go through this, glancing at the tears in Arohi's eyes, she knew it would take a long time for them to dry. Still, she wiped them away, and almost cried out loud at the bruise that Arohi had on her cheek.

    " Did he . . ." questioned Reet fearfully.

    Arohi didn't have to say anything to answer Reet's incomplete sentence- her eyes said it all. The pain, the fear, and the grieve they held made Reet morose. Arohi cried endless tears in Reet's arm that day. Reet did not stop her, this girl had been holding too much inside. Oh! What had happened to her innocent Arohi. What would it take for her laugh to return. Trying to restore some warmth in what now lay next to her, Reet cuddled closer to Arohi, joining her tears.

    After a few days time, the phone rang in the Ahluwalia household, interrupting everyone's thoughts. . . Amrit rushed to answer it.

    "Hello, Sat Sri Akal Bhauji, yes, yes everyone's fine. Arohi is also fine," said Amrit shakily.

    "Amrit puttar, what's wrong, you sound a little disturbed. Is everything okay with Arohi?" asked Kartar worriedly.

    "No Bhauji things are not okay. . ." and Amrit retailed everything that had been going on in the house for the past weeks. Unable to stop herself from crying, she broke down on the phone. .

    "Bhauji, what am I suppose to do. She doesn't talk, or eat, what has happened of my daughter. It's all my fault, I was not able to be a good mother, and stop this from happening." cried Amrit.

    " Your fault?! How in the world could it be your fault Amrit. We are the sinners, who got our boy married to you, who knew Sudhir would turn out like this, sometimes God has his own records. But before Arohi's life can be destroyed further, I think it will be wise if she comes and stays with us in India for awhile. She can complete her final year of university here in Chandigarh, and it will be a fresh start for her life. My daughter has already gone through a lot, she will never be able to come out of the box she has made for herself living around him. Amrit send her to us, Arohi will be happy living with the family she has got here. . ."

    "Bhauji, how did I never think of this. This is the best thing that can happen. Living in such a happy atmosphere amongst you all, I am sure Arohi's smile will also return. I will tell her this news right away, and call you guys. For as soon as she leaves, the sooner she will get to live her life happily." exclaimed Amrit.

    After the phone call, Amrit rushed upstairs, thankfully Sudhir was sill asleep, so she could peacefully depict this news to Arohi. Knocking on her door, Amrit went inside. Arohi was standing by the window looking outside. The sadness that Arohi felt right now, was soon going to be taken away from her tear stained eyes, Amrit was sure of it.

    "Arohi puth, I have something to tell you." said Amrit breaking the quiet.

    Arohi did not answer. But continued to look outside.

    "Beta, after all that has happened, I am also someone to blame. Growing up in an atmosphere like this, where your father just lost himself in the hands of alcohol, was not a healthy atmosphere for you kids, especially to you being the eldest, and wisest. But I prayed every morning that things would get better, and that one day he would return back to us. However, this wait has become much too sacrificing now. I have almost lost you. And so I have decided it is time for change, well at least for you. Just a few minutes ago your Daddi- DJ, and Daddu called, they want you to go to Chandigarh to live with them for your final year of university. Amongst all you uncles, aunts, and cousins, life will be busy, and you will be able to forget this mess. I think it's time you were given a break, and let loose, to experience life how you want to. What do you think Arohi, will you give it a chance. . ."

    After Amrit's obliterating news Arohi still did not speak up.


    Amrit stood in front of Arohi for a few minutes, waiting, but her daughter did not look up. Disappointed Amrit turned and left the room. Praying that Arohi would agree.

    On the third day, after thinking it through many times in her head, Arohi walked into the living room, where Amrit stood standing with her back to Arohi.

    "Mom, I'm ready to go to Chandigarh. I agree, it will be good for me. And I miss DJ, and Daddu a lot, it will be nice spending time with everyone. Is it okay if I book my ticket to the earliest date, and start the packing?" said Arohi rather monotonously.

    Shocked to hear her daughter speak, and moreover about her agreeing to go, Amrit was all smiles. Finally one person from this family would be able to have a new beginning.

    "Don't you worry about the tickets, I'll have Raunaq take care of that, this is going to be good for you Arohi puth, and even though we're going to miss you a lot, we're happy for you". Arohi nodded, and walked out of the room. Convinced that this was indeed good for her.

    Arohi walked back to her bedroom, still not being able to sense the major turn her life was taking. She opened her closet door, and tore at the hangers, taking down all her clothes, and throwing them at her bed. Like a zombie, she felt her hands do the movements- picking, and packing. It was like she was frozen in time, and she just could not feel anything. Like she was immune to it all. She was taken back when Nisha and Raunaq thrust open her bedroom door.

    "What is mom talking about, you're not going anywhere."said a panicked Nisha.

    "Yeah Arohi- what is this bull about.! How will any of this help the situation? You're not serious about this are you." said a determined Raunaq.

    "Di, please tell me, you're not going to leave us!" said Nisha holding Arohi's hand, in exasperation. But looking into her sister's eyes she knew better, she knew when Arohi made up her mind, there was no turning back.

    "Oh! Di please don't go, what am I gonna do without you?!" said Nisha hugging her tight.

    Raunaq on the other hand was not giving up, He continued to look into Arohi's eyes, trying to knock sense into her, but deep down he knew this was good for her sister.

    Arohi stretched out her hand urging Raunaq to join the group hug. Raunaq ran into her oldest sister's arms, knowing that it was only a few days, before the three of them would be separated.

    "There's a flight available for the 13th." said Raunaq sulking.

    "That's perfect. It's all the time I need to pack," declared Arohi.

    "Honestly Arohi now that you have made up your mind, can't you even wait a week- please!"

    "Raunaq- the sooner it happens the better. I don't want to make you guys cry any longer." said Arohi folding a pair of jeans and packing them.

    The pair of them looked at each other.

    "I'm going to miss you so much!" claimed Raunaq breaking the silence.

    "Me too!" choked Arohi, hugging him.

    The next few days were like a blur for Arohi, she didn't exactly know what was going on, but she knew she was going far away from him, and that made it feel better.

    Reet watched Arohi packing away quietly. Even after the news Arohi was as numb as ever. She hardly spoke, and absolutely never smiled. With a straight face she was just going through with all of it. Reet silently prayed that this dramatic change in both their lives was for Arohi's well being. But, she was going to miss this girl so, so much. Walking up to her, she stared into her eyes, and communicated to her best friend even through the silence. Arohi smiled down at the last belonging that was left to pack- it was a photograph of Reet and Arohi, taken at the age of 7. Both the girls stared down at it, cherishing the moments they had spent with each other. And, then finally Arohi closed her suitcase, zipping it up from both sides, and giving Reet a high-five.

    It was the day of Arohi's departure, she was just rolling her suitcase from her bedroom, when she stopped and stood in front of the master bedroom door. It was open, and she saw him standing their looking out in the air. After weeks, and weeks she met eyes with him. And after all these days, she felt the realization hit her; today was the last day she would see him. No longer would she have to witness abuse. No longer would she have to wake up at the fear of facing him. And never again would she have to cry herself to sleep. This was all going to be over. But as they say, nothing is impossible. Maybe, just maybe Arohi thought. . .he would. . . . But before she could let her mind dwell on these thoughts, she snapped out of it, and continued walking down the hallway.

    Arohi's mom, Nisha, Raunaq, and Reet, were all there for her at the airport. She could not meet eyes with anyone of them. Nisha was crying out loud, still begging Arohi to not go.

    " Please di, please don't leave." Nisha moaned.

    "Nisha this is not goodbye- you can call me anytime, I'll always be there for you. And I promise I'll call you everyday. I love you Neeshu, don't make me go weak now.- please," said Arohi walking away from her little Nisha, who had been like her daughter. Arohi had done everything she could to protect her little sister form the big- bad world.

    Walking towards Raunaq, she cried herself in his arms. They had been through so many tough times together, Arohi could always talk to him about what was going around the house, and he was always there, looking after her. Almost as if he was the older one.

    "I'm finally leaving you, look happy! She said smiling through her tears. And then seriously she added. "You know you have responsibilities after I leave. You need to take care of Nisha, you need to protect her Raunaq. Like an older brother, but also like a father that she needs growing up. I'm sorry I'm leaving you to this, this was like our thing. And now it's only you. But remember I'm only a call away bro! I love you so much."

    Raunaq only managed to nod, Arohi was right, he was now to take her spot, and be there for her mother, and little sister, just like she had been.

    And then Arohi walked over to Reet, by now she had completely broken down.

    "Thanks for everything Reet, for all the nights and days you gave me, and let me weep miserably onto your shoulders. I don't know what I would have done without you." croaked Arohi.

    "Shutup! This is our last time, and you're being such a waste by thanking me. More than anyone else, I know how tough the times have been on you, but Arohi please don't stop smiling. Don't loose yourself sister! Make this a new beginning!

    Arohi could not manage to speak, but mouthed a "I love you' to Reet.

    Then lastly kneeling over to her mom, she looked into her eyes.

    " I'm sorry puth, I put you through this. I know I'm responsible. But sometimes, somethings need to happen. May this this journey of yours be successful! Find your happiness!" said Amrit kissing Arohi on the forehead.

    With a last look back, she waved her hand to dismiss them. Taking in their faces, just this once.

    "Call every single day!" shouted Reet.

    And then she was gone.

    The plane was taking off, and Arohi sat by the passenger side, staring outside into the dark plateau sky. Still, not feeling, or speaking, she continued to gaze out into the twinkling stars that surrounded her, and fell asleep soon after. When she awoke the next time, she had reached the Chandigarh airport.

    Her mom had said for her to find her happiness, Reet had asked for her to smile- would Arohi be able to find all this here. Was it truly a new beginning. A new chapter. Would she able to leave that night in the past, and move on in life. And what about that Prince Charming, was there a possibility for him to exist, just like in the movies. . .

    A determined Arohi stepped out from the airport, she spotted her grandparents, and family standing in the crowd of passengers, she smiled and waved- making her way towards them.


This is it. I really do hope I did not bore the hell out of anyone, I apologize if I did! On a serious note, however, I always waned to write about Domestic Violence, and the fear it instills in people, I don't know if I did justice, but I tried.. . .

   And, writing this was fun for me, with so much time on my hands this summer, I really do hope I can continue, if liked by anyone crazy! 



Edited by Kudi_NextDoor - 21 October 2011 at 7:12pm

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moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 10 April 2011
Posts: 26222

Posted: 20 July 2011 at 2:20am | IP Logged
Its awsome dr. I was thnkng i wl cmnt at nyt bt i cnt resist myself. I luv d storyline vry much n hats of to ur writng style.
My tears cm out imagning arohi's situatn. U r brilliant dr.
Cnt wait 4 d nxt part. N eagarly waitng 4 arjuhi's meetng.
Plz gv me pm. Super luv ur ff.

Edited by moonkmh - 20 July 2011 at 2:42am

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..anshita.. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 08 October 2010
Posts: 3144

Posted: 20 July 2011 at 2:42am | IP Logged
wow...suprb story very beautifully written..
i can feel aro's pain...
he such a jerk..i hate that type of ppl..:@
feeling very bad fr aro...
loved ur writing style...
update soon n plz pm me..:)

Edited by ..anshita.. - 20 July 2011 at 5:37am
pari_15 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 November 2009
Posts: 6934

Posted: 20 July 2011 at 2:55am | IP Logged
res..will comment after reading..


u made me cry..brilliant description of arohi's feelings.. All i can say is, u r a superb writer..

Thanx for pming me...waiting for da next..

Edited by pari_15 - 20 July 2011 at 3:44am
-MissMinnie- Senior Member

Joined: 04 December 2010
Posts: 745

Posted: 20 July 2011 at 3:14am | IP Logged
Wowoww wow an update. U gotta add me to ur pm list dear! Dnt wanna miss this FF. Arohi is so different in this one. Her life and everything cant wait for Arjun to enter. Keep up the good work and hope to see a pm soon. Muwah x

The following 1 member(s) liked the above post:


-Awantika- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 05 May 2011
Posts: 2595

Posted: 20 July 2011 at 3:16am | IP Logged
Umm...Honestly speaking ii am still not over the part yet.
What do i say ?
Words can't define what i feel at this moment.
I am already in love with it. So in love.
The way you expressed each and every word left me wonder struck.
And Arohi's pain was so beautifully written that even a stone-hearted person could feel it.
And I could get it right through my head coz my best friend had this same prob. And my bestie would cry herself to sleep and she would barely smile. She would cry her heart to me and that gave me so much pain. And seeing your FF i was simply left speechless.
Damn, people like that do exist in this world :@
And it was so sensible of you to write a FF on it :)
Its a very difficult thing and you did it with perfection. Romance & Social issue together, its a very wonderful stuff.

Hats Off to you. Clap

Please Do PM me Smile

Edited by -Awantika- - 20 July 2011 at 4:01am

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 May 2011
Posts: 23069

Posted: 20 July 2011 at 3:19am | IP Logged

wow, what a start - great - u really have done justice to the job - u have clearly depicted the pain and sorrow of violence at home

great one - pls continue and pls pm me when u update next

Edited by Arjuhisis - 20 July 2011 at 3:40am

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...Sheher... Goldie

Joined: 21 March 2011
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Posted: 20 July 2011 at 3:35am | IP Logged
gr8 start !
plz pm me when you update :)

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