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                                     THE SOLUTION

            Armaan ridhimaa's first night'armaan tries to get close to ridhimaa'.ridhimaa protests but then give up'..armaan's gift to ridhimaa on there first night'a promise'.armaan's reason to marry ridhimaa and the photo person'..

The large royal ironic gates fells open'..welcoming a extra beautiful, cheerful and fresh morning'.after the tiring marriage ceremony everyone was back on track with there socks pulled up for the next event'as today was ridhimaa's first day in mallik mansion numerous rituals were waiting for her'but it was not the only reason for this it was very special day today'..

There was pooja held for the newly weds'.sanjay, atul were also busy with preparations and anjali was supervising all the preparations'.anjali was busy in kitchen when sanjay came to her "anjali beta" anjali turns to him "ji papa"

"Beta sab kuch ready ho gaya???"

"Ji papa sab kuch ready hai Prasaad ban gaya hai aur maine satvik khana bhi bana diya hai"

"Thik hai beta lekin dhyan rakhna aaj guru ma(guru ma is guruji's wife) aane waliin hain guruji ko achanak aashram loutana pada isliye wo aa rahiin hain armaan aur ridhimaa ko aashirwad dene"

"Guru ma aa rahi hai?? Thik hai papa aap bilkul fikar mat kijiye main sab kuch sambhal loongi, unke welcome me koi kami nahi hogi"

"Thanks beta tumhare hote hue mujhe koi tension lene ki jarurat hi nahi hai aur ab toh ridhimaa bhi aa gayi hai ab tum dono behno ko milkar hi yeh ghar chalana hai" he pats her head.

Anjali checks everything '.satisfied she makes her way out as it was time to disturb the love birds as it was almost 8.00 in the morning' she made her way towards armaan-ridhimaa's room'.

Hearing some sharp noises ridhimaa opened her eyes with bit of difficulty as she was hell tired and her body was still demanding some rest'.she sat straight in her bed rubbing her eyes to clear her vision to saw nothing'.she felt a bit strange as she was not in her room but soon she remembered that she was no longer ridhimaa gupta'.she was ridhimaa mallik'..ridhimaa armaan mallik now'..armaan'.suddenly it strike her all the events of the night came floating to her'his advances'.his promise'his departure '.but where he was? Has he come back? Scanning the whole room she sighed he was nowhere in sight'.she fell back resting her head on bed hood closing her eyes'..trying to relax when she opened her eyes again hearing the same irritating noise'.giving up she pushed the duvet aside and move towards the source of voice'.

Walking a bit she noticed the couch where still the duvet and pillow was placed which she had placed last night'.not wanting anyone to notice it she picked the duvet and pillow and throw it carelessly on the bed and again made her way towards the voice, scared, confused as she was so new in the house she never scanned the house and armaan's room was completely out of her list so she still has to take the geographical knowledge of the mansion''

She moved a bit closer and found a glass door'she looked confused towards it as she knew it was neither bathroom nor his private lounge which was attached to his room as ridhimaa had seen it while she was checking for washroom last night'.she was about to open the door when she heard the door being knocked'.turning to her back she moved towards the door hearing the more impatient knocks on the door'..

Opening the door a beautiful smile formed on her face as she saw the most cheerful one in front of her'it was anjali who come to call them' "di" squealing ridhimaa hugged anjali leaving the door open as she was feeling very lonely and needed someone to hug her to insure that its all fine'.finding the familiar warmth she felt relax whereas anjali scanned the whole room and stopped at bed which was looking a complete mess with pillow and duvet laying carelessly'giving her some ideas about last night which were not completely wrong'.

Parting from hug ridhimaa looks towards anjali excited with the thought that she was no more alone as her di is here with her'.anjali turns to ridhimaa "good morning sweetie someone is looking really happy"

"oh di first of all good morning and aapko dekhkar toh main khush houngi hi na"

"oh! Mujhse milkar but yeh messed room aur tumhari red eyes toh kuch aur hi keh rahi hain" teased anjali.

Confused ridhimaa turn to her back to see what anjali was talking about and she saw the messed bed then only it strikes her that what anjali was talking about'it was so obvious last night was her first night afterall, she turns to anjali a bit nervous "a'b di wo a'.actually" she stammered.

"haan haan wo'a'kya hua ridzi??" teased anjali even more.

Ridhimaa was about to say something when anjali exclaimed "oh my! What it this' hikky or should I sayyy a love bite?" anjy points towards a love bite on ridhimaa's shoulder which was quite visible through her robe.

"Waise yeh akeli toh nahi hogi I mean there will be lot more to accompany it as I am quite aware of armaan's rep'kafi kuch suna hai maine so how was last night"

"di" exclaims ridhimaa worried with anjali's never ending teasing session.

"What di'.i am just asking that tujhe thik se nind aayi ya nahi? oh I am so sorry nind kaise aayegi kisi ne bohot busy rakha hoga na?"

Ridhimaa quickly hides it and puts her hair strand aside as she was getting nervous now "di wo i'mean'it 'it ..not'" she was getting very nervous this time which was causing her cheeks to go red'anjy saw this and decides to end the teasing session as they were getting late for pooja "ok ok no need to embarrass now it's toh common, achcha where it armaan?" asks anjali scanning whole room'

Ridhimaa gets nervous about what to answer as she herself was unaware of it'she was about to say something when they heard the shower noise "oh toh armaan washroom me hain?" to which ridhimaa nods her head confusingly as she herself was surprised where he came from?

"Ok tum dono jaldi se tayyar hoker niche aa jana sab aate hi honge aur haan mummy papa bhi tumhara wait kar rahe hain niche ok" hearing this a broad smile make its way on ridhimaa's face as she gonna meet her parents.

Anjali saw ridhimaa still standing at door with smile on her face she goes up to her "ridzi a'main yeh keh rahi thi ki jaldi aa jana as in ur hubby dearest it quite a romantic so don't be late ok" and with that she lefts from there leaving ridhimaa with a frown as the thought of being along with him in the same room was giving her Goosebumps and the way he behaved last night' it gave her idea that she can't strangle him alone she needs a plan'help'to keep him away from her'.

Closing the door she moved towards wardrobe to get her cloths she need to ready fast now'she opened it and found all her cloths placed nicely she knew that her di has done it' she was a all-rounder being a modern girl how perfectly she had balanced her personal and professional life'.

Standing before the wardrobe she frowns at the stuff with which the space was engaged'ridhimaa makes weird faces looking towards it screeching her nose at the material'..the saris''.the extra long 6-7 meter long stuff only god knows how people manage to were it or wrap it to be precise'.

Though ridhimaa was really very fond of Indian dresses, saris were big no no for her'.as she never learned to wear it'.earlier, padma and anjali used to help her but what to do now??? Frowning she still was still pondering over it when she felt herself being pulled by waist "aah"

"good morning wifey dear" armaan hugs her from behind "so I hope u had nice sleep this  night" nuzzling in her hairs he tightens his hold around her waist whereas ridhimaa keeps struggling to get out of his hold which seems impossible "uhha chodo mujhe'.aah'.armaan'.armaan leave me"

"Come on wifey what's with ur mannerism haan? u can at least wish me a morning"

"morning my foot'.leave me I said" she tries with her all might to get herself free but he pulls her more closes "u know what u look so sexy in those nighties only I know how I managed to control my self, those are really sinful" he kisses her neck pulling her robe little down baring her shoulder exposing her milky white skin'.ridhimaa feels disgusted with his every touch'.his every kiss'..his every advance but this time she has to get out of his hold first'

Thinking of something she smiles devilishly and stomps her foot hard on his making him wince in pain causing him to leave her in the process "awwwo'.aww" he stumble on his steps holding his foot he fells back on the bed "what the hell was that???"

Ridhimaa turns to him with full attitude "that was ur reward and return gift for last night" armaan frowns looking at her while she continues "and one more important thing don't even try to mess with me get it? huh!" and with a swift movement of her neck she makes her way towards washroom with her don't-mess-with-me attitude.

Armaan looks at her retrieving back and smiles shaking her head'finally there was no awkwardness between them coz of the last night'.he really get carried away'..only he knows with what difficulty he has controlled himself'.coming back in early morning he directly went to couch as he didn't wanted to disturb her nap'.but he didn't get a wink of sleep all thanks to not so comfortable couchy where he spend all the time tossing and turning'giving up he went to his gym to do his much needed workout.

When he came back he found anjali and ridhimaa busy talking at door so not disturbing then he went to shower'.coming out of washroom he found her standing in front of wardrobe making weird faces at it'.she was actually looking very cute'.he wondered how anyone can look so cute'.she already have this effect on him that whenever he looks her his all self control waves him good bye.

Controlling himself he went near her with a sign of mischief and did what he wanted to'.he hugged her from behind'.he was just teasing her but she''she surprised him stomping his foot'.he must admit she was way more bolder than her childhood times'.much smart'but he was also armaan mallik 'lets see Mrs. Mallik how long u can resist me' grinned armaan.

Closing the washroom door she rests her head on it'it was getting tough with every passing minute'his advances were scaring her 'what if he??? No no no she has to do something to keep him away from her but right now she needs to get ready'.keeping her all worries aside she walks towards her favorite comfy zone where she can spend hours'it was a really marvelous 'zakuzi''.she must admit the man has a class'.not only his room but his bathroom was hell of elegant all well equipped and modern interiors.

After taking a nice relaxing shower she piped in the room finding her way clear she slowly came out the bathroom in her full bathrobe which she has taken deliberately to avoid any troublesome encounters'cursing her childhood habit of changing in room rather than in bathroom she sighed in relief as he was not there'otherwise it would have been the most difficult situation for her'..but thanks to atul who came for armaan and took him with himself as Gupta's were downstairs waiting for them.

"Wow ridz u look so beautiful"

"Thanks di it's all because of u ager aap nahi hoti toh pata nahi kya hota mere?"

"haan wo toh hai but sweety now u have to learn it ab har baar main toh nahi aa sakti na tujhe sari pehanane"

"Itch di u know na I just don't know how to wear it"

"That's what I am saying dear'.aur phir armaan bhi hai na teri help karne ke liye ager kuch gadbad ho gayi toh tu use bula lena help ke liye I reckon he can be a great help to u, kyon????" asks anjali winking naughtily annoying ridhimaa.

She frown at anjali "di plz"

"Arre maine kya kaha? I was just suggesting"

"di'.aap na"

Anjali cuts her in between "ok baba I am not saying anything tu jaldi se niche aaja main jati hoon niche meri jarorrat hogi ok guru ma aane wali hai na"

"guru ma???"

"haan guru ma wo guru ji ki wife hain papa ne tum dono ko aashirwad dene ke liye guruji ko bulaya tha but wo aa nahi paye toh guru ma aa rahi hai" said anjali adjusting a necklace in ridhimaa's neck.

"u know wo na future dekh sakti hai aur unki kahi baat bhi sach hoti hai atul aur meri shadi ke baad hum bhi gaye the guru ma ke paas but u r lucky that wo khud yahaan aa rahi hain"

"hmm" ridhimaa nods her head understanding.

"Chal main jati hoon tu jaldi aa jana ok" with that she lefts the room.


All the preparations for the pooja was done'..armaan was already downstairs wearing white kurta payjama looking as handsome as ever chatting with rahool and his other friends and sanjay and gupta's were busy with guru ma. Armaan excused himself for a call'.after a while ending a call he turned to go back when he felt a cool breeze and turned 90 degree and forget to blink as he saw his beautiful wife'.

He has seen her many times before looking beautiful as ever but this time it was different'.it was the first time he was seeing his wife'.wearing red sari with heavy border and beautiful embroidery on it'wearing vermillion and mangalsutra'.hands filled with dark brown henna with chuda enhancing her beauty to no ends'.looking down measuring her each step properly'.putting strand of her hair behind her ear she stepped downstairs ever so elegantly'..ever so softly that he falls for her all over again'..for a moment it reminds him of the same ridhimaa from his childhood who was soft, delicate and innocent''his heart filled with warmth of proud as she was his wife'..

 Unknowingly he started walking in her direction whereas unaware of all this ridhimaa has her all attention towards her sari as she was scared of tripping over it. She came downstairs and her pallu started getting unbalanced due to strong wind coming from the window near stairs'.her hairs started flying In air and came all over her face'ridhimaa frowned annoyed first of her sari and then this hairs which were coming on her face''.

On the other hand armaan was getting more aroused with her beauty and the frown which was adding more to it'ridhimaa who was busy adjusting her pallu didn't realize his presence'armaan come near her and stood there not saying anything but only looking at his angle'ridhimaa shook her head in order to get the hairs off her face which were disturbing her'as she was already struggling with her pallu''

In a trance armaan moves his hand and tugs her hairs behind her ear'the soft touch of his fingers cause ridhimaa to shiver she looks at him'.and losts herself in those eyes which holds oceans of love for her and only her'.the love, the intensity of his eyes makes her forget everything and she looses her hold on her pallu'due to it her pallu was about to fall off from her shoulder but armaan held it in time breaking the eye contact''

They were very close now with armaan holding her shoulder with one hand and another hand still lingering near her ear'ridhimaa's heart started pacing as the proximity was causing something to her'he trace her cheek with knuckles of his hand making her close her eyes'she shivers with the simple yet sensual touch of his'.

"u look so beautiful" ridhimaa opens her eyes at this and looks down blushing'.her cheeks reddens at his remark or due to the proximity they were sharing'armaan moves his another hand from her shoulder touching all the way her neck, ear and now caressing her cheek...stepping closer he comes more close to her as there bodies where touching each other...ridhimaa holds his kurta for support'

Ridhimaa's heartbeat starts getting erratic "u r so soft" as he caressed her upper lip with his thumb causing her to gasp'she again closes her eyes feeling his breath on her lips'her bottom lip quivers and parts in reaction as she softly calls his name "armaan" with breathing heavily which arouse him even more and he leans in and stops very near at her lips'.looking at her rosy face he cups her face and blows on her lips causing them to quiver even more ridhimaa clenches his kurta more tightly "armaan"

He leans in and was about to kiss her when he felt a hand on his shoulder calling him "armaan" armaan turns to his back and found him there shaking him "armaan".


"Armaan tu yahaan akela kya kar raha hai? Sab kab se tera wait kar rahe hain"

"Akela???" armaan turns to ridhimaa confused and finds no one there, he looks here and there then only it clicks him that he was daydreaming'annoyed with his silliness he closes his eyes "wow that's all i needed now I am daydreaming'real life ka toh pata nahi log sapne me bhi romance nahi karne dete" murmured armaan to himself.

"Did u say something?????"

"No bhai nothing" *sigh* "chaliye sab wait kar rahe honge" and with that they left for the 'hawan'

Pooja was done till this time and armaan and ridhimaa were now in a room alone with only guru ma with them as guru ma asked sanjay that she wanna talk something to the newly weds in private'they were sitting in front of guru ma with curious looks on there faces as they didn't had any idea about why they were called here? Whereas guru ma has eyes closed'.

Guru ma opens her eyes after a while with serious look on her face "ab hum jo baat aap dono se kehne ja rahe hain use dhyan se suniyega humne aap dono ki kundliyon ka adhayan kiya hai grah aur nakhshatra es samay thik nahi hai isi karan aapke vaivahik jivan me kuch samsayaye paida ho sakti hain" (whatever I am gonna tell u listen carefully I have studies ur kundalies and I found some problems due to the stars and all which can cause some problems in ur martial life)

"samsaya? kaisi samsaya?" asked armaan equally serious.

"WO hum aapko nahi bata sakte parantu haan ek upaay hai jo aapko karna hoga'.yeh aapke vaivahik jivan ke liye labhdayak hoga" (the problem I can't tell u but there is a solution of this which can be really helpful)

Armaan and ridhimaa looks towards each other and them guru ma "upaay????"

"haan upaay aap dono ko agle 6 mahine tak ek dusare se door rehna hoga arthat aap log saath toh honge parantu aap logo me koi bhi sharirik sambhandh nahi hoga" (yes solution u both have to stay away from each other for next 6 months means u will be together but u have to avoid any physical relationship)

"Kya???", both armaan and ridhimaa shouts armaan shocked and ridhimaa surprised.

"aap itna chounk kyon gaye??? Yeh aapke liye koi nayi baat toh nahi'hum sab kuch jante hain'humse kuch nahi chupta" said guru ma looking towards the duo with i-know-everything look. Armaan and ridhimaa looks towards each other surprised and confused at the same time as they understood that what guru ma was talking about.

Guru ma gets up and makes her way towards the door but stops near the gate and turns to them "ek aur baat yeh baat is kamre se baahar nahi jani chahiye aur yaad rahe ki yeh upaay aapko karna hai unyatha(otherwise) parinaam(results) toh aap jante hi hai" said guru ma meaningfully looking towards armaan who nods his head nervously looking towards ridhimaa with corner of his eyes who stood there confused'.completely unaware of they were talking about''.

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hey hi hope you doing well loved the update
loved anjali and riddhima convo
and ar momentEmbarrassed
loved arma dream i hope it become trur soon
thankx for the pm
continuee soon

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congrats on new thread...

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Originally posted by anumeha_rajat

many hearty congrats for the new thread...

waiitng for the next part...

Hey anu,
thanx dear...

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Originally posted by -Jyo-

Hey SONU Smile
First of all congratulations for new thread, hope u make many more threads...PartyPartyParty

Again I apologise for commenting sooo late, u know the reason, I dont want to repeat here same, ok I ll stop my bak bak lets go back to ur updates now

I just caught up with all your updates that I had missed...simply mind-blowing...ClapClapClap
The actions, postures ,emotions and thoughts of the write it down in the best way.
I just loved your choice of words, and the way you describe the emotional scenes ..

Part 21
Wts bothering ridhima?????????????????
That kissing scene seems soo real, I thouht armaan toh tappad kanevala hai Ouch, but he is imagining that Sleepy
"thanks god for making this day so special" he said sarcastically.
that was hilarious *lol*
Kya sonu hamesha armaan ko hospital mai addmit kardethi ho kisi na kisi karan, ab aur kithne dusman hai armaan ke
Ye aahuja bi na...AngryAngryAngry
Hospitals r 2nd home to armaan, sahi lika hai tumne LOLLOLLOL
Ridhima taking care of armaan thats unuaal thing ShockedShockedShocked

Part 22
Kya yar sonu tune Sid ko AR ke beech haddi bana diya, koyi aur nahi mila kay CryCryCry
Sid is sweet Chap in DMG, its strange to read that armaan & sid hates eachother here.
So sid the one from riddimas past, I am very confused nw...In begining riddima use to speak with smone in ph right, hw cm is this break up nw???????????????
By reading that i thought ridhima is still involved with smoneConfusedConfusedConfused
Sid left ridhima on their wedding day...ShockedShockedShocked
Armaan is not only in love with riddima but he is obsessed with her
Sanjay gave very good surprise to Armaan

Part 23
Father-son scene was really sweet
Aft new manny things were cleared
OH god Armaan proposes ridz in front of everyone...ShockedShockedShocked
Poor ridhima no one asked her wt she wants, Glad sapna is their with her to share her miseries.
Dont u think so its really unfair for ridhima to marry him against her wish?????????????????????
Its really sweet of armaan to leave notes or bringing roses to ridhima even after facing rejection

Part 24
Damn sid, aft wt all happened he still ve guts to face ridhima
If i was in her place I never go & meet that idiot(feel bad to write wrongs things abt him,but cant help)
So atlast AR got engaged, AR scenes were too good 
Abi bi kitne raaz kolna baki hai?????????????
Ek kiss keliye itna hangama, socho agar armaan us din sach mai kiss kar detha toh ridhima uska kya hal banathi Wink

Thank u soo much for being soo patient & PMing all parts to me. Nw i ve to go, Aft reading i ll comment on rest

hey jyo di,
finally u r need to say sorry di i know u must be busy...u commented and liked the updates that's what is most important for me...glad that u like the update though i am not that mature writer but its just because the readers and guids like u who encourage me to pen it down...
thanks a lot for the beautiful comments...

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vidu87 IF-Dazzler

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awesome part
luvd it
thnx 4 d pm
cont soon

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ssidra Senior Member

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hey wonderfull update!

cont soon!

thanks for the pm!

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