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This is Life#2--AR ff part 27A-B pg 111( 04/26/13) (Page 5)

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Soon u'll be opening the 3 one also!

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congracts 4 d new thread
cont soon

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keep writing and do add me to ur pm list

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hi seejal
hope u doing well
congrats for the second thread
continuee soon

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congrats on d new thread ... keep up d awesum work ...

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Part 19---My parents and Me

It's almost been a month since Armaan and Riddhima's marriage and they still fight like cats and dogs. But one good thing is that now both Riddhima and Rahul are very comfortable with each other. Riddhima sees Rahul as a good friend come little brother while Rahul sees Riddhima as a sweet caring person and sees a shadow of a older sister in her. Both talk to each other about anything and everything.


One day while Rahul was going thorough his convocation pictures and obviously showing Riddhima---she asked where mom and dad's pictures are?

R: Rahul everyone is there in the pictures except mom and dad. Were they the ones clicking the pictures?

Ra: No, bhabhi the thing is they were not there.

R: what? You mean they couldn't make it or you just didn't invite them?

Ra: both. (Riddhima looks at Rahul weirdly and thinks that what is up with Armaan and Rahul when it comes to their parents. Why do both of them always turn so negative and upset?).

R: Rahul is there something that I don't know about I mean I don't know many things but is there something about mom and dad that im unaware of.

Ra: Nahi, bhabhi if you're thinking mom and dad are not happy then you're wrong in that part. Mom and dad are very happy with each other they really love each other to the core. It's just… never mind forget it. I will go and put all this away.

R: wait Rahul look I know sometimes sharing things with new people is hard but really if you want to say something then tell me. I promise it will only stay between the 2 of us.

Ra: bhabhi it's not that, its just… sigh… I don't know it's too long of a story.

R: I have time so spill the beans. What is with you bothers and your parents? Do you not get along with them or what? You hate them? Dislike them? I mean why do you both avoid the topic of them?

Ra: laughs a little. Hate them yah right. Sigh… bhabhi the truth is mom and dad never really cared about me or Bhai. They just you know left us to be brought up by our self. They didn't look after us or our needs. The only thing they looked after was our wants. If I or Bhai wanted a new toy or something expensive we would always get it the next day, it would be waiting for us in our room. When we were younger we were really happy because we had the latest things and want not to show of to our friends. But as we grew older we understood from people that there's more to the world then just money. We never got the support and love that normal children get as there growing up. No one was there to pick us up and make us understand when we made a mistake or to show us the right path. We only had kaka to show us and teach us the values that we know today and I won't say he did a bad job, but still I feel that if I got the same support and guidance from mom and dad I would have been a better person today. And even Bhai, why do you think he hates relationships and commitments so much because he has never got a good experience from them and I guess as he grew up he just stopped believing in them. For us it feels like we don't even have parents because we have been alone all our life so it doesn't really matter what mom and dad do now because we both know that they don't really care about us.  They think that by giving us money and wealth will make us happy which is true it will give us happiness but only momentarily. The real happiness resides in family and values and spending time with your family. But they just don't have time for us. They didn't have time for us back then or now.  It's like people say you can buy everything from money but you can't buy happiness and love.  That is why bhabhi, Bhai and I are so cold towards our parents.


Riddhima was shocked to find this out about the Malik's she always thought they were a sweet and caring family, with a modern touch. She had no clue that both Billy and Ananya were neglecting their children. 


R: Rahul I don't know what to say I mean I cant say I know how you feel cause that's not correct nor can I say everything will be alright because, I don't know if it will or not. But I will say that every parent has concern for their children no matter how bad the child or parent is. Deep inside every parent is soft and caring. Maybe mom and dad just have a different way of expressing their concern and love for you guys. Not everyone is open and comfortable expressing their feelings.


Ra: I know bhabhi I know but not being open and comfortable is way different from ignorance and neglection. And believe it or not we were neglected. Seriously Bhabhi I don't know about Bhai but I still wish that one day mom and dad do realize that Bhai and I come before their work and parties. And actually give us the love we have been wanting from them. I just want once for them to sit down with us and just talk like how normal families do. You can say we are a family when you look at us from far but as you come closer to us you will know how far apart everyone is in this house. And that's not how it should be. I've tried many times to make this family work but it's just impossible. And now I can only wish that I get the love from my parents. ( starts to leave but stops in his tracks)  And one more thing the reason why mom and dad were not at my convocation was not because I didn't call them as I recall. I did but they said they have a very important club meeting that day which can't be rescheduled so they won't come but will send kaka. But then again they gifted me a new car and sent me a sorry card. I guess that's what you call expressing your love and concern for your kids right? (and with that Rahul walks away with tears in his eyes)

R: Rahul listen wait. ( but he was already gone)  I don't believe this I need to ask someone else I mean how can any parent do that? Who should I ask though… Armaan? No ways he already despites me and if I ask then he will surly cream me. I know I will ask kaka tomorrow. With that thought playing in her head and many other thought she walks to her room to see everything on the floor. The clothes, books, papers and in the middle of all was Armaan frantically looking for something.  Riddhima's jaw hits the floor when she sees the mess…. ARMAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Armaan turns around to see Riddhima shocked out of her wits… what is it?

R: what the hell are you doing and why have you created such a big mess. Are you out of your mind or what? What what are you doing stop stop drop that right now (make's Armaan drop the books he was about to toss across the room).

A: I am not crazy to make a mess like this for no reason. I'm looking for an important file and I can't find it.

R: glances around the room... is this how you look?

A: yes, now stop bugging me and let me look ok… and pushes Riddhima out of the way.

R: NO STOP… what file are you looking for tell me I will help you.

A: TUM! Aur meri help… oh my THE royal princess of France is going to help a poor helpless servant like me… how sweet. (Fake smiles ).

R: if that's what you consider us to be then hey I've got no problem and smiles cheekily at him.

A: rolls his eyes… ok ok it's a yellow file and has a white sticker on it that says NYC project.

Riddhima starts to look for the file when she remembers she placed all the important files in the cabinet so she goes and gets the files and give it to Armaan… is this the file you were looking for?

A: looks at the file. Haan thanks… (and starts to leave for the study when a thought occurs in his head) But wait how did you find it in one go? I mean I looked everywhere and could not find it.

R: because I was the one who put it there.

A: oh ok (and starts to leave for the study) Wait what?... what did you just say… you touched my stuff again how many times do I have to tell you. NOT TO TOUCH MY THINGS.

R: hawww…. Here im the one who found your stupid file and instead of being happy and saying thanks your yelling at me how rude. And once again I have no interest in touching your "oh so personal things" I just put the file away cause it was lying on the bed and so I thought I should put it somewhere safe. And plus it was on MY side of the bed and I don't like things on MY side of the bed when im about to go to sleep.

A: oh you used your head ehh…just like how you used your head to change my whole room interior, and used your head to get married to me and now using it to put my flies away GOD why don't you just stop thinking. Really we will all survive without your amazing ideas.

R: HA HA your so funny no im dieing or laughter please stop… rolls her eyes: look im not interested in touching your stuff ok. Im just used to living in a clean and organized place so I can't handle it when you make this room in to a pig sty. And so I clean it, and if you stay in a clean room you will not fall sick from any viruses and diseases so shut up.

A: you're the biggest virus/disease in this dam house so why don't you clean your self first before cleaning my room. And plus I like living like this I like it when all my stuff is on the floor where I can see and find it easily. And what did you say you're used to living in a clean and organised place then why don't I put you in a museum that's very clean and organized you will really love it there.( and once again starts to leave).

R: you will fall and hurt your self like this I hope you know that.

A: I won't ok. I've lived like this ever since I can remember so stop advising me and turns around to walk out of the room when he stubbles on some papers and falls flat on his back.

Riddhima who was cleaning up heard a sound and saw Armaan flat on the floor she ran to see if he was alright. She was on her knees by Armaans head and looking at his face to see if he was ok. Are you ok?


Armaan opens his eyes and instead of seeing the ceiling he sees two big green eyes with concern staring down at him. At that moment he forgot all his pain and continued staring. While his mind told him to cut it out his heart had some other plans. He saw how her perfect eyes were filled with concern only for him how perfectly her long dark hair was falling on her shoulders and almost touching his forehead. He was so mesmerized in the moment that he didn't realize Riddhima was asking him something.

Riddhima knew exactly what was going on and that Armaan was totally lost in his own thoughts and the only way to bring him back was by closing the distance between their faces. She brought her face closer to Armaan leaving only a minor gap she whispered in the sweetest tone ever "I know im super gorgeous but don't make it this obvious".


Armaans spell broke as the words registered him his head and all of sudden he jerked his head up and sat up but likely Riddhima saw Armaan getting up so she quickly moved her head away or else something would of happened.


A: rubbing his head… your just sooo UGH… im leaving bye…( he gets up).

Riddhima also gets up… umm so I guess it was the paper that was not used to this mess then right?

A: slightly turns around… what?

R: what what you said that you wont fall cause you are used to this mess, so it had to be the paper then no that was not used to it… asks with a innocent face and mischief in her eyes.

A: ugh shut up! And slams the door and leaves for the study while Riddhima is laughing away… gotcha… one for me and zero for you OS (*if your wondering what's OS then its over smart new name of Armaan lol*)


In the morning Armaan is huffing and puffing to him self about how miserable his life is. How his dear brother is closer to that new girl then he really wished, how his champ always compliments and talks about that Riddhima…


A: UGH what has that girl done to all of them... it's like she has done some magic on everyone in my house. No one seems to be tired of talking and praising about her I mean come-on she's not that good is she? ( say's while he was ruffling in Riddhima's closet). Why the hell cant I find any of my clothes did that chipkali throw them away (he ransacks Riddhima's closet more and he finds Mr. Quackers and throws him on the floor) stupid stuffed animal. I can't believe she's so old yet she sleeps with a dumb toy god give me a break. Armaan was super frustrated with him self that he couldn't find any of his clothes so he yells Riddhima's name on top of his lungs…. RIDDHIMAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Riddhima who was in the kitchen preparing breakfast dropped all her doings and ran to her room to see why Armaan was creating such havoc early in the morning. Armaan why are you yelling my name as if the world depends on it? You're so annoying you can't let me rest for 2 seconds (she says as she steps in the room and once she does oh boy is she upset). You messed up the room AGAIN. Armaan tum… why the hell are you so annoying for?

A: shhh shhh, stop yelling at me and tell me what you did to my clothes.

R: I didn't do anything they are where they always are in your closet…

A: hahahah you're so funny. You see Ms. Gupta I can't find any of my clothes in my closet (he says as he points to the closet)

R: That's because this is MY closet and not yours (she walks to the other closet and opens the door and surprise surprise Armaans clothes are all found)

A: woh… I ummm I guess I forgot… u know im not used to the whole sharing this so… um I guess sorry… (face is red with embarrassment)

Riddhima just walks away with Armaan following her around which annoys Riddhima… would you stop that stop following me around.

A: im trying to say sorry and your not accepting my apology so till you don't say its ok I won't leave you… (he says while moving close to her)

R: baad mein gaye tumhari sorry aur tum!

A: oh really. I won't leave you so you better say its ok or else…. (and with that Armaan leg gets caught in the clothes and he falls on top of Riddhima on their bed)

R: ouch… get off of me… ur so heavy get up NOW!

A: im trying ok but…

R: but what? (Annoyance and fury in her eyes and voice).

A: nvm… (and tries to get up but falls on her again)

R: ouch… Armaan ur heavy get off of me yaar, wth ugh…

Just as they were trying to get up in walks Rahul.

Ra: bhabhi, I just wanted to ask a questi….. oh shit im sorry I should of knocked ( and quickly turns around) I didn't see anything I promise and im going bye and sorry and out runs Rahul out the room pretty much embarrassed.

Both Riddhima and Armaan are shocked…and Riddhima is turning red by every second (is it blushing or is it anger? LOL)

R: what will you take to get off of me Malik?

A: ummm lets see (he remembers what Riddhima did last night to him when he fell and so he decided to have a lil fun with his wifey) he gets closer to her so close that their noses are almost touching. Riddhima ( he whispers her name which send chills down Riddhima's back and she struggles in his strong hold) he moves closer to her when Riddhima yells STOP!

R: tum tum what were you trying to do. Im giving you a last warning get up or I will kick you somewhere which will make you cry in pain for hours. ( and gives him a you know what I mean look)

Armaan gulps and gets up freeing Riddhima from his strong hold.

R: Riddhima gets up and runs out the door and says that next time I will give no warning so stay away from me. She goes down in the kitchen to find a grinning Rahul waiting for her.


Ra: clears his throat… so bhabhi I just wanted to ask how is your morning going so far?

Riddhima glares at him and tells him to be quite and eat his breakfast.

Ra: I was just asking you know? You don't have to tell if you don't want to. And bhabhi don't worry I wont tell anyone anything what I saw promise (says in the most honest voice)

Riddhima is red like a tomato and she gives Rahul a shut up now look.. Rahul gulps and continues his meal quietly… hey Bhai good morning to you. I mean it won't make a difference if I wish or not right? I mean im sure bhabhi wished you already and smirks… Armaan who was drinking juice chokes on it and glares at Rahul.

A: Rahul why don't you go get ready for work we have to leave soon ok?

Ra: arre Bhai, if you want alone time with bhabhi then tell me naa why make excuse of office.

A: RAHUL, are you going or shell I make you go

Ra: gone bye! (and runs out the dinning area but comes back and says) next time just make sure to lock the door ok. And runs of again seeing Armaan get up.

Riddhima who was already so embarrassed prayed that the world would end right this moment.



A: nice breakfast thnx ( says while wiping his face)

R: are you trying to mock me! Was it not enough what Rahul said and now ur trying to embarrass me more. I can't believe you're so mean.

A; oye hello, I said that genuinely but now I will take that back. That was the worse breakfast of my life yuk!

R: then who invited you to eat it. You could have passed.

A: ohh so you want me to go to work empty stomach what kind of a doctor are you.

R: a good one! And you're already so fat and big im sure skipping one meal won't hurt you.

A: walks closer to her so now there face to face…. Sweet heart im not fat this is called well maintained body… something called working out? Ever heard of that?

R: well maintained and you psst yeh right?

A: really shell I show you my muscles and abs then to prove you wrong hum hum shell I?

R: eww never I don't want to go blind at such a young age I still have to see many things then you're so called toned body (makes a face and stats to walk of with of course Armaan following her).

A: oye hello you're already blind, you bump in to things as if there not there. You're so clumsy.

R: tum na! keep your talks to your self I don't want to hear it

A: haan haan, even im not interested in talking to you. I could care less.


Both Armaan and Riddhima are glaring at each other and some what lost in each others eyes that they don't notice someone entering the house….


B: well well well, im glad at least you two have not killed each other and are in one piece still. (and laughs at his own words)

Ani; Billy app bhi naa… how are you two doing? Riddhima I hope nothing happened while we were gone?

Armaan and Riddhima look at Billy and Ananya and all of sudden they put smiles on their faces and Armaan's hand goes around Riddhima's waist and pulls her closer ( more like making the poor girl crash in his ribs)

R: mom dad what a surprise I thought you guys were coming tomorrow? And goes and touches their feet and tells Armaan to do the same with her eyes.

A: hey dad mom (touches their feet and hugs them) how are you guys and how was the trip?

B: the trip was awesome but your mom here was worried about you and Riddhima. She thought you two would certainly kill each other.

A+ R ( in their minds)  I wish I could….

A: oh come on mom me and Riddhima kill each other never ( puts his hand on Riddhima's shoulder and brings her closer) right wifey tell mom and dad how happy we are with each other. (Smiles brightly at Billy and Anni but his smile fades away as he sees Riddhima face bursting with anger).

R: yep so happy (fake smiles and gently moves away from Armaan)

Just then to save the day comes Rahul… Mom dad woow what a surprise nice to see you guys after so long how are you.

Ani: Rahul, how are you we have been dieing to meet you. Come here and give your old mom a hug.

Rahul was not moving from his place and Riddhima understood why so she walks to Rahul and tells him to go.

Rahul hugs anni and Billy and everyone mingles for a bit. Rahul and Armaan decide it's about time they go to work so they bid bye to everyone and leave BUT not before Armaan says bye to his dear wife.

Ani: arre Armaan at least say bye to Riddhima I mean you said bye to all of us and not her.

A: stops in his tracks with a annoyed look on his face but he changes his face in to a helpful smile and walks to Riddhima and gives her a side hug and tells her he will really miss her and to have a great day at work. And then he whispers have a very awful day WIFEY and walks away before Riddhima can say anything.



Riddhima is huffing and puffing talking to her self  while walking along the corridor about non other then Armaan… oh how dare he call me wifey and hold me so close eww ugh... I just hate him. Uski toh mei watt laga duh gi. What does he think of him self touching me and coming close to me without my approval… Malik you will pay for this just you wait. Ridzi you have to do something to get him back. But what can you do think think think. I know I can put lots of salt and chilli in his food then he will see… no but if I do that then mom and dad will know it was me who did it and they may get mad at me. What can I do. ( as Riddhima is walking along the corridor she is thinking of ways to get Armaan back when she bumps in to a someone) im so sorry I was not looking where I was going and…. Sigh… im sorry she looks up to she who she bumped in to and is shocked… TUM!


 Armaan's Office:

Armaan and champ are busy discussing with Rahul about their next project and telling him his job and exactly what he has to do. After discussing with the guys Armaan walks in his cabin to see a bouquet of flowers and a plate of aloo parathas hot and sizzling waiting for him. He walks up to the bouquet to see if there is a note in it but there was no note and so he calls up his secretary to ask if anyone came in his cabin but the secretary knew nothing.

A: who can this be… they have sent my favourite flowers and my favourite food… who can it be… just as he was about to think he felt his eyes getting covered by two soft hands…. Who is this? Who are you? Armaan asks as he feels the hands above his eyes.


End of part 19 :D

Who has come to visit Armaan in his office and will this person have a positive or negative effect on Riddhima and Armaans life?

And who did Riddhima bump in to at the hospital that she got so shocked?

I want to know your guesses ppl so start posting :D

Read the next part to find out?

Sorry guys for the long wait have been really busy with work and all but hope u liked the part and see you guys in the next part :D

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wowww...amazing    reading   this  ff   for  the    first   time...loved   it...i ll  try   to   read   the  other   parts   too...keep  it   up Tongue

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