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'HUMKO SIRF TUm SE PYAR HAI'(AR-updt 10/3/13 on34) (Page 30)

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Originally posted by gupta.aditi20

Originally posted by ishka_virani

Originally posted by gupta.aditi20

oye chikni chameli...
itna late pm merko...
chal koi ni...
waise is baar tere saath saath meri bhi waat lag gai hai...
meri night duties hai... 5 days tak upar se xams bhi aa rahe hai...
chal mai baad mei baat karti hu...
abhi ive gotta study...
n i also heard abt ur xams...
koi ni sweety... ye bhi ghuzar jaayega...
n all the best...
love u loadds...
n abhi xpect mat kariyo mujhse update...
kuch ni likha maine...

oye ye abhi tak reserve karke rakha hai...
hope ur anger melts down soon...
n agar abhi ke liye os update chalega ????
stupid u res ur self i am asking why uper dekhoo
and yaah os dooo

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Hiii every one 'I know updating this one after ages but wt to do my spamers dsnt let me do it'

Okk first of all my vacation r finished now toh update  seems very tough thing for me as mera pura khoon toh mere clg wale ho pee jaynge''soo plz forgive me bt dnt forget me'.:)

recap -  armaan realized his love for riddhima but dsnt know how to tackle with this new feeling how to tell her 'he was so confused about what to do'.mean while a new character enter in the story that is siddhant modi'..armaan got a new phone frnd by mistake and now she is gona help him. Armaan was being called by mihir in the office'.

Now continuing'

Armaan entered his father's cabin whole running coz he was late'.

He saw his dad talking to someone about some business deal he cnt see who was it as his back was facing him''he just stud there silently . after few mins mihir realized his presence there'..

Mi ' ohh armaan so u r here meet ur new colleague'he will join u in ur new project'.

Armaan came forward with a smile which very soon turned in a frown'..

Ar ' tummm yaha'.

"Ohh god ye kamina mera picha kab chorega ghar kam tha joy aha bhi agaya"'..he pouted

Sid stud and smiled to him '.mihir was confused seeing armaan's reaction

Mi 'tum dono ek dusre ko jante ho'.

Sd- yes uncle wo shashank uncle ne milwaya tha hume..

Mi 'ohh that's good'see armaan siddhant toh kab se apne dad ki help ker raha hai business mai aur college bhi manage kerta hai'I am so glad ke ab tum bhi meri help ke liye office aoge'

Armaan wasn't happy at all on his comparison with sid but smile half heartily just for the sake of his dad

But soon his frown turned  into his trade mark evil grin as he made a note in his mind to tell sid who is the Armaan'..

Ar ' tach tach bechra galat jagah aa gaya meri basket se flirt ker raha than a tu ab mai batunga armaan se panga lene ka nateeja kya hota hai'.

And he did his silent evil laugh'.

Sd ' did u said any thing'

Ar ' meee'..(he made his most innocent face) nahi toh'

Mi ' okk so boys as u both know each other toh mera kaam thora kam ho gaya'

He turned to armaan'

Mi ' so armaan tum sid ko apna new cabin kyu nahi dikhate and discuss the new project with him mujhe

Ek jaruri meeting mai jana hai mai tumse baad mai milta hu'

Ar ' ok dad u dnt worry'I will take care..

Mi 'and yaha sid ki hindi jara weak hai toh u know'.

Armaan's  eyes glittered as he got the new info about his so called enemy 'he just smiled a lil while dil mai toh he was doing his evil laugh '..huuuhaahahaha

Mihir gave him a side hug and leaved for his meeting'

Sd ' soo armaan can we move''

Ar '(yaah dambo I will show u my moves..hehehehe)

Sid found him lost in some other world so he shacked armaan'..

Sd ' what happen bro lets leave

He came out of his daze and both of them come out of mihir's cabin.

Sid was looking the well designed architecture of the building it was keeping the royal touch in it'.everything seems pores. He was continusly jabbering to armaan and armaan was getting highly irritated.

He was thinking man this fisco is getting in my nerves arrrggghh some one pllzz keep him shut.

And his brain worked faster than ever to give him a evil idea'..he looked around and smiled.

He was behind sid.. walking as sid was telling him about his own office'"what the hell I know it better man"'.so he was quite nt interested in his gyan u see'

They reached near lift''.

Ar ' now time to work on plane "teach the chimpu a lesson"

He stopped sid'.

 Ar ' hye sidd will u do me a favor plz bro u go and check out the project details in my cabin , I forgot my file in dad's cabin mai wo le ker atta hu plzzz'..

He made a cute face and sid agreed'.

Sd ' okk bro u go and get it, bt which is my floor?

Ar ' ohh my cabin is on 10th floor okk'..

Sd ' cool than will meet u there'

And he entered in lift armaan was showing him his most innocent face'.when the lift closed'

Ar-  I got everything in this world a man could ever want

If you search deeper inside me all I really need is love from you
Searching for love, I'm just searching for love
Searching for love, I'm just searching for love
I got everything in this world a man could ever want
If you search deeper inside me all I really need is love from you
Searching for love, I'm just searching for love
Searching for love, I'm just searching for love


He started humming the song and moving with the beats '.wn he the peon staring him'armaan put his hand on peons shoulder'..

Ar ' how r u sigham '.

His peon blushed'.

P ' kyaa sir jee app bhii'.

AR ' kyaaa singham tum bhi'.

He mimked him''..and pulled his cheeks

Ar ' muche ho toh singham jaisi ho werna na ho'..

He winked at him on which he bluched again which made him giggle loudly

P ' sir jee humne apko batya tha na ki ye lift kharab ho gayi hai 3rd floor per jake attak jati hai'

Ar ' aarree singham yaad hai mujhe per tum bhul gaye maine yaha ek board lagane ko bola tha yaha'

P ' maaf ker dijiye sir jee hum bhul gaye abhi lagwate hai'

Armaan gave him his mischief smile which made him confuse

Ar ' aaree koi nahi yaar tumne toh bahut achha kaam kiya bhul ker'.

P ' jee sir jee''.(he scratched his head to understand this)

Ar ' jyada mehnat karo tumhare glowing face per wrinkles pad jaynge ..aur mai aisa kabhi nahi chahunga na'..ok abhi mai ghar jaa raha hu thori der mai aunga dad puche toh samhal lena'.

He nodded and armaan marched to his car'

Ar ' m missing my basket yaar use thora tang ker lu fir kaam karenge'

Ohh I have every this in miss world'.

He left the place singing'.

He switched on music and started driving, moving with the ridam'.

He was half way wn he saw his phn blinking '..and got excited'..he put it on Bluetooth and continued driving'.

Every night, every night, I'm on a mood
With a super model, you might seen her from youtube
She's got that good love waiting I got it too
Making either one us waking up next to you, right next to you
See I may be rich, and I may have money
There's something missing in my life I always wanted
Had a 1000 chicks, only few I called my honeys
I need to fall in love and I can see it coming

Ar ' hyeee

He greeted excitedly '..on which he got same response from other side'.

Ar ' so u got free, lunch time'?

The girl on other side smiled and said "yes"''then armaan realized something and hit his forehead lightly''

Ar ' oppss I didn't asked ur name my phone a friend '..

He giggled lightly'..which made the girl giggle too''

Girl ' I must say nice name for me call me that'.sounds like some secrete mission'.

They both cracked a soft laugh ''.

Ar ' soo help me my phone friend so that I win my love'..

She took a pause and then spoke'..

Girl ' wtss the porb go and tell her'

Armaan pouted'.

Ar ' she dsnt let me'..

Girl ' how she knows that'?

Ar ' nooo but when ever she some in front of me my body gets chemical imbalance 'pata nahi kya hone lagta hai'..mai jab uske pass jata hu toh dil itni jor se dharkta hai jaise  jaise'..

Girl ' jaiseee'.

He was looking here and there thinking of a correct example but was not getting it''and then'

Ar 'haan like boofer of my car'..

Girl ' what'..

Hearing this she burst out laughing '.and armaan frowned on her loud giggles'.

Ar  - stop laughing or m not talking to u'..tumhe meri condistion per hasi aa rahi hai naa

Ask me how I handle neither I can stay away from her nor I am able to tell her how much I love her'when ever I see in her eyes'.mujhe apna naam bhi yaad nahi rehta'..

Girl ' awe emmm ok u cnt say directly write a letter naa like love letter'..

Ar ' love letterrr'.

Armaan got in to thinking mode''

Girl  - yaah  isse tumhe kuch kehna bhi nahi padega aur use pata bhi chal jaygaa

Armaan found it a quite a nice idea'.

Ar ' yaah but mujhe love letter likhna nahi ataa

Girl ' ohh aree see some nice romantic movies and try it naaa'.

Ar ' okkk 'thanksss mai abhi se kaam per lag jata hu..bii seeaaa

And at the same time'.i a beautiful room'..

Girl ' okk biii

And she cut the call with a blushing naughty smile on her face'..she was wearing a blue night suit she looked the phon and blushed even more''.

She kissed it 'when some one entered in her room'.

Other girl ' ridzii woo mere new wala phone kaha hai give me na mujhe apna new no. apne friends ko aur mamma ko bhi dena hai'.

Yessshhh she is riddhima'..her bit her lower lip opsss

Ri ' mushkiii actually m really loving this phone so can I keep it plzz I will get a new one for u tomorrow plzzz

She mad a puppy face for which mushki cnt say no so she agreed '..

Mu ' achha madam ab jaldi se shower le ker aa jaw o sid ki mom aayi hai so we suppose to meet her

Ri ' sidd ki mom omgg it good love yaha nahi hai werna unka para aur high ho jata ki puri family yahi kyo mandrati rehti hai'

Mu ' what u r murmuring'.

Ri ' me nothing buss ja rahi hu'

"chal ridzi apne love land se bahar aa aur sidd ki mom ko yaha se jaldi bhej werna love aa gaye na toh fir se janjeer ke amitabh ki tarah angury young man ban jaynge'but love letter hayyee'."

Again a dreamy smile came on her face'..and she pated her head lightly to get out of it'

Flash back '

Riddhima was pacing in her room'..

Ri ' love ko kya ho gaya hai itna ajeeb kyu behave ker rahe hai'god kanha jee ye hume na pakka pagal ker denge'.

She was trying to understand  this new change in his behavior '.she lay down on her bed staring the sealing trying to think every possible reason '..

Ri ' arrgghhh I will get mad'let me call him unse hi puch leti hu no probs then'.

she dialed his no. after two rings he picked the call and spoke in a very frusteted voice '.

Ar  - if u dnt want to talk ...then why u make this call...AngryAngry

She didn't spoke hearing him'like this'

Riddhima's pov '

Ri ' ye love ko kya huaa aise kyu bol re hai'.

And she looked at the phone she was using'..and bit her tong

Ri ' opss ye toh muski ka new phone hai jo wo mujhe dikhane layi thi ye no. love ke pass nahi hoga..

He spoke angrily now as she was not answering him'

Ar  - speak uppp Angry

Ri 'omgg love is really agry now wt to doo emm yaah credit card wali ban ker phone cut ker dungi'

She got scared with his anger so to cover up she put her rupatta on speeker and spoke'

ri - emmm calling from icici sir would u like to have our credit card...OuchOuch

ar - AngryAngryAngry wttt yaha meri life mai itne pange hai and u want to sell ur creadit card...Angry

now she was hell scared and on verg of crying...fumbling with words she spoke

ri - emmm sorry...wo mera first day hai toh i was just...Cry

 armaan voice suddenly sound lil calm...

ar - hye u speak in hindi naa

wiping those tears she spoke quitly...

ri - yaha mai india se huu...

ar - ohh me too...sorry i shouted on u...wo mai jara pareshan tha...

she smiled a lil...

ri - its okk ho jata hai i can understand...Smile

ar - wow tum kitni asani se samjh gayi aur ek baskettt hai jo mere kahe meri her baat jan leti hai bt jo sabse imp hai wo samjhti hi nahi...Cry

hearing her name her ears got alert and she got curious...

ri -  wttt wtt u said baskettt rightConfused

ar - haa wo i call her baskett ...u know she is my bestest friend ...i love her soo much...mai usse keh nahi pata aur wo samjhti hi nahiii...Cry

 he told her in didnt got any rply...

When she heared those words she closed her eyes trying to sink in what she heard '..

Few pearls in form or tears rolled down her checks''.every thing was stoped for her that moment the only thing she can her was her electric beat 'she heard that for which she was waiting from ages '

 ar - hye r u there...Confused

her happiness has no bounds now she heard for what she was craving from the moment she understood what is love actully and she is in love with her lav...

ar  -- hye r u there...

his voice broke hir beautifull moment and she spoke...

ri -  yahh yaahh yahi huu... oooh girlfriend ...tell me if i can help u...

an evil plan started rooting in her brain...

and she thought..."omgg it will be fun to see what he does apne hume bahut tarpaya hai lav ab jara ap bhi dekhe ishka ko chupana aur batna dono hi kitna mushkil hota hai..."

ar - ohh and how...

ri - simple she is a girl me too...toh i can tell u na how to make her under stand...Big smile

ar - really u willlBig smile

ri - yaah sure...

ar - okk abhi i hv to go mai  kuch der baad tumhe call karu issi no. per...Big smile

ri - yaah sure...Big smile

Now coming to present ''

Armaan came in and found him mom sitting with a lady in her near 50 , seeing him coming suverna  smiled and called him'.

Su ' armaan beta yaha aaoo'..

Armaan smiled and went to her, he greeted the lady and sat next to suverna as she singled him'

Just then he saw riddima coming out of kitchen with coffee in her hands'he was wondering why she is doing this where the hell all servants gone '.when suverna spoke..

Su ' armaan meet mrs. Modi sid's mom

And suddenly armaan's expression change in to smile to horror'..which wsnt unnoticed by riddhima , she bit her lips '.

Ri - opppsss

he muttered '

Ar ' ohh hooo pura khandan hanth do ker meri love story mai vilan banne ko taiyar hai..

Riddhima came and politely offered coffee to mrs. Modi which she gladly accepted patting ridz's head lovingly'.while ridzi was hell nervous as she can feel armaan' murderous glares ''

He looked at her greeting his teeths'.

Ar ' coffee toh aise offer ker rahi jaise apne hone wali sasu ma ko de rahi ho'btw teri hone wali sasu ma is sitting behind'.

He pouted ridzi's lowered her gaze and was looking the floor now , she was not able to handle armaan's strong gaze on her'

Mrs. Modi was talking to ridzi , and she was looking the floor and answering in a very slow voice from armaan's point of view it was looking like as if she was blushing but actually she was scared a lil and annoyed to because after talking to armaan on phone she was expecting something else to happen'.and armaan was geeting more and more pissed off seeing this'

Suverna got a call from hospital so she leaved '..

Mrs. Modi ' soo armaan what u doing theses day other then studies'..

Armaan didn't bothered to look at her just answered her staring his phone'.

Ar ' preparing for kbc'.

Mrs. Modi got confused'.."what.."

Now this was his turn to smirk''

Ar ' ohh u didn't know '.(he made a straight face purly serious ).. kaun banega carorpati'.

He ended with a serious smile'.riddhima's eyes popped out , rolling on the floor'while mrs. Modi took full 10 mins to react'.she she left a silly laugh'

Mrs. Modi ' nice joke'.

Still serious face'.

Ar ' its not a joke '..

Mrs. Modi stopped laughing, and suddenly there was silence every where'then she spoke'

Mrs. Modi ' I think I should leave now ok by riddhima do come home'.

She left while armaan was mimicking her'.

Ar ' do come riddhima''my  foot huhhh

Riddhima glared at him' which he acted all innocent'and she shook her head knowing there is no way win from him'.she was going when he caught her wrist '..

Ri ' what now lovee'..(she was irritated with his behavior now)

Ar ' mere liye toh aise coffe nahi laati hoo'. 

This was it for her'..she pulled her wrist from his hold'and pointed her finger on his chest'

Ri ' ohh yaah I dsnt do any thing for u naaa, for ur kind of info I am the one who decide cloths for u, I m the one u give bf to u , m the one who take care of  all ur big and small needs'.and u arghhh

And she left the hall burning with anger'.

Armaan mentally kicked him self ''

Ar ' sittt maannn I always end with this'.kaha I suppose to make her smile and tell her how much I love her and I m busy fighting with her' hell with me'.but mai kya karu I cant stand the thought of losing or sharing her with any one''..pout

Ar ' okk mr. armaan rai singhaniya buck u our self this is time to do some shayari for ur love'

He left to his room..humming'.

Ar ' mai shayar to nahiii magarrr aaaee hassi jabse dekhaa

Maine tujhko, mujhko shayareee aaa gayi'

He hemmmhehehehemmm

Magar aee hansee'..lalalalalal

Riddima was staning in her room near the window , staring the sky'.

Ri ' idottt'.lalluu'fool'.arghh

She was dam irritated , by the small argument they had'

Ri ' butt I like his possessiveness for me''

And the thought made her blush with a dreamy smile ''.and then she remembered'.

Ri ' opss I forgot' the love letter man..gosh its soo much fun lets see what mr. armaan akka love rai singhania writing for me'.(a smirk kept her face) omggg noo its oohh myy goddd (she was getting butterflies in her tummy) its not gona easy for u mr. singhaniya I m gona give u tough time'I know m bad on it but what to doo it feels soo good seeing u lost in me'.

she grinned widely'.by closing her eyes'.

She tip toed in armaans room and found him on his study table with a writing pad in a very much deep thought mode'.she smiled and hid behind the curtains  smiling shyly , while armaan was too much busy to realize her presence there'.he was thinking making weird faces which made ridz's giggle but she put her hand on her mouth so that no noise occur '.suddenly his face lit up and he started writing next moment he stopped and read what he wrote and his face fell again'.

Ar ' goddd its all bullshit mannn'.

He pouted and threw the paper and again started thinking ,while thinking he put pen in his mouth, which made him look cuter'ridz's heart skiped a beat every time he made such faces'

She was looking him behind the curtains and he was busy  trying to write some thing every time he writes something and then throws making it a paper ball'.making cute faces'.his whole writing pad was finished and now he was irritated coz still he dsnt have any thing for his basket'he looked his room it was a mess now paper balls were scattered every where'he pouted..while ridz's heart was pussing her to pull his check but brain controlled her erg.

Ar ' hell mann I was suppose to have a mind blowing love letter , and see what I have paper balls every where'..gosh log sach kehte hai yaar "ye ishka nahi ansa , bas itna samjh lejiye"

Ri ' "oye hoyeee" (she said in her heart, her body was feeling gossbums  and tummy having a full family of butterflies')

While armaan was busy saying shayries as is he was Galib

Ar ' "ek aag ka dariya hai, aur doob ker jana hai'" uff kaun samjhye ki hum oh unki mohabat mai dube hue hai''

He exclaimed in excitement '.

Ar ' wow armaan u r improving man'.

And chuckled on his own words'

Ar ' gosh I need some inspiration mannn'..

And went out of the room'..

Riddhima came out from her hiding spot wondering where he went'.

Ri ' ye love kaha gaye'

She pouted cutely and scanned the whole room and its condition made her giggle '.she sat on floor collecting all the paper's and started opening them'..she closed her eyes before reading it'she was getting a dam new feeling  her heart was beating like she was a high bp  patience '..

Breathing heavily she opened the first letter'.

"  jadu teri najar

Khusbu tera badan.."

Her eyes popped out and she burst out laughing'.

Ri ' hemmm seems like some one got inspired by srk'

She opened other'.

" kabhi kabhi mere dil mai khayal ata haii

I mean humesha ata hai tum hoti toh aisa hota'.tum hoti toh waisa hota .."

Reading this her giggled multiplied 100 times of it..and she started rolling on floor'

She covered her face with her palm''

Ri ' ufff kaisa kaisa hotaaa

And again giggled'like this she read all the letters and laughed her heart out'.in the end she collected all of them and pressed it wrinkles nicely , she kissed them '

Ri ' I love u too'

By this a shy smile came on her face'.she took a deep breath '.

Ri ' now I should run from here before love comes back'.

And looking towards a pic of armaan'.

Ri ' I m taking these letters with me coz ye meri amanat hai'

She blew a kiss to the pic and ran blushing'

Whole day she was wondering where he left but didn't got any site of him in spite of the news of his prank on sid which made her shook her head with the thought'"inka kuch nahi ho sakta'"

In night it was 10 pm and now she was worried where he was'.just then her phone rang'she saw his name fashing she smiled activating false voice software and she picked the call'

Ri ' hiii

Ar- r u'

She smiled as she can feel him smiling '

Ri ' m good u???

Ar  - m alsoogood sorry for calling this late but cant controlled till morning'

Ri ' its okk aisa kya hai jiske liye u cant wait'

He got excited'.

Ar ' woo I wrote something and I want ur verdict on it'

She smiled shyly '..and he started'..

(hye guys it a very good song do listen it might remind u of a movie song but it is not that so listion'.)

here is the vedio of song...


She lay down on her bed closing her eyes to just live the most beautifull moment of her life till now'

Playing his guitar''

Pehli nazar mein, kesa jaadoo kar diya
Tera ban betha hai,
Mera jiya

Aaj ki raat, dil ki ye baat
Keh ke rahunga tujhse
Ha kar tu, ya na karde,
Izhaar to kar mujhse...

Aesa nasha hai,
Teri aankhon mein,
Beh jayega koi bhi...
Aesi ghata hai, teri zulfon mein,
Kho jayega Koi bhi

Kya tujhe pyaar hai, mujhse
Kya tujhe pyaar hai, mujhse...

He was pouring all his feeling in that song' which was making riddhima surrender in his love'

Kya tujhe pyaar hai, mujhse
Kya tujhe pyaar hai, mujhse...

Aaj ki raat, dil ki ye baat,
Keh ke rahunga tujhse...
Ha kar tu, ya na karde,
Izhaar to kar mujhse...

Hey baby girl,
What you doing to me...
I'm losing my mind and I'm falling for free...
Please help me out 
or else, I will die,
In your love.

Poori duniya nu chadh
Dil tere utte marda
Bah fad kudiye
Zindgi ich aake
Meri maar tu phera
Aaja ud chaliye

Mein hun yaha,
Tu hai yaha,
Meri baahon mein aa,
Aa bhi jaa,
Oh jaane jaa,
Dono jaha,
Meri bahon me aa,
Aa bhi jaa...

His every word touch his heart or should say got engraved in her heart for whole life '.

I just don't know,
What you say,
What i feel inside,
Your'e my everything,
That i wanted in my life...
I keep thinking about you,
Twenty-four hours a day...
Will you think about me,
Till the day i die...

Tum kyun chale aate ho,
Sapno mein...
Mera mujhpar kaabo nhi,
Hai kyun...

When he ended his heart was nervously beating to know how was it'.but riddhima was too lost to ans'

He called many time but got no response'he screamed which got riddhima back to earth partially coz her soul was still lost in his words'

Ar ' do u like it'

Ri ' hemmm (was only words she was able to say )

Ar ' will she say yes hearing me'.

Ri ' hemmm

Ar ' ohhh thanksss a lot now I m running to my basket coz I cant wait to hold her in my arms after our confession'.

He disconnected the call , riddhima closed her eyes'taking sharp breath'.

He drove his car on full speed reaching home threw  keys on guard to park the car as he was in too much hurry'

He ran towards riddhima's room and stopped '

Ar ' no not by door..balcony se jaunga aur use surprise ker dunga'

He smirked to himself and went through her balcony..reaching there he got set his hairs and cloth and tip toes in her room'..breathing heavily but does dimples were not ready to leave him to night'

He reached in her room'and got shock of his life'.the guitar in his hand came down on floor and that smile turned in pain and anger' he saw his life his love his riddima in sid's arms'.

A tear rolled down his cheeks'..




FEWWW okk atlast I updated'do tell me liked it or not..and silent reader plzz press the like tab'.

And it is for mommy and assmi'.muuhaaa

Pllzz plzzz I want long comments and the next time u will get pm with a new name coz m gona change my profile name'.okk





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hazra66 182 26917 02 December 2013 at 7:58pm by loveuarmaanu
AR Pyar Tera, Pyar Mujhe Keechay Teri Ore Part 7

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Author: KSG.JW   Replies: 126   Views: 21451

KSG.JW 126 21451 20 December 2011 at 10:59pm by AMMY12
FF:<3 Humko Pyaar Hua <3 |AT|AS|AK|AA| Ch18p2 pg89

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Author: -Nahi-   Replies: 729   Views: 37718

-Nahi- 729 37718 07 November 2011 at 6:30am by -Alisha.TaAnu-
Pyar Hi Pyar AR FF

Author: HeAvEnS   Replies: 6   Views: 6514

HeAvEnS 6 6514 20 July 2009 at 5:56am by vruls
meher and preet/pyar he pyar/PART1 pg1

Author: bulbul123   Replies: 8   Views: 3884

bulbul123 8 3884 22 September 2008 at 1:06am by lil_desi_goddes

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