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Maneet FF: Finally Found Ya, Epilogue (p102) Mar19,2015

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Posted: 05 July 2011 at 5:44pm | IP Logged

In Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, Dev blames Naintara for all of his past actions. Defrauding Geet, sleeping with her, impregnating her, and then abandoning her at the airport are all crimes that have been laid at Naintara's feet. And it seems that everyone in the show has bought into the fact that Naintara was completely at fault, even her brother Arjun. The drama argues that Dev was merely a tool, and a tool can't be blamed for how it is used, can it?

Ultimately, it is shown that there are two types of people in this world. Those who have strength and force of character, which they may use for good or evil. They are the ones that bend others to their will. And, by default, become the leaders. The second type of people are the ones that lack direction and an ability to think for themselves. They are the ones who bend. And they, by default, become the followers. In Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, as we know it, Naintara was the leader, and Dev the follower.

Therefore, the natural thought that comes to mind is: What if Dev had never married Naintara? How would the story have unfolded then?

My fanfic will draw out that story.

In this story, Dev never marries Naintara.

They never come to Hoshiarpur.

Geet does not suffer at Dev's hands.

And she does not meet Maan.

What happens then?

I will use the characters and the relationships that we know up until the Amritsar track. Trying to incorporate what is currently happening on the show into the story may not be possible; therefore, I will most likely leave that alone.

I will no longer be sending out PMs, because I have only a limited amount of time to write, and I'd rather use that time writing. I am also posting this story on my blog. If you would like updates, you can always subscribe to my blog and you will receive an e-mail every time I make a new post. Here is the link:

Simply click on the SIGN ME UP button on the left side of the screen after inputting your e-mail address.

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"Dev? Dev! Open the door!" a harsh voice called from outside. "Everyone is here. The wedding guests are waiting. Naintara is waiting. Open up!" An angered fist banged against the door.

"I tried to get him to come out," another male voice blurted out. "But there was no answer. I don't know what he is doing in there, Maan Bhai." The worry and agitation could be heard in the younger voice.

"Get the key, Vicky," he ordered impatiently.

After a few minutes of silence, the door was roughly opened and two figures came inside.

Maan Singh Khurana stepped into brother's room, looking around impatiently for any traces of the missing groom. Dev's shervani and sehra were on the bed, and there was an envelope placed carefully beside them.

"Where is he?" he barked at the younger man. "You were supposed to be helping him get dressed. You were supposed to be distracting him. That's what brothers are for on a day like this."

"He told me he wanted to be alone," Vicky replied unhappily. "I didn't think that anything like this would happen. I swear to you, I didn't know."

"Go ask Annie and Kamya. They might know something," Maan ordered, staring at the envelope on the bed. His gaze remained on that white paper, even as he heard Vicky turning tail and running from the room. He remained unmoving, even when he heard Vicky's panicked voice calling to the two girls in the background.

His mind went back over the conversations that he had had with Dev in the past few weeks. He had thought nothing of them. Until now.

Bro, all my life, I have idealized you and wanted to be just like you. I have followed in your footsteps, going to the same schools and studying what you chose to study. I joined the clubs that you joined, and tried to take on the same responsibilities. After graduating, I actively sought to work in the positions that you worked in. I wanted to be you. I have gone even as far as trying to pick the same type of wom'well, that's neither here nor there.


I have come to realize that no matter how much I try, I can never be you. When I studied as much as you, I could never get the same grades. I was never the most popular. We worked on the same work projects, but I always failed. The more I failed, the harder it was to be around you. I could feel this resentment growing inside of me, which began to taint my relationship with you. It began to eat away at the respect I felt for you. I love you, bro, but my jealousy had begun to cloud my judgment. And in that state, I think I made a mistake. A big mistake. I don't know if I can ' forget it.


As the wedding looms closer and closer, something has been telling me to rethink all of this. I've begun to pay attention to things ' to people in a way that I hadn't been able to up until now. And it's because of someone that I hadn't even realized was there; someone who has been standing in my corner long before I deigned to notice them. Maybe this isn't the right choice for me, bro. Maybe '

His fingers clenched into fists, as he fought the anger and frustration roiling deep inside of him. He had been wrong. What he had thought of as cold feet had been so much more. Striding toward the bed, he quickly picked up the envelope. Opening it, he pulled out the note. He silently stared at the words, his face gradually going blank.

"Maan Bhai, Kamya and Annie said they know nothing. They wanted to come and see what was happening, but I held them off. Have you found anything?" Vicky asked, coming to stand next to his older brother. The look on his brother's face and the anger in his eyes frightened him.

Maan wordlessly handed the note to Vicky.


                        I can't marry Naintara.

                        I'm sorry.


Vicky inhaled sharply, his eyes widening in horror. "What are we going to do now?" he asked softly, turning to stare at Maan.

"The only thing that I can do," Maan responded, before striding through the open doorway behind him.

Chapter 1  :   Reason to Smile

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yash_bddpurvakashmaaneetvidz.manirajsribhavanasamanviindrani21decEnigma78asmi123gagsyfizza25Paingelmans22thendral_111hansasmashalinikanagubhakbhartifan-Elfin-varshakhedekar-BeingAppy-sakadafianukrislavumamatha.fullyfaltushruthiruchssweetiepieTinaSwissimli95chiki143bina_aits_meDiva7supernasahukavya.sravyasanam1234umystique_girlsanjuleeNav2010mysticangelprema_ksbabygurl10iqbals4everAtiffamoonlight2630-SmexySmile-A.Hajnaldreamymishti88nats0101_Jyothi_Susegadsporthy_smile28ammu5ritzy09-memorable-krati5honeygrape-Veritaserum-ajennshalini01esha143mrk-1sanu3108shalini_sshah10pop77kashishkcaller123kooliio-afsha-sweet scorpio6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6Shalvemaansee--Ratna--punam2712-Gemini-Craziest_MGmaaneetsangelShruti_GoyalSheenGciansirimiritaahir004tabby999Madhuri53todayzstarcookie._BlackPearl_DownhillDonnaasingh24

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sounds interesting..plzz add me

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ok ...  i kinda like  your idea but if it involves Maan getting married to NT , or even trying to get vicky married to her . then i will be very worried about the Maaneet aspect of it.

waiting for the next part.

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Chapter 1: Reason to Smile


Geet trudged home in the light drizzle, her shoulders slumped after the long day she had had.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Handa, but we won't be needing your services any longer."

"But, Mr. Malhotra said '"

"I don't care what my husband told you. But we will not need your services any longer."

Geet stared at the money in her hand, her fingers clenching tightly around the bills. She frowned fiercely tears burning in her eyes for a moment before she ruthlessly wiped them away.

"What did I do to deserve this, Babaji? What is it with these women and their fears? Especially after '," she paused in her muttering, not even wanting to say the words to herself. She shook her head decisively, and began to walk forward once more, her feet stomping now. "All I want is to do my job, take care of their children and save up money. Is that too much to ask? I need that money to pay for school, but do these women care? This is the '," she paused once more, counting on her fingers silently. "This is the fourth job that I have been fired from, and why? I don't even know, Babaji. It was so hard to find, and the job was perfect, too. It was so close to home that I didn't even have to waste money on bus fare." She stared up into the weeping skies. "But it'll be okay," she comforted herself. "Even if things don't work out now, I can just set my plans back until next se'"

"Geet! Geet Handa! Where are you going?" a voice called from behind her.

Geet turned to glare at the errant speaker, and realized that she was glaring at her own father. She blinked and then smiled hesitantly. "Papa Ji, what are you doing here?" Geet asked, striding back to her father. "Did you come to pick me up from work? You didn't have to do that. You know it's only a ten minute walk."

Mohinder Handa stared at his a daughter for a moment and then smiled sweetly. "Beta ji," he said, before grasping Geet by the shoulders and turning her to face the house behind them. "You're already home." Geet stared at the building and then blushed, beginning to laugh softly. Mohinder smiled to see the glow in his daughter's eyes. It had been a long time since he'd seen Geet smile this way. It did his heart good to see the weight lifted from his daughter's shoulders. Nothing was going to take Geet's happiness away. Not if he had anything to say about it. He nodded firmly to himself.

"Papa ji, what are you doing now?" Geet demanded, waving a hand in front of her father's face. "It's raining, and you're just standing here." Grabbing him by the arm, she pulled him into the house. "I don't know why he's always thinking to himself like that," she could be heard muttering to herself.

Mohinder laughed loudly, and walked after his daughter. "You have a guest," he offered to his still muttering daughter.

"Guest?! Who?" Geet asked, whirling around to gaze inquisitively at her father.

"Pinky's here," Mohinder revealed happily, smiling to see the joy blooming in Geet's face once more.

"Pinky!" Geet shouted happily, before turning around to race into the house.

"Geet, be careful," her father cautioned from behind her. "Don't hurt yourself."

Geet raced into the house, her exhaustion and worry forgotten. Squealing with happiness, she ran to Pinky and wrapped her arms around her best friend. "When did you get back?" she demanded, stepping back.

"Yesterday," Pinky replied, smiling back at Geet.

"And where is our dear Jeeja ji?" Geet asked, wiggling her eyebrows.

"He had to go back to work, and dropped me off here," Pinky replied with a pout. "He couldn't even stay one day with me before returning to work," she complained.

"Pinky! You were on your honeymoon for two weeks," Geet reminded her. Pinky brightened at that. "So?" she asked, prompting her friend.

"So what?" Pinky asked in confusion.

"How was the honeymoon?" Geet asked teasingly.

"Geet! Not in front of the family," Pinky said with a blush.

"Geet beta, you're back," Rano Handa said, standing in the doorway of the kitchen. "I have food ready."

"I'm not hungry, Maa," Geet murmured distractedly.

"Pinky, what about you?" Rano asked, turning to the girl she considered her second daughter.

"Nothing right now, Auntie Ji. Dad said that he'll be joining us. We'll eat then," Pinky replied over her shoulder, as Geet pulled her into her bedroom.

"So, how was it?" Geet demanded from Pinky. "How was everything? How is married life?"

Pinky smiled at seeing Geet so happy. She'd been worried that Geet would become depressed after her marriage, but that wasn't the case.

She thought back to how Geet used to be when she had come to Delhi with her family. She'd been so quiet and so lost. The Handas had stayed with her father and her before shifting into their own house next door. Mohinder uncle had started his own small business with his half of the family wealth, and Rano auntie had soon made friends in the neighborhood, but Geet ' Geet had been broken. It had taken Pinky a long time to gain Geet's trust, and then even longer to gain that first precious smile.

Geet was smiling more day by day, and seeing that made Pinky happy. Feeling a touch against her hand, Pinky turned to look at Geet once more.

"Where did you go off to?" Geet asked in worry. "You're happy, right? I thought ' since you've known him forever, that there wouldn't be any problems. He's treating you '"

"No, Geet, everything is fine," Pinky said with a laugh. "He's wonderful. There's nothing for you to worry about on that front. You're right. We've known each other forever. There's no hesitation between us." She blushed lightly. "We get along great. It was that wedding, you know, when he saw me again. And I was dressed up in all of my glory," she said with a smile, posing for Geet. "He started seeing me in a new light, and, when he began to pursue me, I realized how much I ' loved him too," she confessed with another blush.

"You're still blushing," Geet teased with a soft smile. Pinky hugged her fiercely before pulling back to stare at the lines on Geet's face. "We've talked enough about me. Tell me how you've been."

"I'm ' I'm fine," Geet murmured, looking away from Pinky's sharp gaze.

"Geet Handa," Pinky said warningly. "I know you're lying."

"I'm not lying," Geet shot back hotly. "I am fine."

"How's school?" Pinky asked.

"I'm going to have to take a break," Geet replied uncomfortably.

"A break? But you've been looking forward to getting your degree for so long. You've been saving up, and now, you're just taking a break? I don't know why you won't let uncle and auntie help you, but you insist on working," Pinky demanded. "You just had a little bit more to save up to pay for this semester's tuition! What happened?"

"I got fired, Pinky," Geet said unhappily.


"Mrs. Malhotra said that she didn't want me to stay on any longer," Geet related.


"She didn't give me a reason," Geet murmured, staring at her hands. "She just shoved some money at me, and told me to leave before her husband came home."

"So, you're out of a job?" Pinky asked.

"Yes," Geet replied with her head bowed.

"Perfect!" Pinky suddenly said, jumping off of the bed.

"What?" Geet looked at her best friend, surprised to see her jumping up and down around the room.

"Look, it's perfect," Pinky said again. "You can work for your Jeeja Ji's boss."


"He needs new staff right now, and you've finished your basic courses at the university, right? You've taken computer classes because you wanted to, and that'll only help you. I'll go call him right now," Pinky threw over her shoulder, running out of the room.

"Wait," Geet murmured, shell-shocked by Pinky, the hurricane. "What kind of job? Work for who? What was Pinky talking about?" Getting up, she raced out of her bedroom and out the house door, trying to catch up with Pinky.

"Hey Pinky, you didn't say who the boss was!" Geet shouted after Pinky's rapidly retreating figure. "I need to know that much at least before you set up the interview!"

"Didn't I tell you?" Pinky asked, turning to look at her in surprise. "Dhak Dhak," she called back, patting at her heart.

Geet shook her head, unable to understand. Pinky sighed and then walked back to Geet, and pulled her back into the house.

"He used to be my boss, too, Geet!" Pinky said. "Remember? I told you about him, when I met Adi again. Adi is still working at the same place that I quit to go work with dad."

Geet nodded.

"Geet, you're so lucky."

Geet wrinkled her brow at Pinky's grinning face.

"You'll be working for Maan Singh Khurana!"

Don't forget to leave feedback!

Also, if you would like PMs about the updates for this story, please buddy the username that I have created for PMs:


Thank you.

Chapter 2  :  The Interview

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nice start...
plz add me to ur pm list...

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thats a awesome update...
simply loved it
keep writing

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Awesome start...cont soon...
But plz dont make maan marry NT, plz...

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