Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
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Arjuhi SS ~ Diwanagi, Bandagi, Zindgi ~UPDTD Pg 69 (Page 44)

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when when when Di ?
em dying for your updates :(((((

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Missing the update Cry

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Part 07

She zoomed inside the parking lot and parked her car. She gave herself a final approving look in the mirror and smiled at her image. Arohi was always beautiful, but today the confidence made her even more attractive. She got out of the car, and locked it. With a flick of her hand, she threw her beautiful hair back, and walked out of the parking lot. Her posture was poised and her walk was confident. Like always, heads turned when she passed by people, but she was least bothered. Climbing up the stairs, she stopped in front of university's admin office and knocked at the door.  Professor Sharma came out and saw Arohi standing there.

"Oh, Arohi. How are you my child? Where have you been for the past month?" He was visibly happy to see Arohi, but also a concern echoed in his question.

Arohi was a brilliant student, in face the only student who had matched up to Arjun Punjj's level of academic excellence. So it was only natural for her professors to voice their concern if she hadn't attended the classes for a month. Arohi smiled at his concern.

"Actually sir, I was out of town. Had to go urgently, so was unable to come in and drop of a leave application. I apologize Sir" Her apology was sincere but her reason was only the half truth.

"Oh Not to worry. Hope everything is ok now?" He thought it befitting to ask.

"Yes Sir, everything is fine. Thank you. Is Ms. Jain, and Mr. Alok inside too?" She asked him about two of her other professors.

"Oh "Yes, yes. Come in" he said moving out of the way to let her in.

Arohi stepped inside the room and felt all eyes on her. Normally if you walk into an admin office, full of professors and teachers, nervousness overcomes you. But this was Arohi Aluwalia, the girl who stood her ground even if hurricane went by her. She smiled at all the faces who had given her a questioning looks and some who had given her smiles back. Ms. Jain saw her and walked up to her followed by Mr. Alok. The rest of the staff went back to the activity they were doing.

"Hello Ma'am, Sir." She nodded her head to both of her teachers.

"Arohi, good to see you. Where have you been?" Ms. Jain asked warmly and Mr. Alok smiled and watched.

"She was out of town for a while" Mr. Sharma answered her question and walked up to an empty round table with four chairs.

Everybody followed and they sat there. Arohi needed to catch up on all the lectures she'd missed. Her professors were only happy and more than willing to give her all the notes and help her catch up. After half an hour, she walked out of the office with all the notes, tests, quizzes and pointes she had missed. She looked at her watch and she still had two hours till her first lecture for that day. She made her way to the library and nodded her head to the librarian as a gesture of Hello. She walked to the end of the university towards the quiet study area, and occupied a table located at long the last wall. This was the most quiet and neatly maintained corner. In a neat formation, she placed the notes on the table, made herself comfortable on the chair and started taking notes. Her hair kept falling down from her should and onto the notepad. With an irritated look, she slammed her pencil down on the table and took her hands up to her hair.

With a couple of twists of her hands, she made her hair shape into a lose bun and secured them with a hair clip. The front bangs still hollowed her beautiful face but didn't bother her much as they were on the side of her writing glasses. They were not obstructing her view and that was fine with her. She was engulfed in writing when she felt she was under someone's constant gaze. Her face was getting warmer and shade of crimson. She rubbed her hand over her cheek and it was burning hot. She thought it was due to the reading lamp beside her. She extended her hand and turned it off and went back to writing. But the nagging feeling of being watched bothered her and her face still felt warm and prickled.

All of a sudden she felt her heart flutter and her rapidly working hands came to a halt. Both her hands were resting on the note pad and she slowly looked up to see no one was there. She turned her head and looked around. There was no one in sight, but then why was she feeling a little uneasy as if she's not alone. The sensation was not scary, but rather giddy. She hadn't felt this sensation and rapid fluttering of her heart since...since that night. With the memory of that night came a sharp pain. Everything went out of focus and her mind raced back to the moment of passion she had lived with a man she dared never meet again.

She had cried to the heart's extent that night, and still her heart ached and her eyes burned. She had come down hard with a fever the next morning, and was under intensive care for the whole week. Her family had been with her day and night. The love and care had helped her recover physically, but the mental trauma she had bared was hidden to all the loving gazes of her family. She had grown quiet and spoke only when absolutely necessary. Everybody in the family was concerned but were unable to find the reason behind her silent yet screaming eyes.  Her best friend Shifali  had been a major supporting pillar for her throughout.

She had come down from Germany to meet her and had found out about all this. Immediately she booked a trip for the two of them and took her to Goa, for two weeks. Arohi finally confided in her and let her heart out. Shifali had listened, consoled and acted like her mentor when it was most needed. She had let Arohi talk and just listened. She felt it unnecessary to give advice as to what's right or wrong. She wanted Arohi to make her own decision because she was capable of doing that. Shifali's job was to be a good friend and lend her ear, time and shoulder, and she did just that.

After two weeks, when they came back, Arohi's life was back in her perspective. Everybody was entitled to one hard learned lesson in life; she was only sad that for her that lesson was in love and had come at the cost of tears, pain and her trust in men. What had happened with Arjun was a moment of weakness and she would make sure that it didn't' hinder her ability to move on with her life. She decided she will never be able to forgive him, but if she dwelled on his hatred for too long, she would not be able to move past it either. The only way to move on with her life was to forgive and forget. She couldn't forgive him, but she decided to forget what was, or could've been. Hence, she buried her feelings of love and hatred deep inside her. She felt strong and even if he came in front of her, she knew she could handle him.

But now, this sudden sensation had stirred up something inside her. She found it rather disturbing that the memories did not bring back anger, but the feeling of ecstasy, sensations, passion of that night.  She put the pencil down and got up from her table. Maybe she needed to take a walk. She checked her watch, and still had an hour to go. She walked into the isle and picked out a random novel. Flipping through the pages she felt someone walked up to her. Something inside her twisted into knots, must've been her heart. She looked up from the book and her eyes forgot to return.

Arjun stood there, looking at her face with such intensity in his eyes that she felt her world turn. The book from her hand slipped and fell to the floor between them and her hands were left with palms outward as if she was still holding a book. She stood there with her eyes wide open and her heart racing at such a dangerous speed that her breathing became difficult. What was it on Arjun's face that she failed to understand? His eyes were red and tired, his face wary of freshness and he had a beard of about 4 days. Both of them had forgotten to blink and the time had stopped. Arjun's' eyes travelled from her eyes, to her face, her lips and then back up to her eyes.

His face was nothing but epitome of Diwanagi. He looked at Arohi as if he wanted to hide her inside him right at that moment. His lips were silent, but his eyes screamed the story of sleepless nights, pain, hurt, regret and wait. That's right, he had been waiting! He had been waiting for her, waiting to see her, to apologize to her, waiting to touch her, waiting to tell her that...that..Her eyes were still wide with shock and glistened with tears swirling around in her eyes. A tear fell from the brim of her eyes but her eyes still didn't blink. Arjun took a step closer to her but Arohi seemed like she had been stoned.

"Arohi.." Arjun whispered her name with so much desire that it became the most beautiful name that ever existed.

His voice echoed in her brain and brought her back to life.

"T..tu..tum.." She stammered with her word but took a step back.

Arjun took another step towards her, but this time she was in her senses. She immediately extended her hand in front of her as a gesture for him to stop.

"No..Don't come close to me, or I'll break into so many pieces that you'll have to spend your whole life living with wounds that will never heal" she said to him, turned around and flee out of the library, leaving all her stuff on the table.

Arjun felt as if somebody had driven a nail through his heart. There was so much pain and guilt inside him that he felt his nerves swell with the pressure. He shut his eyes tightly and turned around to go behind her. He had been living with this for the past one month and there was no way he is letting her go away from her now. He told the librarian to keep Arohi's things with her until she returns and ran out of the door to go behind her. He looked around franticly but was unable to locate her. He ran through the corridor looking for her but in vain. He bumped into one of the sweepers, cleaning the corridor and asked if he's seen Arohi.  

"Abhi aik madam ooper gai hain" He pointed towards the stairs leading to the roof of the building.

Arjun ran up the stairs to the roof. He slammed the door open and stepped outside on the wide open roof of the building. Warm rays of sun hit his face and he closed his eyes as a reflex. He opened them again and looked around to locate Arohi. She was sitting on the floor, in a corner. Her legs were pulled up with her arms around them and her head was buried inside them. He could see her body vibrate and could hear sobbing. His heart filled with pain at the sight and he walked up to her quietly and sat beside her.

He placed his hand on her arm and Arohis' head shot up. Tears were flowing from her eyes and her face was drenched. There was so much pain in her eyes that Arjun looked away. She immediately got up but before she could move away Arjun stopped her by holding on to her hand.

"Arohi, please ..." He said with plea in his voice

"LEAVE my hand Arjun Punjj"  she gritted her teeth and managed to say that much with a voice that was like a growl.

Arjun stood up and walked in front of her. Arohi looked the other way as she didn't want to look at his face and especially not in those devastating eyes. With her hand still in his grip he spoke to her.

"Arohi please, just listen to me. Please give me a chance to speak or this feeling will kill me" Arjun said with so much pain in his voice that Arohi looked at him for a moment.

"You speak about the feeling killing you, but what about the pain that has killed me already" Arohi's tone echoed the pain of her shattered heart, which only doubled Arjun's pain and guilt.

"Arohi, i'm sorry. You can punish me as much as you want, but just for once listen to me. Give me a chance to explain myself." He said to her with desperation in his voice and on his face.

"Explain what to me Arjun. What is there to be explained? There's nothing for us to talk about." Arohi managed to say between her tears.

"There is a lot to explain. I'm sorry Arohi. I can understand the pain you're going through" Arjun was speaking with Arohi cut him off.

"Really?  What pain do you understand Arjun? Can you tell me how it feels when somebody plays with your dignity and self respects? Can you explain me the pain  when you realize you had given your life a chance and trusted someone who in returned walked out on you? Can you please explain me how it feels when somebody walks all over your feelings like they were trash and then thinks saying a simple sorry would heal all wounds? Com on Arjun tell me. Tell me how it feels to realize that you had given your self, and your heart to a person who was couldn't care less and wasn't even worth it? Tell me Arjun, what pain are you talking about." Arohi was screaming and tears flowed from her eyes as if they knew no bound.

Arjun stood there as if he's been stoned. So much pain, so much hurt! He hadn't realized what he had done to her. He was only dwelling in his pain and his guilt and not for once thought that what affect it might've had on her. His grip on her hand loosened and it fell on his side. Arohi looked up at him with disgust in her face.

"What happened now Arjun? Is that all you had to say to me? You felt my pani right? Then go ahead and answer my questions!" she was still crying.

Arjun wasn't in his right senses to answer her. He looked at her face and felt as if every word she said and every tear that escaped from her eyes, was punching holes inside his heart and soul. He felt like he was being pushed into a pit less ditch of darkness and anguish. Arohi turned and was about to walk out of there when Arjun stopped her again by taking hold of her hand.

"Arohi don't go please. If I don't say everything to you right now, my heart will burst" the plea in his voice only angered Arohi.

"Mr. Arjun Punjj. i have nothing i want to hear from you. Stop wasting my time as it's too precious to be wasted on you" She said while trying to tug her hand out of his hand.

"Arohi Just give me a couple of minutes to explain myself" Arjun was now losing control. How much could he plead someone as it was not his character to do so.

"Arjun let go of me" Arohi said again, but it only added fuel to Arjun's furry of losing control.

He pulled her arm causing her to go off balance and stumble into his arms and crashing into his chest. He grabbed both of her arms from the top with grip so tight that she sighed with pain. He pulled her even closer and left no gap between them for even air to pass by.

"JUST LISTEN TO ME AROHI" He chewed each word and Arohi was left speechless and bewildered.

She looked at him with eyes wide open and her body pressed against his. Beyond all the anger and pain, sensations of his closeness came rushing back. She had thought she was strong enough to face him, but how wrong she had been. His closeness was devastating, but she tried to focus on what he was saying.

"Arohi, i'm sorry. I know what i did was morally incorrect.  I will never be able to feel the pain you went through or the anguish i made you go through. No matter how many times i say sorry, it will not be enough to sooth the pain. But Arohi i just want you to know that  I have gone through the same. I have come here every single day from past month looking for you but couldn't find you. I sat on the stairs downstairs waiting for you the whole day, every day. Everyday i would go home more broken than i began with, but never gave up hope. I was too afraid to call Sanchit and had no where else to go. None of your friends knew where you were and i didn't know where you lived." Arjun was speaking and Arohi listened with her heart standing stil.

"That night what i felt for you was beyond my control Arohi. I don't know what happened to me and i lost myself in the desire to be close to you. I was being pulled to  you but i failed to understand why? That whole day i had been thinking about you and when i saw you there, i lost control. I had longed for you, for your closeness and for you touch. Arohi i wasn't myself when i hugged you , all i knew was that i was being led by the emotions inside my heart. My thoughts were not in sync with my emotions. Then i said something i realized i hadn't thought about every saying to anyone. Arohi i was scared where those words had come from. I immediately realized i had gone too far, physically and emotionally. I am so used to people loving me that i never thought i would love someone else. I never knew that the emotion of love every existed inside me. But something about you had woken my senses and emotions. I felt insecure of breaking out of my shell and  letting someone walk inside" Arjun's eyes were in tears and his voice was absolute true to his emotions.

Arohi was stunned and couldn't' do anything but listen to the man standing in front of her, pouring his heart out.  There was no will and desire left inside her to free herself from his hold, because she wanted to listen.

"Yes Arohi. I lost myself in front of you. Somewhere between hatred and ego, i let you walk inside me heart and soul. I let you destroy the Ego of Arjun Punjj. That night i didn't realize the depth of emotions for you. My Heart realized the love, but my mind was still hadn't. Every passing day when i dint see you, i realized the reason why the pain of not seeing you grew deeper and deeper. I had fallen in love with you Arohi. The Arjun Punjj fell in love with a girl who walked all over his anger and his ego. I'm ashamed of myself for hurting you the way i have and will probably never be able to forgive myself for it. I'm not asking you to forgive me, but i just want you to know that I'm in love you. Tum meri Diwanagi, Bandagi aur Zindgi bangai ho Arohi. I say your name inside my heart as if i'm worshiping my God. I live everyday so i could see you and tell you how much i love you." Arjun opened up his heart and laid it in front of Arohi.

His face was drenched with tears and so was Arohi's.

"That's it Arohi. That's all i had to say. I'm sorry for hurting you because of my insecurity and ego, but i am willing to live with the pain of losing you, for the rest of my life. I'm willing to give any sacrifice now that i have told you how much i love you. " He said and gently moved his hands away from her arms, letting her go.

Arohi stood there with her body and senses num and unable to move. Arjun looked at her for a moment and then moved closer to her. He brought his burning lips up to her forehead and kissed her with respect and love. He had said so much, but the unspoken power of his kiss had travelled through her body and shook her soul. She closed her eyes and let the feeling wash over her. It burned where his lips touched, but it felt as the heat was bringing her back to life. Arjun moved away from her and saw her eyes closed, tears flowing from her eyes and her body trembling.  

"I will cherish this touch forever" He said and quickly walked away from there and fled down the stairs.

Arohi extended her hand behind him as if she was about to stop him but couldn't bring herself to speak. She stood there with nothing to think, nothing to say but sensation of his kiss and words running through her body as if it was her blood.

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AMNA, u are back with updates - great news
welcome back dear
let me read it first

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Aftr lng tym.
Ur update really make me cry. D way arjun say out his all emotn jst touch my heart. The guiltness n love mix up in his mind n he wantd 2 clr it up 2 her. Seriously luvng him bt m vry much sad 4 aru,she got ill becz of her heartbrk,d breakng down of her emotn make her sick physicaly too bt i luv dat she cm bck wid cnfidence n maintain her stand.
I hp nxt update wl b anothr gr8 update,nw i want their happy sappy faces.
Luv d update. Luv u di:-)

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where is my pm??????????

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absolutely mind blowing update amna
arjun has poured his heart out to aru - luved each and every bit of his words -
great update
welcome back once again amna
we missed ur updates dear

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it was awesome... the words arjun said expressing his feelings was simply out of this world...
oh gosh i still feel for missing out on u earlier...
please make the nxt update earlier...
and make everything right between them...

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