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Maneet FF-tum mere kaun hu-pt-48- pg-144 (Page 3)

MeetPremeer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 1:35am | IP Logged
loved it varsha
Plz continue soon

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varsha-sharma Senior Member

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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 9:59pm | IP Logged

Part -4


Dadima just stunned when maan is caring the girl in his arms. She come out on worried ,

Dadima-  maan what happened ? who is this

Maan-   Dadima anni ko bulav , she need treatment "but he him self called her .

Ani came to near to  geet and she checked her. "maan bhai , pls take her inside room I think these prickles are piousness I should give her some injection not to infect  her"

Maan picked her again take her to room. Slowly he laid her body on the bed .Anni given her some pain killer and antibiotic for her.

Maan was still worried. Anni understood his feelings "bhai don't worry she will be alright. And where did you meet her. And how she is injured like this???"

She started question to Maan. Just he went out side and he told every thing to dadima and Anni.

Dadima well no about maan what he is feeling in his heart. Just she try to convince to him. But it woun't help him to come from his pain what he Is suffering from past five years. Nobody cure that pain from him. Dadima know very well that how much he loving her. She is his soul. Even today Maan is wondering how he is living in this world with out sangeetha. She is every thing for him.

Maan 's day start from Sangeetha ,day ends by Sangeetha and all the pin to pin he will report dadima even dadima is also very happy but this cruel faith not let Sangeetha to live with maan.

After loosing Sangeetha he become  like  living  dead body. He is just living for namesake .what he promised Sangeetha. Dadima thanked to Sangeetha bcoz on lost minute she is taken the promise from Maan that he woun't take any wrong step in his life. after Sangeethas death. he forget to smile, forget take care him self, all the happiness just vanished from his life.

Geet slowly opened her eyes. She is on big foam bed . just she wondered. Her dress also changed to pink night dress. How she is here. Slowly she started remembering what was happened her life yesterday.

Just one day brought lot of change in her life. just she remembered yesterdays one by one incidents what happened. She scared. Suddenly she started to scream????.Maan , Anni, dadi rushed to her room.

She hold dadima started to cry. dadima and Anni try to calm her but it seems there is no ending for her fear. Maan look her just in mercy.

Dadi-"beta kya hua?.tumara nam kya hai?."

Maan just irritated with her behavior he try to go out side. He stopped when he heard the voice of  geet.

"ji mera nam geet?." He stop to breath .finally confirmed she is not Sangeetha.

Dadima  trying to collect more details from  her.

Geet is crying too much in between her tears she told every thing about her. She is staying in Bangalore for her studies but parents are  in Hosaipur. Yesterday suddenly get the call from her cousin brother to come hosaipur so she left Bangalore immediately to Hosaipur. But in hosaipur when she went her house she find her full family was tied  to pillers and Brij is waiting for only for her. Before entering inside ma and papaji noticed that geet is coming inside they shouted to her to escape from them. She didn't understood anything but she just obeyed her parents and ran from there. Brij and other goondas followed her but she don't  know how  she ran , how long she ran  but finally she felled on front of Maans car.

Maan is not thinking about what she told he just wondered about her voice same to same its Sangeetha. How its possible . hearing her voice some miracle sensation passed his body. Unknowingly he moved to forward. Now geet observed him . her head gone down. She shied remembering lost night. She remembered in her half sense how Maan removed her cloths and prickles from her body. She is very kind and thankful to him. Maan wants to talk with her alone. He requested dadima and Anni to move.

Geet eyes are again filled by tears. She weeping remembering everything. She wants to know the present condition in hosaipur. Even she wants to speak with him. she know that only he can help her. Maan sat near to her. Just he moved his hand to her cheeks. Its so soft and cold. There are tears marks on her cheeks. Slowly he rubbed the tears.


"stop geet, how much you will cry?"

Geet had strength to speak to him" sir muje ghar ko jana hai, ma, papa, darji ,bhai bahut problem me hai. Muje lagtha hai aap sab teak karungi. Pls help me. pls take me to hosaipur. "


Maan just closed his eyes. He is just rubbing her back from his left hand holding her in right hand. again hosaipur.  Where his life started and ended , where actually he lost his sangeetha, where he lost  his life??. again how can he go to hosaipur.

Slowly he started to question her everything and even geet answered his question. Finally he got the answer for geet and sangeetha 's similarities also.  Sangeetha is geet own elder sister.geet  told that she is not having much idea about sangeetha's death that she shooted by terrorists. That's the reason she sent to Bangalore her for further studies.

Now everything is cleared to Maan. geet family is in trouble . he want to save them bcoz they are sangeetha's family. Immediately he call adi. Make to some arrangements to move hosaipur and he called to police commissioner to help him. but there was a very bad news that brij burned hole handa family in fire and he escape from there. Even police also searching for geet. Maan told that she is safe with him. commissioner ask him to be very careful with geet bcoz in any time geet also killed by brij bcoz he is become syco. Commissioner promised to maan that he is not leak out about geet in front of media and he suggested not to go for hosaipur.

Maan very much worried about geet that he don't  know  how to hide the issue from geet .she is only remained in handa family.he told everything to dadima and anni. Even they feel bad and they decided that not tell anything about her family to geet. They convinced geet that they take her after two days bcoz still she can't walk and her wounds are not dried.

Hi friends once again I request you all ,as this is my first ff I might have done lots of spelling mistakes, grammar mistake,  and etc  If you want me to continue this ,please leave your comments. 

pls pls press like button. i need it very badly. 

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Radhika Shah IF-Rockerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 10:02pm | IP Logged
Just read your FF..
It's great.. Continue soon
Do Pm me if you can.

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 10:11pm | IP Logged
wow..amazing updates.
love it.

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MeetPremeer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
nice one dear
If possible can u update one more part today

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 10:28pm | IP Logged
great update...finally maan gets to know that sangeeta and geet r sisters...brij is really a psyco...he burned all of geet's family...

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 10:58pm | IP Logged
awesome part
love it
waiting eagerly
ty 4 pm

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varsha-sharma Senior Member

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Posted: 10 July 2011 at 10:18pm | IP Logged


Next day at 6.00 am. Maan is working in his gym. he don't know why he is so much angry, with whom, just he is trying to lose his anger with doing his exercise. He is punching his hands in air  forcefully. Geet innocent face is disturbing him. after sangeetha's death first time he worried in his life. just he is thinking that how to tell the truth. His hole body was sweated. From two hours he is doing his exercise but he is not felt tired. If he could he can destroy everybody in this world.


At last he ended his exercise and he pass to room. Nakul came inside and kept fresh fruit juice and news paper on the table. Maan he sat on sofa and he leaned back . slowly he is taken juice glass and started to sip in one hand other hand  he just checked the newspaper.


His look was stucked on headlines. Clearly mentioned about fire incident what happened to handa family they before yesterday. Maan breath stocked if geet comes to know about the news ?.he just worried . immediately he called nakul and strictly ordered him to hide the news papers. He went to dadi room .


Maan: dadi, I want to talk to you.

Dadi:  why you are so worried.

Maan: dadi  media published about handa family. we have to be careful. we have to hide what is happened in hosaipur from geet.

Dadma agreed...

He warned to anni also.


Everybody try their best to hide the news from geet.


Maan came to geet room. Now she is looking better. Wearing annis pink color nightdress she is looking like baby. maan touched her fore head .her temperature decreased. His eyes filled by mercy for her. Geet suddenly wake up and sit .

Geet: maan sir aap...

Maan :how r you?.

Geet: I am fine sir... But...

She don't know the reason but she is scare to speak with him.

Maan: tell me geet what you want...

Geet: sir I want to go Hosaipur... I am missing my parents very badly...

Maan knotted his eye brows. Some how he has to convince her but how...

Maan: geet first you have to take rest and you need some treatment. Pahele tum theek ho. Mey lekhar javunghi.


He don't want to stand more there. Just he moved. But geet hold his hand tightly. He stopped. he is not dare  to face her.


Geet: sab theek hay na

Maan : ha theek hay.

Geet : sir pls I want to speak with them once. Call them...

maan really trapped . what he will tell but the same time anni came to room. maan escaped from there. He decided to not to go her room next time and he called nakul and disconnected her room phone.


Its almost one week. He is busy in working in his gym. He is  wearing only black tracks. His bare chest is more broad. His body is fully sweating. He is looking like greek god .Suddenly he feel some one is entered his room. He stopped. Geet standing next to the door. He didn't meet her from past one week.

Maan: geet tum... ?kya hua...?

 she is crying. She is trying to control but she couldn't.

Geet: maan sir, I want to go hosaipur...

Maan: geet , right now I am very busy ill take you next week.

Geet: maan sir, I want to go by today, patha nahi muje hamari gharwallo ka bahuth yad athi pls ...if you can't take me ill go alone...

Maan just he don't know how to tell her. He came to near her. Geet still she is sobbing. He rubbed her tears in his right hand index finger.

Maan: pls understand ill take you your home town next week. Pls don't cry . but you have to pay me.

Geet eyes are widened: what..


Maan: ha geet you have to pay .first you have to  recover like before .still you can't walk properly how can you go to hosaipur.


Geet shied: pakka hayna app muje next week  lejavungi hena..

This is the first time maan noticed  her cute smile .

Maan just want to cheers up her : ha ill take you.

Geet: promise

Maan: still you are not believing me?

Geet: ok pls make free for me...she moved to door... .. her eyes saw the old news paper which is hided in corner. The headlines are more visible to her she moved hurriedly took the paper in her hand before maan reach her.


Before he stop her, she read the headlines and she free zed. Her eyes are widened and she fainted. Before falling down maan  holed her with his strong arm.  He is trying to wake up her. But no response. His bare chest feeling her cold cheeks. His body is unknowingly reacting her touch. But this is maan singh khurana. He won't fall so easily.


He worried about her mental condition. She is not in sense. He lifted her with his arm and went to her room.  He called ani and dadima . they hurried to geet room. Anni checked her blood pressure and others. maan sprinkle water on her face but still she is not in sense. Maan told about the news paper that she noticed the news.


Anni: I think what is happened is ok. how long we can hide .nothing to worry bhai. She will wake up very soon.

 Dadi also said same thing.

 Finally geet gained her conshieas. She started to cry again. maan left the room with angry attitude. He can't see geet like this way. His jowl was titend. Hardly he kick the sand bags which is front of him.


Another one week passed. Geet become more weak. She is not taking care of herself. She is not taking food properly. Always she had the tears on her eyes. She is not listening dadi and anni. Maan stopped to meet her. He don't want to see her in tears.

 One day she fainted again. Maan couldn't control him self. He decided to speak with her.

When he entered her room geet was lost in looking some  where holding her knee with her hand. maan called her three times but she lost in her thoughts. Finally he touched her shoulder. In one jerk she looked him. her big brown eyes are again filled by tears. There is lot of pain visible in her eyes. Geet just leaned on his chest and started to cry. He rubbed her back smoothly and try to convince her.

Maan: geet if u punish yourself what about your health geet .pls don't cry. Nobody can change past. Pls try to go forward.

 But geet is still weeping . she started to mummer her self. " what wrong we have done .why babhaji is punishing us...pahele di muje chodkar chalgaya abhi...darji ma, papa, munna all left me. even I want to go with them why babhaji left me here alone. Mey be challe javungi... maan noticed she is becoming panic. Maan holded her tightly. He is not letting her to move from his grip.


He is trying to convince her but still she is not aware about his words. She is keep on murmuring

She is trying to  slip from his hold.   Maan confirmed if he leave her definitely she is going to make something nonsense. Once he pulled her in front of him he slapped her tightly. Geet wakeup and she realized that she is in maan hold.


Geet: maan sir...

Maan: geet what you are doing.. did had any sense. We are with you?pls don't cry...i am sorry I hurt you" he cupped her face .he find his fingure mark on her cheeks. Slowly he tapped there and he moved.


Pre cap: Brij attack geet

Hi friends once again I request you all ,as this is my first ff I might have done lots of spelling mistakes, grammar mistake,  and etc  If you want me to continue this ,please leave your comments.


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