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Monday 4/7/11 Episode No 91 Archives ' Copy

Devi - Aakash  in Devi's office . Well, Devi has the invitation printed . Wants the wedding
 to happen asap - Aakash corrects -" the invitation should read as "Devi weds Aakash
and nit vice versa " Devi asks "so, after the wedding, you will change your name to Devi
Dasan ?" Aakash says that he is that even now . Devi says that her grandma is "holding
her yuir in her hand " just so she can bless Devi after her marriage. Finally Aakash says
that Rathy is getting engaged in two days " athellam nalla mudiyattum, apram we can
think about getting married " Devi asks "nandhini ungalai paarkka vanthaala??" Aakash
 says that he did not entertain her calls. Vicky with his wife - Vicky is rocking in a rocking
 chair and wife asks "Vicky rocks nnu solluvingale , athu ithu thaana??" And goes on to
ask about PK funding his movie ' Unga close friennds SRK,  Big B, Padukone, ellarum
 coming for the poojai??" Says that she was confident about PK's funding but it has
gone kaput. Vicky says that his only mistake is " Naan laam India le pOrakka vendiyavan
illai " Says that he is going to meet Spielberg "athaan Jurassic park movie eduthaare, avar..unakku Jurassic park enge theriyum, Nageswara Rao Park thaan theriyum "

GDP and her PA Roopa . GDP wants her activities closed and Roopa is pissed off that
her job has gone South. GDP recalls the advice from Tamizh Kathir " kalyanam panni
settle aagidunga. KOnja naal watch pannuvaanga, apram adangidum " - " I wanted to
 have a normal life with hubby and kids but PK spoiled it all. I started running just to
spite him, apram athuvum sAlichu pOchu. Now I have a second lease of life with Aakash,
 I don't want to miss it " Roopa says that how can GDP take things for granted " unga ragasiyam therinjavanga pOttu kuduthu tta ??" LOoks like GDP thinks like Roja " yen
 nee pOttu kuduppiyaa??" but says that GDP has never tasted failure " yen route le
cross pannina...avangalai enna pannanum nnu enakku theriyum." Asks Roopa to
 hurry up with izhuthu mooding the shop and gives her a settlement cheque for 10 Lakhs. Rathy's mom comes to meet Naren's parents - to show the engagement sarees and
jewels. Naren's parents put in their request (condition??) " Naren should become the
 MD of Shanthi Nilayam " Sandhya mommy is shocked.

Naren's parents have an excellent logic for this condition "kudumbathile purushan
 thaane periyavan??  AppO purushan thaane MD ya irukkanum??" Sandhya says
 that she can not promise any thing immediately "have to talk to Rathy and her
periappa and come to a decision, will let you know " Naren's parents say in unison
"nalla mudivaa edunga " After sandhya leaves, Naren's mom is concerned "what if
they don't like this condition ??" Dad says that Rathy's family likes Naren a lot and
so will not veto this idea "But , naren kitte ithai pathi mooch vidathe, ok??" Rathi is
in her room. PK comes in and needles as usual. It is irritating to see him smooth
 talking ( AC, nalla nadikkaringa ) Rathy gets a call - reminding her about assisting
in a surgery. She promises to be there soon. PK hangs a calendar and says that it is
a count down chart. "I have invested 250 crores only for you. Unnai suthi suthi
varuven, yenna investment romba heavy, unnai yaarum abduct pannida koodathe.
 I won't  stop the engagement should go on well...apram wedding preps ellam
nalla nadakkanum. ...finally I will stop the wedding and you will be mine.."


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Tuesday  5/7/11 Episode No 92

As PK needles Rathy, she retorts " I too have a count down for you, so intha calendar
 ai un room le mattikkO , now let me go " PK says that she is free to go " I will walk by
your side in the corridor with a smile on my face. Tongues will wag about you cootchi
cooing with me...I will make the tongues wag" Rathy brushes past him and goes out
as she has a surgery scheduled. PK has the last laugh. Engagement day - periappa is
 in a rattling mood - rattles orders to Aakash " Get my silk dhothi ironed...check the mandapam...check if all is ok... kalayanam soon...blah blah " Talks about having a
carnatic recital of Unni Krishnan ...valet parking...real blah blah. Aakash has had
enough (so is Roja) Asks appa to chill.

Sandhya is cleaning a lamp - doing things like a zombie. Has visions of Naren's
 parents talking about the MD post. Rathy comes down , tells mommy that she is
going to the parlor..talks dime a dozen but mommy is unresponsive finally uthirthufies
some muthu ... Aakash is going along with Rathy ...Sandhya comes near her BIL
and talks about Naren's parents ' condition " I do not know how to broach this subject.
 I went to meet the sambhandhis and they want Naren to become the MD " Periappa
wants to know if that was a request or a condition and sandhya says that it looked like
 a condition. Periappa asks Rathy and Aakash to come back - family meeting , matter
 is out in the open. Periappa says that this issue will be brought up during the engagement "MD aagarthu enna ordinary vishayamaa?? Rathi did Naren talk to you about this???
 Rathy says that Naren said nothing and calls him " we have to meet NOW - engagement nadakkuma nadakkathaa apdingarathu appO thaan mudivu aagum " Naren is shocked.

Rathy as usual jumps to Naren. Naren says that he has no clue about all this. Rathy says
 that his parents are mean - "they can talk about this after the wedding !!!! Are they trying
to close a business deal??" Naren is livid and shouts at rathy saying that he is not party
to this demand. Rathy says that she believes Naren " I wanted to hear it from you . My
family thinks that you are behind the condition. Not sure if this engagement will happen " Naren says that he will talk to his parents and iron things out. Naren confronts his parents . "amma , MD munnadi naan kai katti nikka vendam " Mommy says that Rathy might get a
 head weight being the MD. Naren says that man and woman are equal. Mommy says that only he thinks so " if they also share this view, they should not be bothered about you being the MD " Finally daddy spills " PK thaan intha idea kuduthaar " Naren is exasperated " time and again I have told you not to believe that rogue " Well, mommy closes the argument " instead of fighting with us, go to Rathy and her family and explain things. Nee MD aana thaan wedding " Naren is lost.


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Wednesday 6th July 2011  Episode - 93

Sandhya arranging stuff that needs to be taken to the hall.  Mrs. Vicky is wondering why Rathi is not back yet.  Asks Vicky if Rathi's wedding will take place at all.  Vicky tells her to go to the hall if she is so impatient.  All these days she was watching the tv serials and wondering if the serial weddings would take place - now this for a change.  If it happens good, if not then thrilling says Vicky.  Akash comes there to ask what is the thrill? It is not the climax of Vicky's movie, namma veettu kalyanam - pray it goes well.  Sandhya voices her fear - Rathi went to see Naren but is not back yet.  MB tells her not to worry.  MB only feels that Rathi need not have gone to meet Naren now.  Will there be any problem because of that asks Sandhya.  Akash tells not to think negatively.  Let Rathi come first.  Akash answers the call from caterers.  Mrs. Vicky asks Akash if the wedding will definitely take place.  Mrs. Vicky wants to inform her relatives if it is going to be called off.  They would be disappointed.  Why would they be disappointed asks Vicky who is dabbling with his laptop.  Sandhya sitting worried.  Rathi arrives.  The whole family gets together.  Vicky asks her ala kaNdEn seethayai - Engagement on or off?  Engagement will take place.  So what did Naren say asks MB.  Naren was unaware of the condition.  MB is confident that Naren is lying but Rathi believes Naren (why can not Rathi and Naren tell their family members of PK's thollai - KB sir neengaLumaa??)

Rathi is willing to make Naren - MD of SN.  Vicky is proud that his sister made a declaration cinematically.  Akash asks him to shut up - be serious.  Vicky is acting like Nero who was playing the fiddle while Rome was burning.  Vicky's repatriate - they burnt Rome because of Nero sagigaadha fiddle playing.  MB asks both of them to shut up.  Tells Rathi that this is not some office gumastha post - to give to any one just like that.  There is a process.  The BOD should accept.

Akash asks her why?  Rathi feels that Naren is capable.  He is, but the post should be given to him voluntarily and not forced on the day of engagement.  It is something equal to asking for dowri.  Vicky is trying to make a story out of this whole discussion.  They will blame Naren for having entered through back door policy.  Will talk ill of him which will hurt Rathi.  MB says we will postpone the engagement, inform all relatives.  Sandhya supports Rathi's idea.  MB says tomorrow just before the wedding they might ask for the Chairman post for Naren's father Mr.Duraivelu - will you give that too away.  Let all the confusion settle first he says.  

MB sends Akash to the hall to inform people about the postponement.  Vicky wants to go too.  Akash wants to know the reason he has to tell those attending.  MB has one ready - tell people that MB is very unwell.  

Rathi throws the report of PK on his table, OT report not satisfactory.  PK in his usual form - tells she is still with the same kaaram, guNam - unperturbed even when the engagement has been called off.  To be happy when one is joyous and to be sad when mishaps occur is part of living,  to raise from falling is art of living.   AOS Ravishankar has to learn this art from RB feels PK.  Did PK think that Rathi will be all sad because of it she asks.  PK thought she would be disheartened.  He was.  Rathi wants him stop his acting.  PK expected only the marriage to have the twists and turns.  

PK thought only just before the wedding Naren would back out.  Sandhya, MB, Akash will all beg for someone to marry Rathi because if her marriage does not take place then her life will be ruined.  oRE theatrical thinking.  He thought that he can take the place of the groom then.  But she scored a golden duck.  First ball out.  Is she still confident that her team will survive?  Her marriage will definitely take place, stop thinking of these cinema stories and do something useful replies Rathi.  PK thought he was the most confident person but Rathi seems to beat him.  He too blames Naren for asking MD post.  Rathi corrects him - his parents wanted it.  (why is she telling him all this if she is not recording it on her handphone) PK says they dont even know anything about that post how can they ask for it?  It was Naren's idea.  He paints Naren to be a Male Chauvinist.  But her PK is not like that.  If RB is willing to marry him, he is ready to even resign his directorship and be a peon to her.  

Rathi is disgusted.  Not to chase the same thing is not intelligence, to go for someone who is better. PK sits on his chair turned the other side, goes on about his greatness in wishing better for women, RB leaves,  Wants her to compare MCP Naren and PK.  PK turns to see RB long gone.

Mrs. Vicky asks if Vicky is not worried - Rathi's engagement has been called off.  There were umpteen times his film poojai too had gone south.  None seemed to be worried then.  Mrs.Vicky was.  He would then take a movie just for her sake.  Dont take in French - she doesnt understand French.  Language is not a barrier.  
Tells about Pushpak, pEsum padam which was a silent movie.  But coming to the point, just because RB gives Naren her MD post, her fame of being a well known surgeon will not come down and neither will Naren's intelligence increase on becoming an MD.  So he is worried for his sister concludes Mrs. Vicky.  Vicky wants to know what is their problem.  That Naren shouldnt be a yes sir... he can do it in the office, come back home and be an authoritarian husband.  That is quite prevalent .  Mrs.Vicky wants this wedding to happen without any problem.  Vicky feels this is just an ego clash.  She again asks for some useful suggestion.

If there was one, then MB and Akash would have suggested.  But Mrs.Vicky has a way out.  Thayyal sol kELEl, never mind he will listen.  Go ahead Vicky wants to know.  After beating around the bush Mrs. Vicky wants RB to resign - then both Naren & RB will be directors and  Vicky to be the MD of SN.   He starts thinking.  Mrs. Vicky wants to inform MB right away, but Vicky promises to do so the following morning.

BOD at SN.  A Mr.Kumararaja is very happy that he has been called for important meetings.  Akash's assistant whispers in Akash's ears that Mr.KR is suffering from Alzheimer's.  Hope he remembers things atleast until the end of the meeting.  KR wants to go ahead with the meeting.  Akash wants to wait for PK.  MB feels there should be discipline.  If the meeting is scheduled for 10 then he should be present.  A senior director KR could come then why not PK?  

Anand Kumar starts saying he was shocked with the main agenda of the day - RB resigning.  Enters PK asking if the meeting is on, is sorry for the delay.  Looks at RB and conveys his unhappiness over her engagement postponement.  No personal issues to be discussed then MB tells him.  PK always felt SN to be his family, hence this.  Anand starts talking and is again interrupted by PK.  He too is shocked with RB's resignation.  Did any of the directors misbehave with her?  They are all very supportive and PK is ready to lay his life for RB (adha modhalla sei)  RB glares at him, says resigning due to personal reasons.  PK continues, MB and RB do not want to discuss personal issues, but RB is resigning for personal reason / gain.


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Thursday 07.07.2011

PK continues with his smooth talks in the board meeting. Questions whether rathi's frequent dictum that SN is above self is mere a lip services ?- personal issueka MD post thooki podaravanga naLaike innoru personal reasonka S Nilayathaye thooki poda matanganu what guarantee?. Shocked , & hurt Rathi speechless by blunt accusations.  PK continues – immediately after her engagement got postponed Rathi has taken this decision to resign & assign the post to Naren. Obviously Naren is trying an entry thru back door. Rathi denies the charges , says Naren has all the capabilities to become MD , infact would be better than her. Dr. Nandakumar feels , Rathi has done so much for SN , hence nothing wrong in accepting this small request of hers. Well , says PK , if that is the majority opinion , I am willing to quit as the director , ready to surrender my 33% share , return my Rs.250 crores , sans Rathi Barathi the share value will plummet , not ready to take such a grave risk. Big blow , everyone  jaw droops. The situation is further complicated  by Barath Vicky's  & announcement that he wants to take over the seat vacated by Rathi.entry . Informs everyone , as   Suresh Barathi's son has  all the thaguthi  to occupy the chair. Added , PK a film financier has become a director in SN, then why not an aspirant film director be the MD? Goes on to elaborate his vision , ambition & laksyam to make SN number 1 hospital in the world. Shock & confusion prevails , Chairman adjourns the meeting.

 Rathi asai poding the day's happenings in the hospital. Gets irritated with people's changing face.Heated exchange between rathi & anni Shyamala. Shyamala feels Vicky has all qualities to become MD , has MBA qualification to his credit , can efficiently handle the post. Sandhya also supports Shyamala. Rathi is deeply wounded , feels even her mother is not on her side. Shyamala then tells the truth that it was her idea as she felt if both rathi & Naren were just doctors the confusion in their marriage could  be solved.

Naren's father comes to meet MB.  MB directly comes to the point , expresses his varutham over the sikkal in the engagement. Duraivelu[ DV – Naren's dad] says not ordinary sikkal , idiyaaappaaa sikkal [lol]. Maintains there is nothing wrong in their demand ,  cannot relish the idea of their son  kai katti standing before his MD wife. MB tries to convince him that to Naren & rathi  these are trivial issues . DV is not ready to buy this argument.  MBku kaduppu suru surunu erudhu. Tells him about the board meeting , rathi's decision to resign , but new kuzhappam , her brother Barath Vicky wants to take over. DV than pdidicha muyal case – MD post to my son then only thali to your daughter. Idhu nischayam.  Livid  MB  questions whether  Naren's so called love for Rathi is just  natak  , with his eyes fixed on MD post , says  this is nothing short of black mail ,  peraasai , wants to valaichu podufy SN. Not expected of a respectable family. DV's ego hurt ,archaic thought that am superior as am boy's party surfaces. Verbal war intensifies. DV proclaims – alliance severed with such cultureless family. The feelings are mutual retorts MB. Freeze on a split between the two on the screen.

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Monday 11/7/11 Archives ' Copy

Recap of MB shouting at Naren's dad - "ippO naan sOlren, no marriage " - for his
 part Naren's dad says that his son will listen only to him "intha kalyaanam nadakkathu " - Family meeting. MB tells rathy and her mom about what happened at the hospital " we
should not give in for such blackmails. Now the decision is yours Rathy, If you plan to go ahead with the wedding, so be it but please do not expect my participation " Aakash for
 his part says that Naren's parents are greedy . Rathy says that she can not forget
Naren just like that - "if we tell you to forget Devi, can you??" Aakash says "if she
wants my CFO post, I will just show her the door " Rathy's mom also supports MB
" Just because you love Naren, we were bending over backwards . But this is too
much and we can not give up our rights " rathy says that she will talk to Naren and
 arrive at an amicable solution "for now, let this subject rest "

Naren comes home - amma and appa rendu perum kAlile salangai kattindu ready
aa irukkanga. Amma says that MB is a rogue and Naren refutes - " he is a gentleman
and my guru !! " Daddy starts the Ramayanam " he asked me to come to his office. Pillai veetu kkaranga nnu jambam paarkkame, I went there. he did not offer me a seat !! Not
just that he ignored me and was talking on the phone as if I do not exist. Athellam kooda
OK, he called me a blackmailer !!! IthO paaru Kannu, unakku MD post kettathu nijam. But
we never put it up as a condition. And it was MB who stopped the engagement , not us.
Did we ever say that the engagement won't happen if you do not get the MD post???
But now, let me tell you, only if you get the MD post, this wedding will happen " Naren asks them to be calm " i will talk to Rathy "

GDP infront of Aakash - tells him that she never wanted to marry but the moment she
saw Aakash all her resolve went south. Gives him a few dates and asks "ithile entha
date le namba kalyaanam??" Aakash says that he can not take decisions like her
"ithellam enga veet le periyavanga thaan seyvaanga. Now ..with rathy's wedding
hanging in the air, i can't even talk about this to my family!!" GDP talks about her
grand ma who is holding herself to see GDP married but Aakash is unrelenting . Rathy
and Naren - bald upstairs meeting. Both shout at each other saying "unga veedu thaan thappu, no no unga veedu thaan thappu " Both try to justify their side - end up sitting
back to back . Both say sorry at the same time and Naren says " unnai naan yarukkagavum, ethukkagavum vittu kudukka maatten " - the couple smile at each other - cute scene


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Eljay's Tuesday

Update for Tues, July 12, 2011:

Rathy in MB's room, discussing some file.  He feels that PK should be looking at that file.  He doesn't want to be burdened at the last minute.  He gets a call that Nandini wants to meet him.  He agrees finally to see her, but has no idea who she is.  Nandini enters the room, sees Rathy, introduces herself.  She says she wants to talk about something important, but right then, Akash comes in, sees her, pushes her out, even though she keeps saying she wants to say something which will be to his benefit.  He calls the guy who let her in and threatens to fire him if he lets in Nandini again.  MB asks why he did that, and he says that it is Devi's friend who has a crush on him, and is now saying things against her, which is why he sent her out.  MB is angry at the file and also because Akash drove Nandini out without letting her say what she wanted to say. 

Ezhil is typing something, PK comes into the room.  He says that she disappeared for a week without a word, then comes back and resumes work without meeting him.  She is typing Naren, Naren, Naren on the computer.  Pk sees this and asks her about it.  She says she was so disturbed by the fact that he was getting engaged that she couldn't face coming to work, so she just left for a week.  PK tells her that the engagement is off.  Ezhil says she used to be sincere in her work, now she is consumed by thoughts of Naren.  PK says she has not lost Naren, and Naren will get married to Ezhil.  She is happy to hear this.

Since Ezhil doesn't look convinced, he tells her not to lose her self confidence.  He tells her that this will happen in two months, and he will make it happen.  He says Naren will come to Ezhil and tell her that he did not understand her properly, not act like she is mentally disturbed and to delete the stuff she has been writing - the Naren, Naren, Naren ... stuff.

GDP is waiting.  A phone rings, it is Rathy.  GDP answers (nobody has any manners in these serials!), it is for the secretary.  The secretary comes in, and GDP offers to take the file in to Rathy.  When she enters, Rathy says without looking up about the spelling mistakes and the grammar mistakes.  GDP says she will not make these mistakes.  Now Rathy and GDP spend the rest of the episode becoming good friends.  GDP is amazed that Rathy is able to work so calmly even though her engagement has been postponed.  Rathy says that they have only postponed it, not cancelled it altogether, and they are confident it will take place soon.  She talks of how the Japanese have gone back to their old lives after the tsunami, they didn't let it affect them, so one should learn from the Japanese how to deal with problems. 

GDP tells Rathy the story about her Paati being very sick and at death's door and her mother wanting to see her getting married quickly.  She says that Akash doesn't feel like talking about his marriage when Rathy's engagement has been postponed.  Rathy says that her engagement should not be the reason for their wedding not taking place soon, so she says that she will talk to Akash and convince him not to postpone his wedding. 

Rathy sees MB, and Akash also comes in.  She talks to Akash and MB about not postponing the marriage, and both of them are ready to go along with her idea.

Thodarum ...

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Wednesday -

Update for Wed, July 13, 2011:

Vicky is practicing his cricket scores.  Shyamala asks him about it, he talks about his cricketing days in college and his umpiring, then he tells her that his co-passenger on the flight from Mumbai was Mukesh Ambani.  He helped Mukesh when the latter was about to trip and fall, so MA was taken by him, they talked about cricket, the IPL, etc., and MA took him to the first class section where Vicky met his wife, Neeta.  They had a great time and then MA gave him his autograph, listened to his story of how he was  struggling for finance from PK, and asked him to do a short ad film for Mumbai Dreams (is this a cricket team?)  Shyamala is skeptical about his plan, but he is confident about his future. 

PK goes to see Akash with a gift for him.  He asks about the suddenness of the marriage and regrets that he won't be able to attend the marriage.  He wants to know why Akash doesn't have the marriage branches of a kalyana Mappillai on his face (kalyana KaLai), then says he understands why.  He says he can't blame Rathy, she would never have decided to resign on her own, Naren must have instigated her.  Akash defends Naren, it was probably his parents who did this, but PK says that is worse, Naren should have told his parents not to do this.  If this continues after marriage, and he doesn't defend his wife against his parents, wouldn't it affect Rathy's future?  He thinks that there is no porutham between Rathy and Naren.  Akash tries to defend Naren, but PK doesn't agree.  He says it should be a jodi like Akash and GDP.  He also tells Akash to get married soon and then think about Rathy's future (looks like he is trying to push for a quick marriage between Akash and GDP).

Someone is brought in bleeding, apparently an accident case.  The girl who is with him begs the hospital people to see him, but the doctor says the accident cases must be taken to GH, they will do first aid.  She says this is the nearest hospital to Neelangarai, and begs the doctor to take care of him, not talk of rules and regulations, but to save his life.  She says she is willing to spend any amount of money, she works in IT, and she will not blame the doctors if anything bad happens.  The doctor agrees to her pleas after she says she will talk to the MD.  She is told to fill out the accident report forms and she says she will make the payment in the morning.  She gets calls repeatedly on her cell phone while Sebastian is filling out the forms, and she disconnects each time.  After filling out, she returns the call, tells whoever it is to shut up.  They look like two goondas, she asks them why they came there, they say they were worried about Jeevan (the victim).  Apparently one of them is being hunted by the police, and she says it is important that they should not be caught.  She asks if JR knows about Jeevan getting hurt, what did he say and they say that he said the Red Star operation should be postponed.  She tells them that the Government is watching them by satellite, and for them not to come there again and tells them to leave.

Satya goes to see Rathy.  He gives her an envelope, and tells her it is not money, but a gift from him.  It is a poem written by him, praising Rathy, and his change of mind because of her goodness, and she is moved.  GDP enters right then, and Satya is stunned to see her.  Apparently he knows who she is, but she doesn't know him.   Rathy introduces her to Satya as her future aNNi, Akash's future wife.  Satya takes leave of her, and is concerned when he leaves.

Thodarum ...

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Thursday 14.07.2011 Episode 98

Rathi & GDP in rathi's room. Devi updates Rathi about marriage preps –" appa amma paati already in Chennai. Rest of the relatives will be present at Tirupathi for the marriage the next day.She along with her parents plan to drive down in the evening". Devi wants bridegroom party also accompany them in the evening. Rathi excuses herself from attending the wedding – has an operation due , can't postpone it , assures GDP that she will be the main host in Chennai reception.Both come out of the cabin talking. GDP once again thanks Rathi  for  all her help in making this marriage happen in spite of MB's displeasure & takes leave.. Sathya  shown  eves dropping.

Jeevan in ICU being checked by the doctor , certifies he is improving & leaves. Police comes for enquiry. Mansi [ jeevan's friend ] is first interrogated- checks her address , asks  about  her professional details , Jeevan's professional details , their relationship etc. Then they go in to see Jeevan.  Jeevan opens his eyes & gives a vacant look & murmurs. The duty doctor comes & requests inspector to postpone his enquiry as the patient is still under the impact of the accident. Police leave , doctor leaves ,Jeevan the super actor opens the eyes & smiles at Mansi. The slight smile transforms in to a loud laughter. Mansi cautions him to tone down. Jeevan  asks whether JR knows. Yes says Mansi. Jeevan is upset that just before the success Operation Red Star, he has met with an accident. Mansi consoles. They hear some footsteps outside & immediately Jeevan goes in to his coma act.

Sathya's friend inspector  hears about Satya's discharge & comes to meet him.Apparently Rathi's Tiruk kural mantra " Inna seidarai orutha" worked wonders on Satya. A completely changed man   decides  to stop a mis match wedding between a appavi groom & a dangerous bride. Inspector is clueless & not willing to break his over this trivial matter leaves.

Bride & Groom cootie cooing . GDP  packs off parents & paati to Tirupathi , stays back with dreamy eyes  to have a lengthy Janavasam with Aksash up to Tirupathi. Akashku manasellam mathappu , but at the same time has a slight nerudal about family people's comment. Devi successfully convinces him [ vera eppadi – thaniya poren – blackmail & the man clean bold].Both in romantic mood , Devi yaps about how lucky is she , how happy about being Mrs. Devi Akash soon , how God is really kind towards her etc etc.


PK comes in without knock knock & seeing A& D in compromising position retreats with an apology, but Akash  welcomes him. Then Akash gets an emergency call , so goes out leaving the two. PK sits on the table close to Devi. Varthai adi between the two starts. GDP tells –" ozhunga seatla poi utkaru. Unkitteyellam ennala ozunga irukka mudiyadhu replies PK. Continues PK –am  very happy to hear you addressing me Sir. GDP says as long as you don't cross your limits I will give you respect , if you do cross then  won't hesitate to resort to  vada poda. Nothing new says PK , have heard so many times during our courtship. Enna, appo chellama ippo kobama  thats all the difference." GDP's irritation mounts [ so is srima's] asks him to come to the point.PK points out about her latest choice – Akash – a precious treasure, will she be able to lead a smooth life with him forgetting her past? GDP warns him , if he crosses his limits her cell phone will be put to use which we see PK in cell kambi counting.PK  quickly  in defensive mode , says he will never break his promise. Now GDP wants to know why  is he avoiding  her marriage. Same old memories says PK – can't stand the sight of Akash tying thali around her neck. GDP feels she has won her battle against him. PK cautions she cannot be a winner always .PK says like her winning is his game too. Impossible says GDP , for every winner  there has to be a loser. Not necessary says PK . Let us create a Win –Win situation. GDP agrees.[enna panna poreengapa?] PK then goes & sit on the sofa , away from her like a good boy. Akash comes back. Both have some muted discussion. Freeze on sly smile face of GDP.

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