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This is Life#2--AR ff part 27A-B pg 111( 04/26/13) (Page 110)

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Hey Dear,
i just happen to come across your ff yesterday n believe me i'm just hooked to it. i read all da parts. you write really well. i've loved da whole of it. the start was soo good, i mean Ridzi coming back to India, meeting Armaan for da first time and den all of a sudden her marriage scene. i feel that it was wrong on the behalf of their parents to force dem for da wedding, although it was good in the long run but still dey shud hav given dem the time needed. Ridz being guilty of putting her family thru all da pain was so sad, the family over did it, dey didn't hav to be rude, dey cud just ask her to get married, n here Armaan the great blames all on Riddhima. his words on their first nite made me cry, i mean, ok he wasnt willing for dis wedding but still so wasn't Riddhima, dat didnt give him an edge to lead her. he was being so mean to her at the breakfast, saying dat he hoped da apples kept her way from him. no wonder Ridz felt bad, anyone wud. it was so sweet of Ridz to have tolerated him widout complaining & taking care of his family. i adore da bond Rahul & Ridz share. She is so thoughtful & caring about this family dat she wants to bring all of dem together as a happy family, n she accomplishes dis widout any greed. Ridz having feelings for Armaan but Armaan is so egoistic dat he wud neva consider his feelings. his accident changed a lot. the way Armaan spoke to her dat her dad wud get married to another guy if he died, was so insensitive of him. he takes dat to be a joke or wat? n den how cud he just burst out at her after his confrontation wid his parents. n look at him, he says he's regretting marrying her, i cud feel Ridzi's pain as she was thinking dat things are changing between dem but his words are so harsh dat dey always break her heart n yet she never complains n keeps doing things for others. she's a pure blessed soul. n now how cud Armaan ask her to stay back after yelling at her, he didn't even apologise, n i think it's Ridz's fault too, she never makes him realize his mistake. i hope she gives him a tough time now after returning back from the meeting.
cud i plz ask you to add me to ur pm list for da ff. i'l send u a buddy request, so plz do add me in, i wud love to read more on how wud Armaan's reaction be on seeing Sid, as already ddin't like his name.

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Nice ff

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hey update soon...

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Sejal i just love each part of this ff. I am so excited for the next part, Sid is going to enter Armaan will be definitely jealous. Ar love track will move on.
Pls continue soon.

Luv u<333

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do update soon

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Hey guys... i'm back with another part... and once again i'm sorry for a late update... university is getting the best of me with work taking time out for this ff is getting hard... so sorry about the wait...

as well i haven't been on IF in a very long time so to all those new readers in this ff welcome and i hope all of you are enjoying the story... and hopefully you all will continue reading despite me being so slow at updating lol... 
thank you for all you support guys <3

happy reading :D

Part 27 A---realizations'.

Last part: patch up b/w the Malik's' riddhima back in town gone to meet her nani'..


Riddhima goes to meet Nani but she finds out Nani has gone to the temple' awe really mama do you know when she will be back?... till then I will meet di'

P: haan go' plus she is very upset with you ( Riddhima questions why) why? Riddhima in one and half week its your sisters engagement and no preparations have been done and you your self promised that you would help her but your so busy. So of course she's going to be upset right?

Riddhima looks down guilty.. she totally forgot the engagement in the whole problem. I'll go say sorry.. she notices carrots on the kitchen counter.. her frown turns in to a 1000 wt smile' your making me gajar ka halwa.. wow mama you're the best hugs and gives her a kiss'

P: go say sorry then halwa'.

Riddhima at once rushes to her sisters room' di di di di di di' im sooo sorry I know you want to slap me and you can yell at me as well but plz forgive me.. but now you don't worry im back so we will start preparing at once no right now.. but plz just forgive me naa'.

An: smiles at her crazy sister' ok fine I will but only cause your so cute and I know that you were also busy with taking care of Armaan and work and everything. But im more upset at that Atul' even he forgot.. uski tho mein'

R: kya! Even jiju forgot hawww very bad tsk tsk'.

Anj: Ridzi.. forget him tell me how was the conference and all?

R: it was grate di' both the sisters talk as they walk down stairs.  Mama' when are you going to start making the halwa im hungry'.

P: I'll bring it with me tonight when we are meeting for Atul's b-day but for now you go home' you came after so many days so go meet your in-laws

R: arre but'

P: Riddhima are you going or not? ( says in a strict voice)

R: pouts.. going' so mean' di im telling you enjoy the service you're getting because after you get married you wont be allowed to stay here for even a single minute and no one will even offer you a glass of water let alone food. Hayye yeh majbori'

P: natak band and go home!

            Riddhima goes to the Malik house' sigh' please god I hope the environment is much better then the way I left it. she opens the door and sees the whole family sitting together laughing. What in the world'. Riddhima has a shocked come disbelieve expression on her face.

 Ni: looks towards Riddhima.. that exactly the face I thought you would have when you saw all of us together. She gives her a hug.. you did it Ridzi you succeeded in your mission.. she whispers in Riddhima's ear.

            Riddhima smiles and says hi to everyone'

Ani: Riddhima you must be tired go get some rest'

R: no im fine.. im just a bit shocked other then that im totally fine.

At: don't worry Ridzi you will get used to it' smiles'

R: smiles hmm.. that I will but you know jiju you have lots of explaining to do..

At: what do you mean ridzi'

R: di naa. She is extremely  upset with you.. she's so mad that im afraid you may need extra protection from her the next time you see her'

Atul gulps kyun what did I do?

R: what did you do what did you do????... jiju.. how can you forget what's in a few days its your engagement and you haven't planned anything at all so di is super duper mad. I mean she was mad at me as well but then again im her only sister so she had to forgive me right.. but I don't know about you'

At: nahi nahi.. Ridzi you got to help me.. I didn't forget.. I just you know'

R: nope I don't know' tries to hide her laugh'

Anj: Ridzi!!!!!

Riddhima curses her self.. how can she forget that anjie had come with her.. anjie is standing behind her fuming' why are you scaring poor Atul tum na!!! goes to confront her.

Just as anjie approaches her Riddhima's phone rings.. phew now this is what you call saved by the bell no ring in this case.  Be right back di' and run in the kitchen'.

Anj: Riddhima ruk!!!!



R: siddd!!!! How are you and why are you still not here?

S: chup! Ridz no phone call no msg, I really think you have forgotten about us. Where the hell were you yaar?

Riddhima explains the situation from Armaans accident to his recovery to her conference cutting out the family drama parts.. see that's why I had no time to call im sorry'

S: this much happened and you didn't tell us.. yaar you didn't go a day without telling me anything and now your hiding so much things'

R: nahi.. sid.. its not like that.. plz don't be upset.. I was so busy' I know I made a mistake but im saying sorry now naa plz plz plz forgive.. plzzz' promise I wont do it again'

S: fine but next time you don't tell me and watch what happens.

R: btw when are you coming? You do know the engagement is in a week right?

S: don't worry about us.. you only worry about your self and sweet Armaan. im sure tum toh mar hi gayi hogi bechare armaan ko dekh kar. Riddhima turns bright red shut up.. I have to go now bye!.. she takes a nice cold drink of water when Anni and Billy join her.

Ani: Riddhima thank you so much.. you fulfilled your promise we are all so fortunate to have you.. may god bless you and always keep you happy.

B: were even more glad that ur back how was the conferences?

R: it was good dad and even im glad to be back'.

Anni and Billy leave when Riddhima's phone rings again.. hello?

Abhi: hello ki bachi.. you couldn't even inform us that Armaan got in an accident. Don't you consider us your friends .. what the hell yaar Riddhima!?

R: sorry Abhi.. and don't say that you guys are the most dearest friends and I already promised Sid that this wont happen next time

Ab: good now tell me how are you?

R:  umm hello'I didn't get in the accident Armaan did so shouldn't you ask how he is? ( makes a confused face)

Ab: well you were taking care of him so obviously he's fine but im pretty sure while taking care of him  you didn't take care of your self that's why im asking'

R: oh' well im fine.. how are you and when are you guys coming?

Ab: soon soon.. ok got to run last min packing ' and remember next time this happens I wont talk to you.

R: pouts.. ok and sorry'

 Riddhima Walks mumbling to her self in the living room to join the others.. Billy and Anni are gone to do some work'

Anj: ab tujhe kya hua? Who are you cursing..

R: ugh'. Sits beside anjie' that stupid, idiot. Sid' he cant keep his mouth shut' ughhh I just want to murder him!!!!!!!!

Anj: ahahahahahaha'. Why what did he do now! Ahahaahh

R: no don't ask what he did do ask what he didn't do'.

At: what didn't he do Ridzi?

Both Riddhima and anjie give Atul a look

Anj: shut up Atul'.

Ni: who's sid?

Anj: looks at nikki shocked' you don't know sid???

A: no in-fact non of us do.. no one told us'

Anj: slaps Riddhima on the arm.. you didn't tell Armaan who Sid and Modi are????

R: owww di' don't do that it hurts' rubs her arm and no I didn't I kinda forgot'

Ra: ok so tell us now who are they'.

Anj: I'll tell you  Siddharth Modi and Abhimanyu Modi.. two fine handsome doctors and mine ridzi's and muski's best friends' remember we told you about the band we had well they are the other  2 members.

Ra: ohh'. So where are they now?

R: Paris.. that's who I used to live with when I was there'

A; WHAT!!!!!!!!! You used to live with 2 guys what the.. I mean'

Anj: oh oh someone's turning green.. awe Armaan don't worry ok your wifey is still pure and innocent. Sid and Modi are like our brothers. Our families have known each other for quite some time now'

A: mumbles they are like brothers but there not ur blood brothers'

Ni: what was that ammy?

A: nothing' so how come we never heard about them?

Ni: Ridzi said naa she forgot.. are they coming to the engagement?

R: of course they are.. its going to be so much fun.. right di?

Anj: hmm.. .all of us together after so many years'

R: I feel sorry for sid tho.. because as soon as I get my hands on him he's dead meat' like he's gone.. he's going to be sorry that usna Riddhima gupta.. no Ridhima Malik ke saath panga liya'

Anj: oh I can't wait to see this'. Anyways moving on and getting to a more important topic' how is the arrangements and everything going to  be taken care of guys? I know mom and dad are taking care of the food and the invites but what about the rest?

R: you guys start discussing im going to go and freshen up' sorry di I'll be back in a few minutes.

Anj: hurry'.

Riddhima goes to AR's old room now that Armaan can walk and he's much better they can have their own room back.. Armaan also follows Riddhima in the room.

AR Room


Armaan what do you want? And why are you following me?

A: riddhima I need to talk to you

R: but I don't want to talk to you!

A: yaar I'm sorry, I know I said a bit too much the other day but I couldn't help it.. I'm sorry plz forgive me.. na plzzz'..

R: no no Armaan, who am I to get mad or to forgive you . after all you don't care about anything but yourself ( she walks away but Armaan pulls her towards him)

A: I said im sorry.. please don't be mad anymore.

            Both are staring in each other's eyes.. Armaan's eyes are pleading to riddhima to forgive him.

R: sigh.. Fine I forgive you.

A: smiles Really?

R: hmm' now let me go.. armaan lets her go while he goes downstairs riddhima goes and changes'.

Riddhima comes downstairs.. she sees kaka carrying some cutlery and heading to the dining room she stops him grabs a spoon and lets him carry on with his work'.


N: ok so catering and invites are all covered the decorations are under all of our responsibilities and the entertainment quota is under ridzi, muski, and anjie' so what else is left?

Anjie: the RINGSSS?

A: champ me and Rahul will get them so all that's left it to start the decorations'.

Riddhima is playing around with the spoon and frequently looking at the front door.

Ra: bhabhi why are you holding a spoon and who are you waiting for?

R: Rahul you will find out in a little while.. where is mama and them she said they will be here for 6 and its 6:15 and they are still not here'.


Just them Padma shanky, and nani enter' riddhima runs to greet them 1st' nani how are you? (hugs her)


Nani: kaisi hai meri bachi and what is this you didn't even wait for me to return and came here!

R: nahi nani, I wanted to wait but you know mama said that I have to leave she didn't even offer me anything to eat' you know how hungry I was L

Nani: Padma'?

Sh: riddhima how was the conference? Riddhima hugs her dad it was great and she goes to hug her mama and grabs the container that was in her hands, without even caring she opens it and sniffs it like a mad dog'.

R: yumm this smell's soo good she starts to dig her spoon in the halwa her mother made her.. she's jumping up and down savouring each bite.. mama you're the best cook ever' yum yum yum' :D

P: takes the container from riddhima.. riddhima you're married now yet your childishness is not gone what will Armaan and the rest think????

Armaan is amazed to see this side of riddhima actually all the Malik's + nikki are surprised seeing riddhima like this'

Anjie: whispers to Armaan: useful tip if ridzi ever gets upset with you or you want to make her happy. Give her a bowl of mom made gajar ka halwa and she will go crazy for it'

After dinner

R: di did you get to talk to muski she went home and didn't even call.. I hope everything is alright?

Anjie: I did talk to her and she's not feeling well she's got a fever but Arjun said she's going to be fine and that they 're all coming next week.


Ra: yeh Arjun khon hai? And muskann's sick' but wait a minute why do I care?...

Armaan nudges Rahul.. what happened to you?

Ra: nothing.

R: I know di I miss arjun as well' one thing is for sure' your marriage is certainly going to being people more closer' I haven't seen arjun since the last time he came to France and that was a longgg time ago'.

Anj: I know'..

Fast forward to 3 days before the engagement

R: ye put those on the stairs and those drapes need to be changed they look dirty.. she's instructing the workers when her phone rings….


S: hey midget….

R: sid.. where are you????

S: 1st of all you need to change your line.. what the hell yaar every time I call you ask the same thing… and FYI were in Mumbai sweetheart

R: kya? Really omg that's great wait I will pick you guys up….

S: no no we will manage but just remember not to tell Anjie cause were going to surprise her…

R: of course.. but hurry up I don't think me and muski can hold it in anymore

S: alright :p


On the other side….

Muski Anjie are arguing with Rahul atul and armaan….

Mu: but what the need for a wedding planner… why waste so much money…

Ra: it's not wasting money if the jobs done well and elegantly.

Mu: so what are you saying that without one the wedding won't happen?

Ra: no, but why should we look helplessly when there are professionals to do the job?

Anj: but Rahul I wanted everything done the way I like

At: it will be like that.. the planner will ask and work according to what we say…

A: yeh anjie don't worry

Anj: but atulll we agreed that you would always listen and do what I say!

A: the engagement's not even done and your already bossing champ around… you're so bossy yaar….

R: kya! Armaan how dare you call my sister bossy!

A: not only her but your bossy as well all 3 of you are.. no wonder you 3 are best friends…

R: oh really well then if were so bossy then why are you talking to us go do something else….

A: we will and you know what we're going to go call the wedding planner.

Mu: haan haan go we don't care and take your stupid brother as well with you

Ru: stupid hogi tu aur tera pura khandan…

Mu: oye khandan pe mat jaa warna…

Ra: warna kya huh? What will you do… Muskaan tries to grab Rahul's neck but Anjie stops her…

Anj: lev it muski we don't talk to losers…. Let's go girls

A: haan haan go we don't care.. let's go champ Rahul we have things to do…


After a while the doorbell rings…

Anj: I'll go see who it is.. it may be the lighting person….

The guys in the other room

Ra: that must be nikki let go or else those girls will get her on their side…


The people at the door keep ringing the bell like crazy…..

Anj: I'm coming what the hell… are you going to kill the bell or what? ( she opens the door with an angry face)


Anj: shocked whattt… but you two said you can't make it cause you didn't get the lev…

Ab: well if we told you the truth then we wouldn't get to see your shocked face

Anj: you guys are just too much she laughs and hugs them both I missed you guys it's been so long.

S: I know and with time I must say you look even hotter now then you did last time…

Anj: oh why thank you I know I just couldn't help me self lol… come in guys

Mu: modiii.. sid you finally made it! You know me and ridzi were getting a bit worried and were about to launch a police complaint

R: aur nahi tho kya… seriously it does not take this long to come from the airport…the guys enter the hall and see riddhima and Muskaan hugging both the guys… Armaan and Rahul stop in mid-way…

A: who are they and why is riddhima hugging him!?!?

Ra: I know bhai that's what I'm wondering….


Nikki comes from the kitchen hey guys why are you standing here…

At: where did you come from….

Ni: I came a lil while ago but I went to the kitchen to drop something of…by the way who are they?

A: who knows and who cares, let's go we have things to do…

Ni: you go I'm going to find out… hey ridzi muski and anjie…

 All 3 of them look towards nikki

Mu: nikki hey good thing you're here we got things to tell you..

Ni: ye tell me.. but before that if you don't mind me asking who they are… she looks at the two new faces….

Anj: sry actually this is Sid and Abhi remember we told you about them

Ni: oh hi… I'm…

S: nikki right… oh we have heard so much about you and I was so eager to meet you


The guys also walk towards nikki and the rest….


R: sid back off don't even think about it…

S: think about what? Stares at riddhima…

Anj: clears her throat… and these 3 are…

Ab: nope don't introduce them me and sid will guess…

Sid and ahbi look at the 3 guys

Ab: you must be atul… hi… S+Ab shake hands…

S: and you must be Rahul.. ridzi's fav and only devar…

Ra: smiles nice to meet to both…

Ab: and last but definitely not the least The Armaan Malik… Hey… I must say ridzi uncle and aunty have done a very nice job looking for a handsome guy like this…

Riddhima rolls her eyes you can tell them that…

Nani enters….both S+Ab touch nani's feet.

S: how are you? You know we always got to hear a lot about you when midget was in France but ever since she moved here we don't get much info at all…

Nani: I'm fine.. how are you two and abhi you didn't bring your sister Ria? Where is she?

Ab: I left that problem back in France trust me nani you will be glad she's not here…

Mu: oye! Ri is not problem she's the best sister ever, you're just to full of yourself to acknowledge  her…

Ab: problem hai toh hai can't hide the truth now can i?

Nani: ok ok.. you two freshen up…I'll set the table for lunch.. Anjali bring everyone…

Dining hall

Ab: you know one bad thing about coming here or going to muski's house it that you all feed us way too much…

Mu: when did you start looking at appearances you were always so care less….

Si: are.. muski you have to look at appearances …we are attending the engagement and marriage so that means lots of unmarried and single girls and if we look unfit then who will look at us….

R: trust me the girls going to be blind to fall for you sid.. I almost feel sorry for her…

Si: unlucky!... no no you got it wrong I mean who wouldn't want a young dashing handsome guy like me, I'm the ideal dude for any gal…

R:  hmmm explains why your still single…. Hota hai hota hai… aksar denial mei log bool jayate hai apni pehchan

Anj: sid what happened to susan I thought you two were serious and ready to tell your parents…

At the mention of Susan's name Sid shut's up.. and riddhima and abhi start to laugh hysterically…

Si: Susan.. susan who… I don't know any susan…

Anj: guys why are you two laughing

Si: because they are about to die if they don't shut up soon…..

Anj: crooks an eyebrow.. is that so… ridzi you tell me why are you laughing…

R: tries to suppress her laughter… ugh nothing di I just remembered something funny…

Anj: ok and you too modi…

Ab: yeh….

Mu: you both remembered something funny at the same time ?

Si: drop that I'm starving someone give me food….after a few minutes… amazing cooking midget….

R: thanks …

Ni: how did you know riddhima made all this I mean?

Si: oh I know everything about her… she didn't become my best friend just like that you know…

Riddhima and sid share a sweet smile while Armaan is fuming with anger….

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Part 27 B

Armaan is walking back and forth in the living room  its 9 O clock and she's still not home' it doesn't take that long to come home from mama and papa's house'

B: Armaan what's wrong you seem a bit tensed?

A: riddhima said she would be home in a little while but she's still not here'

Ani: don't worry I'm sure she got stuck in some work' she will come soon


Gupta House

Sid is chasing riddhima' yo midget hold up wait till I get my hands on you'

R: for that you need to catch me'

They chase each other around for a bit.. sid finally catches her and twists her hand'.

R: owww you monster let go of my hand'.

Si: not until you say sorry'

R: still struggling.. sorry for what'

Si: for making fun of me at the lunch table' you found it funny didn't you at the mention of Susan's name'

R: hahahha' oww  no noo.. plz sid let me go I need to go home'

Si: sorry 1st and then the rest'

R: fine im sorry'

S: smiles good you can leave now'

R: smiles back' im sorry that you were such a fool that you didn't even know if susan was a guy or a girl' ahahahahahah.. and runs away'.

Si: oye' you stupid a**

Mailk house:

Armaan still waiting for riddhima.. she enters humming to herself'

Ani: riddhima what took you so long.. Armaan was so worried about you'

R: oh mom actually I got held up in some work.. but I did call Armaan and told him I would be a bit late'

Ani: oh ok' don't worry.. I'm sure there it so much work there.. the last minute preparations and all..

AR room

A: why are you late? ( asks as soon as riddhima enters)

R: I was doing some work and plus I'm not talking to you remember'

A: the hell you are' what work were you doing? ( riddhima just ignores him) I'm talking to you.. why are you late? ( still getting ignored) Riddhima grabs her arm and makes her face him' when I'm talking to you then look at me and answer me dam it'

R: I was helping sid unpack his bags.. that's why I got late ok' now let go of my arm'

 Armaan boils up hearing sid's name.. and pushes riddhima away'

R: ow what was that for'

A: shut up and don't talk to me'

R: huh ( what a weirdo) 1st he asks why I was late and when I told him he's showing me attitude'


Armaan's standing in the balcony'riddhima comes and asks him to come inside since its cold and its late'

A: (still angry) I don't need you to tell me what's good and bad for me

R: FINE!!!! Then stay out here all night and fall sick see if I care'.



Riddhima tries to talk to Armaan but he keeps ignoring her'  ( that's it if he wants to show me attitude then he gets the same..) she's putting away her files when nikki shows up'

Ni: hey' wow this is something new.. Armaan's not hovering around you today.. where is he?

R: I don't know and I don't care'

Ni: what's wrong? Did he do something?

R: well to start of your best friend is soo moody he's been ignoring me all of yesterday and even today.. I didn't even do anything it's so annoying yaar.. he behaves like a little child I tell you!

Ni: well that's how Armaan acts when he's not happy with something or he doesn't like the way things are going.. but to me he seems fine'

R: well yeh' causes he's only ignoring me' (Ni: oh I see)' so I'm guessing he has a problem with me again'. (Ni: Again?)' Oh come on nikki I'm sure by now the whole town knows that Armaan has a problem with me! It's so obvious'.

Ni: well yes' but don't worry ridzi just give some time to your relationship I'm sure it will improve soon for sure'

R: from the moment we got married I've been hearing that "soon everything will be better"' soon this' soon that'. God when will this soon actually come to an end'

Nikki has a smile on her face' nikki yaar I'm so upset and your smiling !?!?!

Ni: I'm only smiling cause you sound like a desperate (despo) wife'

R: I DO NOT! And what the hell is a DESPO WIFE!!!!!!!!!!

Ni: ok ok you're not one.. but for someone who's not in love you sure are getting pretty angry when your husband is not paying attention to you..

R: not this again' how many times'

Ni: do I have to say I'm not in love? ( finishes riddhima's sentence)' seriously yaar I know Armaan's is stupid in these matters but not you as well. Fine tell me something how will you know that you are in love?

R: what do you mean?

Ni: I mean how will you figure it out that YES' this feeling is love and this is the person I love?

R: well' I'll know when my heart tells me'. I think when I fall in love the world will turn a different place.. I'll see the person everywhere.. in reality and in dreams' I'll be able to share everything and anything with them.. my world will revolve around him and only him .. he will be the most important person' when he's close to me my heart will beat so fast that I'll feel I'm about to die' and when he's away my heart and eyes  will crave to see his face, to hear his voice or just see his smile. If he ever does get angry then I will do everything in my power to make him smile and if he ever goes away from me then'.

Ni: then..???

R:then I don't think I would be able to live'

Ni: well then I just hope your heart starts directing you in the right place, because I wouldn't want you fighting the world just to make Armaan smile'.

R: whatever the reason I need to find out why he's so mad at me.. I hate this, everything is so complicated, love itself is complicated'

Ni: but how would you know' you're not in love? So how can you say love is complicated????

Riddhima stares shocked at nikki' she fumbles on her words.. I.. I don't know' I need to go home'

Ni: this is your home.. ( smiles knowingly)

R: I just need to go  bye.. and rushes out the house'

Riddhima is sitting at a park and thinking about everything she said to nikki and the things that have been happening to her after she met Armaan. Can nikki be right? No no how can see be.. she doesn't even know the relationship me and Armaan share' but then again sid and modi said that same thing to me.. and do I even know what relationship me and Armaan share?... ugh this is so confusing only if I had a sign or a signal that would help me to know my feelings'. She closes her eyes in frustration  and she sees Armaan's face flash right before her eyes' what the hell is wrong with me why am I seeing Armaan's face when I close my eyes' she starts to think on those lines when her phone beeps'

Reminder of Armaan's appointment at the hospital' I'm sure he forgot about the appointment and dials his # but his phone is busy so she calls the office only to find out Armaan left the office an hour ago.. she calls Rahul and Atul but they don't know where he is.. so she calls up nikki and nikki tells her to calm down Armaan is at home and so are Rahul and Atul

R: kya! But I called them and they said they had no idea'

Ni: well that's because I told them to say that I wanted to see your reaction.

R: nikki this is not funny you know how worried I was.. please don't joke about Armaan like this next time' do you get that?

Ni: I'm sry ridzi I just thought I would help you figure out your feelings..

R: that's ok.. but can you remind him that he has an doctors appointment in half an hour'

Ni: Armaan went early and the doc said everything is normal.. but I'll tell him to call you' by the way where are you?

R: no where I need to go.. bye'

Ni: listen..( but the phone is already cut).. I guess I shouldn't have told Rahul and atul to lie to her dam it yaar'.

A: oye what happened? And who were you talking to?

Ni: nothing forget it.. where is this wedding planner' tell me more about her'.


Ring ring'.

R: kya hai Sid?

Si: yo dude where are you?

R; in hell you want to join me ( and hangs up the phone)

Sid goes to ask Anjie how to get to the local park'

Anjie: but why?

Si: I want to go for a walk duh'.sid reaches the bench where riddhima is sitting he calls her but she ignores his calls.. walks and sits beside her. You know when people's phone rings they usually answer and not let it ring'.

R: tum yahan bhi aaye gaye!

Si: I must say this is a very quiet and green hell'  you know I always pictured it to be dark, fiery and red and spooky but this is kinda nice.. riddhima glares at him! Ok.. no more jokes' come on tell me what happened is everything ok?

R: I don't know why I'm so upset. It's just I'm so confused'.

Si: about? ( riddhima tells sid the convo she had with nikki and the recent phone call chat) so nikki thinks you're in love but you don't think that you are' but then you worry your head off if you can't get in touch with Armaan. Hmm interesting' look riddhima asking my advice in love is never a good thing because well you know me how I am. You see I may not know much about love, or even in which circumstances you two got married nor do I know Armaan. But I do know you and that to really well. And really you have changed, and I think it's this new relationship that has changed you it came with many new expectation and relationships and for sure you have matured' before you only cared about your family and your friends but now I'm seeing that's its Armaan and his family you always worry about, which is not a bad thing that is your true family now.. so you should be concerned and loving them.. I don't know what's holding you back. Armaan is your husband and you have full rights on him if something bothers you, you can tell him, if something makes you happy you can share that with him you need to make him part of your life so he can not only understand how important he is for you but also how important you are to him. We all have different versions and expectations from the people we love.

But you know what I don't understand you're the one who used to say that you want a guy that stays with you forever in every moment and memory of yours. And you want him not only part of your reality but also your fantasy. And the way you took care of him when he was hurt shows how much you care and need him in your life' I don't know what bigger sign you need to prove it to yourself that you love him. What's holding you back'?... and I'm sure being the filmy chick you are' you tried the closed your eyes wala trick as well..  to see if see his face 1st   and then you will believe you love him right?

R: but how can I be in love and not know it.. I don't know what's holding me back.. maybe the fact that Armaan won't ever fall for me.. he doesn't even care about me and I've seen it and I've felt it manyyy times'he repeatedly reminds me that if there was any way still he would get out of our relationship.. so knowing that how can I love him.

Si: just because he is oblivious  right now of his feelings doesn't mean he will be like that forever. Love changes the coldest people. Love is the only feeling that would give a dying person the hope and strength to keep fighting.  Man come-on yaar, we can all see what you feel why can't you see what you feel .. why can't you just put down your guard' and give him a chance?... I know for a fact that Armaan would never let you hurt yourself. Sometimes we realize someone's importance after they leave us and no matter how much we try to bring them back they don't come back I don't want you to go through that' I want to see you happy and I know its Armaan who makes you happy so stop the confused act and get a reality check. No flowers or strong winds are going to blow no stupid song is going to play in the background and the moon is definitely not going to look brighter to prove your in love! DO YOU GET THAT???.. that's all stories and movies in real life LOVE happens JUST LIKE THAT!!!!!... at the most randomness time with the most weirdest people'

R: ok ok' fine I get it but why are you yelling at me? Are you my friend or Armaan's?

Si: well if your Armaan's  then of course he's my friend as well'.and its my duty to help nut heads like you see the light

R: wht in the world' where did you learn such cheesy lines'

S: from my ex she was one romantic-lunatic

R: why don't you find yourself a good girl and get married and settle down.. how long will you date and dump girls like they mean nothing to you?

S: I do that cause that's just how I am'. Heartless'.

R: no you do that cause your trying to forget maya'. But in the process you're doing everything she accused you of sid'

S: oye forget about me and my heart broken love story' this is about you not me remember' so what have you thought?

R: about what?  ( sid gives her a look)' ohh well I'm going to think about what you and nikki said' its true I care about him... and that to a bit too much, and I do see his face 1st when I close my eyes' but I don't want this to be a one sided thing you know what I mean' I want him to care for me the way I care for him, I want him to be concerned about me' which is not happening anytime soon so I'm still thinking about it' anyways  I'll see you later tonight'

S: what the hell your still going to think about it???

R: sid I'm a girl and we girls always think a lot, and plus nothing's changed Armaan still I'm sure hates my guts and doesn't want to see or hear me.. cause he doesn't care about me.. and so I think it will take a little time for me to get over that fact before I give anything else a go'

Si: ughhh you make me sooo mad!!!!!!!!!

Riddhima gets up and gives sid a hug'

Si: what's this for? ( R: for being my best friend and finding me) .. smiles it's not that hard really even in France when you got upset you used to go to the park so I figured you would be here today'. But I would of felt much better if you gave our talk a serious consideration'.

R: I did and will I promise.. but you can't say I'm wrong either I mean I wouldn't want anyone to fall for a guy who can't treat his girl right so why should I? ok then I'm going to go now and see you later tonight'

S: of course'.but you know stopping ur feeling and hiding them will just confuse you more and make you more anxious' hope you know that.. missy' (and walks away)

Ni: kya yaar Armaan, your wedding planner has still not called is she going to take the contract or not' I mean after the engagement we only have so much time before the wedding and we have lots of planning and things to do'

At: I  know Armaan I have convinced Anjie and she wants to meet her.. call her again'

A: I did but her phone is unreachable'

An: kids leave your work for now its lunch time eat something.. plus we need to go to gupta's house to help so come-on' your dads always reached and is calling us as well.. btw Armaan where is riddhima I haven't seen her since the morning' she took a day off from the hospital right' so where is she?

A: ugh mom.. she must be at the gupta house helping i think'

Ani: you think? Armaan you should call and find out you have some responsibilities towards her as well you know'.

Ni: aunty its ok I called ridzi and she said she will come home later'.

Ani: oh ok'.

Ni: Armaan I saved you today but next time I won't you should know where your wife is call her and find out'.


Mu: riddhima before you come over can you bring the music cd's

R: ok muski I'm just outside the house I'll bring it'.

Mu: thnx' btw are you ok' you sound a bit down everything good na? those Malik brothers are not giving you a hard time right?

R: no muski.. im just a bit tired.. head ache will tell you when I come over ok'

Enters the house'.

Ani: aree, riddhima good you came have lunch, I was just asking Armaan where you were.. but he wasn't too sure.. come have something to eat'.

R: no I'm not that hungry I'm just here to grab something and then I need to go to the airport'

Ani: right you need to pick up family right, take your dad with you as well he will be helpful otherwise who knows what he's doing at your place'

R: ok' ( and walks away)

Ani: Armaan did you fight with riddhima again

A: no mom I didn't even say anything to her

Ani then why does she look so upset

Ni: aunty actually it's my fault she was trying to reach Armaan cause his phone was busy because she wanted to remind him of his doc's apt today but I told Rahul and atul to both say they don't know where he is so she got really upset when I told her they were just joking around.

A: what!!!!

Ni: yeh, I'm sorry you know what I'm going to go say sorry to her as well'

AR room

R: nikki I said its ok' get up yaar and let go of my foot'

Ni; really you're not mad?.. I'm sorry I was just you know

R; I know and I don't mind really.. and plus I don't want to talk about this right now I'm already running late and plus I'm scared to pick up my aunt from the airport..

Ni: but why?

R: because thnx to your ammmy we didn't get time to call anyone in our wedding and now when they come then they will start to taunt mama, paps and I can already picture it.. and you know the worst part is this is only  half the torture when the actual wedding happens then more people will come and they will taunt even more' anyways I'm going I'll see you later bye'

Ni: bye

 Gupta house is filled with aunts uncles and cousins


A: I never knew you had this big of a family Anjie..

Anj: this is only the half wait for a few more weeks and you will see all of them'

A: should I be scared?

Anj: nonsense your ridzi's husband and riddhima she's the sweet heart of the family and everyone fav so don't worry your safe'

R: buaji' juice'

Anj: Namaste bua ji app kasie ho?

Bua: it's good to see that my brother has not forgotten me this time to call me or else I thought that the same would happen as last time. This one (points at riddhima) forgot to  call us' married life mei inti busy hogi ke she has no time for anyone humph ( and walks away)

Sh: why are you getting upset at riddhima. Her wedding was a small affair and plus the groom side wanted the marriage to happen as soon as possible so what could we do?

Bua: shashank it was your daughters marriage of course you had the right to say.  And now how is riddhima going to feel that in her wedding nothing big happened but now her sister's wedding everything is happening at such a grand scale wont she feel bad?

Sh: you know riddhima won't think like that she's happy and she's always is happy with whatever she gets.

Bua: so you tied her life with anyone?

Sh: not anyone he's jem of a boy he will and is keeping riddhima very happy.. (calls out to Armaan)' Armaan this is my sister'

Armaan touches her feet'

Bua: diktat oh aach ho.. par kuch kaam daam bhi karte ho ye bus ayyiehi

A: nahi buaji I own a business.. I run it with my dad brothers and friends.

Bua: good good' so it was your idea for a small wedding?

Armaan glups yes ' but'

Bua: kyun, tumhe riddhima ke family sai nahi mill na tha? I'm sure uss pagal ne hi kaha hogo.. "jee app ko jot eek layge wahi karniayen" do you know how many dreams I had for her wedding and now all gone down the drain.

Sh: whispers in Armaan's ears' don't feel bad about her words she would of said this even if we called her.

Anj: Armaan come meet all your sister-in-laws' and cousins

Cousin 1: oh wow jiju is so preety and hot, only if I met you before'.

Mu: oye chup if your riddhima di hears you guys she's going to kill all of you.. now go away don't bug poor Armaan.

Cousin 2: look sid and abhi bhai are also here lets go meet them.. and runs away

Mu: so Armaan how do you like your family?

A: they are very interesting I must say.. and if I knew the whole gupta family is this big I think I would of definitely called them to the wedding.. they are indeed very jolly people. By the way weren't your parents also coming?

Mu: they will be here in the morning trust me you will know even if you forget.. cause they will be the loudest from everyone.


Riddhima is thinking about the happenings of today especially the talk she had with sid' " I don't know how to feel about all this.. i never imagined I would be this confused when figuring out my own feelings.. it's supposed to be easy right.. I mean if someone likes someone then they usually just tell them'. How is this different then do I feel something for him? And if I do then why am I so uneasy with this new feeling' I mean from the moment I have met Armaan there has been this connection between us, no matter how far we tried to go from one another we always got pushed together' whenever he is in a problem I feel as if I'm in the problem, I feel his pain, joy, anger, sadness more than himself.. and it kills me to see him not happy' what is this between us that keeps getting deeper and deeper why can't we put an end to it'. Maybe this is what love is' our relationship started with hate' then landed on friendship but defiantly it's not there anymore' is it where we started off with or had it progressed further'(closes her eyes' and she remembers the time when Armaan was in the hospital fighting for his life' a tear slips her eyes)' till this day I'm not able to forget Armaan's pain and sufferings' this is beyond friendship because when abhi got in to an accident I was upset but not to the point of how much I was concerned for Armaan' I think just maybe I may be in love' but then if I am then why am I not happy' why am I so upset?... ugh this is just stupid sid is stupid he always confuses me' I confuse myself as well'. What do I want?... she turns around and sees inside the house where Armaan is smiling and talking to her family' she turns back around' this is what I wanted the guy that would enter my life would also enter and accept my family with me.. accept them and treat them as his own' no matter how many fights me and Armaan get in to he has never disrespected or shown the bitterness towards my family' he cares for those that care for him' he's independent, responsible when it comes to everything but me, smart, he's perfect' so then what the hell is the issue? Sighs' I got the signs, I have the feeling but is it the correct one? is what my heart telling the truth am I in love with Armaan?... I guess only time will tell or someone has to force me to speak the truth and make me see the light cause clearly I can 't see the light"' she sees a basketball nearby so she starts to shoot hoops.. but missing miserably because her mind is not on the game'.

Another corner of the room:

Sid: ok girls bye.. and runs in the backyard.. he sees riddhima shooting hoops' sooo how long have you been out here?

R: half an hour or so why?

S: just wondering. And why are you shooting hoops

R: because I want to'. Duh

S: why are you wasting your energy your missing the basket constantly'

R: and that's why I'm frustrated.

S: your already frustrated and on top of that you miss all the baskets which makes you even more angry and when you get fed up you latterly blow your head off, so who's going to be your victim today hmm?

R: just shut up I don't blow my head anymore and if I do decide to do that then I will surly come looking for you'.

S: oh btw I think Anjie was looking for you.. and I'm sure you don't want her to be your next victim of anger cause after all it her special day tomorrow

R: she won't be.. because I don't blow my head and so she won't be'

S: are you sure? You seem to be getting a bit fiery around the eyes'

Riddhima stops her shots and throws the ball right at sid's face' luckily sid ducks and misses the blow.

S: hahahhahah.. oye fiery miss midget

Riddhima walks inside yelling at sid to go to hell'

S: I will give me the address.. bhlahahahahhah.. and follows her inside

Anjies room:

Ani: ridzi where did you go? I was looking for you?

Si: you see Anjie midget here was trying to invent a new game

Anj: huh?... riddhima glares at sid'

R: di I was just doing something'.

S: ohhh that's not good enough why don't you tell her in more detail'

Anj: ye tell me'

R: I was just outside shooting hoops'

S: you mean missing hoops right' winks at her

R: you idiot shut up and throws a pillow right at him when the others walk in'

Abhi: nice one..  ( puts his hand around sid.. so what did you do now?)

S: who me and do anything.. not even psst I'm so innocent right fiery?

At: Anjie why did you call all of us?

Anj: because ever since sid and modi came we never even had time to hang out and talk so I just thought that tonight we could just hang out you know'

Mu: ohh that's a good idea Anjie.. I was just asking abhi about his life story anyways.. so ye modi tell me what were you saying'.

Ab: ummm not now maybe later.. but you tell me what's happening with you..

Mu: no I asked 1st' what did you say her name was'. Monkia?

Both sid and riddhima look towards abhi wondering who this monkia was or is.. and then they look at each other confused..

R: who is'.

Sid signals her to shut up and follow his lead' bhai is this the same monkia from the club.. you know the hot one???

Ab: ya.. no.. maybe'

Mu: oye how many do you know

Ab: one or two..

R: lev it muski.. I will tell you who this monkia is'..

Mu: you know as well????

R: of course I know.. why wouldn't I know' ye so monika and abhi met at a party and according to him and sid she was HOT and you know he just got attracted to her, short dress, high heels, buckets of makeup, you name it this girl was hitting it up town'

S: yeh and when we say hot we mean it' hell she made any committed guy wish he was single'

R: LIKE I was saying before sid interrupted.. abhi went to talk to her and they just clicked you know it was the mall then the movies then dinner and then came the imp date'

Ab: hold on guys what are you talking about?

S: bhai I know you don't like talking about her but.. the hard truth was she was just using bhai to make tommy jealous' tommy being the guy she was interested from the start...

R: yeh and poor modi.. was heartbroken for so long.. I even told him to go get her back but he was just to defeated'

Mu: ohhh is that why when I used to call you always used to hang up.. awe I'm sorry modi .. but don't worry she will pay for breaking your heart'

S: whatever the reason man she was one hot kisser.. yum yum she was good'

Mu: how do you know she was sid??? ( everyone looks at her like wth..) NVM DON'T ANSWER THAT'

Ab: if anyone will let me talk'. 1st of all I'm not heart broken.. sid meet me outside ok then I will show you what broken feels like.. and you riddhima I can't believe even you would support this hooligan in his stupid joke' and to clear the air the only monkia I know is a 5 year old and that too is our neighbours kid' gosh you two are just too much you never give up on your silly jokes do you'.

Mu: I take my sorry back man.. god guys at least you should of made the story a bit more interesting what a boring one.. humph'

S: this midget ruined it all.. I mean who goes to the movies  these days its straight to the hotel room man'

R: normal people still go to the movies.. but I'm sure you don't cause you tend to get confused in the dark'.

S: cause I got so many options.. muahahaha

R: you're sick.. eww' this is why you have no girlfriend sid.. you just to disgusting'

Ab: she's got a point'.

R: I always have a point.. it take skills to understand.. which clearly your brother doesn't have.. soo sad'.

S: oye.. I.. you.. shut up.. you little midget.. or else'.

Ni: sorry to interrupt but sid can I ask you a question' are you really a player or do you just act like one?

S: what sounds better to you?

Ni: umm that you just act like one'

S: ok then we will keep it at that

Nl: nooo but that's not the answer'

S: maybe it is.. you never know'

Ni: but I want to know'.

S: honestly only two people know the truth about me.. and who cares how I'm like.. you just worry about yourself nikki (says her name in a wired way)

Ab: your actually using her name.. and I thought it would be something like love.. or babe.. or something like that'

Mu: meee to lmao'.

S: I have strict warning on not to flirt with Armaan best friend.. or else I have to give up my life..

Ni: what?..

S; long story short.. midget told me to not flirt with you cause you're a nice person and I'm just not you're type' and she has sworn that if I do then she will personally kill me with her bare hands.. which I truly believe she is capable of.. the murderer she is

Ra: so sid you know how you said only 2 people know how you really are like.. at least tell us the names of them so we can get to know you at least a bit better

S: oh it's my self and midget..

Anj: oh I know we can play truth or dare.. that way we can all find out things about each other that everyone is so dying to find out about.. but here's the catch whoever the bottle lands on has to do whatever the person across from them tells them to do'

Mu: I like it I will get the bottle'

Anj; good remember no baking out.. ready'. She spins the bottle and it lands on nikki.. Armaan is sitting across nikki..

A: I want you to answer my question' that when we were in collage that you had a big crush on one of the guys in our group'

Ni: what kind of stupid question is that?

Mu: its ok nikki just answer it.. it doesn't matter anyways.. one is married the other is about to and the 3rd well who would fall for monkey like him'

Ra: shut up.. mind your own business'

Ni: yes I did.. moving on' spins and lands on atul

Ab: atul I want you to complete this dare.. you have to say one mean thing to Anjie..

At: what I can't say that.. there's nothing mean to say'

A: come-on champ don't lose your chance you can do it..

At: Anjie your very mean and a bossy person.. but I like it because you look even more beautiful when your angry'

r/ni/mu: awe that's so sweet'

atul spins the bottle and it lands on sid'.

Riddhima gets to choose for sid..

S; watch it ridz cause you trap me and I will trap you right back so pick wisely'

R: oh.. I'm so scared sid really.. what would I ever do if you trap me.. rolls her eyes' hmm let's see..

Mu: give him something hard since he has annoyed you so much today'

R: no i wouldn't waste my chance like this for that.. I can get him back for that any time.. I know I want you Mr. Siddharth Modi to move on in life'.

S: in what sense..

R: you know what I mean and in what sense I mean  as well.. and yes this is a dare..

S: how do you know if I will fulfill it or not'

R:smirks' I got my ways.. cause 1st of all you're going to stop your play boyzzz ways.. and then you're going to actually see that oh girls have a heart as well.. who knew.. and then you're going to find that perfect person and get married and then live happily ever after'

S: is marriage necessary'

Anj: what do you mean if its necessary of course it is'.

ab: ye man I think it's about time you grew up a little.. and what riddhima is saying is true.. you got to change your ways before things worsen'

s: ok fine' this news year it will be my resolution and then next year I will start to apply it'.

R: nice joke.. it start today or else..

S: or else what

R: one phone call and your ruined.. it will only take me 2 minutes to ruin u.. and you know that'should I tell uncle and aunty'.

S; you win I lose.. I will do as you say,,,, but it gooan take a while ok.. you can't expect me to change overnight' cause habits take a while to change.

Anj: wow sid I thought you were not going to accept it'

S: not surprising with the reputation I carry around.. lol' but you know I just let your sister win this once .. I mean she would feel bad if she lost in front of her husband so it's all good'

Anj: your just too funny'it's your turn to spin'

A: excuse me I have to make a call

Ni: you can't go in the middle of the game

A:I will be right back

The bottle lands on riddhima'.

Ni: oh this is not fair ammy is not here.. and the bottle landed on ridz'

S: don't worry nikki its best he's not here ' midget I just want a either a yes or no' do you or do you not love Armaan? Everyone looks shocked at both riddhima and sid.. what are you all staring at us like that.. I'm just asking if she loves her husband or not.. not some other guy.. ye so riddhima do you?

Riddhima goes pink  around the cheeks and ears.. well.. I that's not fair this is too personal' of a question'.

S: yes or no?

R: sid tum'

S: YES or NO!?!?!?!

R; sighs.. I hate you for this.. but ye I think it's a yes' ok maybe I do..

S: riddhima is it a YES or a NO.. I didn't ask if u think or guess it's a simple question love..

R: yes' ok'

S: good.. now go spin the bottle..

Mu: oye' w8 how can you just pretend like nothing happened ridzi just confessed her love.. omg lets all go tell Armaan

R: WHAT.. no.. I mean its way to soon to tell him and plus I don't even know if he feels the same for me or not'

Anj: but ridzi you can't hide your feelings just because you don't know how he feels' who knows maybe he feels the same way about you.. but you would never know if you never tell him 1st.

R: I know di but right now for a 100% I know he does not feel the same about me as I do about him.. and if in that if I tell him how I feel I don't want him to feel guilty or pressurized that he must feel the same way for me. If Armaan's to fall for me then it's because his heart tells him not because I told him I love him...he has to realize it.. the way I did

Ab: your right.. but'

R: no ifs ands or buts.. you guys have to promise not tell him, if I find out any of you told him then I will never forgive any of you'

Everyone promises not to tell'


Riddhima spins the bottle and it lands on Rahul..

Mu: now it will be fun.. now I will show you what I actually am..

R: Muskaan you have to be fair so don't tell Rahul something that's impossible

Mu: you have to spend the entire week with me without complaining and saying anything bad about me, you have to agree with whatever I say and do whatever I tell you to do.. in short you have to be my shadow for a week.

Ab: is this a punishment for Rahul or for Muskaan herself ( whispers to sid)

S: don't know bro, but this will be fun to watch'

Ra: the whole week and that to with you.. deal ( thinks to himself that he will torture her so much that she will feel why she ever said this dare' and Muskaan is thinking along the same lines to torture Rahul).

Armaan walks in' your imp call in done asks nikki'.

A; ye it is'

Anj: but who you calling so late at night Armaan?

A: oh that wedding planner she's in Europe and it's not that late there right now'

Ra: what did she say..?

A: she said she will be coming to Mumbai in a week or so and so she will contact us then

Mu: yawn! Let's go yaar I'm tired I'm going to sleep.

Ab: me to and plus tomorrow is a big day and lots to do'

Ni: oye but what about the game?

R: paused till tomorrow..

Anj: yeh we will continue tomorrow right now I think we need to all rest'

AR room:

Armaan is sleeping while riddhima just can't fall asleep.. gets up and walks to the balcony  with her diary… ( she decides to pour out her rest of the feelings in the one place where she always goes to when she doesn't want to talk to anyone) ugh wth now I can't sleep either grate…she looks at Armaan sleeping peacefully and smiles… then thinks about how she confessed her feelings to everyone… I guess I knew the answer all along but I just needed a wakeup call… someone to tell me to smarten up and start listening to my heart and not my heart… once again sid proved that he's a good friend because he knew that I would never figure out my feelings by myself cause off my ego… it was because of him and his stupid dare that was able to speak the truth….but you know what's funny even when sid asked me I was going to say no but I don't know how yes slipped out of my mouth… but then once it did my heart felt so light and I felt happy… the true wala happy… I guess that's what love does first it confuses you and then makes you upset but then once you realize then everything starts to fall in place… this explains why even the littlest things Armaan does affects me, why I get nervous when he's close to me… I can't believe it took me this long to figure it out… I mean even when he calls my name or wifey my heart skips a beat… how was I so blind… everyone saw it but me… but now that I know I won't let this feeling die down… and I will also make Armaan see that love can be a beautiful thing… he will fall for me as well… and till then I guess I will wait and try to make his realize that just maybe he may be in love with me as well….but till then I will have to act normal with him or else I'm sure I will definitely scare the life out of him….

Next morning:

Riddhima walks out of the bathroom drying her hair with a towel. When Armaan bumps in to her…

R: ouch Armaan wth can't you walk properly kya suba suba tumbhi…

A: I can tell you the same

R: ok fine w.e now get out of my way… I have lots to do…

A: yeh even I have things to do…

R: really and I thought your only job was to bump in to people( turns around.. whipping her damp hair across Armaan's face)

A: tum.. stops when the water from her hair touches his face, close his eyes to dwell in the smell deeper in to himself.

Riddhima comes back after 2 minutes and Armaan is still standing in the same spot, I told you know have no other job but to bump in to people see your in my way again…

A: jerks out of his world.. shut up and do your work…

R: kaddous…

A: kya kaha tumne?

R: kya suna tumne

Armaan gets frustrated and walks in the washroom…this girl is going to drive me crazy for sure..,

R: kaddous hai but cute hai… smiles and goes down the stairs.

Gupta house:

Muskann's sid's and abhi's family have joined the people in the gupta house… Muskaan is doing some work when someone covers her eyes…

Arjun: guess who? ( meet arjun chadda muskann's twin brother. Architect by profession lives with muskann's parents)


Ar: how are you my jaan…

Mu: after looking at you I'm at peace what took you so long to come here… Rahul sees both arjun and muski hugging and so he goes and says a hi…

Ra: Muskaan can I plz talk to you.. alone.. once alone he asks her who the boy is…

Mu: why do you care?

Ra: did you forget I'm supposed to be your shadow and so I should know everything

Mu: that's from tomorrow not today so stop bugging me..

Ra: oye hello ( who cares and walks away but glances back one more time to see both of them hugging and laughing) he bumps in to riddhima

R: ouch Rahul.. you and your brother don't you two have anything better then to bump in to me…

Ra: sorry bhabhi, by the way who is that boy with Muskaan?

R: smiles kyun?

Ra: she won't tell me and plus I'm supposed to be her shadow so…

R: haan but that's from tomorrow na so why today?

Ra: are bhabhi plz bolo naa who is he?

R:he's arjun muskann's brother

Ra: smiles of relief REALLY brother.. like blood brother.. like how me and bhai are?

R: yes.. but why are you so happy to hear that?

Ra: just like that.. thnx bhabhi you're the best.. love you.

R: are but.. kuch toh hai… I guess I just have to find out… smiles to herself…. She goes up to her room and sees sid along the way…. They exchange smiles… sid…

S: your welcome.. what are friends for ridz…

R: smiles how did you know I was going to say thank you?... oh come on ridz don't act like we met yesterday ok… I know you better then you know yourself… riddhima smiles and gives him a hug….

Armaan passes by and see them hugging which frustrates him… (why in the world are they always hugging… and how can riddhima have such a cheap friend this guy doesn't even respect women… and he's her best friend… honestly… but for sure he needs to let go of her or else…. )

At: hey Armaan what are you doing here lets go we need to go pick up the rings and then get ready….

Armaan turns around as he's walking away and sees both sid and riddhima laughing which boils his blood even more…..

Hope you liked the part... will update soon ( hopefully if all goes well Smile)

Till then take care



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Sorry guys had to brake the part in to 2 cause it was to big to upload it as one Cry... hope you all enjoyed the part... let me  know if u liked it or not and if u want me to change anything... as well how you liked the relationship between sid and ridz... i wasn't really impressed with the way i wrote this time... but i didn't want to keep you guys waiting so i just updated lol

Add me this username to your buddy list if you want PM's: sejal_PM

take care


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