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Na koi tension lena...
Nahi koi dar ke jeena...
Chai hai masti yahan...
Remix hai apna jahan...

It has been 5 years since this show ended. 5 years. And still...still it manages to steal hearts all over, to make us laugh, to make us cry, and most importantly to make us all happy. When Remix started (or when we started watching it), we didn't think that we would love it this much...but we did and today we are all just gathered here to relive this show and just be thankful to it for being a part of our lifeEmbarrassedHug

This show is more than a show to most of us. Some way or the other, it has been part of who we are and who we want to be. When somebody asks me today, "What is Remix about?"...all I end up saying is..."Well, Remix...its about life." And it indeed was about that. A show filled with passion to love, to dream, to live, to hope, to be fre
e. A show where they made mistakes but still we cannot hate them, because those mistakes were their ladder to grow as a person. It was the only show where love and dreams set no limits and where we experienced all sorts of relationships, at it is. Love, Friendships, Parents, Teachers, and sometimes there were ties that had no connection at all, but still managed to spread love. Where they risked everything, and I mean everything, for their beliefs and dreams. Where there was no fear, but just the courage to take life as it comes, and enjoy it. Yes. This is the Remix that we all fell in love with. The crossing over this bridge called teenage life, between our childhood and adulthood. 

Oh and rules!!! That is one of the many things that Remix-ers never heed any attention to. One of the many things they detest because they believe in following their hearts, their dreams and like I said...risk everything for it. Don't we all feel to break some rules just because we don't agree with it or because we want to do something really bad but that rule is a barrier between us and our dream? And I am sure most of us might have even broken these rules, set by our parents or teachers or well just the government. Why do parents set such rules for us if we were just meant to break them? Well I think they just want to protect us and not make mistakes that we will regret later. But they forget that only by making mistakes, we grow. Ofcourse there are times when we need some rules and we understand those and we don't even break them. But others, well...And that is what our Remix-ers felt...they didn't want to break rules but just wanted to modify them, according to their beliefs and our generation.


And this story revolves around our most beloved characters - Anvesha Banerjee Ray, Yuvraj Dev, Tia Ahuja, and Ranveer Sisodia. Truly this show would have been incomplete without any one of them. They have shown us again and again that life is not easy, but it's beautiful and the beauty lies in the fact that life is not easy. Because after every fight, there is this sense of peace and accomplishment, like that sort of a miracle, that even the easiest life cannot provide us. Well what do I say about them? They are the voice of this show.

All these characters had nothing to do with each is the daughter of rich business tycoon, other is the son of a politician, than one is the daughter of famous superstar, and than there is this one who came from a village of Rajasthan. They had nothing in common whatsoever, yet they were connected. Infact if you ask me...when I started seeing Remix, I always wondered how they are going to actually form a band when they can't even talk to each other in a civilized manner. Literally.

I mean, Anvesha Banerjee Ray aka Ashi...

Hey Bhaggu!! She is fierce, passionate fighter who hates injustice and fake-ness. She is very impulsive and if I would use the word rebel...than Ashi is the one who represents it the most. She has no fear whatsoever, and believes in following her heart and her dreams. She is a brave, strong and courageous girl who would do anything for her loved ones. She is definitely a little insane (playing lots of have got to be careful around her Wink) but damn, she is a real sweet lady Blushing Her energy will definitely take you into another world.

Yuvraj Dev aka Yuvi...

Passionate. That is how I would describe him. The intensity of his love and dreams are so high, you would hardly ever get to see that...and that feeling, it is just pure magic. Yuvi is a total spoil brat, and a complete womanizer but when he is just pure magic. In this show, he has had the most growth...the yuvi that you will see in first episode and the yuvi that you will see in last...its beautiful seeing how much he has grown. The yuvi who was a coward and daddy's boy...became a brave man who fought and fought for what he believed in and his dream...the one and only, MUSIC. We say that love completes us and its true. It did complete yuvi too...but he is totally incomplete without his music. Dude if you ask me, his soul is as pure as music Heart

Tia Ahuja...

Style. She is the fashion queen of Remix and a very emotional girl. Her looks can seriously kill anyoneWink and she is spoiled by her darling daddy and is quite unaware of the real world but she lives for her friends. A very innocent and frivolous girl who is hard to find but knows well to stand up for herself and her angels!Embarrassed Her panache will seriously melt your heart. Afterall, Tia Ahuja hona koi aisi waisi baat nahi.

Ranveer Sisodia...

Determined. Ranveer is another fighter in Remix who cannot stand injustice and his power lies in his determination to win by hook or crook. He knows his limits and is truly the most matured guy in Remix...rough and believes in working hard because life isn't easy...and you have to make the two ends of the spectrum meet. His perseverance is breathtaking banaa.

And so after knowing this characters, I doubted that will they ever talk in a civilized manner. Ashi-Tia, Yuvi-Ranveer, Ashi-Yuvi and Tia-Ranveer...they were so opposite of each other. Always kept fighting, and I wondered how they will come to form a band? But well they did, but one thing certainly connected them all, and that was MUSIC. Music is like oxygen in Remix, the air we breathe, like ozone that saves us from burning. It was their way of escape and to connect back to themselves. Not only for our foursomes but each and every character. And again, it was just pure magic. And this love for music brought  them together, and they formed REMIX...

^^Their first ever performance when they didn't even know that they were creating a dream. It was coincidence or it was written that they didn't have money to pay and had to give a performance. That Yuvi's music covered four people and so Ranveer and Tia had to join him. And also Ashi came at the right moment, and she completed the music by being part of it. Who knew that this might become their life, their dream in future. And this group of foursome will be united forever and ever. Seriously, if you remove the music aspect...they would have found no common ground to even know and understand each other at the first place, let alone be friends. But through Remix, they came to know each other, understand each other as they are and love each other. And who would have thought that these people would ever become friends when their personalities, their goals, their beliefs were completely different? But it happened, because even than, they lived in same world, full of love and respect for each otherEmbarrassed

~*~Ashi and her favorite Timbo~*~


Yup. That's them since their first meet! ROFL Who would though that these two girls will one day come to love each other and moreover become sisters? Well sisters part we would have thought seeing the chemistry between their parents Wink But love each other? Not I at least. LOLAshi is complete opposite of Tia who doesn't care about what people thinks about her, while Tia does. And they never clicked from the word go. Always insulted each other. But their stars spoke something else. They were meant to be sisters. They were meant to love each other because they both are "ek person...ek person ke two sides" as said by their mother/friend, Sonia RayBlushingAnd they silently came to love each other and help each other. Ofcourse they wouldn't say it out loudly, but they did...they silently cared for each other...and loved each other. And I loved that...I love this silent love and caring wala love.Blushing


^^Oh btw, those are one of the rare moments when Ashi-Tia actually hugged Wink

~*~Yuvi Ranveer~*~

Well they didn't click in the beginning because Yuvi was a rich, spoilt brat while Ranveer was on there was sort of discrimination between them in the beginning but they are the characters that never held any grudges (except Yuvi did, only with Ashi Tongue but that comes later) and so it didn't take much time for them to be friends. But later in Remix, they came to be best friends where they helped each other and cared for each other like anything. They were like brothers, from their heart. And it was beautiful seeing how their relationship grew over the period of timeEmbarrassed


Aaahh...they were considered to be the next hot couple of Remix and you would expect that considering they were the most popular people before Ashi and Ranveer came, but they never thought of each other like that. Yuvi considered Tia as her small sister and for Tia, Yuvi was like her brother. They both understood each other to certain extent and were always there for each other in need. 


Thakurrr!! That is what she calls him. Their friendship is one of the most beautiful ones in Remix based upon trust. No matter what happens, they both have always had faith in each other. Be it ranveer when everyone blamed Ashi for writing the gossip column, or be it Ashi who was the only one who believed that Ranveer was innocent in season 2. They always understood each other to the most certain extent and indeed always teamed up against Yuvi-Tia Wink They knew that they could always rely upon each other in time of need and that is the beauty of their friendshipEmbarrassed



Well I believe that Tia-Ranveer were never enemies or sort of thing like Ashi-Tia or Ranveer-Yuvi were but they always had this tension between them. They were attracted to each other since word go because somehow they were connected yet pretended to hate each other. But seriously, how long can you fake not to love and to hate? I mean that isn't going to help you and it will only cause you more harm. And that is what happened to them...they pretended to hate each other and ignored each other...but in return, they only got hurt...until they couldn't bear it and they just had to let themselves free of this feeling that tied them, and confessed their love. Tia-Ranveer are typical lovey-dovey types, if you ask me...their story is presented in a complete fairytale manner...where there is a prince charming Ranveer and his princess, Tia...with lots of hurdles named Sumeet Ahuja (although he really wasn't), Arjun, Ira, Shyla, and Raghu...but in the end they survived...their love won over everything and they lived happily ever after! Wink


Wacko-Psycho. Okie them, I don't know from where to start. If I start, I won't finish but I'll try. Wacko-Psycho...hated each other before they even met. Yes, that is how their love story starts but even in their hatred lied this sense of attraction, this sense of peace of just knowing each other. Yuvi was living in a complete facade and believed that he was the king of the world. And Ashi, the only girl who challenged his power, his authority and ignored his charm. Yuvi couldn't handle that and hated her...and Ashi hated him for being corrupted and living a fake life. But with each passing moment, they came to know each other and their souls...understand each other...and slowly started admiring each other. This admiration turned into respect, and that turned into care. And this eventually led them to realize that they have been loving each other since eternity Blushing Even when they couldn't be together, they were still together for each other and with each other. Their love lied in the fact that they loved each other without any condition of being reciprocated. They just loved...and that made them happy. But ofcourse, they are totally incomplete without their daily non-stop fights...because their fights are their expression of love. They fight with each other, for each other...because they love, because they care...Ashi brought Yuvi closer to his dreams, and Yuvi brought Ashi closer to love. They both truly completed each other.

But seriously, do you all think that without their friends, parents, teachers...these four characters would ever be complete? I don't think so. If these four characters are the voice of the show...characters like MP, Vrinda, Nakul, Sid, Sonia, Sumeet, Rd Sir, Jumbo, Meera Dev, Pri, Meher, Aman, Varun...they are the pillars, backbones of these characters. AYTR are as incomplete without these characters as they are with each other and their dreams. These are the characters that held our foursomes whenever they fell. And there is this quote said in the show grey's goes like "No matter how hard you fight, you fall and its scary as hell. Except there is an upside to's the chance you give your friends to catch you." And I think this quote itself defines what each of these characters were to our foursome.

Selfless love is hard to find in today's world but this show was filled with that...and one of the purest love shown is that of Ashi-Leo...


Their love was so pure without any reason or cause. They just met and became each other's family. You know there is so much I have talked about Ashi-Leo but right now, I just cannot say anything except you will never see a love so pure and so selfless that it makes you tear-up with happiness everytime you see them. They are so cute and adorable and just beautiful.

"They say true friends are hard to find, but I am so lucky that I don't have one but two true friends"  -Ashi


Truly said Ashi. We find many friends but having that one special and true friend itself is like being lucky...and having two true friends...its heavenly. And this friendship between Ashi-Vrinda-MP is the most beautiful in Remix. They brought sense of belonging into each other's life and their friendship is like...whatever happens to you, happens to me. Seriously, if someone would trouble Vrinda, both MP and Ashi about kill that person...if anything would happen to MP or Ashi, Vrinda and Ashi/MP would do everything to make the life of that person hell...well especially Ashi...Vrinda is not violent types but she would make sure that Ashi/MP are fine and would do best to be there for them. They brought miracles in each other's life and nothing could break them.


And Ashi-MP...they are part of each other and Ashi is the part of MP's love story...MP and Varun's. Ashi for Varun was an inspiration that gave him courage and he thought that he loved Ashi. And MP always loved Varun but she never once felt jealous or hated Ashi or Varun for that and that is their friendship. MP just loved...and Ashi conspired for them...she became their angel in disguiseEmbarrassed Their friendship truly performs miraclesBlushing Their friendship shows that no matter what happens, friends are always there for us and will always be there for us.

Because whatever they are made of, their souls are just the same...

The three musketeers - that is what I like to call them. Their friendship is just filled with masti and fun...not that there weren't any sad moments. There were, but even in those moments they managed to just live. They brought laughter in the darkest times in each other's life and that is them. Their friendship is lively who would do anything for each other. They would even get involve in crime if they had to for each other, but woh baat alag hai that later they would themselves make each other realize that they are wrong. And they are partners in crime! Their passion to live and love just reflects in each other. Sid-Yuvi were toh chuddi buddies and seriously their bromance in the show is must-watch. Their bromance had come to such an extent that sirf shaadi karni baaki thi Wink Infact, yuvi has even proposed to sidLOLWinkBlushing And than Nakul came to complete their bromanceLOL They are cracked, but that is where the beauty lies that we find our true friends in even the most insane person...because maybe sometimes that person is the only one who understands us and makes us understand who we are. We love with all the imperfections because somehow those imperfections complete who we areEmbarrassed And that is Yuvi-Sid-Nakul...the three musketeersBlushing

"Because we're too sweet for sweets" - Tia and her angels

Their friendship shows that no matter what, if the friendship is will survive. There have been so many moments when Tia, Pri and Meher betrayed each other, yet they are best of friends because no matter what, at the end of the is what matters. They are each other's confidante and they have brought love into each other's life. Pri and Meher were totally deprived of love from their families...Tia's father was always out of town...and in those times, they became each other's families...each other's support and strength. Tia and Pri's friendship was so selfless that even after being attracted to Ranveer, Tia backed off for Pri and vice versa later in the show. The three depicts that if the friendship is real, it can survive anything.

Sharing secrets with friends makes you feel light

Okie frankly, I do not remember much of their friendship but when I think about them, the thing that comes first into my mind is that you can share anything with friends and they will not judge you. I mean ranveer...he had such a big secret to hide and Aman knew about it, but he never judged Ranveer or his intentions. Yes there were moments when Aman was doubtful in the beginning...but as they came to know each other, they just brought each other closer to themselves. And sharing things with each other made them all feel it secrets or things or whatever.

Just seeing all these beautiful friendships, I know that life is beautiful and that is exactly what Remix brings to me...the beauty of life. In friendships and in families too. And the would have been the band we love if these characters wouldn't have been there. The name wouldn't have been coined. I agree that although they were not present when the name was coined but still their friends inspired them to come up with the name...REMIX

The most beloved family in Remix is that the Ahuja-Ray family and hands down on that. Who wouldn't love such family where its just love and still they fight because they love. Seriously, its beautiful to see how this family grew. Sometimes families are what we are born into but than sometimes there is a family that we choose ourselves and this is the family which includes both.

"Tum meri life ka sabse bada achievement ho, meri life ka sabse bada gift...and I am proud of you, and I love you" - Sonia Ray

"Actually aap se sorry kehna chahte hoon...for everything...till today, I have really troubled you but I promise you, iss world ki best mom ki best beti banugi" - Ashi

Ashi for Sonia is her life...her identity...her soul...her everything. And for Ashi...Sonia is her hope, her strength, her bhaggu...whatever Ashi is, she is because of Sonia. Agar Sonia chahti she could have aborted Ashi because she was pregnant at the age of 17, but she didn't and bhaggu knew she would not. That is why he gave Sonia to Ashi...because he knew that if anyone can love his child selflessly, than it is Sonia. And that is why he gave Ashi to Sonia because he knew the beautiful soul that Sonia was, she would make Ashi a warrior like Sonia herself is. Never has anyone loved a parent-child relationship in a tv show like we all do in Remix, especially that of Ashi-Sonia. Because they both fight, but that is their way of showing love to each other. Ashi believes in what she does, it is because of Sonia. She believes in following her heart, in loving selflessly, hoping and dreaming, fighting for your dreams, being a is because of Sonia. Without her, Ashi would be no where and without Ashi, Sonia would be no where. They both truly complete a deep part of each other.

 And sometimes I feel like I dont know my princess, what she wants but I know one thing for sure that my princess wouldn't do anything that is wrong...and today, I want to take this chance to say that I love you more than my life - Sumeet Ahuja

Sumeet and Tia's relationship reflects a perfect father-daughter relationship. Where the father dots on her daughter and pampers her to no limit and the daughter throws more tantrums on her father so that she can get more pampering. They are truly incomplete without each other. Tia being the perfect daughter takes care of her dad's health and his life...and is very strict, protective, and possessive about her father. The only person Sumeet has in his life is Tia and he has protected her from all the realities of the world until she was ready to face it herself. Actually even than he wanted to protect her like anything, but being the person Tia is...she wants to be free and know what the world actually is. Is it really the fairytale that his father used to tell her about everyday? Or is fairytale just a myth? And Tia's need to know this answers always confused Sumeet and that is where Sonia helped understand his daughter, the life and curiosity of a teenage girl.

But Tia and Ashi were very protective about their parents...and the moment anyone attacked them...they would murder that person. Like in this scene...

where Ashi thinks that Sumeet made Sonia cry and is all ready to attack on him and seeing that, Tia started fighting with Ashi...even though she came to the restaurant teamed up with Ashi for Sonia. That is how they express their love...they might not say it out loud but it has been in their actions about how much they care for their parents...and possesive? Dude!! Like hell...

When Tia got close to Sonia, Ashi was all possessive about sharing Sonia and when Ashi-Sumeet were getting close, Tia was all jealous and possessive. They just cannot come to share the love of their parents until the last moment but in their fight-fight game...Sonia and Sumeet always used to become sandwich. LOL 

I told you, this is one crazy family and you know the most funny part? Jaise betiyaans waise hi parents...they would leave no stone unturned to annoy each other or irritate the heck out of each other. Especially Sonia...well you can see here that maa-beti ke traits bilkul same express their love by annoying the person they love Wink

"Love is all you need to feel magic"

And I also want to mention another parent that I loved in this show...and that is Meera Dev. You know when you have such a control freak husband, you lose all your magic. Meera had no reason to have hope or dream about her life, but she did...for Yuvi and she made him believe in all these stuff. She made him fight for his dream when he was in his vulnerable best. She fought against the whole world for Yuvi and no one understands Yuvi like Meera does. She has raised yuvi into a fine man and I love Yuvi so much, that I have to thank Meera for making Yuvi believe in magic, passion, dream, and love. 

Without their parents or guardian figures, our remix characters would have been no where. And I just know one thing that we are what we are because of our family.


And last but not the least, teachers of this show have been just beautiful. Ayesha Ma'am, Mrs. Sharma, Pradyuman Chaurasya, Jumbo, Vipul Sir, and RD sir. 

Life is beautiful...we live until we die...

I want to talk about RD sir because he has been the guiding light in their life...and by their life...I mean each and every character in Remix...even parents and other teachers. He has made everyone rise in their darkest time and made them fight. He believed that all we need to do is follow what we believe in and everything would be just easy and not as complicated as it sounds. And each and every remix character loved him...especially the students. He was their favorite teacher and I would be very lucky to have a teacher like RD sir. He is the best teacher EVER!!!

And than somebody asks me again. What is remix about? Well, Remix is about LIFE. It is about friendships, family, teachers, love, dreams, hope...and everything we risk for those things. 

And than Jumbo asks Sonia...WHAT IS REMIX?
Well lets hear it from our Remix-ersBlushing



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thatt's a realii realiii nice postt nitzieee! i cantt helpp but agree withh everythin u saidSmile

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the post is really beautiful niyati ... you have written everything sooo beautifully that i am feeling really nostalgic now ... i still try my best to watch this show everyday ... truly , even after 5 years after it had ended I still relive every moment of it ... it's not only jst a show but also the life of many like us ... it will always be special for us as it helped us in growing up in innumerable ways ... i am really grateful that it happened and helped me realize the real 'me' inside myself ... REMIX totally rocks ... and will surely do so forever Tongue

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hello people :) long long time.. iam out of words since nappy said everything there was to say :) oh and great work on all the animations and signatures , mindblowing they are :D 

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sigh sigh siiighBlushing What a topic naps just WHAT A TOPICDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming NO WORDS WHAT SO EVERRRDay Dreaming so freaking proud of u u did it all single handedly proud proud freaking insanely proud of uuuHugHugHug everything is just beyond perfection the sigs the avis the white light wlai feelingggBlushingBlushing omg an above all what u wrote and the damned feeling behind each and every word OMG no words just no words or maybe just one word MAGICBlushingBlushing sheer sheer MAGICBlushing Haven't even finished reading the whole thing but the first two three intro para hi KILLED ME TOTALLY TOTALLY KILLED MEBlushing
I really dunno what Remix AY Ashi Sonuuu r to me I I don't know but since past few months am living in this fear ki kahin mujhse yeh choot toh nahi raha ad that fear somewhat diminished me because hell life chahe kahin bhi jaye wherever just freaking wherever Remix AY Ashi Sonu meri ASHI yeh peeche nahi choot sakte kyun ager yeh peeche rah gay toh mera soul mera her essence peeche rah jayega I know they r not i know they r within me every freaking second and whatever I am whatever I see or feel or believe in its coz of THEM I know it but fir bhi there was this lurking fear this weird guilt I don't know what it was or it is I just know its there and it caused a havoc in my core and somewhere I am still trying to get out of that havoc Dunno when I would find that tandom again but for now all i know is I love this This is not a show never was never has been never will be Its life its hope its faith its HEAVEN Its miracle its that one thing jisko live kar ke for real FOR REAL darkest of times cna be turned into LIGHT just freaking LIGHT and that light comes from khud pe vishwaas jinse tum pyaar karte ho un pe vishwaas bhaggu pe vishwaas is baat pe yakeen ki hell miracles honge aur zaroor ZAROOR honge kahin na kahin koi na koi hai who is walking with us every freaking step of our lifeBlushingBlushing he is there and he wants us to be a lil insane a lil crazy a lil maaad he wants us to just be happy kyunki hamari happiness se hi unka existence hai he NEEDS us to be happy its like his oxygen our happiness is his ocygen isliy toh toughest times main hans padte hai yeh soch ke ki woh hai and ager sapne dekhne ki himmat di hai toh use pura bhi karenge woh her freaking haal main all we need to do is BELIEVE in us in our dreams in LOVE and in HimBlushingHugHug I jus know the mere thought of Remix and AY and Ashi Sonu takes me to a diff place a place where I AM POSSIBLE a place where haar main bhi jeet chupi hai a place where hatred main bhi pyaar hai a place where ETERNITY EXISTS a place where I AM BEAUTIFUL and my life is beautiful even at its imperfectest best BlushingBlushing Thats what AY and AS r to me my bridge to myself to my dreams my hopes my bhagguuuBlushing and TO LOVEHugHugHug
HAPPY REMIX DAY EVERYONE there is just no end to this legend no end no beginning like a flowing river it would just always be there for anyone and everyone waiitng to discover the miracle o life and loveHugHugHug

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duuung omg long long long long LONG freaking time its been so long that I am worried if or not u rememebr my name lolLOL where the hell r u man naps se toh u all cna fir bhi be in touch via fb but i dnt fb kabhi kadas pm drop kar diya kar aur even better seedha im
whats uppp? missed u BTW I SAW HP SEVEN PART TWO AND I M DEAD okie i know its Remix topic and all but hello I saw HP and not scream abt it to u? Not possible

and omg vansssh am surrpised u even remember ur id and pw here hahahahaha so good to see uuu

huggy donooo koHugHugHug

and arppps looove u so good to see u tere posts se hamesha pata chalta hai exactly how much this show means to u like naps said its not a show its part of who we are

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hellooo everyone!!! HugHugHugHugHug 

well, I havent read the entire post above...but I am sure its gonna be awesome.. I think I am getting over remix now...I dont feel like watching the scenes again and again now...dont know whats happening.. but well, I can never forget what it gave me..and apart from whatever it gave me as a gave me sooo many different wonderful friends with whom I shared the deepest and the most beautiful of my secrets..where I first experimented and discovered my hidden talents... and thats the reason I am here .. to meet u all!! HugHugHugHug

I am not here on AYLS anymore, because well..I have nothing else to say abt AY..I think many incidences in my life made me move on from discussing AY and remix or any show for that matter..I have stopped watching any show on TV.. and I dont feel like discussing it.. 

so sorry nitz for not reading ur entire post..but I felt I would never make justice to what I read,,.. still, I know that considering its must be awesome!! HugHugHug

love u alll!!! HugHugHug hope everybody turns up today!!! HugHugHug

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maaado dhakkan u here yeaaahHugHugHug

hate uuu for coming ol so damned less just hate uHug

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