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This is Life#2--AR ff part 27A-B pg 111( 04/26/13) (Page 103)

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Originally posted by Another-World

Originally posted by sejal719

awe im sry i was busy the past few days with work and today i was busy with sh's b-day post and alll.. but now im free again so we will chat once again :)

Awww yesterday was her birthday ? Goooshh tell her that I wish her " happy birthday " !
Don't worry ;)

it was on the 16th and sure i will say it to her :D

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hey update soon...

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Hey guys im finally back yes yes i know it was real long wait this time and im deeply sry for that but... things have just not been working in the past few months and so the delay so im truly sorry once again... and here is the next part... 

precap: in the last part... Armaan gets in an accident... Riddhima has a fight with anni and billy... anni and billy realize their mistakes 


Part: 25 B

Rahul is in Armaans room checking everything out and asking if Armaan needs anything'..

Ra: bro you sure you're ok?... if you need anything just ask me ok'


Armaan is pretty much fed up of all the concern and the attention he is getting. He likes it when no one pays attention to him and forgets about him' Rahul im fine ok, stop worrying about me' I think you need to go home and rest all of you look so worn out.. I'll be fine in the hospital with all the doctors and very hot nurses'. ( if only someone told me before the nurses were this hot here I would get admitted every other week.. thinks Armaan)'


Ra: don't worry bout us' you just get better' oh as well I know im not supposed to talk about work' but I just want you to know that dad, Atul, nikki and I have taken all under control everything is going to run the same way as before.. this way you wont have to stress on anything.

A: I can handle at least some work.. what will I do if everyone does all the work'

Ra: umm I don't know' hang around Bhabhi sounds pretty good to me' ( Rahul tries to hide his smirk)

A: tries to hit Rahul but he cant lift his hand because it causes him great pain'

Ra: Bhai im sorry' are you alright'.

A: Rahul if you ask me that one more time I will literally kill you'.

Ni: who's killing who and why?.. and how are you feeling  now ammy?

A: like killing my self'

Ra: niks you talk to him im just going to find out about tomorrow and all'..


Rahul bumps in to Billy and Anni but he doesn't even glance there way and just leaves from the area' Riddhima notices this and she follows Rahul'.


R: you know forgiving someone is also a very good deed.. and only fortunate people can forgive others, not everyone has the chance to ask for forgiveness or even forgive others.

Ra: smiles' true' but it takes time to forget, and thinking about forgiving is far down the line.. plus im only going to forgive if Bhai, and Atul are also in the same boat as me.

R: I see' well I hope you guys see the light soon' so are you all set for tomorrow?

Ra: I think so, I just need to go over something's, I know I will accomplish my goal because you're with me right bhabhi?

R: smiles.. you bet' just don't let us fail ok?

Ra: promise I wont :D

Rahul leaves and Riddhima thinks how to bring the guys closer to their parents' how do you get to things closer that are separate' you either force them together or you create circumstances for them to stick together' force and me don't get along to well, and what can I possibly do for people to stick together' I can ask for help.. but who will understand me the best.. it cant be anyone from my or Armaan's family' so that leaves nikki, muski and kaka' I guess that's a start I should go ask them' Riddhima goes to find Muskaan but she busy in a surgery, kaka is gone home, so that leaves nikki' oh nikki where are you' Riddhima looks everywhere but she cant find nikki.. defeated she goes to check up on Armaan with a sullen face'


Ni: look wifey is here that means I can finally leave' she walks up to Riddhima and hugs her' thank god you came' Armaan was boring me out of my mind'

R: Nikki' I need to talk to you' its kinda urgent'

Ni: ye tell me.. is everything ok.. I mean is it about Armaan' or'

R: umm.. everything's fine' its something else' you think you got a minute'

Ni: yeh lets go'.(both start to leave).

A: hello' I'm also here and what's so urgent that you can't share in this room (looks at Riddhima with suspicious eyes).

R: nikki you wait outside I'll be there in a few mins'she walks up to Armaans bed'don't give me that look.. I need to talk to her its girl talk so you stop stressing and continue staring that those HOT nurses'

A: goes pink around the cheeks' but how did you know.. that Rahul told you didn't he'

R: fixes his pillow.. I know you better then you want to believe it' both there eyes meet and both try to look for something.. but what are they looking for. This time its Riddhima who looks away 1st but Armaan still has his eyes glued to her face' she starts to leave and Armaan catches her hand' Armaan I really need to go'

A: I know.. but what I have to say is important as well'. I just' I guess.. no no.. never mind go.. its ok' and lets her hand go'

Riddhima gives him a look' tum theek  ho naa Armaan?...

A: of course im ok. What you thought that I would be all sweet and apologize for my doings in the past few days' well if you think that then your wrong'

Riddhima tries not to laugh' ok Armaan I wont think anything along that line don't worry. Shakes her head and walks out


Riddhima and nikki talk over the current situation on the Malik household' and both decide that the best way to start is by talking to Anni and Billy' and the 1st person they should target it Atul because come-on its Atul you can convince him by saying almost anything' and then they decide that they should work on Armaan and Rahul together since both of them are full of man-ly ego that doesn't let them see anything straight.


Ni: but Ridzi' Atul will be easy to talk to but who will talk to Armaan' you know how he is when it comes to uncle aunty'. He doesn't even let me talk about them'

R: don't worry about Armaan' we will think about him when we need to'.



Nikki and Riddhima continue discussing and decide the best would be if they look at little parts of the whole situation instead of looking at it as a whole.

R: so 1st its jiju and then the rest'. Well I guess I should tell mom and dad that we are going to help them in this so they know they are alone.


Riddhima goes to talk with Billy and Anni she explains to them how nikki and her will help them in achieving the trust, love, and support of their children.

B: but how are you going to do that, I mean they are not willing to listen

R: dad right now even I don't have an answer for that question, but I know that we will surly accomplish our goal and plus no child can ever stay angry at their parents for to long

Ani: you mean to say you have no plan but you have full faith that everything will be alright?

R: mom were not trying to achieve some inhumane object in which a plan is needed. Right now we are trying to gain the lost love and trust in the family and were dealing with human's so it wont be right to make a plan. How would they feel if they ever find out that in order to get them  back we made  a plan. We should do everything from the heart so its true and by that way we will also not hurt anyone's feelings.

I don't think they will ever forgive us.. says  a defeated Billy. 

Dad we cant loose our courage even before the battle starts. Yes, there are going to be many difficulties but we should face them and face them  together.


Ani: but what should we do? What do we say? how should we behave?

R: show them you care about them by not showing ur money but by showing concern and love. Now please don't ask me how to show concern. Because you guys are showing that right now it self'. What do u mean asks Anni' meaning you staying by Armaans side and giving him more importance then your business and parties it shows that you care about them.

B: oh' I think I know what your trying to say. When they are in trouble we should be with them and worry about them right?

R: umm. No exactly dad.. not only when they are in  trouble, you should be with them when they are in trouble, you should be with them when ever you can.  And not only worry about them but also doing things for them. I don't know how to explain' umm here's an example , when you or mom meet your friends you don't meet them only when they are in trouble right and you never only worry about them, you may not meet them everyday yet you keep close touch with them. You become a part of there sorrows, fears, happiness and life right? That's what you need to show your children that no matter what happens they can count on you and you need to prove to them that you guys would be there even if they don't tell you there worries. You need to learn how to read peoples emotions.

Ani: sorry to interrupt but Riddhima how can someone read people's emotions?

R: smiles' just like when you're happy or upset dad know how you feel and he does something to make you feel better, and vice versa that's how you should be able to know what they are feeling.

B: ah ic' just like the time we forced you and Armaan in to this marriage and how both of you wanted to run away from this marriage. Even though you didn't say anything we all understood that you two were not happy right?

R: exactly even without us telling you guys you still understood' those are the things I'm talking about.

Ani: how are we going to make sure Armaan, Rahul, and Atul are understanding the things we are trying to do.

R: don't worry about that, that's mine and nikki's responsibilities to get the guys talking about the change in your behaviour.

B: alright.. then what are we waiting for let's get this mission started. I want to see this family as a whole. 

All 3 of them walk towards Armaans room with a new set of confidence and hope that soon everything will be alright'.

Armaan's room

  Shashank is checking Armaans report' everything seems fine and you seem to be improving Armaan which is a very good sign'

A: I just want to go home' I kinda miss it.. and plus I hate this hospital food it makes me sick' so when do you think I can go home papa?

Sh: it will be a while because, you need to be in complete bed rest, as well soon you will start your leg movement, and I don't think it would be best if you go home, you wont have anyone to be with you 24/7 and someone to help with the exercise of your leg.

Riddhima comes in slightly ticked of' papa! What are you saying? There are so many people at home to take care of Armaan.  there's kaka, jiju, mom, dad, nikki' me and the list goes on'

Sh: stands in front of Riddhima' Riddhima your getting it wrong' the medical care he will get here will be much more better then that he gets at home. Come-on you're a doctor your self.. think from that perspective.

R: but'

A: Riddhima I think papa is right I mean'.

            Shhh Armaan I'm talking right so don't interrupt' nahi papa.. Armaan will go home and that to today! I promise I personally will look after him' please agree naa.. please please please papa!

Sh: is shocked by Riddhima's behaviour.. why is she so adamant on bringing him home? Teek hai, if you are there then I wont worry after all he's your husband and so you have full right to make the decisions. But just remember that you will have to handle both his treatment and the hospital work.. and Armaan should get complete bed rest and medications, as well I will send a physiotherapists to help with the recovery of the foot ( Riddhima makes a sad face)' that is only if you want.

R: no no' we don't need one.. just get the papers ready'

Sh: alright' and he leaves the room.. Riddhima has a smile on her face as she's staring at her fathers retreating back'..

A: I know why your so keen on bringing me home! Riddhima turns around : really why  do tell me'.

A: your scared that if I stay here for too long that I may fall for some hot nurse'. If that happens then what will happen to you right? That's why you want me home right?

R: rolls her eyes'. Jee nahi' frankly I don't care if you fall for some nurse or not because in order for my chapter to be over she needs to fall for you as well, and with your face not even a donkey would fall for you' the faster you get that through ur head the better it will be for you.

A: ouch so mean' you know I really thought that after all this at least you would be a bit nicer to me but nope you just got meaner.. pouts

R: dream on.. its not going to happen.. and someone has to punish you for driving carelessly..

A: and so you picked ur self'

A nurse enters the room and so Riddhima has to step out because the nurse has to do a last check up.. Riddhima enters after the nurse leaves.. both the nurse and Armaan have a shy smile on their faces.  Before Riddhima can ask Shashank and the others enter the room with the discharge papers and an wheel chair.

Sh: Riddhima beta, sign here and then you can take him home'

Ni: ammy are you excited that you get to go home! Well I'm so excited for you.. you don't look good on this hospital bed with so many machines attached to you.. all they do is scare others.

A: yeh im so excited to go home (says in a dull voice)

R: good now lets go.. she brings froth the wheel chair.

A: what's that.. im not going on that im hurt but Im not that helpless that I need a wheel chair.. give me the crutches I'll walk on those.

Sh: we will all wait outside' Riddhima you being him outside.


Only Riddhima and Armaan are in the room.

R: Ar..

A: Armaan raises his hand' no Riddhima not a word'. Seriously not this ok' I'll feel so stupid sitting on this.. I rather stay here then go on this.

R: Armaan.. you're hurt and you're to weak to walk on your legs and we would give you crutches but one of your hand is hurt as well so how will you support your self.. please just sit on this.. I  promise that as soon as you're a bit better I will get rid of this plz maan jao naa'

Armaan says no like a stubborn little child.. I wont go on this.. nor do I want to go home' just leave from here.

Riddhima leaves with a heavy heart'

Ni: nikki enters the room and places a hand on Armaans shoulder' ammy plz maan ja naa.. look were all doing this for your sake.. just sit on the chair and lets go home.

A: brushes her hand off' why don't you ppl get it.. you have any idea how helpless I'll feel on this. Me THE Armaan Malik who has never even needed support from anyone today needs one from a chair I mean how can you guys not see that.

Ni: Nikki is furious now.. and why don't you see that making us seeing you in this chair helpless is not easy for us either.. Armaan have you ever thought how uncle, aunty or your in-lawss must be feeling seeing there son this weak that he needs support to even take a step. How do you think they feel. You think they will be happy seeing you like this. Forget them at least  think about Riddhima.. ever since you've been here she hasn't left your side.. do you think she's happy.. just because she may not tell you she cares about you doesn't mean she doesn't. try to put your self in her shoes for once, do you think she will feel happy when you fall whenever you try to stand up! NO! no one does' we are all doing this because we want the best for you.. we almost lost you once and no one wants to take the risk again.. we want you to get better as soon as possible' but of course you only care about your self' you don't care if someone cries or dies for you.. nope if Armaan Malik is happy then screw the world right?

Armaan looks down' yaar nikki I didn't mean it like that.. I'm sorry' fine I'll go on this'

Ni: good' and don't think for a second that by saying sorry your doing a favour on me.. I'll go call Atul he will help you.


Atul and a ward boy help Armaan on the WC and bring him to the car.  Finally everyone reaches the Malik house.

Nani stops Atul from bringing Armaan in.. she 1st does Armaan's aarti and then allows him to enter.

Kaka: Armaan beta.. welcome home.. we all missed you so much..

Nani: Atul go drop Armaan to his room he must be very tired and we should all go as well its late'.

Atul brings Armaan to the guest room on the ground floor.

A: champ! Nani said my room.. and this is not my room yaar..

Billy: Armaan since you can't go up the stairs  we thought it would be best if you use this room until your better.

A: hmm'

Later on' Armaan is bored watching a football game.. he wants to go out, he wants to be free and especially remove these castes from his hands and leg'

            Riddhima enters talking on the phone.. yes Rahul' he's home and he's fine.. don't worry about him he is fine.. wait here you talk to him your self.

Ra: hey bro.. how are you?

A: im good.. you tell me did you meet the clients, you know what to do right and remember to sign everything but read it 1st. and'.

R: hayye ram slaps her forehead' he called to ask about your health not for your business advice.. if that's what you guys are going to talk about then give me my phone I'm not letting you waste my minutes.

Ra: haan Bhai' come-on ur on a break so enjoy.. and don't worry about work'

A: fine! Bye.. take care'  yeh lo.. your phone

R: take the phone.. seriously your so boring .. I mean someone calls to ask how your health is going and you bore them.

A: im the one who's bored and this stupid leg is itching me ugh I hate this'

R: good good.. aur hate karo' then only will you understand that how important is it to drive safely. By the way  I have an cream that will help you stop the itching.

A: Riddhima applies the cream which gives Armaan some relief. Then she opens the band-aid on his forehead and cleans the wound.  She's redressing the wound when Armaan asks:

            When do you think I'll be fully recovered enough to start my daily life again? Riddhima stops for a bit and looks at Armaan's face.. smiles very soon' we will both work together to get you back on your feet real fast.

A: how come none of you are mad at me?.. Armaan what are you asking? Tum bhi naa.. no Riddhima tell me how come on one is mad at me.  Would you rather have everyone mad at you then Armaan' Asks Riddhima'.

Riddhima tries to get up but Armaan hold her hand and makes her sit again.. no Riddhima tell me.. you must be mad right? That because of me you have to be with me 24/7 and do whatever I need.  But you don't seem upset why?

R: because I'm just glad that your not hurt in a way that is permanent. after the critical condition  you were brought in the hospital your much better and I rather see you like this then in that condition when the accident happened.

Armaan looks in her eyes.. Your lying!

R: what?

A: your lying.. there is something your hiding and I can see it in your eyes.. what are you hiding from me Riddhima'

Riddhima diverts her eyes' Armaan its good you can see . but only if you could see the time as well.. look how late it is you need rest go to sleep'

 you don't know how to lie nor do you know how to cover up those lies' says Armaan as Riddhima is helping him lie down properly.. she sits beside him till he is in deep slumber. She looks at his face which still has  few cuts and burses which pings her heart and she further feels guilty that it was because of her that Armaan is in this condition. She lovely strokes his hair falling asleep her self. 

Installment #2 


In the morning Riddhima wakes  up early and gets breakfast started Anni comes in the kitchen and helps Riddhima. She shares a new soup recipe she saw in a magazine which will give Armaan energy and make him feel better.

Riddhima tells Anni to give Armaan the breakfast.. but Anni refuses that she wont be able to look in to his eyes and pretend as if nothing happened.

Just then Atul comes along.. Riddhima says ok… I will go in the mean time you talk to jiju.

Ani: but what will I say?

R: ummm talk about what he likes. And she rushes out of the kitchen and into the guest room where Armaan has just woken up. Good morning says Riddhima is a bright voice.

A: what good morning.. I feel like crap and my body is aching everywhere.

R: eat something you will feel better, as well today were need to try practicing some leg movement.. Riddhima feeds him the soup and helps him sit on the edge of the bed. ok Armaan the important thing to remember is not to put pressure on the foot that's hurt and to take small steps. Now slowly get up. Armaan tries to stand up but he cant. So Riddhima makes him rest one of his hand on her back and she hold the other one. Ok Armaan when you get up put your whole weight on me.

A: I'll crush you.. have you seen your size…

R: no you wont.. im trained in this trust me and do what I say. Armaan does what she says and puts his entire weight on her. Riddhima with grate difficulty holds him still and Armaan is standing. Riddhima walks backs a little so there is some distance between them. Ok Armaan one step at a time  Armaan take two steps and collapses on Riddhima. But Riddhima was prepared so she catches him and brings him back to the bed…

A: sorry…

R: smiles… you did well for the 1st day. better then I had expected. Good we will keep trying till you no longer feel pain. But its really important to give your leg a rest as well.

A: we can hire some physio.. I mean what's the need for you to do this you can hurt your self like this.  Im so much more bigger then you.

R: because when it comes to you I don't trust anyone plus im the doctor over here I know what's right and not. So you stop worrying. Riddhima tries to walk away but Armaan hold her hand.

A: where you going?

R: down stairs you rest I'll be back in a bit.

A: im tired of resting.. im bored I want to do something fun.

R: read a book or something…

A: still holding on to her hand… why can't you sit here. pouts

R: and what am I going to do sitting here.

A: were going to talk

R: Armaan struggles to get her  hand out of his grip.. I just have to drop this off.. I'll be back in 10 minutes..

A: fine.. but know that im counting.



Anni is trying to make small talk with Atul… how is everything going Atul how are you and Anjali?

At: were both fine.

Getting no success Anni remembers what Riddhima said… to talk about something Atul likes.. and Atul likes plants the most. Atul you know the club they are organizing an environmental day where we all plant tress and flowers in the community. I was hoping that if you could help me and Billy since you know some much about plants…. So I was wondering if you would help?

At: smiles.. really that's grate.. I think everyone should care about the environment we live in. and of course I will help you guys. Lets go now to shop for some plants.. and if you don't mind I personally would like to attend this event.

Ani: of course you can.. im just going to get ready and then we will go.

At: till then im going to go see Armaan.


Riddhima approaches Anni.. mom what happened what did you tell jiju he seemed so happy. Anni tells Riddhima what she and Atul talked about.

R: mom that's grate now just continue talking with him and im sure in no time Atul jiju and you guys will bond.

Armaan's room

At: Armaan.. look I brought you these lilies they are very good and smell nice.. they will keep you company when your alone.

A: smiles.. ugh.. thanks champ how thoughtful of you

At: your welcome. Ok now I need to go im going out with aunty to buy some plants for environment day.

A: KYA!!!!! Your going  out with mom and that to to buy plants. Champ what are you saying? Your ok right? You and mom shopping and that to for plants?

At; yes yes.. I know its hard to believe but ever since your accident both uncle and aunty have changed a little and today I was proven right that they have  changed indeed. So im going… talk to you later bye!


Armaan is in deep thought when nikki and Riddhima enter the room.

Nikki whispers to Riddhima.. I think he's still shocked and can't digest the fact that Atul went shopping with aunty.

R: bechara.. look who I brought for you Armaan….

Armaan looks up and sees both Riddhima and nikki…hey nikki…

Ni: kya hua Armaan are you not feeling well what's with the dry hey.

R: no no nikki Armaan's just bored… but now that you're here im sure you will entertain him..

A: im not bored.. something just shocked me…Riddhima asks what… you know Atul naa.. he went shopping with mom replies Armaan…

R: so? I saw them going. Both of them looked really happy and I also heard dad is joining them as well

A: but its so wired.

Ni: how so Armaan? Atul is like their son as well so what's so wired

A: well for starters.. just the fact that they have time for something rather then them selves.

R: if they do then what's your issue. You should be happy that they have time for others and not so self centered like…

A: Like?

Ni: like you who else.. I mean I've never seen you do anything for anyone in my life.. so I must say uncle and aunty are far more better then you.

A; shut up..


Atul comes home and he can't stop talking about all he did with Billy and Anni he is so happy and so are Billy and Anni. Today they feel at peace and happy that they did something for someone else.

R: mom dad, im so happy.. im think jiju is totally floored by the idea of the whole event. Now I think you should also start to focus on Armaan and Rahul. But just don't forget about jiju and the event.. jiju is really excited to help out in that. With that she leaves the room

Billy: im going to call Rahul and ask how the deal is going that way we will have a chance to talk to him as well.

Anni: why don't we go there and surprise him instead.

Bi: no because that way he will feel we don't trust him enough to get the deal done by him self. And as well right now Armaan need us more then anyone else. So I think the phone call is the best idea. Both Billy and Anni talk to Rahul on the  phone. Rahul is very shocked that his parents called him. But he doesn't let that bother him for to long.


            For a few more days Anni and Billy show concern to all 3 kids by taking Atul's advice for the event. Asking Rahul how is and all and keeping a close eye on Armaan  wherever Riddhima is gone to the hospital. All this change is not going to well with Armaan. Armaan cant take the extra care he is getting from his parents. However on the bright side he is recovering very fast and  he can walk around a bit with out being supported.

Riddhima and Anni are in the kitchen when anjie calls Riddhima up.. she asks for Riddhima to come shopping with her since its Atul's birthday in a few days and she wants to organize a small family party for him.

R: but di what about Armaan….

Anni over hears the convo and tells Riddhima that to go shopping and not to worry about Armaan as she and Billy are at home to look after Armaan. and Rahul and Atul will be home as well so she doesn't need to worry.

R: ok fine mom I will, but you guys have to promise me that you will call me if something goes wrong… please don't hesitate. Anni assures her that they will. Riddhima agrees to go with anjie.  As soon as Riddhima hangs up the phone the door bell rings and Atul and Rahul enter.

Anni and Riddhima go in the living room.

Ra: bhabhi ( gives her a brotherly hug)

R: Rahul..  how  are you and how was everything you didn't have any trouble did you?
Ra: bhabhi bhabhi first look at this file it will answer all your questions.

Riddhima reads the file and is highly pleased and has tears in her eyes.. Rahul this is excellent not only does the company want to proceed with the deal but they have agreed to extend there contract and increase the invest.

Ra: bhabhi I told you I would not let you down.

R: smiles.. go show mom and Armaan they will be happy as well.

Ra: haan I will but I wanted you to see 1st because it was only you who had faith in me that if I was given a chance then I can show my talent as well. Thank you bhabhi and hugs her again.

Ani: Rahul this is grate news im really proud of you and I know that even in the future you will be as successful as Armaan and Atul.

Rahul is shocked that his mom said that and that's she's at home.  He looks at Riddhima..

R: something's have changed since you left.

At: aunty here are the mint leaves I said I would bring they will work so well with the recipe we found yesterday…  both Anni and Atul walk back in the kitchen.

Rahul mouth is hanging open.. I cant believe it… mom and Atul cooking.. and MOM"S home… isn't it Tuesday she should be at the club meet no?

R: laughs a little looking at Rahul's face.. like I said  things have changed since you left.

Ra: no kidding… and both walk to the guest room.

Armaan is on his laptop when Rahul goes running in…. Bhai… and hugs him

A: Rahul thank god you're here, you know how boring life is, ek tumhari bhabhi hai who doesn't let me do anything aur ek woh Atul who cant stop singing tunes of mom and dad. But im glad your back…

Ra: haan bhai and look I've got something to show you…. Rahul shows Armaan the file… Armaan is so pleased that he has no words to explain his joy.

A: how did you do this? I mean what?... wow… mera bhai tu toh… love you man….hugs Rahul…

Ra: has a big smile on his face… thank you thank you bhai I don't know how this happened but it did… and plus I made a promise to someone that I would prove my capabilities and look I did.

Armaan looks behind Rahul and sees Riddhima smiling at them…

A: Riddhima… i…

R: shh… don't even dare to say thank you.. were family and in a family if one doesn't help the other then who will. And plus I did what I felt was right.

Armaan smiles at her … Rahul you must be tired go rest we will talk later.

Ra: no bhai after seeing you all im relaxed. But I have to get this file submitted in the office.

R: don't worry about that give it to me and I will drop it off while going to the mall.

A: crooks his eyebrow.. im not even better yet and your already  out shopping!

R: nahi… im going with di and she's the one shopping and that to for juju's birthday.

Ra: smacks his head with his hand… champs…birthday I totally forgot even I need to get him something.

R: get him something later.. right now your tired and plus I need you to stay home to keep an eye on him…points towards Armaan

A: im not a child that I need to be looked after…..(says in an annoying voice)

Riddhima walks to the closet… "how big of a child you are we all know.. so be quite and stop complaining"…. Rahul bursts out laughing.. I truly missed this…ahahaha…..

Armaan throws a pillow on Rahul's face to make him shut up… Riddhima just wait till im on my feet again.. I'll look at you then…

Riddhima turns around.. oh Armaan im so scared really… by the way Rahul Armaan's medication time is at 12 and 8 I should be back by then but if I'm not them its your responsibility that he takes them… as well the medications go with food and even if your brother complains or fights or does anything just make sure he has all his medication and when I mean ALL I mean it….

Ra: got it… how bout the walking sessions…

R: oh those are at 6.. but he's not allowed to go outside.. especially in the garden cause its getting treated so don't listen to him when he says that he always goes for a walk outside.

A: makes a sad face… yeh right you've been saying that for the past week.. you just want me to die of boredom I know it.

Riddhima ignores Armaan and tells Rahul.. "and if any problems then just call me ok… now im going to go di must be waiting"….

Ra: bye have fun and don't worry bout bhai… once Riddhima is gone Rahul says.. bhai doesn't bhabhi remind you of a strict school teacher who's punishing a student cause they didn't do their homework… hahahahaha…. Tsk tsk bhai what homework have you not done that your getting punished hmmm.. shoots his eyebrows up and down…

Armaan punches Rahul in the stomach…. and you  my brother remind me of a chamcha….

Rahul runs out of the room laughing to him self. 

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Monstuholic4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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I will red this fab ff completely today!! :D

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Cutiee_Ashh Senior Member

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Posted: 23 June 2012 at 3:24pm | IP Logged
woohoo sounds good soo far!! thanks for updating after a longgg time :D pleasee pm me when its complete :) 

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prachi06 IF-Dazzler

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Good one yaar

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aar123 Senior Member

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nice part...continue soon...

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Posted: 25 June 2012 at 3:10pm | IP Logged

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