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FF YOU ARE MINE Part-4 "Wen I lvd U-IV"page-19 (Page 11)

danno IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 August 2011 at 9:27am | IP Logged
waiting waiting...

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-Prashu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 August 2011 at 11:20am | IP Logged

Kya baat hai...Clap

he was Avi 4 sure who tightened his gripWink

Is she really in love with that idiot?? i mean tht idiotic pappuDead

@ Priya - He is not PPPDead

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yoga23priya IF-Sizzlerz

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GJ do u remember how me & swathi used to tease b'coz u were the one who missed him most ROFL
joliefille Goldie

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Originally posted by danno

waiting waiting...

no more waiting dear, will update soon may be today Wink
joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 22 August 2011 at 12:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by prash_t


Kya baat hai...Clap

he was Avi 4 sure who tightened his gripWink

Is she really in love with that idiot?? i mean tht idiotic pappuDead

@ Priya - He is not PPPDead

Oh ho Prashu what a guess haanWink

yap she is in love, deeply in love

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 22 August 2011 at 12:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by yoga23priya

GJ do u remember how me & swathi used to tease b'coz u were the one who missed him most ROFL

Priyaa Angry

yaar kisi ko to chod de,

so what if she likes PPP

@Prashu don't worry dear ur PPP is going to be hero here

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 22 August 2011 at 12:28am | IP Logged
Chalo chalo  Update time neaaahhh
will try to do it in eve, as some thing is still missing in it,
n Priya u hadn't ud'd  IWMTLY yet

hey i have tried something see

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 22 August 2011 at 11:10am | IP Logged
Hey guyz here s the next Update  n this one goes to non other then Star of the Evening
i thought to wait for Priya's UD but  as its Happy day so i thought to UD it today Happy Janmashtmi  Guys n  Happy winning day Prashu dear,
Part III- Welcome Back

Its next day of Arpita n Pappu's engagement , Pappu is very excited as he got what he want everything in his life is like dream nowadays,
he get engaeged to the girl whom he wanted to from long time no matter what ever he had to do for her, n now just the day he got her  he got the call from the one whom he can't ever dreamt to talk , Arpita is really very lucky for him, just because of her now he will work with them, now soon his dream will be fulfilled to stablish himself as a successful businessman , he will do anything to please them, to work with them , whatever there demand he will fulfill it. Pappu came to Rai Palace..
Pappu-"Arpita... where are you darling,,"
Raja Rai-"Pappu beta, what happened, why are you looking so excited is everything all right! "
Pappu-"oh Papa ji , ab to sab accha hi accha hoga aapki beti to hamare liye bahut lucky hai, see i was trying to get one project from long time but i never get chance to get close to it, but as she came in my life the owner called me and he said they are intrested in my praposal n want to meet me for it."
Raja Rai-"very good news beta , come sit, batao kya loge tea or coffee? "
Raja Rai-"what! Arpita !"
Pappu- " Are Papa ji, i mean to say i don't have time to sit n have coffee like you haha, i just came to pick Arpita with me we are going Bombay to receve the owner, n i m throwing a Party to welcome him back to India, i want Arpita with me , afterall she is lucky for me , n she herself lived in London for few years she knows all attiquates to behave with high society person, wo saath hogi to humara impression bhi accha padega, afterall when he called me yesterday i told him about our engagement he congrats me n wished her too but she was not there at that time so i think she should meet him."
Raja Rai-"Bombay! to welcome your business associeates! i am not liking the idea much but as you wish, but beta atleast you have to tell me earlier .."
Pappu cut his words in mid-""oh ho Papa ji why are you talking like an orthodox , we are engaged n on top of all i m her would be husband she is going with me not with a stranger. we will be back soon ."
Raja Rai had no choice in front of Pappus words afterall he choose him for her daughter..
"what did Arpita said , is she agree to go Bombay?"
till then Arpita came there with her luggage.
-"Pappu,  i m ready lets go.."
Raja Rai was shocked to see his daughter was ready to leave with Pappu without even telling him.Pappu rushed towar his car when RajaRai came close to his daughter n said-
"Arpita. beta if you don't want to go , you don't need to go with Pappu , afterall you don't know him properly"
Arpita gave a cold look to him-"does it matter Raja sahaab what i want or not, its ok, he will my husband naa i have to spend whole life with him, kya fark padta hai,  uske saath aaj jaun ya kal ."
and without looking back Arpita get in the car with Pappu for Bombay.
At three star hotel of Pappu in Bombay,
Pappu- "its  8pm he will be here at any moment, where is Arpita, ye girls kitna time leti hai  ready hone me.."
Pappu was waiting in Party for Arpita n the man for whom he was waiting from long time...
just then Arpita enterd the party from the stairs dicending from the room area. She was dressed in a red lehnga with heavy embroiderry of silver, she was looking like a bride, having one sided dupatta covering from right shoulder to her waist around.
Pappu- "wow Arpita you are really looking very prity darling, but its not our wedding today we are here to welcome him , and he is coming from US you shold wear some Party gown of something like that.."
as he was asking Arpita about her dress there was some excitement in party Pappu noticed  it n turns back ,
There was he , himself , Pappu can't believe on his eyes, he run to welcome the man while Arpita was standing there looking at ground as she was not listening any word of Pappu she was lost in her own world, when Pappu came back to her with someone and introduce her with him..
-"Arpita meet Mr. Avdhesh Singh Thakur. He is really great man, he made his destiny himself alone, can you believe that he started with a small restaurant in Bombay n now he has group of hotels n restaurant chain all over the world. Its his greatness that he choose us  to give chance to work with him."
Avdhesh-"thankyou Mr..."
Pappu-"Pushpendra sir.. Please call me Pappu."
Avdhesh-"oh thanx Mr.Pappu actually I can't remember long names, n about working together, its just our first meeting lets see what's going to happen next filhaal to i have to congratulate you both for you wedding" and he raised hand to shake with Pappu.
Pappu didn't mis the chance to hold his hand-"oh Mr. Thakur thankyou for remembering it but we are not married yet it was our engagement the day you called me."
Avdhesh-"oh.. i m sorry actually when i saw her i thought .. let it be call me Avdhesh , don't know about business but we can be friends for sure, right Miss.."
Pappu-"Arpita, her name is Arpita Rai, she is Princess of Lalanpur and she just came back from London for our engagement n here to welcome  you AVDHESH, hope you don't mind calling you that.."
Avdhesh-"Oh certainly not, soo i m talking to a Princess, i never met a Princess in my life thankyou for it Pappu. (and he raised his hand toward Arpita, she was lost till the moment she saw Avdhesh, she hardly heard any word of there conversation).
Pappu strok lightly on her arm n she came back to her sences, she shake hand with him n tried to leave it as soon as she can but he hold her hand and placed a light kiss on her back hand .
Avdhesh-"I think that's the way to greet Princessess . M i right Miss.."
Arpita-(drawing her hand back) Arpita , yes You are right Mr..."
Pappu-(glared at Arpita)Mr. Avdhesh is really very generous we can call him Avdhesh only."
Avdhesh-"its ok Pappu.. Princess was thinking something else i think when we were talking. its perfectly fine with me."
Pappu-"haha, i can't believe Avdhesh who can say you are owner of AST empier not a bit of attitude at all. If you don't mind can i ask why are you wearing these dark glasses at this hour of night!"
Avdhesh's face turns a bit stern which scared Pappu a bit that he asked something wrong.
Avdhesh-"no there's nothing to hide its just that ...
Roshni aankho ko chubhti hai..(he stressed this  sentence while looking at Arpita)  it will be fine with time now, "
Pappu-"oh i thought i asked something personal.."

they were talking when someone asked Pappu to dance with his fieancee and they get on the dance floor,
the song on DJ was suppose to favor Avdhesh
Dil ke jahaan me ek aag si lagi hai
Main hunt um ho ishq hai..
Tishnagii hai..
 Avdhesh was heaving his whisky on the rocks , he was glaring at them from his place, he was boiling in himself and for this time this alcohol was like fuel in that fire, he drink at least ten glasses but seems like nothing he still can see Pappu's hands on her waist , her hands in his hand and shoulder.
Avdhesh was still looking sober as he didn't had any drink, he reached at dance floor, tapped at Pappu's shoulder
-"Wow Mr. Pappu you guys make great couple, but can i steal your fiance..." he smiled with innocence.
Pappu-"Oh sure Mr. Avdhesh, she is all yours , i have to take care of Party too, Arpita Please take care of Avdhesh he is your responsibility now.."
Avdhesh-"come on Pappu no formalities , we are friends now naa, go and look after your guests m not guest anymore now."
Pappu left the floor n Avdhesh's face turn stern once again this time more anger was visible on it.
DJ change the song with a slow one..
Wo bheege pal..Wo bheegee yadeen ..
Wo teri bateen ..Bhuula nahii..
Saari duniya ka maine pyaar paya tere kadmo me…

 he placed his hand on her waist hold it hardly while she was looking other side , hold her hand tightly , her eyes  still ignores to met his eyes behind the shads.
While Avdhesh's eyes were full of mist n mind was full of old glimpses ..
(Drenched   Arpita,  in off shoulders knee length florescent print dress , in his arms close to his heart,)
 his eyes were set on her in desire to meet at once to her eyes which didn't happen, they danced for few moments but she never met his eyes, a single drop of tear rolled down Avi's eyes and he left the Party without talking to any one.

After the Party-
Arpita was standing by her window when suddenly power goes off.
Arpita felt a warm hug from behind,
two strong arms were holding her, the warmth of those hands on her waist made Arpita emotional she release herself in him, a drop of tear rolled down her cheek too, she start sobbing a bit, while his hug turn more firm, she hold his hands firmly n he placed a light kiss on her neck,
Arpita-"(her eyes were closed as his breath was striking at her neck n leaving a senasation in her soul , she takes a deep breath) why did you force me to dance with him ? you know naa i can't bear anyone touching me except you, i Love you Pappu ."
the hold turn more tight n instead of affection it seems like cage to Arpita , before she can open her eyes the voice give her another shock.
"Really Arpi,, You love the man n don't recognize his touch either.."
Arpita shook his hands n get out of his reach leaving him in shadow.
-"what the hell you are doing here?"
-"huun! thank god you recognized my voice at least, (and Avdhesh emerged from the shadow, this time there were no shades so his eyes were clearly visible, there were strange look in them, somewhere between love n hate, affection n disgust, hope n disappointment.)
Arpita take one more step back.

Avdhesh get close to her n hold her by waist –"why are you so surprised dear! Do you really not expecting me?"
Arpita-"just leave me Avdhesh. Why should I expect you . You don't exist for me anymore and when we meet down there I thought you too want to move ahead in life that's why you don't talked about past.." Arpita tried to free herself by pushing him back, but his hold turns more firm.
Avdhesh-"Really u think so, (pain was visible in his eyes n face) you really moved on Arpi.."
"ARPITA.. that's my name.I m Arpita Rai the Princess  n very soon I will be Mrs. Prasad "
Avdhesh-"In short you want to prove me that I m nothing to you, n you love that fool standing down there n pleading around me for stupid project.."
Arpita-"mind your language Avdhesh . he is my fianc n he is a prince too, its his manner to  give respect to guest unlike you. N I love him for that."
Avdhesh's hold turn loose by her words n expressions he was expecting some other words from her this time, he give himself another chance while Arpita got chance to get free from his arms n step back which cause her bang against the wall. Avdhesh came more close to her she was almost pinned to wall , he placed his one hand on wall near her head n take the chain in tip from her neck,
-"Oh really Arpita you have moved on, then what is this? Why are you still wearing this chain n Locket? Tell me?"

Arpita-"that's not yours Avdhesh . it belong to my mom n that was my mistake that I give it to you, you don't deserve it ever, you just want my…"
Before Arpita can complete her sentence..
There was big blow n she was on ground Avdhesh slapped her, for the first time in his life Avdhesh Singh Thakur raised hand on women n its Arpita one whom he literally worshiped.
-"Don't you dare to say those words again Arpita, don't you dare!" Avdhesh said with disgust ful anger crushing his teethes.
 Just in sec he realized what he did, and he fell on his knees in front of her, having a silent tear looking at her,
 While Arpita was sitting holding her cheek,-"see Avdhesh, sach kitna kadwa hota hai na. Tum aaj bhi wo hi Avdhesh ho, aaj bhi tumne wo hi kiya jo.."
Avdhesh-( a smirk came on his lips, he sit next to her, slowly touches her cheek on which he slapped her, the tear oozed out breaking the edges ) No Arpita you were right earlier, just like you me too moved on far, earlier I can't think to touch you like this but all credit goes to you, you made me what I m today,
N you know what's the most funny thing.. I too don't know what the hell I m."
He take out his glasses from his pocket n take it on , stands on look back at Arpita n said-"it was nice meeting you back Miss Arpita, I have to tell you one thing . it was your last chance which you lost, to compensate for your past deeds but seems like you don't have any regret for that. So the coming few days or months will be hard time for you , best of luck ."
He take a step toward the door while Arpita stand up on her feet, suddenly he stops n turns back.
Avdhesh-"Oh how can I forget I was talking about your pay back time, when I myself commit some crimes , how can I spare myself from them like loving you, n for slapping you.."
Before Arpita can understand what he is up to do he banged his hand on the flower vase next to him on table n its pieces pierced his hand , blood start flowing from it, Arpita take a step forward but before she could realize it Avdhesh came to her n hold her wrist , twist it n put it back at her back take her in his embrace –"how can I leave without welcoming you sweetheart, haan!
Wel Come Back dear, or I should say Welcome to the hell which you made for me to suffer alone now its time to feel the burn together, now you have to feel all the pain I was suffering alone all these years, "LOVE" .

And he placed a light kiss on her cheek.
Arpita –"leave me Avdhesh!"
Avdhesh-"just as you done! Huu" n he releases her.
Arpita-"Avdhesh I don't know how did you get in my room but plz go from the back door."
Avdhesh turn toward the door n without looking back he replied while leaving-"oh jaan you take my warning too lightly,
Once again , "WELCOME to HELL dear"

And he leaves the room.

wo kehte hai ,
ke yaar har zakhm bhar  deta hai,
koi unhe ye to bataye,
 ke  har zakhm yaar se shuru ho ke yaar pe hi khatm hota hai,

That's all for this UD guyz plz leave ur comments
n ya this time i added last lines in bit hurry , so plz forgive me if u don't find it as last ones .Embarrassed

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