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Through the Facade- ArHi FF Completed (Page 7)

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resEmbarrassedm so shorry zeeru m in so hurry n want to comment long
so plzzz forgive me
holding ears 
i ill try to unres asap
loads of love

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^^ Its okie Hug take ur tym, will wait Sadii Hug 

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Chapter 2

Recap- Arnav mellows down a bit towards Khushi, giving her an off as a compensation for all that passed between them at the construction site, Khushi comes to know of her past from her Garima. Guilty Khushi decides to continue working at AR, help Arnav mold his life towards a new direction and most importantly get to the complete truth of wat passed between the Raizada's and her Mom.

The Sun gleamed giving warm regards to Delhiites for the day ahead. Payal, Shashi, Garima and Buaji stepped out of their rooms surprised by the sweet and tempting aura which had invited them to the breakfast table, Khushi joined them with a plate of Jalebies, and Poha giving a radiant smile which washed away the tired and strained atmosphere that had engulfed the house previous night.

All of them took their seats and munched at the delicacies, Bauji on noticing the absence of Buaji's apparently favourite Shyaam questioned her about it. 
"Woh to kal hi zaroori kaam se chala gaya tha, ab to kal aayega"  "He had to leave coz of some important work, will probably be back by tomorrow"
Garima smiled faintly "phir to milna nahin hoga, hamari train to aaj shaam ki hai" "we wont be able to meet then, as we are leaving this evening"
"Maa, Bauji, If you could stay-" Payal began
"Beta hume dukan ka bhi to khayal rakhna hai na" "Dear we have to take care of the Shop as well"Shashi replied. 
Khushi hugged the duo, and called her mom for a little convo, Garima obliged and stepped out of the house, standing by the front porch along with Khushi.
"Maa hume pata hai aap naraaz hain humse" (Mom, i know you are upset with me)
"Nahin beta" (No dear) Garima smiled holding Khushi's fingers in her fist, recalling a moment of the past when Khushi's hand would fit in her hands.
"Hume pata nahin tha ki tum itni badi ho gayi ho, Kal jab tumhe faisla lete hue dekha to bura laga, lekin baad main laga ki tum sahi kar rahi ho"  "I didnt realise that with time you have nurtured into a fine young lady who can take her own decisions, and right one at that, I did feel bad but now am fine"
Khushi smiled and took the blessings of her mother as she bid her goodbye and headed out looking forward to her day at the AR office.

Meanwhile Arnav was pacing in his room, frustrated at himself. He had been looking for further ways to make khushi quit, but nearly everytime failing, If he would think of giving her a bundle of written work, the thought of her bruised wrist would stop him, If he would think of assigning a work that would require strength the thought of her fragile self would make him hesitant. He wanted to give her a task that would be painful, yet couldnt really see her in pain.
At this rate he wondered if he would be able to come up with a challenge at all.

Khushi entered the office knowing well that she was late. She noted the pleasant change in the atmosphere, there were no murmurs or peers to greet her this time, maybe the office staff had been quite put off by lack of any challenge or 'happening'. The only worry which now bothered her was whether she was going to be punished for being late, but luck truly favoured her this day as ASR stepped in that very moment quite late himself.

Khushi sat at her desk, doodling at a piece of paper, ASR hadnt called her yet, what was she supposed to do? Work was being done as usual, but for her there was nothing, Lavanya was giving her the 'u-dont-exist' treatment and so seemed for ASR.
Her only friend at the office had taken an off today, instead of Manju di there was some guy at the counter, another reason to worry, today she wont have anything to eat during lunch time. Grumbling, yawning, sleeping she sat at her desk for hours together.
Khushi nearly jumped from her seat as ASR made his way downstairs from his cabin, she watched him from the corner of her eye as he turned towards Lavanya's cabin, a second's hesitation and the next moment he was looking at her, Khushi blinked and fumbled as million jolts of electricity passed through her. Her heart skipped a beat as he approached her instead. Calm down Khushi she told herself still searching for something that could make her look busy. 
"Miss Gupta" Arnav said standing few inches from her as he stared at her empty desk.
"Yes sir?" she asked with innocence that matched his sister's. Arnav let the thought drift away and focused at the newfound work he had for Khushi. He noticed Lavanya watching him carefully, clearly she had noticed him approach her cabin.
'Two birds with a single stone then' Arnav thought with a handsome smirk gracing his face.
"In an hour i will be attending a meeting with certain clients, i want you to prepare the memo for the meeting, Be present."
Lavanya seethed in anger as Arnav crossed ways without giving her a glance. Khushi stared at Arnav's back. Memo? now what was that?
Before she could ponder much on the thought, Lavanya stood towering over her.
"You chamkili!" she seethed. "First you create a rift between me and arnav, and now you take away my work, mark my words, if you even try to take my place you will be out before you would even know what hit you." Before Khushi could say a word, she had already left.
Khushi cringed at her words and got back to work. So where was she? yeah! what exactly was a memo?

She logged in on her computer and googled the term, taking up all the necessary details and information she would need.
After the meeting Khushi took the noted details to her desk and prepared the memo based on the format making necessary corrections, praying that the job was done well she made way towards Arnav's cabin, a soft knock and she had his attention. Arnav made a few changes and told her to make copies and send it to the press and reporters. Khushi stepped back fumbling, in her nervousness taking the wrong door, she had nearly slipped and fallen headfirst hadnt Arnav caught her by the hand. Khushi thanked her goddess as her heart thudded million times faster, her hand burned at Arnav's touch, but her mind was only registering the floor which she could see hanging through the door.
"I would love to let go but no cardboards this time" Arnav mentioned with a sigh and pulled her back. Khushi stared at him shocked. no cardboards this time Did arnav singh raizada crack a joke or were her ears ringing? Her heart now registered to the heat created coz of their touch and immediately freed herself from his hold. "Thank You" Khushi murmured and hurried out, this time making sure she had the right door.
Her mind was fuzzy as she reached her desk Sim and Pam hovered near her to know the details, and also to complete the task Lavanya had so dearly assigned them.
"Khushi, there's something on ur back" Pam squeeled.
"What?" Khushi asked reaching with her hand still distracted.
"It's a bug, wait! dont touch it!" Sim replied
"Lemme help" Pam muttered as she stuck a piece of chart paper on Khushi's back "there its's gone" she grinned.
Khushi frowned at their behaviour, clearly the two had Lost it! Her stomach grumbled now having her attention, it was lunch time and today she would have to make do with a cup of tea and some berries
Smiling she made her way out into the fresh air, the sweet smell of nature calmed her nerves and mind. Having bought her mini lunch she sat at a nearby bench and quenched her thirst and hunger.
She felt many snide laughs and remarks coming her way, what was it? She checked her face and dress, everything seemed fine then why were they pointing at her with their mocking gaze. Something was surely not right. Ignoring the buzz she munched and sipped, as soon as she was done she hurried in, making it a point that her next stop would be the Restroom.

She entered the AR office surprised that her presence created an effect, A random guy called out to her from his place as she passed by "Is it Just ur name? or u do make delicious Jalebi's?"
Gales of laughter came in response.
ASR clenched his teeth as he witnessed the rowdy atmosphere in his office
Another person gathered up courage and asked her to show a few moves.
Khushi stood stunned unable to come up with a comeback, wat on earth was happening? 
She looked around to see almost every office member smiling tight-lipped or gossiping together. She felt a hand press onto her shoulder, avoiding her to turn or move. A sudden Rip sound took the daylights out of her, she gaped open-mouthed as the pressure on her shoulder released and she turned to find Arnav holdin a piece of paper with the words Naam:Jalebi Bai incripted on it. 
She stepped back as Arnav's anger rippled across the room, touching even her, he looked like a towering demon who was ready to unleash his fire at everyone. 
"Yeh kisne kiya?"(Who did this?) He asked in his chilling cold yet harsh voice.
None of the staff members replied, pretending to have been busy in their work, while the entire event took place.
Khushi flushed in embaressment, Her vision blurred as tears settled in her eyes, she tried to blink them away but instead they cascaded down her cheeks one after the other.
Arnav crumpled the paper in his hand, Why was he here? Why was he angry? Why was he helping Khushi?Why was this stupid unbelievable crazy sense of guilt and gloom settling in his heart at the glimpse of a few tears? He really didnt know, anger flushed through his veins and in some corner of his mind he could simply thank his control for not yelling out the million questions running through his mind.
"Aap log College ke bewakoof bachche nahin hai, AR main kaam karne aate hain yeh sab nahin" (You are not some immature dunderheads in College, you come to AR for work and not such nonsense)
He could see his staff cowering infront of him, the power he exercised on them usually gave him pleasure but today it was seething anger, he wanted to rip their throats out for such imbecile behaviour.
"Kh - Ms Gupta" he turned nearly slipping on her name. "Back to work" His breath was heavy and he wondered yet again. Why?
She wiped her tears and nodded in confidence. He watched her walk back to her desk, while which she caught her foot at the table and nearly lost her balance, he had the urge to catch her but she regained her posture and with soft steps took her seat.
Arnav gave his staff members one last look as he proceeded to his cabin, just then Lavanya interrupted him by calling out his name quiet loud among the staff office.
Smiling she proceeded towards him, God women dont you get the hints Arnav thought.
"ASR the office is so boring, lets go for a coffee" she placed her hand on his shoulder beaming in confidence as she announced to her audience, that nothing changed between them. He didnt think twice as he removed her hand and placed it back to her side. "There's a lot of work to be done Miss Kashyap"
He watched her face fall, with disappointment evident on her face, but more profoundly utter dumbness. Arnav unintentionally found himself comparing Lavanya and Khushi, clearly Khushi won, she was unpredictable and he liked that. A sense of deep understanding and satisfaction settled in him, Lavanya was afterall not worth his families happiness, and there were always other distractions for him.

Hey guys, Sorry I know i took quite a long time, but i hope the update compensated for it :) Do Review Embarrassed

Lots of Luv
ZeeJay Hug

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awesome update !
i loved everything about it ...
speacially d way arnav cracks d joke n she still is wondering wat happened!
d way arnav gets angry on d prank played on khushi was described so nicely !
n i just cant help smilin at d fact tat arnav was comparin khushi n lavanya !!
beautiful update !!!so eager for d next one !
thanks for d pm

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Loved the update!
You write wonderfully!
the garima-Khushi scene was sweet...
LOL Arnav can't think of what challenge to give her!
And Khushi's just doodling on a piece of paper..I can so imagine that!
Haha she doesn't know what a memo is...and La all angry...ha, wait till the day when Khushi will be La's boss
and Sim-Pam ..uff...but ROFL..Jalebbiii Baiii!
and Arnav, all ready to catch her, lekin mauka nahi mila...yayy La-Arnav ka THE END!!
Awesome update, update soon and thanks for the PM!

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simply loved it alll :)

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Hey! Lovely ss! Do pm me if you update!Big smile

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