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|| The 2011* Crazy Awards Ceremony ||

DesiGirl_ IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 May 2010
Posts: 6234

Posted: 03 July 2011 at 9:06am | IP Logged


Recently, The Crazy Creative Team had their very first award ceremony, just for us CC Team Members. All votes have finally been counted, and it's now time for the award ceremony! We want to invite all India Forum Members to sit in our ceremony, and enjoy the fun with us! :D
Hopefully, next year you all may vote as well, as this was a trial to see how well it turns out to go!
So sit back and enjoy this funfilled event!
Feedbacks and suggestions are always welcome for next time( :
Shahrukh Khan: Hello Friends! Welcome to the 2011 Crazy Creatives very FIRST awards ceremony!
Priyanka Chopra: I'm sure we are all excited to see which lovely people won the awards, right?
Sharukh Khan: Of course they are Piggy Chops, that is why we all are here, Am I right!?
Priyanka Chopra: Well we do have some lovely people out there in the audience today!
Sharukh Khan: Yes, yes, there is the lovely Aishwaria! AISHWARIA RAI PEOPLE!
*Ash Waves*
Shahrukh Khan: Ahh and I see Ravjot. Ravjot made me carry her bag, right Ravjot?
*Ravjot Rolls Her Eyes*
Priyanka Chopra: Well the reason we are here is so we can give the evening a small fun start! So, now, I want you to welcome your hosts for the night, SWEETU AND AMAN!
*Sweetu is wearing an expensive red dress, and Aman is wearing a similar white dress*
Sweetu: How is everyone doing tonight?
Aman: Welcome to this fun filled award ceremony!
Sweetu: We told you what we wanted, you voted, and today we are here to announce the winners!!
Aman: So, sit back, and enjoy this night of enjoyment
Sweetu: Right now, i'd like to call up the lovely Munni Badam to perform
Aman: Umm Sweetu, Munni BADNAM not BADAM
Sweetu: Ahhh same thing...
Aman: Ladies, and gentlemen, MUNNI BADNAM HUI, DARLING HUMARE LIYE!
Munni Ft. Roshini(In pink), Sweetu(Chashmish), Tanu(Teal) [[Girls]]
Zunni(Green), Kaju(Red), Shicku(Chasmish) [[Boys]]
Sweetu: So why not get on with the first award of the night,  The Best Senior, and Junior CC Member
Aman: I'd like to call on stage the lovely Tanu to present this award
*Tanu comes up, wearing a lovely gold dress*
Tanu: And the award for best Senior Member goes to: Angelic_A
Tanu: The award for the best Junior Member goes to: daffodils.dudu
Aman: All right! Now, how about we get on with tonight!
Sweetu: Now, we have an act for you
Aman: An act, that will leave you speechless
Sweetu: An act you better enjoy because we honestly didn't know any other way to entertain you at the moment! 
Aman: An act that is somewhat fun, and magical!
Aman and Sweetu: BIG APPLE CIRCUS
Aman: Wow, that was amazing!
Sweetu: It was!! But, I have a feeling we kinda are tired...
Aman: Yes, and hungry..
Sweetu: So, why not take a break?
Aman: So, we will be right back after these short messages!!
Sweetu: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Up Above The World So High. Oey Twinkle Oey Oey Twinkle!
*Sweetu stars to do some weird failed Bhangra moves*
Aman: Sweetu, Are you okay?
Sweetu: Oh you crazy, I'm just giving a preview of the next act
Aman: Which may be...
Sweetu: Ladies and gentlmen, get ready to see the different hindu styles of Twinkle Twinkle, brought to you by REVATHY AUNTIE!!
Sweetu: Aman, what is next on the list?
Aman: Well, Its time to bring the names of the best of best
Sweetu: Best of Best?
Aman: Yes, best of best! I'd like to call on stage the beautiful Prachi Desai to prsent the awards for:
Best Monthly Manager
Best Subteam Head
Best Creativity
Best Topic Creator
Best Ideas
Best Graphic Designer 
Prachi: Hello everyone! How are you today!?
Prachi: The award for Best Monthly Manager goes to: Angel-Jot.
The award for Best Subteam Head goes to: -Ravjot-
The award for Best creativity goes to: Angel-Jot.
The award for Best Topic Cretaor goes to: Angel-Jot. and seert
Thr award for Best Grpahic Designer goes to: starry.phoenix
and last but not least, the award for Best Ideas goes to: daffodils.dudu
Shini: Yo Yo Yo was goood ma dawg?
Aman: Urmm, why you talking like that? And where is Sweetu?
Shini: Aeyy she be putting on dem bling bling ma dawg
Aman: Umm okay?
Shini: She cant come riii now ma dawg
Aman: Why not, and I am NOT your "DAWG"
Shini: Sorry ma dawg! She's backstage getting ready! Ladies and gent-all-menz, you wanna hear Sweetu R-r-r-aaap?
Shini: So Put those hands together for...
Ohhh yeaa
We are the CC's
Rocking everyday, buzzing like bee's
We have talent
We make actvities
But best of all, we got that creativity
Aman. Ravjot, and many more
Are all the people that you adore!
So, say it with meee!
Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Creatives
Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Creatives
Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Creatives
sorry for the gay rap. Made it last minute :/
Aman: So, umm, we'll be back after ek chota sa break!
^ Little Tanu and Manu

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DesiGirl_ IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 May 2010
Posts: 6234

Posted: 04 July 2011 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Aman: Welcome Back! Umm Swee-
*Sweetu comes running on stage*
Sweetu: Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing good!
Aman: Wanna bring her out?
Sweetu: Sure!
Aman: Ladies and gentlemen, say good bye to Sheila and Muni, because her comes..
Sweetu and Aman: JALEBI BAI!
Jalebi Ft. Tanu(Jalebi) and Shikhu (Punjabi Dude)
Aman: Here is the CC office we have many, many, MANY different types of people!
Sweetu: So, we thought, why not award these fabulous faces?
Aman: I'd like to bring on stage Mango to present the awards for:
Most Helpful
Most Friendly
Most Funniest
Most Cooliest
Most Craziest
Most Cutest
Most Boring
The award for Most Helpful  goes to: Angelic_A
The award for  Most Friendly goes to: Angel-Jot. and sami01
The award for Most Funniest goes to: daffodils.dudu
The award for Most Coolest goes to: -Ravjot-
The award for Most Craziest goes to: Sweetu.Baby
The award for Most Cutest goes to: lilindiangurl13, -Zunni-, sami01, ..-Kaju-..,
The award for Most Boring goes to: teenindia_usa and curledup
Sweetu: Ahhh...we, need to rest
Aman: Umm, how about we cool down with a PERFORMANCE?
Sweetu: A performance?
Aman: Yes, a performance!
Sweetu: So, ladies and gentelmen, do you wanna see the lovely SHIELA KI JALWANI!?
Aman: Oh Ho Sweetu, not JALWANI, JAWANI
Sweetu: Yea, yea whatever Ladies and gentlemen...
Aman and Sweetu: SHEILA KI JAWANI!
Sheila Ft. Roshini(In pink), Sweetu(Chashmish), Tanu(Teal) [[Girls]]
Zunni(Green), Kaju(Red), Shicku(Chasmish) [[Boys]]
Aman: Alright guys. Now, its time for something im sure you all will enjoy...
Sweetu: But first, time for a break!
Sweetu: Welcome Backk!
Aman: Our next performance is sponsored by Shini
Sweetu: So ladies and gentlemen, we present to you...
Aman: All right! Getting on with the next awards.
Sweetu: When your a CC member, you mus be active, and hard working.
Aman: But of course, we have those inactive peeps. I mean, they show up once every blue moon. I tell the to be at work at 7 AM sharp, but no. I told them they will have there powers removed. But I give them a chance and another chance and another chance. I mean its not hard to be active, so please just dont disappear to the other side of America! Why don't people understand. Its li-
Sweetu: Aman, Aman, AMAN SHUTUP! Calm down!
Aman: Right, sorry. I'd like to call on stage the beautiful Kareen Kapoor to present the awards for:
Most Hard Working
Most Laziest
Most Active
Most Inactive
Most CC Activities Creator
The award for Most Hard Working goes to:  Perfangel5655 
The award for Most Laziest goes to: -Ravjot-
The award for Most Active goes to: Angel-Jot. and starry.phoenix
The award for Most Most Inactive goes to: teenindia_usa
The award for Most CC Activities creator goes to: Angelic_A, daffodils.dudu, Angel-Jot., seert, Perfangel5655, and spln
Aman: All right moving on with the next award. I'd like to bring on stage Ravjot to present the Person everyone goes to when in trouble award!
Ravjot: The winner is: Angelic_A
Sweetu: All right guys. Moving on with the next awards. Aman, please present the award for Basanti of CC and Sharmila of CC
Aman: The Basanti Of CC is: daffodils.dudu
The Sharmila Of CC is: sami01
Sweetu: All right guys! Lets take a break!
Aman: The next award is very special
Sweetu: It is the award for couples
Aman: The award for the Best Dostana Couple!
Sweetu: Please welcome on stage Gurprit to present the award
Gurprit: The Dostana Couple award goes to:
Aman: Ladies and gentlemen, you wanna see this couple DANCE?
Aman: Alright so please welcome SWEETU AND KAJU!
I Hate Love Stories Ft. Sweetu and Kaju
Aman: Now, it is time to present the last award
Sweetu: Here in CC, fights happen
Aman: Which is why we have a special award for the Jai and veeru of CC. Please welcome Megz on stage to present the award
Megz: The winners are: Angelic_A / -Ravjot-
Sweetu: All right! Time to wrap up this award ceremony!
Aman: All CC memebrs please come on stage, so we can perform!
*Lights turn off*

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DesiGirl_ IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 May 2010
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Posted: 05 July 2011 at 10:54am | IP Logged

Best Senior CC Member
Best Junior CC Member
Best Monthly Manager
Best Subteam Head
Best Creativity
Best Topic Creator
Best Ideas
Best Graphic Designer (Only vote for the GD team members)
Most Helpful
Most Friendly
Most Funniest
Most Cooliest
Most Craziest
Most Hard Working
Most Laziest
Most Active
Most Inactive
Most CC Activities Creator
Bes Dostana Couple
The Jai and Veeru Of CC
The Person Everyone Goes To When In Trouble
Basanti Of CC (Most Talkative)
Sharmila Of CC (Least Talkative)

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DesiGirl_ IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 May 2010
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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 7:32am | IP Logged

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lilindiangurl13 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 April 2008
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Posted: 14 July 2011 at 9:46am | IP Logged
jotu isnt nice... she's always mean to me and ravs ask ask... by the ways congrats everyone and winning the awards...
Zunni you and me share an award YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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BilliCat. Viewbie

Joined: 12 January 2009
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Posted: 14 July 2011 at 9:48am | IP Logged
This awards so surprising like really..I nvr thought i would win manyy awards ROFL ROFLROFL This is getting too funny ...Consider this my speech please[=)]ROFL I would like to thank every single one who voted and i would also thank all the ones who dint vote and give me a award nad shock me . I expected complete diff persons to be in some position especially the ones i won . Embarrassed Congrats everyone of youBig smile

I would also like to mention 2 people here who deserves an applause when it comes  to awards ceremony

------She totaly increased the expectation of a post .  Her every post is a success ,but we never knew hoe much she worked as she always worked undercover
Mangie ---She is one of the originals of CC too. Still she is here and helps us with GAing and evrything

and now one more person who was here but went inactive by the time we came here
Gur ---So i had gone through past pages of CC for my other post and wat do i see ,yes she was an amazing CC . So she also deserves an applause with other two.

Anyway DJS gud work with the post
Kajulyyy Amazing sigs using them <3Hug

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Perfangel5655 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 July 2011 at 10:15am | IP Logged
You guys are awesome.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed  I am on the run will be back to look at this properly! 

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Angelic_A IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 11 February 2006
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Posted: 14 July 2011 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
OMGGG Best thread EVER!! Cool

I have to finish reading it but thank you all sooo much for the awards... I must say its an honor. Cool

p.s... pshhh ravu.. we got jai and veeru award ROFLROFLROFL

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