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FF : His Wicked Kiss (Part 3 13/10 Pg1)

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Hi Guys

Inspired by the show ive penned a small fanfiction. To all those FF readers who know me...yes i will update the Armaan and Ridz pending Fanfiction soon...EmbarrassedLOL

His Wicked Kiss



Arvan placed his hand through his hair and sighed as he stared out of the office window and looked over towards the full moon. Everything had changed. Within one month of coming back from New York his whole world had tilted on his axes. Now he had to make the decision to accept Nani's decision or to be cut out of everything.  Thrown out of the empire he had build up to have nothing. He knew Nani had the power to leave him penniless.  He had been careless with keeping his affair with Lavanya a secret? She only filled a need he desired on occasion. By keeping there liaisons a secret he just want it to be causal affair and nothing more. He did not want to give what they had a name. He was not her boyfriend and she was not his girlfriend. He only took from her what his body desired. It was just Sex! He was outrageous with the whole outcome of the situation. It was ridiculous. A mountain never bows to the wind . Never. Ever.  This was no different then an hostile business take over. No. He was going to play this one out as the hunter and not the hunted on his terms and conditions. He was not a puppet.

Turning towards his office chair he knew what he had to do. He had to accept the woman Nani wanted him to marry. Some small town hick from Lucknow! Arnav Singh Raizada business man of the year was to marry a small town wannabe. If he did not then everything he build would be out of his hands. Picking up the phone he call Lavanya.


Kushi felt unsure as to what was happening? How quick everything had changed so drastically the suitor had come to see Payal and the boy's Granmother ask for her hand as well for her other grandson.  Mum and dad where both so surprised even she was to, but the one thing she could not understand was why he had not contacted her at all? It had been over a month since they made the announcement to accept.  Bhua mentioned it was a little strange and that at least they should see the boy what if he was mad? Or had a handicap like his sister who had visited? To be honest she couldn't help to wonder as well, but Akash had cleared up some of the questions for the family when he came to see Di on her birthday. 

Payal and Akash hit it of straight away it was like a small spark had ignited between them. Jiji was smiling secretly all the time, yet here she was restless and unsure this was the right thing to do?  Out of the pair of them she was the romantic type and jiji was so practical. Now jiji was being seduced by her future husband while she was looking in the business news for any insight to the man people called ASR.

Looking up to the full moon she closed her eyes 'Hai devi ma'please give me a sign that this is what you want' she whispered looking to see a shooting star zoom by in the star filled night sky. Ok. But still she had a bad feeling about the whole thing. Something did not sit well in her heart.

I want to fall in love totally and deeply. I want what they have in the films someone who will protect me and love me no questions asked.


Taking a deep sigh Arvan walked into his nuptial suite he was now married as per the rituals in front of all the gods and goddess he was wed to the woman sitting on the bed in his room. Now all he had to do was consummate the married with his body and soul. He stared at the figure on the bed wearing her wedding outfit and stepped forward. No he could not do this! She was not worth his time or effort in fact she was not worth of him period. Stepping back..

Kushi's heart pounded the thump thump the beat of her heart grew faster as she heard the steps approach the bed. This was her suhaag raat and she was not sure she could bond with a complete stranger. Heck that was what he was a stranger. She married a man she never ever spoke two words to. Her eyes and mind only knew the crude and powerful business man she read about in the magazines. His was a predator in the fashion industry. Would he also be the predator in the bedroom?

She had heard stories of what couples get up to and how it can be a pleasurable or painful event for the bride. 'No', she shuddered. She could not give her body or soul to a man she did not know or trust.  Closing her eyes she tired to calm her trembling lips. 'I can do this tell him im not ready! And we need to know each other'.

Hearing the foot steps residing she looked up to see the figure beneath her ghungat approach the door. 'No Stop him?' something in her heart was telling her but her lips did not pay any attention but just clamped shut.

Seething in anger Arvan placed the phone to his ear. 'Di I have married the small town hick. Tell Nani I have done what she desired. But I will not go near her or see her face...No Di! She only gets my name Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada and nothing else' he spat. Ending the call and looking up at Lavanya as she handed him his drink. He needed to just to forget everything and he was hoping Lavanya was the distraction he needed.


Ok Guys...Cant do PM' will need to check this post.LOL

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Chapter One

Khushi was unsure she could do this? What Nani expected was too much. Nani wanted Arnav back in the house and wanted her to be the one to bring him back? This was not how she pictured her married life. She was married to a man who didn't want her and in the past 2 weeks the entire household where instructing her how to get her husband back. A man who clearly wanted nothing to do with her and to some extent she did want him either. If he did not care then neither did she! She thought putting her lips.

Big deal he was forced to marry her but he could have been truthful from the start and she could have talked her family out of the whole thing. But she guest from what Nani had told her he was stubborn about the whole situation. Sighing she looked over at her new empty bedroom which was so large that she felt entirely alone. She had always shared a room and was not used to be on her own.

'I never dreamt being married life would be so hard?' she mumbled walking over to the bed to take a seat.

Jiji and Akash ji had left to go on there honeymoon and she remembered the look on jiji face as she was refusing to leave her. Seeing Akash ji face drop as she glanced at him she smiled knowing her own problem were really her own. Jiji had to stop thinking about her and start living her life with her new husband. Yes they where in the same house and but jiji needed to start her new life with Akash ji. 

They had decided not to inform her parents in Lucknow as this was a Raizada matter and she was now one of the family now if it was only for namesake.   She was kept informed as to where he was staying which was the guest penthouse suite in the City which was really for over seas guest.

She had heard them whispering when she entered the rooms and quite when they saw her. Thou they never really spoke to her about the entire truth of the situation but deep down she knew there was more going on here. This was going to be she would have to discover on her own.

This morning Nani had approached and handed her all the legal paper work and told her what to do.  'But can I really do this?' She glanced over at the red sari on the bed next to her and let out a deep sigh picking it up.


Arnav threw the files off the desk in a rage as he looked over at Mr Sinha not believing what he just heard. Gripping the leather armrest on the seat he stared at the tall suited figure in front of him with a grim look on his face.

"Explain how we lost this tender?" he hissed trying to control the rage building inside him.

" am not sure but they have been advised that our competitor out bid us on a number of things.." Mr Sinha said trying not to look at those burning eyes knowing any minute know his boss was going to explode in a fit of rage. Looking over at ASR clenching his fist in anger seeing the colour bleaching out of his knuckles to a white. It was times like this giving him bad news that he hated the most.

"In the last 2 years we won this tender, so I want you to find out exactly how this has happened?...I want a full update by the end of the week. Now leave!"  Arnav banged his fist on the glass table as he looked over at Mr Sinha jump.

"Sir!" Mr Sinha whispered stepping back.

"What?" Arnav shouted feeling a desire to destroy something fast. This tender was worth millions and he had invested so much and now he was going to have to explain why they failed to the stakeholder.

"The stakeholders have arranged an emergency meeting this afternoon!"

"What the..? Do they know we lost the tender?" Could this day get any worse? He thought looking at the colour leave Mr Sinha face.

"No Sir ...I believe they are awaiting the outcome hence the meeting."

"Fine. Let Lavanya know! On your way out!" he barked.

Heck he didn't need this as well! But he could handle them as he owned 30% of the shares and as Nani never attended, he controlled her 40% as well giving him the entire control of the room. Thou he knew Mr Mehra the chairman was not entire please with some of his decisions. But he was never wrong when it came to making a profit. This deal was something that he needed. It made 30% of the annual profit for the company and now he need to think of a way to salvage the investment he had committed towards the initial bid.   He also needed to understand how they lost the tender. How the hell had this happen? The same mistakes can not be made again.


"Mr Mehra I think we can begin?" Arnav said taking a seat at the head of the table.

"We are awaiting another member ASR" Arnav looked over at Mr Mehra grin as he looked over at Mr Chropa and Mr Irani. They we very experience business manager and initially he counted on there investment to build up the empire and they wanted 10% of the shares which was double what they invested, but they knew a good deal when they saw one and he signed the agreement to have them as stakeholder to discuss important matter and at time there advise had be invaluable.

At present something was not right? They all looked over at the door in anticipation as if awaiting something? or somebody? As he glanced at the door he looked over at the beautiful feminine creature enter the room. He looked over at her as she smiled sweetly and nodded as Mr Sinha who had led her into the room and pull the chair.  Something was not right? As he looked over at Mr Sinha smiling like he never seen him before and as he glanced at the other members of men all smiled too. 'What going on?' he thought taking in the scene.

"Mr Sinha?" Arnav looked over at him puzzled as he stared at the beautiful woman sitting opposite him across the meeting room table. Before Mr Sinha could respond Mr Mehra got up from his seat followed by the other members.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada!" Mr Mehra said grinning and glanced over at Arnav.

"Namaste!" Khushi replied hold up her hands together to them avoiding his gaze.

OMG he was even more handsome then the pictures in the papers. His inky black hair combed to perfection with his roman like features and slight stub. He sat there in silence and she could feel his eyes bore into her so intensely. It was so intense that she placed her nervous hand on her knee just to reminder herself she was wear a sari. His gaze made her feel naked. As if he was looking right into her soul stripping her bear. He had this aura which demanded your attention. Before walking in she was unsure she could do what Nani had explained. She want to do nothing but look at him but she could not as she had a promise to keep.

Mr Mehra had explained before the meeting started that she was representing Nani's 40% of the shares. Glance over at him to see his reaction she noticed him take a sharp intake of his breath thought that roman like nose, but  he did not let the anger seep into his face, but she saw something flick thought his eyes and then disappear. She knew he was good looking, but know her own heart was swelling up with the thought that he belonged to her. She need to play this game to suceed.

"Explain how this happened ASR?" Arnav turned to look over at Mr Irani staring at him with a frown.

"We are investigating the matter..." Dame he needed to focus on the meeting not on the woman sitting in front of him. For the past fourty minutes he had not be able to glance away from her and she clear glanced over at him when he comment on certain issue but he did not want to talk just watch and observer the creature in front of him. DAME! DAME! DAME! FOCUS MAN!

"I will have something to present you by the end of the week'Does that conclude everything gentlemen." Arnav said turning to look at them as they stared at him not looking pleased.

"Yes! ASR I believe that does!...Does anyone have an other business to add?" Arnav looked at them all and stopped to look at the woman calling herself by his name. As no one spoke. Once this meeting was concluded he wanted to have a few words with the foxy lady in front of him.

"Good! I think we can wrap this up for today. Mrs ASR it was nice to meet you." Mr Mehra said getting up from his seat.

"Please Mr Mehra call me Khushi since we will be working together." She said smiling at Mr Mehra. 

"Oh Khushi! What a sweet name." Arnav stared at the man as he took in another deep breath.

"Thank you!"

Khushi looked over at Arnav still sitting in his seat and was slightly amused seeing a muscle tick in his jaw as she started to rise from her sit.

"SIT!" ASR growled at her gesturing to her to sit down again.

Now now some has a temper?...she nodded and pressed her lips together in a tight smile as the men let the room.

"How dare you? Trample into my office and .." He looked at her getting up from her seat and glare at him. What? she defining him? Changeling me?

"Darling! Lets clear up the confusion!" she said calmly as she gripped the leather seat.

"One. I own 40% of the shares Nani has given me full control. Two. This means legal mean I can trample into any one of my offices at any time. Three. I happen to be a busy woman so you are dismissed" Arnav stared at her as she left the room.

What the heck just happened???? Did she just tell him she owned his company? Legally? What the **** did she have the audacity to dismiss him.  HOW DARE SHE??     DARLING??? DARLING? DARLING? He stomped out of the room intent to follow her.

"Yes!" Arnav looked at the young man blocking his entrance to the cabin she had occupied from what Lavanya has informed him.

"MOVE" he growled looking at the young man in front of him.

"I'm sorry unless you have an appointment Madam will not see you" Arnav stared at the young man in front of him.

"I do not need an appointment to see.. " how the hell am I to address her?

"To See Sir?"

"My WIFE!" he snapped stepping to the man side.

"Sorry Sir! ..But she currently not available right now. I think I can give you a time slot next week. How about Monday at 1pm you could meet her for lunch" Arnav looked at the man stepping back in front of him.

"Who are you?" Arnav hissed looking at the grin on his face.

"Me? Sir.I am Madam Khushi PA Shyam Jha." Arnav looked at him and then back at the closed mahogany door.

"Shyam I suggest you move out of my way,.right now before I call security to through you OUT!" he shouted clenching his fists.

"Calm down Sir. I only take orders from Madam Khushi'unless she says other wise I'm not leaving my post!" Shyam said coolly.

"Fine! If that is how she wants to play it!" Shyam grinned seeing Arnav turn and walk away.


"OMG the look on his face when he said my wife" Shyam hissed in laughter as he perched himself on Khushi desk.

 "I heard everything Shyam'.but you should have left him in" she said closing her eyes and leaning back in the chair tilting her head to the ceiling. Her head was beginning to throb. She would have to face him sooner or later.

"Hey Khushi'.if I did he would not have respected you. Look you called me here to help you right. I have told you before divorce him and come back to Lucknow with me." Khushi looked over at Shyam looking at her with concern.

"Shyam I can't. I made a promise" She looked away avoiding his gaze. She knew he was upset with the whole situation.

"What promise? to sort out the dysfunctional spoilt grandson? He not worth your time..Come of it Khushi! He like a volcano when he explodes he destroy everything. Tick tock' and boom." Khushi looked at Shyam she didn't need this from him. She only called him here to support her.  They had grown up together as children and he was her best friend.

"Look just annul the marriage'.he will be happy you will be happy! Everyone Kush get it"  he winked joking to get a smile from her. Every time he looked at her he knew she was depressed. Her eyes held a sadness he could not take away.

"I can't Shyam!" she said sighing looking away from him.

"Why the hell not? Tell me!" he was getting to her now. For the past 2 week since she told him about the situation he was mentioning nothing but divorce. She loved him but sometimes he can be a pain in the ass.

"I want to make this work Shyam! I want a chance to have what Jiji has'.." Shyam looked over at her seeing the tear brimming in her eyes he sighed.

"Khushi I'm sorry'." She looked at him wiping the lone tear from her cheek. She was not normally a wreak but today had been very stressful. She knew what was going on now. She knew about the affair and that sting her more then she realized. Shyam walked around the desk and gentle placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Shyam I need you'.Just don't ask me anything. As my friend just help me!" she plead looking up at him as he nodded.

"Ok! ..Look if you need to talk about it I will listen. I will not but in'.Ok I will try not to" He said removing his hand from her shoulder.

Arnav paced the floor of his cabin. She has a god dame lap dog. Won't see me? Lavayna was told by that dog next week.  What is going on? Was this her plan to begin with seduce Nani? Get married to one of the riches men in India and then, as his wife own everything he built. Dame it! should have made a pre nuptial agreement and made her sign the god dame thing!! I should have gone to a lawyer and sorted this mess out. I have under estimate the town hick. I thought she be at home. FOOL. I AM A DAME IDIOT!! Should have known this was the game all along. Should have met her and ..and what? Ok. I give it to her she is stunning! those deep brown chocolate eyes , long lashes and I bet that skins so so soft. STOP IT. I'm acting like I've never seen a woman before ..of course I have. I'm surrounded by models. No dude she beautiful. STOP IT. I hate her and what she stands for . HATE HER. HATE HER...HATE HATE HATE.

I will call Anjali'.No I cant. She is refusing to take my calls. Akash is away on his honeymoon as well. How the hell am I to find out what is happening at home?  Who can I trust?


"Chote?..You've come home!" Arnav looked over at the happy expression on Nani face as she greeted him in the hall. It felt like he had been away from home for such a long time. Laxmi had trotted over to rub against his leg to greet him. He smiled as he pet her soft white coat.

"I um..I have a party to attend tomorrow and needs some clothes." Arnav said looking at the expression of love slow seep out of Nani face. This is all that woman's fault he cursed.

"Oh! I see... " she scoped up Laxmi in her arms and stepped back.

As he walked towards his room his shoulder sagged he hated what was happening but he need Nani to understand.

"Chote" he turned to look back at her.

"This is your home..remember that child!" Arnav could see the pain in her eyes and nodded as he turned away.

As he stepped into his bedroom it looked the same as he left it...but no something was different? The smell of his room - a scent of lavender hit his senses. He smelt it before in the boardroom there was a hint of lavender in the room but now he was engulfed by it. It was not too strong but just right.  As he glanced around the room he hear the faucet of the shower.  Ok she showering. Good I just get my things and leave.  As he headed for his closet to pick up his clothes for some reason his eyes kept glancing at the bathroom door.

His heart stopped as he gulped. She stepped into the room with a cloud of sweet scented steam followed her out of the bathroom. Her inky hair was damp as she rubbed a towel along it. Her long lashes cast shadows over her graceful cheeks. Her nose was perfect in shape and size, her chin stubborn and her lips the plumpest and reddest he'd ever seen. And her body...gods. The black robe shaped her wickedly rounded breasts...the slender dip of her waist...the feminine flare of her hips...her white cream right leg was exposing a hint of what those long legs looked like...every part of her was meant to lure and ensnare.  Wait a minute? SNARE?? He turned away and closed his eyes to compose himself.

"I've ... just came to get some clothes" Khushi could hear the crack in his voice. May be she could seduce him this way. But how? She did now how as she never done anything like this before. I just play it cool she thought.

"I see ..well don't let me stop you" she said smiling at him as she headed to her dresser.

She could hear him mumbling to himself behind the closet door as she looked into the mirror and picked up her brush. He lost all his anger for some strange reason? He looked like a stumbling school boy who saw something he should not have. Smiling to herself she carried out her routine with her hair. Trying to ignore the man in the room.

"We need to talk!" she looked up to see the man return from the meeting earlier glaring at her in the mirror.

"About?" she asked sweetly.

Arnav knew how to handle woman like her. He need to be direct.  Look over at her shoulder not at her eyes'or the nape of her gorgeous neck. Deep breaths nice and easy.

"Ok! Let not beat around the bush'.What do you want?" there lets see what she says to that.

He looked over at her as she turned to face him and smiled.

"hmm interesting ..." Hook line and sinker he thought looking pleased with himself. He should have done this earlier before he got married. He looked at her placing her hair bush down and getting up from her seat to face him.


He looked at her as she stepped passed him and move towards the door. Wait a minute this was his room and she was walking around like she owned the place. He frowned looking at her back...Gods her body from behind as he watched her ass sway seductive from side to side.

"Khushi beta Your dinner!" Khushi smiled at Ramu Kaka as he enter the room with a large tray of food and place it on the small table in the corner.

"Arnav baba there is enough for you to'.Naniji advised you where at home." Arnav nodded at the old man as he left the room.

"Would you care to join me?" she asked.

Arnav looked over at her as she smiled at him in amusing daring him to run away. Ok maybe we can talk over dinner. I can see what type of woman she is. He walked forward and nodded as she pulled out a chair for him.

Khushi looked over at him and grinned. As he moved to the opposite chair she had pulled out. Clearly a trust issue she mused taking a seat, but she did not have the issue. He did. She had a feeling she would see him soon and Nani and Anjali knew he be here without any doubt tonight. Before she could pour his plate he had helped himself and she sat back looking at him avoiding her completely.

 "I have missed Di's cooking" he muttered pulling the tray towards him full of food.

"Di not here ..she's gone to meet one of her friends.. I have cooked." He looked over at her as she placed the roti on her plate. She looked at him lean back in the chair staring at the food in front of him. She snorted in amusement at him taking a bit of her food.

"Its not poisonous" He looked at her with a grin on her face daring him.

"I know that! " he snapped. He was meant to be the one in control here not the other way around. She was in his house. His bedroom controlling the whole evening. He need to gain control and quickly.

"You never answered by question?" he said munching on the roti staring at her as the corner of her mouth grinned seeing him eating.

"What question is that?" she asked. He sighed looking at her as she avoided his gaze and ate.

"Stop playing around and give me a straight answer Khushi'" he said looking at her sternly.

"OK Ji! I want what every woman wants.." She said meeting his gaze feeling a chill run down her spine as he spoke her name.

Arnav looked over at her closely. No she was not going to be an easy prey. He choosing to ignore her he ate in silence observing her as he ate. No she was no fool there was intelligence in her eyes. One he would have admired if she was a business associate. She was different. If he persisted with this line of question he was going to get nowhere fast. Offering her money or wealth would not work. NO. She was slippery and cunning. She would easily best him, it was like she already knew what he was thinking and of his game plan. No he need to unappreciable. May be he would enjoy this challenge.

Khushi glanced over at him and noticed him, he watched her as if he was studying her looking for weakness. Her back stiffened initially by his question but he had relaxed and did not start his probing. His company to her surprise was pleasant she felt no treat from him now. In the meeting room he was like a predator when he thought he could order her around. This was not her nature she was not the one to start a fight or be mean. She just wanted? What did she want? It was all so simple in Lucknow after she finished college. She wanted to get married and be hopelessly in love.  Have a wonderful home and be wanted and be happy. Now what she got was the home which felt empty and a feeling of abandoned. She did not know what she wanted anymore. Did she want this man sitting in front of her?  Was this what she desired? This Man?

"I have made a decision.." she looked up at him.

His gaze was intense again and she felt a cold shiver run down her spine.

"I'm moving back home.. I have some new client from Calcutta coming into town. I came to get more clothes as I was moving into another suite at the hotel...and I was going to a party with them" he paused to look at her she was tense as he studied her. Good he liked seeing her uncomfortable as she stiffened.

"But I have decided to stay. Would that cause you a problem?" he said coolly looking at something flicker in her eyes. Was that terror? He mused knowing this was a bold move but maybe'.the right one.

"No!" she whispered looking at the slow smile etching on his lips.

"So you're not scared of me?" he asked leaning forward challenging her.

Khushi straighten herself and met his gaze as he eyes where filled with a challenging stare.

"No! but I can ask you the same question?" She said looking at him with a frown.

He moved back into his chair and laugh'..the sound of his voice filled the room and she smiled nervously a little know it was not over.

"ASR is scared of no-one" he chuckled

"But I have to admire your boldness to best me...but you know you will fail! " he said seriously with the smile gone in an instant from his lips.

"We well see!" she said getting up from her seat.

Arnav looked at her as she moved towards the bathroom door and entered. Yes he smiled leaning back. He would have to seduce her to get what he wanted. YES! YES! Take her. She your wife! Seduce her! He was  a fool to thinks she just take his money and leave. No she was playing the same game he was going have to.  A dangerous game of seduction.  Walking into his office luring him to come after her and as a fool he did. Drooling as she came out of the bathroom. No I will have her screaming my name in pleasure by the end of the week.

She did not know she was dancing with fire. This was the type of conquest he enjoyed.  He will be teasing and sampling every part of her luscious body. It would be fun and once he got her to sign the divorce papers and hand over Nani 40% of the share, he throw her out. She be out of his bedroom, house and office.


~Chapter Two~


In the past two days Khushi never saw Arnav much thou he had moved into the room next door to her at home. Soon has Nani had completed the morning prays to Devi ma he would leave each morning. With the business associates from Calcutta he was very busy entertaining them with Lavanya.  She didn't know what or how to react to that? What was she going to do about Lavanya? It was not as Arnav or she had a relationship or a bond of some kind. Where she could simply ask him?


From what she understood by the rumours they had been inseparable, but was that in the boardroom or bedroom?  What was she to do about it? Everything she thought about it something pricked her inside but why? It was not as if she had a relationship with him of any kind…oh hang on a minute she was her Wife. What kind of wife am i? Was the dream of her sharing a life with her other half just stuff that happened in the movie. No. Papa and Ma had a wonderful relationship.  Had her curse come back?


Abandoned at the age of 5 learning to take care of herself in the orphanage. Her parents had died in a car accident and the courts had placed her in the care of the estate in Lucknow. She remembered her father as a tall man and sitting on his shoulders as he took her to the park. She remembered her mums homemade Jaleba's and the feeling of security and loved unconditional. There was always an ache in her heart when she thought of them. She had a picture of them as a family in her jewellery box it was the only thing left along with a few fragmented memories. Her mother putting to her to bed and always smiling at her. Her father beaming at her in pride when she kissed and hugged him as he picked her up from school.


If Garima had not decided to adopt her she did not know what she would have done. The place even now gave her nightmares.  The way she had to fight for scraps of food and how she was beaten by the other older kids. It was more like a prison then anything else. Garima was an old friend of her mothers and she came to see her two years later when she married Shashi. Garima was adamant to get custody. Its was like a dream the other kids had there mums and dads taken them home, but her parents where dead and she had no one at all. She never dreamt of such dreams! Garima and Shashi changed her life and Payal was like a kindred soul. She was always hugging her and kissing her and they did everything together. Laughing and causing trouble with the customers order in the sweet shop. Life had turned an around for the better. When Nani asked for her hand for Arnav ma and pa where both very pleased. Akash adored Jiji and they all thought Arnav would be the same how wrong they all where. He was the exact opposite of Akash.  


From what Anjali had told her she knew why. At a young age he had to take responsibility for all of them. He had to be the man of the house. He had to fight for them all. She knew he was cold for a reason the world was a hard place to survive in and you had to be cold. If you where not survival was impossible.


At first everything seemed easy just as Anjali had said but she did know how? Anjali and her friend Vidya had talked her into there scheme but she did not how she was going to do this? She never seduced a man?! Heck she was surprised to see a man in the bedroom. When she stepped out of the bathroom she was shocked to see him looking at her. She felt venerable but had to suppress the feeling so that he could not take advantage. She was beginning to doubt herself now with Lavanya in the picture this was not easy. Was she intruding? Had she come between them? Maybe Shyam was right she should get divorced and leave.  


Arnav sighed as he looked at the files on his desk. Placing host had exhausted him and he did not have time to play with project 'Strip Khushi' he chuckled at the name. Yes! he was going to strip his beautiful wife layer by layer. He was going to strip her emotionally and then literally make her so weak and then throw her carcass out of his life.  Into he gutter where people like her belong. 


Anjali had tried to play protective sister. Telling her that if he harmed a hair on Khushi head she would never talk to him again. Like that would happen. Of course she would but she knew why he had moved in. But he still could not understand how his protective sister was all of a sudden protective over Khushi? What had she done? What hell kind of spell has she cast on his family? That vexed him. She walked into his house as if she owned the place. When he asked Nani why she has given power of attorney to Khushi? She simple said that she trusted her like she did him. How the hell can you trust someone is such a short time?


When Nani transfer 30% to him when he took over the day to day running of the business. She knew that he would do wonders with the family business, but of late the company lacked something she told him. She trusted Khushi with the task after all it was a family business. Shaking his head he could not believe what Nani was telling him? Nanji and him ran everything together as a team.  So now was she expecting him to do the same with Khushi work as a team. Which meant take order from her? Just because she had 40% of the shares.


"knock knock" he looked over at Lavanya enter his cabin. He looked at her in the short white dress moving seductively towards him.


"You look tense!" she said


"Have they left?" he asked seeing that smile on her face knowing what she that smile meant to feel and give him pleasure.


"How about we go to my place and unwind tonight…" she said giving him a sexy look of need. How he would love to but he needed to play with someone else this evening.


"I would love to…..but i am going home" he said firmly getting up seeing her pout her lips.


He looked over at her as she stepped towards his and placed her arms around his neck. "Arnav" she whispered leaning into him. He could smell her perfume and frowned down at her. It was not Lavender? WHAT? LAVENDER? Placing his hand gentle on her waist he moved away from her creating some distance.


"Sorry!!" they both turned to see Khushi near the door.




He sighed as he placed his hand through his hair. He left Lavanya whining in the office as he started after Khushi to control the damage, but what shocked him the most was a pain in his gut at the sigh of her. Was that dread? Or fear?


"Khushi wait!" he caught up to her at the lift.


"I am so sorry…." She mumbled avoiding his gaze.


"I wanted to discuss something …with the Calcutt party gone. I presumed you where free.. I did not mean to intrude…" she babbled avoiding him. She felt embarrassed and something. Was that anger? Or hurt? She just knew she need to get away from him….


"hmm…." He took her arm and lead her down the corridor.


"Don't worry about it…." He said leading her into the meeting room.


"Lets talk about what you had in mind…" huh but she did not want to talk she just wanted to get away from him.


Arnav placed her gentle in the seat and sat next to her turning in the swivelled chair to face him. He gentle took hold of the file in her hand. It had been a good 5 minutes when she looked up at him. He looked so business like as he studied the file. It was a mistake she should have requested a meeting how dumb she felt? You cant just barge into someone room, but she had knocked and got no response.


"A very interesting idea…" he said placing the file down and looking at her. What that surprise in his eyes?


"Its cost affected….with the capital invested from the lost tender we have everything in place…" she said nervously.


"A children- teen line… to be honest I never thought about it?" he mumbled looking at her in surprise.


"I know…I was surprised know one thought of it…You see we cater for men and ladies and our line is for the young and successful. We missing out on the teenage and children's market…" he stared at her as she pulled the file from his hands and outline the plan to him. 


"It will work…" he stared at her stunned and she laid out everything to him so simply. Was Nani right? She could help him build and expand further. A smiled played on his lips as he looked at her outlining everything in the file with so easy. He wanted to just close the file and pull her into his arm? WAIT! NO! she was the enemy… Looking at her again not sure what to make of this creature.


"I guess you're run some numbers …with um…your team!" he saw her expression drop and look away. He did not like the away she faced away from him.


"No! We will work on this together. The Calcutta party have not made a decision yet I was looking at them help ….but what you have proposed seem to be something we can do as well…" he looked at a smile form on her lips. He wanted to smiled back but nodded instead.


"Good. I am exhausted. Shall we go home!" he said. She looked at him getting up from his seat holding out his hand.


She nodded not taking his hand and got up. He said words like we and our but she could not forget what she saw earlier. She saw something flicker in his eyes when she did not take his hand as he pulled away from him. As she spoke to him minutes earlier it was like no one existed but them in this small meeting room. She did not know what to feel? she felt like it was as if she was running hot and cold. Every time in his presence she felt every emotion possible and it was exhausting. She just wanted to go home and crawl into bed.


She entered the glass lift with him as he pulled out his mobile phone.


"Lavanya…. I need the files for the American tender…. Hmm… email me the files. I'll take a look at them at home…..Ok good…. Cancel my afternoon appointments. I will be busy with Khushi! I want to take her to the factory and meet the designers. In fact for the reset of the week I will be working with Khushi. Only disturb me if its important. I am sure you can handle everything with Mr Sinha. … book me a table for two at Akbar's immediately! Its approaching 8pm. ….yes I know its late! Just do it! " he snapped ending the call.




The lift door opened as they stepped out.


"Um… I see you at home…" she stepped away from him but stopped.


Arnav felt a shock sizzle through his hand as he grasped her wrist, he frowned not knowing what the sensation was. As she turned to look at him he let go of her hand.


"It's late…. Everyone will be a sleep when we get home. I have booked us a table." He said stepping into her space as she looked up at him. Gods those light chocolate eyes and long lashes.


"Oh…um" Taking her wrist firmly again he lead her outside.




She looked up at him as order for them. The restaurant had a number of cuisines and she was not sure how to handle him now. He looked so commanding sitting in front of her, but she was happy for him to command her. What? No if she did he would be in control and that was what Anjali had instructed her not to do. She specially said that if Chote took control of the situation she was never going to get an even footing in there marriage. He needs to accept her as she was and respect her too. But who was she kidding! She like the protector side of him as he gentle took control of her in the past two hours, from the meeting room to driving her here to this restaurant. Anjali did not know what she was talking about. It felt nice in a way.


"Lavanya and i…" he looked at her unsure if what he was doing but he need to make it clear. He cleared his throat placing the napkin in his lap.


"You may have heard" Khushi looked up at him as he leaned forward.


"She been my PA from the start….she helped me in a number of way…" OMG she did not really want to go into this…or know the details she groaned feeling her body stiffen.


"I don't know how it happened but we became sexual involved…" he looked at her pale to what he was saying but he wanted her to understand. He did not why but he did. Why the hell?


"I was involved with a model two years ago …she was becoming possessive and Lavanya came up with an idea to get rid of her…. At first we where acting and then we were not…." Yeah I bet she thought picking up the glass of water.


"I've not been with her since we married…" There he said it? why did he confess that? He looked to see a stern expression on her face.


"Sir!" he looked up to see the food being placed on the table.


DAME he was meant to seduce her ….what was he doing.


"Excuse me!" she said.  He stood up as she stood. He nodded to see her walk away. He was unsure what was happening to him?


Khushi stared at her reflection in the mirror. What was she doing here? Why did her heart melt with the knowledge that he not been with Lavanya since they got married?  No! She was confused.


"Ring Ring…' she looked at her mobile. To see Shyam's name displayed.




Khushi where the hell are you? Is Chote with you?" Anjali on Shyam's phone?


"Di? I'm in Akbar's with Arnav…" she said unsure why Anjali had not used her mobile.


"Oh good…. Hey Shyam you own me dinner!" she chirped


"Di?" Khushi heard Shyam groan in the background.


"OK…Look we just found out he's not been with Lavanya since he was told he was to marrying you…and well…"


"I know di…" she said butting in.


"Huh ….how?" Anjali demanded annoyed.


"He told me.."


"OMG… he what told you! Dame….you know what that means!!" Anjali chuckled.


"Gods. He digs you!" Anjali screamed down the mobile. Khushi was still trying to understand Anjali British slang. Due to her medical condition she spent most of the past 2 year there and sometime she did not catch her hidden meaning.


"Di.. I don't know if I can do this?…." Khushi paused.


"Khushi relax…just go with the flow. If I know Chote he trying to understand you. Look Khushi he not so bad…its just he puts on this mask to scare everyone away to get what he wants….that all….Look he like you. Just go with the flow. Trust me." Anjali said gently.


"Im going to put down the mobile…and make Shyam suffer a little more. I'll just let him know he does not need to flirt with the office girls anymore to get anymore info…can you believe he was getting carried away… Ok you enjoy dinner while I sort Shyam …" Anjali gleamed in delight.


Khushi stared at her mobile confused. Was there was something going on with Shyam and Anjali? she was going to get to the bottom of it as soon as she got into the office in the morning.


Arnav looked up to see Khushi take her seat he was waiting for her uncomfortable and did not know why. No! he needed to put his game face on. He did not own her an explanation. NO his plan was to seduce and get her to sign the paper to him. But she bowled him over with her proposal she was trying to further his business not destroy. He did not know what to make of that. Why? she was  puzzling him? was it because he saw she was trying to help. Actually help? If her idea works he was looking at more then 30% increase in the profit.  He observed her as she ate, normal when he dinned with the women in his line of worked they nibbled at there food, why was he surprised by her. No she ate her food not nibbled.


"I like this place…." He said trying to change the subject.


"The food….I was beginning to miss Lucknow. As the food taste like home," she said looking at him over the candle light.


"Missing home hey…" he said placing the napkin on the plate pushing it forward.


She looked over at him as he placed his elbow on the table and rested his chin on his hand. He looked so sexy over the candle light taking a gulp she looked at him.


"I guess I am…. I mean everyone nice and made me feel like home, but I do miss ma and pa…it lonely without jiji as well." She said looking away from him.


"You and Jiji are close. Akash was telling me. He called me this morning told me off as Payal was worried about you. So far Akash is displeased with me and Di threatened to never talk to me again…I don't know whatever you done to them that they have fallen in love with you?" he said looking at her.


Fallen in love is that what he was saying to her? That he was too? No he was coaxing her.


"I don't know ….but I can say that I feel deeply towards them as well. Di has made me feel so welcome…With Jiji gone. Di been …"


"Let me guess over bearing and protective…." He added with a sly gin on his face.


"No that not what I meant… While Jiji been away Di has been there for me especially since you left me…" she snapped looking at the smile leave his face and his jaw lock.


Oh god did I say that? Ok maybe that sting a little but he hurt her deeply.


"I never agreed to marry you" he said reclining back in his chair looking uncomfortable.


"No but if you where not man enough to say no" she added. Hey! I like this Khushi she took no prisoners and Di mentioned to be in truthful and honest with him. If this was going to work they need to have something to build on. Yeah he left me and I am pissed about it.


"Excuse me!" he sounded shocked. Ok its time for him to know how he hurt her.


"You heard me. If you told Nani she would have listen…"


"No she wouldn't have! Do you think I did not try?" he said looking at her with a scowl .


"Calm down!…and remember where you are?….do not test me Khushi!" he said with a voice of steel that she closed her mouth in frustration.


"Don't order me about! …I am not one of your slaves" she said clenching her teeth.


"BILL!" he commanded in frustration before he complete lost it. What was it about this woman? Seeing her pout her lips and turn her head. By the gods she looked so sexy when she did that with her lips. DAME IT!


She looked over at him as he threw the money on the table and jumped up from his seat.


ASS! ASS! ASS! Khushi thought staring at road ahead. He makes me so god dame mad!! If he's not careful I'm going to deck him one.


"Let's get one thing straight! You are never to speak to me like that! EVER!" he hissed at her holding the steering wheel so tightly.


"I will speak to you or anyone else as I like!" she snapped frowning at him.


"Khushi!" he growled turning to see her. Lift her stubborn chin at him. GODS she so beautiful! He jerked away from her.  His body felt so tense and she was stirring something inside her he never felt before.


"I'm not one of the hired helps….that work for you! So don't act like you're the boss of me!" she said clutching her teeth.


"GODS WOMAN! YOUR DRIVING ME INSANE!" the car jerked it stopped.


She looked over at him as he turned sharply towards her. Her body tighten as he leaned over her as if he was going to crush her in her seat.


"Im not scared of you!" she said hope her voice didn't tremble. Looking at the rage in his eyes.




"Really" he said. He smelt so good! She just wanted to rub against him! Feel the warmth that radiated from him. WHAT? Hey was I not to seduce him. She placed a hand on his chest to feel his heat leap under her hands through his shirt.


"Arnav…" she said questioningly at him.  The anger left his face as he inched away from her. Feeling her heart hammer against her rib caged she moved her hand slowly away from him as he got back into his sit.


"What do you want?" he voice was ruff as he stared at the road ahead.


What did she want? She did not know? But he made her angry! Annoyed!


He looked at her as she just looked away from him as she did not answer his question again.  His body was humming …something inside kept telling him to take her. TAKE HER! WANT HER! NEED HER! It was as if she unleashed some sort of beast within him. He had to control himself.




Unable to sleep he stared at the alarm clock it was 12:15. He wanted to sleep in his  own bed. This room was not his and he felt detached from everything he known all because of that woman. That woman who smelt of lavender and it was driving him crazy. He was turning its something he could not understand. Pushing out of bed he turned and placed his bare feet on the cold marble floor. This was not a good idea coming home as her essence has affecting him deeply. Those piercing chocolate eyes where enchanting him to falling into them….wanted to surrender into them.


"I need a drink…" sighing he got up shaking the crazy emotions filling him making him weak.


Hearing Anjali talking he pushed the door the open.  Stunned he took in the sight the kitchen was in a complete mess and in front of the stove was Khushi engrossed over the oil. She looked as those in a trance …eyes the dish next to her he spotted the Jalebi's. He looked over at Anjali ending her call and frowning at him. She moved towards him glaring at him.


"What did you say to her?" she whispered harshly.


"Nothing…" he said looking at Khushi munching  a jalebi as she mumbled to herself.


"Well she a wreak! Look at her!" Arnav frown at his sister and looked over at Khushi carefully. She had a smudge of flour on her brow and she pouted those sexy lips as she cooked.


"There is nothing wrong with her!" he said frowning at her shaking of the feeling that where stirring again. As Anjali crossed her arms over her chest and frowned at him.

"What?" he said frowning back at her.


Anjali poked him in the chest and narrowed her eyes at him. He gulped and looked down at her. He seen that look only twice in his life. Di was pissed really pissed as she stepped towards.


"One thing you have to know about your wife….When she angry she cooks jalabi's. I tried to talk to her but not listening. I swear I thought you where stubborn. I approach her and she shoves me away… Last time she was upset she was on her wedding night when you left…Gods! me and Anjali had to restrain her and then she sobbed badly. Now it looks like we going have the tackle her together…" Anjali stopped looking at the expression on his face.


"What?" she said looking at him.


"Leave …Di I will take care of her" he said gentle.


"That what I'm scared of?" she mumbled looking back at khushi.


"Look at her…she will not stop …"


"Di please!" he pleaded.


Anjali looked at him and nodded. "Chote… don't hurt her! She like us you know." He looked over at her puzzled.


"What the great ASR not done his research," she said smirking at him.


"Ok I'm leaving but I will be near the door… Call me if you need me" he nodded as she edged for the door.


He moved towards Khushi hearing her mumbling to herself.


"ASR stands for Ass, Stubborn and Rascal on Arrogant, Self centred, royal pain in the butt…"


"hmmm… A for Athletic , Sexy and romantic…"he said munching a jalebi.


"Yeah right….ASR is a Jerk" She interjected turned frowning shocked to see him leaning near her grinning.


"Sweet!" he licked his lips as her eye where drawn to his lips smeared with syrup. Stupid! She looked away back to the wok. He chuckled looking at her blushing as he sucked his lips to taste the last remaining


"So! Are you finished?" he asked looking at her turning the stove off and backing away from him.


"You know I can think ….of a sweeter way for you to take out your frustration." He said moving towards her. Khushi stepped back and felt the cold metal door of the fridge hit her back. Hesitating she looked over his shoulder to find no where she can escape. There was no where else for her to move he was invading the space between them. 


"Arnav" she whispered looking at him and then back at his lips. Dame her eyes and dame her thoughts for wanting to feel them. They glistened with a hint of syrup. GODS!


Arnav only knew he wanted he wanted this. Wanted to feel her soft curvy body against his hard muscular body. To feel that heaving bosom against the feel of his chest. Those chocolate eyes kept looking away from his eyes onto his lips. Gods her eyes where telling him that she desired him. Something in the bottom of his stomach stirred as he inched forward.


Khushi closed her eyes as felt his warm lips against her…he tasted of mint and jalabi's. He was so gentle with his administrations…feeling her body being pulled towards him. Arnav swallowed her moan as she slowly opened her mouth. He felt her tongue with his own as he tilted his mouth to get a deep penetration of her mouth. She tasted so sweet. She moaned again as he thrust her against him. She body was responding to the desire he had stirred within her.  Her body wanted him and he wanted her too. Feeling light headed with the lack of blood in his head as it travelled south. NO! he could not do this…he wanted to take her but slowly piece by piece. He slowly pulled away opening her eyes to the sight of her. Gods! She was so beautiful like a siren tempting him to continue.


"I want you to go upstairs and go to sleep." He whispered in her ear as he kissed it lightly.


"If you don't go…I will take you here…" he said hoarsely not even recognising his own voice. Letting go of her he stepped back to see her half lidded eyes filled with passion and her lips where now full. As he felt his own lips tingling from the withdrawal of her lips.


"Go!" he whispered turning away from her placing a hand on the cool fridge. Panting! As he tried to control himself. DAME how the hell was he going sleep now!

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~Chapter Three~



Arnav stared out of the window looking out at the City below from his office as he stood and sighed deeply. It had been two weeks now since he tried everything to get that sensuous kiss out of his mind. Throwing himself into his work and avoiding the her in the office, making sure her appointment kept where getting re scheduled. No matter what he did when he just closed his eyes for a second he remembered that feminine curvy body fitting against his body so perfectly.  As he moved his tongue deeper into her mouth to finding himself swallowing the sound of her pleasure.


His body wanted more, wanting skin to skin contact and to thrust deep into her, wanting know what other sounds she would make. These thought where driving him crazy and Lavanya's presence disturbed him as well.  He need to get away before something inside him totally snapped and that alluring lavender scent even now was heavy in the air around him, frowning he turned around.


"Sorry I knocked …um you never replied?" she looked over at him was that concerned in her eyes?


"I wanted to just drop the financial files back…" she mumbled moving closer toward the desk.


"Thank you!" He took in the sight of her as she wore a sari looking so dame sexy. How did she do that make what she wore look so sexy?  Why did she make his whole body light up in desire?


Khushi approached the desk as she felt his eyes on her as if he was scrutinizing her body. Ever since he kissed her he had avoided her and well she was happy if he wanted not to see her. Anjali kept pushing her but hey? he must have kissed many of girls and she had simple not pleased him. Ok it was her first ever kiss and she had no idea what she was doing but if he did not like it then Shyam was right a divorce was the next course of action. As he was totally not happy with what he sampled and during these past two week she knew there was no point dragging this any more


"Can we talk?" she asked looking down at the file she place on the desk.


"I'm leaving for Paris in the next two hours …."


"I wanted to discuss getting the marriage annulled…"she added quickly not wanting to hear another excuse. Now that she was here she wanted to just get it over with.


"I will transfer Nani shares back to you and I will just go…" He stared at her stunned as she looked down at the file not meeting his gaze.


"Look ….lets not…"


"Annulled!" he boomed. Jerking her head up to see him, shocked to see him across the desk staring at her.


"On what grounds?" she stared at him frowning.


"Lets not play games Arnav you didn't want this marriage and well we both unhappy with this whole thing" she whispered. I am not goin to cry she though looking away from him.


"Khushi?" she gasped feeling his arms enclosing her to his chest. She buried her face in the nock of his neck.


Something ached inside him! He was away from her as he wanted to understand what was happening to him? Her presence had him knotted up again as she walked so graceful into his office. Closing his eyes he inhaled that lavender into him.


"I have to go can we talk about this when I am back from Paris" he said releasing her.


She looked up at him in surprised as she was there one minute engulfed by him and then release abruptly as if he realised what he had done? She could not figure him out as he was hot n cold from one minute to the next. Did he want her or not?


"Ok!" she whispered looking to see him stepping away from her.


He looked at her. His whole body was screaming as the protested  of being away from her and to her back into his embrace. He looked at her lifting her chin up so regally and turning towards the door. No! He grabbed her arm and pulled her hard to his chest. 


Khushi gasped feeling his lips crashing down on hers, as she felt his arms pulling her close to him.


"We…" he kissed gentle


"Will…" he panted kissing her again


"dis…cuss …" he kissed pulling her lower lip into his mouth.


"this …when I am back…" he kissed feeling her now kissing him back.



Jerking out of bed Khushi placed has hand on her heart feeling it pounding against her chest.  Closing her eyes she tried to shake the dream out of her head. What is happening to me? Feeling as if something was consuming her as her mind was screaming for more, but more of what? She blushed thinking about it?  Was she kissing Arnav?  Sighing deeply she got out of bed. No Way? But he had kissed her twice with that wicked mouth? The dreams where getting crazy now with his lips kissing her everywhere.


Holding the toothbrush in her hand she applied the toothpaste as she looked up shaking her head she stared at her reflection. OMG?!? He was coming back today from his five day trip. The kiss they shared left her confused? From the first kiss they shared it was like he was not interested but the second kissed held some sort of promise. Every night she thought about him, and that kiss and her body felt empty as if something was missing. Was Arnav the man of her dreams? He was a shrewd business man and master of manipulation to get what he wanted? But what of Lavanya? What if he got bored of her and found someone else?  What did he really want?  Could she trust him? There was no office today and he called home to advised he will be arriving in the early morning? Would he be downstairs when he arrive?


Ring Ring…" picking up her mobile she smiled seeing Shyam's name.


"I'm busy.." she said picking up the matching bangles


"Gods Khushi you have never been a morning person…." He complaint as she smiled to herself.


"Just wanted to tell you that I have the paper ready…" she closed her lips together recalling what they had decided she was goin to get a answer from Arnav today with regards to the divorce.


"Ok…send them over by courier."


"Listen Khushi….I told you what I want…" she signed hearing him


"Ok! I will call you.." she said not wanting to hear any more.


Shyam had made it clear that he wanted her to go back home with him. She also was hinting at other things. He made it very clear that he was just fooling around with Arnav sister and never would be serious with her. Deep down she knew what Shyam had felt about her but she never looked at him that way. She was glad Payal was back she really just wanted her sister opinion on the matter.  Payal had discussed everything with ma and pa who where not pleased but Payal had water things down saying that Khushi and Arnav where sorting things out it was just marital. Payal had suggested that they give ma and pa and hint of what was happening, so that they would not be shocked when she landed on there door step.  Payal was not happy with the Shyam situation she simply shock her head. If she did go home they decided that Shyam would have to be told firmly that they where just friends and nothing more.  Payal kept saying its goin to be ok. Akash had been speaking to Arnav daily saying he was very happy with the new contract he has secured in Paris fashion houses supplying them with the material's they needed.


Would Arnav be in a good mood when he came home? She has discovered that he was a very mood person. It was good having Payal back she was the only one who understood her.




Arnav smiled to himself knowing that the Paris trip was exactly what he need surrounding by supermodel's confirmed what he suspected, but part of him was sadden but the idea of being faithful to one woman. Thou he could sample anything he wanted dame he had everything he wanted and then his entire life changed by a single mere kiss. The kiss that scolded him in more way then one, but he did want to scare her as he knew he have to be gentle. He smirked Arnav gentle hell he would try. It hit him in the office when she announced the annulment it struck him what he was really scared of. It was the whole marriage commitment the vows. Marriage he saw broke men and all he ever heard after his meeting where men complaining about there wives or whoring and lust at other women.  It was what all men did but he found his friend Armaan different and changed when he called to invite him to his wedding. Armaan and him always jested each other to see how many conquests they can have during college. Armaan dropped of and headed to medical college and he went to expand his studies in London where he met Lavanya and slow took control of the family business. Armaan had told him he never knew what hot him when Riddhima enter his life she too was another doctor and he was surprised that someone has finally pinned him. He explained about his situation and Armaan to his surprised understood what was happening to him, but as Armaan always reminded him his downfall was his anger. That was had him losing his bets at time.  Armaan's advise to just go with the flow and follow his heart sounded like a wise decision but he never followed his heart. He never did trust his instinct as he learnt the hard way it was easy to be manipulated and the truth was Maya had scared him deeply.  She made him feel alive and he did at the time in high school believe she loved him, but the truth was she just used him. She manipulated him in very way just to get what she wanted and then she dumped him it hurt.


In the office Khushi was doing the same thing but instead of feeling anger he felt something else distraught and ashamed but forced her to make such a dramatic decision, but being around Khushi felt different in every way.  Every thing about her was different and dame when she was anger he just wanted the shut her up but just kissing her. Grinning he thought about the two times he kissed her both time he could tell she was new to the whole thing. In time he would love to teacher her how to be submissive and aggressive during there love making. How his body lurched and tingled while he just thought about how he can teach her all about making love.  Shaking himself away from his fantasy he frowned thinking how he was going kick starter the process in the first place narrowing her eyes he smiled as he picked his mobile phone.





"Chote…" he smiled looking over at Anjali it was 3am and he was surprised to see her up on the sofa.


"Di why are you not in bed? You're not in pain are you?" he walked over to her concerned.


"What would you know?" she scoffed with her eyes full of tears.


"Di?" he asked coming to take a seat next to her.


"What up?" he asked gentle.


"I wish I was normal"  he sighed she was upset with her condition and occasional she have these periods of depression.


"You are normal….it's out there they not!" he said point at the door. She sighed and looked at him grinning.


"Jerk where have you been?" she asked nudging him


"Brat I was away on business…how's everything at home?" he asked she be ok now he was back.


"We all thought you where coming this morning? And you turned up now? …you know the poor girl's was glancing at the door constantly…" she said shaking her head seeing him grinning.


"I wish you do me a favour and put us all out of our misery?" she said looking at him as he leaned back on the sofa.


"She has fallen for you…you know" Arnav looked at her surprised.


"Yeah right!" he frowned. If she did she would not have talked about a divorce.


"Well its all your faults she in knots not knowing how you feel?" she said shaking her head. 


"To tell you honestly Di I don't know what to make of it all….I'm living my life and then summoned to marry someone I don't know and then she taking over my bedroom and boardroom…" he said looking at her seriously.


"Chote" she whispered taking his hand seeing the hurt in his eyes.


"We did not mean to … we just wanted to see you happy…" she said looking at him


"Funny…my family has a strange way of showing there affection.." he mumbled


"Chote…it not that bad" she said looking at him concern


"No she was not what I needed. I did not want to marry to her or anyone to be honest I wanted to do a lot more with the business…"


"Chote the business is always goin to be there, but we going stay young forever. Nani wants to see her great grand child…you know how her health is.."


"What about you Di she wants you married as well…" he said looking at her shaking his head.


"Chote my situation is different with my condition who will have me who does not want a share in your business….All the suitors wanted something as a incentive.  Anyway the hunt for my husband continues…."


"Di …" he said looking at her seeing the hurt in his eyes.


"Go to your wife Arnav….take what gods given you happily" she nudged him as she got up.




Stretching in her bed and froze her mattress was feeling lumpy? Moving her hand she opened her eyes open to a smiling Arnav watching her as she jerked out of his embrace to feeling him hold her tightly.


"Hi" he whispered with a sly grin.


"How? What?" she said looking at her totally surprised?


"First …I am going to sleep " he yawned feeling her trying to push herself away.


"Arnav…let me go. Please!" she asked


"No! It feels nice… when you turned over and held me at first I was surprised but you feel nice…Soft and warm…" he said smuggling his body closer to him.


"Arnav …" she whispered feeling his hand taking hold of hers as he pulled it to his chest over his heart.


"I'm tired and its 4am …we talk in the morning.." he moved his arm around holding her close as she watching his closing his eyes.  She looked at him stunned to find him in her bed, moving her leg next to him shocked feeling nothing but warm skin was he naked.


Panicking she looked at him not knowing what was going on. Her heart hammer in her chest as she felt his cheek brush her hair.


"Khushi go to sleep…" he mumbled sighing deeply.

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that sound like a good start
add mr in the pm list{if there is one}

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Hey dear!!
Great start. Looks very promising.
Looking forward to the next part already.
Please add me to your PM list!!

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sounds interesting
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continue soon

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