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This is Life#2--AR ff part 27A-B pg 111( 04/26/13) (Page 105)

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 update kar di do ab plz

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Hey update soon...

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Last Part Pg: 103

Story up to date: Riddhima and Armaan get married by the force of their parents... both hate each other... Armaan gets in to an accident ... Riddhima starts to feel for Armaan and helps his recover and talks to his parents to take responsibility for their children... 

Part 26--- Reconnect 

Armaan is alone in the room and wants to open the window for some fresh air.. so he slowly gets up.. he gently puts him feet on the floor and prep talks him self… Ok Armaan one step at a time and not to much pressure on the left foot. He slowly gets up and walks closer to the window. He's just about to reach the window when he stumbles on something and is about to fall.. but he doesn't fall because Anni saves him from falling.. Anni was bringing some books for Armaan when she saw that Armaan was about to fall.. she helps him back to the bed….

Ani: Armaan what were you thinking! If you need something you could of called someone, what if you fell you know how dangerous it is for you to be walking like this when your foot is not healed.  ( by the commotion Rahul Atul and Billy rush in to the room)

B: kya hua… why are you yelling Anni?

A: nothing happened I just wanted to open the window and so I went but I lost my balance and so I was about to fall but now im fine…

B: but when you cant walk… then why did you get up you could of called any one of us. What were we all deaf that we couldn't hear you…

Ani: Billy its ok.. stop yelling at him he's fine…

B: only because you came in time.. what if you didn't then what… this boy I tell you…

Armaan cant take it anymore so he bursts… just be quite both of you! Im fine and even if I wasn't I don't need your  help or concern to make me feel better. I've been noticing from the past few days you guys are acting so wired. You think  all your acting of concern is making any difference...well let me tell you its not.. the only thing its doing is suffocating me.. what are you two trying to prove and to whom?

B: Armaan were not acting we genuinely care for you…

A: oh after all these years you all of a sudden saw the light… where were you before this huh? Look lets get one thing cleared today.. I didn't need you before nor do I need you now so stop this drama crap and lets all live in peace.

Ani: Armaan we have realised our mistakes and were only trying to mend our ways. Please at least give us a chance.

A: laughs sarcastically… mend your ways.. wow… its to late for that don't you think?... there's always a limit to things and you passed that limit long time ago… now the only thing you will get it hatred so please just get out of my room!

Ra: bhai at least give them a chance…..

A: Rahul… when im talking I  don't like anyone interrupting me.. things don't  happen over night… we needed you more then ever when we were growing up were you there NO… we needed you when we were just new to everything we needed you guys to stand there and explain to us were you there then NO… so why the hell are you here now when we don't need you… go be happy with your meetings and clubs cause that's your real family right… if we live or die your not the ones to care…. Anni and Billy both have tears in their eyes… Armaan yells at them… you're still here I told you to leave just get out of here… Billy and Anni leave the room… Armaan also tells Atul and Rahul to leave… he just wants to be alone.


Riddhima comes home to find it pin drop silence.. that's wired where is everyone.. she goes to the kitchen hoping to find Anni but she find Rahul instead…


             Rahul what happened why is it so quite.. did something happen…. Rahul has tears in his eyes.. he tells Riddhima everything that happened… what.. Armaan said all this.. even Riddhima has tears in her eyes.. I knew I shouldn't have left.. are mom and dad ok?...


Ra: I don't know but I don't think anyone would be after the way bhai talked to them. Im not trying to defend them or accuse bhai but I just think he could of handled the situation more maturely. And I don't know but even though im not as close to mom and dad it still hurts if someone says something bad about them. Bhabhi when I saw that mom and dad have changed and still are I really felt that everything would be fine but now nothing is fine… I don't think this house will ever have a real family… because if one tries the other pulls him down and vice versa…


R: Rahul don't worry and stop crying.. I will talk to Armaan. he has to get over the past and move on.. you cant live in your past forever.. you don't worry ok.. everything will be fine.. trust me.. ok….

 Rahul nods and walks away. ….. before going to AR room Riddhima goes to Billy and Anni's room….

R: mom.. dad?... Anni has tears rolling down her eyes but she wipes them as she hears Riddhima's voice. She puts on a smile on her face.. haan Riddhima your back how was the shopping and how's Anjali doing?


Riddhima sits beside Anni.. mom by wiping away your tears and putting a smile on your face doesn't hide your pain.. Rahul told me what happened.. but mom don't worry remember I said that hard times will come but we will all work together to over come them.


Tears well up in Anni's eyes.. im not crying because of what Armaan said but the fact that I or Billy we will never be able to wipe away the hurt and pain from their pasts, they will always remember how we were not their for them and we can't even go back in time to fix it. this is never going to end its always going to go deeper and deeper.

R: mom its true that you wont be able to change the past but you guys can make new memories that are so beautiful and special that it will be more stronger then there past. I promise you that very soon you will have all 3 of your sons in front of you accepting you both and they will be ready to move on.

Anni: Riddhima if you can do that then I will do anything you ask me to do.. not just me but even Billy.. but please just make my sons see that we have indeed changed.

            Riddhima wipes Anni's tears and says I will tell you what I want the day I fulfill my promise.. and she walks out of the room… she drives straight to Atul's apartment.

At: Riddhima you here at this time.. is everything ok?

R: im sorry I came so late but.. I need to ask you something which is very important….

At: that's ok.. Ridzi… come inside.. what is it that you need to ask me?

R: jiju.. do you think mom and dad have changed and should they really be given a chance or am I just forcing something that is never bound to happen?...

At: of course they have changed I've seen the change and your not forcing anything Ridzi.. not just me but I know Rahul also feels that but its just Armaan I don't know why he's not ready to accept them????

R: don't worry about Armaan… but would you be able to forgive them and forget the past?

At: Ridzi I don't know if I want to forget the past because it was because of them I met anjie and so even if I try I wont be able to forget the past… but I would for sure forgive them because I've seen that ever since they saw Armaan on the death bed they know how short life is and I know they have realized what is means to loose someone. For me they will always be special and right no matter what they do because they have given an orphan like me a home, name and an identity so they will always be respected in my eyes….but I will be truly happy if Rahul and Armaan also forgive them and move on…

R: thank you jiju im sure if mom and dad heard this they would really feel so much better, but I know one day you will tell them all this… I just wanted to know your point of view on this. That's why I came I'm sorry if I disturbed you…

At: you have full right after all you're my one and only sali.. so you have all the privileges.. come I'll drop you home.. .

R: no that's ok I have the car.. I'll give you a ring when I reach home… as Riddhima's driving back she thinks that at least I know jiju is willing  to start fresh and I also know that Rahul will as well.. but how will I convince Armaan.. I promised mom that I will make everything alright but how on earth will I get Armaan  to see the bright side. What ever I do I need to do it fast because today was just a small spark and if given time then its wont be long before this spark turns in to a fire and ruins everything. I can ask nikki but she's not in town.. I cant ask mama and papa cause theirs no point involving them in this they will stress out for no reason, and I cant tell Sid or Abhi no matter how close they are to me cause I know for a fact mom and dad would hate me telling my friends family matter.. so what ever I need to do I got to do it my self and fast. Riddhima's walking towards her room when Rahul calls from the back…

Ra: where were you I was looking for you?

R: why did something else happen?

Ra: no I just needed to tell you something…

             What is it Rahul?

Ra: bhabhi I know you must be feeling so wired when thinking what kind of family you got married in to where the kids don't respect the parents and vice versa. I know I've said many things to mom and dad as well but I don't know why but my heart tells me that the solution of the problem lies within you. Bhai will listen to you, ever since you guys got married bhai gets effected by the things you do the most. So please bhabhi do something talk to bhai make him see that  mom and dad have changed and please make him forgive them. I want to forgive them as well but I feel that if I do and bhai doesn't then im betraying him and if I don't forgive them and turn my back on mom and dad then im betraying my self. I don't know what path to take because which ever I take will end up hurting someone…

R: Rahul you wont be betraying anyone.. do what your heart tells you to do… and one more thing. In life following other people's foot steps is good but only to some extent.. there will be a point in life where you will have to make your own path and if today you are willing to chose and make your decision then you will also get your answer to what you should do and you will also make your own path. And that path will be right because you made it from your heart and you chose it because you know its right. No matter how many people point at you saying its wrong and your wrong.. you will know in your heart that you made this decision because you know its right.. and if your right then who cares what others thinks right?... as well I told you before don't worry about me  and how I feel after coming in this family. You should know that im very happy and that this family is very close to my heart as is my other family. Now you go rest and I will handle your crazy brother..


Ra: smiles… you're the best.. good night….


Riddhima bids Rahul goodbye and reflects on his words about how she has an influence on Armaan… she walks in to the room and sees Armaan watching tv walks up to the tv and turns it off….


A: what the hell Riddhima… look im in no mood for games ok .. move so I can watch the game…

R: we need to talk …

A: im not in the mood to talk right now…

R: then what are you in the mood to do Armaan…fight or yell.. or how bout this one insult people.. make them feel like they have no meaning in your life?

A: so this is what's its about.. you found out after all.. well I don't care.. all I have to say is that im correct and what I said and did was 100% correct.

R: is in disbelief… don't you even care how much you hurt your parents by your words Armaan? All they were doing was trying to help you and what did you do hurt them and pushed them away?

A: THEM THEM THEM!!! Don't you see it's not about them its about me!

R: no Armaan its not about you. Frankly speaking nothing of this is about you.. not everything that happens is about you! You've hurt them and do you even know how disrespectful you were.

A: look… this is also about me ok… they are hurt by my few words but what about all the years they have hurt me. All the things I had  to face because of them.

R: and they are trying to fix that are they not? They are trying to make things better but are you letting them? No! and don't forget they are your parents no matter how bad they are you still have to respect them. Everyone gets a chance to ask for forgiveness so then who are you to deny them?

A: they can ask for forgiveness for the rest of their life's but I will never forgive them because when I see them I always remember the memories im trying to forget…..

R: which memories are you trying to forget?

A: well to start with the fact that they forced me in to this marriage. If I hadn't listen to them then I would of been happily single.

R: kya! Armaan I thought… ( Riddhima is hurt by Armaans comment) think what ever you want. But just know one thing that you will never get rid of them you will always need them and you denying it is not making anything better. When you have no one by your side then it will only be them that will stand by you. As well what do you think you grew over night.. how can you forget all the struggles they must of faced raising you up… all this hurt and pain you talk about have you ever asked them that how difficult it must have been for them to raise 3 kids…

A: what do you know how it feels being neglected and alone, you were always loved by your parents you always grew up with their love and protection. You don't even know how it feels so don't you dare try telling me you know how it feels.

R: I may not know how it feels to be neglected and not protected but I do know that they are very sorry for everything and by you not forgiving them is just causing your self pain and no one else. Everyone should get a chance, don't forget that children need their parents in every step of their lives. yes its  a complete different story if they are there or not. But you will regret your decision that's why im telling you to forget the past and think about a new start.

A: the only thing im regretting at the  very moment is marrying you.. nothing more….

R: how can I forget.. the only thing you know how to do is step on peoples weaknesses… you know what will hurt the person the most and you use that against them so that only you can be the winner.. it should only be ARMAAN MAILK the winner… I pity you.. because I can see you alone even when you have so many people around you

A: just leave.. I don't care what you think… what I said was right…. Im right because im always right.. all of you just leave im meant to stay alone right so why are you here go leave.. or should I leave?...

R: enjoy your lonely and alone life… and congratulations because you have removed another person away from you….

Riddhima slams the door and leaves to go the hospital…..


Next morning…..

Rahul leaves for the office.. which only leaves Billy and Anni in the house.. because Riddhima has not returned from the hospital. Armaan is in his room, he's still upset about yesterday, especially his argument with Riddhima he knows he shouldn't have said those things last night but he just couldn't control his anger. Armaan needs to go to the washroom to wash his face he calls Rahul but he gets no response he calls Riddhima and once again no response, getting no response he gets up him self  with a lot of struggle he make it to the washroom. Billy comes to bring a file to Armaan and sees he's in the washroom so he helps him back to the bed. Armaan goes without complaining because Armaan felt very weak so he took the help.. where is Rahul and Riddhima?

B: they are not at home.. if you need anything plz tell me or your mom. And starts to leave the room.. he stops and turns… I know you wont tell us but for the sake of your health do tell us, because if something happens to you then no one will be happy especially your brother.. so for his sake do tell us.. as well I kept a file on the table take a look at it when u get time.



Riddhima is in the hospital she's been trying to get over her anger but some how she  just can't.. she's asked to go on an important conference out of town for a week she wants to refuse but since its mandatory she cant do anything. She calls up Billy and Anni to inform them….

B: Riddhima are you ok? did Armaan say something to you as well?

R: no.. im fine… all he told me was to leave him alone because he doesn't need anyone… but I think this is the time you and mom should use to prove to him that you're their for him and how much you care about him.


AR room

Riddhima is packing her bags… Armaan is not happy…

A: but how can you leave.. just like that? I thought… who will help me in walking and all?

R: its mandatory, and plus you're the one who told me you don't need my help so why do you care if I stay or leave. But if you need something then your family is here ask them im sure they wont turn their back on you like you've done on them (closes the door behind her)


During the time Riddhima's gone Anni and Billy fully tend to Armaan they help him in his leg exercises, even the cast is of his leg now.. Armaan is starting to feel comfortable with them. He starts to see the change Atul, Rahul and Riddhima were talking about. He also finds out that Anni and Billy missed a once in a life time chance to become vice presidents to an prestigious club. But they refused to take the position because Armaan had to be taken to the hospital when no one else could.. Riddhima's words echo in his ears "you will always need your parents, and they will always be there even if you want them to be or not "

            Anni is cleaning Armaans room.. she looks exhausted…

A: sigh… mom its ok I will tell kaka.. to clean the rest you should go sleep for a while you look really tired.

Anni: no no Armaan kaka is busy, plus its almost done I will finish this… Armaan grabs her hand and makes her sit on the bed. Armaan feels that Anni is very warm… mom you have a fever.. he touches her forehead to make sure he's not imagining it… your running a fever yet you're working… he makes her lie down while he calls the doctor and Billy. The doctor says it's a minor fever and that she should be fine in a couple of days.

A: (after the doctor leaves) you tell me to take care of my self but you your self are so careless if u were feeling weak then what was the need to do work you should of just left it.. 1st its health and then everything else.

B: Armaan don't worry its just a minor fever.. come Anni lets get you to your room so Armaan can rest as well…

That night Armaan quietly goes to his parents room and sits beside their bed side.. he realizes that no matter how badly he treats them and how they treat him one thing that will never change is their relation. Armaan thinks over the past few weeks how much they have changed and how different they are from before.. this is what he wanted wasn't it he wanted his parents to always be around him caring and supporting him. When he is getting all this then how come he didn't notice it? he remembers some of his childhood memories to his recent days.. mom and dad have been their in one way or another, when they couldn't be there they sent kaka to us.. because kaka is like mom and dad as well.. so I was wrong.. not physically but they were always there for us in one from or another. I cant believe I was so wrong… Armaan lays his head beside Anni's feet with tears in his eyes.  When I had so many people with me it was my own choice to move away from them all.. I forced them away from me…


In the morning Anni wakes up she find Armaan sleeping with his head by her legs. she wakes Armaan up worried that if he slept like that all night… Armaan wake up.. why are you sleeping here go to your room, sleep properly…..


Armaan sits on the bed looks at the worry on Anni's face.. he goes closer and gives her a tight hug… im sorry I don't even know what happened to me I said such harsh things to you both when only you were trying to help me. Its my fault I shouldn't have behaved the way I did. Im sorry…..


Anni also has tears in her eyes… Armaan we were wrong for all these years we didn't know how to be good parents, because of us you all had to suffer so much.. we should be the once apologizing not you.

A: don't say sorry.. it doesn't look good if parents apologize to there children… you may of not been there for us but you always sent someone in your absences.. now I have realized what you guys mean to me and even though we didn't have the happiness memories in the past I know that our future will be more brighter because now we are all together.

Billy also wakes up to find Armaan in there room and both Anni and Armaan crying…  Armaan walks to him and also give him a hug apologizing to him.

B: Armaan we have to say sorry to you for what we did not you…

A: no dad no matter what you did I shouldn't have forgotten my limits, I just.. this will never happen again…

Ani: and we promise this wont happen again from our side either.

Rahul and Atul are at the doorway they have come to see how Anni is doing….

B: what are you to waiting for come in!...

Everyone does a big group hug with tears and smiles on there faces.

B: ok lets get freshen up and Atul Rahul take Armaan to his room…..


AR room

Nikki has joined the small family bonding…

Ra: we missed you yaar where were you.. you missed all the action and drama…

Ni: I know Ouch… but I was visiting mom and dad they also missed me….

Ani: how are they?

Ni: they are good….i think we need to take a family picture… I'll get the camera

Ani: no nikki not now.. there still one person missing… and were still missing Rahul's wife and some grand kids. After that the family will be complete.

Ni: haan, aunty only Rahul's left now cause in a week even Atul will be taken.

A: yes, but this time for Rahul we wont go for an arrange marriage I mean there are to many adjustments… nor will we force him.

At: but if the girl is nice then it wont be a problem right?

B: of course.. btw Rahul what kind of girl do you like.. tell us so we can all start looking…

Ra: well if I get married, then is will be someone like bhabhi.. who cares about everyone, puts everyone before her and knows how to live but is also very down to earth….


Armaan rolls his eyes.. there he goes again bhabhi ka chamcha….

Ra: bhai I don't care if you call me that because I have no issue being her chamcha says with a big smile….

Ni: too bad Ridzi doesn't have a 3rd sister if she did then we would get Rahul married to her ….

Ani: I wish if there was then I would go get them married this minute… really we are really fortunate to get Riddhima in this family.. she has totally transformed this house. And she also returned my 3 sons like she promised… I think it would be fair to say that she's not the daughter-in- law of this house but a daughter…

B: agreed….

Ni: by the way when is Riddhima coming back.. this family is not complete without her….

Ra: oh shoot… I was suppose to pick her up from the airport  but I completely forgot.

B: Rahul how do you forget such things.. call and ask where she is..


*ring ring*

R: Rahul you were suppose to pick me up where were you?

Ra: heheh… woh… sorry bhabhi I kinda forgot.. but I'll pick you up right now tell me where you are….

R: that's ok.. im almost home but before that im going to meet Nani so tell mom and dad I will come home in a while after I meet Nani ok? and how is everyone doing?

Ra: ok will tell them and everyone is fine.. ok then bye.. ( hangs up the phone)

R: huh? Hello?... Rahul is so wired…

Preview for next part: anjie and atuls engagement preps start, sid and abhi finally in Mumbai... how will sid and riddhima's friendship effect armaan? keep reading to find out... 

the next part will be posted within 1-2 weeks... may not send Pm's... 



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Nice part...
Continue soon...

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awesome part
loved it

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Are you like really back..??
Wow that was one really big and due update..
loved it.. but armaan pissed me off in this update..
He spoke such awful things to ridz and is not even feeling slightest but of remorseful 
Waiting for the next update eagerly..
hope you dont go gayab for another year

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