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FF YOU ARE MINE Part-4 "Wen I lvd U-IV"page-19 (Page 15)

joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 2:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Eowyn

Good one again Jo...
So Arpita is heading to Mumbai...
Now the events will catch a faster pace I guess...
Cntnu soon

hey Nidhs Smile
yap she is heading for Mumbai in next ,
their next meeting Wink

MuktaJaiswal Senior Member

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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 2:11am | IP Logged

Nice UD.Smile
n m praying tht Avadesh stops hating ArpitaEmbarrassed n they will be 2gether soon.Heart
next UD is awaitedSmile

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 2:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Gkdlover

w0w...!!! reALLY gr8 FF...BUT i really hate dat pappu./..=P x( plzzz thr0w him out of our AvIta's life sooon...n w8ng 4 AvIta's 2 b 2gda very s000n..:) b'ful...luv reading it...plzzz update it sooon

Hey GKDlover, thanx for liking it,
wait yaar Pappu can't go like this , at least m not  going to let him go heheheLOL
yaa if you guys don't want to see him then take visit of that time when Pappu was not in their lifeWink
joliefille Goldie

Joined: 28 October 2010
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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 2:27am | IP Logged

Hey all here is rest part of

Part-VI "When I Loved You-II"


At Thakur mention..

Amma-"Avi beta get up you are getting late for your collage, RV is waiting for you!" Mrs. Thakur called her son as he was used to long sleeps, Avdhesh covered his head with pillows.

Someone enter his room and pulled his blanket,

Avi-"Amma , let me sleep naa, tell RV to come later he is before time, we have time for our first class, waise bhi ek lecture chod denge to Dayal faansi pe nahi latka dega." Avi said without glancing back and covering the blanket over his head.


"ooo bhai saahab ! come on get up , your professors may not hang you but its my first day, and I don't want to make bad impression like you, OK, come on get up fast." It was Shikha who was joining the same collage where Avi and RV was studying and its there final year of BBA in hotel management.

Avi-"Shikha.. let me sleep yaar, why do you get admission in my collage ? now I have responsibility to take you too with me, I never get on time for classes but now just bz of you I have to break my record."

Shikha-" yaya I know but now you have to be changed, its your final year and you should study hard."

Avi-"hey ! what do you mean by  study Hard! M the topper of class all these years that is why no one questions me for being late or not attending those boring lectures"

 Shikha-"yeah yeah my topper bhaiya!"

Avi finally have to get up-"ok baba , I m coming just give me twenty minutes m coming." Avi pushed out Shikha out of his room and entered the bath room to take shower, his eyes met the chain n locket in his neck, he touched the locket gently, "Arpi" a sweet smile run on his lips it was his daily routine to recall his childhood friend and her silly possessiveness for him.

Finally Avdhesh RV and Shikha leave for collage. In last six years Mr. Thakur worked hard to establish himself as successful business man but till now he succeeded only in establishing a three star hotel in posh locality which was not easy job for him. Avdhesh had Bike so he ride his bike for collage but RV forced Shikha to accompany him in his car as its her first day and RV want to show everyone that she is his friend and Avi's sister so no one would dare to rag her.

When they reach Collage it was full of freshers and seniors too, when Avi enter the corridor He was center of attraction of each eye in his denim and jean jacket with dark shades he was looking stunning, even RV was looking nothing in front of him in his denim with white shirt and leather jacket.

"Hey Avi , RV! Where were you guys?"

Simple welcome them with a warm hug-"have you forgotten its first day of our dear freshers. How can you guys miss all fun yaar?"

Their whole gang was there, Simple, Tanmay, Chulbul, Suraj, Riddhi. Tanmay supported Simple-"yaa guys where were you? You just missed the fun yaar, we had great time since morning, ragging these freshers haha.."

RV-"yaa yaar I know that's why I went early to pick up Shikha n Avi but as usual, our Prince Avdhesh Thakur was busy in his dreamland.."

Avi-"AAAhhh just stop complaining now RV, we have whole day yaar see there is another bunch of freshers , I m sure you guys didn't met them till now as they are looking quite fresh." He winked at gang.

They all were set to have fun at their first, Avi stood up at chair and made an announcement-"listen everyone , I have an important announcement for all you guys, you all are invited in room number  5 as its your first day in our collage so we are here to help you all, plzzz come and have fun its your fresher's party from our side, bring your friends too who are not punctual like you guys."

RV-"oye what are you doing? Why are you inviting them? Are you serious about party and all?"

Avi-"of course I m serious, its just that we will have fun only, no treat for our poor new friends hehe"

Simple and whole gang appreciate Avi's idea to collect all freshers at one place so they don't need to search for them to rag.


Room number five..

Avi, RV were sitting in side and enjoying the punishments of freshers given by their friends , they were having fun only they ask someone to dance on bench, someone to act like Rakhi sawant(for guys ok not for girls) , someone to behave like Bobby darling. But then Avi saw a girl standing in a corner, she was looking scared; she was dressed in simple white salwaar sute, with high power spects,

Avi throw a ball of paper on her and indicate her to come close to him she looked down and slowly come in front of him and RV.

Avi-"huun you are looking good"

His tone make the girl feel good as he was speaking with kindness and in friendly manner, she blushed at his words.

RV- (in a bit harsh tone) "what is your name? Don't look down; we are not monsters look at us."

His tone make her more scared, she starts shaking and sobbing.

Avi-"hey don't cry if you cry like that you can't stay in this collage, my friend is right we are not monsters look at us be confident, tell us your name, Ok let me start first, Hi I am Avdhesh, will you be my friend.."  and Avdhesh offer his hand.

RV-(in low tone, to Avi) "oye what are you doing? If Simple saw you favoring her naa she will kill both of us."

Avi-"chod naa yaar, can't you see she is so innocent yaar, poor thing , there's no fun in teasing one who is already scared, we should behave like senior sometimes too , sincere helpful seniors.' To girl "chalo now it's your turn, what's your name?"

"RIA" the girl replied softly giving her hand in Avi's hand. (Alina of Pyaar ki ye ek kahaani)

Avi-"hey that's a sweet name, just like you. Welcome to our collage Ria, if you ever need help just call us, we will help you."

Avi was talking to Ria when they heard some noise from Simple's side

-"Hey leave me you weird thing. God knows who calls you girl, I don't think you are girl." It was Simple's voice while other guys of gang were laughing and whole room was gathered around them, Avi and RV enter the circle by pushing the crowd back Ria accompanied them silently. The sight was unbelievable Simple was on ground and a girl in jeans and short peacock green top with dark shades was standing there firmly.

Avi help Simple to get back to her feet while RV hold the girl's wrist and turn her to face him but he got it's reaction in next second "Slap"

And whole class no whole collage was stunned that a fresher dared to misbehave with Simple at her first day n now she slapped RV what next what Avi will do with her!

Girl-"Never you dare to touch me! I m not one of these silly girls got it."

Her attitude and the way she said 'These silly girls' make Avi more angry after all how can any one insult others and specially his friends. He just holds her arm tightly and pinned her next to wall.

Avi-"hey listen Madam! I don't care even if you are daughter of Dean or PM or some Queen or Princess, right now you are just equal to other freshers and especially to these girls…" Avi want to say many things but when he saw her, his eyes got stuck in her eyes and he felt as he know her, his mind stop thinking about what happened there and only thing on his mind was


 "who are you? Where did we met? I know, I know you, I can feel It."

  Avi was about to voice his thoughts, suddenly the girl pushed him back as she felt his hold loose,

"leave me! How dare you touch me n behave like that with me? You don't know who I am?..." just same thing happened with her when she pushed Avi back her wrist watch's chain got stuck with his shirt's upper button and it tore it, as his button got down his heart shape locket peeped out. For a second her eyes rest on it and then she  looked at Avi, Avi was amazed at her looks the way she was talking earlier and the way her looking style changed was unbelievable there was something in her eyes Avi was confused, she looked in his eyes and net second her expressions turn stern again she pick her shades from ground which fell there when Avi dragged her, and she was about to leave when Simple caught her arm again-

"Wait Miss ! you can't leave like this. How dare you slapped your senior."

"just leave me, I don't want to stretch this any longer."

"ok so now you want to end it. OK do what we say and you are free to go. You slapped RV na, now you have to feel same pain. Come on RV slap her."

RV was shocked how can He slap a girl.-"No ways Simple dear, I can't slap any girl no matter how rude and manner less she is."

Simple-"OK if you can't then Avi you will do it or I will teach her How to behave with seniors."

She know it well that Avi too will not slap a girl, so she stepped toward her and about to slap her when Avi hold her hand.

Avi-"wooo Simple dear chill yaar, why are you troubling your self, we have a lot of people here to do it with pleasure. Ria.. come here darling."

He called Ria forward to punish the girl as he knew that if Simple got chance to hit her she will hit her hard, but the girl was astonished to see Avi calling some girl as Darling to slap her.

Avi-"Ria dear, come here (he holds her hand gently) you are going to teach your new friend how to behave with seniors, come on teach her.."

Simple-"Avi leave the poor girl she can't do any thing, let me handle this,"

Avi-"Shhh Simple we are here to help our new friends naa, so I m doing that, OK if you can't slap her just hit her any way or just push her hard come on you can do that.."

Simple-"Are you kidding Avi she hits  me and you want to let her go with so much ease!"

Avi-"Simple (he winked at her) come on honey step forward and show us your guts" and he himself went behind Arpita while she was facing Ria with furious looks it was a mix of anger and jealousy, at that moment Shikha step in the room she was unaware of what's going there at that moment .

Ria pushed Arpita as hard as she can to throw her on ground and next second she was on Avi's arms as he was standing behind her to catch her.

"wooow beautiful! Watch your step; you want to come in my arms! Then you didn't need to create such scene in collage." Avi said mischievously and whole class starts laughing.

Arpita pushed him back, get back to her feet and left the class with tears,

Shikha didn't like it and she glared at Avi furiously she never thought her brother can be so rude with any girl, and she followed Arpita out in corridor,

Shikha-"Hey wait! Plzz wait for me, (Arpita find an isolated corridor and she starts crying, standing by the pillar) Hey plz don't cry, look I m really sorry for what my brother done (Arpita looked at her with surprise, that's mean she is Shika, her friend) yes he is my brother, but m not like him, even he is not like the way he reacted today."

Arpita hugged her and cried bitterly Shikha thought she was crying bz of what happened few moments before but actually she was crying to find her friend specially after Avi's unexpected rude behavior,  after few moments Arpita hold herself wiped off her tears,

Shikha-"Hi m Shikha."

Arpita-"Hi Shikha, you are not changed even a bit, I m Arpita." And she turned to leave.

Shikha- "Arpita! Uuuh why it seems so familiar…oh my god is it really Arpita, no if she is, then she should come home first, (loudly) Hey wait wait, Arpita, you mean you are Arpita Rai, our Arpita, the Princess Arpita."

She nodded.

And this time Shikha hugs her-"wow I can't believe you are here! Hey why didn't you tell us that you are in town, you suppose to live with us naa, come mom dad will be surprised to see you, come." And she dragged her to home.

That's all for this Update

Hope you will like this Part.

waiting for your commentsEmbarrassed

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dharma22 Goldie

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Posted: 04 October 2011 at 12:19am | IP Logged
sooo funtastic
i always wait for urs update dear

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Cuty16 Goldie

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Posted: 05 October 2011 at 11:57am | IP Logged
Hye jo,
nice part once again,
and thanks for updating it soon,
from few part i am feeling really bad for arpi,previously i used to support avi thinking dat arpi had wrong wid him but now look avi is insulting arpi in present also and past.
I am confuse now completly.

Hope u are doing fine jo ,Happy Navratra dear.

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jes_jade IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 12:19am | IP Logged
Wow !!!!!! Neha !!!!!!!!! HugHugHug

This part (I & II) is so awesome !!ClapClapClap

I am really loving the story till now...

Does Avi knws dat she is Arpi?? I am a bit confused here...ConfusedConfused

I want to knw more abt their love story...

Beautiful update dear !!!!!!!StarStarStar

Cont soon..

Love ya !!!!HugHug

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danno IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 1:01am | IP Logged
yeah yeah
oh my gos arpi...and shikha...and now avi kya karega
whwn he cam eto know who is taht girl
update soon

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