Dwarkadheesh - Bhagwaan Shree Krishna


Dwarkadheesh - Bhagwaan Shree Krishna
Dwarkadheesh - Bhagwaan Shree Krishna

Written Update July 6th: Meet Rukmi!

MagadhSundari IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 3:19pm | IP Logged
The episode opens at the ashram of some Rishi Bhargav, whom Rukmini is waiting to speak with (in what appears to be a very pretty and ornate paalki... but hard to tell because she went on a dark and stormy night). Her guards tell his disciples that it's imperative that she speaks with him before daybreak, and she's allowed in. She explains that she's in love with someone but isn't sure whether to confess to him, or even tell her parents, because she doesn't want to go against the norms of royal conduct. He responds with a monologue in defense of love marriage, even claiming that it is every human being's birthright, and assures her that she should listen to her heart without worry.

The next morning she does just that - we hear a lovely Om Namah Shivay dhun and then, while her parents are mid-prayer and without so much as bowing her head upon reaching the temple, she announces to them that she's in love with Dwarikadhish. Bhishmak gives her the scare of her life yelling that only he has the right to make such decisions for her, and proceeds with a Shishupal-esque tirade against Krishna's use of trickery in his past leelas. And then, *gasp* he tells us that whatever be the means he uses, Krishna always seems to come to just the right end, and he is therefore the perfect match for Rukmini. He smiles and approves of her choice, and she breathes a sigh of relief.

Then... we hear what they refer to as a "shok dhun" (but it sounds more like a shocked dhun)... everyone's wondering what the bad news is. A messenger's just about to break it to them, but then an arrow pierces his chest. In comes Rukmi wearing a black kurta, turban, and plenty of attitude. His dad asks him (with only mild disappointment) why he killed the poor guy. Rukmi says, "cuz he was bringing such bad news!" Apparently that cliche "don't shoot the messenger" hadn't come out yet. Sorry, had to say that. Anyway he announces that his dear friend Kalyavan has been killed, all of Vidarbh is to mourn the loss of this great warrior, and he himself is now on his way to punish Krishna for causing his death. Rukmini worries, and Bhishmak sighs that much as he'd like to wish him well, he knows that his son is heading out for a losing battle.

Cut to Dwarika, where Krishna is giving stuff to the poor. An old woman stands apart from the line and the guards ask her why she is doing so, and she says that the food and clothes and jewels that are being given at the moment are of no use to her; she only wants her sick child to be well again. She waits until the crowd leaves and takes the dust from where Krishna was standing back to her house. She tells her bedridden son that it's going to cause a miracle, but since it doesn't right away, he tells her there is no such thing and some tears ensue.

In the palace, Krishna is playing a sad tune (this time, an actual shok dhun) on his flute and looking really heartbroken. Balram and Revati are filled with concern and ask him why he's playing it, and he explains that there's just so much grief in the world - no one is ever content with what they have, it makes them sad, and in their sadness they seem so vulnerable that seeing them, even God would become sad. Revati asks why God would cause the sadness if even he can't bear to see them undergo it, and Krishna explains that it's all about karma and today or tomorrow, everyone gets what they deserve.

---------------------------------------- the end ---------------------------------------

On the bright side:
- Vishal can totally pull the Karuna Nidhaan look. His compassionate expression as he hears the prayer of the old woman with the sick kid and plays a sad tune in reaction to it is really convincing. It will come in handy later on, for example when he has to react to Draupadi's misfortunes and when the Sudama track is shown. I am now even more surprised by Vishal's ability and range.
- The Om Namah Shivay tune is really beautiful, looking forward to hearing more like it!
- Bhishmak's acting wasn't bad.
- Revati, still very sweet and mytho-friendly.

On the down side:
- Dialogues were kinda bizarre again. That love marriage diatribe in the beginning made me feel like I'm watching Oprah. I didn't know people consult ascetics for matters like that also Stern Smile It seemed awkward and anachronistic.
- Rukmini's conduct. Nothing at all against Priya's performance, I think she's doing a nice and subtle job. But the things they're making the character do are so... out of character Shocked First she has her guards interrupt a sage's penance saying she has an emergency, her emergency turns out to be concern over a wedding that doesn't happen the next day so really she could've waited, she marches into the temple without looking the slightest bit prayerful, let alone closing her eyes for a sec or bowing her head, and on top of that she interrupts her parents' prayers without even starting with a "kshama kijiye". What code of royal conduct was she concerned about breaking at the start of the epi, if not these acts of common courtesy? I understand that it was probably unintentional, they just want to maintain the pace and bring Rukmini and Krishna together asap... but it really doesn't take that long to squeeze in these little simple gestures. If they could give us a song and dance sequence as her introduction and come up with that rishi bit in the beginning, they can certainly take the time to make her act like a princess - let alone a virtuous one who is the Goddess incarnate. I really hope they are more careful about these things, it would matter less if it was someone else but she is the female lead.

- what about the precap? None of that was shown.
- Rukmi and Kalyavan were best friends? One was from Maharashtra and the other a first (and last) time visitor from Greece... talk about a long distance relationship!
- Balram and Revati don't know about Krishna's divinity? Kinda hard to miss for Balram who costarred in so many of his wondrous feats, and Revati who frequented the heavens and was told by Brahma himself that Krishna and Balram were both incarnations of Vishnu before arranging her marriage to Balram.

Conclusion: as with the previous episodes, I liked all the performances enough but the writing needs to be more careful. Looking forward to Puneet's entry tomorrow!

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ghotalaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 7:36pm | IP Logged
Thanks a lot for the update!

Missed the episode. 
but I feel the serial is moving at the fastest pace...rushing up things isn't nice while watching a mytho. I love the details...I'm not telling to drag things, but seems like they're skipping parts to show another thing...my POV I really wished the serial would have started where JSK ended. Sagars left a hole in the middle & started out with Kalyavan I guessConfused( not sure, I'm guessing on the basis of the discussionsConfused

There were episodes which I felt were dragged a lot in JSK but that doesn't mean that now DBSK should fast forward things...this is what I feelErmm

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Debipriya Senior Member

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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 9:11pm | IP Logged
@Lola,  Clap Clap  for the Detailed Summary... Enjoyed every bit of it Big smile... Coming to the points one by one:-

At first- regarding Rukmini's visit to Kulguru (Bhargav). Same sc was there in SK :-

(4 min onwards)

IN SK, the role of a Guru was very nicely nicely explained as he is the responsible for the Physical, Mental and Spiritual well being of the Yajmaan. So, I guess here, they took the idea from SK and has just shortened it a bit to focus on the main point of 'expression of Love' by Rukmini. Whereas SK covered a lot more points like following the 'dharma' which is considered right by a person (which is always  'personal choice'- as mentioned by Bheeshma many times),  Rukimini summoning up the courage to fight against the decision of her brother, Complete Surrender on the part of Rukmini even if Krisha does not accept her, and depending/ selecting the Kulguru to deliver the letter to Shri Krishna. So, here in Dwarakadheesh, the first 1-2 points are only covered .

(-- The above point is there only to discuss the 'role of a Guru' in the life of a human being, not to compare the merits of SK and D, just bringing both the sc.s having the same essence together for the purpose of  a detailed discussion.)

Next point- Really really loved the sc of the Old Woman and her son Star. I remember 'Meera' also had some sc.s like this... They make us (the common person) to relate with the Lord, the persons who are unable to 'perceive' the workings of the Lord in the beginning and then are able to experience Him!! Really eager to watch it in the next episodes..

Now about the last sc! So far the BEST SCENE in Dwarakdheesh!! Day Dreaming Day Dreaming  Day Dreaming Even I was also surprised that I LIKED Vishal in it!  Star Star  Actually he has controlled the 'speed of his dialogue delivery' and the facial expression along with his eyes conveyed the messege quite well!! I LOVED it!! We are watching this serial only for these philosophies/ lessons taught by the Lord! Really happy that they included these aspects in the dialogue!! Star Star

Completely agree about Rukimini's intervention during the 'puja', it was a bit odd for a princess to do that. Unhappy

Loved the 'Shoched dhun', and Kaalyavan- Rukmi  'Long distance realtionship' expressions! LOL

 And about Balram-Revathy- I think they are taking the same technique as used in SK when Shri Krishna used to explain His leelas to Radherani ( in Golok) and to Rukmini ( on earth). That is, to let us know the motives behind the workings of God.

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lakshmi42 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 9:19pm | IP Logged
Thank you so much for the wonderful written updateClap

- what about the precap? None of that was shown.
I think there was no precap shown for the other episodes also. They might have stopped the habit of showing precapLOL. But on the other hand everyday we get to see a new promoBig smile
- Rukmi and Kalyavan were best friends? One was from Maharashtra and the other a first (and last) time visitor from Greece... talk about a long distance relationship!
I haven't heard anything about the friendship of Rukmi and Kalyavan. Rukmi wanted to acquire more power and hence he decided to become an ally of Jarasandh. And it was Jarasandh who asked Rukmi to marry Rukmini to Shishupal so that the bond of all those who hate Krishna become strong. But the friendship of Rukmi and Kalyavan is Confused. Kalyavan was a friend of Jarasandh.
- Balram and Revati don't know about Krishna's divinity? Kinda hard to miss for Balram who costarred in so many of his wondrous feats, and Revati who frequented the heavens and was told by Brahma himself that Krishna and Balram were both incarnations of Vishnu before arranging her marriage to Balram.
Balram knew that Krishna was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Brahmaji did tell Revathi and her father that Krishna and Balram are incarnations of Lord VIshnu and Adishesh respectively. I don't know why the CV's have a confusion here. Unlike in Ram avatar, here both Krishna and Balram knew about their divinity. Almost every character in the Mahabharata knew that Krishna was an incarnation.

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MagadhSundari IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 9:33pm | IP Logged
^^ Most welcome! You didn't miss too much, the only practical purpose this episode fulfilled was foreshadowing Rukmi's disapproval of Krishna as a brother-in-law. I agree with you about the pace of the show - the problem is less of speed and more about time distribution. If they had time to give us two lengthy 'creative' scenes in today's episode - the conversation between Rukmini and Rishi Bhargav as well as the old lady with the sick kid in Dwarika - then they certainly have time to tell the actual text-based stories in more detail. In other words, the pace is not too fast, it's too uneven.

I think they didn't pick up right where JSK left off because they had to let the memory of Keshni fade in order to introduce the real deal - Asti and Praapti. Remember towards the end of JSK, we saw a lot of vilified Keshni egging Jarasandh on to get her revenge; had they tried to just continue where they left off, they wouldn't have been able to correct themselves. If they wanted to put Kalyavan in the first epi just so it could literally start with a bang, could still have done that but with more exposition about his intentions and then a week of background establishing the Jarasandh issue and showing us the reason for the move to Dwarika. Well, hopefully if they paid attention to IF when JSK fans asked for a sequel, hopefully they're paying attention again to keep it up to audience expectations!

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superdil19 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 10:21pm | IP Logged
thanks for long update
.Vrish. Viewbie

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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 10:49pm | IP Logged
Thanks, Lola for the update.  I missed last night's episode both times, once due to guests and second due to a power outage.
You summarized almost all the downsides to this episode that I could think of, particularly the Rukmi-Kalyavan friendship. (Incidentally, the latter was from Greece?  Or was he from somewhere else, like Central Asia?)
Two things that struck me - one Rukmi being such a villain!  It's true that Jarasandha, Kamsa, Shishupala, were evil, but Rukmi wasn't, or else, he too would have been killed some time or the other by Krishna.  Rukmi's only fault was to ally w/ Jarasandha, and try and get Rukmini married to Shisupala.  But after his defeat and Rukmini's marriage, he patched up w/ Krishna.  Had he been such a villain, Krishna would have killed him.
The other strange thing was 2 gods having a conversation as to the role of god in human society Ermm  A better convo might have been KBR (not Kellog, Brown & Root) discussing to what extent should they help people in day to day lives, & @ what point should they tell them to stop slouching and do things themselves LOL
Answer to your question from yesterday - Revathy was played by Gauri Harmeet Kaur.  I just don't know whether Balaram was married @ this point in time.
I too would have been fine w/ the serial starting w/ where JSK ended, but of course, DBSK shouldn't inherit errors made by that serial.  But more importantly, I agree w/ others who've noted that unlike Krishna's childhood, his adult life ain't well known, and ought to be elaborately describe in more detail.  Right now, the way it's running, only those very familiar w/ his story are catching it, and that too guessing each scene as it happens - hardly a well thought out intro.
Hopefully, they'll improve on this.

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Roark IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 July 2011 at 2:29am | IP Logged
Thanks. I do agree with most of the above comments.
From what little I have read, Krishna moved to Dwaraka when Kalyavan attacked Mathura with Jarasandha for the 16th or the 17th time. Kalyavan was Jarasandha's ally. Shishupala, who ws actually Krishna's cousin was Rukmi's best friend. Shishupala was sent to jarasandha by his father to bring him up like a warrior as it was foretold that he would be killed by Krishna. Although, krishna's aunt and Shishupala's mother has taken a promise form Krishna that he would pardon 100 mistakes of Shishupala.
Its probably because of this long drawn out connection that  they showed Rukmi was Kalyavan's friend. Not sure though.
But Rukmi's dad and Rukmi both knew that Rukmi had promised Shishupala Rukmini's hand in marriage. So it was surprise to know that Rukmini's dad actually agreed to her love for krishna so instantaneously.
But Rukmi being protrayed as the villain that he was yesterday, well that does not quite gell well.
And I thought Balarama married Revathi a little later and Revathi knew whom she was marrying.
And it is also said that Adisesha had requested Vishnu that since he was the younger brother in the Rama avatar, i.e., Lakshmana, in Krishna avatar he should be the elder one, which is Balaram.
Would need to see how they proceed in this serial. ts too early to say anythign consiering only 3 episodes have been telecasted.

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