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Maneet FF: Finally Found Ya, Epilogue (p102) Mar19,2015 (Page 79)

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waiting waiting waiting waiting waitinggg

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When's the next update?

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Chapter 16: Part I



The early-morning sun peeked through the fluttering curtains. The chirping of birds and movement in the home could be heard in the silent bedroom. His moves economical, Maan put on his cream-colored vest and pulled a dark tie over his head. Tightening the knot, he gave one final glance in the mirror, ensuring that all was impeccable before striding out of the room. He was already on his phone, barking orders at Adi before he had stepped through the doorway. "No, Adi. I want you to schedule an appointment with the Saxenas in the afternoon, and Mr. Khanna in the evening." Entering the empty dining room, he sat down at the head of the table. Eyeing the spread laid out before him, he grabbed a piece of toast, biting it, before turning back to the voice on the other end of the line. "No, not the prints. We need to work on-"


The phone was pulled from his hand abruptly. Maan turned to glare at the person who had dared to take the cell, ready to rain thunder on the individual. His eyes widened in disbelief when he saw the woman standing in front of him.


"Maan! Not at the dining table. This is family time! Even if there isn't much of your family around yet," she finished ruefully, glancing up the stairs. She cupped her hands around her mouth. "Oi! Hello up there! Why aren't you down here yet?"


"Coming!" came the reply from his missing son.


Maan stared at the fragile hand still clenched around his cell phone, jumping slightly when she shouted. "What? Geet?" Or he tried to speak, but he seemed to have lost his voice. His eyes narrowed, trying to understand what was going on. How could Geet be ...?


She pulled back a little bit and flashed him another happy smile. She posed for him and looked down at herself before looking at him enquiringly once more.


He shook his head in confusion. "What?" he finally asked, leaning back and folding his arms over his chest. "What are you talking about Miss Handa?" he barked at her, his confusion growing by the minute.


"Miss Handa, huh?" she  murmured teasingly, crossing her arms over her chest, as well. "Aren't we being formal today? Well, Mr. Khurana," she murmured, moving closer, "you know that I haven't been Ms. Handa for a very long time," she finished, by now whispering into his ear. "Not since you made me your Mrs."


"My Mrs. what?!" he demanded, flinching slightly as her moist breath touched his ear. He stiffened when he felt her hands moving up his arms. He then felt her arms wrap around his neck gently, enclosing him in her warmth. He choked, attempting to pull away, but he couldn't seem to move. His lids fell slightly, as he fell under the spell of her touch. Her cheek, her silky skin, came to rest against his. He inhaled deeply, taking in that sweet scent that was uniquely Geet's, allowing himself to rest for just a moment in her arms.


"Mrs. Khurana, there's a phone call for you," an embarrassed male voice intruded from the side, distracting Maan before he could fall further under her spell.


'What the hell are you doing?!!' The mental shout pulled him back from the precipice. Jerking away from Geet, he looked around frantically for Dadi Ma. But no, that had been his own voice . . . his own conscience berating him. Dadi Ma wasn't here. If his Dadi Ma had been here, how would he explain this scene to her?


"Ranjeev, I've told you to call me Geet Ma'am. The way everyone does around here. No one calls us Mrs. Khurana in this household," she admonished lightly, before taking the phone from the servant. She waved him away before beginning to talk on the phone.


Maan's jaw dropped when he realized that the man was calling Geet Mrs. Khurana. He looked around, trying to figure out what was going on. Was this some sort of prank that Geet was playing on him with Dadi Ma? Were the two, along with all the servants, colluding together to make a fool out of him?


"Hi, Pari. Yes. Really? Okay. I'll see you in an hour," she said before hanging up.


Maan stared down at the food on his plate, glaring at the now congealed eggs. Just what was going on? Where was Dadi Ma? Was she laughing at him from some corner. He glanced around once more, growing more irritated at his own confusion.


"Maan! Look at me!" Geet demanded.


"Since when has she started to leave off the Sir?" he muttered near silently to himself, still searching for his elusive grandmother.


So?" Geet asked again, coming back to stand in front of him. She grabbed him by the chin, pinching the flesh lightly, and turned his eyes back to her. "Well?"


Maan gazed at her intently, but could only be mesmerized by her radiant beauty. It was enough of a distraction that he couldn't formulate a thought to save himself.  "I don't see anything," Maan finally muttered in reply. 'Besides how beautiful you are,' he begrudgingly thought to himself. "What am I supposed to be seeing?"


"Maan, you are such a man!" Geet murmured in vexation. "Look at me!"


"I've done nothing but look since you came to our home!" he growled back. 'What the hell did you just say?!" he shouted at himself, mortified by his outburst.


"At what I'm wearing," she replied, unfazed by his temper or his admission.


His eyes moved over her body, finally taking in for the first time that she was wearing a sari. He'd never seen her in sari. A silvery-white piece of art that molded to her body lovingly, accentuating her beauty even more. Her arms and shoulders bare. Flashes of her belly. Her upper back, as she turned to throw a glance up the stairs. Geet had always been beautiful. It was a beauty he had found hard to ignore.


But now . . . she was ethereal. A goddess in human form.


His body tightened as he fought the surge of emotions welling up inside of him.


The jewelry around her neck caught his eye, and he was unwillingly fascinated by the intricacy of the necklace. Her hand came up to touch it nervously before falling away.


She smiled at him. "It matches my ring," she said softly. "Thank you," she whispered. She walked over to him and leaned down. Maan's eyes wandered up her body to land on her face, which now seemed to be too close. His eyes widened at the emotion he saw in her eyes, He felt her breath against his lips, her sweet scent wrapping around him once more. And just like that, he fell under her spell once more. She leaned in a little more and planted a soft kiss against his lips.


"You look beautiful," he muttered, watching her move to the other side of the table. "Absolutely beautiful." He cleared his throat, disconcerted by the compliment that had escaped.


He glanced around once more. His eyes going to the window through which the sun peeked. The picture on the wall had his eyes widening again. He heard the shrieks of the children from the floor above. He gazed at the woman sitting across from him, his heart clenching at the love in her eyes. It scared him how much he wanted that to be true. Dadi Ma wasn't here. She was still on her pilgrimage. Sitting back in his chair, he closed his eyes.


A dream. It was all a dream. He exhaled silently.


"Thank you," she said, her voice distracting him from his disappointment. Geet sat down and pulled a plate of apples toward her. She began to peel them.


"But you know . . .," he burst out.


She gazed at him questioningly.


"You are never wearing that sari in public," he said sternly. "This beauty is-"


"Only for my eyes," Geet finished with a roll of her eyes. "Maan stop being so selfish. The world-"


"Deserves to see my beauty," he finished drily for her. He froze for a moment. 'Now, how did I know what she would say?' He felt himself falling deeper into this oddly compelling dream. And he didn't want to fight it.


She laughed delightedly and reached out to pinch his cheek.


There was joyous laughter coming from upstairs. The two glanced up and then smiled at each other.


"The kids are having fun," he commented, watching her push the apples toward him.


"Eat," she commanded. "Well, it's not often they have a chance to play with their cousins. So, I'll let them be a little late for breakfast."


Cousins? He sat back, wondering at that. Which cousins? Who were the parents?


"And of course our three," she murmured. "Soon to be . . . four," she whispered, placing a hand over her womb.


He choked on a bite of apple. "Four?" he gasped, once he was able to get the words out.


"Four," she confirmed. "I just hope it's a girl this ti-"


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


"Ooph," he muttered, as something landed on his bed, shaking the world around him. It was enough to pull him from his sleep.


"Daddy! Wake up!" Rahul grumbled, shaking him.


"Rahul," a voice whispered fiercely from the other side of the room. Maan assumed that it was coming from the doorway to Rahul's room. "I told you not to bother your father."


"But, Geet Didi," Rahul whined. "You said ..."


"Rahul, come here, please," Geet whispered back. "Your father was up all night working on his projects with Adi Jeeja Ji and Pari. You know this was the second night they have done this. Don't you remember Pinky Didi was here the night before last? We even played games until you fell asleep. Last night they went to sleep at 4:00 AM. He needs more sleep!"


There was a moment of silence. "How did you know that Geet Didi?" Rahul asked inquisitively. "Were you spying on them while I was sleeping? Weren't you bored?"


"Never mind how I know," Geet shot back. "Now come over here and stop bothering your daddy. You think I don't know that you're hoping that he will wake up with you talking over his head?"


"Well, he should get up by now," Rahul muttered, getting off the bed. He stomped over to Geet, his arms crossed over his chest. "Why should he get to sleep when I'm awake?"


Maan watched the two of them walk through the door, his eyes lingering on Geet's figure, looking angelic in white. He nestled deeper into the pillow, and sleepily smiled at Geet when she took one final peek in his direction.


She gasped lightly when their eyes met and flushed a rosy red. Turning around, she scampered through the door and snapped it shut behind her.


Maan closed his eyes, tempted to go back to sleep and dream a little more. It had been a dream. A good dream. A wonderful dream. And seeing Geet first thing in the morning had been the icing on the cake. He closed his eyes, wondering when he had fallen so deeply. He opened them once more to gaze at the door that they had walked through.


"Can't she be my mommy?" Rahul's words, when he asked him that question two nights ago, still rang in his ears. He'd seen the trepidation his son had felt in asking. He had also seen the hope. The last two nights he had worked hard and kept himself distracted. Maan had fought the truth, but he didn't want to anymore. It wouldn't work anyways. She was in his mind . . . she'd claimed a part of his soul.

He wanted to love without fear. He wanted to give someone his trust and know that he wouldn't receive betrayal in return. He wanted to go to sleep every night with her in his arms. He wanted to meet her in his dreams. He wanted to see her every morning. He wanted . . .

"I want Geet," he softly admitted to himself.



"Maan beta, there you are," Dadi Ma said, leaning up to plant a kiss against his cheek. "It feels like I haven't seen in you forever," she commented, hugging him tightly before stepping back. "Let's eat breakfast. Geet beta and Rahul are already at the table. You came down a little late this morning?" she asked questioningly, as they walked toward the dining table.


His phone rang, and he automatically reached for it. But then . . . staring at the people waiting at the table for him, he pulled the phone out and turned it off.


This was family time.


"I just decided to have a lie in," he answered quickly, intent on asking the questions that he needed answered. "Dadi Ma, when did you come back home?" Maan demanded, gazing down at his smiling grandmother. "Weren't you supposed to come back this evening? If you had said something, I could have come to pick you up from the airport."


"You didn't need to do that, Maan beta," Dadi Ma assured him. "As for why I came home early . . . let's just say that I got the answers I needed," Dadi Ma replied gently. "I thought it was time to come home." She stared around the dining room, her eyes moving over the cream-colored walls and the flowers that cheered up the room. "I see that Geet has taken good care of the house and both of you while I was gone. I knew that I could trust her to keep my home safe."


Maan's eyes went to Geet before flitting away.


"Maan, I was thinking that we should have a party," his grandmother said suddenly.


"Party? Why?" Maan asked, gazing quizzically at his grandmother.


"Since when have the Khuranas needed a reason to have a party?" Dadi Ma replied with a smile. "I just think we need to have this party. A reason to celebrate. It's important," she stressed the words.


"Why is it so important, Dadi Ma?" he asked quietly, leaning in to hear his grandmother's answer.


"I had a dream."

A/N: Sorry for the long wait. As always, I will finish this fanfic, but expect long delays in between the updates. I update when my availability, inspiration and motivation all align.




Chapter 17: Kurbaan Hua, Part II

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wooow an updte..ty dearie

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awesommme one...lovvvd it...thanx a looot for posting...continue sooonSmileSmile

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maan dream fab now maan decided he wants geet superb dadi asking to arrange a party

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omg  ...UPDATE Party

fantastic update dear ...

superb :)

finally u r back...Smile

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nice  update

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