Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2



Arjuhi SS ~ Diwanagi, Bandagi, Zindgi ~UPDTD Pg 69 (Page 21)

mIsHeZ.x IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 August 2011 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
am speechless!!
the last scene wit arjuhi was jus so magical!!!
amna pls cont soon..
btw ramadan mubarak..x

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Part 05

"Ahum. Arjun, she's my sister" Sanchit walked up to them.

The thin layer of magic around them disappeared and they both snapped back to reality. They both stepped back from each other as if afraid of falling. Their eyes peeled away from each other and looked at Sanchit with embarrassment. He was reading a lot from their faces but he wanted them to speak.

"So, I don't need to introduce you two after all. In fact I feel like I need some introducing to the story brewing here" Sanchit's tone was serious but not angry.

He looked at both their faces one after the other. They both looked at each other as if they were asking themselves which story he was talking about. They both didn't know the story brewing between them, how can they tell him?

"Arjun? Arohi?" Sanchit said their names one by one in a questioning tone.

Arjun looked at Sanchit and took a deep breath.

"There's no story Sanchit. We both got off on the wrong foot, so it was necessary to apologize. That's it" Arjun told Sanchit, but wasn't sure even he believed himself. His beating heart and lapse of self control said something else

"Sorry?" Sanchit stood there with his hands in his pocket and asked in a questioning tone and looked at Arohi.

She looked at him with a blank expression but nodded her head in approval. Sanchit gave both of them a curious look and shook his head. If they were not ready to say anything, he will wait for the right time. He had seen something else between them, he just needed them to admit it.

"OK! Forget it. Let's go for lunch then guys. I'm hungry" Sanchit changed the topic all of a sudden and both of them let out sigh of relief.

"No dude, I have to get back to my office. You carry on" Arjun said to Sanchit.

Arohi's eyes shot up and looked at him and then went back to looking around.

"It's just lunch man. It'll hardly take an hour and then I'll drop you back to the office" Sanchit said while placing his hand on Arjun's shoulder.

Arjun looked at Arohi who was looking away, but he remembered the look she gave him just a minute ago when he said he wasn't coming. Something inside him stopped from refusing. He tried to speak, but wasn't able to come up with a counter. He opened his lips and shut them again. He wanted to go. He wanted to be with them. Deep down he knew he wanted to go, but the Ego of Arjun Punjj was stopping him. It was bad enough he had made a fool out of himself in front of Sanchit, and now going to lunch with them would only mean further harm. Besides, he needed some time to himself to figure out what was going on with him. He made a decision to stay away from her, and what was he doing here in front of her with her brother.

His mind was racing, but his heart was grounded to Arohi's speaking gaze. He hated this confusion and hated being in this situation. Arjun Punjj made his own decision and his own choices. He would go to lunch with them, but not because of Arohi. He would go because Sanchit wanted him to come. He wanted to go for the sake of his friendship with him. He repeated this in his head, but his heart smiled at him as if he was a fool for believing that.

"OK. Let's go. But I need to be back in the office after an hour." Arjun said to Sanchit, turned around and started walking towards the main gate of the university.

"Let's go Arohi, before he changes his mind again" Sanchit said to Arohi and walked in quick pace to catch up with Arjun.

Arohi was quiet and just followed the two of them. She wasn't sure what was going on with her and why wasn't she speaking. Why had she lost control after seeing Arjun. She hadn't been able to take him out of his mind since yesterday. His touch lingered over her skin and the sound of his heart beat had kept her awake all night. She had made her up her mind to ignore him completely when she saw him, but unknowingly as soon as she stepped in the university; her eyes had searched for him. She had attended the morning class, but decided to skip the second lecture. She had come out in the stairs and sat there, but had mind had diverted back to Arjun.

They both sat quietly in the car while Sanchit drove. Both of them were thinking about why they had said sorry! They were both trying to reason with their action just some minutes ago. Both of them were lost in the emotions, pain and desire they saw in each other's eyes. They were both driving each other crazy but unaware of the depths they were falling into. When silence prevailed over speech, emotions were too strong to be worded. They should be understood and felt rather than said.

They had chosen Chinese restaurant for lunch. Arjun and Sanchit sat on one end of the table and Arohi sat directly across from Arjun.  While sitting, Arohi's foot touched Arjun's leg and a jolt of power ran through her and she pulled her leg back. Arjun was talking to Sanchit so was unaware of it. It took them 5 minutes to look at the menu and decide what they will order.

"Can I have your order please?" The waiter took a pen and menu list in his hands to take their order.

"Chilli Chicken and Fried Rice" Arjun and Arohi both said it together without realizing.

The waiter looked at both of them and smiled. Both of them looked at each other and Arohi immediately looked down at her menu. Sanchit smiled but ignored. For now he just wanted to observe.

"Make that three Chilli Chicken and three fried rice please. Can we have the sweet and sour soup for the starter please?" Sanchit finalized the order and the waiter went away.

Arohi focused her attention out of the glass window and tried not to think about what happened a moment ago. Sanchit and Arjun were busy talking about some of their old mutual friends. Arohi's ears were listening to them but she pretended as if she wasn't interested in their conversation.  The food was good and the environment of the restaurant had done well to Arjun's mood. Arohi was there, but she talked very little. After an hour and half he was back in his office.

He sat back on his chair and closed his eyes. As soon as the outside world disappeared, his inside world came alive.  Arohi appeared on the canvas of his thoughts. His body automatically tensed and his heart beat picked up rhythm. He saw her standing in front of him with her eyes telling him the story of her sleepless night. He could feel the pull towards her even in his thoughts. Restless he opened his eyes and stood up from his chair. Why was she not leaving him alone? Why was he still thinking about her? He was going mad. How could he get her out of his system?

He was lost in her thoughts when there was a knock on his office door. It was Mr. Punjj. Seeing him had relieved Arjun and he could've asked for more right now. The rest of the evening passed by quickly and worry free. There was a nagging memory of Arohi at the back of his mind, but diverting his attention was easy when he was with his father. He had dinner with him and decided to go for a drive at night. He felt relaxed and much better now.

The night was cool and quiet. He had put the windows down and let the cool evening breeze come in. He usually didn't listened to songs, but today when he turned the radio on for news an old song was playing, and it had touched his emotions. He reached a garden and parked outside. He felt like taking a walk. He was wearing his track pants and a T-shirt and his running shoes. He saw a very few people sitting inside the park, sitting alone, in pairs or in groups. He started walking when suddenly he felt the urge of going to the opposite direction to which he was currently going. He always followed his intuitions, so he turned around and started walking the other way.

Lost on Arohi's thoughts he kept walking but wasn't sure where and for how long he was walking. After some times, he walked off the trail and walked onto the grass and went beside the waterfall in the middle of the garden. There were benches along the water bed so he thought of sitting by one. From far he saw the bench but he could make out a figure sitting there. The lamp post above the bench had pooled the area with light, but no enough for clear visibility. He should've turned around and left, but he kept walking towards it. Form a closer distance he could make out it was a girl. Her hair was tied into a high bun on the back of her head, highlighting the slender long neck. He kept walking as if he was being pulled to her.  He slowed his pace and walked towards her.

"Arohi" his heart spoke to him.

Exactly when his heart said Arohi, she turned around and looked at him. Time stopped ticking and their hearts skipped a beat. They both stood there looking at each other and not uttering a word. Both of them now understood the reason why they were being pulled here tonight. It was not normal of them to take a walk at this time and especially not in this area. Fate was pulling them together, no matter how hard they tried to stay away. Both of them were tired of fighting with themselves and now seeing the other person in front of their eyes, they gave up. It was useless to run away from the thoughts and one another.

Both of them looked into each other's eyes and their decision was made. They both wanted to be in each other's arms right now, doesn't matter where they were. Arjun stood there and extended his arms outward slowly as if he knew she was waiting for that. Arohi came around the bench and ran into his arms. He closed his arms around her tightly as if he was holding on to his life. Bodies pressed against each other, heart beat in rhythmic sync and breathing was deep and smooth. They were giving love a whole new meaning.

Arohi's face resting close to Arjun's neck and her breathing was sending tingling sensation inside him. Both of their eyes were closed and they felt nothing but the each other. They stood there under the light, with water flowing beside them and wind caressing them softly. If it was not the magic of the night, it must've been the power of desire and longing inside them that had sent them into a new world of their own. Slowly Arjun opened his eyes and with one hand brought Arohi's face in front of him and looked deep inside her eyes, as if he was trying to read my heart.

"Main Haar Gai Arjun." Arohi said to him with tears in her eyes.

"Shhh.." Arjun placed his finger over her lips to keep her from talking.

"No Arohi. Hum dono haar gaye. I tried to keep myself away from you. I tried to hate you, to not see you. But ..but the sensation of your closeness, the smell of your perfume, the sound of your heartbeat were driving me crazy. I couldn't take you out of my mind Arohi, not for a single moment." Arjun said to her and she just listened, because he was saying what she wanted to say.

"Since yesterday morning Arohi, my body has longed for yours. I've wanted to hold you close. I tried to divert my thoughts, but the desire to be close to you was too strong. I need you Arohi, I need to be close to you, I need to feel your skin under mine Arohi." Arjun said and looked at Arohi with eyes so passionate that Arohi's body trembled.

Arjun looked into Arohi's eyes as if he was getting a confirmation from her. She closed her eyes and moved her face closer to him. Arjun brought his hands up to her face, and slowly placed his palms on her cheeks. He inched closer until his lips touched her parted lips waiting for him. She was fire and he was the dry wood. One ready to burn and die and the other ready to engulf in it's heat and intensity. Their lips were hot with desire and temptation. They both kissed each other as if they were savouring the taste and were afraid to swallow. With one hand Arjun pulled Arohi closer to him and the wave of emotion caused them to deepen the kiss.

Their lips intertwined, their bodies pressed together, and eyes closed, both of them were unaware of the world around them. The only thing that was in existence was the passion and desire between them. It took Arjun a second to pick her up in his arm and lay  her on the ground. On top of her, he trailed his lips from her lips, to her eyes, nose her face and down to the curve of her neck. His touch on her neck caused her to shiver and she clenched onto the front of his shirt, pulling him closer to him. Arjun lost his balance and fell on top of her pressing her underneath him with his weight. She sighed and her mouth gasped for air. Her lips were parted and Arjun couldn't resist and closed them with his.

His hands roamed down her arms and over the unfamiliar curves of her body. She was driving him crazy and he was on the verge of losing control.

"Arohi. I need to make you mine" He said under his breath between the kiss.

Arohi's sigh and increased passion in the kiss was his response.  For a moment Arjun felt as if he was being pushed into ecstasy, but before he lost himself in her, he broke the kiss and looked deep into her eyes as if he was trying to find an answer to his question. They both saw a wave of desire so strong that Arjun was afraid if he made love to her he would hurt her. But the heat of their bodies, the beating hearts and the longing was too strong to resist.

"Arohi I need to make love to you right now and right here" Arjun said to her while keeping his eyes firmly on hers.

She held on to the front of his shirt and pulled him closer. She took her mouth closer to her ear, and whispered.

""Take me. I'm yours" Arohi's words pushed him beyond the lines of sanity and his lips again touched hers, silencing anything else that wasn't needed to be heard.


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Me first.
Oh god! My body is in fire nw. I myself cn feel d heat btn dm. Its amazng,amazng and amazng.
M lost in ur wrds di. The desire.d passion,d boldness are absolutely out of d wrld.
The ego which make dm 2 b in diffrnt pole finishd in d power of their luv.
Luv arjun's dialogs a lot,bt they make luv there in park? diffrnt.
Di,i must say u r vry romantic bt ur way 2 describe romance is vry much clean n it cn gv d feelng of d charactrs emotion vry nicely.
Superb di. See i cnt wait 2 update my cmment.
Thanx a lot 4 such beautiful update.

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Posted: 01 August 2011 at 12:21pm | IP Logged wrds again...d way u rite it leaves me dreamin for soo many hours...n now i can finally goo to study...was watin for ur update n it was double i tld no wrds...hehehehehheeh *wink wink...* i refreshed atleast 20 -30 times...

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aww..i'm late :(

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amna, iam speechless - iam heavy at heart with emotions - i can feel each and every bit of what arjun had gone through - what superb writing amna - great work

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Editd my comment.

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