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FF YOU ARE MINE Part-4 "Wen I lvd U-IV"page-19 (Page 3)

Sidda8 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 9:53pm | IP Logged
Neha, this precap is awesome. It is very intensive and intriguing. I'm scared what may have split Avita. It seems like they were childhood friends and something split them apart. The tears and blood drops addition was very good, he is both physically and emotionally hurt. 

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 07 July 2011 at 1:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by yoga23priya

Heyyy TJ Hug

Me first me first Dancing

Precap seems to be Interesting Ermm

Ouch Ouch Avi dear...i know TJ is cruel to hurt you but don't worry when i will Update i will add loads of Romance ROFL

Got job as FF editor * Mom Dad you are baby got a job finally Cool ROFL*

love ya Hug
Priyaaa Hug
Hanji you are First Wink
hehe UD will b more intresting hope soLOL
Oye i m cruel n what about ur jhatkas Angry n Avi hav to wait for ages to b romantic in ur UD as m waiting from Ages for UD Ouch
you got this job much earlier n realising now ROFL
Lov ya tooHug

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Cuty16 Goldie

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Posted: 07 July 2011 at 2:55am | IP Logged
Hye jo,
nice pre dear,got late but unresed by post at pg-2.
Will wait for d update.

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 09 July 2011 at 3:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kalitondra

Originally posted by joliefille

Hey guys thanx for such nice responce ,
n about the title too so its decided its
"You Are Mine"
"A beautiful face, full of innocence , love, kindness" he closed his eyes, and the face emerge more clear in front of his eyes, A young girl around 12 running  in  corridors , garden 

"Avi catch me if you can!"

A soft sweet smile run on his lips , but in a flick of second that smile vanished , muscles turn stern as the sweet voice turn in harsh n full of disgust tone

"Avdhesh you don't deserve me! I hate you! Don't you dare to touch me , or show me your dirty face ever in life, !"

His clutches tighten n the wine glass he was holding got crushed n a drop of salty water rolled down from those eyes on ground with few drops of blood.


Aouch, you hurt me  Neha LOL,

Don 't go, tell us more, what has happened ? Confused  do they know each other as children?

 please Neha do not languish us too long, have
mercy on us LOL

Aye , tu m'as fait mal Neha lol,LOL

Ne pars pas,  que s'est il pass? Confused, se connaissaient t-ils tant enfants?

 s'il te plait ne nous fait pas trop longtemps languir , ai piti de nous
hehe how can i think to hurt u di Embarrassed
guess Wink
u will come to know it soonLOL

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PristineSoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 July 2011 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
Hiee SP.. You know Im in love with Ur writing.. Aww, My Poor Avi, What happened to my Sweet AviTa, update soon & better dont give Jhatkas like Toofaan.. I wont be able to handle it..

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 3:11pm | IP Logged



AST Chain of Hotel


He was standing near his window and staring out continuously while it was raining heavily but his eyes those deep brown eyes behind the dark glasses were not  watching the rain but they were other world dreaming about someone special who was his whole world one time.

 "She was a most beautiful girl with  full of innocence , love, kindness" he never saw anyone who had so love much for him and when he closed his eyes a face emerge more clear in front of his eyes 

 A 12  young girl running in corridors near garden then she looked backed and said "Avdhesh catch me if you can!" 

A soft sweet smile appeared on his lips but that was for a flick of second then his smile vanished and his muscles turn stern while sweet voice turn in harsh and full of disgust tone.

"Avdhesh you don't deserve me! I hate you! Don't you dare to touch me , or show me your dirty face ever in life, !" 

He clutched tightly the wine glass which he was holding and it crushed while tears rolled down from those mesmerizing eyes which was looking on ground with few drops of blood of his hand.

He was Avdhesh Singh Thakur MD of AST Chain of Hotel.

While he was thinking about the person and at that  moment Ranvijay  arrived and he was shocked to his friend 

"Oh my god ! not again! Avdhesh how many times I told you just keep your mind  calm buddy and see your hand was not healed properly yet and  you do it again, why don't you apply some bandages on your wounds"


"Its nothing RANVIJAY  don't worry! I m used to much sever wounds in front of them its just a rash, well leave it, don't tell me  you heard that glass break sound in your cabin on  10 floor ! is there anything special ?" Avdhesh inquired as RANVIJAY  was really busy in his work though they were old friends n now business partners but they only get time to talk at weekends or  when there were some important business deal or work .

"yaa last time when I visit India, there were  lots of companies which were interested in working with us or I should say dieing to join there name with us , here's the list of them , few ones are good which can be helpful for us too, but few are really worthless n one owner was really pathetic he can do anything to join name with us . Personally I don't like that guy but your decision will be last . here check this file."

"Ranvijay  you know it naa I m always ok with your decisions then why you leave all on me?"

"because you made this company what it is today ! we all know it well ! now apply  some bandage on your wound ok and most importantly  leave it Avdhesh  seven years ! it's a long time yaar , let it go, I don't know what actually happened that night but now you have to move on live your life and let her live hers, we know she is married now then what will you do?"

"Years can't heal my wounds RV ! my loss! The pain which she cause me ! she have to pay it back ! once I find her I will show you what will I do ?" his eyes turn more red in anger

" Married or not doesn't matters for me , she was mine and she will be mine , not for my happiness for my revenge n for the promise I made" his voice was so confident that it made RV scared of his intentions .

At the same time his cell rang, a name flashed on screen Ranvijay saw the name n hand over the cell from table to Avdhesh"Thank god! It's your Angel! chalo ab to mood kuch thanda hoga naa!"  he got busy in file which he bring with him to highlight the names of companies to with whom to work n to not , while Avi pick the call with smile n it really worked his temper got down like magic those restless eyes fill with some satisfaction

After the call Avdhesh turn to Ranvijay who was almost done with the names of companies and owners, Avi's cell rang one more time this time it was Chulbul .

"hello Bhaiya ji , Pata lag gaya !" and he informed him some thing for which he was waiting from long time.

Avdhesh-"Chulbul ! you have done your work well , chal bol kya inaam chahiye "

Chulbul-"Bhaiya kitne din ho gaye aapko dekhe ek baar India aajao naa Amma bhi khush ho jaayengi ."

Avdhesh-"chulbul , kuch aaur maang leta ye to mujhe karma hi hoga itna bada function miss thodi hi naa karunga !"

Avdhesh cut the call , his eyes shine with a devilish shine he give a look to file in hand of Ranvijay "Ranvijay , call this Mr, Prasad , tell him we are interested in his proposal , want to meet him"

Ranvijay-"what ! you don't know his proposal n more on I don't like this person I was talking about him he is creep ."

Avdhesh with smirk " good!"

Ranvijay-"Good? What's on your mind yaar let me know some thing."

Avdhesh-"book me ticket to Bombay I want to meet him. By tonight n finalise the deal, n all" in low tone "bahut betaabi hai inhe dekhne ki, I M Coming  to make it hell for you , be ready for surprise dear!".

AT Lalanpur Palace, India.


Whole palace was filled up with guests as it's the engagement of Princess Arpita Rai, she returned from a long stay in U.K for this day, everyone was so happy specially Raja Sahaab Mr, M.Chandra Rai. In his daughter's room , she was almost ready to face the guests n her loving fianc who had waited long for her in India while she was away.

Mr. Rai-"Arpita my child I m so happy for you today, you make me proud to be your father by your decisions every time, n this time too Pushpendra is really very nice boy he will give you all happiness of the world .."

"And he is a Prince too!" Arpita said without looking back while she was standing by her window pane .

"yes ! he is a true Prince n this marriage will be a great event , the combination of two great dynasties , I m so happy for you , I dreamt this for you both but Jagat disappoint me great time well  we should not talk about any one like him today, You are happy naa beta?"

"you are happy Raja sahib!"

"yes of course , my happiness don't know any limit my child!"


"Arpita you didn't answered my question beta?"

Arpita took a deep breath without looking back, she was about to say something when some one enter the room without knock,

"Arpita ! My love , OH ! you are looking so beautiful n stunning, everyone will be jealous of my luck today haha."


It was Pushpendrai / Pappu who was getting impatient of waiting for Arpi  out in party so he came in to take her in their engagement party.


"oh Papa ji is here too, I m sorry , I just overlook in front of ur daughter "


Raja saab-"its ok beta , I m happy that u love my daughter so much m happy for u both."


Pappu's eyes were set on Arpi all the time like measuring her by inches, while she was standing there blushing with low sight,

"Thanx Pappu ." Arpi replied.

Pappu stretch his hand to hold her by waist " shall we enter the party now sweet heart?"


Arpi-"sure! Oh if you don't mind , aap dono chalo main bas ek minute me aai"


Pappu n Raja Saab  leave the room , Arpi was back on her window again she for few minutes her eyes were set on moon, n then she opened her heart shaped locket there was a something in it, she kissed it and then hold it near to her heart tightly , closed her eyes , "time to enter my new life" she looked at moon again " I m missing you today mom" n she step out of room for her engagement with Pappu.


Out of Avdhes's Office '

Avdhesh came out of his office in hurry "Pehalwan , Airport chalo , we are going India right now!"

Pehalwan was his driver whom he took as his driver when he was in deep need , he call him Pehalwaan as he looks like wrestler from that moment everyone know him as Pehalwaan.

"Bhaiya ji Sachi! Hum India chal rahe hai , RV bhaiya aap bhi chal rahe ho na ?"

RV was following Avi in hurry they sit in  car '"no Pehalwaan! I have to stay here for some days. Avdhesh ka khyaal rakhna, Avi take care of ur self n plz be calm."

Pehalwaan get in and the off for airport , he was driving fast in few minutes they were at airport .

Avi-" RV call that guy and tell him we are interested in his proposal want to discuss with him personally n I want to meet him in bombay."

RV-"Avi!" he had to say it in loud voice as Avi was away in just a sec , "I hope you are going just for business purpose nothing related from the past."

Avi didn't answered back . Just move on without looking back.

some where the song played

"jab jab tere paas main aaya,Ek sukoon mila,

Jise main tha dhudhta aaya , ek wajood mila,

Jab sehme tanhapan se, tujhe yaad kiya,'..


Dil fir mohhabat karne chala,,,,"

Avdhesh abode his flight.

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PristineSoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Im off to read

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Kalitondra Senior Member

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i'll comment later, luv it Clap

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