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FF YOU ARE MINE Part-4 "Wen I lvd U-IV"page-19 (Page 13)

joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 25 August 2011 at 3:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Eowyn

Avdesh is too far gone in love...
All his actions speak of this...
Only something really huge and painful can make Avi act like this...
Wondering what that is...
Excellent update once again Jo...
Waiting for more...
Loved the verses you have written in the end...

Hey Nidhs thanx for such sweet comment dearEmbarrassed

yap Avi i gone too far in love , his love crossed all limits,
Dear, its just beginning ,
his love going to make you wonder is it hero or villain LOL
You will find soon what was there past Wink
thanx for liking my poor attempt
but i promise it will turn better by evry UD Embarrassed

joliefille Goldie

Joined: 28 October 2010
Posts: 1677

Posted: 25 August 2011 at 3:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kalitondra

as you know, I was a little busy these days, so I missed many of my Hindu language, can you translate for me the Hindi words plz Guru Ji LOL 

Tell me is it a badla case ? i mean AST revenges Avdesh Ji for Pihu slaps ConfusedWink

Gr8 job Clap, go ahead Smile , where is the next , want more , mange more LOLBig smile

u know he  reminds me Devdas, the evening wedding of Paro, when he struck her with the pearl necklace Unhappy

Hey diBig smile
hehe you mean you missed ur Hindi Classes hehe, oye Priya see di knows m good TJWink

@di yap di its reveng case hehe but more then it its something verses love you will find soonEmbarrassed

n ya a you can say AST i revenging for Avdhesh ji heheLOL

you know naa di how lazy i m but i promise b4 next pre i will give hindi words english version for sure n i soon you will not need to ask for it as you will learn it Wink 

Di you don't believe me but i never watched Devdas i find it boring saw only its ending
Dying Deva hahaha
will start writing it soon
love yaa diEmbarrassed

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joliefille Goldie

Joined: 28 October 2010
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Posted: 25 August 2011 at 3:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cuty16

Hye jo,
nice,amazing,shocking and rocking part.
While i was reading ur ff each time pappu's name his face was coming in front of me
Avi is too much yaar slaped arpi but he was more hurt by that naa, i think he has some gr8 pain.
The last quotation was too gud.

Hey Rups Big smile

hahaha wow what words yaar,
you know last night i saw PPP in Crime Patrol LOLLOL

i was wondering why anyone not accused me to make Avi slap Arpi,

yap he was in great pain n be prep for some more pain LOL

thanx for liking it Embarrassed

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joliefille Goldie

Joined: 28 October 2010
Posts: 1677

Posted: 25 August 2011 at 3:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jes_jade

Neha !!!!!!HugHug

Awesome update dear !!!!!!!!ClapClap

I myself am getting afraid of this AST !!OuchOuch

What happened between them...Why he hates her...& why she now loves pappu???ConfusedConfused

So many questions !!!LOLLOL

Update soon...

Love ya !!!!!!!!!HugHugHug

Hey jesssHugHug

thanx dearEmbarrassed

be scared of AST he can do anything Evil Smile

ahh so much quess haan chalo you will came to know soon,

btw don't you guys want to know their love story sidhe  fight hi janni hai kyaLOL

will try to UD soon as soon as i can heheheLOL

love yaa tooEmbarrassed

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Sidda8 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 December 2010
Posts: 7877

Posted: 05 September 2011 at 10:49pm | IP Logged
Amazing update Neha, I loved every bit of it. I was so excited for Avita's meeting and you didn't disappoint me. I'm surprised that Arpi loves Pappu or does she still love Avi. Their confrontation in her room was intense. I knew it was Avi. He both loves and hates her. I'm loving this ff. Please update soon. 

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joliefille Goldie

Joined: 28 October 2010
Posts: 1677

Posted: 29 September 2011 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sidda8

Amazing update Neha, I loved every bit of it. I was so excited for Avita's meeting and you didn't disappoint me. I'm surprised that Arpi loves Pappu or does she still love Avi. Their confrontation in her room was intense. I knew it was Avi. He both loves and hates her. I'm loving this ff. Please update soon. 

Hii Siddu hw are u dear
thanx for comment yaar,
well you will find all answers soon with each update
hope you will like the net update too

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joliefille Goldie

Joined: 28 October 2010
Posts: 1677

Posted: 29 September 2011 at 10:57am | IP Logged
Hey frens
thanx for liking the earlier parts n sorry for so late update
here is the net part hope you will like it,

Part-IV "When I Loved You-I"


Avdhesh left the Room and Arpita behind, his eyes were full of anger n disgust, he was cursing himself for being so fool to think about a new start with her in this meeting, New Start , How can he think of it?

How can he forget all the pain she caused him?

All the looses she caused him?

No, Avdhesh said to him self _ "No Avdhesh , You can't do that, you can't be that emotional fool once again, She is Arpita Rai and she is going to marry Pappu, she loves him, LOVES Him , I wonder whether she knows the meaning of word or not. What ever , Don't worry Miss Rai you will get what you actually deserves."

Thinking all this Avdhesh was heading to ward the main exit where Pappu was standing still welcoming the arriving guests.

Pappu-"Oh Avdhesh , Where are you going? Plz stay for few hour at least. I m sure everyone wants to meet you, plz let me introduce you to everyone." And he gesture him to turn back to Party ,

Avdhesh give him a stern look '"Really Mr.Prasad you think I need your help to introduce my self!"

There was a kind of threat in his voice that shocked Pappu , he was wondering , is he the same man he met on the floor few secs ago, Avdhesh controlled himself n said-" I think I should leave now someone more important then this waiting for me." N he step ahead , without looking back he addressed Pappu "We will meet soon don't worry your party was good next time it will be mine"


Pappu was still wondering, what wrong with the guy, suddenly he reminded that he left him with Arpita so he decided to ask her for the reason behind his behavior.


Meanwhile Arpita was in her room ,

Standing at her window , gazing at moon she was thinking something  when she felt a touch on her waist from back she got scared n she jerked those hands and turned  back ,

Pappu-"What happened Arpita? I m your fiance, don't I have that much right to express my love to you?"

Arpita-"Sorry Pappu but I m really very tired, and I want to tell it frankly to you, that I don't like all this, I hope you don't mind."

Pappu-"(surprised) Don't tell me Arpita that you believe  in old traditions of being pure n virgin n all, come-on, I mean you stayed in London for a long time,

OK let it be if you are not comfortable with me now I can wait for you, but plz don't take too much time dear." Arpita was listening everything , staring at ground, "Btw Arpita I left Avdhesh with you naa! Was everything ok,. I saw him leaving , he was behaving weird , as he was in anger, Kuch hua to nahi naa I mean Did you said something to him which he didn't like?"

The name Avdhesh bring her back to reality n she realized that she was lucky that no one at least Pappu didn't saw Avdhesh leaving from her room-"Haan! Sorry I was thinking something, Yaa everything was fine, he got some call n left me so I came in my room to rest."

Pappu-"oh may be his personal call, he was saying that someone important waiting for him. I must say He is a strange man, Pal me tola Pal me Masa, Kab kya kehta hai kuch samajh nahi aata." He noticed Arpita's face as her cheek was red as  Avdhesh slapped her hard "wait a second, what's that, are you alright."


Arpita-"yaa nothing, just allergy from makeup, It will be fine by morning."

Pappu left Arpita to take some rest in peace. But somewhere  Arpita get that rest and Peace are the words which she can't have in her life any more since she came to Bombay for the first time'.

She came to her window again looked at moon n close her eyes to feel all those memories, cluttering in her mind and forcing her to cry..


(She was drowning in those memories of eight years ago')


Arpita raise up early from her beauty sleep,

Even she don't want to but she do it willingly,

She was really very happy as it's her last day in Lalanpur collage, which means He can fulfill his promise now,

But at the next moment her smile faded away as she realizes the reality and she said to herself-"Arpita dumbo, its six long years, and he never called up for you, nor Amma n Baba called up for you, they must forgot you till now, unhe kya fark padta hai ke tum roz raat ko unke sapne dekhti ho"

 Talking to her self she opened her window's curtain, it was a shinny day out there. But her smile was gone, it was her daily routine, she was counting days on tips since The Thakurs left the Palace, they didn't come back for even their ancestral haveli . It force her to believe that they must forget her, but still every night she saw them in her dreams specially Avi, he was the one who came to her dreams n says _  "roo nahi ek din tumko lene aayenge fir Amma ke paas hi rehna jee bhar ke theek hai, pehle humko to jane do naa.."

Her dreams were nourishing her believe that he will come one day and she will take her with him and then she will be with her family for ever.

 She was lost in her golden past when her dad called her-"Arpita beta your car is ready, you are getting late for collage! Come fast."

Arpita to herself-"yeah Arpita its your last day, you don't want to be late and break your record, of being punctual for all these years" she get ready for her last day at collage in Lalanpur as for her she will be with them the coming day.


At collage , Arpita don't have any friend as she was always busy in her dreamland , how will she live with them in Mumbai , how will she tease Avi with Shikha, how will Amma pull his ears when she will accuse Avi for teasing her and pulling her plaits. Her last day was not so differ from other days, she was going to meet her class teacher when few girls came to her as she was princess she was famous in collage as Nakhre wali though she was lost in her own world but people around her think her rude and proud.

A girl-"Oh ho so our Princess got time to grace our Poor collage by her holy feet"

Arpita-"Aarti look its our last day I don't want to talk to you people just leave my way, m not interested in your rubbish."

Aarti-"I know dear why should you have any interest in our talks after all you have more important things to da as to imagine about your dream guy who never came to meet you , and who knows Avdhesh remember you or not."

(Aarti is the same girl who was playing with young Avi when Arpita pushed her down n threaten her to not came near to Avi)

Her last words as she mentioned Avi's name made Arpita mad , she came close to her, -"I am telling you for the last time, 'don't you dare to name him' he remembers me or not that not your business, don't force me to show what I am."

She pushed her back and head toward the teacher's office, girls were looking at her with surprise as all these years they never saw her in so much anger. Arpita threatens that girl but somewhere she was scared what if she was right? If he never comes to take her? The thought makes her cry but she hold back her tears, collect her mark sheet from her teacher who praised her for her good record but she was not able even to thank her.

Arpita spend whole day in her room. Waiting for any call from them but all vain they didn't called at dinner table ,

Raja Rai(RR)-"Jagat beta, your sister completed her schooling with good marks where should we send her for further studies?"

Arpita-"Papa that's not fair , padhna humein hai ya bhaiya ko? I will decide where I want to go."

Jagat-"Arpita I know where you want to go. Just keep your mouth shut, you are going to London with my friend's sister. She is going there for further studies.."

Arpita cut him short by throwing the plate on floor-"I said I will choose where to go or not ."

RR-"Arpita beta calm down of course you will decide where to go.  Ok tell me where you want to go and for which course?"


RR-"Mumbai! But why?"

Jagat-"I told you naa papa abhi tak un Thakur's ka bhoot nahi utra iske sar se. she want to go there to stay with them who never think about her all these years"

His words make Arpita cry,

RR-"No Jagat that's not true, Bhabhi ji calls often but its just co incident that you guys were not at home or were not there at the time and I forgot to inform you about it."

Arpita-"really papa! Amma calls for me too." Her face brighten with happiness. "And Baba he never asked for me, how s Avi and Shikha?"

RR-"oh ho Arpita beta why do you want to trouble them? You don't need to stay with them they are in the same city that's enough for me, you will go Mumbai but I will arrange everything for your stay and studies. OK! When ever you want you can meet them."

Though Arpita wants to live with them but she accepts her father proposal to stay away from them as she wants to see them first, Amma called many times but Avi never asked for her how can be it possible ? She has to find everything

Is he same Avdhesh she met or the metro city changed him?

drop ur comments will update the next part soon

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yoga23priya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 September 2011 at 11:18am | IP Logged

what the heck you're updating ha me shocked 

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