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'HUMKO SIRF TUm SE PYAR HAI'(AR-updt 10/3/13 on34) (Page 24)

desir IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 October 2011 at 1:39am | IP Logged
mujhe iska ud aur pm chyiye kyonki yeh story bahut achii hai i loved itt

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LilApple IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 October 2011 at 1:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by niki.5

mujhe iska ud aur pm chyiye kyonki yeh story bahut achii hai i loved itt
thanku so much love will surly do that soon

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aar123 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 October 2011 at 11:38am | IP Logged

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fri42911 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 October 2011 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
please update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cry

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LilApple IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 October 2011 at 3:44am | IP Logged
 He was so confused now bcoz he doesn't know what to do now. He was in love with her  and now is was hard for him to hide  his feelings.  He always try to be with her ,want her around him every time  and it was like impossible  for him to hide that smile which come  on his face when she is near him.  He imagining her every where even he  tries to kiss atul once considering him riddhima.

Whole day passed like this and his madness was increasing every second pass due to unable to express his love.

Early morning-

Riddhima was in the mandir along with the elders of the house they were doing arti, after it  when they turned saw the most amazing seen of their life. There  was armaan coming running towards them. While running he was still trying to wear  his kurta, when he was about to reach he put off  his shoe one by one by his hand(still running). At last reached there hoofing puffing .

He saw every one staring at him with big questioning eyes.

Ar- what! Mai bhi jaldi udd sakta hu. And now stop staring me like that.

Every one bust out laughing. But when saw armaan irritated tried to control there laugh.

Armaan took blessing of everyone by touching their feet's.

Now stud in front of ridzs forwarded his hand (actually asking for Prasad).

Ri- pahle bhagawan ji se to milo.

Ar- abhi meri umar nahi hai unse milne ki.

Seeing ridzs angry face on this, he went and prayed to god and then turns again to ridzs.

Ri- apke hath gande hai.

Armaan opened his mouth.

She put the Prasad in his mouth with a cute smile on his face.

Ri-  (in her mind) kuch gadr badr hai warna lav itni subha subha wo bhi mandir mai.hmmm

Pata lagana parega.

Ar- oh god, why my heart is racing so fast kahi mai use kahne ke pahle hi heart attack se mar na jau.  Now what to do?????

Yesss jisne  bimari batayi hai ilaaj bhi toh wahi bataye ga na, I should call sapna.

He jumed in his bed and called sapna.

Ar- hello

Sp- hye armaan tumne call kaise kiya?

Ar- aise hi, kyo mai tumhe phone nahi kar sakta.

Sp- nahi aisi koi baat nahi hai, kaho kya baat hai.

Ar- (oh god kya bolu) wo wooo actually tumne jo symptoms bataye thye  na  mere frnd ko wahi problem hai.

Sp- kyaaa bol rahe ho, mujhye kuch samajh nahi aa raha.

Ar- I mean mere frnd ko ek larki se pyar ho gaya hai & now he doesn't know what to do.

Sp- ooo, toh ye baat hai, so mr. armaan iss bemari ka koi ilaaj nahi hai.

U just go and tell her that u love her I mean tell ur frnd that he should do that.

Ar- ok mai use bol duga

Sp- kya

Ar- I love u.

(ridzi and mushki were passing from there who just heard the last line)

(sun kar unke pairo ke neche se jameen khisak gayi aur kya )


She got frozen at the place.

Mu- oh my god!!!!! Bhai is in love with some girl ?????

Ridzi turned her face to her with an horrible expression.

Mu- teri hawaiya kyo udi hui hai.

And she shaked her, which got her back to realty.

Ri- haaa!!! Ya!! nooo ye nahi ho sakta.

Mu- kyo nahi ho sakta (with a shocked expression)

Ri- who I mean unhone hume bataya nahi na, he didn't hide anything to me.

Mu ? oh like that, but aaj bhai tumhe bahar le ja rahe hai na, shayad yahi batana ho.

Ri- whattt?????

Mu ? tu bar bar shock kyo ho rahi hai.

Ri- unke behavior se toh aisa nahi lag raha tha. (miserably hearable voice)

I mean tujhye kaise pata.

Mu- who pakhi ne bataya tha.

Ri- u guys na , humesh james  bond bane ghumtye rahtye ho.

Mu - oye koi secrete date thi kya tum dono ki.

Ri- nooo secrete hota toh tum logo ko pata hota kya.

she jummped on her bed.
ri- mr. raisinghniya ab hum apko batayge humse baat chupne ka anjam kya hota hai.
an evil smile came to her face and she piced her mobile and dailed some numbers.
ri- Evil Smile Evil Smile Evil Smile lav humne college ki har uss larki ko phone kar diya hai, jisse aap batye karty hai, ab dekhtye hai kaisi hoti hai apki so called date.
where as armaan was anawre with riddhima"s evil plans.
he was on cloud nine coz today he will confess his love to her.
he was standing in front of his cupbored and was hell confuesed, what to ware.
ar- omg hye armaan what happen to u, u can't select clothes for u.
he picked all his shirts out and started trying them.
ar- ye wali acchi hai..

ar- no ye ridima ko achi lagegi..

ar- ye colur uska fav hai.
ar- np no no this will bi the best riddhima ko jo mai dress gift karne wala hu uske sath ye best rahegi.

 he wared a black jacket and blue jeans.
in front of mirror.
ar- hemmm mr. armaan raisighniya aap toh cha gaye ab dekhty mai miss basket virani apko kaise resist karti hai.
in ridzi's room, some one nocked the door.
ri- andar aa jao.
 a servent gave a gift pack to her.
ri- ye kisne diya.
servent- woh armaan baba ne bheja hai.
and he left.
ri - armaaan baba!! dekhe kya bheja hai.
she found a beautiful sea green sari in it. and a note too
ri- saaariShocked
 lav ne hume saari kyo bheji hai, but it so preety awww.
she opend the chit, and strarted reading it.
(this is the convo b\w chit and riddhima)
ar- hye basket confused naa ki maine saari kyo bheji, woh actuly maine tumhe saari mai kabhi nahi dekha na iss liye and i think u will look beautifull in it.
ri - mai humesha hi beautiful lagti hu idiot.
apni gf se milane ke liye hume kya heroin bana rahe hai lav oh god i am confused now.
lav ki baato se toh kuch aur hi feel hota hai.
in R&V ampire (mihir and shashank's compny)
in shashanks cabin-
some one knocked the door.
sh- come in.
a young and handsome boy entered his cabin.
boy- hello sir.
sh- arye tum aa gaye i was waiting for u.
toh tumhare dady kaise hai.
boy - woh toh bilkul thik hai aap ki aur mr. singhniya ki bahut tariff karte hai.
sh- are woh toh aise hi aur btaoo , woh mr. modi kah rahe the ki ab tum aage ki padhi yahi se karoge .
boy- ji uncle 
and they were doing there chit chat like this while in home.

ri- mr. raisighniya maine college ki atlest 50 girls ko phone kar diya hai. along with that idiot moron 'T' 

T -(tanushree mihir's frnds daughter who reaaly likes armaan not bcoz of his godd heart and all just coz he is a princee that a handsome one, she is and true evil ,arye yaar she is mentaing her characterof pyar ki...)

ab woh sab mil kar aapki date ko hooot and haapning banege.

where as armaan was pripairing for this longawaited date.
he tried his best so that every thing looks prefect infront of riddhima.
he decorated the whole place with flowers and candles.
a table for two ppl and a cute heart shape cake.
he was waiting for her now holding his heart.
ar - hye basket plz jadi aa jao ab mujjhse intjar nahi hota.
 he was again lost in his beautiful dreams of his life his love riddhima.

his beautiful dream broken by some noice.
a girl entered his place.
and he was shocked seeing her there.
ar-  TTT tum yaha kya kar rahi hooo.Shocked
T - yaha kya kar rahi hu se tumhara kya matlab tumne hi toh bulaya hai mujhe yaha.Smile
ar -  maine bulaya tumhe pagal ho gayi ho.
he was not understaning anything while T was busy admiring the beauty around.

T - wow arrmaan its so beautifull ye tumne mere liye kiyaa
ohh i am loving it.
ar - one sec who said ki ye sab tumhare liye hai.
T- whooo
before she can say any thing some more girls entered the placs as per riddhima's plan/

ar- ohh god ajj ye kya ho raha hai, tum sab yaha kya kar rahe hoo huuu.

all - u called me in the noon for the date.
ar - what i called all of uuu.

T - noo not u ridhhima called me and said that u want to meet me here, so i came..

all - yaeh riddhima called usss.
T - okk ammy baby ab in saari larkiyo se kaha do u r just mine so they can go home.

other gils - no armaan ur date is with me.
all girls started fighting with each other.

ar - Angry
chup ho jaooo tum sab maine tum sab mai se kisi ko nahi bulaya go from here mai kisi se koi baat nahi karna chata.
he was so angry more than it he was hurt coz he was not accpecting this from his basket.
seeing armaan this angry and knowing armaan's anger they aall leaved the place.

ar - kyo basket kyo kyo kiya tumne aisa.

ar- kyo basket maine kitna intjar kiya tumhar aur tum ne ye sab kyo kiya tumne aisa.

he was heartbroken very much hurt coz of ridima's this act.
on the other side in riddhima's room.
ri - humne aisa kyo kiya, kyo lav ke kisi ko pasand karne se hume itni problem ho rahi hai, kyo hume un par itna gussa aya.
oh! god mujhe kuch samjh nahi aa raha ye kyo ho raha hai hume
agar lav kisi ko pasand karte hai toh isse hume itni problem kya hoo rahi haii.Confused ConfusedConfusedConfused
ri - hume jo kiya usse lav ko kitna bura laga hoga. i am his best frnd a nd i done that.
pata nahi uun sab larkiyo ne unka kya haal kiya hoga. and that T woh tohhh goddd
lav humse kitna naraj honge iss baat ke liye.

god i am stupidd idiot kya jaroort thi hume aisa karne kiii.

but koi baat nahi hum unhe manna lenge, i knoww woh maan jaye ge.
she stud up and took that packet which armaan sended for her, and went to change.
in some min she came out in a beautifull sarri.
she saw her image in the mirror.
and for the 1st time coz i an unknown resion her eyelids drop down.
 Aaina dekh ke bole yeh sanwarne wale
Ab to be-maut marenge mere marne wale

(some thing like this)
ri - i know lav mann jayege, jab woh ayge toh hum unse sab kuch bata denge,aur soorrry bol denge, woh thoiri der gussa rahege but baad mai maan jayege i know thatt.
she came down-
pakhi - kya baat hai cindraila kisi ka murder karne jaa rahi ho kyaaWink
ri - whatt????Confused
pak - aaj toh ek dam hooottt lag rahi hooo
ri - shaitann tum dono na bas ek jaise hoo, hume tang karna achha lagta hai dono ko.
pak - ek jaise ho hi nahi sakta agar ek jaise hote toh tum bhai se jyada pyar nahi kartiiiWink
ri- kyaa ruk tuuu abhiii
pakhi ran from there laughing her heart out.
ri -  ye larki bhi na apni umra se kuch jyada hi bari ho gayi haii.
just then she felt her heartbeats increasing, she turn to see behind and saw armaan comming from there, she saw his sad face and  again cursed her self in her breath.
she ran toward him and now they were in front of each other by a 10 steps distance.

she tried to say for what she was waiting for him buuttt
(hey guys dont skip these words plzzz)

Dekhke tumko hosh mein aana bhool gaye
Yaad rahe tum aur zamaana bhool gaye
Chorus: hm mm, hm mm mm mm (humming*)
Asha: jab saamne tum
Chorus: hm mm, hm mm mm mm

Jab saamne tum, aa jaate ho 
Kya jaaniye kya ho jaata hai
Kuchh mil jaata hai, kuchh kho jaata hai
Kya jaaniye kya ho jaata hai
they both were just stairing each other, lost in each other's eyes.

Chaaha tha yeh kahenge
Socha tha socha tha woh kahenge
Aaye woh saamne to, kuchh bhi na keh sake
Bas dekha kiye unhein ham
armaan was lost seeing her in that saarri.
she was looking more beautiful than he imagined her. her perfect curves were making armaan numb again. she was blushing seeing armaan, little nervous also. her this act was making him crazyyy

Dekh kar tujhko yakeen hota hai -2
Koi itna bhi haseen hota hai
Dekh paate hain kahan ham tumko dil kahin hosh kahin hota hai
 jab saamne tum
: hm mm, hm mm mm mm

riddima some how dared to look himmm
Ho jab saamne tum, aa jaate ho 
Kya jaaniye kya ho jaata hai
Kuchh mil jaata hai, kuchh kho jaata hai
Kya jaaniye kya ho jaata hai

 hm mm mm mm mm mm, hm mm mm mm mm

armaan got remmbered what happen few hours agoo
and his anger again started takovering him.
he turned to go from there

riddhima got scared seeing this her hand automaticlly moved to stop him with a very slow voice.
ri - laavvv
 Aa kar chale na jaana, aise nahin sataana
De kar hansi labon ko, aankhon ko mar rulaana
Dena na beqaraari dil ka karaar ban ke
Yaadon mein kho na jaana tum intezaar ban ke, intezar ban ke

he turned towards riddhimaa, saw her tears which he always hated and opened his arms for her.
Bhool kar tumko na jee payenge -2
Saath tum hogi jahan jayenge
Ham koi waqt nahin hain hamdam
Jab bulaaoge chale aayenge
Chorus: hm mm, hm mm mm mm -2
Asha: jab saamne tum
 hm mm, hm mm mm mm

Haa haa jab saamne tum, aa jaate ho 
Kya jaaniye kya ho jaata hai
Kuchh mil jaata hai, kuchh kho jaata hai
Kya jaaniye kya ho jaata hai
hm mm, hm mm mm mm 


she ran and huged armaan.

all her worries and fear vanished at the same moment .

feeling his basket in his arms he forgot all his anger and pain which he was suffering.

riidhimas hold was getting tighter over armaan, wich was making him lose his control over himself.

he kissed her hairs and then her forehead.

riddhima's heart skiped some beats. she clenches armaan's shirt with her tiny fists.

her heart was heart was feeling thunder inside her coz of armaan's touch.

and armaan woh toh pahle se hi kudh ko bhul chuka haii.

she heard some foot steps wich got her back in this world, and then she realised what they were doing.

she pussed   him.

armaan got confused due to this but then he realised waht happen.

they both were felling so imbressed, riddhima was not able to meet his eyes.

so she ran from there.

and locked her self in her bathroom.

she was panting badly 
ri - what was i doing. ohh goood plz help meee. 
ri - ye kaisi felling thi i cant understand anything goood hum pagal ho jayege.
plzz help meee

where as armaan was still standing there.
ar - oh god why i can't i control kyo use apne paas pa kar mai apne aap par kabu nahi rakh pata.
kya soch rahi hogi woh mere baare mai.
i am world biggest jerk.
he was busy cursing himself when shashkan called him.

ar -  yes paa apne bulaya mujhe
sh- ha ammy tumhe kisi se milwana tha
and he signaled toward his left.
sh-  meet sidhant modi, u know na mr. modi my frnd unke bete hai ab yahi rahege , coz he got admission in ur college
so take care him.
ar -  hello sidhant.
sid- hi armaan 
sh - ridzi kaha hai maine usse bhi bulya tha.
ri -  hum yaha hai paa
sh-  aoo riddhima beta plz meet siddhant.
ri - hello siddhant.
he forward his hand
sid-  hye ridhhima mere dost mujhe sid kahte haiii
ri - hello sid

ar -   dushman kya khate hai woh bhi bata dete toh mere liye asani ho jaati.
sid- kuch kaha tumne.
ar -  nahi tohhh
sh- ok sid chlo mai tumhe ghar dikh deta hu.
shanki was showing sid house while armaan and riddhima were busy seeing each other by the corners of ther eyes.

feewww at last updated hye guys mujhe marna mat agar acha na lage toh coz kitne dino mai thora thora kar ke likha haiii
plz do tell me like it or not.

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Posted: 06 November 2011 at 6:12am | IP Logged

Hey Ish hi!!!!! yeh kya sis...mujhe iske bare mein bilkul nahi pata tha...i mean iss FF ke bare meinCry
n u didn't tell me either!!!! i'm katti with u...
But this is sooo it!!!!!!! Caught up with all the parts n they're beautiful...awww Armaan loves Riddhima, so's really awesome to see how he's feeling n then his thoughts...even for Riddhima!!!! Love how AA, RM r here!!!!!!!!
hmm...Armaan , prince wow!!! love it...
Fairy Tale FF...great going...Love it Loads!!!!!!!!!
haha really laugh when Armaan was going to kiss Atul thinking he's RiddhimaLOL...n Modi???? what's he doing here?????Angry

Cont soon
Take care
Love u Loads but still katti with u

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sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 November 2011 at 6:17am | IP Logged

Damm I am secondCry

Congrts PriiiWink


Finally after like ages I am here to edit my res...Shhooolly for delay...But you know na,how much hardworking is ur mommy..But Finally I read all the chapters...And I just love the Story to the core...Awieee...Ridzy called Armaan,Lav,choo chweeett...I just love AR Relationship in the FF...too adorable,...Armaan and his Pranks,just out of this world...Awwiee So Armaan already realise his love for his basket an also start his  pagalpanti like almost kiss Atul...But ye Sid kahaan se aa gaya yaar...Plzz don't bring him between to read next chapter...phir wahan bhi toh comment dena hai...Take care

Lots of Love

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awesome part

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