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awsum add me 2 ur pm list...

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awesome update!!!
Maan like her... but his egoOuch
daarji's phone ringtoneLOL poor Maan thought they read his mind..
Continues soon and thanks for pm:)

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very nice...ClapClapClap

update soon...

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thanx for ur comments...To all my NRI readers... Plz don't be angry... it's just a update... I didnt mean anythingSmile... n dont forget to leave a commentBig smile


PART 3: Na Raha Indian

Hey! What I'm doing?Disapprove I'm the Maan Singh Khurana is drooling over a girl in the first sight! No Maan stop looking at her like this. Maybe she is beautiful but only beauty is not enough to attract MK.

"Geet has just finished her MA in Comparative Literature from DelhiUniversity. She is University topper." Daarji said.

Great! Now she is highly educated too. ErmmMaan stop Maan. Your parents are looking at you. Go back to your bad boy Maan image.Evil Smile I'm not going to surrender now. Not this easily.

I managed to do that.


Geet's POV


Tat Maan Singh Khurana was coming to see me. I mean to see if I am tutafuta or not. If I can walk or not. If I can cook or not.Angry Me and Pari were getting ready and waiting for them to come.

Mom told me when I was 7 we both used to say we will marry each other. I don't even remember saying that kind of stupid thing. And they don't have any prove I said that.Pinch

And I don't wanna marry a NRI. Naa Raha Indians.Ouch I have told mom thousands of times why I don't wanna marry him. I'm sure he is the stupidest guy of the world. he is coming all the way from Paris only to see me!Shocked


Mom entered to my room to see if we are ready. I tried for the last time to convince her.

"Mom!" I shouted.


"I don't wanna marry NRI...Non Reliable Indians.Ermm Don't you know most of the NRI are fishy. The NRI will marry me and gonna take me to his country then slowly I will come to know he had murdered the first wife or he is a criminal or a terrorist."Shocked Mom just rolled her eyes but I didn't stop.

"And most of the NRI run away taking dowry leaving the poor girl in airport."Cry I made a baby face.

"What makes you think that?" Mom cleared her throats.

"Haven't you seen the serial 'Parayi'?"  The NRI guy left the girl in the airport."Unhappy

"Oh God! Geet the serial has eaten your brain. Now be ready quickly."

"What if he is a gay?"LOL It was my last attempt.

"Be ready quickly." Mom repeated her last words and left the room.

I looked at Pari "See Pari tell me what if he is homo?" ShockedBut as usual Pari was busy in her day dreams.

"PARI." I shouted.

"What?" Finally I was able to bring her back from her day dreaming paradise.Day Dreaming

"I can't marry a Naa Raha Indian. I mean a NRI. EW!"Unhappy

"Geet.. Please tolerate him for a day. You know who is coming with him?" Pari said in her typical tone.Smile

I don't even wanna ask it but the next moment I asked "Who?"

"Louis Martin. The Louis Martin."Embarrassed Now Pari is smiling stupidly.Smile

Now who the hell is he? God help me! My life is going to finish here and she is busy in her day dreaming. Uff!Angry


I was standing at sitting room. There he entered through the door. Brij veerji just called a few seconds ago to arrange boiled water. Maan Singh Khurana asked for boiled water. Boiled Water? Any normal human beings asked for boiled water to drinkShocked

Na Raha Indian observation no  1. Irritating.Thumbs Down

Can you believe my family wanted me to marry this guy? I looked at him. Hmm. Looks not bad. Ok handsome. Ok ok breath taking handsome.Day Dreaming  But who cares? Looks does not matter. He is an irritating Na Raha Indian.Unhappy


We were sitting at the dining table for lunch. I could see yummy Punjabi foods there on the table. Alu ka paratha, gobi ka paratha, daal fry, daal tarka and sweets yummy yummy carrot halwa.. yumm!!

Suddenly I started to feel hungry. LOLWe all deeped our hands in foods. But then I saw the 8th wonder of the world. Maan Singh Khurana is using fork and knife.Confused Even Louis was using his hands. He was the only guy who was using forks and knife. Has he come from Venus?Confused How wired a man can be. EW!!Shocked

Na Raha Indian observation no  2. AbnormalThumbs Down


I was just concentrating on my foods. Daarji started to speak just then.

"Well Geet, Maan we are not pushing you to marry each other. Ghumo feero masti maro." WinkDaarji finished another paratha.


"You know Maan I had ran away with her cause her parents didn't want me to marry her." He pointed at dadi. "My two sons" he looked at my and Pari's dad "they also ran away to marry for the same reason." Now he turned his gaze at Brij veerji and Tej veerji "Their parents in laws wanted them to marry their daughter as soon as possible. But I told them if you are a true Handa run away with your wife to marry." All burst out into laughter. Daarji looked at me with a smirk in his face.Big smile

Daarji you should know that I'm not going to run away with this weirdo. NEVER.Angry


"Geet you should take them to fair." Daarji said looking at me. Oh god! Why are you torturing me like this? Now I have to accompany him to the fair! Babaji help na.Ouch


I changed into a white saalwaar to go to the fair.Smile


We reached the fair ground at 4pm. The fair is the biggest fair of Delhi. I am thinking what if I marry Maan Singh Khurana? Nooo. He is not my type. I turned to look at him.

"We used to come here in our childhood." First time Maan Singh Khurana spoke to me. His voice is just heart melting.Day Dreaming

"Hmm." I smiled. "We used to scare to ride on Giant Wheel."Smile

I turned back to Louis and Pari. Pari was enjoying his company. And Louis is no less interested in her. Good to see at least they are enjoying.Clap

After a few minutes We started talking about our childhood. I was really enjoying it. He has a good sense of humor. Hmm. He is not that irritating.Smile 

Na Raha Indian observation no  3. FriendlyThumbs Up


Suddenly my eyes fell on Golgappas.Tongue

"Pari! Golgappa."Smile I love it. I shouted in excitement. I ran towards it.

"Louis try it. It's the best street food of the world." She dragged Louis.

"Hey Geet! Don't you know street food is not good for health." ShockedIt was Maan.

Na Raha Indian observation no  4. BoringThumbs Down


"Maan hates street foods." "Louis described.  "He thinks if you eat street food you will get all the diseases of the world."Shocked


After eating first Golgappa

"Is it good?" Pari asked him. He nodded. After the second one Louis surrendered. "It tastes awesome but too spicey."Tongue

"I told you." Maan spoke. "You should not eat it. Actually nobody should eat it. These street foods are the home of the germs. You know they are the main reason that we cant abolish the diseases like cholera, diaria, and lots of them hmm Dead   "

How dare he was insulting my favorite food.Censored God save Maan Singh Khurana from me or I'm gonna break his head.Angry

Na Raha Indian observation no  5. DisgustingThumbs Down



We came near the Giant Wheel.

"Maan wanna ride? The last time we came to fair together we used to scare of it."Smile

"Maan you don't wanna try it. You are scared of height right?" Confusedasked Louis.

I gave him a glance and chuckled.LOL

"Yes I want to. Maan Sing Khurana is not afraid of anything."Star Maan said confidently.

"Are you sure?"Confused He asked again.

"Yes I'm."Pinch


After a few minutes I realized why Louis said he should not ride on it. He is holding the handles too tightly like some one is going to push him from the giant wheel and closing his eyes as tight as possible.Dead

"Don't be scared. Sing a song."Wink I said to cheer him up.

"Who said I am scared? I am not scare from anything. Maan Singh Khurana doesn't sing.Stern Smile" Uff! His ego.LOL We all could see he is scared. He was even not looking down.

"Maan has phobia from height." Louis described. So Sriman Maan Singh Khurana is scared of height and don't wanna admit it before me.

"Who said that? I'm not scared from height."Angry Maan Singh Khurana's ego got hurt.

"Maan we all can see it." Louis said in a low tone.

"Not at all." He looked down and then uff! You should see his expression. " I'm only 26. is it age of dieing?Dead" he blabbered. Ask me how difficult is not laughing when you wanted to burst out into laughter. Well Maan the Man is not that fearless as he wants to show himself.LOL



We were going back to home. The super hero Maan Singh Khurana was in a bad mood as we were laughing at him. He had tried a lot to convince us that he didn't close his eyes out of fear, he was just trying to feel the cool air.ROFL But we didn't buy it. He was sitting beside me with a grumpy face. UnhappySuddenly the tire of the car got punctured. .

It was going to take 1-2 hours so four of us started to walk.

"Geet remember the last time our tire got punctured it was raining. We walked almost 1km in rain and got cold." Pari smiled at me.Smile

Hmm. Actually that day our intention was not going to home soon. We were dancing, singing loudly. Our way to home actually take 30 minutes but that day we wasted 1hours to cover the distance.Big smile

"Well I love rain until I get cold." Louis said.

"I hate rain." Maan said. At the same moment the rain started heavily.Shocked

"See Maan rain got angry on you." Louis joked. "Next time respect rain before saying anything."

"So you hate rain?"Question I asked him.

"Hmm. I do. But not if I'm walking with a beautiful girl."Smile

I smiled.Embarrassed

Na Raha Indian observation no  6. Well BehavedThumbs Up


We all enjoyed walking in the rain. Even Maan was enjoying it too.Dancing I could see a smile in the corner of his lips.Smile We were totally drenched. I was sure I was going to get cold very soon.


All of others were sitting at the drawing room.

"Geet, Pari why didn't you girls wait till the rain stopped? When you will get cold you will know." AngryMy mom shouted. She has only one thing to do. Shouting on us.

"Leave them. Its their time to enjoy." WinkIt was daarji. Our guardian angel. "Rain is to get wet. Not to wait till it stopped."Approve

"Daarji' You have spoiled those girls."Disapprove It was chachiji. "Your indulgences toward your granddaughters are too much."

"Daarji is right." It was Maan's mom. "Geet did you enjoy?"Smile

I was cut by Maan "No. We had to walk in rain uhh I really hate it. The city is too muddy it damaged my Italian shoes."Pinch Maan said rudely.


Na Raha Indian observation no  7. Nosy .Thumbs Down


At the end of the day my result was







Well Behaved


At the end of the day the result is ' well I am still confusedOuch


Maan's Pov


Ugghh it was going so well but my mom ruined it all.Angry Now I have to talk rubbish about this city.Ermm I really like Geet.Hug But I'm not ready to surrender to my mom. Uff I had to eat paratha with fork n knife' its really difficult.Ermm Don't know what she is thinking about me.D'oh I wish mom wasn't here with me. I wanna scream now. HELP!!Cry


Louis POV


Now what happened with Maan?Confused I was thinking he likes Geet.Smile  Well I'm not wrong. He likes her. But the famous ego of Maan. Uff!Ouch I'm sure he is thinking he won't surrender to his mom. Maan please behave like  goody. I wanna spend  more time with Pari. Embarrassed God why have not you give Maan normal human sense?Ermm


Pari's POV


Geet please tolerate Maan next few days. So that I can spend more time with Louis. God please tell Geet to tolerate him. Please.Big smile


Part 4 : La langue inconnue[ The Unknown Language]

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awesome part

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I love PAri and Louise. He is sure to open up all of Maan's secrets in front of Geet. Plz update soon and thanks for the pm.

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ha ha amazing...just brilliant...i liked the comic releief and their POVs were great and Geet's observations...hillarious

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omg.. hahahah.. omg... haahaha.. i cant stop laughing hun//.. wow.. fab.. continue soon.. maaneet pari and louis and even darji here is sooo hilarious.. lmao.. 

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