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Friday 1/7/11 Roja vaale intha kOdumai yai thaanga mudiyalai ppa Ellam Arivu
Kozhundugal !!!!

Sari, why Nandhini will be around only for 6 months? Apram amma foreign pOga
pOraanga (amma di nalla nerathile Kilambu, that is one head ache less for us !!)
MM MM decides to cross the bridge when he comes to it.

Lady Shiva at the astrologer - showing MM MM 's horoscope and Archu's as well.
MM MM has a very bright future - "from now on semai vAazhvu thaan, palatial
 house, money ellam on the way . And all his fortune is because of your daughter "
 Lady Shiva sings the life history of MM MM and Archu (athu sari , Evanavathu KAthu irukkiravan kidaicha...singing like a canary thaan !!) Finally the astrologer says that
 though things look good, Archu may not enjoy the fruits "Ketta sahavaasam for your
SIL" Lady Shiva immediately sings "Nandhini and her devious ways " - vows that she
 will save her SIL from her clutches - walks back home and has visions of Nandhini
taking the phone from MM MM 's pocket...etc., etc.,

Aakash veet le rendu aircons - Sarrojja is very happy. Tells mommy that Raani should
never enjoy the luxury. Grocery shop guy comes for money and Ganapathy has bought provisions for the hotel from the house account. Athukku panam azhuthachu. Raani
gives the balance amount and says that 5,000 and odd rupees only for house expenses. Sarroja wants to buy cotton dresses for her son - "athigam vendaam mma, only
2,000 rs " Amma is not kicked by the idea. Aakash comes back saying that he
got a job. The clan is happy . raani tries to make conversation and Aakash cold
shoulders her ( yeyy kirukku, unakku kOnjam self respect irunthaa, Odane intha
 veetai vittu kilambu)


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Monday 4/7/11 Archives ' Copy

Archu is upset that her honey bunch is incommunicado - Bhanu comes and asks about
 the sulkingand Archu says that she is confused - "thirumbi vanthuttara nnum theriyalai, chain pathi en kitte sOllalai .." Bhanu wants to know "So, you think that Nandhini is route vittufying for your MM MM ?? Archu categorically denies any such notion " he never hides
 any thing from me , athaan confusion" Archu vai innum kOnjam kOzhappa Lady Shiva
graces the arena - Bhanu scoots . Lady Shiva tells Archu about her dream, josiyar visit
etc., etc.,, and says that Nandhini is a no no - " talk to mappillai and wean her away,
ok??" MM MM arrives - looks like it is almost night!!!

MM MM comes - absolutely charged. Gives Archu a silk saree and a new phone
( Ohhh, Roja comment kettu duthaa?? Wink) Spills all - " came back in the morning ..
shed le work...came via Kanjeevaram, Nandhini recommended a saree for you...
she chose... I bought her a chain... now she works with me ...blah blah " Lady Shiva
 is privy to this conversation - her face changes when MM MM talks about the chain.
Archu gives a victory look to mommy. MM MM is asked to get a wash " I will cook in
 10 minutes " But before he goes for the much wanted bath, he tells Archu that they
 both must go to CBE and talk to Mr. Nandhini " avanga rendu peraiyum epdi yaavathu
 serthu vaichudanum, namba thaan athai seyyanum " Archu agrees to do just that.
After MM MM leaves the arena Lady Shiva asks Archu about the chain matter. Archu
gloats " My hubby never hides any thing from me . Intha mathiri Oru purushanukkaga
I can lie 100 times. Un vaalai surutti kittu Veedu pOi seru " Lady Shiva is lost.

Intha Raani story is getting yuckier by the minute !!! Aakash is taking up the new job -
whole house is happy. First day KG class kku anuppara mathiri ellarum going around
Aakash. Raani keeps away as Aakash is cold shouldering her. Sarroja orders Raani
around " bring his bike key...helmet...backpack..." finally orders the shoes ...Raani
 is scared to come in front of Aakash and so sends every thing through Gannu boy ..
Sarroja moonjile Ellu and KOllu vedichings - shouts at raani saying that she demeans
Gannu " just because I did not let her enjoy the aircon !!!"  Raani is nonplussed ...


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Tuesday 5/7/11

Well, starts with Sarroojja shouting at Raani " AC off pannittu I sent her out, athaan,
she is taking revenge " Rani thiru thiru nnu muzhikkarathu. Aakash Oda amma also
 chides Raani " I  always support you ...but I am also pissed off now ..
veetu mappillai yai eduthundu.." Now Raani has to say some thing .. Aakash
karichu kOttaraan nnu sOlla mudiyaathu so finds an instant explanation " Every
 body in this house calls me raasi illathave...Aakash is going for a new job...athaan
naan munnale vara vendaam nnu..." Athai once again chides " Don't think like that,
You as the wife ... should be the first in the send off queue" - Takes raani to the
pooja more haarathi...Raani smears the holy ash On Aakash's forehead
AND HE SMILES !!!! Sarrojja and daddy are not happy , so whats new??

MM MM 's shed - Archu the Sappadu KOodaikkari has brought food . MM MM and
 Nandhini have gone out - both come back in time for lunch. Archu, the server
serves. MM MM tells her that the manager has promised to give 15 cars this
 time "maasam 20 cars business kidaichaa, naama engiyO pOidalaam " Archu
asks Nandhini " avar vaangi kudutha chain enge?? kaattunga " Nandhini tries
 to mazhupufy but Archu says that MM MM has come clean "en kitte ellam sOllittar "
Nandhini looks envious "  I asked you to hide our present dilemma from MM MM ..
but neenga sollittinga...I asked MM MM to hide the chain issue from you..but he told you...Unga rendu peraiyum paartha konjam jealous aa irukku ..wish i had this kind of relationship with my hubby " Both Archu and MM MM share a secretive look . There
 is a sudden gloom ...and here comes the owner of the shed. he tells MM MM that he
 needs to sell the place - "my daughter's wedding...I need money..please vacate soon "
 MM MM pleads no avail.

MM MM is dejected and Archu starts a solo RKO - "namakku mattum yen ipdi nadakkarathu?? IppO than 20 cars a month nnu..." Nandhini chides Archu for
demoralizing MM MM " you will get this place again or some thing better. let us
 talk about the next step.." Maamiyaar Veedu hotel - Gannu boy has had a sumptuous breakfast - wants to have a shut eye. The employees are asking for the salary .
Gannu says that he can give only after the business picks up..goes to sleep. The
fellows ransack the whole place - only the chair is left for Gannu as he was sitting
 and sleeping. He gets up and sees that the whole set up is gone - one guy calls
and says that they emptied the hotel, sold everything and got the salaries. Gannu
 holds his heart - when Roja thought that it was Gannu who was wheeled in to the, it is not is Aakash's father who vomited and fainted - the jing bang
 cries "avarai epdiyaanum pOzhaikka vainga doctor " (athu sari, doctor ai patient
 ai paarkka vidunga..ipdi vazhi marichaa??)
Raani consoles athai..and Sarrojja takes
the opportunity to point out Raani's raasi "enga appa kku yethanum aagattum, apram
 irukku unakku !!" Doctor comes out and says that it is food poisoning - Obviously,
Gannu sent some vadais from his hotel and our man mosukkufied for lunch !!! Doctor
 says that nothing is wrong  " kOnja nerathile ward kku vanthuduvaar, you can see him " Raani is sent to buy some medicines and is privy to the conversation between the
 doctors who attended  her FIL " enna doctor, patient is serious...but neenga he is OK
nnu family kitte sOlringa?? "...Raani is shocked...


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Wednesday 6/7/11

Well Raani overhears the conversation between the doctors and assumes that they
are talking about her FIL.  The doctor says that the patient is accompanied by a group
of women "yaaranum gents varattum, apram unamai yai sOlvOm  - ivanga kitte
sOnna azhuthu Aarbaattam pannuvaanga " Raani does not know how to deal with
 this - calls Aakash and tells him the news " Please come, unga kitte thaan nmai
sOlvaanga , I have not told Sarrojja and athai " Aakash has come to the bank for
 making some official remittance - aborts the job and comes to the hospital. RS is
 in his supermarket. Reva is minding the cash. The guy who asked MM MM to vacate
the shed comes to meet RS.  Well, it is RS who has directed him to evict MM MM . Sankaralingam once again sings RS ashtothram "sariyaana Aappu anne " The land
 owner says that MM MM has a flourishing business now " but I can not oppose RS
ayya , so I  gave the story of my daughter's wedding " Reva  comes to get a cheque
signed by daddy darling and is  privy to this .

Oblivious to Reva's presence, the alla Kai raises a doubt " ithu enna periya Aapa
anne??  Ivar advance ai thriuppi kuduthutta, avan vera edathile shed pOttuppan " Rs
 gloats " makku nee ivvalavu yOchichaa, what about me ?? I too have thought about
it " Well, obviously the land owneris asked to say that he can return the advance
only when the  land is sold " once the land is sold, I will tell him that the money was
kept at home and was stolen . Only when the police find the money, i can return "
 Reva hears verbatim. Now Alla Kai says that Dheena should be dealt with as well .
RS says that Dheena did not get  what he wanted " avanai apram paarthukkalam "
Reva quietly comes in and gets the signature. She decides to act like her dad " Ungalai mathiriye naanum gamukkama velai panren , I wont let you ruin MM MM maama "

Well, Aakash comes , raani drags him to see the doctor and the doctors say that she misunderstood - " we were talking about another patient, not your FIL " Sarrojja jumps
at raani for dragging Aakash out on his first day of new job. Well, as luck would have it, Aakash kku seat kizhinjaachu...velai gaali...


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Thursday  7/7/11

Aakash kku job kAkka Oosh - reason?? He did not bank the money at the right time
 and the company lost a valuable contract. Aakash gives the story of Raani
misunderstanding Doctor's talk and calling him about his dad. MD is least
 bothered about the reasons - " you joined today and look at what happened
 to us!!! Go away .." Well, now Aakash has solid reasons to hate Raani and
Sarrojja has more ammunition ..Aanadavaaa. RS comes home
all beaten up. Mangu frets, fumes..cries and is more worried that the Alla Kais
do not have any veera thazhumbugal to boast. Sankaralingam explains.

Reva comes home and is privy to this story. Pandian, the fellow who tried to stab
 RS once is back from the jail and took revenge. On top of that he escaped. Reva
comes home and asks for food - not bothered about what happened to daddy
darling. The Alla Kais and Mangu are surprised that Reva is cool.Reva is categorical
" naanum ippO azhutha ivar enna maarida pOraaraa?? He will do his KAtta panchayath always "  RS is livid and orders darling wife to get things ready for water beating.

MM MM and Mrs. MM MM - board meeting.  The shed owner is adamant - "95 lakhs
kudu, land ai kudukkarennu solraar, naan enge pOven athanai pananthukku?? "
The auto company manager has sent the cars but MM MM is not sure whether to
start working on the cars. Archu has an idea - tells MM MM that she can go to her
 parents " pledge their house, sell all the jewellery, ask Vinod to apply for a loan
and raise the money to buy the land?" MM MM vetoes that suggestion  " Maamanaar
 veet le help kettu , I can not  make my life. I am a man of principles  you know
 (aamaa, naanga thaan pAkkarOme, varusha varusha maa . KG payyan mathiri
eppO paarthaalum Archu pep talk kudukkanum unakku !!)
Reva calls and tells
MM MM that the shed will not go away from him "believe me and believe God "
( nee enna sOlre??? ) Pep talk  time - Archu asks MM MM to carry on with work
" 10 days time irukku. You get the cars ready and Nandhini will sell them . With
the profit we get and with the advance we get back from the owner, we can find or
 buy a new place for the shed " MM MM goes for his usual wash and eat ritual.
Archu is happy that her pep talk worked - once again !!!


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Friday 8/7/11

Roja kku neram nalla ille, vera enna sOlla??

Aakash kku job kaput - he comes home and hides it from every one. But Aakash Oda
 friend phone panni ...what can be worse than Sarrojja knowing the truth ?? uh huh .
Whole family including Aakash, excluding MIL blame Raani for her "luck " !!!!

RS is totally drunk. ThaLLadi ThaLLadi nadamittu Aval vanthAL ...aha sOllamal kOllamal avalidam naan sendren ...PB Srinivas , mannichukkanum... Intha kandraavi yai pOruthukka Roja kku intha song venuma irukku !!!! Anyways ...Reva is just not bothered ...daddy darling slips...Reva guides him to the sofa. POttu vaangara time - RS says that only now he is scared of death " I was always happy about the money, power and  fame (??!!! fame???) I have earned. But all that became totally useless when I saw my only daughter disregarding me when I came home hurt. I have done so much harm to MM MM I am a changed man ...blah blah..." Asattu Reva does not know that daddy is pOttu vaangufying ...sings like a canary "appO antha shed owner ai vittu MM MM maama kku yen thOllai kuduthinga??" Daddy gets what he wants " Oh unakku therinji pOchaa??" Reva says that she heard him talking to his aLLa Kais " I wanted to act like you, do things without announcing ..but you seem to have changed !!" Daddy says that he is reallly changed ( Kadavule...ithu yaarOda dream??? KOK - Kumaran Only Knows )


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Monday 11/7/11 Archives ' Copy

RS is still blabbering ' tells Reva that he wants to atone his sins. "Inimel antha MM MM kku  I wont give any problem.. not just that ..I will make sure that I make amends.." Asattu Reva believes all this story, tells daddy that she will not hate him any more' hmmm, unakku ellam eppO than buthi varumO??? Palace de Bhagyam ' hubby and wife jolly aa saapidaraanga ' Park maama romance mood le irukkar, wants wifey darling to eat with him '.wife apdiye vazhinjings'.hmm enna da Roja kku vantha sOthanai???  Reva calls DSDR's mobile ' avar athisayamaa kulikkaraar. LR 1 is very happy that DIL is still lovey dovey with her darling son. "Engalai maranthuttiyaa??? appO appO pesinaa thane hubby ' wife relation apdiye irukkum'" blah blah. Reva says that she has some thing important to tell DSDR "pls ask him to come to the temple ' 10 am, ok??"

DSDR gets the news from mommy who is beaming from ear to ear. Mommy says that he need not go abroad and suffer " reva is ready to live with you, apram nee rich thane?? Ethukku abroad pOi veyyille kashta padanum?? " DSDR is skeptical " namba drama vai nambittalaa?? Apdi namba maattale'" Anyways decides to meet her. MM MM 's shed ' Nandhini and the boys are sitting as if their ship sank just then and they have no insurance. MM MM comes , all charged and chides them for sitting and moping. Nandhini says that they are not sure about the shed "how can we work happily??" MM MM says that they have 10 days to vacate " we can work day and night and sell at least 30 cars . With that money in hand we have a bright  chance of a better shed " . The jing bang comes to know that it is Archu who had this brain wave ' all set to work. Since Nandhini has no accounts to write (panam vanthaa thane accounts ) offers to work as an errand boy. Tries to move some bulky stuff and gets hurt. MM MM fusses over her and asks her to be seated.

Work is in full swing ' MM MM has forgotten to call the painter. Turns to Nandhini 'who is missing. Well, she has changed the office room in to a dressing room, wears MM MM 's old pant and T shirt  and is all set to work as a mechanic. MM MM is moved ' says that Archu always peps him up but Nandhini has gone a step further ' " playing an assistant to mechanic??!!" Nandhini says that a good friend is one who joins the work force when needed "Am I not a good friend??"  Work starts'


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Tuesday  12/7/11 Roja vaale mudiyalai ppa - intha kOdumai Ulaga maha kOdumai !!!

Raani's household - as usual Sarroojja dresses up but does not clean the comb. FIL
shouts at Raani for being so lackadaisical - habbaaa. Money is less and so Raani is
 asked to take over the  finances . DSDR comes to the temple and goes on yapping
" ippO ve namba veetukku pOlaama?? Athai Aarathi eduppanga " blah blah. Reva
 pours ice cold water on such extravaganza. Asks DSDR to come and request RS
" Enga appa thirunthittar , so you come with your parents and ask for compensation.
Shed place le thaane ippO supermarket ??" DSDR agrees and Reva wants to know
about the money " enga appa kudutha money ai enna pannuve??" DSDR says that it
rightfully belongs to MM MM " anna kitte kuduppen " - of course he has different ideas
 for that money. Reva is happy that DSDR is also changed (pOonai kannai moodina
 ulagam asthamichu pOidumaam, Reva nee thaan antha pOonai yaa??)
Since Raani
has cut off extra dishes at home, Sarroja comes to her hubby's hotel "nalla mookku
pidikka thingalaam " - Well, the story of Maamiyar Veedu getting looted  is known to
Sarrojja.  Gannu appeals to her good senses and says " nee ithai veet le sOnna apram
Raani unnai 1/4 paisa kku mathikka maatta. This tea kadai of mine will become a 5 star
 hotel soon.." Sarrojja is SBT (Scorpion Bitten Thief )

Freeze - Intha Kandraavi serial kku intha update is more than enough !!!

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