Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2



OS: Arjuhi - Fairy Tale Completed ~ The Babies

AmnaIsh Goldie

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Posted: 07 July 2011 at 10:40pm | IP Logged

A Fairy Tale Love Story Completed!

For my crazy li'l Brat Ari!


The day was waking up, and the moon was slowly moving to give somebody else a beautiful night. The birds were chirping and a beautiful morning breeze was blowing. The white curtains hanging from the room window, was blowing in all its glory as if it was fanning the couple sleeping peacefully on the bed. They had gone to bed really late at night and had fallen asleep in each other's arms.

Their room looked peaceful and hinted of the passion and love from the deepest part of the night. Their legs were intertwined, hands over each other and bodies as if they were one. Arjun's left had was under Arohi's head and his left hand was resting on the side of her waist. Arohi's face was buried in  Arjun's chest and they were sleeping peacefully. A ray of sun hit Arjun's face and broke off his deep sleep. He tried to open his eyes, and gain some sense of his surroundings. First thing he realized was Arohi's warmth against him. Immediately his body started to relax and his face curved into a smile.

His eyes were roaming over her sleeping but breathtakingly pretty face. It had been almost 2 months since their wedding but the feeling of seeing her next to him in the morning still didn't grow old. Every morning gave him a feeling of being complete and content when he saw he sleeping in his arms. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead, eyes, nose and a small feather light kiss on her lips. Arohi moved in her sleep and clung to Arjun a little bit more. A beautiful smile touched his lips.

"Arohi, my life. I love you" he moved over to her ear and whispered.

"ummm...I love you too Arjun" Arohi replied in her sleepy voice, which Arjun always found impeccably sexy.

He nuzzled her cheek with his nose, touched her nose and slowly brought his lips close to hers and just swiped them over hers. 'Good Morning my love" his lips conveyed the message directly to her lips.

She kissed him back lightly. 'Morning ' did you sleep well?"

"Sleeping with you and waking up with you is the best thing in the world sweetheart. How can I not sleep well, when i know i'm going to wake up next to you snuggled up in my arms" he said looking at her still sleepy eyes and touched the tip of her nose with his finger.

All of a sudden Arohi pressed her head with her finger tips and closed her eyes. Arjun saw her face turn pale and panicked.

"What happened Arohi? Are you ok? Talk to me Aro" he sat up from the bed and helped her sit up.

Arohi couldn't keep her head straight and felt nauseated. She ran to the washroom and vomited. When she came back she felt weak and dizzy.

"Arohi, are you ok my love?" he hugged her and caressed her back. He was genuinely worried. "I told you not to eat the pizza so late at night, you'll get digestion problem" he was telling her while still hugging her tightly.

"Arjun i feel so week. I need to sit down." Arjun took her to the bed, and laid her down on the bed.

Her body was turning cold so he turned the fan off and put a blanket on her.

"Arohi, let me call the doctor" he picked up the phone and called his family doctor to come quickly as it was an emergency.

Dr. Gupta came within half an hour, and in the mean time he had given Arohi some milk and bread. She was feeling a little better but still very week. Doctor checked her and gave her some Vitamins.

"Arjun, beta zara baat suno meri" Dr. Gupta called him on the side and him and Arohi both panicked and looked at eachother.

"Arey don't be scared. It's alright. I just want to talk to him for a minute" Dr. Gupta said smiling and took Arjun on the side.

Arohi was looking at them both but couldnt' hear them. All she could do was look at their expressions. Dr. said something to Arjun and his expressions went from tentative to serious and absent. Dr. Gupta patted him on his shoulder and waived Arohi bye and left the room. Arjun was still standing there as if had been stoned. Arohi walked up to him and looked at his face with questioning eyes. She held Arjun's hand and broke his spell. He looked at Arohi with such passionate gaze that Arohi was startled for a minute. His eyes started to tear up, and he held Arohi's face in both his hands and brought his lips to her forehead and just hugged her.

Arohi was unable to understand his emotions, and was rather scared. His hug was full of emotions and his kiss was hard and his eyes were in tears. What was going on? She was scared to ask so all she could do was let him take out his emotions and then looked at him with same blank stare.

All of a sudden he realised Arohi was scared, he lifted her off her feet in one swift move, and spun her around.

Arohi was left with eyes and mouth wide open and gasping for air.

"Arjun put me down, Stop it! I feel dizzy. What's gotten into you" She could only manage to say that while clinging on to his shirt for her life.

Arjun slowly laid her down on the bed and sat beside her. He kissed her hands, he eyes, her lips, her neck and slowly moved upto Arohi's ear. Arohi had forgotten the world around her when he touched her neck and was losing into the sensation, when she heard him whisper.

"Thank you Aro. Thank you for completing my life. I'm the happiest man in the world today. We are going to be parents Aro" he said to her in her ear and kissed her.

Usually when he kissed her, her body responded but there was no reaction. She was stunned to say the least and was staring at a blank point. Arjun felt the change in her and looked at her face. There were tears swimming in her eyes and she was laying there as if she couldn't move. He took her lips to her eyes, and kissed the tears clean.

"No my love, you're not going to cry. This is the happiest moment of our lives, and do you want to cry in that?" he asked while stroking her cheeks.

Arohi couldn't do anything but look at Arjun's eyes. They often didn't need any words to describe their emotions, their eyes were their medium to convey message. They both understood their emotions, but it was hard to react to it. Slowly Arohi moved her head and got up and hugged Arjun causing him to go off balance. She cried, and he let her.

After sometimes, when Arohi was back in her senses the realization struck her. She was going to be a mom. Arjun was going to be the father of her child. This was the best feeling in the world. Only If everybody knew how it felt to know you're going to give birth to a child, and that too of the man you love more than your life.

Next couple of days was all about congratulating and visitors and relatives. Arjun stopped going to his office as soon as he found out, because he wanted to be around her. HE wanted to cherish every moment of changes in Arohi, growth of the baby, Arohis' sickness and her tantrums, mood swings and everything. He wanted to be a part of everything and not miss  a single thing. He never knew there was no better feeling than this in the world. They spent long nights talking and having countless arguments about the baby, discussing the future, room decoration, and even had decided on the schooling. Arohi wanted a little Arjun, and he wanted a Minnie Arohi.

 When Arohi found out they were expecting twins, she was extremely scared . And when t they started kicking, Arjun was estatic. He would put his hand on her stomach and say 'badmash, meri wifey ko tange mar rahe hain. Wo bhi aik nahi do do'. Arohi found his talk with the baby so adorable and couldn't help but smile.

Arjun had been her strength through out. He had joined yoga classes with her, attended parenting classes and also health awareness classes. Arohi sometimes wondered at how good of a father he's turned out to be, and the kids were not even born yet.  He kept her active, because if one thing he wanted her not to do was to gain too much weight, and Arohi respected all his wishes. So thanks to Arjun's routing of her exercises and yoga, she was extremely active and considerably skinny for a mother to be of twins.

Visits to the doctor were always emotional and nerve wrecking. More than Arohi, he asked questions. Even the doctor was forced to smile and tell Arohi that she's extremely lucky to have a husband who cared about her and the baby so much. 

"Warna aajkal ke admi to bas bacha paida karna jante hain, when given responsibility of the child, they run far away, leaving the mother to bear the hardships all alone" the doctor was telling her and Arohi couldn't help but Thank Almighty for giving him Arjun.  She knew he was his strength and brought out the best in her like nobody else could. She knew he would be a better father than her being a mom.

Time went by quickly and finally it was the 9th month.

"Arjun, i'm very scared" she was holding Arjun's hand while walking in t he vening.

Doctor had told her to keep active at this stage because she was expected to deliver anytime. Arjun took her out in the back garden to walk every day at night to make sure she follows the instructions. He had pampered her like SHE was the baby.

"Dont' worry sweetheart, i'm here with you every step of the way. I will not let anything happen to you" He made her feel secure by placing an arm around her shoulder and bringing her closer.

She rested her head oh his chest and held him from the back.

"i love you Arjun" she kissed his chest.

'I love you too my life" he responded back.

All of a sudden Arohi felt a sharp pain in her stomach and a scream escaped her lips. She held her tummy and bent over. She was having contractions. The pain was unbearable for her and she grabbed Arjuns' shirt to see if that would relieve any pain. Arjun panicked and immediately took her to the hospital.

"Arjunnn...hurry up. I'm going to die. Please drive fast." She was almost screaming and trying to breath and bear the pain.

Her face was sweating an tears were flowing from her eyes. Arjun's heart was in pain because his Arohi was in pain. He wished he could ease her pain, but he knew it was not possible. This moment was going to come and no matter how prepared they were for it, the matter of fact was just different.

"Arohi please take deep breath. Please hold on for me baby. I'm taking you there" He tried to calm her down by holding on to her hand and driving with the other hand.

He was panicked more than Arohi. The pain for her was unbearable now and her screams grew louder. When they got to the hospital, she was immediately prepared for delivery. Arjun started to cry seeing Arohi in so much pain. He held on to her hand to try and calm her.

"I'm sorry Arohi. I'm sorry for doing this to you. We will never have another baby". He was saying to make he feel better, and he was genuinely feeling bad.

"Good..dont ever tell me you want another baby, or i'll make a baby out of you" she grabbed his shirt and said to him while still trying to breath in.

Her moans and screams were cutting through Arjun's heart and he just watched her helpless. All he could do was pray to God for a smooth delivery and healthy Arohi. At that time he din't care for the babies. Al he could do was pray for Arohi to be ok and alive.

After excruciating wait of 20 minutes in the waiting room, he finally saw the door open and a nurse walk out.

"Mr. Arjun, c ongratulations, you have a girl and a boy"

"Arohi ' meri Arohi kaisi hai?" all he wanted to know was about his life.

"your wife is fine. You can go inside" before she could finish her sentence Arjun flee from there and stormed in the delivery room.

He ran to Arohi's bed, and held her hand which was ice cold. He broght to his lips and kept it there. Tears kept flowing from his eyes, and all he could do was thank GOD.

"Thank you, Thank you God, Thank you."he said under his breath.

Arohi looked at him and saw his tears. He turned his head and saw her looking at him. She smiled at him and he bent down and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

"I love you Arohi. You look beautiful" he whispered to her.

Arohi's smiled brightened. "i love you too papa" she said in a feeble voice.

Arjun tears knew no bound today. He was a papa to a daughter and a son. He walked over to the baby bed, and saw two little angels laying there. Surprisingly they were both quiet and wide awake. He felt his heart warm with emotions he never knew existed. The looked so fragile that if he touched them they'll break.

"Arohi can i touch them" he asked her making he laugh.

"Arjun ofcourse you can. They are your babies" she said smiling.

He bent down and kissed both of them. Aman, their son had taken after Arjun. His features were EXACTLY the replica of him. Parineeta, their daughter, had taken after Arjun's hazel eyes and his dimple, but her face structure was of Arohi. Arohi was laing in her bed looking at him watching the kids closely and smiling to himself.

"Aro, they're beautiful. The only people in the world who are more beautiful than you" he said in the flow of emotins.

Arohi smiled and closed her eyes to Thank God for this beautiful day. Within one year, she had been blessed with so much that she doubted if all her happiness had been given to her now and nothing left for later. But whatever it was tomorrow, her today was beautiful and she had that to Thank GOD for.

A fairy tale was completed today.

This OS is an extention to "Ishq Ki Intiha - Eternal Bond - NIGHT

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-Awantika- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 July 2011 at 10:45pm | IP Logged
You know how much i adore your work, don't you ?
You sure do !
Evy work of yours has a superb amazing indescribable awesomeness.

Coming to this OS, it was wonderful :)
IT was like a dream come true.
So Perfect.
Like A Dream Turning into a reality Embarrassed 
Awesome Dii Awesome.

This OS left me hungry Tongue
Mum was calling me for lunch, and i was like mom hold on, i will be right there.
And here i am, commenting on your OS whereas mum and dii have ate already TongueLOL

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leafskit16 Newbie

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Lovely story! Our well deserved happy ending that we were robbed of when the show ended prematurely! Thanks! :)

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...vibha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 July 2011 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
that was lovely
wishing kmh would have end in this way

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moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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Wao! So cute. I always luv twin babies. So so so adorable,so much sweet. M jst in drmland wid arjuhi.

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..anshita.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 1:19am | IP Logged
wow dii..its suprb...loved it..
aww aman n sweet..
plz write more os..

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-Olly- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 1:20am | IP Logged
hehe i loved reading this OS :) great work amna di 

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shalakakmh Newbie

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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 1:43am | IP Logged
AWEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heart  This cant be better!   You keep making us crave for more di...! Wish...even karnika's life is filled with so much of love and happiness! 

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