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Maneet FF: Finally Found Ya, Epilogue (p102) Mar19,2015 (Page 65)

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Chapter 14: Bare Naked Truth


Geet sat in her room, her face flushed from thoughts of the past half hour. Flapping her hands in front of her face, she tried to talk herself down from the embarrassment she had had to face when they had gone back to face her family.

"This is what happens when you let your fears get the best of you," she muttered to herself. How long? How long was she going to let her past keep a hold on her? If she hadn't let her fears get the best of her in that room, none of this would have happened. There would have been no hug. No Rahul getting hysterical. No Maan firing her and then coming over to apologize. And then no precocious kid telling her friends and family about that impromptu hug.

She moaned, falling over to hide her burning face in the pillow. She couldn't believe that Rahul had told her parents that she had been hugging his father! Turning over, she lay on her back with a pained huff and stared up at the ceiling.

Her parents hadn't doubted her for a moment. They'd had faith in her. She'd only had to mention that the electricity had gone out when she was all alone for them to understand. A bleak look had passed over her father's face, a moment of regret in her mother's eyes to make her realize that they still blamed themselves for not protecting her in the past.

Geet huffed out another breath of exasperation. Admittedly, Pinky had teased her about it, but even she hadn't thought anything shameful had gone on between her and her boss. How could she tell her best friend the thoughts she had about Maan Sir day and night. How could she ever admit the dreams she'd begun to have?

She growled at the thought of that man. Mr. Maan Singh Khurana. A man who was so confident and powerful in every other aspect of his life. She snorted at that. The coward had raced out the door, with hardly a pause to grab his reluctant son. He'd left her to make all of the explanations.

She pouted, fingers coming up to touch where his fingers had grasped her chin a while ago. She could still feel his warm grip on her sensitized flesh.

Letting her fingers fall away from her face, she firmed her lips. She was going back to work. Now that she had made that decision, she would wholeheartedly throw herself into it, and . . . she locked away those tremulous sensations his touch had evoked . . . she had to keep her heart safe. She had to keep those two at a distance. There was no use falling for them when she would only have to leave at the end.

There was a soft knock on the door. Geet got up and called out for the knocker to come in. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw that it was Pammi Bhabi. "I thought that you had gone to sleep a while ago," Geet murmured. "Is everything alright? Did you need something?" She quickly got up and went over to Pammi, who was still hesitating in the doorway. "Please come in," Geet urged, pulling at Pammi's elbow.

"I don't want to intrude," Pammi said softly, gazing at Geet for a moment. "You were in bed," she said with a sigh. "We can talk later."

"No!" Geet protested. "I wasn't sleeping. I was just driving myself crazy thinking about this evening. In fact you'd be doing me favor by coming in and distracting me."

Pammi smiled faintly at the petulance in Geet's voice. They sat down and Geet stared at Pammi. She noticed the sadness in the woman's eyes and it made her wonder what had driven this woman from her home.

"I'm sorry, Pammi Bhabi," Geet said.

Pammi looked at her in surprise. "For what?"

"You are a guest in our home, and I haven't been the host you deserve. Along with my father and mother, it is my duty to look after your comfort. Not to mention Lucky Bhai's. I haven't been doing that."

"Well, we haven't been the greatest guests, have we?" Pammi replied. "What kind of guest just shows up without any warning?" she asked. She looked away from the questions in Geet's eyes.

"Is . . .," Geet hesitated for a moment. "Is everything alright at home?" she asked Pammi, noticing the tears that had welled up in the other woman's eyes. "How are Teji veerji and Beeji?" she asked, asking about Pammi Bhabi's husband, a man who was also Geet's cousin, and Pammi's mother-in-law. "And how is . . . ?" her voice trailed off, unsure of how she could ask about them.

Pammi put her hand on Geet's in understanding, squeezing it in an effort to give her comfort. "Your aunt and uncle are well," she said. "Rajji and Titu are busy with their studies."

"Rajji is going to school?" Geet asked with tears in her eyes. Rajji and Titu had been her closest friends, along with being her paternal cousins, as she grew up in Hoshiarpur. They'd grown up in the same household. Circumstances had separated them, but Geet still ached for that closeness they used to share. And she was especially happy to hear this news. "She's leaving the house and doing things again?"

"She wanted to finish her studies," Pammi replied. "She wanted to be like her Geet didi."

Geet winced at those words. "I guess that didn't go over too well with aunt and uncle."

Pammi shook her head sadly. "But they also wanted their daughter back. So, they gave in and she's started again. Teji and Beeji are fine, as well. Still as busy as ever trying to protect their reputation in our small community. Despite everything that has happened," Pammi finished off, a faint bitterness flavoring her words.

Geet's eyes became somber at those words. "How is Nandini?" she asked softly.

"You know what happened with her and Daman," Pammi said sadly. "After he took her dowry and abandoned her on their wedding night, she was in shock."

Geet nodded sadly, thinking about the pain her cousin had gone through. Although Geet and her parents had not been invited to the festivities, she had been truly happy to hear about Nandini's marriage. It would have been the first happy moments after everything that had happened in Hoshiarpur. But Daman had run off after obtaining Nandini's dowry, and Nandini had been left heartbroken.

"She wouldn't come out of it no matter what we did. She just couldn't believe that a man could betray her like that. And you know that she'd only agreed because Teji and her mother wanted her to get married. She wouldn't go back to school. She didn't read. Until finally, her mother and brother decided to quietly get her married again."

"Nandini agreed to that?" Geet asked, shocked to the core. "Why would they push her into another marriage?"

"I tried to speak up, but who listens to me," Pammi responded softly. "They thought they knew better."

"And is she adjusting? Is she any better?"

"She's . . . content, I guess you could say," Pammi concluded. "She will never be the Nandini she was before," Pammi asserted, gazing at Geet. "She won't ever allow herself to be happy. The fear has set in too deeply. But she is accepting, if a bit more harsher. And her husband is a good man. He cares enough for her to handle her bitterness."

Geet nodded, understanding the fear that held Nandini in its grasp. While she was still dealing with her own pain, she was no longer bitter. She wouldn't let anger and fear keep her from forging a happy life for herself and her parents. And nothing, not the pain she had suffered in the past, nor the fear she suffered from even today would keep her from fighting for her happiness.

"Lucky Bhai seems a lot more quiet nowadays," Geet commented in a questioning tone. She remembered her cousin and how fun-loving he used to be. He had always had a kind word for his younger cousins, and would always take care to keep them entertained when Geet's family went to Amritsar to visit. He would also protect them from Brij Veerji's unreasonable anger and had been hit a time or two in his quest to keep Geet safe.

"Lucky," Pammi sighed. "He confessed to Beeji that there was a girl he liked about three years ago," she whispered in a confiding tone. "It was right around the time they were setting up Nandini's engagement with Daman. Beeji shut him down and refused to listen to another word."

"And the girl he liked?" Geet asked, staring at Pammi.

"Her father married her off a couple of months later. Beeji made him attend the wedding, since they were the premier family in Amritsar and they had to keep up appearances," Pammi said unhappily. "I tried to . . . but there was really no point, was there?"

"Why are you here, Pammi Bhabi?" Geet suddenly asked, a fear growing inside of her. This woman was the perfect housewife and daughter-in-law. She never put a foot out of line, but to suddenly show up out of the blue . . . something had to have happened for her to have taken this step. "What's wrong? You would never have come here if everything was alright."

Pammi looked away for a moment and then turned back, obviously forcing herself to meet Geet's eyes. "I'm pregnant, Geet."

A smile grew on Geet's face and she moved forward to hug Pammi. "Congratulations!" she exclaimed, pulling back. The smile left her face when she saw that Pammi wasn't smiling.

"I've spent years in that household listening to Beeji's stinging remarks on my inability to become pregnant. I've been married for over a decade, getting married when I was only sixteen, and I already feel used up at 28." She sighed unhappily. "When I found out I was pregnant, I was so happy. Not because I was finally going to give that household an heir. That never came into it. I was happy because I would have someone that I could love unabashedly and no one would criticize me for that. That little being would be mine as no one in that household has ever been," she muttered disjointedly, turning her eyes away when she saw the shock in Geet's eyes.

"Pammi Bhabi, what happened?" Geet asked. "When did everything become so horrible for you?"

"I know that this is hard for you to hear," Pammi replied unhappily. "I know that they are your family, and who would like to hear or believe such things about their own family?"

"Believe me," Geet quickly interjected, "I know how important it is to see when someone is doing wrong. It's important to fight back," she said fiercely, "Regardless of whether they are your family or not."

"I've never been happy in that household, Geet," Pammi confessed. "I was brought into that household at such a young age so that Beeji could mold me into the perfect daughter-in-law. But no matter how hard I tried, it was never enough. Do you have any idea how hard it is to not have the respect of your husband? To see the disgust in his eyes every time you fail to live up to his expectations or to his mother's unreasonable demands?" Pammi asked fiercely, the look in her eyes bleak as she thought about all those times she had tried and failed. "They're too harsh. Too strong. They have never tried to understand the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of a mere mortal like me."

Geet reached out and clasped Pammi's hands in comfort. "I'm so sorry," she whispered softly, not wanting to see this sweet woman in pain any longer.

"When I found out that I was pregnant with a girl, I had to leave. They would . . . that family would poison my daughter. Ruin her life out of outdated notions of what a woman's place is in this world. Look at what they did to Nandini . . . to Rajji . . . to you. I couldn't turn to my own family. They married me off when I was 16 years old. I wanted to study. I wanted to do something with my life and find my identity. Only then did I want marriage. But my family wouldn't listen. I couldn't go to them for haven."

Geet made a noise of protest.

"You know the kind of environment we grow up in, Geet," she gently reminded her. "When I found out my child was a girl, I knew that I needed to get away from them. They weren't happy about the fact that she was a girl. And I'm not going to let my daughter suffer from the same slights and contempt that I have had to suffer because of my sex. Lucky was willing to bring me. He was always different from the others." She looked at Geet entreatingly. "There was nowhere else I could go," she confessed in a choked whisper. "I'm sorry."

"You have nothing to be sorry about," Geet insisted. "You will always be welcome here. I had no idea that things were so bad for you. You never complained, Bhabi."

"I never felt like I had that right," Pammi whispered. "I never felt I had the right to demand anything. But," she placed a hand on her womb, "I will do anything for this child. I'm going to fight for her rights like I never fought for my own. She's not going to learn that her in-laws don't have to respect her. She's not going to learn that might is right." Her face twisted in pain, and she took a deep breath, forcing herself to calm down. She turned to look at Geet with a smile. "I want my daughter to be like you."

Geet's eyes widened in shock, her breath catching in her throat. "Pammi Bhabi," she tried to say, but there was no sound. Tears welled up in her eyes. "How can you say that?" she said hoarsely. "Even knowing what I did."

"You saved yourself and countless others," Pammi said softly. "I don't want my daughter to be the one who needs saving. I want her to be the one that does the saving. Like you."


Geet stepped into the Khurana mansion the next morning, eyeing the empty hallway with trepidation. 'Do you expect him to jump out at you?' she wondered to herself. 'Stop acting weirdly. Everything is going back to normal. Nothing has changed. He is just your boss.' She lectured herself as she made her way down the hallway.

"Geet beta."

Geet squealed in surprise, a hand going up to her furiously pounding heart.

"Dadi Ma," she said smilingly, moving into the living room. "Good morning."

"Geet beta, I'm so happy that you're back," Dadi Ma said, reaching out to hold Geet's hand. "When my idiotic grandson misunderstood you yesterday and sent you out of here with those grief-stricken eyes, I could have disowned him," Dadi Ma proclaimed. "I couldn't believe that he would doubt you," she exclaimed. "Haven't you proven how much you care for all of us repeatedly?" she demanded.

"Dadi Ma," Geet cried out. "It's okay. I understood. I was hurt," she quickly stated when she saw that Dadi Ma was about to protest. "I was incredibly hurt, but Rahul was hurt, too. He caught me hugging his father," she admitted, the heat flaring in her cheeks. She looked up and saw Dadi Ma hiding a smile.

"It wasn't with any nefarious purpose," Geet quickly explained. "I have a fear of the dark," she defended herself, when she saw that Dadi Ma continued to smile knowingly at her. "When the electricity went out and Maan Sir came in, I just reacted to having someone near me and grabbed him. Rahul witnessed that and thought I was another Sameera. Maan Sir reacted to Rahul's fear and lashed out. There really wasn't anything going on," she assured the other woman.

"A pity," Savitri Devi muttered.

"I'm sorry?" Geet asked.

"I said it was a pity my grandson exploded at you without thinking about it first. I'm sorry that you were hurt, beta." She patted Geet's hand. "I'm glad that you are giving all of us another chance."

"I couldn't break Rahul's heart," Geet admitted. "He's already been hurt too much by his previous nanny. He made his peace with the hug. In fact, he's given us permission to hug as much as we want," Geet said shamefacedly. "I'm going to explain to him that it was just a one off and it's not going to happen again."

"Pity," Dadi Ma murmured.

"I'm sorry?" Geet asked again.

"I said that it would be a pity," Savitri Devi said with a soft smile. Reaching out a hand to briefly caress Geet's cheek, she said, "Thank you for coming back, beta."

Geet blinked at her, tilting her head to the side. A look of confusion appeared on her face.

"Forgive an old woman for her ramblings," she continued. "I don't know what my grandson would have done without you in his life."

"You mean your great-grandson, right?" Geet asked hesitantly.

"Him, too," Dadi Ma said complacently.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Dadi Ma, are you alright?"


"Rahul, wake up!" Geet called, as she sailed into her young charge's room. There was no response. "Time to get up," she said, moving over to the bed and pulling back the covers. Her eyes widened in surprise when she realized that he was missing. Her brow wrinkled in thought. He had to be in his father's room. Glancing at her watch, she realized that Maan Sir would have already left the office. There was no danger of meeting him today. Not even if she went to his room.

Although, she frowned lightly, it wasn't a good thing that the man even worked on the weekend. When did he ever have time to relax? She shook her head quickly. It was none of her business what he chose to do when the rest of the world was resting.

Swiftly walking toward the connecting door between the two rooms, she opened them and sailed through. Her eyes widened at the mess of toys on the floor. Yep, Rahul had definitely been here last night. And, from the lump she could see under the blankets, he had decided to stay.

"Rahul, it's time to get up," she sang out. The little figure grumbled before covering his head with the blanket. "Rahul, it's late. You can't spend the entire day sleeping," she reprimanded him. "You have to get up and be active."

"What, didi?!" Rahul complained, jerking down the blanket. "It's Saturday. People are supposed to rest on the weekends!"

Geet silently nodded her head in agreement at that statement.

"Can't I sleep a little bit more?" he wheedled, his eyes remaining closed.

"Fine," Geet said with a chuckle. "You have another half hour, but that's it. When you get up, we're going to do your homework before we get to play. Promise?"

"Promise," Rahul said grudgingly before pulling the blanket back up once more.

Shaking her head at the mess around her, she got down on her knees. She began to pick up the toys, putting them in Rahul's toy wagon. They would move everything over to Rahul's room once he got up. Her hands were reaching for a toy under the bed when she heard a door open. Geet froze for a moment and then peeked over the top of the bed. Her brow wrinkled in confusion when she saw the bathroom door was now open. "Who . . .?" she murmured to herself.

Her eyes widened and she gasped silently when a half-naked Maan Singh Khurana strode out of the bathroom. Geet's mouth dropped open when her eyes fell upon his naked chest, her gaze focused on the water that still glistened upon that mouth-wateringly tempting expanse. She stopped breathing when she saw he had only a towel wrapped around his waist.

She quickly closed her eyes, crouching back down behind the bed. She wondered frantically what she could do. 'Crawl out of here, Geet Handa,' she silently ordered herself. 'Crawl out of here before he sees you and misunderstands again . . . All that golden skin,' she moaned to herself, distracted by his beautiful physique. 'He looks like a golden God! . . . What is wrong with the man? Doesn't he have any sense of propriety? Why does he insist on always parading this way in front of me so?' she thought to herself, purposefully forgetting the fact that the two times she had seen him thus, he had been in the privacy of his own bedroom and she had been the intruder.

She kept her eyes closed, not wanting to chance any further glimpses that could sear themselves into her pure mind. She hmphed silently. She was an innocent girl, and she did not need these kinds of images circling around in her head, especially not when the man was tempting enough fully clothed.

She tried to move swiftly and silently, cursing when the hand that held the toy landed against the floor, causing the toy to squeak in protest when it was squashed beneath the weight of her hand.

"Geet didi," Rahul growled, glaring at her from over the side of the bed, "You promised me another half hour!"

"Go back to sleep," she ordered him tightly, her eyes staring helplessly at the man standing on the other side of the bed, his arms now crossed over that magnificently naked chest.

She took a deep breath, opening her mouth to say something . . . anything, and ended up squawking like a chicken.

His eyebrows rose at that familiar noise. "This is becoming quite a habit, Miss Handa."

She got up, her knees trembling. "You were supposed to be at work," she whispered accusingly at him.

He raised an eyebrow at that. "It's Saturday," he replied.

"You don't ever seem to know that there's a difference between the weekend and weekdays," she argued back at him in a fierce whisper. "Why now? Why today?"

"My prerogative," he said with a shrug. They gazed at each other for a moment. "Geet?" he finally prompted in a low voice. "Do you plan on leaving anytime soon?" Though the words were sardonic, his eyes remained helplessly riveted to the creamy blush covering her cheeks, and the manner in which she nibbled at her lip in embarrassment.

The toy Geet still held clutched close to her chest squeaked in protest when her hands tightened around it. She closed her eyes for a moment, before stepping back. "I'm sorry," she said in a strangled whisper, and raced to the door, her eyes closed once more. She didn't know why she thought that closing her eyes would help this time. She stumbled over what was probably another dratted toy, and felt herself falling. The squeaky toy went flying as she clutched at air trying to save herself. She was going to fall. She knew it.

But instead of landing upon the floor, she landed in the arms of Maan Singh Khurana. Her eyes popped open, and she clutched at him in a compulsive effort to be safe. Her heart began to beat furiously at his proximity, her eyes gazing into his.

She heard the rustle of cloth, and the weight of something falling across her legs. Her eyes began to lower, wondering at the sudden weight.

"Uh uh, eyes up here," he ordered softly.

Her gaze flew back up to meet his. "What . . . ?"

"I'm afraid in my efforts to catch you," he explained, "my towel lost the struggle and has now fallen at your feet."

"You're . . .," she swallowed nervously. "You're naked," she was finally able to squeak out. Her eyes began to lower once more, unable to believe this truth. Realizing what she was about to do to her innocent eyes, she snapped them back up to meet his gaze.

A flush appeared on Maan's cheeks, his eyes moving away from hers for a moment before turning back to look at her.

Geet began to struggle against him, needing to place some distance between her too warm body and his nakedness. Drops of water had begun fall upon her face and chest, each one with stinging coolness to her overheated skin.

Maan stood her up, turning her around by the shoulders to face the connecting doors. She gasped slightly when she felt his hands slide down from her shoulders, across her bare arms, to touch his hands to hers for a brief moment. Geet's eyes closed, her body trembling lightly at the sensations coursing through her body from a mere touch.

He cleared his throat, and she felt him step away. Pushing her gently towards the door, his hand reached out from behind and opened it for her. Pushing her through the doors, she heard him begin to close it.

"While I don't expect this to happen again, I would suggest you do a thorough check of the premises before you make yourself at home in my room, Miss Handa." She could hear the amusement in his voice. "The first time you saw me in my boxers. Today it was a towel. Who knows what your innocent gaze might encounter on your next foray into my bedroom. Be careful." With that final warning, he shut the door behind her, depriving her of any further views of his body.

A very small part of her, the distinctly wicked part of her buried deep within, was slightly disappointed.


Chapter 15: Light

A/N: I apologize for the long wait. Thank you for everyone that urged me to update and let me know that you were still waiting. While I cannot update with any consistency, just be assured that I will finish this fanfic. Don't forget to leave comments and let me know what you think of the chapter.

If you would like notifications of future updates, please subscribe to or follow my blog: darkice712's Blog

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