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'HUMKO SIRF TUm SE PYAR HAI'(AR-updt 10/3/13 on34) (Page 34)

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                                                         part - 9 

Part ' 9

Recap -armaan reached in her room'and got shock of his life'.the guitar in his hand came down on floor and that smile turned in pain and anger' he saw his life his love his riddima in sid's arms'.

A tear rolled down his cheeks'..

Continuing -----

Sid ' r u okkk'..

Sid asked riddhima making her stand'..riddhima look at him shocked and embarrassed at the same time she fumbled'..

Ri ' emm sorry actually I was so lost in my thoughts toh my foot got stuck in carpet and lost balance m very sorry'

Ridz's in heart  " ohh yaah gosh can I be in my senses after hearing him'god'm so love stuck"

She looked down trying to hide her embarrassment'..

Sid ' lost???

He smirked at me'.on which I just frowned '.."hell wt u r doing here god get lost right now I just want to see him'.ufff.. I cant wait too for him singing that song for me..hayeee'."

And blush kept her face'on which sid narrowed his eyes'and I smiled goofily

Sd ' I think something is seriously wrong with u ''.tell me'

Ri ' ohh nothing just exam fever'.have a test tomorrow so just worried '

I lied "aur mai ker bhi kya sakti thi yaar'aur waise bhi every thing is fair in love and war"

Sd- ohh gosh which test man m new in ur college, and I really dnt wana loes my image man'tell me which subject plzz

"Omgg ab kya bolegi ridzi, u and ur big mouth log sach kehte hai ek jhoot ko chupane ke liye 100 jhoot bolne parte hai"''

Ri ' emm chemistry'..

Sd ' hell that teacher is daam hottt I dnt wana look like a fool in front of her'.

I raised my eye brow on that and he grinned foolishly'.

Ri ' boys r boys ''

I sighted and he ran but stopped on at door'.

Sd ' emm ridz's which chapter , sorry I forgot to ask'.

Ri ' chemical equilibrium '.."hell one more lie , but I still have 98 lies in my account"'.wicked

He left and I took a breath of relief '"fewww"

Btw where is lav'.gosh I cant wait'.

She ran to his room to see him'..

She looked every where but he was not there'.she enquired every one if any one has seen of servent told her he saw him going to his room but after that no one has seen his sign any where'.her heart started beating fast '." God where is he'." Tears started oozing form her eyes she sat on his bed hugging his shirt trying to sink his aroma around her'she opened her eyes with jerk'"ohh sitt I knew where he would be but wo waha kyu gaye'"'.she ran to her destination'.

There was an small cottage behind that huge mention 'it had sand floor actually here armaan dose  his work out here like soured practice, boxing, karate and all'that the floor is made off sand '..

She entered the cottage  with thundering heart '."love yaha kyu aaye hai, wo toh'"

She was trying to understand whats happening here but couldn't '.she found him hitting the punching bag mercilessly '..which made her scared '.he was busy pouring his anger on that poor bag unaware of her presence there'.his eyes were red 'he was just in his trousers with bare chest ..and his whole body dipping with sweat'

She was standing there from past 10 min trying to gather the courage to call him'..but vain her throat went try and words stuck 'seeing the range in his eyes'.she was very well aware of his anger'.

Ri '"omg kannha jee save me.."'praying to god she somehow managed to step towards him'.with her moment he realized her presence and stopped in his tracks but didn't turned 'he was trying to clam himself coz hurting her was the last thing he wana do'

Putting her trembling hand on his shoulder 'she spoke.."luvvv.."

He closed his eyes to stop him from any outburst '..

Ri '."aap yaha kya ker rahe hai, hum kab se apko dhundh rahe the'"

Armaan with cold voice'"riddhima go from here I dsnt wana talk to any one right now'"

She gulped down'"did he just called me riddhima ..omg matter is really serious '"

Ri .."I cant leave u here like this sorry'"'..she spoke in a shaking voice

That's it'he couldn't control'.he turned and with a swift moment she was pinned on the wall'she was shocked and scared both 'she was closing  her eyes tightly '..he  was holding her from shoulders.

His grip was getting tighter with each passing second '.he was so close to her almost like pressing crushing her fragile body under his hard frame ''both were breathing heavily'.she could feel his intense burning gaze on her self'her heart was thundering against her chest waiting to break every barrier and come out any moment'.if she could hear something than it was only her thundering heart beats and his sharp breaths which were touching her face giving her body goose bumps 'her knees accepted their defeat a long ago and she would have fell if he wasn't holding her that tight'.

He was staring her 'he could she scared written all over her face '..but b4 her beautiful face could melt his anger '.ridz in sid's arm scene flashed in front of his eyes and his anger took over his every emotion'.

Ar'"just go riddhima right now it dangerous being near me'"

Still with closed eyes she heard his voice 'she could feel the pain in his voice but couldn't understand why '"aisa kya hua jissne lav ko itna gussa dilla diya'there is only way to find out ridzi ..just be lil brave kuch nahi hoga u know ur lav wouldn't hurt u ever'just open ur eys be brave '.u know only this can calm him 'do it'"

And collecting all her courage and a deep breath she opened her green almond eyes'.and the blue and green ocean met '..there was only pain and hurt visible in his eyes'.she was feeling it'a pearl like tear rolled down her checks feeling his pain'.


 he felt a pang in his heart seeing that tear  touching her rosy cheeks'..he didn't hated himself more than this how could he '.. he made her cry'..she knew it and it worked seeing in her deep green eyes his expressions started getting softer ..he was getting drown in those eyes forgetting all his pain his anger '..he was looking in her eyes as if trying to find the way of her heart'and her eyes showed him only innocence, care..and love..yes love'.his grip on her shoulders got loosened'.seeing him calm she touched his cheeks with her palm '.creasing his face lightly trying to sooth him'.he closed his eyes feeling her touch ' was like cold water on his burning heart'.easing his pain'.she spoke more like a whisper'"lav what happened '.."

he didn't opened his eyes coz he was feeling good under her touch '.."where were u basket'"

she heard him say basket and took a breath of relief 'ok so she managed to calm him'she smiled thinking only she has the power to calm his anger in this whole world'" I was in my room lav.."

and just then it hit her '"oh shit I should have understood this m such a fool'."lav daraje se toh humare room me aane se rahe 'and now I knew what made him angry'"

she took a deep breath and spoke'" lav I was in my room waiting for u when my foot stuck in the rug and when I was about to fell I dnt know from where sid came and saved me '.it was just coincident '"

he opened his eyes with a jerk '..seeing ridz face he felt guilty for thinking like that but he couldn't help his anger 'it just dsnt let his any sense work properly'.

He looked down in shame with a cute baby pout'..ridz already melted heart melted like a silk seeing him pouting like a cute baby'"awwweee I would just kiss him right now'm too shy to practical my own theory'.hehehe" she tuned red with her own thoughts and a light giggle escaped from her mouth'hearing it he frowned and looked at her'wondering how she manage to look beautiful every moment '..his eyes drifted towards her shoulders where he was holding her'."shittt'

He saw his finger imprinted there like a red burn mark'.he cursed himself thousand times more '"m sorry basket I didn't'."

He couldn't complete his sentence due to increasing guilt..ridzs sensed it'" lav m fine'"

She tried to console him'but he cut her off'" no basket chalo let me apply some ointment it must be hurting naa.."

He took her to her room making her sit on her bed he went to get the firsthand box '.

Very softly he put ointment on the bruises'. soothing the its burn by blowing air ' made her body tingle '..he smiled softly seeing his effect on her'he thought'..

Ar'."gosh m such an idiot maine apni bevkoophi se itna achha chance kho diya ..agar maine basket ko I love u bol diya hota toh najara hi kuch aur hota na'."

He was busy cursing himself under breath when a servant came'.

Sr ' bitiya app dono ko badi malkin bula rahi hai'

Ridzs looked but armaan spoke b4 her'

Ar ' "dida'abhi"

He asked '.

Sr ' nahi unhone kaha hai thori der me unke room me aane ko..

Ar .."thisk hai app jaiye.."

Servant nodded and left'.

Ri ' lav wo hum change kerke aate hai fir dida ke paass chalet hai'

Armaan made face'"change kyu basket tum achi lag ri ho aise hi.."

Ri .." I know lav but I need to cover my shoulders naa'"

Armaan looked down with guilt and embarrassment'

Ar .."m sorry basket.."

She smiled '" its ok lav apne janbujh ker hurt nahi kiya coz ap wo kabhi nahi ker sakte so stop feeling guilty hum abhi aate hai'"

Armaan was waiting for her 'he was shouting as it was almost 15 mins'"basket kitna time lagta hai tumhe change kerne me yaar'.jaldi bahar aao werna mai jaa raha hu'"

She answered from the washroom'"lav stop shouting m coming just 5 mints'"

Ar  '."whattt''"

With irritated face he slumped on bed'.and closed his eyes'

After few min he heard the knob of the washroom being turned, he lazily turned and looked at the door'..his breath got stuck seeing the sight in front of him'.she came out in a pink tank top and blue jeans with wet hairs looks like she just took shower ''her hairs were dipping with water and that rosy pink top was matching with her skin color'in shot she was looking like ..morning rose covered with osse ki bunde '..

She was standing in front of mirror silently enjoying his adorable condition seeing her'.she was taking his glimpse in the mirror'.she blushed a lil as he was staring at her without blinking'..she pouted.." idiot bus ghurte rehna kuch kehna mat'"'..while he was lost in his dream land'.

She started drying her hairs with a towel ' the process water droplets fell on his face '.

Zatak kar zulf jab tum tauliye se baarishein azaad karti ho
Achha lagta hai

He smiled like a bright sun'.she turned and mouthed '."what happen'" on which he just shoke his head'

Hila kar honth jab bhi haule haule guftagu ko saaz karti ho
Achha lagta hai

She frowned'."god lav m deing to hear those three words just say it na'"'.she sighted'

 Oo khushboo se behlao na, seedhe point pe aao na
Aaankh men aankhein daal ke keh do, khwaabon mein dehlayo na
Zara short mein batlao na, seedhe point pe aao na

La la la ..


Ri ' chale'.dida humara wait ker rahi hongi'

He nodded and followed her ith a light smile permanently plasted on his face'.

He was walking behind her and when she turned to say something her hairs brushed his face 'his heart stoped beating for a min'she was lil irritated coz she wanted him to confess soon coz she cnt wait to be in his arms'.but he '.he was just behaving like a love sick puppy who just stare dreamily''.she again found him smiling with closed eyes '.and again turned to go with a big frown''"huhhh..idiot"

He raised his eyes .."aahhhaaa"

Alag ehsaas hota hai, tumhare paas hone ka
Sarakti sarsarahat ki nadi mein reshmi lamhe bheegone ka
O ho ho zara sa mod kar gardhan jab apni hi adaa par naaz karti ko
Achha lagta hai


She was mumbling '."idiot lallu 'moron jerk'.aur aur buss hume itne hi ate hai..pout'"

Ar ' hyee basket did u said something'

Her eyes got bigger'"nooo apne kuch suna kya'"

Ar .."naa I thought heard'"

Ri .." haan jo kehna aur sunna chahiye use chor ke app sab sunte hai'"

He got confused'"what.."

She bit her tong.."hehehe kuch nahi walk fast ok.."

 Oo labzon se behlao na, chhoti motti behkao na
Haathon ko haathon mein le ke woh teen shabd tapkao na
Zara short mein, batlao na
Seedhe point pe aao na, haan seedhe point pe aao na


He smiled deeply .."awe she looks so cute when she frowns'"

Woh tere dhyaan ki khushboo, main sar tak odh leta hoon
Bhatakti saans ko teri gali mein gungunaane chhod deta hoon
Ho ho ho tum apni khidkiyon ko khol kar jab bhi naye aagaz karti ho
Achha lagta hai


She stopped as they reached gayatri's room'but he was so lost in her that forgot to stop and banged in her'.she turned'.frowning'" agar apka m lost any some where time khatam ho gaya ho toh dekh ker challenge'"

He pouted'"why u r getting angry basket..tumhe hurt kern eke liye mai pahle hi sorry bol chukka hu'but m sorry again'"

He said looking down'

Hoo gali gali gali gali gali gali bhatkao na, ghadi ghadi uljhao na
Senti ho main jaan gayi hoon action bhi dikhlao na
Zara short mein batlao na
Seedhe point pe aao na, ho seedhe point pe aao na
Ho seedhe ho seedhe, ho seedhe point pe aao na

La la la ..

She felt guilty'"no m sorry lav aur appki koi galti nahi thi naa hi apne mujhe hurt kiya hai..ok.."

Gayatri's voice'came from inside'

Ga .." aagye app log'hum sab apka hi wait ker rahe the'"

a-r got confused .."sub.."

and they found anji, atul, rahul, mushkan, minni sitttig their along with sid and tanushree.."T"

ar .." dida is there any problem hemmm'.why u ganged all crazy ppls T I can manage but sid'."

He asked making face on which received smack from gayatri'

Ga .."all r here coz the have brains not like u who forgot'"

Ar .."forgot what.."

Ri '"dida is this about badi ma and dada's 25th marriage anniversary '"

Gayartri smiled'"see other than u every one remember u mom dad's anniversary .."

Armaan made a puppy face " mujhe yaad tha and I was planning it silently'"

All smirked..rahul.."ohh really than problem solved dida armaan has already planed every thing so we dnt need to do meeting hai na armaan'"..he gave him wink..on which armaan pouted'

Ar .."noo actually I think my idea is not so good lets do meeting and get to a great idea'"


Armaan to hide his embarrassment .."shut up we dnt have much time'."

He silently whispered in ridz ears'basket plz tell me date na I actually forgot'"

Ridz gave him I knew it smile and '"its next Sunday lav.."

Ga ' so kids tell me what we should do to make the day special

T .." I think we should give them expensive car in gift.."

All made face ..and mushkan spoke.." T is not ur wedding anniversary so give ideas which r for them not for u'"

T  '"but I was.."

Armaan cutted her in between'"hye how about a surprise party.."

Ra ..'but we did this very year it should be something new na.."

All started thinking as

Mini who was watching every one.." dida is parliament house look the same when ppl think coz m getting a feeling of it'"

And then she giggled'

Si ' hye how about unhe second honeymoon per bhej de'

Ri ' hye it's a nice idea'hainaa.."

She looked too all'and every one find it impressive'but armaan didn't liked it a bit'aur nahi toh kya how can that sid a bachha can give a better idea than him'think armaan beta think'ideaaa"

Ar .."I have a idea'kyu na hum mom dad ki fir se shadi karaye like pure rituals ke sath fir se'"

Ri ' wowww that's a great idea'.

Geeting ridz response he gave sid a winning smirk which he couldn't understand'heheheh

Ga .." hemm its really great idea'and I want u kids execute it in ur way.."

Mu .." yaah dida hum sare function karenge like mehnadi, samngeet , haldi all'"

An .."yaah guys it will be super cool na'."

At last atul spoke'" haan anji keh rahi hai toh it's the best idea'"

Armaan made a stern face.." agar wo nahi kehti toh nahi hota kya'"

Atull got frightened .." nahi nahi mere bhai tera idea humesha best hota hai.."

All bust out laughing seeing poor atul's condition'..

Ga .." achha u all think hume kuch kaam hai.."

And she left'

Ar (st)'mean while mai basket ko apne dil ki baat bhi bata paunga'.ops I forgot mujhe meri phone friend ko bhi toh news deni hai.."

And he started searching his phone'" kaha gaya yaar'hye mushki give me a ring naa..i cant find my phone'"

Mushkan who was very much busy discussing plan with anji and ridzi didn't paid much attenstion'."bhai wahi pada hai mera phone help ur self.."

Ar '"these girls bus mil jay eek sath fir toh bus'huhhh.."

He muttered and dialed his no. and found his phone'on sofa'.

After some time when girls got over with their talking which was a real miracle '.anji noticed armaan lost some where'

An .." armaan kya soch rahe ho'."

Ar.." mai mai wooo'"

Mushki with mischief .." maii woo kya bhai.."

Armaan with a innocent face'" I was thinking about the guest like kisko kisko bulana hai'"

Ridz also got curious '"ye lav bina kahe kaam kab se karne lage'"..and joined them..

Ra ' haan yaar ye bhi toh kerna hoga na its good u thought ..chal list bana lete hai..

Atul switched on his lappy and looked at armaan to start'

Armaan with very serious face'" haan atull write'.sabse pahle sapna, teena , priya

Gyanvi..;) geet;) rashi, shailly , '.."

Before he could go on rahul stoped him'."stop stop bro ye toh sab humare clg ki lerkiya hai'"

Ar .." correctin armaan's fan club members'"

Armaan looked at ridz whose jaws were hanging till knees '.he grinned widely'.

Mu ' ohh achha sapna wo toh humari friend hai na '.

Ar .." thi ab meri bhi hai "'he winked and turned to tanushree'" T would u like me to buy some dresses for u like india wear I know u dsnt have any'"

T got over excited and hugged armaan'..while every one was shocked over limits'

T '." Oh armaan u r so nice'"

Ar .."m not nice baby m the best.."

Ridz couldn't take it any more she got furious seeing their PDA '.she stomped out of the room mimicking armaan and tee's convo'

Ri  .." ohh u r soo nice armaan nooo m best tee my foot'"

she felt something crawling her waist'and when she realized her breath got stuck'

ri ' laaavvv'.

It was his hands holding her from waist and his fingers brushing her bare skin inside the top near her naval'.

Ar '"hemmm"

He was lost in her fragrance''she was feeling her blood flowing at it fastest rate and if she didn't stoped her she will surly get heart attack'.so in a shaken voice'


Ri ' what u r doing'.

Ar ' hugging u'.

Then she remembered tanushree and '.pushed him'

Ri ' why go and hug ur T m sure she will love it too'

Ar ' oh yaah thanks for reminding basket m so stupid why didn't I thought of it before'jeezz thankkss

He left giving her a quick peek on her checks while she was froze on the spot touching her cheek with her plam where he just kissed her'



Okk that it

All tomatos , jutta and chapples r welcomed but get some classy one yaar which I can wear after u throw them on me'heheheh

Sorry for late update'and big sorry if u dsnt like the part wasn't feeling like writing much but only for mish and rashi'.muhhaa to u guys

Plzz comment..

Urs ..ishka

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sakshiA Goldie

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Posted: 06 March 2013 at 11:48pm | IP Logged
nice story and nice update.
loved armaan's jealousy. but his anger is scaring me...hope he doesn't do anything wrong.
cont soon.
pls pm me next time.
thank God they solve it and ridz handled armaan.
armaan is behaving oddly, I think he knows that his phone friend is riddhima.
thanks for pm and cont soon

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Priya46 Goldie

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Posted: 10 March 2013 at 7:00am | IP Logged
armaan just get it over with please looking forward to some moments

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loveuarmaanu Goldie

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Posted: 10 March 2013 at 7:02am | IP Logged
Nice part dear

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teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 March 2013 at 7:22am | IP Logged
heyy. It ws a nyc part. Hope they confess sooon.

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--Rose-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 March 2013 at 8:55am | IP Logged
hahaha this update was really Hillarious:-D:-D:-P

Armaan pura pagal hai<3<3
He was so jealous of sid Awww...
He is jus adorable<3<3<3

Hey is part me mera naam aaya, rashi:-D Lol Armaan ne mujhe bhi invite kiya hehe;-);-)

loved it<3<3<3<3<3
continue soon:-):-):-)

AR Rocksss...


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AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 March 2013 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
awsm part.
Luvd it.
Thanx 4 d pm.

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 March 2013 at 3:08pm | IP Logged
Ish I love you soo much for finally updating this ff.
I've been waiting soo long yaar.
But I'm going to cry now.Armaan fan club mein mera naam kyun nahin hai?? Cry Mujhe bhool gayi?

Anyways this part was mindblowing..
I loved it.
I liked it how Armaan got jealous and went away.
SR scene was quite funny and it really hilarious to see Ridz saying a lie one after the other to run away from chipkoo Sid.LOL
Ridz knows Armaan so well.she reached the right place and I love her for doing that.
Lav ka gussa baap re baap..
Only Ridz can calm him down for sure.You have written the intensity of Armaan's anger followed by his composure after seeing Ridz's tears exceptionally well jana

Acha lagta hai song sequence was amazing.
Ridz is trying to make Armaan confess but stupid boy is acting like a love sick puppy for sure.I wish he may confess his love for Ridz soon.
So it's anniversary of Armaan's mum n dad.Wow!!
I'm so excited for the marriage now.I hope this wedding may bring AR closer.
Armaan loves to tease Ridz soo much.He flirted with T deliberately.Gosh!!
Ridz's anger was supercute.
And the last scene really surprised me.I hope it was not an illusion.Armaan kissed Ridz on the cheeks and went away.Yippee!!
I'm excited for the next part now.
Plz try to update this ff soon bacha
Take care!
love u
PS-Things are not perfect in my life and that is why I' m coming much less on the forum these days.I miss u a lot.

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