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Monday, Jul 4th, Episode 533
Update by rojapooo

Nithya has the update ready but is not able to post as her telephone has gone kaput. So, I will just give a brief one so that IF ians can follow the story.

Sudha comes back crying from the temple. Vishnu follows, Thanni learns the whole thing ' including Villishnu slapping Sudha ( names calling pathi sOllave illai??) Thanni says that he is on Gayu's side now "go and make your mom understand what is love 'family. Once she comes and accepts Sudha as her DIL , then I will send her . Until then'good bye " Vishnu ' time to pay for your cowardice ,man !!!

Gayu calls Thanni and gets to know the whole thing about Sudha. Gayu is all set to see Villishnu "one hand " ' as usual jumps the gun much to the chagrin of Thanni and Sudha. Sudha knows Gayu's temper and so rushes to save MIL. . Gayu gives a bit of her mind to mother ' son duo. Sudha comes and confronts Gayu " yen purushanai thitta nee yaaru??" Goes on to say that it is her family and her MIL can do any thing to her. Gayu leaves in shock and after she leaves, Sudha apologizes to the duo "athai whenever you accept me as your DIL, I will come here. I apologize for my sister's act" ' leaves and Vishnu as usual seethes ' summa vEtti anger kaasu kku no use.

Devi comes to pacify Visa aunty ' and of course Visa aunty has the choicest words to shout at that young girl. Devi pleads ' listing all the happenings as her fault and recommends "please appa vai mannichu accept pannikOnga " Visa aunty jumps some more but Devi insists ' " whatever I have to say is all written here , please read" Visa tears it in to "collectable " Wink pieces . Devi leaves'..the manager reads the letter and learns that Devi is ready for a suicide.

Tuesday  5/7/11 Episode No 534
by rojapooo

Devi comes back - all set to go to La La land. Paro aunty is angry that Devi scooted the
house without telling any one. Devi says that she had to go to the computer center as
 Gayu wanted some thing to be done. Paro asks her to go along "Kovil pOittu varalaam,
 vaa " Devi says that she has to finish the work for Gayu and so Paro aunty leaves
alone. Devi has visions of Visa aunty calling her "EvalO road le Pethu pOttu ttu pOna
pOnnu " - well what more reasons do you need for the suicide.
And the serial families
 always add poison bottle to their grocery list !!!
Veet le visham ready, milk ready...
vidu joot . Ayyo ayyo MM arrives on time to stop the suicide mela - shouts at Devi for
her heinous act. Paro aunty also comes back - without going to the temple. She saw
MM rushing towards the house and felt that some thing is not right. Well, MM knows
 that Devi  made a clandestine trip to meet Visa aunty and got scolded royally -  epdi ..epdi...epdi??? manager amma ubayam -
athuvum front door ai SAthara vazhakkame
illiya- athanaale MM could walk in happily.
Paro aunty gets to know the whole deal and
 what she says might unnerve all of you - Roja was aghast  - "unakku yethanum Onnu aagiyiruntha, ivan avanga appa kku pannina promise enna aagiyirukkum ?"
( Apdi
pOdunga , so Devi yuirai vida, promise thaan mukkiamaa??? Talk about priorities
 in life !!!)
Paro aunty says that she can not keep quiet any more " I need to do what
needs to be done " - angrily leaves the arena. MM pacifies Devi who strongly believes
 that her death is the key to Visa - AZ reunion. It was nice to see the Bro - Sis interaction - Paro aunty oda words kku oru chinna medicine.

Paro aunty kilambina speed kku...she is the personification of a "cool, calm and
collected " person. Talks to Visa aunty calmly. And for her part Visa aunty is cool
as well . Apologies for shouting at Paro aunty thinking that AM is the father of Devi.
Paro aunty is happy that Visa is reasonable at last. Appeals to her good senses " If
you want to punish AZ, you can do it sitting in that house. And you know what?? Devi
was all set to commit suicide - thinking that that is the only solution. " Visa aunty
stands her ground . Now Paro aunty borrows PILS grad's blackmailing / emotional
blackmail trick " So, you really do not respect my hubby. When I learnt that Devi is
my hubby's daughter, I also jumped like you. But , you pacified me. Not just that -
only because of that, we lost every thing and came to the Nadu theru !!!! I ppO antha
 logic enge pOchu??? My hubby took the blame only to save your hubby. If you respect
AM as you claim, you won't be doing this. Apram un Ishtam " Visa aunty agrees to
come home  - "but not to that house. I will come to your house. MM kku naanum
 amma thaan. Won't he take care of me??" Paro says that MM will worship the floor she walks on " come along " . Visa leaves
- not even a bye bye to the Manager amma??

MM 's household - all are fretting as Paro aunty left in anger and never told them the destination or ETA - Devi opines that Paro must have gone to see Visa and convince
 her. MM is very angry with Devi and shuts her up. Gayu is confident " Athai is not
Visa athai, she will definitely get back home " Well, Visa and Paro arrive - the clan
relaxes visibly. Visa being Visa , goes straight to Devi and gives her one tight slap
 " how dare you do such a thing?? Vazhnthu mudicha engalai sErthu vaikka, vazha
 vendiya nee sEthu pOviyaa?? Your dad is a cad but you are not at fault//" Devi cries
and says that she has nothing else to give " I could not think of a better solution "
Visa says that she is not some Arakki to accept Devi's death
( ayyo da, neenga PILS
grad kku pannina kOdumai ellam ethile sErthi??)
- tells Devi that she too has had
 kids "  nee sEthu pOnaa, apram I can't live with that guilt "
( hmm, again talk about
priorities - Devi's death avanga avangalai epdi impact pannum nnu thaan kavalai,
matha padi antha pOnnu sEtha enna iruntha enna???? Enna Olagam da sammyyy)
 Visa hugs Devi - rest of the clan looks relieved...

Wednesday, July 6th, Episode 535 
Update by atina 
Visa is so amotional...hugging Devi tells," Do not think that I am an arakkee...I gave birth to two and broght up four kids..I can accept you as my ponnu...nee ennoda chellam dee...because ..en purushan echa pannina ilai ellam enakku sontham...where ever he shed his blood those places are all my sothu...so will I leave you kust like that chellom...( since when this Visa has become Prakash Raj????Tongue) look here one more time please do not try to do anything like this...you are also my ponnu...what ever I would do for my own daughter I will do all that for you also chellaom sariyaa??" Decvi calls her amma...amma...and oreh paasa mazhai...Krish...Gayu and Paro are touched deeing this paasam...from Visa...
Here comes Mugs...he screams at Devi for trying to kill herrself...Deci tells she did not know any other option to bring back Visa amma...Mugs tells," yei...I told you the other day that I have accepted you as my sister..and again I am telling you...I will be there for you forever...amma..please take care of Devi..." He tries to leave and Visa astops him and asks," dei how come you are going without even talking to me.."
Mugs asks," oh...now you feel like this? then why you did not talk to me when I found you and came to you the other day? I also felt the same pain then right?...amma...what can I do for appa's thappoo...amma...appa is dying there without eating and drinking..please come with me amma...you have the same manasu which accepted Devi...come amma...?"
"Illadaa...I will not muzhichify at his face anymore..thottu thalli kattina wifukku...droham senja anda aalai I can not mannipooo...Devi come with me" She takes Devi with her and goes in.
AZ's house...AZ is weak..sitting on the swing...CHittu and Swetha are talking about Az and Visa...NMugs comes there," Paa,,,good news...amma has changed her mind...Swetha get a glass of juice for appa let him break his unnaa viradham..." AZ gets excited and gets up and look for Visalam...but Mugs stops  him and tells," appa...amma...is not here she went to krishna's house"
AZ is sad to hear this," appo...she has not accepted me and mannichufied me...pongaaa...let me die...she still conseders me as a ponam..." Chittu tries to make him drink juice...but he refuses and gets up but he is not able to stand even...He is taken to bed and Swetha asks Mugs to call the doctor...
Chittu informs Gayu about Az's condition...Krish and Gayu try to make Visa undersatnd about AZ's unna viradham but Visa does not even want to listen to them and tell the same thing again again..." naan anda drohi yai mannikkaka maaten...anda aalu moonjileh muzhikka maaten..."
Paro tells," Visalam...like Krishna just told after certain age we are all like kuzhanthaigal...AZ is like a baby to you also right...why cannt you firgive him?" Visalam goeds again," please tell me if you all do not want me to be here...didnt tell you before I came here not to force me to do this...then why are you behaving lkike this?" Krish was about to tell something but PAro stops him," vidudaa...erumbu ura kallum karaiyum...aadi kaatuleh ammiyum nagrum nu solluvaanga...kaattu adikkattum...puyal veesattum...let us hope that nallathe nadakkum...leave visalam alone...do not bother her anymore with this request..."
Az's house...doctor rushes and tries to start a glucose drip...but Az refuses to co opearte with the doctor...Here come Ranjani...she tries to talk to him but Az  still tells the same," I did thappu so let me face the punishment too...if your mom think that I am a ponam..then how does it matter whether the ponam be in the house or in the sudukaadu"
everyone is shocked and satunned hearing this...
Thursday, July 7th, Episode 536
Update by atina 
Doctor tries to strat the treatment but Az refuses to co operate and tells, "I did thappu so let me face the punishment too...if your mom think that I am a ponam..then how does it matter whether the ponam be in the house or in the sudukaadu" ranjani comes to Mugs who is standing outside the room and requests him to take her to Visa mom.
Krish's house...Visa is sitting looking sad and angry...Devi's head is on Visa's laps...PAro tells," Visalam...I am not going to interefere in any of your decisions but..." here comes Ranjani with mugs...every one pleads Visa to change her mind but she is very stubborn...Mugs phone rings ...chittu from the other end tells that AZ is very weak and he is having a valipooo...Hearing this everyone but Visa and Paro levae from there.
Doctor tells that he will take good care of Az and make him ok soon and asks everyone to be confident that AZ will be ok.
Krish and team reach AZ's house..Chittu tells what doctor told them...Devi starts crying and tells," if anything happens to appa or amma then I will not live at all...for all this I am the resposnsible person..."
In Krish's house...PAro starts her lil pep talks," Visalam...ennaa yosanai...vaazharathaa...? or should I become an orphan after losing my life nu yosikariah..? I should not interfere ..but I can not do that...for 27 years we both lives in the same house that is why Ican not accept this situation of yours...ok I agree that you are punishing your husband...as he did that thappooo...but why are you punishing yourslef? yes...leaving everyone coming here and living alone here like this is a punishment for you only right??? You should   have that man pakkuvam to handle things...Visalam...you are like my sister and I can not see my sister's life in a oonjal like this...tey to understand the facts of life Visalam...a couple live happily depending on the trust they have on each other but when that trust is lost..their lives become a helll...now you lost your trsu on him...but can you divorce him t this age and go ahead with your life...then what ooru ulagam sollum...I think..it will be the best for you to go to your house...if not inda vayasuleh ivalukku enna ivlo periya veeraapoo nu everyone wiull talk..."
Visalam lifts her head and stares at PAro with shocking expression...( I think ammi is moving...!!) look here Visalam...fightsd among husband and wife is normal...but if there is no purushan at all...???? he is feeling guilty..that is why he is doing all this...he regrets for his mistakes...so you should also forgive him...kazhuthuleh thaali irukaara varaikkum thaan pombilaikku madhippu...you know that...you have been watching my life which is a hell...just think...if your AM maamaa...is still alive my life will be very different right...?? po...poyee save your husband's life...un thaaliyai kaapaathu...unnoda kovathai appuranmaa kaattu...I am telling all this out of my life experience...you can listen to me or do wahtever you want to do...athu unnoda ishtam...po...naan sollarathai kelu..."

Friday, July 8th, Episode 537 
Update by  atina
AZ's house...Still Devi is crying...Chittu, Swetha and Ranjani are tryinh yo calm her down...but no use she kepps crying...Krish is standing outside and watching all this...AZ gets up from the bed and pudungifies the needle from his wrist...starts walking slowly to the hall...shocking others. He tells the same thing...naan paacvi...must die...naan ponam...Ranjani amma will not come...will she? etc...
An auto stops infront of the house...Visa slowly emerges out ..Krish runs to her and thanks her. She tells," Krishna when you said that we are all like kids after certain age...I did not realise it but anni only made me undersatnd and sent me here"
She slowly walks in...Mugs screams at her...for streeing them so much ..for the past couple of days...Swetha tells that it was foolish of her to run away like this...Ranjani scolds," amma unakku arivilleh..." etc...Chittu tells," it is ok leave it...she has come right> now every thing will be ok" AZ also tells," stop scolding my visalam...ava intha veettu mahalakshmi she is not only wife to me but also a deivam to you all too?????!!!!" Visa does not seem to hear any of this...she keeps walking towards Az and starts sobbing, ennai mannichudunga..." AZ also asks mannippoo...everyone becomes very emotional...Visa places her face on AZ"s chest and starts crying...suddenly she gets up and grabs Devi and continue weepin...kudumba hugs...AZ, Visa and Devi...
Gayu stands on the mottai madi and crying...thinking of Suda screaming at her...here comes Krish asking why she is alone there...finally Gayu tells the reason...Suda...coming home vaazha vettiyaa...so Vishnu made another plan..but that also failed...and Meenakshi slapped Suda...hearing this GAyu went and screamed at meenakshi and vishnu...but Suda reacted badly to Gayu...asking her to mind her own business since Meenakshi and Vishnu are her family and she knows how to deal with it nu...
Krish consoles her and tells," inga paaru...Suda is lkike a child...after all she is your thankachee...how can you get upset with her...I am sure will come ask sorry to you you come down with me now"
Next we see Krish talking to Vishnu..."I do not know what to do...Krishnaa...sometimes I think why the hell did I marry nu...my mother is the one who struggled to bring me up to this stage...in life...how can I find fault with her...I am not able to support my mother neither my wife...sometime s I think why am I alive nu...vazhkaiyeh romba veruthu poiduchunga..."
Krish consoles him," Look here Vishnu...every married guys are facing this porblem...thaayaa ...thaaramaa...nu" Vishnu replies," ayo Krishnan...there is nothing with Suda she is such a good wife...and I know very well...that my mother is at fault...but I am not ablke to talk to her about this...do you know how many times I talked to my mom to change herself...but no use...it is ok...let it happened according to my vidhi...ok Krishna...let mer go" He leaves ...

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Is this serial going to end??? Suddenly all the problems are coming to the end.

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@roja...not only poison bottles are a must in the monthly grocery list (regular=aa vaanginaa dhaan expire aagaama irukkum) but they shd say poison in caps so we can understand.

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HugThanks for the double updates Roja.. Hug

habba.. telephone and internet illama .. my world was blank for past 3 days.. Ouch

Visa accepts Devi Shocked She was screaming at the hospital that she would kill the illegitimate child had it been born to her hubby..  Confused Ashramathukku poi amaidhiya ayitangalo!!

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Thanks RP for the updates.

Devi nee innum saagaliyaa?  Amar ayya - paavam,  vayasu poNNu ellaam sollaadheenga, avanga avanga uyir avangavangaLukku vellam aa irukkaNum, vaazhkkaiya dhairiyamaa face seyyaNum - adha vittu namba makkaLs sonna maadhiri grocery listla Poison order senju - what kodumai...

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is this serial going to end????

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Thanks for the updates and pictures atina..

So AZ in hospital.. visa meets him and both romance.. Happy time for the family..

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Originally posted by atina

is this serial going to end????

atina..I don't think so..

Tilte song clippings shows re-entry of Swetha's first hubby .. He smiles cunnigly and Swe's father is arrested.. probably he complained to police saying my wife not legally divocced but married second time..

Tilte song clippings - Mugs beats Chitra Shocked krish beats Gaya Shocked

Chithra and Swetha have to deliver .. Embarrassed

Sudha track -- acceptance by Meenakshi.. Tongue

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