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=Silent whispers= (MaanEET)updt ch11 pg 65 14sept

Writer_At_Heart IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 July 2011 at 3:23am | IP Logged
heya guyz... me again here with a new concept. i know i m too lazy to update my older FFs... but anyways... my love for maaneet has lead me to start a new fic. it wil b updated every day or sometimes  once every two days. i promise that i'll keep the pace..

=Silent whispers =


This is a story of a girl who falls in love with a guy whom she barely knows...  she didn't even know what is the age of this guy.. or how he looks like... its a story of a girl who with pure heart falls helplessly in love with this guy who him self does not know of his admirer. 

Geet: a fourteen year old girl whose life revolves around her family,school,friends and THE LIBRARY! She was in eighth standard.

She was beautiful, charming yet simple. Her curls which were duly made in a high pony added to her childishness. She looked beautiful , but seldom noticed the appreciating looks she used to get. Her days and nights were just comprised of the fairy tale books which she got from the library.

She was not very bright in studies but used to get good grades.

Maan: A mystery. (i cannot disclose his character pls bare with me)

will update chapter one by evening..

pls press the like button..Embarrassed

love u all HugHug


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Writer_At_Heart IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 July 2011 at 3:23am | IP Logged

guyz... i'll introduce each character with an update as the story wil move... okay...



Sukhvindar handa... her DAD is a librarian in public library. A very easy going man.  Modern in thoughts to the extent that he has even allowed his wife Rano to join college and complete her graduation. He loves her daughter.


Rano: a modern woman. to describe her, she is a woman who knows the modern world... she trusts her children and she is doing her grad with the help of her loving husband.


Samira: her elder daughter 19yrs, doing job at a big company. She and geet share a friendly bond.


and Geet.


This was there small but a happy family and world of Geet.




Chapter 1




"Mamma i m going to the Library", Geet said standing at the door ready to walk out side wearing a skirt which was coming to the knee and  pink simple top and a high pony.



"Take this Tiffin with u... Your dad as usual forgot it home...", her mum shrieked to stop her and handling her the Tiffin.



"Okay" she said giving undue emphasis on 'ay'.



She was indeed cute little devil, that was what everyone thought of her in her school and neighborhood. She laughed, squealed, jumped freely, barely giving second look to anyone around and barely giving second thought about what would others think of her. May be this was the reason why she was different from all.



"Hey Geet" Sheila called out from her kitchen garden where she was sitting and waved her muddy hands.



"hey Sheila" Geet waved back to her.



"hey come here..." after a pause looking at Geet's hands carrying some packet , "are u going some where?" she asked with a doubt.



"Yeah to the library" Geet answered simply, looking at her with a smile.



"Nooo... not again... please Geet... see," she pointed towards something on ground and said pleadingly "we'll have so much of fun... please join me..."



but looking at the look at Geet face she made a face and said.." I don't know what u find so interesting in that library?"



"Books-stories u idiot." saying that Geet giggled.



"Yeah stories... you know only old and dead people go to the library... and anyways i have good stories and gossips to discuss. it would b more enjoyable Geet... than those stories of yours.. "Sheila said at the top of her voice as she saw Geet moving away towards the road.



"I'll listen to u in evening okay" she said waving a good bye to her.



"Hmm" Sheila sighed.



* * * *



She moved on' she knew her friend Sheila who was highly obsessed with gossiping about every girl in there class and in there neighborhood too. But Geet just hated this word.


And there she reached the library and going to her father's cabin she kept the lunch and moved towards the story book section. She selected some kept the older ones and took the new ones home.



* * * *



Night 10 PM


She laid comfortable on her bed reading stories. Some times while reading she used to laugh, sometimes she used to cry and sometimes she used to just shy away.



Suddenly the book fell off her hands to the floor. And from it fell the issuing card. She looked at it.. and suddenly she thought of something. Checked the other books issuing cards as well. And she was shocked beyond wits!



Maan Singh Khurana' this was the one same name on all the issuing cards other than of hers.


"How could he be every time." She gasped in surprise.


What is he like? He has same taste as mine. I have seen his name on almost all the books that I issued till now.


This was really surprising she thought.


A smile crept on her lips as she closed her eyes in anticipation of sleep.

* * * *

okay guyz thats it for today...

wil update tomorrow the 2nd chap.

pls press the like button and comment!

love you all..


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Writer_At_Heart IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 2



Every morning brings new hope and a new fresh feeling.



Like every morning Geet had wake up at 7:00. it was all planned in her schedule. She knew what she had to do and when.



But today she was late. She woke up at 7:30 am. Only half an hour was left to school.



"Mumma … I am late... I don't believe you forgot!" Geet said in frustration and nodding a No to breakfast.



"toh kyu itni raat tak jagti ho?... maine kaha tha jagne ke liye aur vo faltu stories padhne ke liye…. School ka course padho toh neend aa jati hai…. You are not a kid, that every time I will wake you up… you should become responsible beta." Rano said giving lunch box to Geet and sitting to wear her own sandals as she herself was going to college.



"yahan itna shorr kyu ho raha hai? Rano meri bachhi ko kyun dant rahi ho?" Geet's father said while lovingly patting on Geet's head.


"aap hi dekhiye na… khud late uthi hai aur mujhe suna rahi hai…" Rano said complaining.



"Dad… uthana to inhe chahiye than na?..." Geet said equally complaining making a cute face.



"kabhi kabhi toh mujhe lagta hai ke mere 2 nahi 3 bachhe hain…" Geet's father said rubbing his forehead.



And then after 5 min sukhvindar was seen waving a goodbye to both Geet and Rano.


* * * *



In evening



Geet returned home all exhausted. She quickly changed into her usuals - skirt and top, then she went to kitchen, opened fridge took coke in glass and some snacks with it and went to her room. Sat on table and chair and got started with her one of the novels she issued from the public library. But then suddenly she remembered something. She took out the issue card and again read the name.



Maan Singh Khurana.



"who are u? what are you like? Why your name sounds so beautiful? Why when I don't know you I want to meet u… see you… why? What is the connection between us? Is it only me thinking so…. Or you too are thinking the same?" she asked more to herself and smiled.



She just couldn't think beyond him. She was curious to see the face of the man to whom this name belonged. And all she could feel was the strong will to go to the library and ask her father about this guy.



But then she thought she will wait for his father till night… and will ask him on his return.



* * * *



At night after dinner, Geet went to her father and stood by his chair on which he was sitting and reading some book.



"Geet... kya hua? Why are u awake….? Any problem?" Geet's father asked looking at her.



"Dad… I want to know… I mean I want to ask…. I mean... You know that I read so many books and issue them from your library" Geet said and paused … and looked at her father.



"yes I know… so?"  he said in anticipation of what she wants to say. "Is anything wrong there… did anyone said u some thing?" he said in worry.



"No Dad… its nothing like that… u know that I know everyone there." Geet said.



"Then what's the matter?" he asked.



"Dad… I wanted to know about someone… I mean a particular visitor of the public library." She said nervously.



Her father looked at her in surprise then with knotted eyebrow asked her "what's the matter Geet?...  is everything ok?"



"no… I mean.. I don't… but my friend… umm… yeah Sheila she wants to know about some particular visitor. She said nervously lying.  But sukhvinder knew his daughter so he let go of her.. he very well knew that she was up to some new naughtiness.


"Umm… well for that you have to ask Mrs. Taneja… she keeps the record of visitors and members." He said simply looking into his book and turning pages.



"Ohh… okay dad." She happily kissed his cheek and bid good night and ran into her room.



* * * *



"Now I will surely find out who you actually are Maan Singh Khurana." With that she slept. And a smile crept on her lips which adorned her face with an unusual glow.


* * * *



She didn't know nor anybody else that what it was. Was that Love, madness, infatuation or foolishness? But what ever it was, it was giving way to a beautiful story. An unusual fairy tale.



* * * *


Okay guyz that's it.

will update the 3rd chap tomorrow.

pls press the like button and comment.

love you all


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Writer_At_Heart IF-Sizzlerz

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chap 1,2 on page 1

chap 3 Page 17

chap 4 page 19

chap5 page24

chap 6 page 28

chap 7 page 34

chap 8 page 45

chap 9 page 53

chap 10 page 59

chap 11 page 65

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_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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CONGRATS on new FF ...Party

Interesting ...nice concept

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esheena Goldie

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PartyStarloved d intro so much love you yaar plzzz update soon
n congo for new ffClap

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JayaR IF-Dazzler

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congratulations on new ff...

eagerly waiting 4 u 2 update

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maneet-56 IF-Rockerz

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congo 4 new ff 
wairing 4 next

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