Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF:- hmko pyar hua <3 24\7 pg 11 confession scene

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                                <3<3 humko pyaar hua ,puri hui dua<3<3
hey guys ,am a silent reader i have a story going through my mind so i can't keep it in anymore just wanna burst out hope so u ppl like it becoz it is the first tym i 'em writing i have never tried to write a ff  or os this is a short story of arjuhi where arohi is in love wid arjun and arjun never realise it,will arohi love change arjun, aur arjun will change they will again develop feelings guess where, in JUNGLE arohi sharma;a sweet simple girl always lost in her dreamland fill with love and  arjun ,she is mature  same as (kmh1 arohi) arjun:love enjoying his life and his life is ; money,Girls,bullying,hate studies,no rules and no responsibilities SPECIALLY NO PLACE FOH LOVE :0 this is first chapter so its boring next is up to u guyz and i have done 6 chapters plz share ur views and have a look at it 
a girl with straight hairs ,books in hands, wearing a salwar suit and a shy smile on her face while walking down the streets she jumped in happiness .while every one on street  look at her with a weird expression on their face as soon as she saw everybody looking at her and wat she just did she felt embarassed and headed to home, where her whole family was discussing somethin and when her daddu looked at her 
dadu:arohi !!!agayi tu kaisa tha ajj ka din
arohi started to blush:veryyy amazin  best day in my life <3
dadu:aisa kya hua ajj????
arohi:n...nott...hing just like this only!!!seeing a worried look at arohi's face luvdeep said:okk okk finish this topic come arohi i have to discuss many things with yew!!!!
arohi while walking in room :thenk'x bua for saving warna ajj to main mer  hi jatii...bua:mujhe pata hai ajj kch tumhare ya us k sath hya hoga 
Arohi:kya bua app bhi maine toh usse kabhi baat bhi nahi ki us ne toh kabhi meri taraf dekha bhi nahi (wid a sad face)bua:kya!!!!:o arohi tu bhi na bilkul old fashion hain tunne kabhi us se  baat bhi nahi kii
arohi:aisa nahi hai bus kabhi himmat nahi hui
bua:uff... as amrit called luv's name she said:kk wll talk latr aur haan try to talk to him once ;)
as bua left the room arohi started jumping on her bed in happiness and finally landed on the floorarohi:owww ufff main bhi nah over excited hogayin hoon us ne buss mujhe... she was blushing too hard  and start writing her diary
today was the best day for me in my life finally  ohh emm geee!!!my day  started from here when i entered the college all the girlz gaze was at a boy who just entered the college and so as i was all LATTOO over him as i heard a girl say:look who is coming i wish he could be mine once 
2girl :oh shut up!!!arjun singhania will be only mine i wish i could dance with him at the prom night
arohi in thoughts:i wish i could dance wid him once ahh but he will never ever like me as i saw him walking towards natasha and natasha giving him a flirtious smile and gived him a tight hug i was just too jealous i wish i could once touch him or hug him but the first thing came into my mind was diferrence between us 2 as i looked natsha clothes she was wearing a halfsleeves and a very short skirt who all boys will go after and then i looked at me just simple with straight simple hairs and a simple pink salwar suit i belong to a rich family so as he do but am not spiolt brat but he is  will he evr accept  me how i am but wat could i do am in LOVE wid him and this thought made me sad and i start walking towards my best friend gauri she is sweet and simple like me and support me  in every matter i have told her bout my crush naahh more then crush she always give me advice but wat could i do i just dunno how will he reacts like if sum person never know me and din even look at me once ,and i'll go to him:hy am arohi sharma and i have to tell u sumthing i love you very much will u be mine !!!! will he react in reply he will laugh at me and the whole college will make fun of me i was lost in the thoughts then i bumped with sumone and losed my balanced and he catch me by my waist in fear i closed my eyes and i din feel anyhting but stong arms around me making current flow all over at my body as soon i opened my eyes i saw choclate brown eyes and i know who he was ...arjun
 as i realized where and in which condition i was i got out from his arms 
arjun:welcome ahhh where was u lost i have sseen u many tym lost sumwhere
arohi thought:he actually noticed me ohh emm ggeee em i dreaming
arjun waved a hand infront of her:see u r lost again btw am arjun ..arjun singhania
arohi:am arohi sharma nice to meet yew
arjun:yeah same here welll i have to go will meet u he left i could'nt control my self and my blushness oh emm geee he touched me and he noticed me !!!!:o he was in my class and i thought he never evr noticed me becaus their was so many oder girlz he will go after :s, uff i m just taking it too much he is in my class how come he will not notice me am just to over excitd at this thought and by this day came to an end i have seen my family is always discussing sumthin and when ever some 1 try to tell me bua always interrupt i guess wat is she hiding from me but who cares!!!!!! the whole night i kept thinking bout him the incident omg!!!!!!!and soon i drifted off to sleep...

will arjun accept her???
will she be able to tell him her feelings??
wat is his family hiding from her??
 as i entered the class and started talking to gauri and then our teacher entered in the class and said i think many of students are busy in talking and not concentrating on studies he said this while looking at romit and said:romit i have seen ur not concentrating in studies all the time u r just talking to shefali i will change ur seat not only u many oder ppl r talking to much he said while looking at us and i lowered my eyes so i am goona change ur places  1 by 1 evry one place was changed and when teacher said arohi sharma with arjun singhnia it was like i am in heaven ohh emmm geee i always hate this teacher deep in my heart but today he ws the best for me and i went and sit wid him 
arjun:hy arohi so how r u
arohi:hy am f9 and teacher started his lecture .arjun: arohi am not having the book can i share with u
arohi:sure y not and arjun leaaned closser to her and  they both shared the book and the classes finish i was soo happy that he is sitting wid me i straight went to home and the next day at college i found gauri and she was soo happy
arohi:kya hua itni khush kyun hai
gauri:omg !!!!prom night jo 1 week bad hai jay ne mujhe us k sath dance karne ko kaha
arohi:ohhh finally u got ur crush
gauri:hmmm...oh tumhare seat to arjun k sath haina dekho us ko jake bol do warna main bol dungi 
arohi:gauri plzzz dekho main sahi waqt pe bol dungi na
gauri: mere pas ek plan hai
arohi:kya ...gauri:tum usse friendship karlo aur us ki best friend banjao phir to shayad wo bhi kuch feel kare
arohi:hmmm nice idea ok kkk and i entered the class and i found him already sitting on the desk 7,9 days passed and we was friends not best freinds just friends and finally prom night was after 2morrow every one in the college was deciding who to dance with and asusual i was staring arjun his strong arms, his spikes, his way of talking, his choclaate brown eyes ,his violvet lips and when i find him starin back at me i found my cheeks going red and he smiled seeing me blushed and he started to walk towards me oh emm gee i felt my breath caught he kept walking towards me and he was too close to me that i can listen his heart beat he was looking in my eyes and bend down so close to my lips and turn his fce to the desk and picked his jacket and went away i was just to shocked :o taht wat just happened and the classes started and  i found myself staring at him so many times so as he found me staring at him and in reply he gave smile and the classes finished i went to canteen and gauri me and shefali was talking bout prom
shefali:oh main romit ke sath dance karungi ohh my god!!!
gauri:aur main jai ke sath ...arohi tu kis k sath karegi
arohi:pata nahi ...shefali:kya pata nahi uff aru u're old fashion like gauri..gau:... :@

prom night=
every body was enjoying and arohi was still not here 
shefali:gauri arohi kaha hai 
gauri:pata nahi lets call her ...arohi tu kaha hai
arohi:main washroom mein hoon hall ke washroom mein
gauri :kya per humne to tumhe nahi dekha 
arohi:nahi jab ayi thi jab 2,7 ppls they aur main jaldi se washroom chaligayi
gauri:kyun are u scared
arohi:yes kahi main over dressed to nahi hoon main kaisi lag rahi hoon plzz yaha ayo na gauri:acha theek hai they went t wshroom and found many girls praising arohi's beauty,but arohi is the 1 to get dissapoint r they saying to imprees me becoz 'em looking ugly 
gauri:arohi!!!...she turned and was looking beautifull amazing she was wearing a white dress (that 1 she weared in mask party but colour is white) and pink eyeshadow with some lip gloss leaving her lips and eyes look soft innocent and simple,sweet with diamond earings and a small necklace with diamond heart in it and curls on her shoulder 
gauri:arohi wow!!u r so beautifull i never noticed that 
shef:u r hawt!!! ;)
ga:c'mon lets go out
aru:no i dun have courage to ...some how we bring her outside we found many boyz ,girls staring at her
aru:gauri sab mujhe aise kyun dekh rahe hai main buri lag rahi hoon
gauri :no yaar u r looking breath taking and simply beautifull
aru:thsnk'x ...we headed to dance floor leaving her alone so that any 1 can ask her for dance many boyz did but she was to scared to go close to any 1 only arjun was in her mind he was'nt in party yet and when he entered every girl eyes was glued at him as usual he was looking amzing and when he saw me he was staring me and i was blushing too hard and he came to me he kept staring at me and i was blushing ,blushing and blushing then he said:u know ur blush add a adorable look at u, u r looking beautifull ...arohi:thenk'x ...arjun: will u dance wid me  
arohi in thought :  oh  god am i dreaming as arjun shout her name: arohi!!!
arjun:will u dance wid me ???u r lost again in thoughts
arohi:hmmm and they both headed to dance floor and the music played TUM HO PYAAR(from haunted 3d) the song was perfect for them but mostly for arohi she was just too lost in him ,arjun's hand on her waist, her hand on his shoulder, his hands in her hand and both looking in eachother eyes finally aru wish is fulfill she just danced wid him ;)

its been 2 month and iam still in love wid him and in these 2 months me and arjun have develop more friendship and i have fall in more love wid him taht if he ignored me i'll completely break down we use to hang out together share everything i have telled him everything about me but still i have feeling he never think me in that way as-usual he have so many gf and girls all over him when ever i i look at him some how i dun like him doing all this stuff but still my heart is not ready to hate him will he b mine or not??i know he is a flirt i dun have ...NO i do have problem wid taht. today is a big day for me gauri,me,shefali,arjun,romit and jay we r going out today romit and sheflai are in relation know so as jai and gauri i wonder how they have so much confidence which i don't have...and seeing the ryt time i'll tell him my feelings i willl and wt ever his answer is i will accept it but still i have a feeeling he will  b  mine becoz he is not like oder boys i know he is a flirt but he will never play wid sum 1's heart today every problem will b finish i amm going to tell him...

what will be arjun's answer???
if it will be No what step will arohi take???
arohi:gauri mujhe der lagraha hai woh kya bole ga abhi hum best friends nhi banee
gauri:pagal ek dusre se har cheez share karte hoo best friends nahi toh aur kya hoon
arohi:sirf friend, best friends nahi
gauri:acha theek hai jo bhi hoon buh know u hve 2 do it u can't go back
arohi:hmm ajj sab pata chal jayega and there arjun came and gauri and sheflai straight went to hug their bf's and they were talking to eachother so arjun headed towards me 
arohi:hy so thenk'x foh cming
arjun:so, first where we will go 
arohi:1st let them finish their talk 
gauri:oh srry yeah hy arjun
arjun:hy gauri so know decide whre to go
gauri: lets go to some mall 
arohi:mall am not in mood of shopping
gauri:buh i am
arjun:yeah lets go...and tey went to mall, after having gr8 tym arohi decided to talk to arjun and when i turn to talk to him he was'nt there i asked romit he said:oh may b he is outside 
shefali:y wats he is doing outside,romit: dun know, may be watching sea he love to watch sea
gauri:arohi this tym is perfect go, go out
i ran straight to the sea and saw him throwing stones in water 
arohi:hy ahh, wat r u doing here
arjun:just watching sea
arohi:oh can i join u ...arjun:y not...they stood like this for a while and arhi was thinking how to tell him arohi:ahh arjun wat is ur thoughts about love 
arjun:buhahah love,love shove kuch nahi hota mere liye bas life enjoy karna, girls aur kuch nahi
arohi with shocked expressions :- u really dun believe in love 
arjun:no, main un larkon jaisa nahi hoon jo pyaar wyaar pe believe karte hain mujhe to bus life enjoy karni hain aur kuch nahi mujhe koi burden nahi chahiye 
arohi in thoughts wid teary eyes : arjun ko love burden lagta hain agar maine us se kuch kaha toh usse main bhi burden lagon gi main tumhare barein mein galat soch ti thi arjun tum bhi un baki sare larkon ki tarah hoon
arjun waved his hand front of arohi:hey tum phir apne thoughts mein lost hoon toh hum kaha they haa burden, dekho main janta hoon tum love shove mein believe karti hogi per main nahi mere liye love koi value nahi rakhta bus jann liye mere thoughts acha chordo hum kya batein ker rahein hain to ander chalein 
arohi trying to control her tears  and said:yes letttss g..ggooo
and they went inside gauri saw arohi and in excitement she went to her but after seeing her pale face  she felt weird and took her to side 
gauri:kya hua...arohi din give ny answer..gau:aru kya hua bolo na us ne mana kardiya kya woh tum se pyaar karta hai??
arohi:dekho gauri sab larke ek jaise hotein hain hum arjun k barein mein galat they usse pyar boj lagta hai plzz leave me alone aur aj k bad na tum ya koi aur arjuun ka naam mere samne nahi lega ya usse pyar karne k bare mein
gauri:acha theek hai hum pyar wale matter ko chord denge per tum usse frndship to nahi tord sakti woh kya soche ga aur is mein us ki kya galti woh to nahi janta tha nah k tum us se  pyar karti hoon
arohi:haan is mein us ki galti nahi hain per agar maine us k barey mein kuch suna toh main control nahi kar paungi maine usse sab se alag samjha sab se zyada chaha per us ke liye yeh saab koi value nahi rakhta plzz leave me alone and she ran from there leaving arjun shocked and arjun ran behind her 
arjun:arohi kya hua ???koi problem hai kya mujhe batao tum roo kyun rahi hoon
arohi trying to smile:kuch to nahi hua main aviin rorahi thi
arjun:tum aviin rorahi thi
arohi:ahhh woo bus aisi mera dil kar raha tha
arjun:wat :S, i know u r lying tell me wat happen 
arohi:arjun plzz yaha se chale jaoo mujhe tum se koi baat nahi karni pllzzz leave me alone
arjun:per hua kya maine kya kiya ...arohii turned and shout at him:MAINE KAHA NA CHALE JAO YAHA SE!!!
arjun was too shocked: ok as u wish ,...bye ..he was feeling awkard and arohi was crying very hard and ran straight to her house ..arjun went to shefali and gauri 
arjun:gauri arohi ko kya hua wo mujhese baat kyun nahi karahi ...gauri:pata nahi she was trying to ignore him arjun standed in front of her: mujhe batao kya hua 
shefali:arjun ab bataney se kya faida it's too late 
arjun;wat r guyz saying
gauri:u know wat arjun u r sick, u r sick,de biggest dumb, u was getting a beautifull gift from god but u refused it...arjun:wat!!!:s...shefali: dumbo arohi was in love wid u soo much that she can live or die for u,u ignored her she is breaked in pieces ...while saying this they all left
romit:dude guess yew did mistke ...arjun was too shocked he run his hand in his hairs and then he realized it that he was also feeling something the feeling was love but as his identity was he never accept it he did bigg mistake but too late how will he confess she will never believe him but stil he think taht he will tell arohi everything 2morrow that he was not able to undertsnad the feelings because he never believed in love but know he understood that wat the feeling was and he will say everything to arohi 2morrow..

will arjun succeed to get her arohi back??
what will be arohi's behaviour with him???
will she be able to love him agian??
chapter 4 :- JEALOUSY :@ \ ARU TRYING 2 B MODERN ;)
today was the big day foh both , both can't face each other, arjun was ready to tell arohi evrything he was having bouqets in hands with so many rose filled in it he was so impatient to see arohi but he can't see arohi any where he asked  so many ppl about arohi in college but no one know where she is suddenly he saw shefali an gauri 
arjuun:hey gauri and shefali,i have to talk to you
gauri:plzz arjun leave ,we dun wanna talk to u pllz
arjun:look i have realized my mistake pllz 'i luv arohi'
gauri:dekho arjun its enough she is not going to forgive u , she was thinking u r different from every boy u will not hurt some one's feeling u r not like that, but u r like that arjun,know she is completely broken and i think she haven't come to college aur mayb for next 3,4 days she will not come to college. 
shefali: w8 gauri we can give him a chance he have realized it and  its not his mistake look arjun we will meet today in park 3:00 we will bring arhi also u 'll explain him everything ok dun forget to come,
today the seat was lonely for arjun, b4 if arohi will get absent he was'nt feeling lonely but today he was and he can't even concentrate on studies ...arjun:oh finally it's 2:50 know 'em going to meet arohi he was too happy and finally he was in park waiting for shefu an gauri to come was 3:05 and still arohi was not here ...he was having a big smile on fce when he saw gauri coming out from a car ,and shefali know it was tym for arohi to come he was too excited but after shefali no one was in car and they both came towards me
gauri:hie arjun
arjun:where is arohi??
shefali:oho w8 w8 1st sit down here ok know tell did arohi said yesterday that she loves u
arjun:no!!!she din
shefali:good know its not ur mistake she din tell u so how would u know taht she loves u but she stil think u r flirt and a veryyy harsh and bad person
gauri: we din brought her with us becoz its better to go to her house and meet her
arjun: ok lets go and they were infront of arohi's house they knocked on the door bua opened the door and said : oh shefali gauri come in amm who is he 
gauri:bua its arjun ...bua:oh u r arjun come, come in
shefali:bua we need to talk to arohi where is she 
bua:she is not in home well wat happened u guyz are looking tensed ..tehy explained everything to her
bua:oh jabhi arohi ko itna zyada fever tha and she was acting weiird from 2morrow night 
shefali:where is she??
bua:i dun know some girl came and took arohi wid her emmm who was that girl yeah natasha ya natasha 
arjun:natasha!!:s y did she took arohi 
bua:becoz arohi said her too, she said her to come and she went wid her 
gauri:whre ??...bua:am i think how that girl was dressed mayb some party ???well u guyz decide am going inside bye
arjun:i know where natasha is, her favourite place is disco!!:O
gauri:but arohi can't go wid her in disco ...i mean she is not taht type
shefali: any thing can happen lets go and tehy headed towards disco they were searching for arohi and  shefali said:arohi!!look there she is, y is she on dance floor
gauri:dumbo she is dancing look there is natasha !!! when some ppl moved away from her she was wearing a short dress till her lap her shoulder and neck bare (the one he weared in karan singh party in kmh1) and was enjoying dance when she saw gauri
gauri:arohi u r drunked
aru:acha ...thnx for telling dekho yaha kitna maza araha hai main yaha pehle kyun nahi ayi ...hicupp.. but thnx to natasha wo mujhe yaha layi... hicupp.. us ne mujhe yeh dress di aur drink bhi pilayi wow its too cool here no one is in pain tehy r in there own world oohh arjun tum yaha hy am sryy i was having fever i wil not come to college for 2,3 days and some girls push her to dance floor where she was dancing between boys all boys over her arjun was too jealous some boys whistling on her he din like arohi wearing short dresses and dancing wid boys he went and pulled her out from there 
arohi: arjun ...kya yaar itna maza araha tha look the boys are saying me hawt they r whistlin on me wow i never noticed i can look like this also 
arjun:shut up!!r u crazy wat r u doing here  come on lets go
arohi:stop it arjun dekho yaha sab enjoy kar rahe hain  comeon lets dance ...giggle...
arjun:y did u drink so much
arohi:y main drink nahi kar sakte...hiccup... know leave me
arjun hold her tight and took her to a room and pressed her to wall
arohi:wat r u doing, leave me i said leave me u flirt
arjun: shut up i know u love me and i also love u am sorry plzz forgive me
arohi: buahaha love ,love shove kuch nahi hota mujhe to bus life enjoy karni hai mujhe koi boj nahi chahiye b4 u was not believing in love know am not believing in u ,get lost, some how she struggled and got out from her arms arjun catch her by waist and she slapped arjun tightly how dare u touch me leave me alone i hate u,u r a verryy cheap person u will never relaize wat i fell for u u r a flirt,oh i was wrong how could i forget richh ppl 's on r like that using girls and throeing thwm like a tissue papper...arjun was angry know : ok as u wish if u want to do dance go, do dance between boys i dun care i never will care i hate u arohi sharma, u r sick by this both send a angry look and went away and arohi started crying very hard ...and that night arjun drinked so much alcohol... 4, 5 days passed she was not in college nor arjun was!!!!!!!! 
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- shefali called arohi,romit called arjun arohi was still not over it yet, nor arjun was!!

shefali:hy arohi how r u ,hope so u r fever have finished 
arohi:yeah 'em fine , kisliye phone kiya
romit:hy arjun, dude its been a week when r u coming
arohi:look am not over it yet 
shefali:u know wat, they're is a trip in skool 
arjun:trip ,where
romit: we guys r going to camp in jungle and i have said that u r coming
arohi :camp in jungle y have u give my name 
sheflai: y any problem
arjun:am not in mood
arohi:'em scared
romit:arjun i have given ur name and u r coming i have given a bet about it yaar pllz i'll loosee plzzzplzzz
arjun:ok,only for u bye                                                                                                  shefali:see i have given ur name and i think u need some rest look arjun is not coming plzzz we wil get bore and u know na gauri is too boring
arohi:ok , i will come only if arjun is not there
shefali:yeah arjun will not be there thenk'x for coming bye                                                        when i entered the school i din saw arjun there and tooked a sigh of relief but it was still very lonely not like b4 but where is the sound coming from i headed toward there and found many girl looking at a boy and it was arjun and i ws too shocked he saw me and he was shocked too and i ran from there and found shefu and gauri dere
ar:shef u said arjun was'nt coming...shef: i din knew it srry but know u can't go back to home 
ar:c'mon...,gau:relax aru nothing will happen we will ignore him 
aru:ok she went in class and gauri and shef shared a hi-fi 
arjun;romit  aru is here, n am not gonna come
rom;hey dudde ,guess u can't go back
arj;arrghh :@
and every 1 was ready to go in bus and when i entered in i found 3 seats empty all the seats was full and oder busses too i rushed to the seat where arjun was not sitting and when i was going to raech it gauri and jay suddenly stopped me jay;plzzz let me sit wid gauri
aru;ok no problem and went to oder seat and same romit and shefali did and the teacher entered the bus
teacher;arohi u can sit here wid arjun
aru in thoughts:oh em gee  em not going to sit  dere                                        
 te:comeon all the busses have gone, what else she could do, to sit with him and she heard shefali giggle winking at gauri guess wat are they doing and i sent a angry glare at arjun and arjun did same 1 hour passed 
aru:miss how much tym left
te: haha arohi its not even the half way yet
aru:oh god how much i have to tolarate this arjun ,arjun was looking out an said : god kaha fasa diya
aru:hey, tapping on his shoulder, arjun was'nt responding she punched him 
arjun;owww wat is ur problem
aru:i want the window seat
arj:srry the seat is occupied miss.blind
aru:shuppp~~ i need that seat or else pointing out her finger
arjun opened his mouth and tryna act like he was going to bite her finger arohi moved her finger:or else
arju:or else wat
aru;ahhh damn it i want to sit thre i'll shout
arju:carry on i dun care and she opened her mouth to shout arjun was shoxked is she really gonna shout and kept his hand on her mouth 
arju:shhh r u crazy ok am moving
aru;yeah and they both changed teh seat :waise arjun i was'nt going to shout
arjun:you...tumhe to main baad mein dekhonga ...

1 and half an hour passed ...arjun was moving his shoulder in disguss becoz aru was sleeping on it
arjun:arohi!!!!!!!!!! plzz wake up 
arohi:bua ,sone doon na
arjun:wat!!bua :S this girl is crazy arohi!!!!!we r on the camp wake up every 1 is out u r de 1 alone on the bus come or else the driver will close the door
arohi;ahhh!!!!eveyr body looked at her
teacher:wat happen arohi
arohi:nnnothing i saw a bad dream
arohi;y did u lie
arjun;becoz u was sleeping on my shoulder and it irritate's me
arohi:to main kya tumhare shoulder pe soney ke liye mar rahi hoon ...finally the jungle was here 1 by 1 evry body was out finalyy i jumped i was too excited bout it it was a big jungle with soo many trees and scary some how i have a feeling something will happen here weird eh!! 
teac:come on c'mon every body come towards here i will note ur names so that u ppl can't get lost we headed to a place where there was trees all around camps ...bon fire...a net bed swinging between tresss
some swings hanging on trees,beautiful flowers,chirping birds ,a big old cart it was amazing and must say scary jungle i was feeling too scary
shefu;aru muje romit ke sath jana hai
arohi;dekho shefu muje yaha bohot der lag raha hai mujhe chordo mat hum yaha kab tak rahein ge
shef:tum or tumhara der ,hum yaha 6,7 days tak to hai ...plzz lemme go
arohi:no plll...arjun saw them and said :oh helloo miss.blind let her go she wants to go to her bf tum ne to isey aise pakra hai jaise tmhe koi bhoot dikha hoo
arohi leave shef hand and she ran away:u shut up dun interfare in my life idiot and went away
teac:so every one,attention plzz  here are the tents tehy r quiet big so minimum 3 ppls can come in 1 aur if place is left so  4 so choose ur partners and get settled  but ya only grlz wid girls =D,night will be fun  here eh!!!
enjoy and dun get lost if u will,then nobody can find u its to deep and big jungle to get lost very easily and i think the weather is quiet good here an its very cold here go get ur jackets, not hoping for rain
arohi:gauri dekha it a very deep and big jungle to get lost but am exciting for rain it will be too cool 
gauri:yeah rain will be a best view here buh scary
arjun:wat rain its quiet filmy ,i was expecting this from aorhi , gauuri tumhe ky hua hai
gauri;leave yaar arohi am going in tent we 2 will be together and ask shefu , she wanna come
gauri:done lets go they set everything in there mirrors, clothes, makeup ,jewelry it was like a shooting make up room !!! =D aarohi was walking she was wearing white clothes (the one she was wearing in teh photo shoot of  of kmh2) she saw a swwing made with wood and big, covered with different kinda flowers she was too excited gauri!!!!gauri!!!
arjun:oww can't u see my tent is next to you y r u shouting 
gauri;kya hai kyu chila rahi hai
arohi:see a swing i have seen this in films will take a ride there is one more there, u want ??
guari:ahh,i have seen this in films come lets go
arjun:gauri plzz dun let aru sit bechara swing toot(breakk) jayega 
arjun:fatty it will am  deffo sure ..tehy both was taking swing arohi hairs was going here and there she was looking amazing arjun was staring her and when she saw him staring at her she was blushing too hard and finally got off it and left showing arjun tongue 

2 hours past it was going to be evening 
arohi catched arjun hand and pressed him with her hearing the sound of lightning but when she saw who she was catching both were lost in each other eyes then 
teacher:guyz it's going to be raining here wat u guys want to do enjoy rain or wanna go inside
arohi:we will enjoy it am not gonna go in
arjun:no,sir she is crazy we will get sick
sir:yes ,arjun there is a point ...arohi was almost jumping: no i wanna enjoy it, it will be so awsome to dance here 
arohi;tip tip barsa pani
arjun;what ...arohi:gana hai yaar teacher plzzz
teacher :ok girls what ever u wanna do those who want to enjoy rain they can, those who not the can go inside its going to be rain any tym every body  was dissapeared only arohi,gauri,shefali,romit and jay was left 
jay;guess it was a bad idea and here comes 1 more lightening and it started to rain
evry body was inside and was feeling cold when a voice came:tip tip barsa pani 
and arohi was dancing and the song was coming from mobile (same like the cottage scene wher arohi danced on tip...with the cart ...same dance)...every body headed outside and saw arohi dancing madly in rain her white dress was sticked to her and visible but not that visible  becoz it just started to rain ,arjun ws in and trying to close his ears when he saw every boi is rushing outside and he also went out to see wat is happening and he saw arohi totally drenched in water ,wet hairs,her dress was visible and she was dancing forgeting the whole world around her and evry body started to clap for her and she opened her eyes
arohi:w8 w8 u guys waz in ??and started to blush
1 boi:yeah but seeing yew dancing we can't resist
2nd boi:yeah u r awsome dancer ...n hawt seeing angry look on arjun's face arohi said:thenk'x soo now u all know its quiet fun dancing in rain and evry 1 strted dancing and arohi went to mobile to replay the song and when she was going back to dance  arjun grabbed her arm and tooked her far where no 1 can see them not that far just behind tents but little far and pinned her too tree and pressed his body with hers...
aru:wat is  ur problemm ,leave me dekho barish finish hojayegi mujhe enjoy karna hai
arjun hold her tight:shut up!!! r u  crazy look at u , in which condition are u ,u wanna dance in this condition infront of all boyz go get change arohi looked down and noticed she was tottaly visible she turned around facng the tree and her back to arjun and arjun left from there she got changed in black halfsleeves top and green pent(same in her gr8's interview) and saw arjun wents towards her and said:thenk'x
arjun looking here and there:y ??
aru:for letting me know i was quiet visible i was tooo lost in rain that...
arjun turned to her:shh , ok b4 doing something think that wat its advantage and dis-advantage is !!!!
arohi thinked for a while :that if she will fall for arjun again she will get no advantage only disadvantage control aru cotrol dun fall for arjun never he is not made for u..
aru:hmm i will keep this advice in mind thenk'x again for advicing me arjun and he left from there it was night 
sir:come we will play truth n dare every body was playing bbut... arohi was in Iher tent too scared and tears on her face crying for losting his love arohi in her thoughts;kyun arjun tum ne aisa kyun kiya main tum se kitni pyaar karti thi shayad ab bhi karti hoon par ab i can't believe i am scared that if u will again play wid my heart what am gonna do y god y i have to face him i am missing 
the old days so much, when me and arjun was good friends he use to share evrything with me but today that freak dun even talk to me properly  

there arjun on the net bed swinging between two trees evry one infront of him playing truth n dare and he was lost in his thoughts:y god main hi mila tha apko yeh sab dard dene k liye i miss my aru so much bt this aru is chnaged the aru with fearness, simple simple baat pe roone beth jati thi that simplicity, innocent, love for me in her eyes i can't see that love anymore but it was my mistake too but she slapped me how dare she ,no one can slap me and she insulted e alot for de thing which i have not done now if she dun wanna believe me let her ,if he think me a flirt let her think i'll never ever fall for her again may b she will play again wid my heart how she did becoz of losing trust on me anytime ...
It was morning arohi opened her eyes an got out no one was awake yet she got dresses in yellow salwar suit ...all the teacher's and sir was serving food to students 
sir;evry body get ready after eating we will go to explore jungle evry bode nodded happily but arohi was the 1 no am not gonna go
gauri:no prob we will be wid u
aru:agar main lost hogayi 
gauri;uff aru we all r going u will be alone left in camp 
aru;nonono not alone its better to b wid u guyz
gauri;ohh arjun here u come go get ur breakfast we r going to go explore the jungle fun eh
arjun:wow!!it will b cool
gauri:c'mon eat fast am excited to go...
sir:every body in line we r going to explore it ...
aru;gauri we r too far tthis jungle is too scary look the trees eww 
gauri;yeah u r ryt they r ...
teach:so evry body lets go back did u liked jungle evry body nooded in excitement but arohi no in fear...
aru:dekh gauri tujhe jai bularaha hai tum us k sath jayo main shefali ke sath hoon
aru:shefali mere sath hi rehna hun
shef:yeah look am in last let me be in front of u plzz
aru;dekho main last mein nahi jayongi
shef:plzzz i will be wid u u r in last so u can follow us plzzz
aru:ammm ok..kk...
sir:we'll soon be near teh camp...arohi's duppata got stuck in a tree she tried to take it out but she can't she was too lost in taking this out ...but she din noticed that she is LOST she teared her dupatta and ran but by mistake she went on wrong route she was shouting but no rsponse she started to cry she ranned more far but no response actually she was going back to jungle and every one was going to camp ...
shefali:arohi dekh mere peche hi rehna agar der lage to mujhe pakara (catch) lena response ...arohi ...arohi she turned and arohi was not thr she shouted ;AROHI every one turned to look at her gauri came running kya hua shefali
shefalii:arohi mere peeche thi pata nahi woh kaha gayi
gauri:wat arohi is lost
shefali;yes,,,,,...gauri  :omg!!she was too scared of jungle she was teeling me that she will not go if she got lost,she is lost omg she is too scared that she will die in scarness
teacher:omg!!this jungle is dangerous n am not taht much sure that if animals r not here  i dun even know the proper route of here and its also going to get dark
gauri:she is also scared from darkness
arjun:shefali how can u b so careless where will she b i thik u guys go back to camp i'll find her 
teach:how ,we can't leave u aloone 
arjun:look my brother michael is police officer i have been to such jungle's with him i can find her
u guys goo
sir;no we can't leave u
another sir:leave it ,he have been to jungle he can find take, all the stuff u will need is in this bag...arohi was crying so  much she was running here and there  she was shouting but no response finallly she got settled in a place ...arjun was far away from camp and it was dark arjun;omg!!it is dark she will get crazy in dark he opened his torch and start searchin for arohi he shouted arohi and it started to rain arohi saw cave she ran and settled there praying to god to send someone suddenly she heard a voice arohi ,she shouted am here, arjun heard his voice and ranned to the dirction  from where it was coming she saw arjun and she ranned and hug him tightly that both fall on the ground 
arohi was crying
arjun;arohi am here stop cryig
arohi;i want to go home pllzz take me back its too scary here i got hurt alot of time ok 1st get off from me look its rianing lets go in the cave 2morrow morning we will go back i have made sign from chalk so that we can remember from we came ok we will stay her 2night
arohi:noo i want to go to camp
arjun ;shhh am with u and she buried her face in rjun's chest and lay down n floor in fearness makin arjun lay over her suddenly she realized in which an what condition she was she tried to move but she was pinned by him under him and tehy ahve a cute eyelock arohi saw desire and passion in arjun's eyes and ajrun saw love ffor him.. slowly arjun bend down his face to hers,their lips inches apart arohi closed her eyes,and his lips touched her they both was lost in kiss it was simple an sweet but slowly his lips started to get fast and arohi started to kiss him back the kiss was getting wild arohi has her hands on her head pulling him closer and arjun on her waist slowly they aparted and arjun trailed his kisses to her neck kissing her neck crazily making arohi moan and trail his kisses to her throat and to the oder side of neck to her ear a bit her earlob arohi could only moan on his actions she moaned loudly as ajrun sucked her neck tehy both came to their senses by the sound of lightning and arohi's eyes widen so as arjun's she pushed arjun away  sorry bth said at same tym and that bringed a smile on both face arohi thought:i should not react  on it wat happened just know...arjun in will be bad to share the topic about wat just happned and both gave a weird smile to each other and slept in morning they found each other so close arohii legs trapped in arjun's leg her head burried in arjun's chest she opened her eyes and moved her head  making arjun awake arohi:arjun uhto humein wapis jana hai
arjun:oh yeah lets go ...they reached dere and everybody was so happy seeing them and they both ignored eachother the whole trip becoz of the last night incident
 they dun wanna face each other but destiny (...destiny nahi i'll make them fall in love again =D) after the trip arohi was nowhere to be seen arjun was coming to college but arohi was'nt,1 day she came to college and said to gauri:...gauri u remember when i told u that my famly is alwyz duscusing sumfin and bua is always hiding it from me the thing was that amm going to london becoz my dad thinks the place very good for my studies bua was nt  tlling me bcz she knows that how much i love this place n arjun buh know she knows how much i hate and he hates me  but this is the tym to go i promise i'll  be back in 2 years and will meet u, 2moroow is my flight i'll come 2morrow to visit u all last tym

2dya evry body treated me very well 2day is my last day here and am very sad i'll miss them, more than evry 1 i'll miss arjun it does'nt matter how much he or i hate each other but still i'll miss him ,evry body gived me gifts,number ,tthere email to add dem on fb since the trip i have made all boi's my lover, my flight is going to come in half an hour i know half an hour is too early becoz i can't stay there anymore i'll started cry if i'll see any of my frnds or family's face as i went out from college i saw arjun waving his hand to me and was calling me here i wnt there and saw him with empty hands guess the idiot din bring anyhting buh as he moved i saw 2 big bouqets filled with flowers i bet de flower was more than 18.
roses in each bouqets ,tehy r my fav. he still remembered i turned to him and he said:i know i have been harsh to u from past 1 month but today u r leaving this country,leaving me so i have to treat my rival well and he hugged me it was a feeling taht i din get from past 1 month but it suddenly came when he hgged me and he said in my ears:i hate u and will always he moved away ,but 2 day u r going i can't give u bad wishes ,reach safely have happy journey by saying this he left not even letting me reply or saying bye i thought he will confess and i'll forgive him but ...he is too rude i also hate u i was going to throw the bouqets but suddenly some feeling stopped me and i took all of them and left...
will arohi ever forgive him??
will arjun fall in love wid him agian or arhi??(obvious hai yaar warna story kis kam ki);)
when our arohi wil come will she be a kamini like natasha or same arohi???
will they meet again ???how???in which condition and where ???

hey guyz thats it for 2day plzzz if u like my story plzz kindly press the like button silent readers kindly press like buutton only if u like it and plzz dun criticise but plzz leave a comment if any 1 is being rude or makin fun of my anything iam like am gonna cry hard i have wrote this story wid hope taht u ppl like it pllzz dun criticise becoz am soft hearted plzz hun
      xxx arohi mehta xxx ...hun am proud to have dis name ;)                     

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.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 July 2011 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
first i love your name!!
next i love your story!!
after that you have to pm me the updates!!

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moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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Hey arohi,its suberb. Plz update d nxt part soon. Super luvd it.

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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where is the post - waiting for it
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silverleaves Senior Member

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Wow,so much already!
It's great! Very cute,both are so stubborn!Smile

Please continue and update soon!
aparna4karanika IF-Rockerz

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omg hw dint i c ds..
Gr8 storyline...update aoon...its realy interestng
-Awantika- IF-Dazzler

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Omg. wonderful story :D
The camp was awesome.
God, Arohi left ???
Pleasee Continuuee soon :O

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