Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2



Arjuhi SS ~ Diwanagi, Bandagi, Zindgi ~UPDTD Pg 69 (Page 69)

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thanks for the note amna

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Will Wait Di...Smile
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thanks for informing amna... waiting eagerly Smile
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Part 10

(Last Part)

Arjun parked the car, and walked inside the Garden. As soon as he went inside, his eyes searched for the girl who had had left him helpless. Looking around he walked up to the front near the gazebo. He was still looking around when a voice called out to him. He looked around and saw the group of guys standing behind him looking at him with smile. An immediate recognition touched his eyes, and his face lit up with a smile.

"Oye..! Tum log sab yahan ikathe ho..."he said in an excited voice and walked up to them.

One by one he hugged all his friends and sat with them. It was time to catch up on all the missing years with the friends he hadn't seen for over 3 years. He was feeling light hearted, and meeting all his friends had done him heaps of good. Melody of laughter and sounds of talking had filled the air. All the gossips, laughter and jokes were still not able to divert his mind away from Arohi. His eyes were searching for their sight. She was running around, playing a perfect host. He caught her passing glances at her from time to time. To his surprise he was enjoying this game of seek and ignore.

Rest of the ceremony he enjoyed with his friends. Pictures were being taken and laughter was being shared. Arjun was thinking about leaving when Sanchit called the group of friends for pictures. They all went up and took their places behind the couple. Before the photographer could take the picture, he saw Arohi coming towards them with one hand holding her Ghagra up.

"Stop, Stop.!" She said in a loud voice. "You've taken all the pictures without me?" She said in a childish way making Arjun smile. "You've kept me busy with the guests and forgotten about me." She walked up to them.

"But Arohi, this is a friend's portrait. You can come in the next picture!" Sanchit tried to explain to Arohi who was apparently in no mood of listening to him.

"So? I know half of them" She said and quickly came and stood in the middle of all the 6 boys.

Arjun's lips curved into a smile. Either she was pretending or she had no idea that she had stood right beside him. Quickly she fixed her dupatta and with a gorgeous smile looked at the camera. As soon as she stood still, Arjun took one hand up and placed it on her shoulder. In a split second shock ran through Arohi's body and she turned her face and looked at Arjun who was waiting for a reaction. A Perfect moment was captured! Their eyes met and refused to move. The expression on her face was priceless and the hint of mischief in Arjun's eyes ran a shiver and warmth down Arohi's spine. The flash of the camera brought her back to reality and she quickly stepped back and broke away from his hold on her shoulder.

The smile on Arjun's face was upsetting her heartbeat. She quickly turned around and left from there. He watched her almost run from there and go sit by her mother. She dared not look back at him. Arjun took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a second, as if he was trying to absorb in the sight of her. He slowly opened his eyes and let out deep breath. He was having difficulty understanding Arohi and the more he stayed here, the difficult it became for him to ignore her presence around him. He'd thought it best for him to leave. He bid Sanchit, and the family good bye and left. As soon as he sat in the car, the smell of Arohi's perfume intoxicated him. He wanted to open the window and let it all out but'what was he to do with his stubborn heart that was so keen on feeling her presence.

He let out a sigh and looked at the entrance of the garden in as if she was standing there. He didn't want to leave, but his mind knew better. He was tired of the debate between his heart and mind. He reversed his car out of the parking in speed, and zoomed out of there. It was 1 at night, and the roads were almost deserted. He drove not knowing where he was going because his mind was occupied with Arohi and her thoughts. He reached the house and parked outside along the wall where it was relatively dark. He was in no mood of getting off yet. Being in that car he felt her presence around him and he wanted to live every second of that feeling. He turned and looked at the seat beside him as if she was still sitting there. He smiled to himself and rested his hand on the back of the passenger seat where she had sat. He couldn't understand the emotion he was feeling by doing this, but it sure felt good.

He was sitting there with eyes closed and thoughts focused on Arohi, when he heard noises outside, as if somebody was talking. He opened his eyes and looked outside. His mind felt blank for a moment. The place looked familiar yet strange. He quickly opened the car door, and stepped out of it. This was not his house. From the past hour, he'd been sitting outside Arohi's house. The noises were of the cars arriving back, as the Aluwalia family was returning from the venue. For a moment he thought it was a dream but very soon it all turned into reality when he saw Sanchit get out of the car and go inside the house. In utter confusion, Arjun sat back inside the car but instead of driving, he continued staring at the house.

He was that lost in Arohi that instead going home he'd come back to her house. His heart knew but his mind and body didn't. No wonder he'd sat there and waited. Many a times he thought of getting off, but his heart had refused. This madness was enough and he needed to put an end to it now. He started the car, but before he could reverse out of there, he saw Arohi. She was talking to her mom about something and was holding her Lehanga up with both her hands. All the thoughts of leaving fizzed away and he was left sitting there again, looking at the queen of his heart. She looked ethereal in the dark, illuminated only by the dim glow of decoration lights. He almost wanted to step out of the car, take her in his arms and run away with her. She had the delicacy of a newlywed bride, and yet the informality of it too. His heart was racing like a wild horse at her sight and his thoughts were seized by the numbness it had caused.

She had already gone inside and he was still looking in the direction where she'd stood. That girl had left him helpless and yearning for her, every time she came in front of him. The madness she'd had driven him to today, had broken his barriers. He was unaware of his surroundings but yet so aware of her essence around him. It took him a moment to decide his next step. It was time to give her another heart to heart, and to find out what's on her mind. He had to put an end to this madness. He moved his car to the other end of the street where he could easily see the front of the house. He got out of the car, and stood there leaning against it.

There were only two rooms on the top floor, and neither of them showed any signs of light inside them. When Arohi came running after him, she did tell him that she was upstairs, so it means one of those two rooms was hers. He would wait here if he had to all night, but will not leave until he talks to her. He had been waiting for only 15 minutes when he saw one of the rooms illuminated with light. He stood up straight and looked at the room from far. After a couple of moments, a figured walk up to the window and opened it wide. It was definitely Arohi. She took a deep breath of the fresh air and threw the moon a flying kiss. Arjun's lips curved into a smile. She was such a darling,

He waited for another hour before all the lights were turned off and everybody had probably gone to sleep. Climbing the wall and the balcony was a job on its own, but was well worth it. The window was open and there was a dim light in Arohi's room. He looked inside and Arohi was sitting on her bed reading a book. She had changed into a red silk sleeping gown which was illuminating her smooth skin. Her sight had him heart fluttering like a butterfly. He felt the familiar sensation and desire wash over him. He forgot to go onside and stood there looking at her. A woman is known to have a very sharp intuition, and Arohi's proved right at this time. She felt as if somebody was watching her so she looked up from her book and the sight of Arjun halted the time and the moment for her.

The book fell on the bed, and she sat up straight. Her heart was racing and her breathing was erratic. She didn't have the courage to get up and close the window or even ask him why he was there. Arjun jumped inside her room but Arohi was still in a state of shock and disbelief. Her expressions were as if she was in a dream. A smile touched Arjun's face and he walked up to her bed where she was sitting. Arohi's eyes had forgotten to move away from his face even when he was close enough that she could feel the heat from his presence. Arjun took her hand and almost pulled her off the bed. She was definitely not ready for this and stumbled off and went straight into his arm. Her hands tightly clenched the front of his shirt and his arms were wrapped around her body holding her so close that one might think they were one.

Slowly Arohi's facial expressions started to change her body softened in his grip. She let go of one end of his shirt and gently ran a hand over his face to make sure it wasn't a dream. The sensation of her hand caressing his face and her body against his, sent him to a world of ecstasy. His eyes closed with the over power emotional war inside him. Arohi's hands stopped at his lips and a bolt of shock ran through his body. He opened his eyes, burdened with emotions, he looked at her deep in the eyes. There was pain, need, desire and'and love in her eyes. He gently kissed the tip of her fingers that were still resting on his lips.

"Ar..Arjun'it's.." she stumbled for words. "It's you,,,? She asked him in a voice that still sounded as if she's asleep and in a dream.

"No..i'm just your imagination Arohi." Arjun moved his lips closer to her ear and whispered ever so gently.

The sensation of his breath tingled and burned her skin and she closed her eyes.  

"Imagination'But how could you feel so real.." Her reply came as a whisper as if she's talking to herself.

Arjun smiled to himself. She really did think it was her imagination, and it gave Arjun the answer he needed. She had been thinking about him. She had been wanting him, missing him like he had. He nuzzled on her ear lobe and caressed her neck gently with his lips. He blew on her tender skin sending shivers down her spine and leaving her breathless. Her breathing was erratic yet deep. He could feel her body already melting against his. Her hands had moved down from his lips and had come around his body on his shoulder blades. As his lips savored the soft and vulnerable curve of her neck and shoulder, he could feel her shiver and her arms around him tightened as a response to his touch.

When the sensation became unbearable, she moved her face away from lips and rested her head on his wide chest. With eyes closed and heavy breathing, she seemed to have found the moment of peace in herself. With one hand on her waist, with the other he released her hair from the clip, and threw it on the floor. Free from the grip, her hair slid from her shoulders and spread on her back. He placed his hand on her waist under her hair and gently slid it up her back sending ripples of sensational pleasure through her body. He could feel the rapid rise and fall her chest against his, and a sigh of pleasure escaped from her lips.

He stopped his hand at the back of her head and took some of her hair in his fist and gently pulled her head back. With her eyes closed she followed the command of his hands. She stood there for his body against his, her head thrown back on his hand with eyes closed, and her lips parted as if gasping for breath. Arjun was in complete control of her mind, heart and even her senses. He lowered his face and as his lips caressed the sensitive skin of her neck, she shuddered with pleasure. With a jerk she broke away from his hold and stepped back from him. Her eyes dreamy with pleasure, heart beat fluttering like a captured butterfly and her breath falling short.

The dim glow of the lights in the room was creating a romantic ambiance only adding to the burning passion between the two beating heats. The touch of rays from the light were highlighting the glistening smooth skin of her slender neck, shoulders and her arms, making her look ethereal. If the closeness of her body drove him beyond sanity then the distance was brimming his burning desire.   With his eyes on hers, he took a step closer and stopped at an arm's length. Their eyes never swayed and were conveying the unsaid. Arjun brought both his hands up to her shoulders, and with  slight touch, he pushed her back, throwing her on the bed right behind her. She fell and lay there with her arms wide spread like an eagle, her legs hanging down the edge of the bed, but her eyes never left his. She was in a trance of her imagination.

Everything was so real and yet, it felt like a dream. The touch felt so powerful yet fragile like a wish. Arjun bent down on her and looked her deep in her eyes. Their souls connected through eyes and their hands intertwined they seemed eager and willing to let go, yet again. He inched his face closer to her, and gently blew on her face. The hunger for love and passion was so strong that even the sensation of his breath tingled her skin and added to the intensity. She closed her eyes but her lips parted with anticipation. His lips warm and gentle, touched the closed lids of her eyes. His touch was so light that it felt as if he was worshiping. His lips touched the tip of her nose, and her cheeks.

He trailed his lips along her jawline, and brought them closer to hers. Her eyes were shut tightly but the lips parted slightly indicated her anticipation. With a feather light touch he caressed her lips with his but moved them away again. He could feel her body tensed under his, and her head rise up a little bit to touch his lips again but in vain. She opened her eyes that were heavy with desire and dark with passion. She looked at him with such intensity that Arjun felt he'll drown in them. He wanted to lose himself today. He wanted to feel her body aching with desire for him. He kept a hold of her eyes and moved his lips closer to hers again, just enough to touch slightly as if he was teasing her. Her eyes closed as a response and her lips ready to meet his, but he moved them away again.

Arohi opened her eyes again to see him looking down at her. Why was he teasing her? Doesn't he know how desperately I want him? Suddenly, she pulled her hands from his, throwing him off balance, and on top of her. Her mouth gasped for breath as his body crushed hers against his, but the sensation was terribly sexy. Before he could regain hisself, she turned pinning him under her, on the bed and bringing herself on the top. Arjun was not ready for any of this and the look of shock was evident in his eyes. Once she was on top of him, she looked at him with an evil smile which clearly stated, "Let's play"..!

Arjun smiled and loved her daring side. From her face his eyes travelled down to her slender neck, and he could see inside her neckline which had moved low because of the position she was in. He looked back up to her eyes but before he could think of anything else, Arohi's lips had come down hard on his. His whole world spun and he could feel sparks and flames of heat emitting from his face and body. Her lips savored his as if they were most rare delicacy in this world. The slow and soft nibbling on his lips felt as if he was riding the gentle waves of pleasure. Both her hands were under his head, and his were on her back, holding her tight against his body.

When the teasing sensation became unbearable, he deepened the kiss with one slight move. He took her lower lip between his teeth, and bit her gently. A sigh escaped from her lips and her body felt lifeless. His lips probed and worshiped her mouth and his hands roamed on her back. With another turn, he was on top of her again. He trailed kisses from her lips down to her neck, and the shoulders. With his teeth he moved the strap of her silk night dress, and caressed her skin with the gentle but warm lips. His lips freely on the glistening skin warm and sensitive from the passionate desire. His hand moved up from her stomach and stopped at the top of her feminine curves, caressing her and driving her to the edge of sanity.

A low moan of pleasure escaped from her lips, which added to his insanity. His lips moved back up to hers. Her breath was warm and hinted at the burning desire inside her. Every time their lips met, it felt as if the earth beneath them had swung. He took his mouth hear her ear.

"You're only mine" he whispered gently and kissed her ear lobe.

Arohi opened her eyes and turned her head to look at his face. This was the man she fell hopeless and desperately in love with. This was the man who had hurt him but she couldn't help but fall harder for him with each passing moment.

"And you're mine" her reply was gentle as a whisper but firm as her hold around his body.

Arjun moved his head up and looked her deep in the eyes. He knew it, but he needed her answer. He didn't know what her response will be, but then he wasn't sure of what will happen when he goes insider her room.

"I love you, always and forever" He said to her, with a voice that echoed of sincerity of a child.

"Forever and ever" Arohi said with a smile.

"Pakka?" He asked her.

With a smile, she put both her hands around his face and cupped it. Her lips inched closer to his and touched. The passion and honesty of her love ignited the kiss and the seal of love became immortal. After 10 earth shattering seconds, their lips parted unwillingly, but their eyes remained closed.

"Pakka..!" breathless she responded.

There was no need of clarifying anything or giving explanations. For the emotions were the only thing that had talked ever since he'd seen her today. Before he could say or do anything else, they heard footsteps coming up the stairs, along with the echo of chatters. It was daddu, Sanchit, DJ and their mom. Arjun looked at Arohi who was equally bewildered. Quickly he got up form the bed, and with one hand pulled her up as well. She threw herself against his body and into his arms. With one easy move, he circled her waist, and gaver her a gentle yet the most passionate kiss on her forehead.

"I should go" With his forehead resting against hers, he whispered.

Arohi nodded her head and smiled at him. He leaned in and gave her another brief but passionate kiss, leaving the both of them breathless. He broke away from her hold and ran to the window. Arohi went after him, and watched him jump out of the window and make his way out. Before he sat in the car, he turned and saw her standing there looking at him. He waived at her, and she responded with a flying kiss. He reached for it in the thing air and touched his closed fist to his lips. Arohi smiled and walked away from the window. Arjun looked at the moon, and winked.

"I guess you're not the only lucky one!" he said and got in his car and drove away into the night.

His love story was complete today. He will speak to his dad tomorrow, and will talk to Arohi's parents as soon as possible. He could no longer stay away from her, especially when he knew how beautiful she looked in a red silk nighty. How sexy she smelled, and how breathtaking she looked when the glow of love hollowed her face. She as hers and only hers.

Some love stories are destined to be remembered. Arjun & Arohi's will always be one of them. It was never planned, never anticipated and never asked for. But when it happened it became their destiny, their dream and their life. So Here's to a new beginning..

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oh my god! it's over?!

soo beautiful!

^let me come out of the dream to comment...

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omggg how cute of an ending!!!!!!!!!!

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omg Arjun teaser her , it's just imagination...awesome.
hot update

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