Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

detailed written updates GEET HSP _ 6th July 2011

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Good afternoon all


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Here are the detailed updates for July 6, 2011


The business is looking over the file Maan gave him..  He closes the file telling Maan..  I am sorry Mr. Maan but our company does not work with freelance individual but only with established corporate..  he than pushes the file to Maan saying you can leave now.   Maan was as if crestfallen he stares at a man for a while then getting up takes his file and leaves the room.  He comes out and stands in the middle of the floor remembering the question from the business owner asking him if he worked at any other company previously and then telling him that he would not work with the freelancer like him. 


The discussion from the nearby table brings him to the present...  Two men were discussing the Monsoon drainage system on the building complex demonstrating on the model..  Maan listens to them and then approaches them saying if you collect that monsoon water you could use it for gardening and other watering stuff and it is called rain harvest..  meanwhile the owner of the company walks out with some file and listens to what Maan has to say.  With a smile he approaches Maan and says Mr. Maan please come tomorrow to the office we will final the deal and you can start working on the project.  He shakes hands with Maan and walks away.  Maan feels happy and smiles saying in his heart.. Yea that's the beginning was waiting for and on the foundation of this project there will be the new beginning of Geet and Maan's new life.


I think Geet is back from grocery shopping and approaches the house.  Two kids watch her and try to hide under the bushes.  Geet stops feeling someone's presence and looks around but could not see anyone..  She climbs few steps to the porch and opens the house but feels a little stone thrown at her.   She turns to look but could not see any one but hears giggles. She squints her brows and sees 2 children hiding behind the tree..  She puts her shopping back down and swiftly walks toward them and catches them..  She holds one child's ear and pulls them out from under the tree..  She asks them who did that and what were they doing there? And why weren't they in the school and then she asks their names.  But children do not answer her but try to put the blame on each other.  Meanwhile the mom comes nearby shouting their name as sonu and monu and comes towards Geet and says sorry for the behavior of her children.  Geet just waves aside the apology with the smile and asks the mom that this is the time for school and why they are not in school.  The mom says that there is no reasonable school nearby and she cannot possibly pay the fees of the school which are available.   Geet then offers to teach them at her home without fees telling the mom that she would like to do that for these children and that way she can spend her free time in work.  And she takes the children with her to start her voluntary project right away.


Maan walks out of the building feeling happy that he got the project.  While walking away from the premises he bumps in to someone and the files falls from that person's hand.  He bends down to pick up the file..  Meanwhile Dev arrives... steps out of his car.  The business owner comes out shakes hand with Dev and leads him inside and Maan gets up missing him by fraction.

Part 2:


Geet has already started little class in her new home..  Some children bring some vegetable for Geet she tells them to put it on the table and take their seat on the floor with other children.  She starts writing hindi alphabets.  Maan arrives at home and stops at the door seeing the class.  He watches Geet teaching the children and a mischievous smile comes on his face.  The children turn and look at him but he signals them to keep quite about his presence.  Geet then turns to write the "M" on the board asking for the word by that letter.  Maan sneaks in and sits on the floor with children crouching down and hiding behind the file he is holding and telling them to say M for Mishti.  Suddenly the children sayswith one accord M for Mishty.  Geet turns and ask who told them and they all point at Maan hiding behind the file.  Sheepishly Maan lifts his head from the file.  Geet looking stern tells children that any one doing mischief has to be punish.  Then she calls Maan to stand and come out.  He stands and comes forward to stand before her.  Geet tells him to hold his ear and he cutely holds Geet's ear..  Children laugh.  Geet showing mock anger says hold your ear not mine and says you will get good whipping.  Maan looks at her and suddenly locks his hands behind Geet's neck saying hmmm I will get good whipping??  Children almost close their eyes..   Geet says maan what are you doing in front of the kids what would they say..  Maan naughtily smirks and says children will say that their teacher is very cute..  Children completely close their eyes and blush and giggle.  Looking at them Geet says oh let me go..  Maan turns to children and says Kids you are free to go and before Geet protest all the children run away from there.   Geet tells.. Maan what are you doing??   Maan says ok tell me first how you became a teacher.  Geet tells him that she saw few kids wondering around and not going to school so she thought to teach them and that way she can be occupied at home and not get bored.  Then she smiles at her husband and ask but tell me did you get someone that you look so happy.. Maan says yes I got some one..  Instantly Geet gets alert and furrows her brows..  Maan says oh I meant I got the project which I was working on.  Geet is very happy says didn't I tell you Maan that this house is very lucky for us?  Maan holds Geet's smiling face in his palms saying softly I got lucky the day you came in my life.  Geet happily smiles at her husband saying Maan go and wash and I will serve the food.  She walks toward kitchen and turning Maan keeps on looking at his wife with a tender smile..


Khurana mansion...


Dev is seated in the dark and looks terribly upset.  Nandini is downstairs and looks up to see him upset and softly comes up the stairs.   Dev looks up to see her.  she comes and sits with him on the seat and they ask each other the same question..  Almost blurt out at the same time as why he/she did not sleep.  Dev is still visibly upset and cannot hide it.  Nandini looks at him and says I know you are really worried and upset but you are not going to gain anything by keeping awake whole night.  You are just troubling yourself.. Dev gets more upset and more worried..  says trouble?  I am not troubling myself but I am worried sick for bro and geet.  He continues saying I do not know where they are and how they are and how they are surviving and then he gets emotional and frustrated at the situation saying and I am here??  They should be here.  This is their house and these all belongs to them and I...  Nandini understand his turmoil and his inner struggle for being responsible for the ill fate of Maaneet.  Softly she squeezes his shoulder giving him strength and support saying Dev the way you are worrying about them and are trying to find them and are searching for them with all your heart..  I am sure that we will find them very soon..  While she had her hand one hand on Dev's shoulder and other holding Dev's arm..  Downstairs mommy dear walks on the scene and looks up to see Nandini's hand on Dev's shoulder and she hates to see that and glares.  Nandini tells Dev that she totally trust Dev and that all will be well..  Mommy dear listens to the conversation and starts getting angrier by the minute and keeps on glaring at Nandini..


Next morning...  Maan walks on the some construction site with a man by his side and they are approaching a man talking on the phone.  There is a big board of Bhatia Engineering behind them.  The man who walked Maan in says to the man on phone..  Sir, Mr.  Maan Singh has come to meet you.  The sir disconnects the phone saying I will talk to you later ok? and turning gets mad at the man for interrupting his call.  Maan notices the man's rudeness.  The sir looks at Maan and gives him crooked smile.  Then he looks at the other guy and signals him to go.  Maan takes a step toward the man and the guy asks rudely how can I help you Mr. Maan Singh.  Maan says with a slight smile that Mr. Bhatia told him to come today as he wants to start the project asap.  The guy rudely cuts him off saying I am sorry Mr. Maan Singh I cannot start any project with you.  Instantly Maan's smile gets vanished and he kind of looks shocked..  He looks at the guy and says what?  The guy says yes we do not want to work with you on this project.  Maan looks devastated...


Maan stars at a man for a while and then says but Mr. Bhatia wanted to start the project right away then suddenly what happened?  The guy says Mr Maan let the talk of yesterday stays in yesterday we are business man and we work only with consideration to our profit.  Maan just stares at the unethical talk of this man.  He continues till yesterday I and my brother could see the profit in your project but today we do not see any it is as simple...  Maan just could take all this unethical behavior of the guy and he blows up saying are you running the business or little store.  There are ethics of the business.  You cannot change the decision overnight..  The guy says Mr. Maan I am talking nicely with you and you are blowing up on me??  This is my company and I can change my decision any time I want... Maan glares at him..  The guy says and now looking at your temper I think we made the right decision not to work with you.  Maan was visibly trying to control his temper.  His palm made a tight fist as if to give a blow to this man and break his jaw but he controlled it.  Mean while the guy says you may leave now but Maan was still glaring at him and the guy shouts at Maan saying LEAVE..  Slowly Maan opens up his fists..  but keeps on glaring at the man..  then turns and exits the site on a long stride..  The guy smirks at his departing back and places the call...  The lady in green aka mommiji receives the phone she says hello the Bhaita brother tells her...  Congratulation Madame I rejected Maan's project.  Pammi says tell me one thing Maan must have been very upset right?  The guy says oh man he was glaring at me and I was almost afraid of him but he went out without a word.  Pammi says brilliant..  Bhatia tells her that I did my part but you do not forget your deal.  We must have the 50-50 partnership in the next Khurana project.  Pammi says do not worry Mr Bhatia you will get your deal.  Pammi disconnects the phone saying loudly..  tsk tsk Maan I am really feeling bad to do this to you but what can I do I am helpless..  I just cannot see you standing on your two feet again.   Cause if you are succeed even a little then you would want to take over Khurana Construction and I cannot let it happen as KC is in my hand and it belongs to me and my son...  And she wickedly smiles at that..  (Now when no one can get information of Maan and Geet then how in the world this lady who has been out of the country for so long got their info is beyond my understanding...  )


Geet is stirring the rice pudding on the stove and at the same time teaching the English alphabets to children.  A lady walks in with a milk jar telling her not to buy the milk from Market as she would send it daily with her son as they have cows at home.  Geet tells her there is no need to do that.  but she insists saying that she does a great favor to them by teaching their children and they could at least do this much for her.  Geet smiles at them.  The lady walks to the kitchen counter to put the jar of milk and sees the rice pudding boiling on the stove and says oh you are making rice pudding..  Geet smiles at that and saying oh my husband got a big contract and I just made that to celebrate.  The lady asks about them and their house hold and all but Geet says they have no one except each other..


At the KC office..


Dev is seated at Maan's desk informing people that Maan is on vacation and as soon as he comes back he will give them a call back.  Another phone came and the same answer was given by Dev.  Adi walks in with the same question that the clients are asking for Maan.  Dev tells Adi that right now he is worried more about his brother then the business.  Dev says I have called so many people and have asked about him but no trace of him and Adi says the same telling that he called all the builder and people where he thought Maan might go but there is no news of him.. 


Dev tells adi to ask the staff members if they have any clue of Maan's whereabouts.  Adi walks out and Dev mumbles worriedly about the status of Maan and Geet and gets frustrated saying where would I searched for them.  Adi walks in with two staff members.  They tell Dev that they have also searched everywhere and there is no news of Maan and Geet.  They tell Dev that they are also worried sick for Maan sir and that they will keep on searching.  One of them asks to inform the Police but Dev refuses to involve police.. Outside the Dev's office someone is watching all these activities..


At Khurana Mansion...


Pammi is looking at he man working with the papers.  She tells him to stop looking at the paper and just start working on selling all.  She says I want to sell everything and with that money I want to start fresh in business so there would be all in Dev's name and MSK can never claim back.  Mr Mehta said that would be the best but it could not be done so easily as Khurana construction is Public limited company and before selling they have to cover lots of legal formalities as to see the percentage of share owned by the individual and share holders and the board of director and so on..  Paami gets mad saying she only wants to sell all this off and get all for his son Dev.  She receives the call from a guy from Dev's office Pammi's spy.  He gives the report saying while she is trying to make Dev the owner of the business and here Dev is putting the whole staff in search of the rightful owner of the business the MSK.   Pammi mumbles that the person she is doing all this does not even care for her cause..




Maan is standing near the car feeling devastated about the lost project saying Geet trusting me came with me leaving everything behind.  She did not even ask me once as why did I leave all that and I cannot even provide her few happiness of life..


And His gaze falls on the little notice plastered on the wall saying we need assistant to help us in our building work and 2 cell phone numbers were noted under the note.  Maan looks at that ...


Ok nice episode a filler but still moving..


It was totally illogical that Pammi who has been in the country only for couple of days found about Maan approaching Bhatia brothers and she was able to cancel the deal while no one could find any trace of Maaneet.  Also that she wanted to sell the public company without the consent of the board of directors and the major share holder.  Even if we think that Maan gave his 51% to Dev but that also cannot be done without not involving the board of directors as Dev was already the holder of 25% share which Arjun gave back to Maan.  So all these details were not dealt properly


So looking at the precap..  maan may just work as the common worker but may be Mommy dear will snatch that away too..  and the new promo indicates Maan having head injury and amnesia and lying somewhere without Geet's knowledge..  So may be Maan is being captured in some room with amnesia and his dreams full of Geet and Geet trying to search for Maan.


So let's see how CVs turn this out..


Have a wonderul day love to all eva




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Can you please post the rest????
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Originally posted by asheth

Can you please post the rest????
the full details are done

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eva di...finally im seeing your updates again Hug lovely update as usual, thanks alot.

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Im reading ur update after ages ...Thanks you soo much for Your beautiful update TongueEmbarrassed

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thanks for the update hun!! loved the maneet scenes today...but then again..when dont the new track...cant wait for the new twist!

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Thank u Ladies for your comments  :)

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