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Maneet FF-tum mere kaun hu-pt-48- pg-144 (Page 144)

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PART- 48

Maan still crying .."maan bhai…we all punished you all these days..really very sorry but when you return with  geet we thought you will be happy with her and  your problems are solved. Again what happened to you and geet…." her hand just caressing his hairs. he is crying like child dipping his head on her lap where she don't want to see her bro in such situation. As a sister she couldn't bare his pain. all these days she misunderstood … the guilty is killing her, how the whole family behaved with him. that is not letting her to be live in Pease. Her mind is craving to do something to her bro…

"anni I don't know how to make her to believe me. I already tried but she is not trusting me. now I don't know how to make understand about my love. I agree , I have done mistake, now I realized my mistake but  now she is not trusting me. I don't know how to prove it….anni I need my geet in my life..without her I am nothing..even I am a human bee..even I made mistake…but already I punished at least I need to live rest of my life peacefully …"he is totally shattered…maan singh khurana is scaring bcoz of loosing his geet in his life.

Yes he is right….he deserve some happiness in his life. it can be fulfill only by geet. but geet…still it is a big question….anni decided something in her mind and went out.


Maan sat next to geet…..anni given her medicine to sleep…she is sleeping peacefully.  A cute smile  slipped on her lips. maan  tugged her loosen hairs behind her ears. He covered her from duvet. Once again his hand move to her forehead. He lost himself watching her..he leaned on her…very softly touched her fore head with his lips …suddenly he came on I will loose my self , if I sit here, I should move..when he moved from her, she  his wrist tightly. He puzzled .."maan I love you…."  tears dropped on her cheeks…she changed her position in her  sleep…maan scared..he sat next to her…without disturbing her…just watching her…just fulfilling his thirst only looking her…he don't know how long he sat next to her…

After few hours kuhu entered their room with her teddy bare…actually from morning she is searching her mama…now she found her in room…but she is sleeping…"papa , mama ko kya hua.."

Maan now back in sense.. "wo kuch nahi…mama ko thodi si bhukar hai…"

Kuhu not convinced….her innocent mind is thinking about maan, she remembered the scary stories about him….she started push him "mere mama ka hath chodo…wo mere mama…"

Maan shocked why she is behaving so strange. Kuhu started to cry loudly…now maan scared …geet disturbed…she sat on bed .kuhu now giggled looking her mama…geet grabbed her kuhu…"kya hua hamari kuhu…ko.."

Kuhu turned to maan "papa apko danta mama…."now geet shocked, what she is asking…did she thought that maan harassing me…. it is not good for her future. She should respect her father when she tuned to maan his eyes were teary he is controlling his best not to let tears out…but she is his wife…he is her sole she know very well  he love her daughter more then his life that's the reason he forced her to come and stay year…she signed deep…no its not right….maan dipped his head down and above to move from the bed. Geet holed his wrist tightly…her eyes were trying to convince him….but he….to close distance between father and daughter she has to do something…this her duty of motherhood.

Geet  horridly pulled kuhu to her engulf" kuhu..mere bath suno…papa kuch nahi kiya…papa bahuth achchi hain…muje thodi tabhiyath teek nahi..deko papa mera pura kayal rakha.." geet trying to explain her…

Kuhu widened her eyes" sachi.."

"ha beta sachchi….papa ko sorry bolo.."

Kuhu turned to maan" papa…sorry.." maan  didn't speak a word….is it so bad I am….he is questioning himself…

Geet understood him…"kuhu abhi papa ek umma dedo…"

Kuhu immediately jumped to his lap" papa sorry.." she kissed on his cheek. Maan hugged her tightly…this is her first kiss in his life…till today she didn't kissed him..

"Thank you geet,… thank you very much"

After this incident maan started to maintain distance between geet and him…he don't want to see her again in pain…but geet is not letting him….she is always trying to close the distance between maan and kuhu.

"maan , deko na kuhu mera bath nahi sunrahi hain"

"kuhu papa ko bye bolo"

"maan hep me kuhu is running here and there I can't run with her..pls catch her…"

"kuhu papa ke sath anna.."

Wontedly she making kuhu to depend on maan. her effort is now working..kuhu now playing with him, she is not hiding her self when maan enter home, they both are going to shopping. Now she is become too naughty. Now she is eagerly waiting for him.  as soon as maan entered home her demands will start.

Nowadays daily maan going to office late .kuhu is not letting him to go office. Today same is repeated. He had urgent meeting but kuhu still holding his hand and asking him to take her shopping. Maan trying to convince but she is not agreeing. Finally geet got angry and she roared on kuhu. Kuhu started to cry in her big voice. "maan you pls go…Ill take care on her "but maan is not moving. he is not having the mood to go bcoz still kuhu is crying. Now kuhu  understood that  maan is always back of her…again she started to cry….geet got angry…she turn again o kuhu but maan stoped "geet pls…"

He taken kuhu in his arms and he promised her he will take her out by evening. after assuring that giving her plenty of toys and chocolates she let him to go away.

Today he is thirty minutes late to office. Really this is big wonder in khurana's history. But no one are dare to question him..all are smiling them self. even maan he is late but still he is happy . even he is late today bcoz of his kuhu….the thought it self make him happy. He missed all this small ,small  beautiful movements in his life till today….but how many days already two weeks passed still geet stickled on her decision after her illness he is avoiding her..when he come to know that she will be stress when he is close to her really he hurt.

Even geet dying in same feeling day by day. She is avoiding kuhu and maan both . she know ,after moving  USA she knows that  kuhu miss her..she don't want to hurt her at any cost. She is very small baby and her mind is so innocent where she can accept anything in this age. Now the relation between maan and kuhu is better then before….but some where she hurt about maan behavior..before he is back of her in each movement. he is following her like shadow…his mornings will start from her and nights end with her..but now its totally different.  he is trying to avoid her , always he will be with kuhu.

Off course when he is trying to be close with her she hurtled….when he hug her, when  he kiss her she feel that he is playing with her but now her mind and heart always craving his closeness.  Many times she wontedly try to close with him ,but  maan  is not responding her properly.

His behavior is becoming mystery for her….

It was early morning. kuhu wake from her sleep. she saw both the side geet and maan sleeping holding her. slowly she came out from  their grip. she went to dressing table. she remember how her parents will dress up her…she poured large quantity of cream on maan face. Again she poured some powder…again she is thinking what to do….she remember her mama….now her tiny hands move to lipstick….she started apply all over his face. Actually maan wake when kuhu started to put cream. But he is watching silently her naughtiness. Kuhu kept her tiny hand on her cheek" papa kyu achchi nahi laga"  she remember geet words" kuhu , jyada powder lage tho tum achichi lagegi…" but papa ….when maan open his eyes suddenly she screamed and hide on geet chest.

Geet shocked looking maan avatar …what did she done.. "kuhu…tum papa ko  kya  kiya.."

Kuhu made a baby face" mama, papa ko thumari tarah achachi bana chahthi hu, lekhin papa…" again she hide in her chest.

Geet shouted at maan" maan what happened to you..why don't you stop her ..…"

Maan smiled. He didn't speak a single word….all these movements are for him like golden movements. Some how he confirmed geet will not stay after one month. Only these type incidents make him alive in future.

Some how she wants  to speak him, she wants to fight with him like before but he is not giving any chance to speak with her. he is maintaining  distance between them.

Anni is observing maan and geet she know very well what is happening between them….but she didn't dare to tell dadima nowadays dadima become more week. She thinking how to solve the problem.

Anni went to geet room. Geet cleaning maan wardrobe…suddenly she got something in her is her original mangal suthra . just holding her  mangal suthra she lost in her past…

Anni smiled looking at geet." geet I want to talk to you…"

Geet smiled at her and try hide her mangal suthra" geet , I think you are mistaking this time. We are already  punished maan bhai what he done for you…now he is craving for you..don't do the same mistake what maan bhai done before two years. Before slipping from your hand pls understand  maan bhai…other wise again  history repeats again and you will be the looser.."

Geet dipped her head down….is it so easy…. Coming out from strong walls What she erected around  her….in the name of self respect and pride…her eyes pleads.. " geet I know between husband and wife the third person entry totally prohibit but even I feel bad for entering to your issue. Pls geet come out from your past . pls once again think about maan bhayi …geet I am really scaring that if it is continued same …very soon we will loose him. pls already we punished him more then what he did. Pls don't do same mistake. Once again you talk to him from your heart. Open your inner heart and try to see your maan.."

Geet still didn't speak one word with her…"geet today night I am taking kuhu with me to my friend birthday party….i wish that you solve all your problem today night and tomorrow you will get me the good news to me." she didn't wait her replay. She went out searching kuhu.


At office maan busy with his clients , he got the call from anni" bhai , today we all  are going to noida to attend birthday party for one of my friend. Geet will be alone at home . be with her…"before answering him she cut the call.




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awsome update i hope geet think abt wt annie has said precape is saying this bu i really i hope maan doesn't do some mistake now continue soon

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Ooh I hope they clear out their feelings :-)

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nice one...atleast anni spoke to her about their relation... waiting eagerly for the next part...continue soon...thanx for the PM

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nice part
plz continue soon

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Amazing...Continue Soon...

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awesome upd

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