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FF YOU ARE MINE Part-4 "Wen I lvd U-IV"page-19 (Page 8)

Kalitondra Senior Member

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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 11:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by joliefille

Originally posted by Kalitondra

just can u remaind me kaun hai tum ?Wink

most most welcome Chutki Smile

haaawww who m i diii

you forgot me heehee

m ur choti devil can't let you forget me easily just wait for coming ud's

i still witing 'nd waitin 'nd waiting Chuuutkiii 
SleepySleepySleepy plz wake me okey LOL

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 11:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kalitondra

Originally posted by joliefille

Originally posted by Kalitondra

just can u remaind me kaun hai tum ?Wink

most most welcome Chutki Smile

haaawww who m i diii

you forgot me heehee

m ur choti devil can't let you forget me easily just wait for coming ud's

i still witing 'nd waitin 'nd waiting Chuuutkiii 
SleepySleepySleepy plz wake me okey LOL

wake up di
my UD is on editors desk i mean Priya
now its on her when i will UpdateEmbarrassed

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
Hey guys here is my UD hope you will like it,

Part II -When i saw you

Avdhesh get down from the car leaving  RV n whole world behind,
he didn't get any word of RV, because his mind was full of past shadows...
somewhere the song was suiting his mental estate as he was in deep delima what will he do when he will confront her,
how will he react, can he hate her as he is hateing her right now or his love will over power his feelings,

"Dil samhal ja zara , fir mohabbat karne chala hai tu..

Avdhesh was scared to repeat his mistake to love her again,

"Jis raah pe , ghar hai tera uspe hun gujra mai har dafa,
shayad yahi, dil main raha, tu mujh ko mil jaaye kya pata..
kya hai ye mamla,
janu na main janu naa .."

Avdhesh compleat all formelties for abording the flight half conciously,
finally he got his seat n adjusted in it, he close his eyes as his past glimps were running in front of them,
(he don't want to see it any more)

but it all worked just opposite, Avdhesh get it that all his efforts will go vain so he choose to loose himself in those sweet memories for some times , may be after that he can decide what to do? how to react when she will come in front of him?

Chilhood days...
When i saw you first time..

Avdhesh was just 12years old when his Father Mr. Lalit singh Thakur decide to start new business of hotel, but he don't have that much finance , so he put his ansestors house on morgage n decide to meet his fast friend Raja Mahesh chandra Rai before leaving the place,
they went to meet him at their palace.
Lalit Singh Thakur-"Mahesh yaar, i will miss our town but we have to move on in life, n for it i have to go Bombay n try my luck"
Mahesh Rai-"wo to theek hai yar but do you really think that's wise reason to put your ansestors house on morgage for it, i mean you can take my help , dost kis din ke liye hote hai bhala"
Lalit-"Mahesh friendship apni jagha n money matters apni jagha, i don't want any difference in our friendship because of it"
Mahesh-"difference to tu le hi aaya, chal jo kiya so kiya, ab ye bata, Bombay me kya arrangements kiye hai?"
Mahesh-"why are you reactiing like that! don't tell me ke tum Bhabhi aour bachon ko leke bas yun hi chal diye ho, what ever finance you
got  by morgage is for ur business naa, n what about ur stay n fooding expences haan? its bombay not lalanpur ."
Lalit got tensed now , he just forget about it how will he manage with two young kids (Avdhesh n Shikha) ? he cannot put there life n education on verge for his dreams n hopes.
Mahesh-"chal ab to maan ja kuch money humse borrow kar le, jab income hone lagegi to louta dena"
Lalit-"thanx Mahesh, but if you want to help me ,,, ek baat maan le, give me some job in your estate. please yaar bura na maan but i don't want any deabt on my shoulders"
Mahesh-"tu nahi manne wala, chal maan li teri baat, but on one condition, you guys will stay with us, here, in our palace as our family not guest ok."
Lalit have to get agree as he knows if now he disagree he will loose his friend,

while they were talking in room young Avdhesh was roaming in corridor, n Shikha had gone to play in garden area, suddenly he heard his young sister's crying voices. He rushed toward the voices,when he reached there he say Shikha sat on ground n another young girl of same age standing by her side she was dressed in Pink Frock n she was laughing on Shikha. It frustrate Avdhesh , he thought that girl hit his sister so he rushed toward her to help her but in the way he unintentionally pushed the girl n she fell on ground .
Avdhesh helpd Shikha looking back at the girl angerly ,
Avdhesh-"you silly girl how dare you to hurt my sister, who the hell are you? n what are you doing in royal garden?"
Girl-"(angerly) how dare you hit me, you dumbo, your sister fell herself while playing n who the hell are you asking me who i m? I m Arpita Rai, i m the princess n if my dad n brother say you misbeheaving with me naa, they will kill you."
Avdhesh-"Princess hogi apne ghar ki!..."
their voices reached to the room n their parents came out to see the matter. they hardly calmed down whole matter n their children.

Days start passing , Avdhesh's dad start working as maneger in Mahesh Rai's estate, everything was going well with time Avdhesh n Arpita turn friends but their  fightings were always their, once Avdhesh was  playing with the girl of gardener when Arpita saw it she rushed to them n pushed the girl -"hey how dare you to play with my friend , Avi is my friend, n no one else has right to play with him understand!"
Avi-"hey , behave your self Arpi, (he hold her wrist as she was about to hit the girl, the girl got chance n run away) we were just playing . why are you so angry yaar!"
Arpi-"leave me Avi, i know you were playing but why are you playing with her haan ? main nahi hun kya! see Avi i have only two friends You n Shikha n i can't tolerate if anyone try to steal you guys, promise me you guys will not leave me for anyone."
Avi-"ok baba why are you crying!"  (Avi teased her)
Arpi-" i m not crying! i m telling you, or i should say its an order of Princess Arpita Rai n you have to follow it. ok"

everything was going well but destiny had something else on its mind,
Avdhesh's Mom n Dad were more careing for Arpita while Arpita's Mom was like more then his own mom for Avdhesh, but no one can replace  mother so was for Arpita , she was just 11 when her mom died of canser , she was close to Avdhesh's mom, like their husbands they two were good friends too, she promised her dying friend to lookafter Arpita. So after her Avdhesh's mom take whole responciblity of Arpita's upbringing.
After a year Avdhesh's dad decided to persue his  dream once again as from last two years his family was living with Rai family happily n Arpita is like their third child now as her own father unknowingly ignores her n her only solace was Thakur family so whenever Lalit decide to leave the Palace he has to change his mind for Arpita's sake, but finally they had to move, when they were leaving for Bombay Avdhesh's mom huged Arpita n said-"Arpi beta take care of uyour self n your father n brother too, i know you are not so close to your dad but my child he is your father n he loves you promise me you will never hurt him, n like my good daughter you will take all responcibilities of a princess, n will add more pride to this family."
Arpita(sobbingly)-"Amma, i will do whatever you say but hume chod ke mat jaao na.. Avi aur Shikha ko bhi yahin rehne do naa, bhai to bas apne Prince ke ghamand me rehta hai, hume kisi ke saath khelne bhi nahi deta..."
Amma-"no beta aise nahi kehate.. Jagat is your elder brother, respect him n love him he loves you too, n haan Avi our Shikha ka admission  Bombay ke school me ho gaya hai, unhe bhi jaana hoga, jab humari yaad aaye to phone kar lena ya fir milne aajana theek hai."
Arpita-"Baba humen aap ki bahut yaad aayegi,,,"
Lalit-"Allele humali Alpi bitiya loo lahi hai, kyun bhala,  hum to apni  bitiya ko saath le jaayenge.."
Arpita-"Sachi Baba , (Lalit's words make her happy) hum abhi apna saaman le ke aaye"n she turns to rush out of room.
Lalit-"Are bitiya rani ruko to zara , abhi nahi , hum aapko zaldi lene aayenge, abhi humne aapka admission nahi karwaya na, tab tak aap yahin padho, very soon when you compleate your collage i will take you to Bombay.."
Arpita-"collage! ye kab hoga baba, hum abhi kyun nahi jaa sakte."
Lalit-"very soon beta, you can count it on fingers, right now your dad need you more take care of him ok. will miss you too " and he huged her affectionatly.
Arpita called Avi to met in garden just before they were leaving , where they met first time two years back,
Arpi-"Avi .. you are going too naa .."(her voice has silent sobbs)
Avi-"aree to roo kyun rahi ho! jana to tha hi naa.."
Arpi-"jana tha to fir friendship kyun ki haan? (her sobbs got voice )pehle mom chali gai, fir ab tum bhi jaa rahe ho Amma ko bhi le jaa rahe ho, hum kaise akele rahenge .."
Avi-"oh to ye baat hai! humari nahi, Amma ke jaane ka dukh ho raha hai tumko! chlo roo nahi ek din tumko lene aayenge fir Amma ke paas hi rehna jee bhar ke theek hai, pehle humko to jane do naa.."
Arpi-"sachi lene aaoge hume.. bhuloge to nahi naa.."
Avi-"no baba,who can forget  Princess Arpita Rai haan !"
Arpi-"i don't trust you,  here take it (n she take off her heartshape locket from her neck, n place it in Avi's neck) Mom give me just before few days.. (n she start crying bitterly)"
Avi-"Arpi.. stop crying ok.. i know hows it feel, i miss mom too(he placed his hand on her sholder, she hugged him n they both cried a bit)
Avi's thoughts end with the announcement of flight's landing.
background song-
 "kuch bhi nahi jab darmyaan..
fir kyun hai dil tere khwaab bunta
chaha ke den tujhko bhula..
par ye bhi mumkin naa ho saka..

Avdhesh- "why Arpita why did you distroyed everything? that time i don't know why it hurts me to getting away from you, why did i cried with you . I still don't know what will i do when i see you this time, just can hope to hate you n give you back what you gave me, but don't know why still i can feel for you, lets see,  our meeting will decide everything ."

"Zakham dene ki aadat hai unki,
mana ki muskurane ki aadat hai unki,
zab milenge to khuub rulayenge unhe ,
suna hai ki rote hue lipat jaane ki aadat hai unki"

thats all for this update hope u like it
n don't forget to comment.
PS updating after a long time so if any suggestion plz tell meEmbarrassed

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yoga23priya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 1:12pm | IP Logged
res as usual

will edited later 

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Sidda8 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
Neha Darling, this update is amazing. I loved Avita's past. So both of their parents are close friends. Childhood memories are the most precious for people and Avi's memories are full of Arpi. Aww, Arpi is so possessive of Avi and she wouldn't share him. So Avi did love Arpi and still does, but something she did has made him eager to seek vengance against her. I'm sure he will sabotage Arpi's shaadi with Pappu. It is so sad Arpi lost her mom at a young age. Btw, does Avi still have the heart locket? Please update soon.

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Kalitondra Senior Member

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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 3:18pm | IP Logged
Chutki where is the nxt ?LOLSmile

Edited by Kalitondra - 14 August 2011 at 7:17am

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PristineSoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 7:07pm | IP Logged

Hey SP
AMAZING update..
So woh dono frnds hai.. Oops, i mean they were frnds.
Feeling sad for Arpi.

I hope things wont worsen when they meet

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danno IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 August 2011 at 1:36am | IP Logged
just love
child love na
waiting for next one ha

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