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FF YOU ARE MINE Part-4 "Wen I lvd U-IV"page-19 (Page 19)

joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2012 at 12:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kalitondra

i ll come soon for comment , u ll 2 be patient Neha Ji as w us LOLWink

M still waiting patently De heheLOLLOLLOL

joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2012 at 12:13am | IP Logged
Hey Neha,Big smile

M angryAngryAngry, why didt u pm m yaaar.AngryAngry
Didn't rece ur pre n post update PM'SShockedAngry
Well after reading ur post m very happy.Big smile
Ha! Big smileNice 2 c my Arpi giving Avi hard time heeheLOLLOL
She is a lioness (atleast in ths FF)ClapClap making other cry n nt crying herselfWink
All the convo btween AVITA r Heart lvly Dancing
Well written dr. next updated sooonThumbs Up
N yaaa dnt 4get 2 pmmm meeeBig smile

Hey Di
m trying to PM everyone this time specially u LOL
Thanx fo rliking it di
n yap she is loiness and Avi is going to have really hard time hehe
Luv yaa for liking and commenting too di Embarrassed

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Posted: 01 January 2012 at 12:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jes_jade

Why didn't I receive any PM abt this part ????CryCry

This one was really awesome..ClapClap

I loved the part where they...(u must have guessed it besharam..LOL)BlushingBlushing

Aww...he was sweet when he said..even i'm yours...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Neha yaar..when u update..plzz put a precap of a short summary of the previous parts...just a suggestion & also a punishment for updating so late..Evil SmileEvil SmileEvil Smile i forgot where u ended the story...Ouch

Cont soon..

Love ya !!!!!Hug

Hey Jess dear Hug

no no u are not besharam LOL
we all are innocent bachies heheEmbarrassed
bas yaar ye ek UD aur seh le then i will give summry for sure for the story till now Wink
btw if u read few initials then u can like it more hun

m Updating it now

hope u will like it

luv yaa too
Hug Hug

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Posted: 01 January 2012 at 12:27am | IP Logged
Hey everyone i know most of you have forgot this FF hehe
sorry for late Updating
and its short too
will try to bring it more interesting way as much as i can Embarrassed

Next Morning RV came to pick Shikha as usual with Avi too but Avi choose to go on his bike as they use to race to reach first and most of the time avi won as he take short cuts and jungle root too.
This time Arpi was there too so RV asked to take her too with Shikha but she refused due to last day's incident, but Baba talked to her.
Baba-"Arpi beta, its not good thing, let it go, what happened is thing of past I know RV he is a good guy, even all of their friends are good children like you, if you don't talk to them then how will you make friends, and friends are really important part of our lives see as m your father's friend"
Avi jumped in again-"Oh ho Baba aap bhi kisko samjha rahe ho! You know she is wild cat, always ready to attack, if she attacked someone at collage and anyone saw her with us naa then hum bechare innocent backhe free me mare jayenge"
Arpi-"you just stop your nonsence OK, and yes am a wild cat, and now my target is a mice in this house, beware Mr. Avdhesh"
Avi laughed at this,
Baba-"Aviā€¦ No. Stop teasing her Beta she is your old friend, don't you think you should help her in new collage, what happened to you both you suppose to one soul in two bodies in childhood and now you both fight like eternal enemies"
Avi-"Baba ask her naa she is behaving like that not me haan m still ready to shake hand if she promises that she will not bite. "
Arpi-"keep your hand in your pocket or I will chop it off,"
Arpi-"Baba I will not go with them if he is coming with us."
Avi-"Ha ha ha miss Rai open your dreamy eyes and look at here (he waved his helmet in front of her eyes) m going on my bike I don't  need extra two wheels m ok with my own two wheels"
Arpi made a face at him and said-"Oooh grapes are sore naa" to tease Avi she forgot that she was actually saying about his whole families financial status as there was only one car which was necessary for Baba to go his restaurant as he was trying hard to expend his business Avi gave her a tuff look and looked at Baba, she realized her mistake.
Baba tried to lighten the situation started laughing as he knows she didn't had any other intention except teasing Avi-"Ha ha ha see Avi you can't win over my princess"
Avi left them with feeble smile while Arpi hugged Baba-"I am sorry baba I didn't mean that, I was just.."
Baba-"its ok Beta I know you were just trying to win over Avi, waise bhi humari Rani bitiya kabhi itna neeche nahi soch sakti, (he placed a soft kiss at her forehead as his blessings) come on now go for collage and make some good friends for life, all the best Beta."
Arpi's eyes were filled with tears of affection as Amma too came to see her off when they were leaving for collage, she always carved for this love, the love of a family.
Avi too noticed her tear filled eyes but he didn't said anything, just started his bike and winked at RV as sign to start the race.
 With passing time Arpita turn friend with Simple and whole group with help of Shikha except Avi, She use to go collage with RV and Simple in RV's car while Avi use to go alone on his bike from the same house.
One day at collage everyone was walking together for canteen for some coffee when Ria left behind as usual Avi stopped for her; Simple and Arpita came out as good friends by now, Simple patted Arpita's shoulder-"look look Mr. Savior is on his job hehe."
Arpita turned back with smile but she can't help it as she still use to hate Ria as just because of her she face humiliation on her first day.
Her mind stuck with them while she was moving with Simple and Shikha
Avi-"Ria.. why are you so shy my dear? I saw, you don't talk much even wit girls, is there any problem?"
Ria-"No Avi ji there is no problem, its just I can't  ..." she answered in her sweet voice with bit of hesitation and shyness.
Avi-"what you can't? come on you can share with me if there is any thing wrong m your friend." She looked up at him and smiled.
Ria-"Thanx Avi ji, if you were not here I don't know how would I manage, just because of you I manage to have a group, you know I never had friends as no one likes me due to my appearance."
Avi-"Appearance! Come on don't tell me! What 's wrong in your appearance ? you are just beautiful, so innocent, cute."
Ria-"Thank you Avi ji" and she blush.
Avi-"awww see how cute was that smile, by the way do you have any boyfriend?''
Ria nodded in NO, Avi-"see I told you, you don't take me as your friend."   
Ria-"Why! Please don't say that, you are the only one who helps me every time I need" she exclaimed in surprise and stops.
Avi walked a step ahead so he stepped backward and tilted his head toward her-"is that mean you don't take me Boy!" and gave her a full smile she got that and they both laughed which was enough for Arpita to burn her soul.
Avi-"see what a cute smile haan, I told you, am your friend and by chance m boy too, so in a way m your boy friend naa." He winked at her on which she blushed harder, and at the same moment she tumbled on something but Avi saved her from falling by holding her hand and shoulders.
Arpita's mind were stuck on their conversation and when she saw this she was full of anger and ready to burst like a volcano; unaware of her path, she bumped into someone, but before she can fall back that person hold her by waist.
Avi saw it and came running to help her.
Avi-"Arpita are you OK?"
She was still in that persons arms, when she noticed that Avi gave him tuff look she smiled at that guy and inspite of answering Avi she answered the guy-"Ahh Thanx so much for saving me, may I know your good name please!"
Avi and whole group was surprised at her behavior as in all these days she never talked with so much affection to anyone except Simple, Shikha and manjari, and if any guy touched her by accident she use to almost kill that person and now she was accepting to stay in his arms even asking his name !
"Hii Beautiful, m Suraj and you? Pehle to kabhi nahi dekha Aapko yahan! Are you new?" guy replied with a big smile making her to stand her own feet, but he didn't take his arms back from her waist, which was irritating Avi.
Arpi-"oh yes am new, BBA first year, even I didn't saw you earlier?"
Avi-"Ab kya uski kundi jaan ke manogi, we are not going to wait for you whole day comeon we have lecture in half an hour." He grabbed his wrist hard and drags her out of his arm, and starts to walk toward canteen.
The guy smiled at this and said in high volume waving his hand at group-"Hii guys, how are you all, Simple, RV, I think you Bigdal Saand is still angry on me haha, by the way beautiful am your boy friend's  classmate just returned after vocations at L.A."
Arpi turned to Suraj while Avi was dragging her opposite direction-"No No , This guy is not my boy friend just my friend's brother, Nice to meet you Suraj, and thanx again."
 Avi was still dragging her.
Arpi-"Avi leave my hand now, why are you behaving like that so rude so possessive, even he thought you my boy friend yaakkk ."
Avi dragged her hard and made her stand in front of him.
Avi-"listen Arpi, am telling you for the first and last time, stay away from that guy!" he said it in anger which scared Arpi for a sec but it give her pleasure too as he said it with right over her.
Arpi-"why? What's wrong in it if he turn my friend or who knows boy friend ! he is quite smart haan." She winked at him with smile.
Avi-"Arpi stop it, m not in mood of joking it is something serious just stay away from him."
Simple jumped in to support her friend-"why Avi what's wrong in it, after all Suraj belongs to a nice family, and we know him from years now he is our classmate."
Avi-"janta hun that's why m saying stay away from him." He said more firmly almost in a threatening manner pointing finger at her.
Arpi holds his finger and pushed it down-"Uuuh am scared, I think you take his word seriously, let me remind you, You are not my boy friend (she stared strait in his eyes and looked at Ria, and made him realize that she heard their convo) and even you are not my friend, you are just my friends' brother, and my Amma-Baba's son that's it."
Avi kicked earth hard in frustration and left them-"then go to hell, Shikha we are going home no more lectures." Shikha followed him in hurry and so Ria.
Arpi was smiling till now but when she saw Rai following Avi  and Avi stopping at her call, it made her more mad.
Ria-"Avi ji please shant ho jaiye, what happened?"
Avi-"that's none of you business Ria just stay out of it." He was really in bad mood.
Shikha-"Bhaiya, Ria se baat karne ka kaun sa tareeka hai ye! Just look at her she was shaking all the while when you and Arpita were fighting. And now when she dared to talk to you after all that you are talking to her like this, not fair Bhaiya and m not coming with you, I have important lecture can't miss it." She left them alone and walked back to the group.
Avi looked up at Ria she was really shaking badly even now, he placed his hand on her shoulder-"Sorry! Look I really don't' mean it hun."
Ria looked at his hand on her shoulder longingly and blushed her all fear was gone Avi noticed it too and draw his hand back quickly.
Ria-"Its OK Avi ji, after all we are friends naa, and am you girlfriend naa so you have right to shout at me too." And she smiled which make him smile too.
Avi-"Thanx for the  smile, or my whole day would went like that 'Angry young man' and he imitated his own angry face." They both laughed at this and Avi was about to leave when Ria said-"Avi ji will you leave me alone, I never went to canteen, never got chance as I told you I never had friends."
Avi-"OK come on I will take you there and never say it again that you don't have or had friends ok, come.." and he hold her hand to lead her to canteen while whole group was still waiting for them including Arpi who was fuming by now.
Simple pat her shoulder again-"see fire is equal at both ends" she murmured in her ear and giggled.
When they crossed Arpi, Avi gave her a hard look and Ria just passed her as she was not there,
Ria-"by the way Avi ji, is there any thing wrong between you and that guy Suraj?"
RV-"yaa Avi you never told us why you had fight with him last prom night? He use to be your best buddy after me?"
Avi-"RV, it's a past, and everyone made mistake , that was my mistake, don't ask anything about him, I can't say anything."
His attitude made other's suspicious about Suraj while Arpi was firm to be Suraj's friend as Avi don't like him just like She don't like Ria but he made her his girl friend.

That's all for this Update
sorry for mistakes in advance hope u will like it
son't frget to comment dear Embarrassed

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so cute fightWink, plz update soon
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Posted: 03 January 2012 at 3:05am | IP Logged
hi dear...thanks 4 all ur PM' continue to PM me,,,am struck to work right now...will come back for sure to read all ur updates in just one gooo...Keep writing girl... and a very happy new year... Hug

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