Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2



Arjuhi SS ~ Diwanagi, Bandagi, Zindgi ~UPDTD Pg 69 (Page 4)

..Ananya.. Goldie

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awesome... continue soon..

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silverleaves Senior Member

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Great! Continue and pm please!

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mIsHeZ.x IF-Rockerz

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gr8 strt!! and congrats on ur new SS!!
i loved it
both r full of attutude...nice...wud b a fun read
pls cont soon..
thnx 4 pm.x

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please update di ...:):)

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Oh Man Amna
Youre Always Doing A Fab. Job
Love This SS Too Much As Always :))
But Pls Update Your Lovly FF Also :)

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MsFuzzybear69 Senior Member

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Its awesome!!!
Please continue...

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AmnaIsh Goldie

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Part 02

Arjun Punjj never forgot anything that angered him. And what Arohi had done was not just anger, it was insult for him. The only reason why he didn't do anything was because she was a girl, if it had been a guy, he would've had his teeth out by now. No matter how rude, brash or arrogant he was, he always respected women and never crossed his limits; another reason why he hated girls who swooned over him, because it showed lack of dignity and self respect in them.

It took him a week to get over Arohi's behavior with him and his anger to subdue. But one thing he couldn't take out of his mind were her eyes. In mere 5 minutes of the conversation, he had seen anger, amusement, mockery, confidence and then mockery in her eyes. It was not only her eyes that had remained; it was also her nonchalant attitude when she spoke to him. She spoke to him like she was speaking to somebody inferior to her and not the famous Arjun Punjj, and that was definitely a first with the arrogant heir of Punjj. He was definitely intrigued by the arrogance of her speech, but detested the fact that it stood its stance in front of him.

After that day they hadn't bumped into each other. To his surprise there was a nagging desire in him that wanted to see those arrogant eyes again. It was a fine sunny but breezy after noon and most of the students had gathered under trees in the garden. Arohi was sitting under a tree and was talking to someone over the phone. Her voice had the vivacity of a girl happy and young at heart. Her laugh was loud and vibrant. People had often told her that her laugh was very melodious and caught everybody's attention.

Arjun was with a group of friends and seemed to be having an Interesting conversation. Like always Fate played its part. As soon as he reached near the tree, Arohi stood up with her back towards him and oblivious to the fact that somebody was approaching behind her. Stumbling over her feet, her back bumped into Arjun's side and his arms automatically went over her shoulders to prevent her from falling down. Arohi was knocked breathless and it took her a moment to regain the consciousness of her senses, and the next moment to register that she had fallen into Arjun's hands.

Her face turned red with embarrassment, and the next moment her anger and confidence was back in its full force. She shot out of his arms and stood straight with her eyes fiery with anger.

"YOU!" she said with her voice full of anger and her finger pointing to Arjun's face.

Arjun was taken aback by her reaction and immediately looked slowly turned his body completely towards her. Both his hands were stuffed in his pocket and his eyes were amazed. He raised his eye brow and looked at Arohi in a questioning look.

"YOU bumped into me AGAIN. If you love bumping into girls and find reasons to lay your hands on them, why don't you go and find yourself one that's of your low level." If her tone was angry, then her eyes were throwing balls of fire at him.

Arjun's expression had gone from amazed to, stunned and slowly his eyes turned red and his body tensed. This had got to be the most disgusting blame ever laid on him. His arms fell to his sides and his lips tightened.

"I know your kind of men, finding ways to'" she was in the middle of her sentence when her world spun.

Arjun grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him causing her to crash into his chest. Her eyes were bewildered with shock and her mouth open due to lack of air and words. She stared into his deep eyes.

"If you say one more word, I'll forget that you are a girl" Arjun said in a low growl like voice.

Arohi's' heartbeat had quickened at his proximity. People were standing by them and were watching all the drama. Most of them shocked at Arjun's behavior but most of them shocked that Arohi had the courage to stand up to Arjun.

Holding her close to him still, Arjun quickly glanced around and his anger increased at the sight of spectators of this apparently interesting confrontation. With anger he pulled on her arm again, pulling her a little closer this time.

"YOU watch your steps next time Ms. Arohi Aluwalia. If you bump into me one more time and spoke to me like this EVER again, I will make sure you never hear the end of this" he said under his breath but made sure she heard him clearly.

With a sudden jerk, he let her go of her arm, causing her to stumble back as if she was a doll thrown back with one hand carelessly. She stood there with her eyes still open with shock and her breathing uneven. Arjun turned around, quickly glanced at people standing there and left the place in quick long strides. He felt humiliated and wanted to tear the world apart and break Arohi into billion little pieces. First she just misbehaved with him, and now she insulted him in front of a crowd. He was furious to an extent of infinity. He immediately left the university premises as he dint want to deal with people questions and definitely didn't want to see Arohi's face again.

It had taken Arohi several silent yet painful minutes to compose herself. Silently she picked up her bag and walked to the ladies washroom. There were no tears in her eyes only shock, anger and hurt. She didn't believe in crying as it showed weakness, and she detested any weakness. The only weakness she had was her family and that too was her strength more than her draw back. She splashed cold water on her face to wake her senses and cool the boiling lava of anger inside her. She felt a sharp pain near her wrist and brought it in front of her eyes. There was blue mark of fingers on her wrist where Arjun had held her from. She kept her wrist under the tap and let cold running water sooth the pain.

'Despicable, Arrogant man! Arjun Punjj, you will pay for this. You will have to pay for the humiliation I had to face today. I'll make sure you feel each and every sting of pain that I've felt today." She was speaking to Arjun in her mind. She was a strong headed girl and in many ways exactly like Arjun. If he lost his cool when angry, anger blinded her judgment as well. Little things bothered her as much as Arjun was bothered by them. Their attitudes were replica to each other and so were their personalities. They were like Fire and dry wood which only burnt higher when combined.

She thought of a plan in her head, and weighed all odds. She was going to make Arjun's life a living hell for what he's done to her. He will never forget he dared to rival with Arohi Aluwalia. A smirk touched her beautiful pink pout and she left the washroom to go and attend her classes. She felt surprisingly calm but the nagging pain in her wrist kept reminding her of the incident half an hour ago. With her head thrown down while taking notes, she was apparently in class, but unknowingly she was thinking about Arjun. His fiery red eyes kept appearing on her mind's canvas and it only added to her anger.

He was sitting in complete darkness in his room rocking on his lazy chair. His fists were clenched tightly and resting on the arm rests on his side and the chair was rocking back and forth in speed which matched the speed of thinking in his mind. His mind was occupied with Arohi. That girl had entered his life just a week ago and had turned his reputation into dust. He had never thought about a girl the second time, but Arohi Aluwalia was stuck to his thoughts like she belonged there for eternity.

It is said that thoughts and hatred towards our enemy takes up more of our thinking privileges than those whom we love. They were both thinking about each other with hatred, but the point was that they were both not able to think about anything but each other. All of a sudden they had become so important for each other that they devoted their precious time to think about how much they hated one another. Behind all the hatred, there one thing that bothered both of them; the moment he'd held her close to his body and had stared into each others eyes.

At that moment they had both felt a sudden jolt of sensation, but the anger was much stronger emotion at that time.  For a quick moment Arjun felt bad for pulling her like this, because he could see shock and pain in her eyes. He realized he'd hurt her more than he'd liked to. He's possibly hurt her physically which was unintentional. But he was quick to recover from the sympathetic mode. 'She deserved the pain' he said to himself with a satisfied tone, trying to suppress an uneasy feeling of guilt in his heart.

Sleep had eased the intensity of his furry, but he still had a sour taste in his mouth about yesterdays' happening. For the first time he didn't feel like going to the university today because he didn't want to see her face even by mistake. He dragged himself out of bed and took a shower. He gave himself a final look in the mirror that seemed to approve his drop dead handsome looks. He knew he was handsome but his intelligence gave him his raw sex appeal. His sense of humor, his confident attitude full of arrogance and the vibe of power and authority that exuded from him made him the stunner that he was.

He arrived at the university and there were only a few people walking here and there in the front yard. He quickly made his way to the library to borrow some books for his thesis. This was his favorite place to be in the university and he had one desk reserved for him at all times. Librarian was not allowed to allot that table to anybody for study session or quiet reading. He dropped his bag and binder on the table and went to get his desired books. Back with the books, he piled them on the table and sat himself in the chair to bring out his laptop to start taking notes.

One glance at his table, and his forgot to return. "Arjun Punjj is a loser" was written on the table top with bright red marker. His eyes narrowed to read it again and again. With a jerk in his body he stood up from his chair. His head felt numb with anger and his eyes fierce with anger and disbelief. "WHAT" he couldn't believe this childish gesture. It may be very insignificant to a normal person, but HE had a reputation in this university and nobody called him a loser. 'AROHI" he growled under his gritted teeth. He stuffed his notebook back in his bag and stormed out of the library.


He had run through the week's events in 10 minutes. He was sitting in the car, still pressing the gas paddle and burning fuel. This is the third time she' had dared to irk Arjun. This was it! No more. I've been ignoring her only because she's a girl, but she'd crossed all her limits and he'd had enough with humiliation. How many people would've read that? People would've laughed at him and would've made fun of him. His head was about to burst with pressure and anger. He noticed a car came and parked beside him. From the corner of his eyes, he could see it was Arohi. It took him a moment to jump out of his car, slam the door shut and walk over to Arohi's car.

He stood with his back leaned against his car, and waited for her to get out of the car. The moment she stepped out and turned around, he grabbed her hand and spun her around and pinned her against his car. Arohi was not ready for this and was caught off guard. He held both her hands away from her body and against the back of the car and stood so close to her that he could feel the heat of her trembling body and the thunder of her beating heart. Her eyes were wide with shock and pain, and his eyes were nothing but fire and revenge.

There was something different in his eyes today. An animalistic shine, something Arohi hadn't seen in the last two times she's looked into his eyes. At once her heart skipped a beat and for the first time she was actually scared. Arjun slowly moved his face closer to hers and took his lips to her ear so close that the sensation of his breath on her ear made her shiver. Her eyes automatically closed and her body became stiff.

As soon as Arjun took his lips close to her ear, he could smell her perfume. He took a deep breath and it was nothing but seductive.

"YOU HAVE CROSSED YOUR LIMIT THIS TIME" he said in her ear, in almost a whisper, but with his teeth clenched his grip extremely tight on her wrists. He could feel Arohi's uneven breathing, and the shivering body against his. He took his lips dangerously close to her cheek and Arohi moved her face away.

Arjun had a triumphant but evil smirk on his face and he moved in front of her face. The fear in her eyes and the innocence on her face blew his mind away. At t hat moment she looked like a butter fly caught in the hands of an evil kid. Her uneven breathing resembled the fluttering wings of a butterfly, but only Arohi at that moment looked much more delicate and irresistible. He looked into her eyes and slowly anger was replaced by a mild emotion. He was lost in the depth and innocent fear in her eyes. Arohi had also forgotten that he was holding her captive and that they both hated each other.

Something between them changed. There were no feelings of hatred there. Their faces were close and both could feel each others breath on t heir faces. The smell of her perfume was driving Arjun insane and her eyes were causing his stomach to tie up in knots. Her eyes were rising and falling from his intense gaze and his hard body against hers was sending waves of sensation through her body. Without realizing their lips had inched closer and were almost on the verge of touching. The attraction between fire and dry wood only but natural. The fire was about to go off in flames, only a slight contact was needed.


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